There should be no one criticizing David Price today.

Boston Baseball
Monday, July 17th
John Ryder breaks down David Price's outstanding pitching performance against the Yankees and claims that there shouldn't be a single person criticizing him after such a great start in a primetime game.  John also takes you through some of Price and JBJ's postgame sound.

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These east Red Sox review Red Sox review was brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beach town fair tire nobody. Location let's. He's a recap of the Red Sox and the Yankees just want to. All of. And it. Dial 6177797937. That can't stand up and actually. Yeah. Okay. Red Sox reviews on Sports Radio WEEI. John rhetoric sex abuse taking out Padilla. Before 2 AM and six point 777979. Between seven it adds Jackie Bradley injures two Kate you'll rip. But I just feel the same way it was just a tremendous him in any positive adjective you wanna use to describe that. There was something else and I do see an highlights there there appoint his red says yankees satellites on sport center and that's right judge was rob does not too long ago in late June by Melky Cabrera of a home run. But this one was I mean this is otherworldly not that that was a bad job by. Mel the Mel command for the white sides but this was something now some in this was an all timer I let's get back to cause here's Mike in Connecticut they might. Loop. It you your own here. I am too big I who's on first. What's going on and say. You that you got to turn on the radio Mike. Did really yeah you do. That's our works and what will put them on hold in this if you can figure things out there that it's no worse because then I'm here in my voice in the background and because of the delay that's what happens and radio there's a delay. A slight one. I'd he's good now. I might. Yes yes you run. All right John yes. Like verdict calling for a while which like etiquette abuse informal it's great to have you back thank you could be bad. On the review. Oh she's still welcome here usually calm demeanor in whatever he's some rule wine wand up and hate yeah. And that's understandable Alamo all cranked up myself. Into and I. And aside from all about to loose in the weirdest. I'm thinking I'm hoping. Everybody. Moon will acknowledge David price's performance tonight because. This is you know real important. Spot he came up big time. And and well you know obviously had a lot of help from from the defense and KBJ's. Great catch. And team. Overall I listen to this whole series. Mainly on radio cause some. Big radio guy. But I. But I didn't. Know very weak and aside from. This. The top offenses. Struggles skin just. Look at the great pitching performances. And to great defenses performances in the and you know take dead and goalie that. And. No idea I hear you might Camilo can and you know sale it was just so vexing diseases so dominant note to such talk of talk like allies today and now we're seller was solid today it's just been. The runs in the runners in support it and just leave and so many guys on base that's would have been so agonizing about it. Maria. The list view is have all that it is really great and you know for Taylor prices could step up today and in that and do that I hope you know. All in Spain's what is. Back off a little. Yeah well I think they will for tonight and they're sort of my call Mike in the kind of words as well I think they should weigh have been what is there to complain about. Was it 3123. Innings. He had a six page. Wars and a six finish second I believe I was a nine pitch ninth I know that for sure. Or seven pitches in the second as I jotted down a news is solace is best starter at such uniform I think over the time he's been here dating back to last year. Texture here at 37937. Says sells for losses of four no decisions. Soledad totaled eight runs of support. Another texture here. The panda is meaningful based brokers over and think of quitting my job and opening up tack Korea within a run school scooter distance of the house. I still think there's a possibility. That someone will take a flyer on policy and evolve to be a DH. Amazed at the by the way the reds I still have. Some days remaining. And the rest of this week coming up to. Either trade or release him I think it's going to be your release I don't think anyone's gonna be. They get a deal with a Red Sox for problems in the ball but you know it's baseball a lot of people think it's over foreign. I wouldn't these presenters team out of the year. I would doubt be a National League team Aminu is gonna put him out here in the field the way his defense on but some might say are right you know what. Take this AAA Sam there's nothing else out there and they were we can use yet if he had old bed down a triple just DH yet. I wonder who that could be I gotta look over here in front of me let me think of the if there's any potential for that and haven't heard any thing. If there's anyone out there. I gotta just think. And maybe won't be Tola the supreme trading data beat Houston they don't need him offensively I'm just thinking of contenders in the American League. I Cleveland they're looking for starting pitching but some attached to mention Sonny gray the reds are red says are going to be dealing for Sonny gray already starting pitching that's ridiculous. Tonight we do and at Cleveland's it's got a blood did their. Did I could see that and I don't seed probably were the Tampa Bay's get thump. They they don't need him with a younger team. Yankees are gonna Adam. So he had actually. You know what if he gets another opportunity it would probably be. And you know even the team's fight for the which right now hours to the bay in the Yankees and the twins are the makes that. You know I don't really see the twins adding them even you know either even though they have some offense of issues out. Maybe a team takes a flier on him an invite to spring training one of those deals you know just. A minor league contract with a invite to spring training if he shows the ability that he's in shape and he can do something out there. Here's and analysts the giants bring them back or somebody. To be you know page shooter type platoon type player they've had a miserable season entered here Cisco here's a shot and a carnation on. John B router how are you a great man who you've scraped folly orbit Twitter and you already mid tweeting much fun. You know and actually always following you are not appreciated. You know so glad you're adios PM when you left yeah I'd start. And then not let you back on late night yeah I want it started with a local very. You got a great voice. You are Smart about all the different stuff in overnight and I spew about local and national aux sports he felt. Really dispel appreciation of John Ryder. Boy you know what I get a higher you I don't have an agent. Not that I need won't my pay rate buds and the I'd get diary I might have to hire you to look for job elsewhere it can be controlled which. I am happy to be back a lot of boss to boss is my favorite spot. This orchestrated a B you know it was great to see you know -- charge have won it for the series. Not contractors dominant performance and in the home run derby obviously that really only tropea what do you project at all. Yeah why would be an agreement with you there is growing up and still being Red Sox in the judge did struggle one for fourteen in this series and five strikeouts and no one here it was just that little infield dram or swim on argument went. And yes. Was pretty funny. You don't procedure to be Jesus go over the law crap that the electorate it's an amazing catch record but. Truth be told like got that I expect from from my GB Jerry. It appeared in their clothes. Like I just feel like he's gonna get it. You know. Anomaly beyond that IE aegis the enemy gets a great jump one of the best center fielders that I've seen out here ever. They shot really appreciated thanks for the kind words and happy to be back right they could call right have a good night let's go to Paul in Cambridge a ball. They John. Just go back in the game and not. Well I don't know like and say I expect JPG junior to catch that ball that which has the most amazing catch. That was probably the longest out in Fenway Park history I just shut up ball was gone I just couldn't. Oh lead at 41011 feet from you know what Tim never it's another radio so for. Yes for injured eleven foot out who allowed out while it's very into this line to get back to Cambridge. Development front. Ed Taguchi. It it would it would all work that coach it's a great experience enough. David Price really show what he was made out of couple. Eight cup chance he didn't seem rattled his fastball command so I was on third base line but. It was kinda tell but just in the etched out audience makes no he writes it and with this cut isn't so I mean. Starting pitching is the least about problems what so my game and support it like all location is really important with a guy like get me to see it. A strike more ground balls. I mean cormorant is not a great surprise. I completely get Rodriguez. I mean it isn't pitching. And I think our bridge to Campbell's OK Campbell children I mean he let by double tonight. I'm and that's okay I I just think it's so we need to run on manufactured some runs. Third page. I'm happy as size. They don't cost us I don't respect Paul from the corner assorted did make it to any of the season for all the little rusty there was a point right understandable. Yeah I wish you hadn't quite get a guy and check a teacher Bob no votes but on I think everything looks good for the. A month for the Frazier move it's it's a marginal projects prospect and and a two month. Rental I don't have an issue whether while devers gets a little bit more seasoning. And he brio mob of mean. I NNF devers who works out because. He had to rattle a kid at least you have someone there are eight or wherever it might be as high as it some veteran third baseman because. You know hold to I like him as that super utility guy wants allows spell on the jury to give me day up at second base wherever I be that needs. Needs day. You know and Marie aero is more of a defensive replacement type that I could. See in the army not that he can absolutely. Jim the roster Internet devers you know Marie aero for all these guys on the roster to but. But still I would minded as a flyer just because he has the thing he's kind of drive people crazy Frazier if he's here with some strikers of runners on but there's the potential to hit that three run homer tomb. Yeah Apollo from the corner as they always used to say that even though there are still some important all right thanks up all appreciated here's Walter. In Wales won't. Pillow. Very. I'd just like I just got back from it and I just wanted Alitalia. Yankees have been listening to Eric judges and around court halted a big happy built this court. And you. On the play on the judge stuff yeah. Yeah yeah. Anyone out there with powdered wigs tonight this national. Field and then. Yeah. Yeah. No I hear you Walter appreciated and yeah I'm happy enjoyed it. Side is in between breaks I actually put on my part of wig. In between the break here's judge John and morality John. Right product like comment about. Up. I. Upbeat and dot L I. Pretty excited about it. But to eat they eat out on it the fight off a building that out oh there are other. And what Rodriguez group already failed and price are all let. It's like is that due to open up the creek they'll let people out and it up mount. Yeah I mean I can understand that I've thought about that myself but you're talking about. I've prices had success against righty and lefties in the past I mean obviously mentioned salad doesn't seem to matter who he's facing he's just impossible they had. You know and they've got to pour so I would I would think that there are three. I would think even though Palmer ends for the most part at least you know late first half of the season. Was their second best pitcher after price. I would still think that a native of races in a pitcher really well on the second half could be. In the post season. You three starters would be and sale. Price for a cell amid sale would obviously get the game one story and then depending on the team in. Powell you know heavy radiant in her life did they word be either price or or Purcell in game two or three that's what I would take. And a president in me up Palmer it's game four starter if they if they go with four. I'll put Turkey they that it might not. We're. You grow up in a couple back. Yeah I would take so I doubt it I mean Iraq and it none of the no not known as to seven Emmy or even a division series for that matter and certainly done you know. It's certainly not a division series I should say it is they're gonna go would you know that many starters are Rodriguez would be in the bullpen India. It there was John appreciate the a phone call. It's Jabber router with the up until 2 AM six point 777979837. Appreciated the calls and the tax at this late hour. The year as we get late Sunday night and when we come back from the break his will get to your calls and there's open spots for you know have cleared out. But also here with David Price had to say. You know it I OP had good things to say that's what they are because of it did it. Hate this was his best starter red sex uniformed got the standing no one deserved it. At three nothing shut out over the Yankees Jenrette a red sex view six point 77797937. Here on WEEI. It sucks revue with John Ryder after the game on WEEI. It's definitely after the game and this one didn't go nearly six hours. Like it if if this whirlwind six hours. Would be like 4 AM. So the thought that it would beat you know over a message that. In my breed to at a Red Sox review leading into Dennis and Callahan. Is sub. If I would be. But that's not the case to other half hour ago 617779. 79837. A Stoner that this was Jewish guy. Two hours and 59 minutes tonight of three hours or insight and for any SBA in last because prize winning eight brilliant innings as some quick innings to knock it did as well and both. Them didn't walk anybody I mean so that chews up time as well in fact there's only one walk in the game and I was by Kimbrel. Who gave up a double as well the group gore is also struck out appear. And a three note the Red Sox win as David Price best start I've taken a Red Sox uniform to this point of his Red Sox career. And one of the reasons they SATA was because he has pitched well against the Yankees in his covers them fifteen and eleven heading into today. 469 ERA in. And 36. Career starts against the Yankees this will be thirty Simmons we lowered that. And now this being his tenth start five into it is deathly. You know pitched better avoid. So David Price. Would be impressive outing tonight over the rival yankees three to other big swing as the Red Sox don't lose another game on the Yankees. They gave one in terms of the standings third at three and a half topped. I you can give us cause six point 777979370. Give back some more of these text messages as well. Let's hear what David Price had to say after this big story big win over the Yankees tonight at Fenway. And repression and it felt about your strong business. A lot of good things a lot of good defensive plays obviously with Jackie on and joyful. Who later who it was source the and lead runner at second base. Those are all things. If everything can and only when when. Pretty rough that you might be a movie every week to week who's throwing the ball. Yeah there was it was good that last couple of have a pretty good so. How we can win. What they're winning games you would raise. Has there we didn't. We didn't finish in terms of whether we want to before we also break and boss took one. Last night and of course you auctioned off today for us when that second game those they think will be heading shot. Yes everything he's. I enforce its availability of Fenway lewis' hands on yourself go to. To you know go to baseball so. It's hit here don't want do you project. You know our lives are experts brought there and 1270090. They're somewhat you know every fifth day at Potomac such tomorrow so I was tells good enforcement muted. For more data how it's. Felt good in the pulpit or. The first thing. Like the for the moment. I didn't think it was going the wolf. Posters Jumbotron on us. That's a lot of slaughter and I'm pretty sure the wind was blowing in blowing in tonight that's soars horrible state. Other than Jack so I was so special. It's. And so are listed SEC strong as we always do. Yeah it's got them for a long time ago so. Tibet through it and everybody else. I. You know it's it's in the past and in my. There are good that. As David Price he seemed optimistic and and happy that actually after that why not a made ages mowed down the Yankees. Tonight at Fenway and as a much needed win especially after these two. Really brutal losses four in particular the sixteen inning right now on the heels of a incredible comeback win off overruled his chabot in the Yankees the night before. Is a man think it's natural they're humans grow humans and you know when he had. Have a guy like Chris Hill breezing inning Kimbrel gives up that home run which is a rarity for him to give up anything. And yeah I mean column mentioned earlier I felt after when that happened that the Red Sox were not gonna win that game and they didn't as they fall for one. In sixteen innings. Yesterday and last night as well I've fairway but. They do bounce back tonight after losing a getting blamed three to nothing in game one of the day night double header. Tough what laws for a we're sell book Bogart's booting a ball and he's gonna pick and a bill as well at the plate I'm sure will be back in there at shortstop. To Mora died against Toronto. Four games hers is and all the rest for this team whatsoever. I mean if they ever needed off today both teams would be tomorrow after all of this held its baseball as a mention. Fifteen and a half hours of baseball crammed into. These three days which is just crazy with a quick turnaround thankfully for the red sex but not the dead usually is the case on Monday. But that they don't have a day game toward the reason against. Toronto tomorrow they have a night game so they get some rest. So they go to 52 and forty on the season four game series and the Red Sox. Still have well we are today average added them to play yet 24 games in 24 days out of the all star break. They have fourteen. Games in thirteen days right now they're part of this stretch right now on July 14 to 26. So only see you looking at their. When is there next off day. It is not Intel. It's the there it's after Seattle I mean because they've got Toronto for formed in and they get the angels and a mariners out west and and they finally on the 27. Of July have an off day. And if get a few sprinkled in an August but you know long stretch here which is typically the break for most teams coming out of the all star break. John right away you red sex real up until 2 AM 6177797. That he 37. After the Red Sox beat the Yankees three nothing this is the first shot out of the Yankees this season. Think he's have been scoring runs the question mark them as is their pension. Guys like Tanaka who pitched well tonight sabathia who pitched well earlier in the day can they hold up. Their best pitcher there races Severino is the guy that throws the ball artist I mean his numbers won't show up show it but. He's constructed great strikeout totals from me to really boring if he's he's he's really pretty much their ace but I still think they'll be looking for starting pitching. Along with the Indians. And he needs about a Fides and Corey Gruber but. They're going to be those are the two teams I think people bench the reds has heard tires are going to be a mark for Sonny gray and no it's been long rumored. But the I wish I could see the Yankees. In the Indians competing for great services who will be traded by Oakland I'm sure but pretty much Billy Beane. As mentioned it is usually indicates that the gonna dealer placed in a corner anywhere next season and look at forty getting a new stadium it may be an influx of cash that way. And gray will be dealt isn't it fortunate date you're part of a team. And Billy Beane tonight even talked about that he said these rebuilding with a new. Stated in my butt. When you think about death fans have some of these teams. Out of fear that just if they'd they'd have a stud player they won't be able Fordham. You know once said and done I mean that's communiques from Kansas City for the most Parnell has some of these guys take this cats and actually it. Kansas City and add them to attack a ton of midwest baseball bud. It. Aides some of their free agent says you're going resigning Alex Gordon hasn't worked out but they've got moose dockets and Cain and Hosmer all those guys are free agents. Coming up after the season but their just to went back to Cleveland right Cleveland's been a disappointment even over there and first place Red Sox in first place as expected they really should pretty much. Stayed here I mean when you look at the American League east and there's some teams with some issues in the Red Sox have a field. But. Perez they're a team you know what is considering. With the Yankees Orioles blue jays raised a Red Sox have less flaws than those guys. I had six point 77797937. I'll get to a few east Texas as well. 37937. This texture for made five osu is red sex trades or signings come out poll tested third bringing seven praise his best game of his career I wouldn't say. Amazed at some spectacular games with the Tampa Bay definitely. And even an Iran with Toronto when they get in the post season as well as Detroit Tigers as best start with the Red Sox. I would say that. Hold tight I think is more than I think they make a move through third baseman whether it's Todd Frazier someone else Verizon says rain to a not a lot of term deal. I think that's the case I think they will do that. Two Turk texting in from age six Otis actually have a clutch and I have complete right now our numbers with runners at runners in scoring position have been great this season. While that's definite especially it's been against the Yankees. And he'd get. An incredible when runners in scoring position the lack of punch. In the Red Sox. Averaging just about who runs a game so foreign and nine against the Yankees are 36 against the Yankees. You look at it I mean you think that you'd you'd like to see Bogor it's giggle a little bit. In terms of management is averages and terribly just scuff a little bit right now. I mean that is a question mark whether of these guys. Have. You know end and Frazier would be that guy I mean he could be in a three run homer on occasion but certainly the strike has so there here's to arm in Providence they Tom. In fact they write a check at. Duke. I miss you you're to a lot of any espionage saying why it took that you are Iraqi partners are what you work before you go to the job you. I'm not a job out there and it shouldn't quiet the official story in a row you look at Biden and every at concordia. But anyway. Slightly short necked it Morrissey who connecting the team's sale pitched. That the trip and we got two singles or how does that first and second. You let's you don't back that got a wonderful he can't it is not a clutch hitter out anyway. I'm gonna strike out. You got a basket of the game rhetoric if you principal the only people that connect like art or go to single. So that is according to Israel asked is how young. Soccer and at 200 an article why aren't. They're going to be here are shot to right center at the chuckle at all he did a nice catch on in the gap. The congress who would ease some Olympic team right vehicle and repeat Atta who got a shot at close at all. Let's get tight end in the heat. He's got a good concept. You tax increase a lot of cant actually got ministers and every time we played it yet you see all miniatures are every game. Did. He touched you that aren't they start looking at the cinema soccer at parties aren't great pitches. And travelers got a chance to court got. Single the first game is at peace and clippers impeachment. Refine our defense in and night. But no you let's not try to try to duplicate sore puppy to eat at all it's just a wicked Jules. No I mean that bubble economy I think he's a little bit. These are the Red Sox when he plates. LA yeah he's been struggling he's one of those guys it was so hot at the beer in the season and what are much it's affecting them but. Elite units interpreter collecting it in Kabul and all of a sudden it stopped at least he is not hitting anymore. These early Kayla can't do that's what that's like the person they're actually they look to wallet aren't. Yeah I was largely put to player than a pretty good line entered Texas but. Yeah look there's there's so many different things they can go over from both sides of that agonizing six to me at Phoenix. Outs you've got a goal and extra innings you can move up and I'm not. They actually can help. He's not doing what we got swept into anymore it is our aggregate let easily talks. Yeah those are a couple of guys that need a home run to get him go until the young immoral they really don't. Go to rich doctors topical all. We that we definitely Jewish or not they sort of get a lot of big score at eight get a win. Now I know and it's I mean even Farrell who at W blasted the army blockades and station to stay steamy said that they are mean their Mormon doubles team but. Okay you pinch your thoughts expansion are like I can't try Richard paddock from Roanoke and brain. I don't think you do what you had to get collapse. It struck on three pitches it would ridiculous. Activities are so popular actor actually took that trap is the chips. I think you're gonna be it yet you're going to be seeing a move more there at first base obviously and slipped into pitching. But it's got a horrible loss last night I watched that whole being. Sixteen innings and allowed. God bless you again I mean like I'm a die hard baseball in. And I was working at the other played the nationals to a national stuff last night put the yeah I mean I was watching him but that was agonized sit through that six hours from me it was it was San. You know two and a half hour game and then an officer and that the CN you know I'm way out of town that was. That was just like I was just painful assurance and spent days ago. Thanks so called time appreciated. The tournament might cost the stock Christian it's me 617 sevenths of a bad. 7937. You can text as is well at 3790. Three's have one more segment ago he'd fit in a phone call. We also we were Jackie Bradley junior had to say made a tremendous sketch that will be back after this short break. Red Sox revue with John Ryder after the game on WEEI. It is. And news ten minutes to go as that he plays at 150. In the morning here on a Sunday tied says six point 77797. Daddy 37 if you wanna fitted a phone call here after the red sags. Blanked the Yankees three did nothing BI David Price. Best story I. Ivan aired anyone disagree without how did you really has starred as a member of the Red Sox to this point and big game in needed it and they get it. And they beat the Yankees three to nothing tonight a couple of textures 37. 937. As well this were mentioned as I mentioned all the different so much so many games zero for a sacks. Coming up text of from five Boyd John I know they were a lot of games coming up but. Just had a week out and not the NHL more mental than physical while I would agree with you there it's stiffness screwing. A game as say NHL and order there it's more a mental thing. Then physical. Another text to 97 and his if you appear on. That have had nice things to say about me being back and appreciate that happen to be back. And WBI and the airwaves. Texas is so great to have you bench and have a shot a tool for Mikey Adams you guys were great get a taste of that always enjoyed work with the I'm Mikey in the past. And it allotted trade tact as some other people have managed different catches his Jackie Bradley junior. One texture here 443 mentioned a Coco Crisp made an amazing jumping diving catch a few years back. That Coco made some nice catches out here instead of feeling of discomfort in a weird way forget about him when he was part of that championship team in the in 07. And someone else mentions some other player of book where were just horrible Red Sox but Bo Jackson's kids were and he ran up the wall if of course. Now Bo Jackson. Was incredible there would that I can't say it's sad how is career ended up. The thirty for authority on him and ideas the edit. Right Jackie Bradley junior would be tremendous catch the all time catches. For the reds there's already can say that. Let's hear what he had to say after he rob Gary judge that two run homer in the right size three nothing went over the Yankees. It's. Because you me your joint. It's royal balls he shot Tom it was in air. Those are those type of plays where. They rarely happens a lot of different things got it right way. Got to be just far enough over a wall but. Sure enough to where you can granted and you gotta be able to get back there found mortgages that good ones and you realize you. The object. I know that I was taught my steps. I wasn't stretching baton to long and waiting. You know. One of those plays were just trying to protect my feel on it don't jump into the wall but I think alone can go over the game I'm. Every game and you wanna play that didn't. We went out we can win it good morning that thing. They did his spectacular night it was definitely fun plan behind them it was a special game and this has always good to get a win. Hopefully this bill. Helps us with some momentum going forward. What I say David it's a great game can't speculate 200. Eager for. Where. I don't really have a ranking system. If I would fail as the most difficult catch ever made. But. I guess given the situation. And the timing. It's pretty high up there. That's Jackie Bradley junior after. Game while Darren judge that two run homer reds I've played yankees' three to nothing that would do it for Red Sox view the united. I'm John Ryder thanks to Chris Sharon who running things effect here producing. That doesn't rates are to be right section of three and a half up from the Yankees in the aliens. Have a good morning goodnight everyone college. This is over it's nice view and WEEI. All. Okay. I. Okay. When Jackie.