Tim Neverett asks John Farrell about how he feels about players taking a knee during the National Anthem. 09-24-17

Boston Baseball
Sunday, September 24th

During today's manager's interview Tim asked John Farrell how he and the team would feel if a player was to kneel during the National Anthem. 


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Not to get political on it but there we saw players yesterday it is taken leader in the National Anthem or what's your thought on on that. Now we start to see it in baseball. Well. I think we all recognize it right now there's there's a lot of device in this day and unfortunately so you as it relates to our players it if someone more to choose to do that we were fully support him. We tried to create an environment that is inclusive. We support our players. And we're not ever going to stand in the way of a player expressing themselves so. I don't know what will take place today I've talked to a couple of guys here that they don't plan to do it but. If they are hard to do it we would support that so I think more than anything Tim. Do what goes on the field and body it is the you know certainly a byproduct of what's taking place on a larger scale and and that is really the issue where. We Izzy as a country and and again I from my position I have my own views but there there's no says no no doubt a need for us to be more united.