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Boston Baseball
Wednesday, July 5th

Chris Villani talks with Tim Britton, Red Sox beatwriter for the Providence Journal. They talk about a plethora of subjects, from David Price's solid start to Eduardo Rodriguez' rehab start and the report about the PawSox considering ballpark proposals from other cities like Worcester and Springfield.


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Welcome back to the Herb Chambers Cadillac pregame show on the W yeah Red Sox radio network and Chris maligning. Red Sox and the rangers' schedule to get going and about a half an hour licks like that will not. Be the case with the weather update in other updates as well certain are about insider now it's Tim Britton of the Providence journal and Tim what's the weather looking like blues guys here are nice and sunny in Boston and I think that's not the case you and Arlington. It is raining that is the weather update they had David TARP on the field and Gupta trucks parked on the TARP because he knows rainstorms in Texas. Are generally older more intense and it can be in Boston at times. Possibly game is is going to be believe we don't know for how long just yet any indication whether this is going to be is sort of passing shower or something will be doing with all night. I don't think it's mostly something we're we're dealing with consistently tonight so hopefully it's just a little delayed the start not a situation that we saw last week against us the twins were yet another delay. Into the game and I'll I'll wait and see how that please out right now not looking at 805 start time appears to be a bit of the delay. Let's go to last night's game meander been attendee obviously a monster game we've talked about him bit. In the past couple of days he's gone three since once this year but. What is it about his approach that he is seem to allow him to work through those periods just a rookie who worked through the stretches where you struggle to play. What he's always been a poised. Kind of polished hitter and that's you know it's it's that poise that allowed them up the conference called up straight from double A last year. That he could handle the environment of Major League level could handle failure at the Major League level that's a hard thing for a lot of guys who experienced candidate first major slump up here. And we're the good things of that intent was even when he was slumping but you don't ever looked overmatched at the plate. His strikeout to walk Kris she was still solid he looked as lost as you've seen some other guys appear you know. Remember when Jackie Bradley junior was going through some bigger slumps when you first started he looked overmatched more so than an entity has ever had at this point in the season. To think that was some confidence that you know of that speech he's going to break out of it night he certainly has the last couple weeks you know but what. Tuesday night being that the prime example that where it's a homered to right Chileans over the left field I makes it an incredible catch in left field can do a little bit of everything. For the man you know this is a guy who. It is he's contributing the way he has let the past couple weeks that late in that offense got a little bit more than middle order looks of the little bit longer. And the officers putting up big numbers we we've seen on this road trip as he is still the fact he'll platoon player after a night like that. You know we'll see obviously what happens when they ran into another lefthanded starter because it's been nine the last ten but he hasn't started against them. And get his numbers against lefties we talked about the other night. That the average and on base are OK but he hasn't slugged at all against them and Chris young's numbers against lefties. Are very good either receive him in arrears couple around a little bit against lefties. The last couple games so it's it's kind of you've got a couple different options to go with another which are particularly appealing for the right now. You mentioned the link to be at that line up ended the 89 hitters have been outstanding of the last ten games hitting a combined. For a week with thirteen RBIs you know at the bottom of the order really six through nine. Did last night each of them had the re were more hits it seems like the Red Sox getting more weight on of this lineup over the past couple weeks. Yes it fourteen hits from your six through nine hitters will play and nothing but the good strategy. And be Smart on John Farrell the run that play. I think. You know when the grip there with the Red Sox offense has been really good over the years it's been fueled by having a really deep lineup. Really good bottom of the order we saw in week thirteen when you have guys like Stephen Drew with the bottom of the order. We've we saw last year were Jackie Bradley getting out there are a lot saint Leo in the second half of the year hitting eighth or ninth in line up. What would they've got that kind of one through nine presents you can have games like Tuesday night where Nokia Betts was O for six -- seven outs in his six at bats and if they would easily score eleven runs. I can overcome nights like that from your stars when you've got the depth. I you know we'll see how. Sustainable. Kind of the the production of gun from thirty cents to alien and at different Guerrero is. The both of those guys carried oh yes is below 600. In the minor leagues last year so I don't know that you we can count on them having kind of a collective 1000 yes for a a much longer period of time but you kind of you know you ride that wave what you can do at third base for such a black hole for the for awhile but just getting anything out of that position is kind of icing for them. What you mentioned yet made it's I gonna be a thousand OP has going for pursuing wind but now. It's sort of only insanity at 2.0. Remember what happened with Jeremy when it was kind of a one month phenomenon he did. And it's to parlay it into a 26 million dollar contract so worked up quite well for him but pursue way land. Did he give John Farrell any pause now what he's thinking about his. Longer term landing for the rest of the season at third base and maybe not thinking about who Whalen is part of the equation when this whole this'll thing started. Now it's almost like you forgot about turbulent when he went to Charlotte in the Brooklyn. You know John Farrell talked about it what's he lately and today. The candidate there's a little sent an extra that he brings maybe you know it's fresh blood this time of year when a lot of guys are dragging you call the got to the major leagues for the first time he's got that. That little extra kick. And that no sometimes you don't want to disrupt a good thing they've got so many. Different less than ideal candidates for third base too you're juggling Lyndon Guerrero in the majors again and read however and in holt and sent all. Got Josh Rutledge coming down the pike in a couple weeks he gets on April to Tripoli and you don't feel comfortable handing the key to any of those guys on a regular basis. But maybe you think you can pizza and together enough where you wanna make a deal the deadline maybe you focus on and another aspect of the team maybe say. We'll take it for planning for the playoffs more so an impact reliever might be more beneficial to us in October than. A third baseman like a top Frazier to Larry. You know Lyndon Guerrero have done enough where you know they feel the ball the field position well above average both of them that if they can put through the way they have when he gets readies and Guerrero against lefties. That you know if that's your reader nine hitter and are on a regular basis and the press line at this performing maybe get by with that. I'm with Tim Britton the Providence journal and that you wrote to about. This Red Sox op fence and stretched 47 runs over five games in this road trip coming into tonight and apparently they have some sort of good luck charm here. Well who it was planned on it dismayed but they haven't taken batting practice on the field any day of this road trip last time was the final game homestand against the twins. I'm lets you know you you get in late Toronto on Friday C decide not to do event that he's due for day games of Saturday and Sunday were out. Texas has been relatively hot it's been like 95 each afternoon today haven't wanted to be on the field for that. And Jon Karl mentioned you know this is about the time last year with a kind of cut back the workload for guys a little bit. No it is that it's the all star break it what is kind of grind in a little bit. And that pays off more so in the second half that's when they made the run even when they have such a back loaded road schedule last year. And they seemed a little bit fresher than some other teams to maybe keep you cut into the preparation time a little bit. You still do your work in the cage and all of Latin that we can debate whether BP on the field is is as necessary as teams can make it out to be. Guys like Bryce Harper desperate to do it very often I hit on the field. If you cut into that preparation to have a little bit sick guys lakes for the game itself maybe it's beneficial to you down the road now whatever they're doing is working so far but switching gears to the pitching side of things. Strong start for David Price last night as he gets into the seventh inning John Farrell said. Earlier today and WEEI there's no we injury issue with price when he came out there in the 706 pitches though. And now it's back to back wins ERA steadily coming down it seems like price. Is starting to get back towards that form that he had in the second half of the season when net he was really good for this team last year. Yeah I mean if it seems like. We've forgotten that there was a good stretch of last season for David Price review was pitching coach and you know like David Price it was really just the start the very end of last year where he wasn't himself. And we're starting to see that again that the power to his fastball has been released in impressive and surprising to me that this guy was hitting 9697. We that he never did last year and he says he feels a little bit stronger. You know he pitched with a fastball up in the zone last had a lot of strikeouts to swing and miss and this he was really just from reading on the on the fastball and his cutter hard stuff against the Rangers get by last night. We've seen better command over last three starts now I think it's just three walks of last three when he had been walking three and four per start. When you first come back a sort kind of seen it it. You start getting a little bit better than last a little bit better. And you you put that in this rotation the way the offense is performing. We itself has pitched public pomeroys extensively. And and you start to see why this this team might have the highest ceiling of any in the American League now maybe prices he'd get a little angry. These prep frustrated David Wright to get David Price. Yeah I mean yeah you never know what what fuels the guy inside you didn't pitch well after the first confrontation he did pitch well after the second baby does is it time and a little bit better and well timed up pretty well last night Doug Fister they'll get the start tonight what does he been able to bring to this Red Sox rotation. Through the first couple starts. Stability really is it's just. You know in the same sense that we we talk that will limit Guerrero had done at third base it. No it as long as the position isn't a black hole. That the the rest of the team is good enough to get by him and that fifth starter spot was kind of a black hole for the Red Sox earlier in the year. When guys like Kyle Kendrick had to the last just as we're giving you much of a chance to win. Fister in his two starts this he had one bad inning in each he's giving you what eleven innings and six or runs overall. You about that's enough for this team to have a good shot of winning most nights if you get you through five or six innings give up three runs. And you got the offense and score that. So I think that's is what they want it for news. You when he doesn't have the best stuff in the league and and he's a guy who's never really had the best stuff in the league. But he's got to get you through five or six innings and keep you we keep you in the game enough and that that's all they wanted to and a fifth starter spot while Fister pitching tonight but. Going to the minor leagues and Henry Owens really struggled and a double A start finding the plate. Locking up lead with six out of the batter's. When you look at this guy remember back when he was an untouchable. In a Red Sox organization had to go is right around the same time when the first Lin sanity with Jeremy Lin with happening. What is his future looking like at this point in this organization. Yeah and it's certainly looking bleaker. By the day with a way to season has gone for Rio Owens you know with the six walks and eight guys is pretty obviously know what you want them other there working on his. I'll arm slot lowered a little bit maybe get two more natural slot more like what Chris Sale. Throat throws from then what. The over the top bush and jones' use and that's gonna take some time to figure out included want it to be as bad as it was. Last night I you wonder if at some point bit side BB yeah. For the for his sixth move into the bullpen to see if you can become a lefty specialist but we've seen some guys who who struggle with the consistency of their command become. Reasonable lefty specialist Oliver Perez jumps to mind that having a second life. With his Major League career at the bullpen. But at this point and it seems like you can't really. Project any kind of major lead. Career for Owens with the way things up on the season for do it on the injury front what's the latest in terms Eduardo Rodriguez and Brock COLT so would order Rodriguez will will rejoin the team a tip of tip who meet with the team in Tampa. And they'll decide whether to activate him this weekend to join the bullpen whether he goes out on the third rehab start this kind of makes sense that you would go out on third rehab start. I don't know why you would meet him necessarily out of the bullpen this weekend and haven't and start another game and keep student. Building network load to where he could start coming out the all star break for you in the major leagues again. With Holtz he's down in Portland he was moved from the tucked Portland me we'd give much up to play third base because you've got sent a corporal with a pulse ox so people. And this week to mover on the infield with the sea dogs a little bit. And then John Carroll said he's made sizable improvement. You know we've kind of been here before with coal but he's he's making improvements over the course of rehab stint and then the symptoms reappear he's got to back off a little bit sitting until. They're really you know until you see him really ready to be activated self take with a little. Little grain of salt. But it does seem like he's moving in the right direction again. And finally timber in Providence journal and use your primary market of course Providence is the the paper implies but. You look at your Red Sox fans they love go to Fenway but they also love going out McCord stadium check out the pos socks we read today that pot Sox executives are. Open for business I guess when it comes to and it's his fielding. Opera's billion U rub baseball stadium what could this mean for the future of the Red Sox AAA farm team in Rhode Island. Yeah I mean it it did seem for a little while if they were kind of there really re focusing on staying in the talkative at different proposals come forth this year. Trying to find the right way to fund it and it was yeah I don't know enough about Rhode Island politics tell you exactly what happened but it hit it did not come up for vote during that the session. Over the summer and wouldn't be up for vote now until the fall session so that. According to what he'd be. Plus sexting was David that was kind of their informal deadline was June. Than it was sort looking elsewhere you wonder what other cities in the market because it it's still. Owned primarily by people with Red Sox ties that I don't think they wanna move it out of New England necessarily but what cities. In and around this area would would be up for weather to Worcester whether to Springfield something like that now those two dosages might move a little bit more aggressively. To court the pos socks as Boston's triple A team how disappointing would that be for Rhode Island baseball fans obviously taught a Red Sox fans this team ends up being in Springfield. Yeah I mean issue would be huge loss for them just because it over I mean. The city of Providence and particular it's of a relatively populous area. Can considering. That it's only an hour from from Fenway Park the lot cheaper. If you wanted to do family to a game. It's a lot easier. To get to it with parking and all that so edit was rated one of them I think it's the cheapest Tripoli ceding to go to for family afforded that came out that's that he earlier this week. So you know. It's so there's so many people from the -- who grew up going to move kuwaitis you see guys as they come up through the system you know you fish for autographs over the the dugout there and then you move on to Fenway and consume up there it it's always been an instinctive. To start off at the lower level and move up well we'll see Tenet out plays out over the rest of the summer now all right timber and Bynum on Twitter at Tim Britton Red Sox beat writer for the Providence journal still raining there. Still rated not indeed now alas the rain appreciate it has always enjoy the game once it's going thank you at the call about since Saturday Tim Britton of the Providence journal.