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Saturday, November 18th

Hour 2. Rob issues a trivia challenge to Evan and has the callers test him.


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These trainee and tomorrow using non Sports Radio WEEI I'm dreading this and Eric and John's a mossy break down everything without packs the Bruins and all that week when sports. So it. It's trendy until moxie plus Sports Radio WEEI. And. I look back. John Hamas with Friday's show we talked a lot the first hour a lot about. Evan relic as usually mention his book at grand total ten times ten times you mention his book. In that first hour we talked about once again my problems trying to not showing up which he didn't like once again today and talked about our new purchase a lack. Alexa with a caller last week with will probably the best all the week. And then it it made us go out and actually get Alexa which I think it adds something that show don't you W Matt. I think so. So we are talking we've we've we've accomplished a lot we've all full of found out that have been. Did not watch or does not know nothing about the celtics' other large enough OK art fair a fair. You know all of a guy from Cleveland heated up did you not watch the Celtics. The other night even in you and I I give you the credit. You wanna do this this were my things. This wanna do it in and out I says. Can't sobering night learn the entirety of hockey and Bruins history and right I've right now writing a history book about the Red Sox I don't of Alaska's. I'm sorry that it's like that is sorry I'm sorry I'm he's mentioned the stupid book eleven times you know that what it here's your zeal Matt tell me this. By the end of the show we've got word just over an hour and he's mentioned the book eleven times. What is now we can set the over under him met in this book when he sent until 3 o'clock all the big fifty by the way. Twelve. Although when he says and so Roemer and blocker at Fenway Park in preparation for the big BC UConn game. Once again and you wanna get tickets you can Red Sox dot com slash gridiron. You wanna get tickets leading in that game at Fenway is pretty cool to watch a game when there. Seoul Roemer bock will be at 3 o'clock in by then how many 227. 47 mentions on saint when it's over 127 mentions by time Roemer buck takeover but Evans well we'll see surgeons apologize if you. Betty yes buffalo or more than Fort Worth star telegram that comment wasn't inappropriate suddenly him on floor. I kind of think that is this. Billion he had Deion Sanders and whose defense that sort he answered I mean. Geez I'm sure that's how we it's guys like you did not Eliza not a currently the on synthesis probably double Lotta stupid stuff to. You know and then he would apologize for anyone Cottam for doing it and Jerry Jones and I'd like Deion Sanders is how it works. Unlike you personally haven't broke so. So because Evan is has proven himself to be challenged. Didn't really know who the the owner. Or both owners of the Celtics for this this. I don't like really well he's a local guy event. And here error they're Needham and but it but it made me as someone who I do think you have a great future in radio I think you've helped the station. And I applied but I wanna take you to the next level down. And part of that is just win this stuff comes up you have to know you talked about this is okay and you can't be embarrassed reach you cannot be embarrassed. When I asked you about the Celtics owner like that you can't do that you look at it back that audio. He stumble he forgot their game moments that you took a minute you know. I like. All law. I know you've had trouble remember anyway it. Brown did that I did stumble through the first trending now that is accurate sort of weigh it down because we're all about making have been better. We we are going to have the what do we what do calls that we should have a name like the Evan drawl exports trivia Boston's fourth trivia challenge. That's too long okay. The avid. Do you have one time at least I'm on the average the average relic is really doesn't know repeatedly talking about challenged fassel and I got that I was soon as I asked for callers to prepare themselves that there. They're based exports knowledge up against saddened that the full line lit up. You know the famous story Armenian rite oh what is the fame you know what is I'll tell the story look at it when Elaine brown my first year covering the Red Sox in Brown's back up. And on a New Yorkers my first I just moved from Los Angeles where it done she's income in the Dodgers thought you know maybe 56 months in Boston. Indian told me in the does think about that Citizens Bank Park the Phillies play. How much he loves bird and to me and it took me a minute and a city in the I don't Paul Byrd pitched for the Red Sox for a little bit but the key was that good and I don't even know if you responded and of course I eventually. Figured out it was later reaper but to the name bird to me growing up in when your kid in New York why would I like Larry Bird means so much to me he wouldn't. I see I think that that's a pretty good story but as as we have in the show I want mass our new contributor elect elect so what do you think of that story. Cool story no one cares about it are right. So we're gonna do the Evan relic really doesn't know anything about Boston sports challenge we have the calls lineup what are we got it. Do we have to really do these stories that we put Israel because that's very good that's good are we get three people to pick I IE YE thank all the people who've called and try to be part of this week we had a very serious vetting process. So Evan went and ask you to do now is go into studio way of further that's right over there and take your new phone with the U. Do whatever you did last night at the dead the dead and company concert I don't care what you do and then and then when I come back we'll get you. We'll get you through your ass that the callers first and ask the caller first match will get the chart how many we get right right. And and then look at the same and one of the things we're gonna do for you and this is what we do for you I'm gonna give view you want water to life lines. More the merrier I want to let clients ever damn cute operated ago lot I thought our right to life lines. And I'll give you a I handicap of one so you amused that studious and hear us yet yet. So I mean did you view to life lines. And handicap one meeting basically. All you have to do is get two of these five questions right. That's that's all you have to do well make a dual is that even if there. I mean he's a pretty basic questions go get them. It's fair I don't think I'll get you don't I don't you really don't and you should be embarrassed if you if you lose this challenge we should be embarrassed elaborate on the fortunately still. We will all that that's at that's a 23 and so I go in studio way that seventh relic walking. Studio way take out take a photo of yourself and studio way so we can weeded out. That's what we're about here. Are there egos Evans relic leaving the studio. Doing the studio way. Yeah sure he can hear about there are you deny you update you not hear back there. All right here we go the average relic is really stupid does knowingly about Boston sports challenge. The first contested up is Ernie in Waltham hey Ernie our youth thanks for chime in. How good you are very excited. There are okay it's it's like to go begins 88 mastermind like Kevin relic you can be intimidating but I can tell Europe two from the talent. All right here we go out. Ernie in Waltham. Who is the Bruins coach. Bruins coach. In this. I like hitting it. Pretty. OK we give that to a map we have them time level there full name full name. If that's okay Steve cast. Me in three Bruins players. Two grass. You know Sharaa. And tore recruit okay. Need to Celtics rookies. Did contain him and said he would like okay. When was. The championship the last celtics' championship. The last open championship were. It. We that we we gotta do it. In 2009 he says. You know this this is the actual year when they want it okay. Two more questions. Game two quarterbacks before Tom Brady to patriots quarterbacks before Andrei. Grow again. Outside the box and now and ask you need to patriots coaches before Bill Belichick. Pete Carroll's. And. Apart okay Ernie thank you very much. Appreciate it and lol we leave your numbered we have his number just in case he winds that we call back. I'm wolf figured out thank you for the call learning the job. Marty wolf there are met what do you think what about as well we do expect that company now that we know the questions how many do you think that Evans and yet. I don't know what Ernie got too long okay. It through life lines right is to Iceland for a he should actually give you the numbers for the life lines that we can put them on the air right. Okay we'll do that I am depth but we have about two more contestants. Think those questions to end the music. While we talk to your question but yet if I don't believe there. Okay Egypt this is missing there's a flaw in the system urine into overall lieutenant to a problem you heard the questions. I don't but I don't know what really. But mark. I well I will give you five more wise move it will last. The last ever in these first list of questions that we asked last you a different level same level of question okay. I look at our our a year ago who is who is the Bruins goaltender. You writing these down Matt who is the Bruins goaltender they have the mass. Win of the the institute of yours you and I'm getting an idea where you are. All right who was who was the Bruins player who was married to the Playboy playmate. And who are as word need to Celtics rookies. On the last celtics' championship team. It. Oh. Let me go or Ryan Garrett got a good. Bottom of the rush to third. The dog and all of your computer. I swear I'm not that I bet that before Obama's big baby ain't. Actually I'm lying I'm gonna ask that should hey it is oh and by numbers out I'm on the numbers. And are now IE we have we get a move on William okay are right what year did bill Bill Russell win his championship as a player and coach. Okay. Name a the the previous question was named two quarterbacks before but a lot of Roland hold Motorola all hold on May. Game two quarterbacks. Named to back up quarterbacks. In the ninety's. For the patriots. Ash got so I. My jeans and bill Daley in order to act and about 2008. Who dat are are well OK okay art. Who has who was last question for you who was the patriots coach immediately after Dick MacPherson. Dick MacPherson. The coach after Jim Mora is indeed true. But rough picnic here then they can we say to myself. Okay all right. Excellent job that I saw it as excellent job due to an excellent job I I applaud your knowledge of Boston sports. So we're gonna give ever in the should retake this last one for 56 questions well EJ six all right six questions for the first went to reverend. I've six questions. So anyway sorry yes OK honorable current general okay. Those last one you know and now if you agree kind of like. We're going to do here Matt what do you think give Chris Chris tells you chance I mean he's a good call or he is alive okay. Questions ready are you on basket the first listen question mass yet in question here we go. Chris and Chelsea clear your head of anything you've heard before this get away from a computer welcome to the challenge ready here we go rapid fire. Ready ready okay Eric go with it let's David what's the name of the Bruins coach. I read that name three Bruins players. Craig C. Cholera. I mean to Celtics rookies. Needham and simulate. Last celtics' championship. Without any regard it in there. We will boom Lucy. Bones point 22 quarter two quarterbacks before Tom Brady. To quote two coaches before Bill Belichick. Hard out here OK very good he would Demetris in the brain. Excellent job Chris now to see if you know more than the guy from New York Evan Johnson's get avid back in here Evan come on back. Whereas these. Evident of the fun. He's cute so every drug so in synopsis we had. The questions for aboriginal DeVon relic knows nothing about Boston sports he right he's a sportswriter. In this city. He comes on the radio and tries to talk about Boston sports in and the reason why we're doing this is we're trying to make Kevin better. Maybe make him look outside himself a little bit more. And and and feel like that he has to know more. And so that's what we're doing this basic you heard the questions evident. Ever draw coming back in the studio very excited looking a little nervous a little nervous. Little nervous it's like. Here and I'm here to be a little embarrassing prop I object ideas that aren't you you get a life lines. Now. Nobody OK I can met McEnroe what you can Miller OK. I tell you what you can take one of these calls. Once I saw a lifeline to help me you get one lifeline aren't artery go. Ready OK you get so you get a handicap the one and one lifeline how many questions. We have six questions that we got you ready. Okay mechanical. It with medical machine. What is the name of the Bruins coach. Bruce Katz. Yeah I gonna be I'm glad I got this raw arguments I got to the us have little surprise will never see might be getting some of these right. It named three Bruins players. Well I was asked on NBC sports Boston who the leading score of the Bruins those westerners have Zdeno Chara which is not true that's Patrice Bergeron right. Another is that correct and tutoring for their story. Was the first one was this man chart was first name the president. Made through such got off to Celtics rookies. Ireland Ireland of one. You wanted your life planets and you're the lifeline. Alison Nicholas which one body Hyannis. Yes okay lobby your lifeline for every night you laundered it. Bobby there body Bobbie there. Okay your lifeline for every round the question is the question is is that. Mean to Celtics rookies you'll get one which one did you get an isn't it Jason Tatum he went to duke. Did you game another Celtics rookie Bobby. It's academy yeah. I'm slaughtered. Oh my god I'd. I can when he was watching idol I never know when acknowledged me. Caller I. Which is much. That is a that is and correct that is that in practice. Can I ask one question why. And I I don't want them one at some of the questions you guys ask. There have been more layers but it will undertake the organization. Ever been to wrap it. Or different plays that have either been MVP of the year all in all name those two awards then at 230. Bobbie you know I Avis that was not a good lifeline for you I only know OK next question. Duke game to quarterbacks before Tom Brady. Like just any two that Eddie today any to the plate. The lack and your account name to coaches before Bill Belichick. Bill Parcells because at one point ones in my childhood so religious. Care okay are that's that that concludes the every Droid really doesn't know if you about Boston's sports challenge yet. Every you had you see you you guys. Can North Dakota we did that there's one more Miette last celtics' championship. 2010 loss at the LA away. Oh wait that's your answer final answer okay all right. Are there that's they're right cute and all we were we got to correct. Okay Matt erratic we have the answers we have the the answers we'll go through real quick and which ones that get right Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy. Okay three Bruins players. And on and on the UK. To Celtics rookies. And wrong. Last Celtics championship. Two quarterbacks before Tom Brady. And two coaches before Bill Belichick. Get a right right correct. OK I do wrong. He got two wrong to wrong site you know like something okay sir good to wrong so you basically got one wrong doesn't give union gap will do anything wrong. The rookie wrong. You've got Dutch r.'s first name is person. The Dana. I think I don't know bilateral ties and no accident OK I think so how did you do it howdy do get the contestants. I'd credentials that got them all right everybody else to present Chelsea the big winner. Which I was disappointed and it's a never got a lot of apple I don't like. I think about that I know you I thought I would get open forthright with the fact that I aim a baseball guy who. It's near Boston and learning as he goes by you wanna do the radio thing right. I know I have to improve I know right that's exactly what we're trying to air so he built me up and it's not can be sure a building you up all right okay. It if I apologize to anyone was annoyed or not entertainment that but the sole purpose of that. Was to get ever in to a better place in his religion actually what number did you I swear I hope I don't always do with what whatever city where at what number did he Wear. Yeah I knew you weren't a lot of know it yet number 44. Okay corporate war. Okay the what number did he Wear third okay well number is carrier everywhere. If an opportunity now to. Our right oh Christopher Chris from Chelsea back on to accept his award Chris how are you. Chris you there Chris hey what's going on. What little brother had a little thing to note what the WP I it's called border. It ordered well that you wrote about. Report what New York port on the technical. Snow and little make it a little Brody and I hope it never quite back but I don't. Oh. If this congratulations to promote let's get possession advantage thought that's I'd Chris if you get into twenty guest street by 1 o'clock you replace them. Yes Jim Roney and there's a kid that's a common but I love the best part about idol David Price axe you a yes. Chris Chris until congratulations thank you very much for caller excel Avant reduce commute a finger or discussion you know especially amongst to. I could be I thought it was also telling that you confine any phone a friend at all well the only guy Texans in Britain now I think you might get in the country. Personally don't simply due to political genius it and now he's got all that member tensions great trivia do we reach for your break can we take this quick call from Tony. I'm cater you know Tony Bridgewater a Tony how are you. Hey I voted for it and it at some old school patriots questions okay thick packet style all you want. Not me. All caught him. Are whose support patriot squads. I tell like in the news honestly an eye on rod champion bear Perot robbed him differently right you guys write I mean we can't read it and this is here's a specific but it isn't going to be this portrayal of our all our people and my right. Why you I'm right right. Right I'm right. Question of robbing the mobile would be wrong with the sports trivia our submit it to its group gloomy Saturday or interest in a candy used to people called the bears meet that you can't take I just to think I'd beg the question what Alex about what it wanted to what do you think it was time. It's gone. Views on Iran exactly how I was right. Yeah okay but yet that you you hung up on you you don't hang out young I mean you were on I can't know it was and want to be able to do. Because I don't wanna do sports trivia huge would have. Hours yes well you know okay edit because the you definitely can't too mechanical problems I wondered what the nerves you all they have to look I should review acknowledgment that we. Maybe by doubt that you don't know as mind he's. At 2 o'clock Gavin you can ask me all kinds of questions okay you wanna do. And I 2 o'clock we have to go to a break 617779. 7937. Reaction. From the great. Every drug doesn't know what he's talking about as far as it. Challenge along with we are gonna do I want it right. I have a couple things in my craw about baseball which I know that you'll wills I don't know anything about with scratch where every in speeches will be right back after this. Brad equals champion. He's socks and see this trend because generic and John Tomas. Osce on Sports Radio go. I think they called voters vote. Porter well you just broad government report a profit reporting what my body yours what are the cabinet don't. You're a little bit a little bit Brody and I hope it never quite back that they I don't. Third reputed. As cute that was the winner of the average on doesn't know any about Boston sports trivia challenge but that's what I was named Chris and Chelsea. Chris and Phil and he wound up one's art I have my reality I hold on hold Ol and haven't. Alice at the seniors so I said let's talk about the baseball some things it like we can really talked about. He's added no no no. I wanna talk about this. If I don't wanna talk to appease you but I thought you oh. Are once you are very sensitive to the subject about not knowing about other things for the Celtics. And who want you to repeat. Well. A aren't going to go to the floor is yours after. I understand my shortcoming here right I know that I know it's an area. That I can improve and I want to improve rob and I I'd like to appreciate you highlighting it this way that's well. I want to I want that understood I don't apologize to Gary in Providence. Ever and do you just we got his calls trains guess aren't going to carry you look forward you're called you Marty famous. I how you don't Gary. All right yeah I'm I'm gonna criticized where I'm what I'm gonna be funny about it is I rely on you guys every Saturday. Okay. Whether it's Hamas hearing about Warrick sixteen hours yeah I need sports game so much as to talk about you guys talking about nothing today. Well here's the problem Gary and he is a fair criticism here's the problem would you like to talk about Celtics. Well. Now I'm not okay nobody I would like to talk about sought I came in that note I'll I Gary I would love to Doug about so. Honestly I respect you are really do love your arteries evidence thanks him and so but I mean did an eight point six I believe all five. Exception that the Celtics could get on a road you don't talk about that damaged span and trade in baseball. Odd and so wants to talk about with the white boy yeah. Being a second quarterback Brady based weight machines and that they might end up what noticeable books you so much to talk about I don't know why aren't you guy Warrick and you know that I how many Allard and I do. And I'm bought I'm sure you're talking about hard I'm. Right now Iberia it and here's the problem and thank you for the college area and I I'm with you I wanted to do all of that but I had a guy come in here. As the co host who went down coming up all on and I knew it and said he didn't want us. Our playbook for this is your playbook Turkey and talent of the playbook you know play I like your playbook gets the blame me. For anything and everything in docket no way that I wanted to not invite you Waltham ought to criticize me as well slightly higher power you. I earlier couple points that segment was terrible I'm not sure who's good what I was evans' idea is totally my. I want to be here and has crashed into a tree at this point there's a load I'll be there for his someone's got nervous. While this is the I'm like well Bradford you give a crap on more mistakes than anybody you're you're not crap and I. You know as fair with him that I'm I'm being and thank you for the call. The that is true I should not be crapping on anybody because he crap that's fair oops let's. Yeah you try to turn the tables the public that I I am I'm an open book I am being honest and here's the here's the openness of the show. I am a little frustrated after that you came in here on prepared is not ever why why. Lot lot there no allegation that means that I have and prepare Everton will outlaw operation all the lists top of the list of things to talk about right now hard. From the two guys who you don't know which ones which mustered in Johnson. The Celtics you do not. Not only did you watch the game the other night colonel and you eat you don't know when I. Why are there cases so there are two elements I've watched the game of the yup start to finish what would that really do for my overall well the Celtics now nothing. Yeah I be able shall watch in Greg but your broader point is correct my child the child is not very hot but I don't think you're. Art asked me having about the sultan and this thing is you said when I said when I put that you happen to your credit on what I put your blaming you on what was your excuse I'm writing a book probably talk about girls and yes they do and it's is another thing I say come together break Evan I wanna talk about baseball he said no no no a lawyer to defend myself if you're kansas'. That's all becomes you try and that they get on the this week basketball team and go policy elects I really wish she was in here right now because of pot and make the most of it I think we've made the most of it so far. So here's the thing we I had said before the break. That I wanted to talk about a few things that baseball. And reused during this week we talked about Giancarlo stand we have talked about the the voting process. And we talked about the read what the Red Sox may or may not the one of the things it was frustrating to me a blow how the weakened folded. Eyes down the GM meetings and we talked about it that night the excellent call of the Mott at night's show that I had when you were on. And if I I don't understand what Mo was with nobody on the no no but people episodes of browsed he Dombrowski said this thing. Act dom that date Tuesday. And he said this out you know there's no guarantee we're gonna go after these Big Three and everybody took that as they are going after the Big Three. Did up baffle you at all to the court sort of baffled me that's. If it was as though people had. Made the narrative to be that yet they are deftly into it and now to rescue was for the very first time. Mention the possibility they wouldn't get somebody page and that's always in the case that that possibility existing out there what they weren't gonna go look through. There are other options it was just it was making it out to be something. Newer than it once. It was clear. Yes so do you think they're gonna sign one of the org get organized and are often a difficult that's the other part about this they have to do. They have they're not gonna find what they want to the other because if you don't if you go out and do victim go the Mitch Moreland rule of the Logan Morrison rude or something like that but what you're saying is that remorse has got power computing power buy it okay ease. He's still does it acts. Yet more than art beat you at least I must say they're doing something that we don't know they're doing. They're not getting those two bats may what do you do well they have one spot for the of that battle they had 21. You YouTube you force Handley into competition they won't do that yet they have to offer 22 million dollars they won't. There while it if you think it will the only way they'll force have been made into a competition is if you wanna go out and play like a tiny first race. Or or something like that may maybe that's the competition maybe that's an hour and Napoli. But Mike Napoli probably unless he's really really desperate is again a starting job. Yeah he's not in the coming here how would competition with a guy that you know you're on a chance against because I think. On the surface and I think it's march I have merely him leisure leisure the issue is nobody there pushing murder or alternative. Arnold these shoulders are they thinking can I thought I don't know I only you Smart at all. That and and the miracle that is his shoulders and now they're saying they think he can play first base for the majority I think and I think it's that. But I are there was a well you have been I'm with you is that what you have got a guy I would bad shoulders and shoulders are gonna get the better. Typically in years saying we're relying on this guy in and this is the problem if you don't. Side one of these guys or get one of these guys. Then or and you go the other room like we said whether you'd think Logan Morrison slightly better whatever. You're saying that we're relying on these other everybody else being better and isn't that what got him in trouble this year. Saying all these guys are going to be better yeah that's that's what that's what do you argument that ended up on the right side of Cuba Ralph as a very good question Ralph what's going on. Deisler thanks for the time and Evan unlike you. You'd think it needs is getting Checchi incursion what is obvious New York created you know what it's electoral. Like this so. I looked at it but there were you look at that shock given to walk or any of the places I was in your position. But how we're going to play. A book open which includes tells that to happen package and that ball. It would be negative in this book you're critical. What Rick. Because you don't like it like as a guide you know Russia does not like the Red Sox were at a book optimize I don't get. While they're done. Don't respond to respond. So well it is good question and it and I actually asked myself a question by the person who did not grow up here. It's actually been an enjoyable learning experience like I'm learning the stories as like go. In I think it's a different perspective than other people rightly that you wrote. It be different if you're writing something about your your childhood. It whereas this is stuff that I'm in for the first time so they're there discovery element to it. But I'm not writing it as a new Yorker who hates the Red Sox it's just not true that the number one I don't. This second negative and that's going to be a book about the for subjects like it. The Dustin Pedroia chapter which had already written doesn't focus on its not me it's them I mean that talks about. His success the second. It's all all it ruffled on Sunday at the democratic turnout of Enceladus books so much again order and Amazon right now what you want to be brought. What were you at. All yeah so well this was a market as a consultant with. Without being written. And they have great history so great great engine obscures what they would approach you I I. Haven't. You're not battle to remember this six. No I don't know but it's driven meets it to be particularly builds and in my research and I've tried to talk to people people who know what they're talking about that's its toll ignored everything else and outsiders first in order everything else in the sports world do this I'll give you that credit Ralph thank you for the guy you don't. For right I'm okay I'm good arm. I. Voted bridge run the real tone from Bridgewater is called in to clarify that the that was not the real the Tony from Bridgewater earlier but we have to go to a quick break. We're gonna be right back after. Back to more with training until mossy Clark Sports Radio go. It. Can't. So I can actually there handle and then he says he covered the Celtics. Wouldn't say that troops don't. That's true actually under I just noticed this on your Twitter. Payment to the background. You have. Pictures of a revolution player and the Bruins later identified patriot player a Red Sox player. And a Celtics player so audience on your own Twitter in on your own Twitter page. Can you name the per people moron. Now. Does that average basketball player right. Oh yeah he's pretty Albert would name them I believe we are kidding around her yup okay it was a Red Sox play then antennae rob looks like Kelly Josh frantic. President now for content Erica all right next one. Tom Brady came next one. I don't know person. And I hope it. Never quite back that they I don't balls. That would be for fees Bershard. And then yes. And and now revolution player which Diego often doomed says side which I'm probably thing in name wrong but. The fact you have revolution player honored Twitter background pay it shows that you're trying solved right before we got yeah we gonna get to the break real quick. But Tony the real Tony from Bridgewater thank you for clarifying we apologize for misrepresenting before. That's okay might read war and being evocative the order yeah. Of I think all the accurate but Eagles something you don't it was Monday it seriously retired or radio we saw. Number I I like these that the the very apt. To well you're restore a remotely stadium also were and I called Lamar. A neat when you talk to all your heart of what that's all great they were quite refusal when the ball went to go boxes Lex and. And with the ball went to book and open it up like. You know you know also saw sorority I think we're all. I don't you order a little. Action but I've managed so much tension ball let me tell you it's only on an original vision for this book millions. If you don't have also. You know while. All honesty I would read those ultimately. Also on the Red Sox as an umpire mark on the Eric like. How is elected to narrated events that happened formalize that does that to have to witness and to be able to write about ball but. Some sort of act Robert. It got a background in baseball writing in and court should baseball important people are. About to let our. Yeah we're gonna talk some more baseball coming up. Caught election all right OK god bless you and the polls than I I I do I I agree with everything you said Tony. And that's that's true assault speak shortcomings. The Seattle Garrett he had he had big I think it in a nutshell he might just take himself will consider race. And it was a there was also that there's an icy slope before mullah when he left Boston. I thought that he was a little different when he came back valuable ESP unified when he came back. And been dug in on in on say an Avant. I don't think I fit those description wolf we'll find out what we're doing we talked a little bit of bowed something that ball clueless or riled up about in terms of the baseball world right after this.