TNT Trenni and Tomase - Could Trump reach across the aisle?

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Saturday, August 12th

Trenni and Tomase talk about president Trump and speculate on if he would ever consider working more with democrats.


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Music for any and tomorrow's a new ones boards radio WEEI hatred because Eric and John's a mossy break down everything without packs the Bruins and all that week when sports. So. It's trillion Tomas plus Sports Radio WEEI. And. It's. Sausage is collected and then last segment isn't Ali spice guy to break escalate ego there. Yeah that was that was in the united way. As you did not back anyway yeah that's as one of my great skills listen. Again we wanted to we try to talk is much boards as we possibly can on the show because I know you know we. This station in particular rig rig off from a lot of different cantons. But I do one on my biggest frustrations is back as a community as any country as of as just as human race. There's just such a lack assistant. And unwillingness. To even try to understand what it might. What it might be like to live somewhere else or be someone else or what they're going through like I I guess it's just it's Har again it's hard for me understand I was raised. And name mid western conservative family with a father who was. Really into. Charity really into like we were kids we had to go to the to the food pantry we had to see what it was like that you know you are as a kid you're spoiled brat you wind because younger everything you want heating to the toy he wanted for Christmas. And I just we got like blue collar middle class cited not knowing issue perform common for money. Never wanted for my you know my grandparents were able to Dennis the toys my parents could afford I had at. And at cousin was really more like an aunt who's in all the players to cap at school we were kids like really Lackey got a great family familial support system. The my dad was always about showing honest you know about giving back and really just sort of seeing what other people went. And I guess is having and I especially grateful that I was raised like that enables us to see it I it's it makes it difficult for me understand how it's just like we can't ever even stop for a second to thank. I'm a person's life. They had a tougher than me. This might be global may be difficult. Yatom my thing when we you know we talk about the people who left the Heinz who went for trump and all that these are people who had gone for Obama before because they're just. Hoping that someone would speak to them and address them. It's the idea that okay. You work pandered to you know you're you relied too and pandered to and why why is there no recognition that I wished. Somebody would just be honest you know with. Those those people who feel like things are hopeless it's like well you know something's gonna have to change we will do we can for you but something asked him to camp this idea of well you you know mall where do all all mine run out of our call lines like that's not a solution you know so it there's got to be more to it than. He's saying what I wanna hear I know he's not equipped to follow through on anything that he's promised me. By because he's telling me what I wanna hear that I'm going to be fully onboard that that accomplishes. It's just it's a rough time man. The little hopeless feels a little bit hopeless that's where Ogden back. It's ironic die which schaeuble wolf dialect to move to third or should there it's 230 inch tall walled died of for now. Try to put our hopes and dreams in the red sock yeah and the patriots. So let's while in Fall River. He's been hang in on here he sees Baghdad soldier Wally what's what's gonna let's wait what are your Red Sox spots. Myself outside us last night's game cities such as well like I can't believe we will outside game. We come into new yacht fly and I'm one main road the adrenaline is slowing. And then everything just blow up in it and you looked in that dugout after the gate and every little visits. Every looked dumbfounded. But what's the surprises me is how come pit road and out five out saves me a bit what was the last time you wait 34 days ago. Yet they clearly have backed off bad lately it has auntie doesn't want to do it and they don't want to ask him to do it and they shouldn't have to mean you went on got Addison reed you can get at disagreed so Craig Campbell could immediately start. Producing five out saves again. And that one turned south and Hari but your bullpen also had given up or run them like. Things are never was a mean you eat you runny run what those guys say you would like to trust. Joseph Kelly to do his job in relief every and just didn't happen. I am a hard I hit a hard time blaming anyone in this situation other van. Addison reed for and Joseph Kelly for just not executing F I mean if I'm John Ferrell. I I I run through things exactly like he did Matt Barnes in the seven Addison reed in the eighth when as a reach are those you bring in Joseph Kelly. Mean this is what this Kelly second appearance. Guide on our third appearance since he came since he came back I mean. You know he should be proud obviously he's rested. He'd enjoying his first outing to indicate that. You know maybe he wasn't ready to come back in and high leverage situations so. It's it's it's if I'd a problem with. You know. The way that Terrell handled things the way that the Red Sox did things as a may be more as an organization. It's also about how they handle the bullpen and more about what happened in the ninth inning where Eduardo Nunez. And again we had this discussion of the topic show. You think Kate date there or not. They're not powerful there are power hitting team. They need to manufacture runs somehow you need to be aggressive on the base pads but this is just aggressive and stupid on the base tax me and that's just it's. The truth end at some point you need somebody need you adult charge to say. Not enough. Yes can't do this anymore you're running into out of look up how many outs and it's. I sit evans' column it is and it's not a thing they're basically won one run short of what they were all of last year you you talk about there are yet but I mean so. Again I'll say it you say stupid and they are some that they shouldn't do I even think the Nunez one last night was over aggressive and in unwise I guess he would say but I don't think it was terrifically egregious it wasn't like. The play was forty feet away from anything like that he knows basically the track or whatever see you force them to make a play they made a play. I can I live with that because they've won you know that one they'd want in a row coming into that and their offense has finally gotten down a little bit. So Kevin's column only says that they have fourteen Maurer out on the base pack as the next closest team. Say it isn't exactly and see me. As a anyways and I'm Robert Ehrlich an upper we're gonna finance Fareed because it's a neat. It's been a problem and it de LA a lot of air in Saudi. And intend. Feeds into your point there should be somebody a grown up as you would say. To tell him out this is not okay you know stop doing this is he's made some bad ones. But big picture. I look at this offense I say they're not. A great offense right now you know Nunez endeavors have obviously helped but for the bulk of the year they've been kind of a middling offense. I give us thought readings on the table Red Sox patriots like to Charlie's young white supremacy in Charlottesville on the table 6177797937. 61777979837. Dying Gardiner has an issues CNN. Although kids on John category is famous quotes from books into a movie. You never really unfair at a person until you consider things from his point of view but to you climb it was skin and walk around and. You know Zack and this finch editor at area. Wells on balls and kill a mocking I bred To Kill a Mockingbird. That was based on. What you saw a little while ago for an eye toward callebs CNN they've been showing this endless loop of the violence that took place that. She's for awhile anyway let's hope of good. Just over and over again I don't understand why did they do. I get on flock you know what alive. And they're not doing that equipment switch between the tool movement and significantly you responsible. For Ian and to do that. Wait I have an idea broadcasting too much of this. They've shown that they move over and over again in charge of the violence that took place for some period of time. If you if you keep the riots in the next little while and you see what I mean if you haven't watched. We've got MSNBC. Here. Com bubble as it is unemployment BC universal's Alley to Alley to support the parent company also is the first you know I can't do. It. It may not recall that I I just. I'm federal left panic the government ought not liberal but on the front left kind of guy. I think it's something that's left to send that we got a call out that this black. Kkk stuff in the white supremacy is. At forward and not my cup Petit. But we get a fact calling out some of these leftist advocates in and professional. Protesters is keen to put some of these things because they're just as bad off is the other people when it comes to violence I'm on. I'm against that these by the way to principles we have we want to this original protest by the what to. Department we have Robert. City Council voted to felt the statue we've been on this front court case on the way to do it. You know to decide the final disposition of the statue itself I guess I don't know the all the details but. Yet they're mad they're ivory and eighty cents an -- called emancipation parking instead of it it's just a and I say this is what is the point on things that yet and you don't call what is the point of whitewashing history this idea a very we're gonna take down the statute that site. How about you leave the statue up as a reminder of where you came from and this is. History is good and bad it still happens you don't get to erase the bad parts Larry is an you know a hundred years and are going to be people who are like. Due to take down the holocaust memorial we don't wanna be reminded you know are big in this is the same these are the same people who are saying why are we talking enough about the genocide of native Americans and how they are whites and you know others the other you know the right side reason why do we have to talk about that at sustain American he sure whether postings on Americans of their part of our history and their importance. To not repeat the same mistakes I made in the past I would view this idea of like. Now we're taking down statues everywhere armor renaming. Streets amber closing part I mean. At some point they needed colleges and renamed bill buildings like the lord Jeffs changed their nickname and hammers which by the way stupid nicknames so. Good riddance but still like the idea of oh he performed a genocide against Indians are so well he was fighting a war like bats. Wars happen wars are part of history. So I'm not as far left as people think on all eyes now I mean I Phyllis came about it's like these campuses who are now barring like. They schedule and Coulter to speak and then they all these threats of any cancel the ankle and now you know part of being on a college campus. Is a freedom of thought and discussion and in this case you can't just shut down one side we should be able to have an open discussion. From both sides it might be contentious. And you may have to hear some things that you don't want to hear but don't wanna hear them so that you know where they're coming from and you can maybe. Turned to the person next do you have a conversation about why they believe it or they don't believe. That seems crazy easiest thing I'm not denying city's violent protests at Berkeley because you don't like that. Martin's grolier something is gonna come speak I guess I do from from jail but right now I just I just think it's stupid I think that there needs to be. We live in a country. That is founded for America is founded. A freedom of speech in a freedom of religion and principles and sometimes they're going to be things that you. Don't agree to it after my freshman year in college the editor of the national review came. National review he came and spoke on campus like. Go to that I mean I'm curious and he wasn't crazy or anything just be his. Conservative views I you know he was right it was interesting to hear there are no protests or anything like that. There were a lot of kids and married there as it turns out I probably would have done better at the new republic or some billing but still. I'll go listen it's there is no harm in listening. Yeah there's no apartment 888. We up well breaking news breaking news Donald Trump has. Treated about what's going on right now Ali this is 1019 ain't. Let's say the Arctic front of it is as well we all must be united against them all that he stands where there's no place for this kind of violence in America let's come together as one not dramatically perfectly panels without the roster but anyway. But and the Hale's reign him on the same curve. But Don trump has spoken and is condemning what's going on journalists are also. Now and you have something shortly on the riot her source so it's from thinking Russian and that's us that's. Good that's that is just let's come together as one exclamation point today. Something. And we act it you know. The Lexus and nineteen has just posted. Yeah that's I was it's on West Coast where it's at but he was nice Jersey Jersey but sometimes Twitter does postings on West Coast time not East Coast time but depending on where your polling from Maria servers from. So the president has spoken bid on him that's what he should be doing. So. And CN gave him a compliment I'm not and not adverse to giving him a compliment saying he did rationed. Hunter Smith back. It's a. Aren't I right answer to make it better when he doesn't. As we go yet I can't complain because the right thing because now right now I'm trying to pick through each word in Latin music this thing. It's all in now it's not. I know it's not as I am I gonna condemn the white national like there's no Ali Saleh and I don't like these false equivalency swords like. Of the kkk. And the far left in the same league uses up that they're not the same sorry they're not the same. All right so back to the Red Sox up pat Lister once zone. Many in Aldrich we can now what does it matter we are we Arab Renaissance men and women that was or what's obvious migrants I spoke. I would archer actually a partner. It's like it does yeah. So opened our senate and late night now on so sort of refreshing change from the week. Certainly art and science level you're next on an earlier training on that it's the adage it's somewhat. It's kind of like the eight year. By its strong supporters like the working class well I guess in the primaries last year and median in come out that some voters. What about certain cute sound and such an eight year that trample. On the forgotten or the dispossessed. Some of the best so. You know I know you're right I mean. I I just that more that I think there is divided country and there is and that. There's a fraction died I we're also looking about where. One that's the other thing right you look at Ohio Pennsylvania the states that he barely won. All in a lot of ways were swung by those voters these are people who went for Obama last time and it went for him this time because of that. Think yes to attack you where you are right I mean deep there was this sort of I think false narrative that Hewlett is the president of the working class and act that it was highly on energy that's the case though I mean that is. Is that there is it also aids a huge part of the people who may be so I voted firm they might not be at their rallies they might not be in Charlottesville but are the wealthy businessman to keep men women. People who where people who felt that financially. He would benefit them more and they Dave can easily shrug off. The sexist and racist and Xena phobic remarks that he made. I'm simply because I think they cared more about their pocketbooks at the end of the day yeah but there's also a people's gonna vote Republican no matter what and we're never gonna vote for Hillary and he was the Republican candidate Republicans. Tend to be pretty well I shouldn't say that the upper tier Republicans tend to be well off by definition and so that's gonna raise. And yet I know pat that is a good point I didn't mean if I suggested that he's you know his they did the bulk of his. His voting base is all you know middle to lower middle class that's certainly not the case he definitely had a much. Wider swath of voters who were well educated and well above the average meaning and come in our country. I do think base at least based on polling however it seems like those voters are the ones who are. Signing much dis taste with the way that he is governing yet on his numbers among those with college degrees. Those among his numbers among women. Have dropped significantly. Where as his numbers among white and being. You know waits voters and out of college degree white male voters is still has not dropped as much. Yet but he and his face is supposedly eroding silly policy I'd be curious if he would ever undertake like a Swartz a (%expletive) I know they like the fight on Twitter by. The governor Nader when he was running California started out as a Republican could get nothing on tobacco this I wanna be popular. And just and so he he started working across Seattle Democrats and he became like sort of act classics socially. Liberal fiscally conservative. I'm a governor and Republican but he was now working with Democrats has. Partly because he just desperately wanted to be popular season he's a movie star and you wanna people like him and he would do whatever it took to make people like him so. California with a it's crazy emissions standards that they want in place by what every year it is and these are things that are Republican governor did. And you wonder at some point trump because he desperately wants to be loved. Would try to reach out somewhere and I don't see that happen. I don't know but I had a tough question how tough question for one John to mossy that I am. Going to let you think about and oppose it before this break that your answer afterwards. If that weren't happen. If Donald Trump reach across the aisle. And start to really make some comprehensive. Smart legislative moves because he decides that his that he wants is it popular but it is effective. And is effective for a majority of people. Would you then be willing to maybe give him some credit and dial back the rhetoric and support him as president don't answer. I answer. What veterans out there and senator. More with training until moxie talk Sports Radio WEB. And solace from the it's time. You know. Sounds vaguely like Jack that's what does he sampled. Next. On the list the list is pretty and this is from like nearly two thousands cheesy. Does hatred is OV today is say something about his and his and his name. Yeah I'm gonna ever know not me that's fire and X eight X. Let's. Because I. Instead some crimes if I had to me like for you Jesus I knew all the words environments. At them but first rapper from Wisconsin sad I'd sure. I should as a rapper and there's there is so I don't leg she's had today that its highs in assays got apple in his name arts he's a symbolic. So when I was nature's story when I was in high school and still to this day. I knew you. And no everywhere. A global mobile. Well all it is not I can assure you there and it is not suitable for a year and just the last word of that suggested that maybe it is a case you know I mean easy died of yes no I mania yet. It's all about his see it the whole song is about like Justine promiscuous but reuse you know we are. Your kids growing up in kind of farmland and my friend Jesse curry and I used to blast that sign in her. And Erica I Chrysler car she probably had your drive. To mosquito high school back in the day and we are cranking out the and to this day the both of us can pick and beacon Brooke those rhymes. I knew it is eight it'll light a very very. The wash inducing. Sought. I knew run DMC there are Indians see as kind of where my rap now its parent and an end its cycle I knew king Iraq it's tricky and you all I knew everywhere down. Those are definitely more and I think that was a rocket thing might have been out there but yet. Nationally friend clear. For the radio waves summer Andean scene an easy he aren't let's go to see you. Does that certain slim Pickens right now I'm not. Meet me the most yeah we actually had Spencer beverage dispenser with duct. And it. Art art art pomp and about it supporters you're accurate you know eight. You know I think in the face of what caused them to be elected. The big Republican Party but everybody it could not and Hillary Iraq. So that we can talk about that and as soon as the election oh where the people who love our our our aren't from a great state. That vote or are gone moderate pay. Because they want in the first place at which they had. To leave and you start talking a Republican Party being the party of rich. And sent up the active on the pop party ridge well actually a couple of the democratic. Let me start talking about the fact that you're at triple and home opener what herbal and the start talking about the base our OJ are. With the fact that they that there republic or Democrat our solid. A group supporting them you Buchanan no one. Believe that that every. I don't answer my dad voted farm I don't I guess me is that as Collie and a screen it mean you sail these things about me I love my dad. Now I don't fancy our anger why am I getting angry cheese and Spencer I mean. The base is angry. His base is angering the base and this idea that oh he was elected for people who didn't like Hillary and all there pub and Republicans didn't even like him a high dose OK Republicans were in lockstep with Donald Trump Spencer hasn't there there are people who. In their minds. I think their twisted minds in their minds. Donald Trump is the lesser of the two we Callahan. Cast Gerry Callahan and admitting that he is on like trumpeting I sodomy of Hillary at a molecular why he did nothing for me but it was at our choosing between Ernie and that was not our I I ask your question over the great idea. If Donald's Trump's crossed the eye open and really started to bring the two parties together which is something we have not seen in. I would say maybe the last at least since the Clinton administration yes this is a fanciful notion your describe I know tennis it's fantasyland again unicorn yet but I mean if I can righty an apartment ready unicorn sentence you know I answer that -- cancer this. If Donald Trump. Reached across the dial and did what you suggest we used to be you brought up the comparison of Arnold Schwarzenegger when he is in California and he he is. His goal was to be like why is it necessarily to govern to the left it's the right because there's really more of a centrist you're going to care either way to. So he's hurt or he just wanted everybody to like embassy reached over he chides you to sort of but it wasn't gosh I anyway he wanted he wanted to get stuff done and he did ultimately you want to do scratch your back I'll scratch mine kind of thing about both sides. If Donald tempted that and there were actual real results didn't that we saw him be the negotiators he claims to be. Would you soften on him yet. Yes but I would I would never foresaw that will never happen we both know that will never happen because he's a crazy seven year old guy who's under investigation. And at some point is gonna try to look he's got a lot to nuclear missile. Just to distract from the investigate adult I don't put that past him for a second but that said if there were some maybe he hit his head. May be millennia showed him a light I don't know if that could somehow happen. I would never ever ever advocates for reelecting him but I would stand up. Part stand on public that is that your pilot's gun Alley Atlantic's. Elliott welcome Michelle. Great thanks for having me are just wander correct a couple of stated that assertion about his election. He lives of people saying it wasn't. There were two groups that elected its first with a with a re Republicans who did not have any other person go get a high income. The other groups that elected him. We're low income poorly educated people when you put those together. It doesn't sound like poor people voted for him. But for people that tarnish it but in fact they did their visual Clarkson Republicans were rich and assure the core of the group now. It was like to be why it's not that poor people or white working there much okay now here forward keep going forward. The people are the details Opel legislation. That he is pushing four to the Republicans virtually every one but he elected. That he's appointed. It is from the Republican core group they don't wanna do anything. For his his poor people voted for it that are not well educated and Republican. And he garage. And he's probably assured relations. Now that that group that voted for him he's got a little foolish if you achieve two Republicans keep passing. Or propose and I'm on legislation that is whether the work of their favorite. I waited clearly that's what these Republicans stood Napa wanted to help the poor people you know get rid of any poll almost in any formal government expenditure that helps support. And he's gonna wake up to bidders and Ike. I can just imagine. That at some point you might switch carnage. Just because it is. I now I don't Conrad LA's aches and then they don't want to call the problem is and I was watching you know he's in West Virginia last week. And all the other news stations are there and they were going and they were interviewed now again these are people were going to lose to the rally and that's what it wise it was a rally he's still basically campaigning yet. And you know there interviewing people. About whether or not they're happy with the job he's done and they are very even know it is their pockets that are being hurt. It is health care how snared in a way away. They they love this guy they they love his brash as they love that he is threatening North Korea that mean this is just something that they are all in. It. It it astonishes me that even when. Your best interest is hurt by someone that they continue to just below even this person that it's gonna change its. What I wanna know is at what point does his base shrink enough that there are no longer politically powerful enough to get him elected or reelected. I mean I would I would argue were probably close to that point already in that seemed that way but I don't know sits and it's it's it's been difficult. Team tough are those that are rich in Providence for Kazaa. Good afternoon. You say the word astonishing. And it is astonishing. Some of the things that you guys sent. Such as and I wanna. On make sure that. I have the time to say well. I mean he lives until I talk a little faster you get I zero point when he got sixty to ninety seconds is when he got. Pollard. You want tried to reach out. Charles. Right how about. Oh look slick Willie. Com helping North Korea to become insular and Obama helping the Iranians become the killer during his time and what about Hillary give. And I am not I'm not and cannot pass at this is that this is the kind of discussion and noninterest Natalie that focusing on the guys there now. Not only that but if you look back I mean this is in this of people don't understand is that this is history repeating itself. In the early 1980s. When Afghanistan. Was at war with Russia. The bush should merit should be the right administration. Gave arms to Afghanistan just led to the development of the Taliban and al-Qaeda under Osama been money they they in bold and assign the modern which led to will be did not we did not bring our troops out of Saudi Arabia. And out of the Middle East we pissed off Osama bin Laden which led to bid. The development about Qaeda which led to the bombings on nine a lot of big terrorist attack nine other. All the in each in each vacuum I believe that each leader is doing the best that they can basset they can't negotiations of what they think is the best at that time. And am also it's it's across party lines and dry wish Bill Clinton wouldn't have made a deal with the dabbling. In. Him which rim has it. All of this comes on how well how about John yell yeah how about a two I wish Obama had done more about Russian interference in election yes. But the other twisting that's taken a harder line to Syria absolutely ours but I'm. I'm focused on the guys in there now you don't hear me saying. The reason the economy's greatest because it would Obama left in my happen to believe that but it's honestly doesn't matter now there's a new guy in town and I'm gonna look at what he'd. What do you make while we have we have a lot of calls lots of calls about this lots of them and alleged. Highly educated white highlights it highlights self described as educated at Sears self described highly educated white men who voted for trump on the line we wanna get you guys now. We need to take a break so lonely that we'll take your calls and trap and there is is purge on a car to Dallas Howard there's an name iPhone got to get to Sosa went to get out three soda or violent it. You're locked into training because Derek and John Tomas. Talking pads raise it more on Sports Radio WEEI. Made it cocktail. It's there is a bit of a a couple of so it's nearly what of the elite. I mean I see nagging line and seeing them bigger and I'm a big rat line kind of sore. Number they sat there like some sort of like craft beer yeah a lot of regular folk are drinking a blog my I'm drinking some sort of like yes to you know play today. I think something that was a period single batch of Vermont Jack any Topper. Do you have never had a heady tapper asks Lehman brother lives out there aside had a funny at times it knocks you. TV you know giggling and eighteen years and actually her brother comes Donny can burn down to six Packers i.'s first thoughts for pax and second chance does it take to be well. Putting us in every 24 Paxton it's. Am very difficult to acquire its operating when you live there. He lives right next to the biggest liquor store in Burlington. And the last semi visited amounts like had no it usually sells out but I just wanna see if there's any any top series like. Okay here's a unity and on the story in Iraq straight to the back you're gonna find the cool you're gonna make a left. In lockdown and tackle you're gonna see a big display of line you're gonna make a right there it's it's it's. I you're gonna go halfway down you're gonna look at the bottom shelf. That empty space is gonna be written and top class and he is exactly right there's not the manner I mean it sells out so fast and they have limits I don't think you can buy. Like a ton of time right limit these are the day of lines out the door and people get their 24 packs it. And I always I just I just I've heard nothing but great things that hangs out there it's really get I mean if you like caveat PA's like real Chinese citrus the IA's delegated by. It's it's like eight point something percent alcohol and it's a sixteen ounce can. And it not sooner well. I panels smooth speaking Chinese language. Aaron Aaron let's go. By the way I did look up a pew research speed audible tried to arguing asked about the their base and where. I a big toy discipline uneven based on where the votes came for came from. For wine net Donald. Predominately. It is obviously he he. He dominated white voters white man. White not Hispanic voters preferred trump over Clinton by 21 percentage points. Romney won whites by 20%. In 2012. Clinton held an eighty point advantage among blacks. The that was not listed as an Obama house which is a 91 point two damaged and 2012. Women supported Clinton. Now this is all women. Not divided into sub sections all women 54 to 42 it's about the same as the damage they have just insane that's insane beef nothing at all of that stuff became which is so clearly misogynist but anyway. I 53 to 41% mormons supported from think Clinton the advantage for trump among men aged larger than the seven point advantage that Romney had in 2012 and much different and she dominates. The gender gap in the presidential votes preference is among the widest an exit polls dating back to 1972. Or however not dramatically higher than another some other recent elections. Including the 2000 contest between bush and Al orbit here's where the widest discrepancy wise. A wide gap in presidential preferences emerged with those with and without a college degree. College graduates backed Clinton by nine point Marjorie among those with outs margin excuse me. While those without a college degree back from 52 to 44 this is by far the widest gap in support among college graduates and non college graduates. Dating back to 1980. For example and 2012 there's hardly any difference between those two groups. So the point you're trying to make which is that those without college degrees by a larger margins supported this president than in past elections. Is in fact that your yes and so the question is was it for economic reasons because of free trade and and chosen wages often point out that facts and the facts are relaxed backs. Charms margin among whites without a college degree was the largest among any candidates since 1982. Thirds. Of non college white voters backed trop. Yeah and so the question is an economic there's a cultural and when you look at the attention and it's you know. The focus on immigration and stuff like that. Out of that bases and tells you that base yeah exactly so like these cultural anxieties I think. That's you know end and it seems this experts seem to be split 5050 camera. Comic thing or cultural are educated college white guys and online and tanner Roger originally I think Dan was on their first Dan Dan Lauria. You I'll nets as I had and yeah I caused anger in pass James welcome to the show James is a wonderful man as well. Yes I MA. Am I gonna you know you'll agree not whites. And on all the forty. Now and I Border Patrol. Now the main the main thing I want to get across it is. Not nobody on the almost hope it is give him the chance. Cool all the Democrats. On that they shoulda won he was trying to won't. Yeah a lot of Asian candidates in place. They're not convincing yell yeah. I do not sound lamb sigh I don't mean to be a jerk about this. Gyms and Justin and Cameron and you say that he had trouble filling his cabinet positions. Which in particular you talking about because to be quite as James if we're being not this year. There are a number of jobs within his cabinet and just within his administration that they haven't even begun to try and fail as a nominee there and it is not edited once and there hasn't been anyone out there. In the of your friends. It's not regret principle I don't whipped around. On Obama. We're all different countries. And basically solar world. The presidency. I'll bet about certain problem trump. Era yet let the ball well. Although why he's Democrats why should he why would he pushed the oppose the opposition party's candidacy. Article it doesn't happen troubled market. Obama has not on any idea he's done the lowest possible prove it fair guess genius. He has. It was all it was all of the noose say they don't. Get to resolve all look at all public record signal back at wasn't in the speech. Well what he was out but he did the other countries whose doors well. Seems like years did you graduate from Yale. Are in doubt that in fact graduate via our patio litigation. What's the difference here do you go to night school or something. Obama sound quality universally believe it. And I had all your professors no logical. Like isn't isn't this the frustration that a lot of people on the left tab with Donald Trump himself isn't everything is an exaggeration and everything is over ball. You know if UN CL great in if you voted for trot Graham and an Ivy League people voted for trump I'm not disputing that I'm not saying that every single person got a lot of about it and I recently calling it in my eye and then and then you get frustrated and we call you on it like com on man. Can't guess right what I would actually went to Notre Dame. I know I say no I degrees says Marquette. On the no Marquette in Milwaukee big Notre Dame is in South Bend, Indiana. But I had a passer who is Notre Dame educated. Professor my my favorite professors Heather Hathaway she was. Harvard educated at our clips and start out by buying. My crush he was Yale educated seconds I actually the driver Carl. So I have an Ivy League education I think we're not helping them we're not helping the cause of the leads I don't know was that and everybody else but that that was unnecessary I like like I'm I'm not making fun like Greg if you took an Ivy League school props to you man I wish I wish eight equities. He woody Stevens and a nice conversation with a woman about does he sign is touring all of these. Ideally school Princeton and Yale Harvard. And I and we were talking about the differences of the colleges that you look at based on geographic location. And even when I was in in high school it was never even know I'm that I can think of that I went to high school one can't did go to MIT. It was never thought I'd like you never thought I have the education I have the opportunity to go to an Ivy League schools I person who what I hear you went to an Ivy League school I am legit like. Am. To me it a hold the prestige. That other institutions don't it might not as much around here because I'm sure you've heard a lot of kids goal it's much more common. For me it was never even comic greater topic I was a little kid I thought I can get into Yale I'm negated a Harvard that was never thought that don't calling in a lie about it just be honest about who you are and where you're from. The round that she many current hits.