The Courtney Fallon Experience Ep. 4: Greg Hill raises 3.1M, new 'Extra Sauce' Restaurant show

WEEI Podcasts
Saturday, January 18th
Greg Hill superstar headliner of the Greg Hill Morning Show joins this week's Courtney Fallon Experience as Courtney gloats 'for' Greg about his foundation's remarkable 3.1 MILLION dollar milestone fundraising effort (05:58). Rob Ninkovich is stretching his legs this year for Greg's Boston Marathon team (11:52) as he discusses the exciting upcoming year for the Greg Hill Foundation. Then.... Courtney and Greg collectively announce the launch of their NEW RESTAURANT SHOW to be aired on WEEI 93.7FM on Saturdays in February called 'Extra Sauce' (14;43) *breaking news alert* and immediately dive into some juvenile food humor (16:35). Previewing a little of what you'll hear on the show, Hill and Fallon jab about tipping courtesy's on alcohol (18:30), fish or meat at a steakhouse (21:09), why Chris Curtis needs more merlot reduction sauce in his life (22:21), NACHO etiquette (27:24), and discuss why Boston's culinary scene is all grown up (30:50).