TNT - NFL ratings leads to Anthem Protest Talk. 10-21-17

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Saturday, October 21st

In the 3rd hour Trenni and Tomase talk about NFL Ratings being down which leads to calls about the anthem protest. 


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These are for any and tomorrow's a new ones boards radio WEEI I'm dreading this and Eric and John's a mossy break down everything without packs the Bruins an all new England sports. So it's. It's trendy until moxie plus Sports Radio WEEI. And. Stand now I am a little AC DC. Our number three of training to Massey. Our song he knows I love signs has its problems side. I don't night. I suspect sites are. North Carolina was at the top Arab economic neglect my real drunk as a 2028. Number that life house signed you and I are you a mere never was as a reason went and signed gas. And different rituals never forget as working in Pittsburgh at the time. You just got this new car. And I stuck he had he had a I think on a CD unit me and I I hit Rick weepy iron and I just kept playing and playing as a brick is. I love so. And an interest to hunt and. It CD player and played in his car Perot weeks. I did this day as a tax rich you lost an average I just text only text is love song it's their time and you know it's like training statues funny but in reality issues drug embryo and rowdy and wanted to killer yeah reality I think she probably aisles probably opened his term he. This time. And I clouds on bad. And uses it everyone remember it was like like a Good Morning America helical wedding thing that summer down like this is that that they couples on their first hand this is like that time of your life sung from Green Day yet is that the big restoration act graduation signed the masters wrap ups on everything happens side. This is the tree fell this is terrible. After you know and I smile every time I don't remember that I beaming right now Aaron that time that. University of Pittsburgh that I media. And at a media dinner splashed shrink fast with Dave Wannstedt which he loved holding in. I gobbled up all the free drinks and finger foods that possibly could and. Send that was himself an out and there is a battle is on board guy Olympus on behalf Richie wash. And she lost have a memories. I was filing more about that and I have I have more excited about the memory of viewing me. From like 2006. Or 2005. And am not as patriots falcons payments and in this is a weird one to me because it's a Super Bowl rematch and it's an opportunity to remove 28 to three and all that stuff and I don't know I I don't even think it's Gordon Hayward Gordon Hayward the part of it because that was such the dominant story in at such a downer every story. So maybe that lethal role but the fact of the matter as. We've become so accustomed to the patriots if the pace or any anything short of completely dominating people can't and you see. You know burglary or had Pena the data of TV ratings are down like 8% 8%. And yes so it's just we're so spoiled. By how incredible they've been for so long that when they had a couple of speed bounced. And you could argue this season has way more interesting gap because every game is coming down the last play. That's like the old days that's like the Hugh Millen patriots before you were here but they were terror they were like they won like five or six games but every game came down last player with the help that way. So apparently went. Our white. Are you not watch the patriots in the same way are you guys injures did. Are you just is interested and we're just not paying attention why do you think ratings are downs and confusing it's 617779793. Cent and six on 777979837. And listen. I don't what goes up must come down right like. Even if drew ratings dip 8% 8% they're still by far the most popular probably not and most watched sports I mean they're avid they were to are dropping last year as well or it's just it's. I don't know if it's speak ties is it simply because people are watching differently. Like it is a big hunt. Patriots runs. Millennial story saying you know I'm not gonna watch. And we Chris Simms on I need to know that you could do is prepare if you like the NFL like to racked passer and FL league pass. You can re watch like two hour versions. Of the game commercial free on the App. Are you watching it that way if you're watching a Thursday night game are you watching it. You know on Amazon are you streaming at that we're streaming on Yamaha bike on the eastern transparent market. It just seems odd to me but let's talk to me that there's one like the same. Just to be seen buzz around the team. I mean yeah and there's I would consider them and buys and sent it to us when. When he was a net would not for this team this is still the team to beat the AFC and it just feels like people like hope mom wake me when it's like late December. Yeah and M what's kind of amazing about this run that they've had. Is that they've been immune to this they've been in Jena. For the most part they've been immune to this wake me when the playoffs get here I mean. The flaky had people and maybe it's coming down from the flaky too because you had basically two solid years. From one Super Bowl from the end of the first Super Bowl where they beat Seattle to this last month. Where it was just fever pitch intensity the league's against us everyone's against us it's us against the world that whole thing. In May be your just kind of low you know letting down from matte now this is a regression of the mean may be but but also the idea like the Red Sox for instance. They won the World Series in 04. And people still love the Red Sox they still bang out Fenway for the most part they stick it ratings all that but it's not the same you Los something the same firmer it's not the same fervor the patriots have been somehow immune to that. Where it it really has stated a fever pitch for them for the last fifteen years sixteen years so. May be finally the fact that they've taken a little bit of a step back on the field in ways that we really haven't seen. In the ballots sect heiress since 02 you know I think you go back Matt far as even the Matt Cassel team of Brady back quickly became like. Inspiring sorted things out are they doing this the winning eleven games like Belichick is magically turn Cassell in to a decent quarterback in all of that. Now it just feels like finally people are just kind of like this team's not backed they're not. They're not as worth my time it's like people are given up on him completely but not as work might. It's crazy it's deceit does seem crazy to marry Tom and Carla Starr at the time hi how are you so it's a major is the same way what's gone on its explain this this phenomenon to me. The only time I tune out there and I've football because there I don't agree with that involves the the players climb now to Richard addressed but the regular pitcher and I want America good this year. Like five Super Bowl there aren't satisfied I'm not. I'm not like you massacre occurred that are certainly on the industry were in his letter why can't we just one of those two. I just play nitty gritty and I'll get into the playoffs and the other went through here or Cain spent that. And I mean you don't have to dominate every single week and a look at that fight Super Bowl that are pretty satisfied. I mean that's that's but that's not a modern time that people now I don't wanna San are apathetic thanks for the call to satisfy let -- like. Cool as winnable games it's buyer I missed the first half his. You know it's then I mean think about the weekend's European beautiful. In the weather has been unbelievable. And personally calling to Craig and Mary Hemingway and and they -- in May were saying listen I'm sitting inside for a 1 o'clock patriots team when it's eighty degrees on a Sunday and we only have a few of these Sundays locked us sit inside watch McCain. Yeah and that's I mean I'll DVR and watch it at 4 o'clock effect in this stay employed but you know what I would say to Tom. That's a healthy had sued I was more people ad that answered. Like hey it's been a great run there are good team I can still enjoy what they are now even if they're not as great as they've been in the past RE dot Chris and med feel like what he had to say about and I found ratings. I think you have the biggest rated the take off on each. Though the dirty. Practically no got a thirty at in. A connection or go out cutting acorda and I happened to work in an area called ad tech. And we see this crowd support people are not watching our people are lucky upstream market smacked out of the race. Outside most of what you see in the patriot struck his people watching it for. And probably half of what you see in the NFL which is bigger percent. People watching it. So you don't get date they can't measure streaming I thought there's a way to measure as I would and they don't right now but they're gonna start right Chris art demonstrate an article this week that they're gonna start measuring streaming on Amazon Netflix and Hulu. Absolutely but you knew when we looked at this kind of technology it moved so fast here it's almost like terrorists. You don't chase it's every every year for you experts are you meet your secrets are always lose some portion of the measure are. Melissa Leo's are like terrorists and I agree. And answer they are a currency appreciate it. Millennial. It does it I do love though and I'm sure that we're gonna call it when I say that's. I love how some of our pointing and ninth seed players aren't taking need to announced this act the flag rescission not. Did you wicked people people I knocked out of the city and I fell. For Sony they don't even show one and a sound and most like other and that one week that you don't even see happening unless you actually at the game. If you call Tommy and his anti Iran because Iran and you are in the minority not the majority. Yeah I'm not saying there's no single person out there does that might spring public's thinks I'm gonna I'm gonna go a minute and a on this one like let's say your at a game. And there's four players kneeling during them. Why is that so overwhelmingly offensive to you like. If you put your hand over your heart and you look up of the flag while the anthem plays you don't even know they're nailing and the fact of the matter is. You'd have to search for them because it's not like it's the whole team it's three or four guys at this point it even. So you've got them. You know here through helmets and pads and bodies mile hate back. Is that I kneel on that's just it on the sideline no that one's nearly he's kneeling on offended now. Which is don't look just look up at the flag and honored on the flag on the troops in whatever way you see it. That why does that have to ruin your viewing and hi this frustrates me. So the ball well all things for us now is there of this whole thing was about injustice it was a protest against injustice and it just the fact. That it has been renamed. The anthem protests and and I said it too because it's a short easy shorthand. And the protests and the practice amp Oprah you keep saying that in suddenly it becomes an anthem broad know when it's protesting the anthem they are protesting injustice. And the fact that trump. It's so easily and willfully and skillfully and easily. Co opted bat and turned it into something divisive bat. Turned it into site is owned the it was already divisive but he's turned it into his own form of divisive nest. And listen if we wanted to weaker start arguing about it and the phone lines and fill out. And it's it's sad to me and infuriating to me. That's something that's started as one thing has just been turned completely into something else in the service of the culture war the never ending culture war. Which is the only thing that is gonna keep track off the. Okay he likely to argue the times on CNN number 61777979837. As a surprise no one I agree with mossy. But I don't and I guess any sacks and thanks so we'll I'm true. Christmas yes Chris. Welcome it's as an investor and owner points love. I'm the guy that totally disagree at all. I think one of the biggest thing I noticed punitive and beat James emitted by many ruled out so the act the but why is not the end it. If you'd be somewhere that they hit the chain to game to analyze. That a gimmick to get one back. I mean ask Aaron Rodgers of the rules of change SO Dell back in my I think guys again hit as hard as ever I don't think that's. Detracting from the the quality of the physical malady or anything like that yeah. It's that ought to indeed but the actual attack on LA at a very let that happen but they really don't play it changes the game and he you know every city. Whatever consent etiquette unwritten custom banquet soon again and. So is that it's neat you now watch as much besides a better as a better game. I think it that I love I love the look on and Obama. I do out what the rules the nowadays than it is don't have immediate. Action back I'm back. He's back to back games and attacking it but patently. Yeah. Not a majority but the back and yet they couldn't. And that not to look at that you are old and my agent I looked at it had been PE. You know people who want outlaw yeah. Yeah now that ought to open. I don't forget about that pat I did. Look at the count well all of our outlook at duke at all chair people not really. The real that it might take I had I could be there. And I and. Now I don't know I argue our lists and I mean trainee can speak to this as well we've both been to a lot of NFL stadiums. There are few home field advantages of weaker than New England Foxborough is one of the quiet it's places and I've been. I've been to probably twenty at least when he other visiting NFL stadiums. And Foxboro. Is routinely the quiet rest. It is it's never allowed at the right time I don't currency never buy. It's not a great home field advantage for considering the team plays there and part of it is the design of the stadium ever designed the stadium screwed up because. They have that ring in right in the middle a stadium of out high priced seats where you can either watch from behind the glass or you have your sex and seats in front electric boxes. And as soon as the weather drops below like fifty. Everybody's inside everyone's inciting of these big empty it's like the ring in their dead heart middle of the stadium is just. Sparsely populated and it's just terrible look and it's not. Yeah it's not a great home field advantage. Now but I'd bet that doesn't mean all due respect to Chris that doesn't explain my ratings are because they've already said that the NFL list has made strides to make. Has take it in his tried to make strides in making the actual game day experience more pleasurable for people who go there like you try to increase Wi-Fi April mark TVs out. But all it does is take away things from the home field advantage but that doesn't mean like if you're watching at home. T need to stadium there to deal outage can and you tell little bit on TV you can't really now now at ice are all. Are all placed towards the field as a part of me feels like all of these things people. Arguing night. And if our ratings down because of amp and yelling and a fellow ratings down because hits are big enough anymore there. Down for this reason that reasons like how well they're down because everything is down you know every rating effort everything every form of televised media. Is down basically so. He can't just be part of that bigger things terrorist colonials are talking about earlier. Who are terrorizing our TV ratings size lots stink in twice late twentysomething barely thirty somethings are ruining everything. Worry in need welcome to the show. Well I I. There. At the end and protest or whatever you want it college my my question is what is changed. What social injustice that they're trying to achieve. How is that changing. Well I mean you can say like for instance Roger Goodell and Doug Baldwin sets like I've cosigned. A letter that was sent to what the police. Eyes of a sudden I justice thank you that was about. Not policing standards in sentencing in that kind of stuff so the fact is this issue was being talked about if it were as simple as. They neo and everything's all better and I think we can agree that's not how the world works at all incremental. And so they have they've raised awareness for better for worse they have raised awareness. So they've they've raised the awareness but it needs to go another setback mean these players that. Are trying to do you know and that's okay and they need to do more than just taking in the data and get out to be committed. I agree I and debris and I think most I think for the most part Gloria many of them are endless lines donating his salary education. Allan camp and it has to. Alien you can get on him for movies. Donated his money too but it's over a million dollars sunny and a lot of these guys. Are putting their money in their time when their mouth and Malcolm Jenkins when he retired from the NFL former Eagles linebacker now is a act as an activist and an advocate for social justice and he's putting his money where his mouth is. You look at of the Bennett Brothers Michael Martellus and you can say what you want about what happened to Michael in Las Vegas the bulls of those guys. I think put a lot of time and effort I think a lot of these guys do a lot in the community but because they don't put out a press release about that you don't hear about it. Don't. Exactly. Back in which is unfortunate we should do more stories highlighting the changes they're trying to an ax or against the collar appreciate it. And I Jesse in a car Jesse out leaving but on tolerating us. One and haven't necessary and there but I have a couple points I'd like to make based on some of the arguments people first. The lack of like contacting hit and things like that I don't think that down I think they're playing it's we'll game is and changing it much people are arguing. Course the guys are still getting concussions. Eight exactly second is that Thursday games and having. Like too many football games look at the Thursday night game it just happened now or the bats well ballgame this year so far. Kansas City and Oakland that game came down to the end. You know saying scientific times Thursdays are down. I had a margin per may bench I'm not angry at all about it. Who. And my third point and my final point is the argument. The anthem protest. Are the cause her ratings being down. Just. Got something to bring up why is not watching regain the answer to the anthem protest why isn't it. You know equality for minorities why is the person in and not watch the football game instead of may be trying to make it different about. Yet arrived in Seattle and I don't airline to ask you are you aren't a threat to any tenacity and Jesse's. This is mean because quite frankly. I think they think there's not a problem of course and they don't understand it they don't care to understand. They don't care to talk to someone who experiences what what their what their kneeling for. They're rather turn their head and say everything is better. We had it African American president I don't know how you can say there's some races and the my black friends on today as I'm not racist I'm not is I'm not that he's not days he's not that you're just whining. Rather than looking at the systemic racism that still exists. And some the issues that these guys face regardless of how much money they make regardless of how. Quote unquote famous they are their own town the minute they take those helmets and jerseys off. They experienced things that many of us as white people just don't experience gap and for that I. In I would love I would love for rather than and you know. Joseph blow if they don't tread on me you know sticker on its humongous Ford F 150. No offense to boot drive Ford F 150 now I mean offense though all of them. Prius yes he do it makes you sound awesome. I would love for them to say wow. Howland can't predict. What can we do batters that you don't have to Neil how we all come together and talk about office. Rather than saying I'm not watching football because your year you're you're you're making my thirty seconds at the beginning of the game and comfortable out. Don't even show on TV anyway that's the racial components of that is so insidious to me because the undertones are. Listen rich black guys who shouldn't be rich because I'm a poor white guy. You just shut your mouth and be happy for what we've giving you as if they haven't earned. Had to Google said during the Neil Lane. When they hold trumping happen and a lot of the teams did it. You should be grateful yeah you should blow graceful for a lot for being born athletically gifted and using those talents. Ya that get you should be grateful he believes Gotti should be grateful to god usually painful to your parents for avenue DNA to make you would get to that right. Robert Hansen I got to take a break the receipt we only knew this is gonna get on. We see your calls and we'll take your call them asking. You're locked into training because marriage and John Tomas and talking. That's reason more on Sports Radio WEEI. We started to my name. Yeah. Start off tonight a conversation about the patriots I was surprised. The warrant that interested. Which sort of reflects our calls now on a book called about the patriots death but you meant that mentioned. Dealing pretty handsome. And let. They had to finds open I think right now he aren't on join the conversation please do so since 1009797937. Blame this on you John my decision. In assigning you might in a truck I am unaware of whether or not as if it is day four F 150 that don't try to army flag. Might out of that they have to coda at Tacoma. Some to the very liberals are nothing. I I'd agree would you guys a 100%. And I also wanna take the time the guys that excited you work well you explicitly. Spot I am so tired. People saying. People it'll make sweet deal and hope. I don't change in this country other side. People's feeling uncomfortable. That's the countless changed when Rosa Parks. Sat on the front of the spots. And it anybody's feeling comfortable. And then okay happened almost a decade you'd think he went around and and talked about civil rights. She hit her she brought it to the table that are are about. What I've been making. And how we view and treat people and and that's really all I pretty much have to say. That comfortable not change. Where my that your look and you know we love you can call at any time you line and to the AT&T. And NPR. Yet Toyota Tacoma is now liberals the liberal and attract them via a mile east title and India as the kind of think eco friendly staff. But he is right I mean let's be honest and also would give assuming he's uncomfortable. How do you think. DeVon but Corey feels. Why he walks in somewhere and and it's he's treated differently because you Milan know he's Devin according. How do you think somebody feels when they get pulled over for no other reason than driving a nice car nice neighborhood and they happen to be African American. How do you think cab driver feels when he goes to the doctor's office and a little kid look cinnamon things that the bad guy you know maybe maybe it is just curtain Callahan always like to point out may be that little cart girl was watching the news. And she saw a black person arrested in tissue equates the bad guys but then that now have a mom apologized profusely and saying no now now all. But just sort of do nothing that made it's an ingrained attitude that started in the house you know that's you think that's do you think that that's not uncomfortable for those people why is your level of uncomfortable minutes. Not as important are more importance. Then he I'm a bid feelings of discomfort these people fail on a day in and day out basis while. Well Don Johnson massive full fall mine. You're really bring an A today. Guys end and then just flip it out I am them and I injured while. Gold star is the evidence is not a bad apples aren't that probably offense that it is I don't wanna I wanna use it in correctly that's true. We don't spoils all Goldstein a question generals on this show here and humility and around him and acts. We'll additionally Iran and died let's they're raking Grafton and our Rick welcome and shout. There are rules yeah. Who would call totally agree what you write not only but I do caller or two but that while I do. Like to say oh I believe the guys that went to walk around that where are we might want it they'll go corporate speak to the remote right to protest. The different site fine. The people uttering you're all. Police fire military they would have a and it's not a lot not a rule. It's just that. Old way of going in they would never in the air that would be. Very well. Well look upon very nicely I would imagine that they would be in big trouble not floating in off of what I would like let other notable I. And and I salute. I'd look at all insult. Quite it that are really made an official I believe yet said that. Not you would on my platform and campaign annual salary you come near the plate don't you'll know if that said. My doctor Bethany I would not go. If big way and haven't set and that's okay. Into the area where Peña I think a lot real lack of all of the work on that are not wait to read about current. What in the center of the field but don't look there near them one might say. I beat it I believe I believe all he and and that's art and then you don't get caught. So let's see what's in just new mayor Rick is. Nate boiler the former green beret who played for the Seahawks he's the one a suggests is gas Ellis I that I seem absurd. Our 49ers was in his team could it be but it could have been both he played that's what I think this yuppie now yet I don't know if he's fine now but regardless. He is former NFL player former green beret Nate Boyer. Wrote an open letter to cap her neck. They met they discussed it he suggested to cap a one you try kneeling because it's a more respectful gesture air. You're still getting your point across but you're not sitting you're not sitting exactly which does feel more disrespectful this I've argued this would my. In the morning guys a little bit nobody cares Mike what is wrong with kneeling. Kneeling is a gesture of respect it's what you do in her church exactly so they went out of their way. Not to be disrespectful to the military the flag it is their right as we've said a million times. To protest peacefully and that's what this is this is a peaceful protest done any respectful manner. But we have a disrespectful person in charge of the country. Who unfortunately has turned it into something else I just and then gleefully watched as as America burns. Just keep coming back to and I am not yet ready had a chance to watch any of the Ken Burns. The document and Vietnam War that was on the media and everything I was it was fantastic and what are the things that I guess I. You know maybe needing teachers sinister class or maybe just to have forgotten this piece of history. But when many of the soldiers returns. Yet obviously we're not received well there are so many anti war protest the and a number of them who also joined anti war protests. Because they thought that at first they thought. Regis you're disrespecting me I just put your life on the line I saw friends. Lose their lot aids for Bo brought many of them thought was a senseless war. And and you're backing and I'm in uniform in your whipping your throwing things that they. And then is they got more into it and they started studying and things started coming out about what you know about how Lyndon Johnson and you know sort of extended the mansard extended the war and how Richard Nixon was extending this war. And how they weren't taking into consideration and no one term ramifications on soldiers and their families and also. You know north and south Vietnam they said what a minute I don't agree with this either. Let's support the troops but let's protest because we should be there yet let's bring them home alive and now brace so to mean pro testing it's something. Is it now as it does not it is not a straight line to opposing something out CA it's not an inherently unpatriotic act I would argue the exact opposite. Fight in a war and opposed that Warner. I like it just blows my mind that people can't see that new ones in my career. Bo is not a lot of people agreed so we should probably go to Eric and NA so that aren't out summer Massachusetts hitting rock base Eric welcome to the shall we like we like different opinions on the show. I get on an ounce up. So I'll remember the military. You know. And how that report on golden we're going on I think cougar for free speech. You know I don't have a problem than dealing connect their right to do so now I can't deny them that right but saint I'm. I'm so sick of people saying they have that right you so. Well the undecided how to read it's that was then being you know bad feeling it makes sense. Does absolutely. But I think you got off via currently. Benoit in the you'd ever want to like you know indictment talks yet he picked either don't. Red army just got here tried concrete. It doesn't mean that you know to put it that category where we're racist is oracle for so it is your knack. A matter of military I think at least each other are racists but I'm so sick because he normal white guy. Who truck that you thought I'd leave my country my flag that operation and that is the group that you put him. Can continue. We do you do that I do that probably asked anybody. That would guard not now at all saying it's see you got to separate. The actual races from the people they just have pride in your country that's all print. That's fair and I asked that's totally and it's hard for me and argue with you there at its hair. So you don't think kneeling is disrespectful and you don't have a per unit on an issue with that because that's the problem that I have. A lot like that you. You know I I would never left like I have attack on its I love this country but you know why I understand it and definitely and other places. And that's their right to use a life flight for them to be able to get back decree. Did you sell and that's what this country so great but it can talk he cannot fault people for being upset because people who elected. About you know Obama about the flag that told that. Do you agree with the way that the president has politicized it. On the BRC I didn't I didn't actually go election. I'm I want a very really I just. I think in the throat lately now I think it's at Blackwell. I don't they get the right way to go about it cell. So these are the bigger issues that our speak for trying to but certainly that I have that what it's being turned into and how it's being used to divide people. And frankly yes sometimes I'm part of the problem because I get angry about it and I go too far. In the other direction we talked about up on fifties and all that stuff creek and but this is this is my problem with the leadership in the country right now because. His only goal seems to be to divide people on that's despicable. Right and I think that at the media may play and all that to let it sink not a serious technical support but thinking it so. So caught up you know in their side and they're pointed either basic and they don't exactly. Mean Pacific. Yeah that's fair. Arafat's Eric that's a fair calm reasonable call yeah. We barely present inaudible and my marriage fight about this in the nights and many companies like you you guys have to cartoon characters knowing about this cats kinda true like mutt. Is all in on Latin America love it or leave it all that stuff and I'm on the opposite then saying. Europe by and see you're all jealous of rich black people and yes so. I just. Sometimes we do hurl insults it is ice I I do like you sometimes get so passionate about it and so frustrated. That you do sort of lump everyone together but this also happens on the lack like the number of times that you know. That you even Jerry says things about me or Mike but I don't police even act and you're just assuming that because I vote a certain way that I believe a matter that I can't see. A that I can't see the different sides of an issue that open border that I can't that there's not a middle ground that I understand yeah. I think we all do that and that's I think that's part of the problem but I don't think that the discourse we have. Makes it. Makes that makes it available. An Odyssey right Alec it's very difficult to be in the middle on anything which is is really the place that we should probably appease an out though one thing analysts say is that when Callahan accuses me of stuff it's true. Every day at times early last part of it as there are times like. Go to CNN has applied to I don't entirely. You do adamant and you that but all I. I think this way and it's a style liberal art and back to you have to. Mean is it necessary. Islands are attending Chicopee Tim about it Schaub. They died Rachel Allison Julia it's 80 yuck Caldwell because. I think a lot of people of this number one you know get on the side of an issue. But the basic core I 80% of the people. You know they've got you know they get sick people for New Zealand. The less who bought hypocrisy at play golf course out there in the states that military barracks. What don't. You know get stoned or dedicated now flag and all that. And by the clock and the regard what led National Anthem. Now I group when I was in the in the sat 436 years I fought a war two Korea and Vietnam. So you elaborate on why Obama you know there I am in the fairway and take I have comparable my heart that it could get his behind if trailer that. Night. Also there than go on the clock halfway gone to the same group of guys talking about you know these guys that it would have blacked out you know. Well I've been an issue I personally don't have a problem. He's got a short some protests. I could probably guess I would and wouldn't let I don't have adjusted book. I just think that just how many people that are they're trying to like involve themselves and I you know I'll get out some side of an issue and they don't even believe what percent. Yeah it's ridiculous. Now I mean that's sim thanks to decline in the number of times you go to a game and people are. Standing in line and Lawson I do it I mean they played I said is dedicated play the National Anthem before Iran about the BA half a couple weeks ago. And I had just. Pulled out a spot advisory. Just adding gallery got a guy at a guy like I might get back up the old relics of planning anthem yeah feature story that's less is Erica godless America like I love this country I'm so glad that I'm here I'm glad that I'm so thankful and grateful for the freedoms we have. That a lot of other places like this everywhere but when he got to go we got to go and I think they're at their talk of the people doing the same thing they weren't like get out of a port body they weren't coming out of the trees that were paying attention and Mike. Either a football game basketball game device to get their beard and I get outlined taken their hat off and and the concourse. And then yes and and you hear them complaining about how they're dis respecting the flag in their disrespect team the Tampa and any more than you butted heads take a picture of the big flag on the field while anthems gone on now. I ever and this is all like these sort of unfair authoritarian. Militaristic leanings that we have going on right now that I'm not a big fan of it all plays into that. Our rights we see the calls we see your calls him a debt limit ticket quick break we'll be right back and turning into Los. More with training until moxie Sports Radio tell. On the side and good kickbacks. Semi I think. Slow time. Stick it to. Where hang out lessons into this trap. Larry yes scallions says that look like on top currently he's a little bigger and a lot of half days doesn't cause you tell us idea definitely have a little. Yeah and I had to look at a side by side they played our freshman. Like spring fling. Thing it in college. That it played on campus and I think at the end of the year yeah music some decent parents how to then we have the violence comes onion. Wisconsin it's. They are. Lou is nineties. This is 92. House yeah. This summer is our plan hasn't run late nineties early 2000 now I didn't really know they were. Crazy back mandate to press. A brings you back. Our phone lines are jammed so we got on today ahead atop a hot buttons and hot button topic. We were discussing the decline of NFL ratings but also I'm just a that Dick the covers Asia a spark and in fact I was just surprised by the I guess to tempered. Interest in the New England Patriots united team that while they haven't played as well as they have in the past they are still Super Bowl favorites in many people's eyes Tom Brady is still playing at a very high level. The defense suspect but games have been interesting may have been right and it they've cut at a lot of great comebacks. And yet. Razor Downey percent. Raised a downer on the air well it just seems likely to blast injuries did then there have been before like his other things going on as curious what was thought I'm. And then tech giants posse went off on the anthem and Sally are jammed phone lines and hand them. Well that's how that went out there that we tracks I Eleanor island as a yep that's what I was. See rounds are somebody says it's either we retail Kyle in Rhode Island welcome to the show. Attorney Danks. So first things let's say I do disagree with. 1990%. Of the things he says but I still enjoy your show. Your other point of view that's an American's all about like that. But I do you wanna say that I guess I'm getting sick and tired. Hearing I feel like witnessing a lawyer. You know told Colin can't predict to neo for the intimate that a better way of certain respect they feel like you just didn't want into. His opinion is retired military opinion. And and it's really I mean it irks a lot of people I mean I thought in the military at a lot of people have different views is just kinda late. You're saying need the leaders view is that military yeah. I would never say that I understand why you say that but I'm not saying that I'll I'm taking the opposite approach which is. Everyone says everyone in the military is against this and you say well he got this idea from a green beret so at least. It's not black like everything in life it is not like you might it's not a hundred to zero. Right and on another note I feel like it's just. I feel like there is this people yelling during a national I have to for a lot of people like me it notes show it's showing disrespect. Because it's happening obviously during the nationally committed with the cowboy that did it before my trek. Yes account yet with their own early airing in its U smugly congratulating himself. Obviously yet but I mean I agree with that I agree with that sound protests for the nationally at that I thought it was a little bit better you know. Not during a nationally and for hurting anyone's feelings or beliefs. And I thought that was great I just think that when they do it during the National Anthem I know they're not. Stepping on the shoulders and and showing disrespect but it proceed that way and then decide you know perception is reality. And fortunately. Pilot EST as I mentioned you heard her earlier Condit he was was at air. Maybe who is four track yes yes yes like what did you think about and I eat a light when he said is that. While that everybody has their act ever but he has a right so they have a right to meals just as you have a right to not like what they're doing. I totally agree and it doesn't actually call that is exactly how I feel they have the right to Neil I don't agree with that but you know I'll have the right not agree with it. I just think that is just getting blown out of proportion. Everyone needs to relax. And we know why it's being on reports that's the problem because this is something that had basically run its course you know that's. That's the issue that I have the big issue at witnesses it's being used to divide the country is being used to divide the military from the non military in black from white. And it's being done intentionally. By the most powerful person in the nation mats. That's despicable. Atrocity that's why we're all gonna die yeah and we will get to that a little bit later and challenge you thirty hour at a Ferrari did a quick break. I. I guess we stick with this yeah I'm I carrier Irving for those you do want to switch gears you want Colin about this carrier Irving. Told fans to suck his you know what last night we'll talk about that a little bit later this in our number of Favre giants Nazis next.