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Saturday, August 12th

Hour 2. Trenni and Tomase recap the Patriots first preseason game and the play of Jimmy G.


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These trainee and come causing you want Sports Radio WEEI I'm dreading this and Eric and John's a mossy break down everything with a packs the Bruins an all new England sports. So it's. It's trillion Tomas on Sports Radio WEEI. And. It's. Aussie tire daddy and break it out. Break them up. He has the he is this year's training camps. Superstar. He did look pretty good he did no chance I mean should see no chance I'd say this. Did an interview when he caught that touchdown day obviously you're on TV gave me the immediately panned the sideline and he said Tom Brady's going crazy Julian Simon's going Nancy it knuckled Mitchell's hi Ivan I don't got no you're gonna say. All of its stealth candidate X don't pay the arms crossed like. Sure right down there will be our mile an hour another one of these guys a minute to stomp. It was very funny but realistically when you look at house stack fair wide receiver. You know there's some other. Positions where they they lacked sound. Suitable adapt. Outside adult tight ends. Linebacker. Defensive end and there are a lot of questions particularly warrants at quarterback I mean really after you get past your top three corners. In Gilmore Butler an error row you start to say okay who else pitch that's that's fine candidates and so am at a bright eyed date their little thing. In in terms of having guys that have emerged as ice possibilities of the summit gets hurt. In advertisement the nickel defense but you know there's so we still in the time where sometimes you need to go to a dime defense of course you're sick you know I think. Fourth fifth sixth essentially six defensive back out there. So there's a lot of things a lot of questions surrounding them but we look at Austin Carr I mean you've got training cuts Malcolm Mitchell. Julian Edelman Chris hug and Danny and Danny Amendola notre Biden proved and am I forgetting somebody. There that he has a chance to leap. I'm gonna have that big guy Andrew Hawkins retired because he looked bad. From an advocate this yes I am I. Icing towers fund that was a great catch you know he may be a factor down the road he'll answer our friends analyze it but right now it's like he's not relevance of this team Hollister I guess would be marginally more just because of tight end and grounds health is always a concern and all of that so maybe. Maybe there's a spot for him and always have a. They're usually have a third tight ends and the question will be do you wanna tie my Hollister kind of a tall guy that. Plays very physical over the middle is again pass catcher or do you wanna stick out like a Matt lingle. And other water oh Jesus Odyssey that aces that day that they signed in the off season is Marvin blocker between a pretty good blocking tight end. See you may may be you do want to have your third guy be more of a playmaker and. The possibility that that. My maritime about this yesterday it's like you come out of that game. And you're talking about Jimmy G first and foremost you're talking about Roger did to help being a big game we'll answer those three guys. And maybe lower on the list iris iris the rest of it really doesn't remember these guys. Two weeks now two months from now most likely Austin Carr is a foot notes yet. Great cats I mean great catch a touchdown in great catch on the sidelines of the tippy toes and all that I'm glad I was Elena Moussavi stone faced him all has iPods that I'm not gonna lie because this is what we do wants gray area. And sell iPods that animus trying to like parts everybody's reaction. To be happy for EG we could talk about it. And annaly adamant seek repairs there until and I want them to keep the camera on him longer. Because probably know he was like hi I went in its second day I go back to him and he was high five him Embree came out snow and high five and he iPad two Brady back. But like. Again my the first antennas and and he's and I made Albion model a little sooner than I thought that. The other thing that I liked was and again you can't really you can't say anything with certainty about it because we didn't see enough. We didn't have a stills camera on race for the entire game which restricted. You would seed or apple come off in new would be like radian settlement to this and you never really saw a shot of breeding ground. When Jacoby percent was in the game and suddenly there's like a timeout towards the end you seem pretty over there. With percent anger out it's like Moyer where's the Brady grapple interacts are looking for that they never really gave us. Yeah be just because we didn't see via a camera yeah. Mean we just to see it or maybe he. And rightfully so feels are less threatened by Jacoby percent were you impressed. With Jimmy grapple lord how much stock do you put in to how he performed yes I'd yeah I was definitely impressed I mean. So you're looking for command of the offense which he has they're also looking. Last year in the pre season if you remember. Every time their pocketbook collapse or he just talked and he would run and you say OK that's not gonna the second work in the NFL yeah Michael there I mean. For all of like we talked about how athletic rock below is it's like he's not a running quarterback I mean he's kind of mobile in the pocket or whatever but. You're not you don't look at him and say this is Steve Grogan in 1976. Is gonna run for fifteen touchdown like that's not gonna happen. And so when he starts to run and then makes the rose that's what you're looking for and I love the one where he rolled out it was exactly the same player that he got hurt on against the dolphins last year re rolled out. Slingshot side arm acting to Hollister and made catch sort of behind him. He took a big hit and you pop right back up and you say OK that's an element that he could add to this offense that you wouldn't necessarily get from Hollister. I know Valentine now an aging paean to roll had been able to roll out escape pressure that way throw on the run you know Brady's not. Brady does everything else in a lot better read them saying that I'm just saying their dimensions. To grapple with in seaside guy who had community out cents. I love it and and you saw him do things and Brady like things look left look right and fire a missile over the medal in the one. He missed one over the middle to it was either Hollister or partner remember. Which like how it was out there but it missed him over the middle he dove and he looked pissed but otherwise he was. In point yeah I mean I think what impressed me the most was his place. He went out there after being an I mean in fairness to him he took a lot of criticism the first couple weekends weeks of camp. But he and look say he's not a good practice player he wasn't putting in the same efforts on the level is Tom Brady. And get beat these guys can doubtless an analyst and analysts and they listen they know and especially Kiley to to grapple knows because he was asked questions about her repeatedly. You know throughout camp. About his performance and was he worried NYC putting too much pressure on himself. And to his credit after the game on Thursday when asked again about him being maybe not a great practice player. He admitted yeah I I play better in games and that's something that I need to work on bit. I think is also an unfair comparison to constantly compare mean Brady is so maniacal and everything that he does I mean this is a guy who. You know I I've heard stories none of it was Jerry was Thomas during an air couple weeks ago but. How even when he goes golf you know Tom Brady has these packets is snacks that he eats on the golf course is not eating anything hot dog cart. You know he's eating all these TV twelve meals and getting out of this ready gets up at the same time every day goes to bed at 8:39 o'clock every ninety it is fully hours asleep. We can't always expect you do you expect that from every every quarterback that you also I don't do you expect from a 25 year old. Because Brady was on my 125 you know and I am starting to listen now to like the Philip Rivers of the world. And the Aaron Rodgers Annie and you walked two as their careers a lie and they're also. Know read tailoring how they prepare themselves for the season. Aaron Rodgers and I obviously that someone that I wanted to quarterbacks or pay far more attention to the name and I also believed. You talked at length about how he really incorporated yoga. And that he in twos offseason regiment this year because he is getting old he's in his mid thirties now. He's I look at a guy like Tom Brady and all these guys are looking at them as they get older. But that's harder for twenty fighter of the 25 there's still leveling of invincibility your body just isn't Gillis image 25 football particularly and you haven't taken hits that or apple has so. I just like he's been had some unfair. I'm criticism levied on him simply because he's not exactly like robbery. Yeah I mean the whole game dig Iraq below thing I mean if if you're a guy who answers the bell. That's all that matters to me and he's not preparing for what Tom Brady's repair four that's the other thing like Brady is maniacal he preparing to be the starting quarterback and a Super Bowl and I'm. Forty at forty. Grow up close at 25 year old who knows he's a back up and outside it just puts you in a different frame of mind it does and so. You know if you're not his maniacal as Tom Brady that doesn't mean you still can't succeed. 6177797937. What did you think it Jimmy cheek. What did you think is it time to part ways Osiris Jones do you see him fitting in on this team in any way shape or form. I did Jordan Richards is that worry you. What are you thinking about as this team finishes their firsts. Finished their first pre season game in heads down to West Virginia. Yeah played Houston Texans from a joint practice this week give us our 6177797937. Cyrus Jones. I just put them. I was taught we tied Phil Perry and yesterday. And we were talking to him and be in there and and Gary said on Gary's like he's got to go railing these cut this tiny sink will who returns punts. You don't you do you really wants Danny Amendola. Or Julian Edelman to be your partner your punting kick off return and you want to expose them like that I mean that is. That's a dangerous job can you guys running at you full speed yet. And he has spent his as Phil pointed out he's he has cleanly fielded. Punts and kicks kick offs in practice in joint practices and that first game. NATO area and try to ride out eight yards deep I was dot. Com. But what other what other options you have I have an. I mean have you seen granted I'm not watching practices and maybe he's been explosive maybe he's been Billy white shoes Johnson for all we know. That's a nice car reference Sachs he showed my age. You Dion signed an area that's a little little more cards. Not much. So. Is he dynamic because I'm watching him OK he's that's the bar for him now that he catches the policy doesn't fumble ponds because I know that was the problem last year I'm indebted sadly I think that is the gap but if that's the bar of hitting catch the ball and then he gives you mediocre return it certainly in that game none of his returns are special. Side the other night. More of what you know what's the value enact I just as soon put Hogan back there are or even Yemen are putting him in dole back there you don't use him. A ton in the offense compared to those other guys he's like the fifth receiver he probably should be upon returning he's a pretty good ones so. I don't have a problem that now if you're talking about. Could he be a safety Cyrus Jones or something like that all right maybe there's something there we've seen record he bounced become a much better safety that he was corner ultimately. So maybe there's some there don't give up on him for vapid. You watch that game he did not look good in coverage you know look at returns he didn't fumble the ball I mean that's that's basically what they his his. Pro and con list pro did not fumble right that's content. Did play well on the second area gave up two really the long run slugger Alex on sideline. You know like that there weren't that many prize yet and I think is acting to some people ran a little more into him being inserted in a safety position late in the game on OK while maybe they think he's a DeVon according type player that would be is better fit for safety Danny is for coroner. And at Belichick was asked after the game about it music we just ran pot yeah we're at a six smear on CD's you're out of bodies but maybe that is maybe he excels there and that's where he sort of finds himself. Fitting in this year I can't believe people are calling in time by the page through to calls that are sitting waiting money tied for the Red Sox yeah I mean I think if we're gonna talk pats it's almost got to be good though. You know. Yeah this is what Jimmy starts talkative third person did you like Texas and that's do you like throw the book and the. Move as regiments and and an alleged calls the F app back in refrigerated meaningless. What do you think. To me Alex and our. Austin. Okay. You know what it's like Elvis it was awesome target for some reason what you're gonna as a reaction was I was like did I miss here because now it's just the whole thing like Jimmy talking like a simple. And is pretty bright kid I'm sorry I was distracted because I saw that the the white Nationalists have been ordered to vacate Charlottesville parked before the planned rally. Local state of emergency declared no interest x.s that mean all things off the whole things off Erica. Allegedly. This is the slow things it's it is hard it's too seceded to see the pictures coming out of Charlottesville Virginia. It's unsettling. It's unsettling that that that white Nationalists still exists. And Natalie today exists but that there are enough of them in a certain part of the country to rally together. To have a eight protests egg a get together. In order to push an agenda of eighties. Supremacy of one. Race I mean things that they were chanting. Last night's. And the anti semitism. Their racism his uniform it's just eat endless and IAI they have every right to march. They have every right to rally that is there Betty they live in this country which is a country of free speech. I'm not saying that they should be able to him and saying they should be barred. It just is surprising to me that there is silly large number of people that think that's that's not even the problem the prob. Ms. that they've been. Brought into the mainstream. By our car and its leadership. Where have we seen I'm looking at the Otis. Twitter account now have we seen a single word denouncing any of this of course not do you know why because those people got him elected. Sorry that's just the sad truth. It's really numbers on topic it and. It is it's just it's it's just disappointing to me it's just disappointing that we live that I just cannot wrap my brain around it's. I've never been able to grab every parent heating someone because. Of their gender. Because of their sexual orientation and because of their race because of their religion like it's just it's not how I was raised in conservative household my father's very conservative. But not back kind of conservative yet more religious conservatives yet surprisingly it's been fourteen hours instructs last week there. I'm sure. Actually I'm sure probably Taiwanese golfing guys are really really not bad mystery now. The only but it's hard for me like no matter what I see and no matter how much I read it. About the history of racism and history white supremacy and try to sort of wrap my brain around where those insecurities and where those fears are where those feelings of superiority come from. I mean this literally it's just so hard for me. Under cited its superiority masking I'm a massive in fear. So that's that's what this is about that you know something their rightful. Whatever is being taken away from the only people that I dislike based on there skin tight Burke toner beautiful people. I have no time for beautiful oh screw you operate he people exactly how dare you that I don't even look at training for the entire show. That's very nice that it's a price cut on the compliment yours you've discussed how awesome I mean you're not trust me. Check out my mentions I'm happy you're not the only person I discussed. And I love it haters make you famous as a friend of mine once said I don't obviate there obviously have tons of friends and analyze puzzles or problems. Sure I speak and haters and how they're gonna hate hate hate did you read any of the Taylor swift's. Testimony in her. There are a. I didn't but I did see the part where someone said happened years skirt wasn't moving Iran ever and she was like because my ass is on the backside that is in all great things like ball tremendous. There's like this guy lost his job she's like not my fault he's made some terrible decisions thing. I do Islam and so on and I cannon says like there's just something like site kids right now it is so now I've heard it more. And like I mean I'm. Tape tape bad bloody death slammer running an irony mix and a bad blood comes can I pick up the pace a little bit and it's got it did make. You scrutiny. It and don't come I don't want him back here since turnaround. Louse that think we're listening to Matt's personal iPod. Plug it right and yeah. I etc. you know all the words. Elizabeth mix. Out of the mix somehow I get back let's go to George in Maine George runs has a little bit about Ferrell vs Belichick's. Theater topic you're Georgia that. Today that he has to ratio and so the idea. Yeah I you know I made. I travel country in and so and that being named summer and the the goal to give Belichick addresses the real as an excuse for Cheryl. Around that teens and sleek. While. The. Ernie probably earned I'm curious if you've been traveling the country near Maine for the summer where you from originally George. Originally from the they has spent some time now most of my time. To what you that it. We're we're supposed to religion. Cook post a little different poking into. Now as analyst in just horrible right on this Cheryl. When east east. Playing the cards that. Ownership ownership to one who brought in terms of to broadening Hanley Ramirez and did you did you see guys got to get him out of the way of flexible yesterday. Oh my god. Always knew he ran in. When rookie ran Indiana and everything abolish shallow. Salary right. You that would so the infield. Because they realize what I do except you know this guy he can hit that. Can we disobey that that tank and like he didn't younger and certainly that they eat shell critically at all these personalities you've got to ten. David Price you know is intent Melanie has been so lucky you know trade at completely cancel take me just say that they overpaid for so. Please you know the social you know police local Belichick gets away would you skin and they. In and saying hey don't share content it actually goes and that's routine decision. And everybody tweaks away. Well I mean at Georgia insurgent and an ad I think in fairness the guys won five Super Bowl and he finishes first every year and they went twelve to fourteen games every year and it's never even a question and even when you do look at a move when you look at a move that and and unlike John Ferro. Bill Belichick is also did did the had personnel guy next to him he the GM. You know he trades away Jeannie talent everybody loses their mind. And pain of being better so it's hard Muir of the type of track record that Bill Belichick has I think it's just natural to give them a longer leash I mean. At this point. It cannot convert how can I not look at Bill Belichick and say. OK I'm so I could serve on the surface this looks like an odd decision to make but why would I doubt. Now and you know what the two the two years and almost prove Belichick's greatness more than the five super bulls. Our oh wait when you won eleven games and an adult who Matt Cassel was terrible when that season started he didn't even Randy Moss is about to give up on that team. And they turn it around and Cassel was a good quarterback by in that season and being a pro bowler in Kansas City whenever he'd he'd. Telecheck made that happen and through some quirk eleven wins wasn't good enough to make the play out so I don't know that it never happened before maybe one other time. And then last year those first four games where. You know he had a Arizona was a good team two years ago. You were underdogs in that game in Jimmy grapple we'll pick them apart in island he's completed in the past him until late Mac game to set up the winning the whole thing. Knowing gave Jimmy GA. And it's Hansen how an act game and then he and then Miami the next week he looks even better until he gets hurt and then you have percent claim of one and who beat Houston UN and European team with a good defense and you just you shut them out. And then finally lose one game the buffalo five evo three and one without Tom Brady and yeah lots and game to buffalo that had a pretty good defense one. And to. As you suggested you have a quarterback who was playing but 11 on one hand as you heard sound yeah oh yeah and so that's a mean that to me is Belichick and I think. There is a part of Belichick. That wants to show the world what he can do without Tom all lie a hundred I know we agree Elop I am a 100% agree I was at my page deposited your red sex calls next on trains mossy. You're locked into training because Derek and John Tomas talking past visa and more on Sports Radio WEEI. We have state police here that basically blocked off this entire area they are not allowing people in here. Whatsoever they have cleared out the area could see further down the street. We have more police that a blocked off this street they have cleared this entire area out this is where we saw. Hundreds of people protesting from both sides. We are right here actually when all of this started this is our little setup area this parking I was supposed to be considered sort of the safe zone for the media. That changed very very quickly police told us this area was no longer safe and that we had a smoke bombs tear gas being around. Towards our Chad towards our great. America's burning strength. Thought I mean it justice it's. I think what's most frustrating is that there aren't is still a faction of people out there who I actually someone tweeted saying. You know you you don't know what they're about as you think that white supremacists are just all racists talks. In the game itself in the name you think that is that works is the crux of a of their much rob and they are what are they about it none that make it just it blows my mind how people will talk in circles. To rationalize their hateful feelings towards other people. I. I just undersea again I don't understand I I can't camps. I can't wrap my bring her on it. I can't wrap my brain around it's feeling make your so superior to someone else that you have to hear them down on and I'm rallying against them in and say that they did their kind should be wiped out. Yes I mean this is not about superiority this is about men's ages and it's just it is about massive and you're and you know what I never running here again ever again I'd not want to hear that the last election was about economic inequality or any of that stuff like I don't wanna hear anymore. It's it's this sorry and am pointing up at the screen where what we're seeing in Charlotte right now are Charlottesville. Sorry I mean that's that's what it is I'm not saying all these people are races on that it is about cultural identity more than anything else and over again at night. I looked about it's about feeling it's about feeling. Brett forgotten yet threatens. Not not pay attention to overlooked. I mean really if if you look at it we really have becoming completely divided nation based on where you live in I mean middle of the country is totally different and and world I should do is in the middle country rural America. Is vastly different from urban America and we don't seem interested in trying to bridge those divides on either side. And we certainly don't seem interested in trying to make it matter if any we we're a we had a commander and chief who likes to. Play on those feelings. Of division an inferiority course. Yet and they got him got him where is now so hopefully we surprise it says two tests. Scary times assets suits running we're all gonna desire to thirty. Check yet checked back and for more on the planet hi Aaron let's go to bed and such filled once cycle he treated and what that. But thank them behind. I've got to shut the light positively and coveted it and any of the Beijing that Thursday night yeah I think there's obviously did gore showed the mormons but. I mean Ed Levy as the site. If everything like I think they're kids playing or whatever that this march or whatever white equipment that duck it's got a lot of people come out say you know what it garbage. You know I'll think back in 1968. In other cases kind of reversed so. The type of positive but. Yeah I'll be over the line the page hit a bucket that pretty good. I don't know what the bench that started and I think didn't care started better mood regard. I I I bought the doubt that very positive performance. I with a joke. You know on and then go fire at. Experiment need to and outlawed them but I thought and positive piece they get it taken away. But you don't got that out did you but thought you. Yeah I mean listen I'm looking at that game and I'm saying the number one positive was Jimmy gee Mike what app. What drop below showed you and I know it's pre season game and all that but. Playing with. Second tier players and making them all look better. That's the biggest take away from that game that is further. Proof is the right word but it's further evidence. That you potentially have a guy who can take the baton from Brady and is that an a year is that in two years it's just it's a reminder that you should be doing figuring out now however you can a way to keep both of them on the roster beyond this year. Adding that that's I think this is where things get interesting and we had last night on our shelves are and it works across the street that beetle is on that as Annie talked about. This this salary issue and being able to paid Jimmy G they've been there seems to be an issue with whether or not dare they may have to make sacrifices at other positions find in order to pay any. Jimmy grappled the franchise tag and even at some point also doesn't get to a point where I mean what does this become. Pete you know push a shot that you have to make a decision you're between. That you're on the edge and either have to go core rock or you have to go Brady because at what point like think about if Brady continues to play at a high level you certainly don't want apartment that. And I'm not only is this guy. Just the I mean. Arguably. He not arguably the most important player in patriots history I'd argue he is the most important player in patriots history. And next after this year he shows zero signs of slowing down I mean zero signs of slowing down and then they win another Super Bowl. Next year he's 41 you've got Jimmy drop below who then maybe you franchise saying okay sect that buys you one years than yours that you're paying I know the point MobileMe was. The what did he made was he can't go to Riyadh to paid time reading war you can't your backup quarterback excuse me. Tony I million dollars. And had your court you're starting quarterback making bargain basement money. Maybe cannot honestly I mean I don't know I am I understand that. Point of view but at that point it's almost like money is immaterial to Brady you know I mean he's already made a ton of it. And. I mean maybe maybe but it's so again at some point you their decision has to be made if you're the patriots. How long do you wait to make that decision because with each passing year Jimmy grapple and not starting. You start and he surged agent is nicer it's changed yet now you could argue okay not taking hits. You know the weird hair isn't there on his body. But Eric. This is it this could be a if breed doesn't. C a precipitous drop in his play in his ability and they have to make a decision between health be a active Tom Brady. And moving on from that which in Iraq all that is hot stuff. Place yeah I mean I don't yes I think. As as bloodless as Belichick has been over the years whether it's Seymour an error yeah whoever wrote down on the list lawyer Malloy or whatever. I able to write and able like Brady is obviously an entirely different animal and I think that ownership would probably get involved at that point that you're not. Playing all it's better to move on when you're too soon them when you're too late with him. But they've got the same agent Don ye may be there is a way to give. Drop below a multi year contract that lessons you know they hit to the salary cap is spreading things out over a couple years. There has to be waited this idea that while you just have to move on there's no way to keep both of them. Well we were all saying that at this time last year and lo and behold two energy is still here so. There are waiting. You've that you start to there's there I mean. And kind of security job too mossy. I. I just don't know how at some point if your Jimmy EG you say that's really nice to pay me a lot of money but I want to play. And at what are you hurting your chances of being able place somewhere else yet I know what point do is Dijjer stock get to a point where you have no choice but to go somewhere house and maybe you've run out. You're you run out of chances to be starting quarterback I mean he can't you cannot ask this kid let's just let's just say for argument sake. Todd Reid plays until he's 45. Jimmy you would be thirty did you see you for five more years. No I mean we saw this with like Ron Amadon he was always clamoring to start. Guy in San Francisco behind Montana and he certainly didn't take that lying down and eventually did get the job I also think. Patriots fans are under estimating the impact of time you know there's a reason we've set and a million times and there is a reason no quarterback. Has ever had a good season after age 41 it hasn't happened in the history of the NFL. And really after age forty imminent and a couple of warm would have an OK season at 41. And so if that's your line of demarcation and now it's a little more clear OK we have Brady for this year and maybe next year and then by 42. We know Tom marks tired but that's just this is attrition at some point he's taken a lot of hits maybe it's going to be a concussion may be it's going to be the knee again. Maybe he's just gonna lose arm strength all of these things can happen. And the patriots are preparing as if they will which is Smart. Preparing as if they will but if they don't. I. Right more of this type was walling emerge here's have been super patient reading it to your sacks are watching your chance to talk all new England sports with trillions of moxie. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. Like Iraq as a music. I'm not saying don't sign me I don't know why else do umpires in adversely or is whiteman came across the city. Brightest pain and misery side and a few men that now yeah in fact. Dorian melodic Gilani has treated. Our country encourages freedom of speech but let's communicate without hate our hearts you know good comes from violence has take Charlotte's now. I was at 1236 today did you see the very first response underneath where is your husband's parents and at a she's finally I don't know do you see as around on and I try to avoid a do yeah it is time that. Being tries to crawl on so many ships spots. You know Wafer level little teeny tiny hands they think he leaves Tito does when he touches or. Possibly. Or like you know if you look at lake spray tans and stuff yet I Tivo recently just a little bit like Orrin G film currently it's kind of like on their feet and you can see it in a spray tank as part of washed away and I feel like he hit surge she's got like just like a little brown mark yes I am and she was like. Heard Jackie Onassis kinda like grant perfectly put together outfits and then you know it's like. And ice cream colored something veterans got the arms likes the white outbreak Whalen of the play Nebraska gas like he had don't touch me it's disgusting. Our let's go to mark in New Hampshire has been patiently waiting to talk about the Red Sox lack of power production markets up. He IE outlook when I was quote originally. Bottom not at all so I told to do so is gonna talk about the Red Sox liked. You guys that it rejected several times about what's going on in Beijing so would you mind if I change. Not go ahead. By several. My feeling is this okay press release practice space statement by saying it and it. White supremacist. Ku klux Klansman. What that whatever group of individuals called on the I'd like an idol that. In my opinion our knuckles drag as they have at the bottom of the food which OK so let me put that out front. Greed and markets are just as bad an anarchist and are often aligned with the last. Right but some of the boat the question I ask that you which is located right I know William Bulger politics why. Where. You edge equally offended. Three years ago in Ferguson Missouri. With black like mad out wins eighty. Burning out of the city in loading. And desecration of the city based on a false narrative. Well I mean I handset on shooting the false narratives. Think back then. To what's going on today. I don't think that to align I I just don't mark I'm sorry but I am black violence in what they burned in what city he's earned John Ferguson I mean that was that was it no that was eight. How they did they looted the stores they stole drugs from pharmacies they they did everything down near. Andy did on a false narrative. I don't think it was a false near I think police violence I think mark thanks account these cameras and banks map out of preemptive drops and other tech. I just don't think it's the same I'm sorry don't I don't think that when you have been. Systematically oppressed. And when these things eases violence continues to happen against you in yes I know Richard Gere calling in and say the one about black on black violence in places like Chicago. And Baltimore and yes those are all very very real problems. You have to look deeper into those issues as to. Why violence persists in those neighborhoods why they don't trust police. And why the police aren't very effective in those neighborhoods and part of it is the violence the way that they have and indiscriminately put a and it's. They didn't put in jail and they've been jailed and put in prison at higher numbers. For lesser offenses than in other communities there are a lot of reasons that these people feel like they're not being listened to. Lead them down this path and by and large. Black activists speak out against and their a whenever there is violence in a community. The families of Mike's Mike for. I was in my expert Michael Brown Michael Brown that he sees me. The families of Michael Brown the families of sterling. The families of the land a cast deal all of these families came out and and pleaded for no violence they did not want they did not want that to happen. You're always going to have a small group of people. I'd any sign on the right at a laughs that caused damage and and take things. In a neck in directions that they shouldn't go. But at the root of it's what these guys and they are mostly men with these men are fighting for in Charlottesville. Does not. Even come close to what the people and Ferguson and Baltimore. And new York and LA in Chicago and Boston and Detroit are fighting for. For items yeah what does that those outlets can't marry me communities this is a response to anything this and in response to just wanting to say. I am white I names appearing here. I'm gonna come here and wave my confederate flag and you're gonna have a peaceful counter protest and we are going to attack you because we don't like who you are at your basic humanity. Yet when David duke is is you know at your rallies saying that you know. This is why we voted for Donald Trump I mean what what what the world that we living in right now. Say what you want about black lives matter say what you want about the response to that. That was in response to all of the cases you just mentioned and Michael Brown would be OK so hands up don't shoot that he's stable was shot and killed by cop and I know people say he threatened him. We'd we will never know exactly what happened. Okay and I'm the only idea that I was gonna save that let's take that case let's take decades out of an accent. Let's look at what happened to Freddie gray in Baltimore luckily I didn't rise is here right Stifel and a cast I mean there are. Numerous examples. Of times where violence is used. In situations it did not need to be used in don't call meantime it it doesn't because I've had conversations with police officers who are horrified that this is happening is making their job more difficult. And they look at the way that officers particularly in smaller cities admiral communities are trained. And they are being trained to shoot first ask questions later and they feel a shield I've been told that now police officers are feeling guarded by this idea of all my life was threatened so I can do whatever I want and going to get away. This is a police officer told this to me is does it mean making it up the zinni reading this in The New Yorker. He's a Dorchester police officer when I had a very very eye opening conversation with him about the Orlando can steal. Situation. There there is no music video full and a cast steel how to police officer was not indict it was not indicted and charged with murder. I don't know how that didn't happen I don't know hot Epperson is not a job there is absolutely no reason for him to shoot him debt there's no reason for the cop in South Carolina. Two plants to shoot someone in the back. And implant a dot on them to make it look like their life was threatened that's what these African Americans are fighting for their fighting because they think they're racists appear here. They're just fighting to have a chance to be at a level playing for him not to be killed and not to be killed so don't tell me that they're dead it's a false narrative. It's it's just it drives me insane this idea. A hobby is it dressings animal acts tube because there are lots of people on the last two can't understand that. There are people in the middle of the country who are suffering and who do feel forgotten and who do feel like they don't have a voice. And they who do feel put down because they don't happy that talked down to it told that they don't matters I understand like is this idea. That they don't have real great seat or they don't have real problems. Is frustrating for me on the last because I grew up an area of the country where they're a lot of people who are struggling and there are their concerns are real and they don't know what else to do either and went by no knows what to do this is what happens. Violence happens hatred happens it's just it's frustrating immunity can't have any sort of conversation about pointing fingers at one other side is arable. He had an act but there's no just there's no eating conversation neo Nazis and kkk they are terrible human beings. Which is very. Thanks.