TNT Trenni and Tomase - Democrats and Republicans can all agree on hating Roger Goodell

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Saturday, August 12th

In the final hour of the program Trenni and Tomase continue to talk about the events today in Charlottesville and racism in the United States. They also discuss Roger Goodells apperance at the Patriots preseason game and his photo with Pats fans.


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And music training and tomorrow using one's boards radio WEEI I'm dreading this and Eric and John's a must he'd break down everything without packs the Bruins an all new England sports. So it's. It's treading into my seat on Sports Radio WEEI. James James in Connecticut held back defeated live in just misleading. James and Sarah lovely guy you're probably really nice thing. Act you know. Just equal so he would hear that last hour we've got people calling in to talk with China in Charlottesville. I know now cars crashed into a crowd during the white nationals protest in Virginia. Anything else can happen. So this sort of this is sparked a lot of phone calls me a lot like a good discussion. For her you know pretty much Deborah has been polite and they panic I think you know good back and forth. James Allen from Connecticut study led to I Yale. In fact graduate yeah. EL education. Oh what's the difference here do you go to night school or something. Won't what are universe into it. About India and I don't want our kids are like hey listen on investments Ivy League college it is a shame and you get a good education elsewhere via by. It's let out a little misleading let's not let's mislead people. It will update you on the situation our cars crashed into people which is very unfortunate that I do get Roger and Maine. Roger also says his the calls me in says he's educated he voted for trump. Roger please be honest and that's where he went to college besides this due to go like Harvard and you didn't. Yeah I did you being cracked. Boston Globe blackberries you got nice take attain that and I can bet you one thing that before because and so luck. Yeah I I I put the trumpet it was mostly because of the two candidates. She wouldn't sheet that can cause you as a dad I and I can't argue I'm old enough to vote cutter boat journey to march 6. And so. Heidi you still I'm curious now now that you you basically it's always the technological and a lesser of measles. How do you steal Mac O. IQ okay I think Eli is. What I'm seeing now in its disciplined and good luck seeing now is. The boat that this side of the media that support one or the other political parties. What he'd get there on therein during the same time now because this guy has little analyze and end its coming out. A do you feel good because you feel like people are. When I went to idol I don't like I'm I'd like peaceful little like his. You know rational I don't like bragging that'll want to get the job done. And and move on to something else I do think he operative better economic vision. Except that we lacked the sixteen years that George Bush was that this appointment. And that Barack Obama has spent time on now let's just never really touched. The economy. That we taxes. In the you know what those two guys had just mentioned eight. Well I mean he had he'd bailed out I mean he he inherited a mess and our. Aren't you inherit a mess and I I agree especially that I was disappointed to unfortunately it financial crisis which leads me to say. Nations did occur block I mean additional then people go to jail. And serving time so we're doing to people's pensions purposely taking profits. There was remember they nailed one guy one like yeah level you have to and the unbelievable yeah. Water that they are angry people want so. Both parties will disappoint you. And when the party to get too far and green into the behind 11 person. And I hear you're in trouble. Surgical Hillary Clinton chief next to look next in line expressed this woman learn their job just like McCain. If people actually like investor Ronnie would have been have been candidate so Hillary is an expert in like this again I can win the election pretty easy. Number any sort of comes out of nowhere and they say that we got to do something this guy's not realizing that. Roger banana Ariana have you currently get your point. We get it we get regular we get the point in Miami attrition a pre INS. By the way that I pass the SAT tests say it yet again credit that and I'm sorry it'll well. In recent column put you are you wanna use spirited about it where the back sure at Yale. John and it's a mossy. And a bit came up a little bit generic banner ads aren't eggs Roger appreciate it it you know I give Roger credit is not a frequent caller bet. Why we have more of these conversations like I am sure disagree a lot of things politically with Roger. There seems like there's some things in the that we do agree on why we have more conversations like that why is it that we disagree with someone. Your first instinct is to scream yet why just first is sink and I called the Spencer why is your first instinct to call may calling and it's it's screaming out of the B don't agree with you. And that we're making things up about the other side when. It's not that's true. I just I don't understand why we might like it a bit by the rhetoric is so far this this is tight and the missionary polarization you know that's where Aaron. I'd give John I heard. Jolo Philippines is sort of gonna kind of be the same thing John Karr yet show is that hung on. Faithfully I was tiger case I'm ever gonna go duels Smart is for your child was up. Geithner or a lot this year. I'm angry and I wanna find out it is other Pakistan are angry as well about Cutler can now. Acute and ticket holder to the game took the kid they actually get to gain by now that they had on. Last year it now goes to Atlanta twice shuttle routes get out on rock. Could be at Gillette they're pretty even game where two record with a stadium its well. Kit to old people Santa don't have a clue instead of a real packed crowd. So we can fall back on payola to delay I have not been asked them then he stages a picture we're. Aaron who now may not be picked at an ideologue over the eat at their cake. There's still and I think they know that that that I mean solitary point that's great October Phil Perry point this out last place Nicolaus and we often. Glob on to what happens and what's said on Twitter by sort of the Twitter mafia but it is such a small percentage of actual people that are listening watching paying any attention. He had 60000 people are patriots game my guesses a 190 relief legitimately mad at those three guys like who cares they don't want to. Well I don't want you to get your opinion on empire it's been out there but it you don't strike me as a typical. Gutless. Slowly and that is why no your thought I'm not until the bank but much. So I LPs have. Bowl he. AC is a tool I mean I'm easy easy I don't mean I don't mean tool and means both forms of these tool in the way Dustin Pedroia I would say your tool. But he's a tool of the lead at least two of the owners and he does whatever they want him to do. And he will be there for opening night so it's not like he's he's finally getting over that whole thing's a done Foxborough on longer. I you'll get savaged by the crowd riches he deserves it which is fine. Gutless time Mac gas sat out an ally. I'm kind of a point where it's like you won OK I know he got his pound of Fleischer Tom Brady that he ate some serious crow afterwards because. You won the Super Bowl you had a hand Brady the MVP trophy the patriots are no worse off than they would've been. Before I understand they lost picks him whenever behave they were they were punished for infraction. Say what you want about it what do you believe it or not. And so at what point do you move on in the way that say the craps the owners of the team of moved on the hosting it down their box they don't seem. Whatever their personal issue whatever there issues worth to placate they don't seem to be holding against him so why should week. Yeah I just I also feel like the end of the day. Are people gonna yell at him from the cheap seats when he's downfield he mysteries Simon absolutely you are you can even screw in summing it here in the club level course you are used zoning if you're across the parking lot EC and yes you are. But if you really understand an answer Roger Goodell you gonna scream out and it costs and now they're not win that as I saw the poll yesterday it was conversation yes there was much I -- 80% of patriots fans take that NA in that position India what you can put on the poll that you wouldn't that you would. You Lloyd if if Roger Goodell is standing next you may ask you take a picture with him might slip while you nicely this thing here and there like that that other that one guided yet. But I I have a hard time you might say no puts you would signal politely either it would take a picture in and he'd say no you might say. I'm not aware got to go meet somebody you're not. This this idea that you're going up to Roger Goodell honesty and you're at any given that he's here my sign up to consummate FC Simon give yes and that. As fast said the other day out our show are expecting him to say over and over again I'd. It's down yeah of course that's not gonna happen like you're not you're not going to do that Yuri most of you even know you get fired up. I'm Twitter on the blogs are you calling here you're all decent human beings who are not I don't know about that. OK now not what you are decent most of the moat something most of you are decent human beings. Russia to look at person India I say something to them. You're not gonna say what you say behind your you know behind the your cell phone a year tax to your Twitter and you're really overestimating the amount of patriots fans that picture. Just from my a small sample size of the group of my friends always peak forever. But no one would take that picture view and it's all that it's easy to say it is sailing or not ending. The face of a guy I will say this Terry Thornton had a good line Harold friends. Formally Vietnam bar stool. I'd he'd tweeted a link Gary he responded to that poll. Instead only four people would post an exodus three goats in New Hampshire and it's Abbas and yeah as that. I was allowed back to the foam lions. What's so Peter JP m.'s U Nixon got mixed. And it happens the day of practice in my car two points went edit the most racist city and an end in the country politically. Large. Went to premises on the books and card that's one point. Let's edit that already in the between the blacks made up of the American oil. What I just Hispanic some Muslim Jews in in this city of Vietnamese are about trailer park white trash. They may name a name saying II. I eagle opportunity like I need to be named Holland he had an MIT energy he calls a lot like. Sunday I think I don't think you saying there writes I think he's trying to make it greater amateur I don't know I just I don't I know what you're saying and I don't want I don't want to go to on a roll career. People have problems and it's. It's let's just not I don't like that kind of rhetoric answers. I I am a finger on the button you do you got your finger on the button you are not the only person of the finger on now let's go to like a dozen answering their dad Dominic in Springfield Dominic without. Although it would question Korea the ballpark with what flat YouTube recently. What Colin option. Gracious well we we're we're not calling OK look I'm doing is calling on Andre and at least they were column by not calling Boston races we've never had a. And your box and racism but how long was the ball actually. Yeah all I did you just say we said that the city of Boston is recess. Not your book on open standard that is. The boxes in the race it's okay. No way no one Dominic Dominic Dominic take a deep breath and not one person is called in today's news the Boston series is how one single person on our part about. At forty. A lot and I think use is is suggesting that that's the perception. OK let. Or when it bought a racist that he might have a black mayor for how many years. And the governor has done and yet her brother I'm sorry I mean. 'cause we are left leaning I mean yeah I. I don't necessarily play and it's just because atlas and it just because I'm I'm I. Just because you a lack that's like saying that racism no longer exists in the United States because we elected an African American president Mike. That's a false sense of security just to say that you elected an African American may. Ever argued that Boston is a predominantly. Racist city. Are there under currents of things are there things in our history that we're not proud of yes but I don't think anyone would say oh yeah Boston is. You know is six majority racist. Now well I mean there I mean unfortunately there have been people who have suggested recently heard they just. Somehow the Eagles. Races. And that's an honest I don't know it's about but that's not I I gave one thought that's an unfortunate comment to make because. It doesn't why doesn't help the argument at all into your not providing any sort of even anecdotal evidence. Of your time here. I think that. And fortunately living in the north. East in particular we've fallen into this again this false sense of security that somehow because we do lean laughs in it's a more progressive part of the country that. You're racism ceases to exist and I just was listening to NPR. While it does yeah. That labor all of those in an and yeah I think earlier this week and they had a a young woman on she resigned now I think here now in the afternoon. Talking about a column she wrote she her grandmother's from the south that she was born and raised in New Jersey. Losing the greater New York City area and talked about how there is this. This perception that oh New York city's this perfect melting pot and it's not at all segregated in its so racer so much racial harmony. But she tells these stories of how when she's on the upper east side she goes into an espresso bar. And deeper priestess says store you Sherry wine espresso slip arson prominent espresso bar is it will you do know what an espresso is right. Yeah admin and espresso bar as well they're just these tiny cuts and expensive. And she noticed it is interactions with the other white patrons weren't the same and spit and she admitted that. After she published this column and she had other again other panicked anecdotes about. You know sort of subtle subtle racism in these big you know per quote unquote and easier conditions progressive cities. And which often African Americans are made to feel i.s last and and that a lot of people actually moving back to the deep south. That Atlanta is becoming a real hot Miami is becoming a real hub. For African American on Japan newer is an act actors and actresses in creative types. And not New York anymore because they feel a little bit more at home enact those completely against the grain of what you think of his youth league of the south as what we're seeing in Charlotte itself yet. And you think of New York City as always is melting pot there's racism everywhere. But it's like eights this ability to confront it and look at it have a discussion about it that I think makes the difference. And do now well don't help and to be quite honest. Much I love my friend Jerry count your hand in the world on how do you stay up at it and. How races on an easy with scratches or square foot. Mean that's happened for real late and. And you need to. I don't know. I mean I think that's the thing that people talk about more when it's not this over. It's it's institutional. And it is it is more it is not someone carrying its direct matter it's playing yet the records aren't I could never play. Oh that's what Alice on he'll be fine yet can't eat some tree form. Yeah. I know. Related to it girlfriend of one of the youth miles Roger Goodell can. Overall and I like apple Roger I. It and they don't stop by somebody at some point and yet another poll numbers in L approach that. And then it you want broader question you got all of that it that I. Tickets right. I Amy kind of regulator and now you're losing your lament and you'd see this is the problem need and expect us to leave my on the call that line. And so his story petered out because yeah about 6000 is an avenue Roberts I that's not and it's. Here's I think Robert we had one of the guys before yesterday's easements. Now. I'm not as clear idea of getting bodies rises since. He's he's out there today. It's. I do. Jack Boston wants I would get out photo maybe yes third hand information forest Jack. Yes so I think I just heard one of you say that. 80% of patriot fans would take a picture without. John tomorrow mania we had this discussion would much yesterday. OK you can drop in more rock for assault that is absolutely ridiculous. You take total comeback after that 90%. Of patriots. Are fans they pick out a total scumbag. I failed on hunt but you're right you're right about right next year's sluggish getting. Those people are also all count. Obviously you guys on politics on laughable. Nearly laughable not heard them but yes I think I just heard truly say that. You are talk about getting in the Russell. Presented at the same respect does about racism is alive. Okay you native Clint I yours is I was an historian I'm paying outlining your idea and tenths Fannie eastern time is sincere open. Yeah thank you eat out stock. I yet Cheney was or just relating something shared NPR which fir our audiences like in the we'll see you know that's what we. That's okay to do. The training is dying on the other side of the studio. Who you see how I would have to you I Nazi gonna let tock in the knock it. That's got eight different espresso. You know if you media. They didn't think she knew what an espresso why you sound like Dick and up and I pray now you could be Lucille and hitting streak they're totally differently. Because she was a black person and expresso bar but I T I get people like Jack. The idea that this doesn't happen at this sidled. Sort of what daylight called. Micro aggressions we come maker aggression they are very Alex. Mrs. snow is there anything New Zealand Upton. Any Greg not just it's just. Hawk had people like Jack thank you I drink. Or smoker both. And intellectually to break yet but me notes we know it's coming up where all gonna need to act. Two more with training to moxie Sports Radio. I have my cereal. No longer choking. Don't you get your second when I cited when that final hour or 45 minutes for an intimacy. Tea laborious time Aniston and yeah we've got a little bit off the rails today that. That's okay I'm at the Saturday August and hate to park on. I am. They're like I did they love their president and they hate their NFL commissioner and it's Wheeler today. Yeah and racism is it. All of those things are true in some people's minds. This was an eventful week. And if I didn't die choking and marries a Graham. Well maybe there will be hands of a Korean regular missile because mossy. Easy treated at yesterday morning. WA GG. We're all done a day. It's time for Chinese Muslims there are all oh million. Well we are back for another week that we are all gonna die and I think we should just jump right in what do you think Dallas get a stat that there is a candidate for senate. In Michigan is gaining the backing. Some prominent conservatives in you may recognize his voice. I just I'm I'm definitely. Like crime violent and it. The prizes like nobody gets it right. I didn't expect him to. The hay and actual. Contender but candidate for senate and out of state Robert Ritchie now. It's a new time Bill Bennett had their time and. You know I'd like this Isaac I and it's like my Meyer adding that this is actually a great runs right. Okay like six of feet it's out there there is that's a little stated I don't I don't forget not been enough. What year was this kind. Yes agree to a rock. Nine knives in his name BA. We probably have directly hear 99 days. I Diego on the 1998. It's boats in the woods I kinda games hearing starting actually I want him on the floors alleges is that courtesy of WA AF so it should be equally we're not getting you know we're not all good guy his Kid Rock is gonna save us. He's gonna take down Democrat Debbie Stabenow so anyway he has been backed by Mitch McConnell is super pac prelates golf yeah. And they want him to run their excited about him running and he said things like I pay taxes so I can't be that hard to understand the tax. Can he sent out. Yeah I think tag is too but I also use an accountant heat of rock question I asked really blame Robert rich I used Turbotax. It was aggressive China is again denied Cooper in the money to play his game. Hi guys that little little person he's saying now that he's not still alive anymore probably not lieutenant governor. Abruptly nine IP. Our IP marriage be all right so from one. Celebrity. To another yes. Number rose stuff. I don't Ming golf values their bodies and summer season one's name arrows right admirer ever from my shoes the first winner of the protests in win. She was an effort sees this isn't the first tee especially as a natural and good looking guy won big guy who did Beisel the guys from Chicago. Yes you can you married that chick from. Okay it saint. OK so anyway I'm Rosa. She now works she's she's she's like a hand to the queen you have you know she's sort of looked like it Syrian if you watch him throw not a good it's an automatic anti infective. Clouds she you know she is she is the ear of the president and she was asked to speak it and ABJ which is the National Association of Black Journalists are holding their conference this week in New Orleans doesn't sound like there's universal support. I don't know prominent black journalist and public relations professionals watched. I can't I'm police violence. Her brother and father were victims. Of violence. And let's just say the reception was chilly. A number of attendees when she spoke would turn their backs to ever. And then she was passed out because of her experiences. With the police and and living in lower income black community what she has done for the black community. She says the court I fight on the front lines every day which provoked laughter and groans from the audience. And then she got intimate with another panelist she got into it with panel moderator I Gordon. And and they AS soundness and we do. With Canada's. It's. Contentious it was contentious. Not a lot of great come dialogue going back. You know she is she's a snowflake like she didn't like a single tough question and immediately just started parading to guide but if you watched. The apprentice back in season one and a kind of grand isle and I about a very essence of bill. And she embraced it and now she's fast as you said serving at the hands of the king. Serving at the hand of the king we're waiting out waiting violence lake house and senate and that minster for him to address. What is going on in Charlottesville. Speaking of Charlottesville. Mastery goatee next Charlottesville Virginia home of the University of Virginia which. I united rights. Rally was being held there today a gathering of cook pucks Klan members in white Nationalists in neo Nazis. The protests have turned by the governor of Virginia has declared a state of emergency the most recent news out of there is that at least six pedestrians were struck a lot of big rout of the white Nationalists marched. Witnesses said it was absolutely intentional. So a lot of terrible things going on in Charlottesville and a bit the president put out treat today saying he condones all sorts of violence but it doesn't. Didn't want to be there. Allison does not condone it sorry does not condone and it's bats there guys because it and you never now does not condone any kind of violence from any groups. And then David duke had this Tuesday. That. They think you know you using this represented. Attorney and their parents and the people of this kind of will only determine it yeah yeah. You know the film promises. We believe and that's why we voted for Obama not because he's he's going to take our I'll relax when we actually got there. I just doesn't we're taking our country back from the minute David duke thanks to disease to be the grand master. Grand wizard or granite heard about it on the grand wizard yet when I mean Abraham undergo Grandmaster Flash grand wizard. The kkk are Richard Spencer has also chimed in. Talking about how he hopes that its terms tweets is. Denouncing. Leftist groups and state police cell may be mr. trump I gave him credit earlier for putting out tweets. Denouncing all forms of violence but I think it was to Louisiana because it is interesting that he didn't say a white supremacists kkk neo Nazi now. All hate so at Olney Erie you're equating the people protesting the white Nationalists with the white Nationalists that's bogus did you seize follow up to be using yet. Which did you read it yes sir in in bad minster for meetings and press conference on BA and all that we have done and are doing he always defaults to veterans. To make it better. We got a little dash but Charlottesville. Smack. Charlottesville it's sad that's what's happening right now. That's couldn't that's great that's very presidents. Yeah yeah. You know what I say this as people of Stockton. We have some callers on the TV coverage in this and it is getting a little over rot it's like we're seeing the same footage all of this is different but it's now this is footage of the crack in the car crashing into Barack yes. This is new video of the moment the crowd because par excuse me. Crashed into a crowd of people. At the march. Is a disgrace it's difficult to see he had to mess anyway. Last. Certainly not least this week the real reason we're out and back and misses like a legitimate we could really outside. Think the North Korea best not me getting more rest of the United States. They will be met. With fire and fury. Like the world has never seen. He has been very threat. Beyond a normal state. And as I said they won't be bad wouldn't fire. Fury and frankly power. The likes of which this world has never see people. So he got he is aware that we dropped an atomic bomb a couple of nights back here's Jeanne also we're we're gonna we're gonna go for more power than that equities again. That's a pretty powerful. Can I just say might in all seriousness of my problem this is it's not that he's gonna start nuclear war with North Korea because I'd like to think that. Somebody would cooler heads a little else would bail and frankly from what you read about Kim Jung limit his whole goal is self preservation so he's not interested. You know it's like. They might have twenty or thirty nuclear equipped missiles and we have like 4000 so I mean that would be an annihilation which is not. What he is now regained it's now he's in for however. If you're the president and it states and you make threats and then you don't follow through on them it ruins your credibility around the world and we've seen this. Time and again wasn't that wasn't that a problem one of the big problems he had it with opponents about books. And so you know Chinese currency manipulators he's gonna after them until we stood down Hillary's idea not to look at him and lock her up gays in the locker out that didn't happen he's gonna build the wall that hasn't happened. His credibility is being eroded damp there today in this. Hurts America's standing in the world and it hurts our ability to affect actual change in places where we might want it. It also the these scary part about it is that if you make these threats and you feel like you have to make good on east rights. Do you preemptively striking country. Deep preemptively. Send a warning shots. To do Korean Peninsula Wednesday theories they should be insane because there are a number of American servicemen and women. Who are stationed on the Korean Peninsula and you know different database anywhere Korean people and there are incidents there are. Yes it is in Korean people who live on the Korean Peninsula. An eight if I did they talk I was listening hands and then PR. And neighbor discussing the fallout from it and he did damage done if we would strike North Korea with a new killer weapon. The death toll would be in a million figure estimated 121 point five million because the fallout could be felt as far as Tokyo we can destroy a North Korea South Korea Seoul Tokyo. With one Mac man why why why what purpose because our president doesn't wanna look weak. That's that's my biggest and it was him. That's what and that is what words and then what happens is two other people jump in because they feel the need to chime in feel the need to defend North Korea. Because. Yeah we're gonna start a world war over North Korea now and things terrifying. Terrifying terrifying care well for once we are actually potentially out in and then. And yes it's the people ever on this part of the world that are still most concerned with. Roger Goodell would get to your calls on Roger Goodell on the Goodell thirty when we come back. Locked into training because Eric and John Tomas talk its war on Sports Radio WEEI. Sorry it's the it is wow it's. Like today just update you were out waiting for presidents from. He's expected to speak at 3 o'clock eastern. Regarding the events taking place in Charlottesville today if you have not been paying attention there was a a white nationalist neo Nazi kkk rally. In Charlottesville today. I turned violent earlier this morning it was shut down around noon eastern slightly before it is very governor Virginia declared a state of emergency. Either is also on anti. Counter protest. I'd during the counter protest a car drove in two people according to out of Washington post's. At least six people have been injured the president is expected to address. The nation at three Clark regarding the violence. I events and the I mean Al that you pawn anything less than terrorist attack funny car drives into innocent people though that's I mean that's an Asus kind of strategy right there I mean that's. You know I'm Jenna has agreed to ask a question off fairies and what what's with people driving cars into individuals like that's the new thing and I said of course because you can't track everybody has occurrence country at a low tech thing is that to build a bomb there's no buying things off the Internet there's no buying massive amounts of equipment or powder or powder kegs order guns and a round you just have a car. We've seen is some both sides too I mean yes Zogby. Obviously it's been mostly crisis related kind of stuff and and terrorist related stuff but you had a guy. Overseas in the white guy who drove into a crowd of Muslims coming out of a mosque. And now this we don't know for sure but it says that they were. The people they hit were at a counter protesters. I'm so we'll wait what we don't know the details are still sketchy the video you haven't seen it yet I did to retreat a couple of different videos from people who are on the scene. Warning the languages. An assault her that he has not suitable for worker children it's chilling but. This and this is what's happening right now unfortunately. In the country Al what's going on here is that people are mad at Roger get out yet. And so ever changing and that's the one thing we can all share yeah that is why we all come together Democrats and Republicans. You got it does matter you can be what no matter yours yours it's your creator strike. Race ethnicity none of that matters all the Roger Goodell is a tool. I mean I don't I don't know how we can disagree on an eighty billion Manchester disagrees may be he things Raja doesn't it early what do you think. No person well. Yesterday professed my love for democracy you know that and but call me the diehard most dire Kirk Italians and so I will not. Even respond to the moon unit came out of your show with regards cheeky JT three hours I can't do it it's Saturday it's beautiful I do. As a proponent of the curtain Italian joke 45 minutes ago I hope jet has been recording try to set. And I did this have to be a drop for the rest of the show for the recipe Conficker counted on the radio Charney said. Feel free to take a picture with Roger Goodell and feel free to slip a finger inside. Minutes ago. It needs to be a part of say. It isn't just yeah an eighty I was. But there's a really firm ancestors always going to be there I'll let it slip a finger that actually. Or it. Who's politics I well you know what it. Really that's that's these the types of things meaning you don't have to agree on everything but I do agree that sometimes I say paying off. I had to do it got to be an someone reported joke. Yeah it got Curtis doesn't happen. And dad Billy that is Corey I'd I didn't realize that I say usually Tomas he says after like ever break McCain you don't realize you said that the considerations of singer inside somebody. Oh no oh no not now. Well I don't know about that it was coming out of your house. And I said it usually to mossy is good about saying. Like laughing you're telling me afterwards like and I wanna catch this as you said something in a pro for accidentally it accidentally you know appropriate nearly. Now it's their lives forever. Like that a jet back Ira Hayes he's still the Ali appreciate let's go to Martin an island Bartlett into the show is that. On one thing I would say I would Matt Patricia Parker to tell you what all you millions Al aren't knocked. I'm excited at Alex and he said they would. Such an empty suit that lumps I would be surprised at this image showed up on the picture. Of the commissioner is nothing more than a shill for the owners it doesn't represent the integrity of the game but it they use to I don't have all the other major sports. It is ordered the owners money everybody's got to app. I Marc thanks a tired eat that's the thing like you can begin b.s Matt that enlistment. I think Roger Goodell has done a garbage job managing this week. Certain leagues made a ton of money and so stupid it's like that came out and stay out at least if you miss size our ads aren't MM I'm what did Whitaker columns of the other day when he is playing Massport MacKenzie a Maximus interrupt us yes. I can be a Maximus interrupt and that was me right there. So I understand but that that's my point like this money make this league makes money with the without Roger be down like this idea that sent Hans he has he is the the linchpin in the reason that the NFL is wildly successful now. Tom Brady is a reasonably wildly successful air Rogers pay less and hateful man exactly. Dak press I dare car like Ezekiel. But. Today's air. He people will tune in to see that first game back. They will want to know the drama they will wanna see how that's for trade on TV and people will wanna see if he's lost to step IC stay in shape what is you look like. People love the drama of the NFL. You're I can go in BS face and head of the NFL and probably handle major PR disasters batter and it would still make money hand. Over fixed yet the one that always got me was when people would. You know but selling eggs reign as commissioner based on Veoh site uh oh. They made record money in blah blah blah all of this on his watches like the Internet didn't even exist when he took over baseball and then it did when he was done so don't tell me that. He was some great visionary. Our talk about the delicate some sort of master negotiator these TV deals mean. Basically goes. Cable stations and says we have this product that everybody in the cat watches do you want it. Yak give us a billion dollar LA let's do that I don't know there was an alias they can ethnic and China don't like what a is that's why it every day when an every day necessity like what that equivalent would be where. No matter what you charged four people are probably find a way to pay for it and I because they would need it air. Water. Yeah. But it does best attribute to the owners is that he's punching bag and he keeps the pressure off of the owners the attention that I think that that's why they're like oh they love and because when mesa when their teams score when their teams and their coaches and their players screw up. They don't have to internally they are happy the bad guys right bike. Jerry Jones doesn't have to either be. The bad guy to the cowboys have by disappointing Ezekiel Elliott or be the bad gang NFL who looks the other way Roger Goodell takes on for him there and Jerry Jones. It wouldn't be he he he if he was behind him again mean in think Ezekiel day in rock. He didn't think our party did anything wrong I mean that is being anyone's. Parents see Gordon and Vermont has to say about the end here expresses story. I was just I just raised and I buttons here now. Well I yeah I have been Vermont at NPR. Let me spot here in. You know I have opted I work and how are low but I'm I bought the book but it won't need to make sure the cut and knows. What they're getting the war deliberate and then get played out. So delivery helped rapid global insurance and giving the spotlight the nature he's on the. Yeah Abbott okayed it but yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah big court nominee I'm gonna I get what you're saying and I do understand that. But when this person is treated entirely different and you do feel the difference you know the difference is someone who is. Trying to make sure that you know it does is such pulling example. All of us at this point no it's pay extra for guacamole it's appalling Wright's anger out of a line and I say I got this and business that inning on catwalk of all they go. Al finished sentence I download it to block level these extra. But what I want and they don't ask me they don't look at me like I don't belong there when asked for guacamole they don't ask you buy an O o'clock Malia is they don't ask me if I understand that it it's it's going to cost Seymour and they don't again look at me again and say are you sure you really want this Wacom only. That's different there's nothing issue would have wanted to send a never this is Cosby show I never had an espresso before that I wanna try going can you walk me through the steps. It why is that she was she was treated did I ever read the column I mean helping getting wanted to listen to the story or you know service person here. This was a deliberate you don't belong here wires here. I think all of us have had the situations. I walked in those situations it's sometime in her life for your made to feel that you don't belong there and I don't care in this is regardless of color or gender or anything. And you know how that feels you know the difference. The pace of. I knew I that I live in New York. At the time and get senior they have a fair amount of diversity where it is written that so I'm sure they haven't in the person of color. Have not you know it was and we're in it person of color are and so that. And you seem strange at that you know that would. I think that was the apple I believe that's is that why you wouldn't expect it in there big city like new York and I've been developers every side is much different and ultimately player packet banks aren't should carries you retreat real quick so I you know Jon Huntsman he was like the now. Mac vs PC commercials for years ago where he was the stuff out AEA AEA the idea is that it's getting it is to be on The Daily Show. I'm very funny like July sort of thing. He he he retreated trumps we all must be united in condemn all that it stands for there's no place this kind of balanced. Violence in America let's come together as one he responds this is not a condemnation of white supremacy this is an ad for Pepsi. It's totally right at the plate so he's gonna speak Charleston speaker around now right then that the idea is he gonna say the words rights of white supremacy is he gonna denounce white supremacy given all of the people. Sebastian cork and ban and and the people who are in his White House. Is he gonna go against those people when he knows. That. Believe it everything I have is what it's like the percentage chance fifteen. And I was innocent while there. So low are reacting to break you get a little bonus trying to mossy though nine residents coverage begins at 328. Will be back with a little bit more turning to Nazi activists.