TNT with Bradford and Drellich - Drellich's book; Did the NFL leak the Jerry Jones video?

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Saturday, November 18th

Hour 3 and Evan is taking some heat for writing a book on the Red Sox when he comes from New York. The conversation moves to Jerry Jones and Evan asks if the NFL leaked the racist video.


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These as many and tomorrow's a new ones boards radio WEEI he's dreading this and Eric and John's a mossy break down everything without packs the Bruins and all that week when sports. So it. It's trillion Tomas plus Sports Radio WEEI. I was back. Johnson must show occasionally Friday. Occasionally would myself rob Bradford and occasionally with avid relic who sits here right for the last. I joist haven't. I robbed. How are you I'm doing well yes because of your show so far excellent show of fun it's all cas panel now you know again I I think I articulated that era pretty well if you can't even articulate the word articulate as fair that's fair I know my shortcomings much like you do it you know my shortly going to know who always focus on Patrice Bergeron on the island tourism is on your Twitter Danner. I brought up something earlier in the show which I thought was a semi interesting and or as they say with the Celtics fans a show mind. Interesting topic should usually. In and Jerry Jones been in the news can we play that do we have that sound of Jerry Jones once again. About is who Jerry Jones boys talking about this. He was that it is video surfaced. Him at. The graduating someone who's getting married and was this bat at a wedding right was that like the bachelor party I was at the wedding you know at the wedding when the eagle camera guy goes. It's. The. The bride in the GAAP and are my guess is that he was in the same shape that Avant rock was last night the dead and company concert. So here is Jerry Jones that the controversial video that making the rounds Jennifer. Congratulations on winning the wedding. You know his little light room. Well there you know is it coincidence that video came out when active. Who dug that thing on ice like the same thing this morning I like that Robert Kraft special. They Robert crafts and the league guys who have already Roger Goodell lit the lead investigative arm finally did something worthwhile I'd be out there I like this in light so what you're talking about absolutely. It stranger would come out at this time otherwise write it can't be entirely coincidence that Jerry Jones has been in the news as much as he's been in this thing just pops up. Yeah I mean somebody had to dug in opera realize what got this it's from 2013. Out idea yes he did at the what's that called the blast right now who doesn't go there. Of that it made you might get some. You might get some spam and some pop up despite the yardage that you're gonna get the Jerry Jones is enough to quiet him down and and are you kidding only not a chance are you kidding me if this goes to the question we asked before. So he called out Robert Kraft in the whenever we whenever for a recall them now it was I don't think he was meant to be called out. But he called Robert Kraft you know a wimp basically for how he's approached the hole Roger Goodell stuff I'm not going to be. Yes exactly exactly. Yes that was that was that what that was slipped through right I will not make that mistake. So others say he called away. I caddie. But I. So. Is something that I'm sure that a lot of people have sent about how Robert Kraft. Dealt with that situation. In indie studios behind the scenes may be. The other owners behind the scenes may be but Jerry Jones with cock in whatever form in that article saying that. The interest of the owners to keep ruptured. Is that just for all of them what are you kidding and no money. For the sake of stability that money. Monday he takes the bullets for them Avant. He is the one he is the guardian of the gate when all these guys could get criticized he is the one taken heat a team makes. Most importantly Anderson why he's doing a commissioner he's if he does that well why he's doing that. The role commissioner first and foremost for these guys. It's. Eight make a crap load of money. And beat dole make them look at those kind of things. Think about it all the commissioners do you think he threw across our what they wanted to with the owner of wall of the commissioner you believe Roger Goodell also field yes and when one went to Jerry Jones come down on right to go. After he killed everybody understands that yet I also believe that. Jerry Jones might thought to tell was an idiot turned to placate no the public comments that that that charge on the basis tone. Robert Kraft the pitchers to suck it up right I know those comments are out there. Because it's the commissioner maybe he was just trying to go along with the legal line in and in reality. He hated look at Dell is doing always has bodies an idiot and then when it comes out his team he finally snaps. Maybe he Blake if they really get boiling ticket offer and it tells an idiot doesn't make a difference. If he comes back to like want to make money. Mean it comes back of the things I just mention they put in. Someone else who's got a field and another on what your saying that you believe. There's a potential for dropped off from what Roger Goodell breaks in the NFL right now to who would replace. Then I dual I think. I don't think so the watt is but I think he goes like let's let but he lied you keep what they want they want to prioritize them and that's what my hands I wanna know oh right money so if they want prioritize the money that they don't the don't wanna take that chance. If you're saying I think Attica flexibility I think Adam silver can come in here and give a better face of the NFL and have better. Better methods when it comes to. Discipline. That's great B Adam silver has. Think about what he did the clippers owner. Mean he came that was when the first thing Donald Sterling that was one of the first things things that he had to deal with and he came down with the the hammer on that guy. That was an owner. So. And protective and that's that's an and the clippers moneymaking ability while doing that all comes back to the bottom that's how we dug would do defect the clippers bottom line now. That's all they care about me they wanted they wanna sterling out anyway the other owners want him out anyway so wasn't like you were going against the owners. And doing this so when they say we want Adam silver gray we all want that we owe a big New England we can say. We want Adam silver as the commissioner of the NFL starter Rodrigo. That's you figures risk so that we know that publisher I don't think there's a risk but they don't want to take that they don't wanna take any risks what what day. I just. I don't know if stability isn't good enough reason or just for the sake of not disrupting. If you can a brief and stick with Cadel purity NFL owners almost we really believe this guy's doing to be particularly well because if you if you feel that there are other high level people he could stick in that job. And get something war escalated John fired on pearl discussion right. What's. If it's a matter of Hoosier replacement. In if you can if you feel like you've got the right guy. Up Willie Whitney when they felt when they fired John Farrell it was because they thought it was going to be filtered unfairly compared to Roger of course is well courses. You know to a person can compare Roger Goodell. So the advice you would go down you would you you'll they were afraid that it was going its. Start trending downwards on for a right they don't I don't think the fear this could start treading down when Rodgers Dallas all they don't and the good that the revenues keep going up. So the revenues keep going up that's what they care about I don't think that I think about the seventh that about. All the hits. The reputation that the NFL has taken over the last few years. And yet what happens you open it could have been handled better they continued to make money and you can talk about the ratings going down and all of that. In the concussions. And the CT but you know why they're still making money and that's where they say we love Roger Goodell. At a certain point. I think you need a fresh voice and there's been enough crap and baggage it's gone on from the hiding CT and denying CT stuff that all the concussion. Garbage at. Common to play to the flaky at a certain point what you just want the clean break circuit. Thank you Roger you know did our job here's a fifty million your your private plane ticket walk away let's get somebody in here who withstand any owners. In respect where does her death Evan relic making that decision that's not the owners that are really Smart good looking guy they usually striking in those classes in that that company T shirt. I mean I went to a temple how to how did all those hippies keep their hands off you last night. It's crazy but that's who you talking are right his coach caught film Rhode Island I don't felt. Ally. I look gonna callable Aaron I'm now that's Jones yeah you did the Jerry Jones in the sun the business district but that's about it. As tight. Like broke a factory and I know that the Rocha the same acidity as leverage to somebody else to diet and received as a race as a racist on their part. And that's well as despite a. We've already apologized I don't think it. Too busy to sit and back and counseling more problem it's that it's a bad luck you would agree without so. Apologize I missed applauds oddly that just not just at that guilt and racial now he acknowledged that fueled the I know I think he should just at black women essentially I know would Rocha the same acidity is that I do a black woman should somebody to say a white and kept Jacob black or an effect siege and call that racist. That's racist on their part. I think February we brought you. People. The way you sit there are state I did not say which sat. After that may not head and sailed a lot about her and is it. And while I mean it's amazing how much this guy skates I mean honestly it's amid a indeed the apology means nothing he's not really apologetic. We get right and so it's a it's like it's like you know if dare I do not we ask the question before fell about would you want Jerry Jones you are I won because I couldn't deal stand like looking at him all the time. I look at this thing about him kneeling in calling all with a photographer hey take a picture mean dealing with the rest of the team and the next week saying if anyone yields are going to be fired. As to whether it's assists slowed easy steps and. An eight year old white you know what he is period and space craft is old cardinal on he's it's not like you're really not the same guy but he's telling trump. Let's youth and tell the same applied. If you're an old successful white guy you cannot talks for an extended period of time and today's social climate. I'm going to get in trouble. Flooded even if you're old black guy. And old black guy can not saying whatever comes to his mind and today's climate because everything is news. Everything besides that it perceived as offensive and nobody blog does speak their mind and they do you guys need to learn that you're a young guys worksheet that they're just social. You know you're just check your offense and the young children and let them let them. Do the talking for UH complicated can't tell it straight out and talk ought to tell us straight outs. Don't talk off the top ahead and then you'll have a better idea about a chance that not being blasted for everything you sank to hit a senior white and orange. A senior citizens at all and ought. Is as tough we. We also have to be very careful what what we purchase and you wouldn't say that you are gonna purchase evans' book. Are on well I went a little. I won't throw a little bit of passion from the present residing in the atomic cougars come from emption when someone point out shortcomings are somebody point I'll ultra Pablo Centre mob got you've seen out of sent directly to a study says there but besides that I'd never heard passion about the Red Sox and that until public life. That's a great great I click off Ella question OK one question passion means that you wanted to recording but pat you want to root for the team. Well all of that other words you don't have to lived through some things like all of a sudden kingdom. Passionate interest in something and say that while I really care about tests when I read your articles like hey you speak on the red flag title yet bad. I really care about this some really invested I don't hear that. The guy's got into a fighting match David Price but don't let that but he with a price would marry him army had. Also David Price and abrasive let's say I didn't. I don't poke again slightly David Price I have to do is just and nobody had a bad game to describe it a little girl. I felt good call at the Q Iceland condescending. You know not passionate you get past easily the next morning show. After the Seattle area and Malia and I don't care. By EU you do get passionate about certain things kind of bizarre about you how you get riled up out of nowhere like the PA and things. Will be out of nowhere that's. How that out of nowhere that's not that. What he looked like he's cute but if afflicted. I don't know if like me I mentioned he gave name and also you see his eyes get wild in the blood vessels come out before it. I mean that's what we're talking about we want you to be passionate and I'm not exactly who the guy the pace Mo you target about Jerry Jones for talking about congress as the ocean. About ownership. After this break we get a little break after this break I'm gonna leave forever and to be very passionate about this topic know about a she asked me natural rob and I America's going to have to come up naturally believe me it's very natural it's all nothing has done a Twitter says. Relics like he doesn't like the Red Sox that's fair and it's covered sucked. These people if you're listening in you expect your writers to be fans of the team I guess Bob Ryan set the standard to some degree right. But that's not the modern way of doing Bob Wright who was with the Celtics was in not by the party he really enjoyed basketball. Picky picky you are all I fear is also a different time back and it turns out. How are pretty critical of a but the very different style by think through what they're saying is a they're not saying the you have to root for the team but to say it got these people are some humor very well I think I'd speaking for those people this thing actually are and I'll tell you exactly what they're saying right after this. Two more with training to moxie Sports Radio. You know the way that answer is right nobody likes and I speak for anybody else in specific but nobody likes and does he have any friends in the B. Other people talk to him at that there are some that would that Michael was. There through the vast majority of that's passionate Gavin you disagree with that passionate and disagree or want to get that. We're talking before the break about somebody called up. And in February or more than on Twitter could be viewed being showy paction virtue sentiments echo the caller said I'm not passionate about the Red Sox and the senate I was market to bound. And passion about it. The one that that. IQ I keep hearing is not a Red Sox why should we like your Cohen said that today on Twitter are gonna multiple times. It why are you were Red Sox fan tweeted out. About the book and and somebody said I'm not I hate relic I hate this coverage you suck she's nine and a Red Sox. Our residents farewell I would I would not I would have thought I would not org agree with that in you go back to you mentally as you mentioned Bob Bryant so Bob Bryan let you talk about passion. Yeah but this is what we're not questioning them don't know it now in so by any Isabel could mean this is the standard bearers and if you talk about writers with passion always growing up. He had wrote Bob Ryan museum on TV and everything else and then you meet him in person I mean this guy is. Yes it is exactly the same guard guys like that act is the same way to me. Like act is when you talk to him he's talking the same exact way. He's passionate about what he's doing. So he he I know you phones and to shut off your phone please alright okay thank you yes. Not passionate about this conversation a five year keep your your phone go off OK yes seven. Our Africa much funds worth okay. So there is there is a difference and I think some of the people were saying about you have in May be view that attic in your writing. And your reporting. And your radio work in your TV work yes that. You'll soon paint by numbers and you're not passionate enough. I love is number the last inning what it's it's it's now just to start showing the passion you know the iPad but it. No I think on four and I think no not energy I think you'd get passionate about certain things like this is the bizarre thing about you. Is that you this pop up out of nowhere and going these friends we just played one of them. That the radar on PDA on that day today he had written something I don't that's front talking about actually you became obsessed with it did become. Moon. Brown. I became obsessed with obsessed with the I came here are seven at the stake and then I did the morning show they wanna try to draw a map pack that's fine the night that I was in here with mutt it was still fresh of the overall. And I felt the energy the passion. And I we just ash we just leave before the outbreak we just mentioned it again and also new game you don't wild because you're challenging me. I'm not just Oregon and out so what we're talking about is that avenue and had some issues with Pete Abraham everybody knows. Doesn't know that's OK and this is but this is what you got most worked up over. Of so it goes to look at this talk about in general terms like what what is in general terms was to probably heated. In general term goal what is yet musical terms would drop with Peter I don't talk to home. Either right we've Lorie talk in the same disgusting irons and I'd but. Exactly. So but you have a problem with the way that he's usually is abolished not mean it is beat writers of death eaters are in so you get upset when people go out you like the happened the last comment directly on top of don't you know twit me Q1. Command and don't don't take a shot it's very clearly what the shot that name's nick of Fargo which on the cattle that everybody who reported. That the Red Sox are meeting with. The agents and Carl sent in remote and more which is which is which is the only story I wrote that okay nobody which is which is. Great for you because this at in this business the way it is right now yet if he gets clicked on that's good for business but of course. The meat with every thing I don't is there a sentiment that is the reason he put that out OK are you gonna stop writing the story. Do you think these ideas could I didn't criticize you for. But he is Peter good hands it. Yeah well I think that was passive aggressive and that's like can't begin I taught him in the past so what it would be cocky and we talked about reporting. And in this is one of the things retard we went to the GM meetings this year on this week and the GM meetings I'll give you credit debit. You tried doing it remotely Comcast is going out of business so they can't Sanyo so your tried you tried NBC sports box out and we're not going to be okay. So. You you attempted to report some things remotely that's what you should do. And I'll say this. Like Pete I would already be timely receipt and his other people who go to those things they'll leave this city. Right Utah argued go round and you wanna talk to people you want to report a passionate yet you idolize tiger my passion I do think that when it comes to certain things you are you get very passionate about it but this is I think we're your ADV kicks him. Where you are very passionate about one thing and you just go to the extreme level if you make passion. Self that's what yes I've heard I've heard from your friends and they would like you'd take action yes what do you want what a passionate about. About I guess they don't. Well it up about that we okay so we're not ruin wit I'm not I don't know the road so we talk about Jerry Jones right Jerry Jones the owners the only thing and everything else. It's an interesting topic I think it's interesting topic around here because people immediately see the race thing in the jump through that who agree with that. Like the were there's no more hot and I guess any work ethic rubbed that's see that tone right there but I Alexa. You agree with me when it comes to like this tone of Evan when the radio voice I don't. I'd regular lever is now how might what did we agreed that march of course. Yes man has no past. Jerry Jones that's an interesting topic because you jump through the route than what it comes from the race stuff. And around here now and everything else tonight I hit the nail on the head. When you look at Jerry Jones you look at a lot of things that pumped opened and it in it in Bullitt who did trump call in the middle of yeah well. OK so the connection is is already established and Summers capable of that's the case. Who is the guy who wrote this is the problem Robert Kraft this is if we're gonna juxtaposed. Robert Kraft against Jerry Jones the guy who called him a feline. All right really juxtapose at to. He is you said out of the gate which shoulder would you want what you want Robert Kraft would give everything he's one. But the problem is you don't want the guy who's gonna straddle the fence like Robert Kraft has done routinely. Just for perception wise I mean not. We're not talking wins or losses but the guy who represents your franchise sometimes. You don't want that part of Robert craft you don't want you would. Most people would want Robert Kraft to say screw you good gal the two times that he had the chance to. During the deflate gate bought both the owner meetings both times when he was gonna go and meet with the owners and he toll turtle with those people. People want rage for it they want that anger they want that expression what you're discounting here you probably shouldn't discount that the diplomacy essentially that Robert craft show. Might have behind the scenes benefited the patriot ways we're now aware right if crafted publicly turned on to Dell and little love and in the short term it would have been. All a boost in the what he called for a was what the president get every so often. And call founding and without poles yet poll people. A I think I think his his popularity would have gone okay torture but I don't know who would have made him as active as an owner so I think you like well from a for a stand standpoint but from a practical approach to implants are a lot of passionate enough approach for you but well they might on the market that. By players is the flawed that argument he tried that he already tried that during the first wave would that placate he said he backed off. Win they'd like I backed off because cardinal Roger Goodell do his thing and by backing off its gonna show us some good faith and boom what happened it went the opposite way. And he backed off Robert Kraft backed off. Right after they had put the the what went in context where my thinking of the walls are important contacts. On their website so he puts the wells reporting contact okay. Now he's going after. We're all patriots the patriots are with a patriot fan's arm in arm. Going after Goodell and the next thing you know he's backing off thing on the let them take care of it and that backfired so this is I understand what you're saying that Evan Bayh. But when it doesn't work. You don't want the guy in the field hug and the other guy. Or a guy in the sweet you just don't. Don't think that there's been some goodwill here that won't pay off in some way for the patriots or cutlery. Don't think that that press tactics could actually be positive in the long run for the organization. In the long run how what do you have to be more there are constant issues that come up bright and and the commissioner will naturally. And 01 guy paper over another example Jerry Jones supported rocketed out there I'm not there yet how that worked out for. Clearly not so well right so lesson learned. There you go there's your answer right there. Do you think you you believe craft should act more lectured on Richard now. I'd now because Jerry Jones is a lunatic. Terry Joseph where's the judge I would want I'd like aircraft I like if you asked me if USB which owner I would want I personally. I like Robert craft you the board likable guy. He just this. I think Jerry Jones is an A hole I do think he is a jerk right he's that guy that wants to be in on everything be the alpha in every situation we see time and time and time again. So I don't like that guy personally. But some of the things that he has done has been aggressive and effective. And so yeah I mean. That there's your answer right there I'd take I'd rather have Robert Kraft personally but it does frustrate me sometimes and Robert Kraft. That he hasn't he that he's played both sides of the fence and that the people who are protecting him and saying he's done everything mr. crap. And mr. craft stuff but they can't see that mean EE. He can't you can't keep saying everything he's done is right when it's right in front of your face like the truck stops and that's insane view is I don't know that everything is part of our fees and this idea that if you were more like Jerry Jones in this one instance or that's one way in his handling of the relationship. With a Dell that the pitchers that actually Iran OK okay it would look better. Of being okay don't know that it felt disadvantaged. OK okay what did it do what they do for Robert. Kraft when you have when you had the Donald Trump saying of the thing he said about the NFL players when they Neil the National Anthem. And he you've had owner after all our owner after owner including Cherry Jones come out against. Roger Goodell including con from Jacksonville who was a big trump supporter. And Robert Kraft was gave this sort of mealy mouth. Statement. And was wait wait wait later to act after everybody. Everyone knew that Robert Kraft had supported Donald Trump Donald Trump cited Robert Kraft. At the dawn operation right. Yeah exactly. So that so when that happens. I didn't go that benefits the patriots by Robert Kraft not decisively doing one thing or another. Kraft feels he has condone its pocket this point to some extent okay to placate its long gone it's over they had their battle and Kraft acted like a he was generous in the way he acted what do Kraft feels that could Dell will operate for him as he wants is that good crazy. At the all the crap they've been through that and how that they that they almost have a stronger relationship because. That thing that happened though that you reference that is in the rearview mirror was so powerful and so damning insult hurtful to the organization and the people involved. Which you say yeah you know what I know they eat eating less how that one but I'm gonna be still continue to be nice to the next one you're going to be easier on. You can't think that way that they do scrutiny what you eat. It wasn't that the great sense that it was it was you're getting screwed this one because you should have been through harder in the past that's not a reason to screw somebody at all right but after the preview the spy gate. The league taken eighties so maybe craft realize all right times up on this one people organize it. I understand what happened when it should not have happened not a reason to punish someone for past. Wrongdoing I just like. Mean he has a way over here you have Robert Kraft who I think is over here or not may be way over here at what point do you war. It which one you well but also talked about the owners you know some of the euros in Boston sports Evan you know some of them. A view executive wiccan or else who else would gross wells. You know on a more my. Passion and Steve Russia. So but do you John Henry. John Henry is Ian or is he the type owner you want Robert Kraft is he the type owner that you want. Steinbrenner was he the type owner that you won 6177797937. Will be right back after this. Lucked into training because generic and John Tomas and talking perhaps reason more on Sports Radio WEEI. Troubling. Just when I was getting the words of monopoly what is this now right now. Beautiful was this. Coming down compassionate. So there is is if it's funny Jesus and when we bring this up noah's passion of the injured nobody. But there are things people are passionate mutt tweets that me saying oh. Sing when I said before that we're both going on Kirk's podcast hash things out about Austin show very passionate about it what economies would. That might call me lunatic yourself the ramblings of this you lunatic. And so will be doing that on Monday BK is they view us in the latest Brad coshow. I'd set to a face I've said it on the Oprah podcast. I don't think Mott wants to be. Hosting the hot stove show on the games he went impressed. Because they feel slightly threats on our good Eagles shut down and write data to mean that you want to do his show the whole show thing in. And not have the eruption of the hot stove show me he said that he doesn't want to argue to you Ed no doubt in GRC none OnStar conjecture. When he doesn't he doesn't wanna do it by idol I think he worked hard edited speaking you know it's like when you talk with the Celtics he can tell you that itself. And well it's different his and also prepared a month don't compare his congress to mark and are comparing all of the LA I know that it's on target about what you're passionate about doing Lecavalier came in here. On Wednesday night his review any losses are my goodness his eyes are bald so I you know we kerosene candles. Wrong with a purse you know it's like it's it's fun for Kirk to. Beat up the Austin showing all this if it dedicated baseball show its nickel our. Roster nitty gritty. With Fernando body and on right now and I don't know whatever type of forty man roster discussion. Talk a lot going on in Greenville that's what a hot stove show is that the baseball show yes with what do you want it to be for those who would. Pope can punch I don't get it they wanted to not exist so why. What out of the look at it and now we're here today I'll get into it with mutt I said it listened to the the latest Brad social podcast. Nick friar pitcher nick is on along with kerosene can Laird. They're both on the air to to talk about that subject act. Length about exactly what you talk about who's an interesting month it would do people wanna talk about Red Sox offseason for an hour. I think they do. Stance that the possibility stand does seem to be. Drawn people are you look at the website traffic and our youth and he loves also anything you put our president you know this is wells I do avenue perp anything red sucks right now is gonna get red. It just thought people love the idea what could happen. Yes so. That's fine so much passion about getting on that podcast and battling with me on Monday. Also this week you are this on Twitter sports commentator. Commentator. Response to me I beat up a link to your book. Instead. That is ridiculous you're messing with someone's livelihood by doing this don't like relic because he tells it like it is in life he criticized the Red Sox. He's one of the best Red Sox reporters in pass through that's reflected you look particularly about a building you up Fisher and then the other one that are passionate about Brian Kennedy Brian Kennedy can be of the MLB network correct is that right look at. So bright caddie is a guy who takes the deep dive and analytics. By these big states have been rooting for the masters for yours yet well he does. Congratulations and I don't know Brian Kenny and all I wrote a book it appears as good scripted forum. Lot of cash assisted you can someday you can aspired average when he came on the radio show how many times we got now. Like 27. That was the over under I'm onto anyone mentions of the book for him. Brian Kenny did not do that when he wrote his book and I'd nobody did that. Actually this is unbelievable the shock and policies that haven't tried to push the sport I don't wanna talk about that on its went wide in one whit Celtics went bright kid Brian Kennedy was only if I'm wrong and blow up probably. Audio of him talking about this are you gotta now. So we're Q we have audio and talking about he thought Mike Trout should win the MVP cracked. Yes. That is ludicrous. So ludicrous but I disagree with the hard disagree. But I'd I'd I'd I'd get the argument he seems to me a top I would not a content a technical too low. And I'm pretty open. About subjectivity of that vote I'm not one of these peoples we get riled up. Overall how dare you not put Joseph Girardi third on your manager of the year ballot or stuff like that I picked to vote for a reason right. If there is inherently since that subjectivity people want to be just wins above replacement or whatever to statistic I'd in the way I don't think that's the only way to to remember it. OK so so I think you're dieting I and so I had an American League MVP vote this year you're at one through ten you have ten votes. I don't shoots in seven days it's OK there's no there's no perfect way to do it but there I do like these people like. Trial should not be the MVP. It here's the reason why. Because you can say that the description in the guidelines of the MVP voting is archaic. And old and everything else. Yet they are still the guidelines and all you have to do to do is do a Google search of guidelines for American League MVP our MVP voting. And number two after performance. Is going to be games played. Mike Trout plated a hundred in fourteen games 114 games. How can that possibly be the MVP in and Tyler cabinetry that me after the voting came out several George Brett. Clinton the same number games had the same plate appearances and won the MVP 9080 my answer to that in wives. You should have won the MVP. Like every so here's the question I have for you would this party impressive wasn't it went second so. Here's a question I would have the MVP voting this goes along what lines of what we're talking about was reported. Is that. With fifty at least 50% of these MVP voters. I think the first thing they did is they look at war. They look at they default the war and a lot of on this ride that right tibia that it's sort starting. That's fine. The capacity so it doesn't happen pretty should be sort it doesn't have to be. It does not absolutely did not happy that it holds the most it's the most simplistic okay check that measurement so if they are right if I was gonna do that if I was gonna do that. As a starting point where else would you start. That's the question of why I don't build I don't I don't I don't know I think you can build a framework off a lot of things I don't think you asked what he wanted to play well you can go along on open yes. Defense of metrics. More careful with our policy games played. This Dave play. They've played are okay because you're getting in America are all right all markets they had to perform OK it doesn't but it should be factored in so when I vote for error caused her for ninth. And people say look at his look at his war. Compared to some of these other guys like Wilkie bets right. Which in his war compared to move keydets. All or my trial on my you'd might troubles away how you vote for Eric Hosmer over him. Well our cause were played in 162. Games. 162. Games Evan. That should count for a lot okay with a note to be to be third in batting average in the American League. And played a 162 games. You can take your war and shove it up. Whatever you know it's like giving in but this is the problem I have. They how can Brian candy or anybody else say that Mike Trout should win the MVP when he played in a 114 games. Win win. When that if I agree with I would not have put Trout number one card the quote 2.0. The top five. Which most people that most people parliament forfeit went I think of February he would permit I agree with you that the games played should matter but. If someone. Musher Trout line although the statistics law argue otherwise if someone is so superior. And that number of games played compared to some who played. Or gains. And let me wasn't he wasn't I don't think Trout lines. Importantly superior to to judge and I don't that. Argument and here's admits there since the rest of my let's do it as the rest of my list. Out too vague judge Ramirez Jose Ramirez of Cleveland went door of Cleveland Brian Dozier five. Court clue verse six Chris sales seven Jose Abreu seven a Eric cause or nine Mike Trout pan. And I would say that he wasn't for a 114 games and immediately I get this how can you put Abreu there well here's how his dominated very play. He played over 150 bite but you know what he also did he led the American League in total bases that's a pretty powerful stack. And I guarantee you I guarantee you that a lot of these voters who are voting for this. They look the war and then they know that Abreu is a great defense a player and they didn't even look that's data I guarantee you. Because of how you don't put that guy in the top ten or some of these others. And plus forty war incorporate. Will pay for what it is war. You know there's waiter runs created plus we that we get that we got to go to a break but in the break I want you look at the war leaders. And I know this isn't sexy ready for a lot of people but it's an. It's an interesting I can't it is we have we have right Kelly's audio Lima yes so we we have the the the audio and rule I haven't heard it but will pick that apart. Because the other part about this is the monkey that's conversation. I was surprised that what he finished sixth. A natural sixth or seventh bookie bet I was we saw a bookie bet play all year. I was surprised they he went in there and I have a I have a pretty good idea why we'll talk about that right after this.