TNT - Is the Celtics season over after injury to Gordon Hayward? 10-21-17

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Saturday, October 21st

In the 1st hour Trenni and Tomase talk about the injury to Gordon Hayward and how the injury will impact the team and the growth of the young players. 


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These trainee and tomorrow losing one's boards radio WEEI you dreading this and Eric and John's a mossy break down everything without packs the Bruins and all new England sports. So it's. It's trillion Tomas on Sports Radio WEEI. And. Does not Hamas see how he. Oh we just both barely made it in the air gaffe. I think you had a good shot I love that the Charles I am so it's it's a great event it's not this morning I suffering Ryan in my insert Rampage. I took all these pictures that his wife. Followed the air was crisp and in the other guys and gals are outgrowing it was so wonderful and then I tried an and I lied to younger so blind and gas seventy light cycles sad and getting Oster drive to come over here on my market street or an average acting days. That runs parallel to where we are. Lady from new York stock look at your phone when the light turns green. Goal in green means go I don't know what it means other states figured Massachusetts it means you go through the light to use. Our. He had he had an adamant that left that little left and turn them and that's all this road that is the worse the satellite class like five seconds five cent three cars make it through if they're on their game and suit let me Italian people that have light. Row for you in I was literally of license plate SI this morning. Not other did not they are just it's a great day Saturday and a take my time and hence flop around canceled still broad and go the other way. BP team. Yeah I don't encourage growth rates typically but today exceptions. And a lottery each plot and so at home too just as ashy thinking. And it's great boon to the beautiful days. Someone should tie Myers tried birds he had never been a big fan has its doubts that carries them in rolling. Kind of boring oh and really how about back yeah assortment of other people who did in college if you do they have are teams that Marquez candidate you have Michael Leighton survive something well insisted on public Michigan baited him instantly though yes and we know they wrote on number we have motions here and rivers. The ocean and doesn't matter. Everytime I drive by a Great Lakes him like on the so that these people think that that's like that's the lake it's delay I don't care how big it is still ache yes there's no tie. Yeah hi I know LA times. Staring out and realizing that I can draw a straight line straight boat shot so like one. Can't edit. That's that's beside it is hard mystical. Yes but every year and have a child schema announcing collared him like on the crew people would just be so into it. The kind of miserable back then to your miserable bastards miserable liberal in Mac and a guy even back then I was less liberal back then I think. Which is weird that's not usually how it works yeah I have to I was also by anti Catholic school so we we separate crew house. As and is it time partying with the curb noise. The outlook for people's weird because they always get up at like 5 in the morning that it again outside Harvard boathouse on Tuesday saying the junior college right again up at five that's any reason reason. 11 name one B when CY and road crew in college you know you go to college they have like the stairs and you start yet Michael is tables out staff announced. Cruel and if you look at body type for crows like. Sweet what do you guys do an article we worked out every morning at 6 AM rain or shine and we do the same thing Annie and her rowers in the winter and I snaked back and I you know thinking of I'll go I had just become an element. Yeah it's now I'm gonna drink beer about that idea how many go ahead and not peonies for an elite athlete thinks I'd rather just be a waste of space yet. Pottery transit and now oh yeah how we react they do ladies its base we wasted Larry Craig's time thank you Mary cried for sticking around an extra ten minutes. To accommodate. The fact that we don't know how to get here although as a native new Englander as soon as I cited a 2000 like Mexicans are side zip right past there. It sets and the top. I got stuck in the Tom but not as bad as it does sound like batteries you I was very very angry at him. Like I was fine until light and I I was. Ready to get here almost the exact same time I always and I left a little earlier today you know I'm not a native knowing when I know by now. Consulate early it's still there sons. Jack has yet to many out of state people I don't know. It's car it's wild. One good thing when I woke up this morning while not all companies house last night path you know. BA the Celtics wanna game back and they did so without Gordon Hayward. I we IA Chancy CU cents V Gordon Hayward injury. Means. Tuesday night it felt like and a lifetime ago. What was your ice knowing what why what ways you're watching it is Kevin Harlan Hussein. Gordon Hayward has broken his leg Gordon Hayward broke his Blake like 88 literally made me feel sick to my sonic. It anyways so it was gut wrenching to watch I actually thought to myself the wave at the leg was position did I have forgotten about apology or is it happened in if it happened in an inner squad scrimmage yeah not an actual game and sides really honestly forgotten about the Georgia injury. And I sauce myself my god is this is his upper his career like his leg looks like it was going in the direction no leg should. Ever got out because it was. Yeah non with you so it was slightly different for me because. I was much in the yankees' game they were coming back against Houston. And I had already set the Celtics in tape and I like to record live sporting events for the most part and exit the room you know so I'll start patriots game at 3 o'clock and radio silent. And so my brother knows this. Any texted me cryptically at 820. Are you watching the Celtics and so now I'm. Either something catastrophically bad has happened. All are they're up like twenty to nothing and it's amazing rally diet as site immediately turned up the Yankees. Looked over the Celtics and just start watching. And what would have been about 818. The phone buzz is again and it's the WEEI news alert that says Gordon Hayward leads on stretcher with a group that's all I can see in this Graham. An answer to MS and then I have to debate in my I wanna watch this you know I've I'd never seen the Aldridge injury ever. Now and somebody's severance and it's because I had Christian art can't heads had treated something and I said but is it as it was a Paul George injury has batted of course deployed throughout got you so don't yet. I see the Paul George injury and some unsettling I don't wanna watch now if I watch well Gordon Hayward in real time and that I mean it literally made me sick to my stomach I had internal. Yes so. So now I'm fast forwarding to site aren't what happened in some on double speed and I see they're about to thrown in town and the next thing I know. As images flashed by I see all the players hugging each other Mike oh god that he died like what just happened. So our rebounded I watched it just wants. And was sick I mean just completely sick and the morning guys made fun of me because I wrote a column like. Right after it happened to you you wanna get something online right right away. So it's while it was still fresh in your feel and emotional slate listen I'm a Celtics fan I'm not gonna I saw I saw let any funny in a salad on deaf. And use him economy to not make funny I was out already you have that you're my initial reaction was like instead. Oh my god is his career and I guess that's how I felt at the time and beyond that it was also. You know the Celtics you'd Danny Ainge you've waited you waited you've waited you get once I got to say it's it's saying what punch back and so. You're looking forward to this season is the most I've looked forward to a Celtics season even more so than when they got carnac as we had no idea that that team was going to be that was more curious. I remember watching opening night Garnett goes twenty Tony you know great night to start things off. But it wasn't the same you know Ray Allen was old he had bad angles like you just you weren't expecting that team to win 66. Games or whatever was a win a title. This team you're saying. Well bronze on his way out in Cleveland you've got carrier ring according Hayward yet beast who Jack too high draft picks your markets Smart yet Al Horford. This team could legitimately. Go why I don't why Arabs and go go to the finals I'm gonna be we all knew it and I'm gonna be Golden State unless somebody gets hurt. But they could be right there would be enough finals last right now in Houston did them on opening night but. So all of that stuff is just swirling around in your devastated you're devastated as a fan you're devastated for Gordon Hayward you know. And you feel a little guilty that you're immediately thinking like this season is ruined it's like this guy's career could be over like you said. And the first thing I thought of was Paul George. Just because one guy broke his ankle that we had no idea what that injury was he could've like tour every ligament in his ankle too like we had no idea. So Tim I thought NAL is the difference from my first ouster of highs and who by the way we should say we're gonna talk to noon today. Yes tune in and realize you know I had surprises and tries to talk about those kind of those gruesome injuries and coming back animals obviously talks apology yeah I mean the difference with Joseph thighs and was his injury. His leg snaps like between the knee and the ankle right. He Gordon Hayward clean Rick Paul George those guys their ankles basically snapped so at least. There are they broke bones at a joint where things are supposed to move they just moved too far to authorize men I mean there is that there's I don't like that and I guess yeah now. Yeah and and we can get into this with him a lot of things that I was interest and show much times have changed. When guys minted it is. They showed it on the broadcast then they showed it again then they shouted at halftime then. In the air like year ran compilation I think the patriots might have played the last Monday 1980 out of the double check. It does an accident but they'll add member watching Monday Night Football on the due date or year and highlight videos and included Joseph size and leg getting snapped in half. Then you fast forward to today or Tuesday. And Gordon nearest thing is awfully easy Kevin Harlem called it right away Gordon here is broken leg Euro in what way. Watch the watch and you could RTC and his voice like it is it that I think is what made it more jarring with that heat heat waste. He was emotional about it which you don't often see from a play by play guy you their very careful because you don't want to diagnose something that you don't. Don't know what it really it yet and for him to say repeatedly Gordon Hayward is broke his like oh my god Gordon Hayward broke his leg. You realize how Pattinson and Harlan seems stunned by. Yeah and the fact is since I knew that it was coming since I just seen the thing and I was watching and a few minutes after everybody else. I didn't what I think most people. Watched him go down but it watched the ball and you see Denham brown get it in laity as I lets you edit I didn't my eyes were swear yet is on the so and that's normally when I would have been doing too but. I union watching him a new look in you could see is he hits the floor. You can actually hear the snap which is horrible sounds like a gunshot. And then. You see I mean as soon as you see his late comer and it. Gap and then they zoomed in on I now sit in another hoop and like talked about stoic by the way what a tough SOB so. He obviously looks distraught right when it happens and no screaming no crying and out and that he's lying on his back and they come and they have to reset and a mobilize it and put it in that air cast or whatever. And as he's leaving he's just got his jock kinda clinched like that it but it is that the office like cattle got. It is real that he was taken suited to add met back he's waiving thumbs up to me it looks dejected books did disappointed that this at that point I don't know if they like and obviously I Sharma was some painkillers tonight to. Ease some of what I have to imagine was excruciating pain. But like a lot of times I don't know if your watching during the year at US open my Bethany knack stands probably not business like a side she UST US is she US senate seats EZ US tennis. And she has had multiple knee surgeries in I want she you have going for a long forehand she's turned the wrong way snaps during the yen and she's. Moaning and screaming nine almighty god almighty god my knee again may need mania my knee even Jeremy ring that I think it was the night after. Yeah I'm Gordon hey rubber on it broke is like he's like of Don he knew right away we now telling you could see the pain in his face and he knew right away yet all this emotion. It was almost emotion let's switch I was wonder if they break with so gruesome. That you just going to shock. Can your body like you're not even processing what's happening gaffe from what I was told he lost that only once and his family his parents are there soon as parents and wife came and that's when he sort of let his guard down a little bit but otherwise known as that so bad and I have a time and it's. And the thing that sucks if you're a fan and you listen Gordon Hayward health is most important thing. But we're allowed to look at this the what it means for the Celtics and it's like. No matter how good they are this year let's say they shocked everyone and win fifty games to get the third seed in the east or whatever. You're gonna say they won fifty games and they could have had Gordon Hayward how well they're so no matter how good they are you're there's always going to be that button back you have they could've been better. Now that's that's a tough one this law. That to be the I mean and I felt terrible that this is one of my first thoughts that I I bright away pot. This is so terrible for the franchise like they finally get it right he finally have the pieces in place and there's still one piece away from really overtaking the east in being able to challenge the warriors that they are on the doorstep. And then this is like my heart broke for Danny change and Brad Stevens who such a great guy in that staff. For our ratings yes and standards or so degrees outside. But I ate their wives like a home man I just feel too for Celtics this is happening again. I now and so I have a game on DVR and I at fast forwarded over once I knew we got hurt you know I'd fast or over two or three minutes. So I went back and watched the first five minutes just before his injury did not watch the injured this one to first five minutes. And even in those five minutes there are twelve to nine here hit the little folly floater in the lane carrier ring it'd drive me legislate. Is only we only got to see this team in the Florida gathered five freaking minutes and they looked really good and I know that means nothing it's five minutes that. Even in that little time you could just see in the I don't know if you watched last night's game analyze it yet. So last night's game you can see they don't have anyone to make history you know died and and anyone who can make a shot outside Irving so. It's solace struggle I mean you've got should mention Larry Bird Arrington was next to arsenic get their driver not don't call me Larry Jabari bird or jump on Jabari Parker are either one a on a two way contracts like. Playing crunch time minutes and he played late. She really lard in Ireland or courthouse died in the fourth quarter that was that was your fourth quarter guy ashamed mark yeah he was playing the role of Isiah Thomas yeah little guy who had a bunch of threes and there there is a moment in that fourth quarter where Larkin hit a three back. That was what it was it was one of those dad of 17575001. The now I did not know I think it was later that I think it was one that put them up like eight. And fiery got the ball extra pass one it to a nominee you could hear on the audio on your broadcast make it make it make it yelled atom into doubt it's cool it's like are right. He is trying to take on this leadership thing and cards these guys who normally would not be seeing the floor at all but that's life that's life for the Celtics it. Parts so where do the Celtics go from here let's talk about it 61777979837617779793. Senate also just wanna get some grief out you know of the morning guys left to share the afternoon guys lets you. This is a safe space like Richard grief out. Already Gordon Hayward injury give us a call 6177797937. More on the Celtics in Joseph Eisner joins as at noon on trying to Osce. Back to more with training until moxie about Sports Radio go. I still hearing at hand right now and not put behind us now now. Not the Kirk Gibson home run. And it gave her tees into the pool and asks. The highway we hate it if some elements we back here yes. Obviously and ordinary on a plane. Sort of Celtics go from here. Abby I boasted that Saddam and how you felt I face additional points for effort there's no points for hours no you know like emotional. Made at a boy wins in the NBA but I didn't like the way that they refocused. And battled back in that second half against. Did against the caps on Tuesday. I was disappointed. With how they wilted in the second half against the box on Wednesday yes but then last night against Philly they seemed to kind of get it back. They seem to figure out a way to I think that's unfortunately. What the next probably at least the next month is gonna be like yeah where they're just. Trying always about it last it was their third different starting lineup combination in as many games. And part of that is that. Because they've had bad locked eyes with Gordon Hayward and then market Smart rolled his ankles both of them. And the the last one words against the box on Wednesdays he wasn't in the starting lineup last night. But give Brad Stevens credit I mean he is mixing and matching and doing everything he can't at the very least. There hang in there and it's. I don't think I don't think their seasons are like I don't think they're not can make the playoffs they're just probably an active ingredient if definitely night and saudis in the Eastern Conference. He had me and I honestly like just getting there will be that's probably gonna have to do it for them this year because. They do have the right coach that is the one positive thing may definitely happen right coach for this in terms of making adjustments on the fly mixing and matching. It's funny effort people are ready anchored admired her a little bitsy thing Larry. You know criticizing Tyree already I expected more and it's like it would give them a little bit of time is like wing man. Just snapped his leg and now. You know like. Things are gonna change so and heartless better last night and he did against the bucks yeah Eva Gabrielle looked a little time I mean think of not only physically tiring back to back my personal emotions of battle things out. I'm kind of willing to game a little past there and the other issue. That I don't know how they fix this is they just they don't have anyone to consistently make a three point there. When that's a lot of what their offense is getting open for threes are guys. Jalen brown his stroke looks better but he's still work in progress Marcus Smart sorry does a lot of things well but you grimace every time he launches of theory. And is it keeps she's gonna keep shoot no not yet and so then you start looking around like OK you know we Noah Horford is he's 34%. 35 which is good for us senator but. Suddenly he's the guy you want taken the reasons this right now he's supposed to be. When you swing and around in Hayward Zanardi had his fill and carries got his bill he can take couple here. What a weapon a center to make two out of five threes but you don't want him taken more than map but that's. Going to be forced upon him you know because he's one of the guys so. As the season plays out there just going to be nights like lag even last night. It was a little bit of a slide you know part of that was the officials when hardly officiated game analyst just whistle after whistle after whistle. How many times that they call somebody for shuffling their feet. When they called time on the catch yet exactly and make all travel it's like. To its NBA elect McEnroe you know call some of the big giant Euro stamps of. Want but don't wait call now for it's not affect like eighty and been travel and Alain that was like a legitimately kit literally looked at being evidence and I think Colorado they did cause I can't Gorman say he looked. Like a Ike Ike are running back who is waiting for his blocks from his offensive line returns out as a very apt description. But I must say this I like how it in this is something I feel like last year when they weren't getting those threes to fall. They just kept chalk them up chuck and not chat him up. Last night these they realize okay they're not falling but strive to the basket like a champ round. Mr. three point hair he may another one apathy got easy got an open look. But he also was afraid to be physical tried to the basket take the spotlight they weren't hitting their free throws. It terrible last and other free throws but you have to imagine. That again all of this is. Kind of going to streamlining come together because if you're if this team right now if you're Jalen brown Jason Tina and I we have put high career being into that mix. You're pressing a little that your brother trying to do more than maybe you're capable with the exception of carries probably capable these I do too much. Because now are recycled you've got to make up for. Gordon's loss may got to figure out how to do this and we have to figure out how to make this work is just a lot of expectations on us I think that even now at some point. Yeah I mean that the bigger issue is that the NBA such a three point shooting legion place say you. Change your offense at the emphasize that as you just don't have guys who can make a year it's such a disadvantage you know it's like riding a running team the NFL now you know you have to throw everybody throws of emperor you can't win. It's kind of the same thing in the NBA if you can't consistently make threes there is a ceiling on how hired how far you're gonna go and that's. You know maybe that's something they'll figure out may be Sammy oh shall lay is a guy who who starts making him and gets more time you know sat around pick. May be little Barry Larkin junior still you know move what are what's his first championship in art and that may be Shane Larkin becomes lol instant offense off the bench but. They're asking a lot yeah props Terry rosier who I think you know Gary. Called it credit to Gary saying ranked. Called it on Wednesday at the guard in Chris Gasper I mean boy did he make fun of and we don't hold a clip on and on Thursday during our show. That gas respect. Your. Well he's done a decent job I think he'd nine points in the loss to Cleveland fourteen. Are fifteen to vote in the loss to the box and I hand back score appeared in fourteen or fifteen again last some. No venue has been I think fourteen to maybe it was fifteen against the box I can't off the bench. That's not bad that may give you a little bit of a different look maybe Shane market and to gain she played. Twenty minutes last night here maybe he's a guy that can give you a little bit of an offensive portion of LaMarcus markings across a minute mark is Morris backs market. Boris is a big one too because those first two games he had Jalen brown trying to guard LeBron and Paramus. And those aren't great and then lastly sons Eric and AM last names on write an air beans design and the day again. But but it just in particular markets more status his job he they signed him when they thought their conference finals because he's one of the better LeBron defenders in the league. Big 69 guy who can defend some of these bigger athletic wing players so he would have needed edgy honest and that's I advise you guys and say it's a couple pounds at the coma that's to combo on on the Greek for whatever retreat guys Tommy called up all night on Wednesday. No Greek. Victory. Break to some vigor that's degree nice Shimmy a yes so anyway I see a have a better defensive you'll have another option at Florida and frankly you don't want Tatum playing 35 minutes tonight which is Hillary's doing its nine teams like. The kid played 29 games I was this season last year colleges are so work right. And he's gonna come in the NBA and suddenly play thirty minutes tonight for 82 his season is three times as long thirty to 45 last night yeah and he was any he's been solid so far. The one thing that has surprised me about them is they've been a much better rebounding team and you would have expected and it's. Not because you know of it pages and the seven footers problem all up it's like now battered they are gang rebounding as a team. There's clearly been. Some emphasis on the. And clearly the one that we've always loved about these self sixteen teams I think one of the questions when they lost Jason Thomas was. What is their character going to be what will their identity be able they lose that grit and toughness that guys like Jae Crowder. And Avery Bradley an Isiah Thomas guys who were never high picks. In the draft and who didn't weren't expected to blossom into NBA stars with they have that and I I think one of the positives of this team amid part of it is that. Browns and second your player to items a first year player. But that these guys there's they're still scrappy. And they still they they leave it on the floor you don't see them sort of lolly gagging and taken place off. Yeah no I mean Baines has been a good addition in that regard he's knocking people over you doesn't he seems like he's gonna again fight like. He's gonna punch someone in the news he is all of last bit of all of us that's obvious idea on a message him anywhere apparently. But so he's been he's brought that kind of thing you're talking about. Obviously you saw markets Smart that's his whole game you know so they do have that identity and that's a credit to Stevens that he brings that out of any group that he has as the group retiree Irving. Number one pick number one prospect number one high schooler number one everything. Hit the championship winning shot. And he's getting him to buy into that as well so that's a good sign. The problem is we know what the ceiling is on this you can scrap your way writes at 46. To 51 and you can't win post season and you just get exposed and this is what happened last year so you need the horses they just don't have enough horses right now I mean they have. If they decide that. Hayward is out for the year and they officially announced that they get that eight million dollar eight point two million dollar sentiment they can spend on one guy. It would pretty much have to be a trade because anyone who's unsigned at this point probably isn't working right bucks. So you know owner owns and wells cut the expiring contract and Dallas like maybe that's the guy but. To me it's night if there's somebody you can find great million bucks you can shoot the ball that's your guy. And that person out there. I'd 6177797937. I feel about this Celtics team Mac in Cambridge is still positive Matt without without Iran. It. That's just enjoying this beautiful Saturday inside. I scored so much more sense to predict short of the Palestinian prime negotiated a privilege hallmark or they're not finished product yet they're gonna get guys back. And the continuity I think is a big deal. A lot of these guys who played together I think Woolsey that you really picked up steam around the all star break. May still still need a good run I mean he not going to be the brawn. A fact I think you are in the next year and not when you make your legitimate attempt at a time. Yeah I mean I'm with you there the only this other thing is. It's good that they're getting the young players experience that's gonna help next year the problem is gonna get to next year. And you're not gonna have bad year that you'll that we all expected a year carrying Gordon Hayward to get used to each other and then next year and hit the ground running. Jalen brown may be did 22 seems view and a lot of these guys make the leap great column today about comparing him to you or made us last night I ran this morning. Comparing him to Paul George and Paul George's progression yet and it that was interesting to me like I agree that alma WEEI I'm and say hi dot com your right. I'd but it wasn't missing a mean look concede that. Paul George's rookie year was very similar to jail rounds and then his second year he made a jump but it wasn't a week he went from like seven points gained twelve points a game. It's three point percentage improved. And then in year three. All star locking up with LeBron in the post season all of that that was age 22 so it's interesting. If brown and they were at similar players in terms of light just recently athletic like. The big difference apart due to George grew two inches after his Turkey or it's nobody expected to suddenly was like 69. He's drafted it 67 and it became like 696 and it's kind of crazy is that I don't think that's gonna happen with Tim Brown but still. You see him in the open floor he is the most athletic player on the floor and he starred in a harness it. He starting be under control there is the good things gal had last night talking about he he missed it was a drive sort of a coast to coast thing that he missed. But he's like look at his eyes he's looking dapper and Jesse Alexander he's not looking at the defender he had kissing ass so he's he's looking he's at least taken that step now where he's looking to finish and he's not. Before he's a he's like you know or zero little similar and that they both seem like there are roller skate sometimes. Where they're just why anyone directly I don't know if they're going to be on the corral themselves. You can see a clear improvement this year Jalen brown when he goes to the hoop he's under more control. All right six. On 77797937. We have a few artists to take some calls on the Celtics and you know figure out where your head that would these guys I still on fairly optimistic in times like and a bright side. Maybe it's a beautiful leather maybe it's because I've now and be countering seamer. And a high out of us I'm. They feel like it happens that's that's actually my biggest influence and that is spewing your intent I have sort of few you've taken me over some an ass any day act will be at the box that box Celtics came how are you excited about or hear like. And almost from the Celtics and it happens and happens. 677797937. We'll take your calls after this and do not forget Joseph thighs and yes Joseph Eisner joins as I knew it. You're locked into training because Eric and John's a mossy talking perhaps reason more on Sports Radio WEEI. But. Titanic script writer joked I think we'll join us and it's 12 o'clock hour and training and some hot seat if anybody knows devastating. Leg injuries to both sides and thankfully. Gordon Hayward is not of the break here don't in the middle of the Sheen variety. Was a clean break best of our knowledge. According to Mike Gorman no blood vessel ligament damage should heal cleanly. Celtics are 100% confident that he is coming back but it that is yet his one and eight cents. So I mean we'll see if that actually turns out to be the case but there you know even in private there very bullish on his recovery. And agent says probably not going to return this year but maybe that's just giving him the breathing room of let me return when I'm ready to return because if you do say. Mules you know right now targeting marched onto deck is that you start pushing it. And maybe push it too far you re injured it doesn't heal right better to kind of keep the window. I honestly wish they would just shut the door and right now because NASA get an eight half knowing her a appointee by exactly make cancer a bad Intel and when. George did his he came back at the aside and know he did it in August mean he was in the summer it was Seattle is a liar I guess something like that it was like before the Olympics right yes so it was as of may be as soon and I should look at exactly one month that I look tonight but anyway he made it back at the end of that season for six games he played like 1520 minutes and I didn't really do anything that he was at least back and now it's important to him. But this is October you know so you're looking now at least I mean it was a deadly and August that the latest bird George so. It in two extra months for Hayward it's just no point acquire wide Russian why he's gonna need it I'm sure we conducted just buys about this but there's going to be mental hurdles and Joseph never yet again but he wanted to so there are mental hurdles you have to clear. Once the bones there it. I think about what you know when a running back tears as need a first cut. First dig first move. Here's all those things you know how do you feel that first when he goes up under the basket there's a guide back himself in demand in China blocking a shot her company defendant gaffe or he's going to for an Alley oop spam are. Are you going as hard to the back aren't you going to part of the basket are you gonna jump as high is it gonna affect our Jae Crowder had the ankle injuries these kind of felt like he's the lead it has jumped he lost a little bit of pac a type viruses and sell and even Paul George she's. Added in the interview he would out of deciding interviewer did right after Hayward is great news. You know talking about how much he felt Foreman now that brought him back to that place where he mentally very never wants to be ever again but he said you know. They asked do you still think about it now has acquired a lump in my ankle so I'm always reminded of and he said and when I came back I didn't have the same for authorities and in the same bouncing and he says that in the same bounce didn't have the same explosiveness but. I explosiveness at the right hand side but you know I played long enough to understand now how to be a smarter player and whatever and I mean you watch Paul George now he is a legit all star so. If they were taking it back to that all's not lost but for right now it's just a crusher. I let's quickly go to the phones Charlie in Arlington your first up while it's on your mind regarded Celtics. Yes so I think this injury clearly. Shown that bit that this team clearly has no just a real lack of depth. And I couldn't you know to get look at incur injuries unfortunately anyway. I conditions really has affected just it just have a lot of depth and I think the biggest. Lot of this team. It was Avery Bradley and if you could just imagine having him at this point what a big help clearly that would be it is too many new pieces and I think. I think it would end up going in but until you actually saw them play together. Thinking out loud kind of settled in that this is really working partners team and I think I that you almost you know Bret Stephens. He knows that he. Yet or real hard to other had a few good. Even if we had Gordon hit. Yeah I mean I was citizens' right into the collier right I mean I think going in one of my concerns ways their bench that is just not enough and step like if if somebody NASA is a couple of games. Who plugs in and fills in however shirt hindsight 20/20 Avery Bradley with the great as a piece right now to fill in for Gordon Hayward. But you don't get to have high re Irving Gordon Hayward if he's a bigger proud yeah had to move in for Sao. A long player who can guard threes and two threes and fours so. Let's let him get on the floor to an and the one thing out it's a real quickly. The depth the lack of depth that's the cost of doing business in today's NBA if no 18 top heavy start late roster which is the only way you win. You're gonna have to sacrifice some and somewhere and it's going to be depth that's right but but at least you have number three picks as in depth not a lot brains can say that right how about I kneel in Brockton speaking of youth leaving and I beyond as Neil. Man Baghdad dues are rooting out so it was going to be specific there any change. Roy and the Celtics. Amanda at. A little unfair DL. Well you know what I assure you that because. We went to their Eastern Conference finals and everyone was saying you know what I want to play. Right away. And ever and it was legitimate wouldn't Ellis who was so we got a lot of players. And how he got rid of the hole. And then I don't want to. Let me ask you this though O'Neill if Gordon Hayward didn't break his leg and opening night would you be saying that's. Muster that was sent a traitor I want to call and so backer I am who I loved so. Edges yeah. This as the worst. And keeps wonders are every time that seem to boot camp park and he trigger counter. Did you honestly think L. Did you really think that they could win a championship with the team constructed the way it was last year. I think there will be headquartered. And where. Did you Clinton's. You had to get rid of somebody you know reason they don't get carrier city saying they got rid of Amy Bradley before they got Kyra yes he has they had to clear on the roster being declared that clear money and made it's all about money he'll even if they would have only gotten Gordon he would they still would have needed to get rid of either grab. And again there any chance that greedy he saw on a golden opportunity and goal and don't. Automotive group missiles are out sooner or like that maybe critical to introduce this. While I think you concerned at and I don't think that that's necessarily at the Tivoli analysts to go O'Neil thanks for the call. Sign like the Danes did the right thing in a minute eight hurt to see Isiah Thomas Coke zoos are great players here but he's not claiming he's not playing means there and you knew when you have a chance to get a talent like carrier ring and pair him living another young guy like Gordon Hayward and you have. Potentially three top five picks in a row that are going to be on the seniority have two of them. I'm sorry you you pull the trigger on that TI can't. Rick Danny ancient way he built this team because of an horribly unlucky bad break five minutes into the season aren't Bryant and and Brack and Brian we have to Brian's and Brad on the line we're asked to call back as we got to take a break right now because Joseph pies and. We're giving them a call he is joining us a little after 12 o'clock we're gonna take a quick break we'll update you at the top of the hour and then Joseph thighs and enjoy those joints turning into mossy.