TNT Trenni and Tomase - Sox blow it against the Yankees; Protests get violent

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Saturday, August 12th

Hour 1. Trenni and Tomase are breaking down the Red Sox loss to the Yankees last night. Historic times are happening as Charlottesville, VA as protests get violent.


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Reasons for any and tomorrow's a new ones boards radio WEEI he's dreading this and Eric and John's a mossy break down everything without packs the Bruins an all new England sports. So it's. It's trendy until moxie plus Sports Radio WEEI. And. My ball center field Ellsbury will be MacKey. Think the Red Sox five Gordon is would it happens not to. Or read sax yeah Haddix. Your hat that the Yankees by the throat you add your foot on the jugular. And you imploded in the eighth and stupid decisions in the ninth. Snaps your eighth the eight game winning streak the Red Sox faults of the yankees' five to four. A huge. CEO. I think your Red Sox fan two things are concerned one. That great bullpen that has the best ERA in all of baseball that has been sold lights out particularly against the likes of Cleveland in Tampa and the White Sox during this eight game winning streak. Goes to New York a team that now has one and net seven of their last ten against you. You go to new York and against a team that is far more. Impressive and stacked offensively. A team that has just as good if not better at least on paper bullpen and you do. Comes and steals one from you and in large part to you had a chance to win at that board stupid. Just loan. Decisions on base path he had not a great look there for Nunez in the ninth although your tennis game has blown in the a map and yet without Reid comes in a three nothing lead it's the first guy faces and that just starts the dominoes. My favorite thing about that if we can hear the sound again real quick is this is one of right things joke estate is a hall of fame broadcaster in one of the all time greats. And what I'd love and respect about him is a lot. He still lives and dies at this team just listened to his reaction when the final out as cock. We applaud wal center fielder Ellsbury will be back he. Is there any way is to scare us. Yeah. So Joe's Joseph still need sakic has died plains and into it and that's no definitely not so yes so anyway bad that's just. Radius that things. Listen they won in a row you know lose one it's someplace what's disappointing about last night as you Marty had the game on the last homestand where Chapman came in and blew it. And it looked like he was gonna do the same he was at least headed down that road potentially do in this camping again. And you gave him the out hicks is a very good defensive outfielder has a great arm and I understand. Wasn't the best throw and it was a nice tag by Frazier and you're trying to be aggressive to get that. Tying run to third with one out but it's like to is cool to school that a little bit you know this let him be himself like Chapman beat himself Red Sox didn't do. Well and average relic. You know posted a common CSN Andy dot com this morning that I thought lives. Senate perfectly is that what I think the most frustrating what has been the most frustrating about this team. Is their inability to admit mistakes so when John Farrell was asked about it last night and went and Eduardo Nunez has asked about it now listen. Credit to credit to debt weren't unions they guy has Benn. He is coming and even last night when you see him playing he's out there smiling you need when he slid head first in the third was called out. How looks at the good looks at the third base known unknowns. Dollar you know when he gets into it he he's got a he's got eight and it would seem seen infectious personality. So it takes a wide you just say what is he saying afterward I'll do it again if I'm in the same position tomorrow do it again no he shouldn't do it again. You know John Ferrell it's yes I understand that it's it's there and to the runners discretion. But when you're runners despite an aunt and an encompassing not just Eduardo Nunez here but I'm encompassing a lot of the guys who have made dumb ounce on the bases this year. When you're writers discretion. Is that you got to pull your team aside Wednesday. I love the aggressive may nature of this team I love that you guys want to score wins at all caught score runs at all costs. But you can't swarm at all costs sometimes you have to play Smart. Congress. He did. Yeah I see I read I had the out there ash and Brad Evans Thomas Moran Mike why it was so we need them to pay lip service to this idea like. We need Farrell Mike Farrell is not going to root any of his players of the David Price thing has taught us anything it is how sensitive back clubhouse is. And even though we wanted to makes us feel better site yet he's telling it like it is. Whatever he says to us doesn't matter I don't care really what they say opposites. How are they handling it behind closed doors and certainly there's a fair case to be made because they've run into so many outs there about to run in a more outs this year than they did all of last year. That something needs to change that part I get. But I also look at this offense until unions endeavors arrived where. Because strikeouts are at a historic pace because the Red Sox are hitting home runs is worth you know less than any team the American leader at least had been. The only way you're gonna score runs is of rallies and rallies just by definition this year much harder to come by so you have to be more aggressive on the basis so. I understand. Their philosophy and I don't really need to hear honestly I don't need to hear Farrell say Nunez screwed up or Nunez say Nunez spirit out I mean that's. Ever doesn't feel though and I get immunized every order online and and like a borderline I get coming from but it feels like it is a pattern with this team. And it's one thing to. Handle things in house it's one thing to say OK they're not gonna throw their players under the biased and it's getting take it to getting taking care in team meetings but it. For this aspect of the game in particular. Clearly it's knocking dressed in house that I think is why that's what I read in Ivins column and that's and I agree with him on is that it seems like. They're leaving their own delusions. Like they they they they actually believe the crap that they're spewing and I understand like how often do we hear from. We don't we don't hear bill ballot Jack or Tom Brady collins' team out at her it in the public I thought we don't behind closed doors because we see the changes made. As the games don't want to write like they have a terrible first game of the year's second game of the year. You know Belichick says although will correct mistakes obviously we had the mistakes will correct them but he isn't necessarily pull you know appoint someone out specifically. You know that person is getting their ass reams behind closed doors by the coaching staff and he does not happen again. With this team it happens over. And over. And over again and whether or not open and whether it's an eye on the field issue that at some points on isn't it frustrating to know that these these tiny little mistakes that are gonna cost them a chance at is not the AL leased certain you could cost them huge in kaposi's. Yeah I mean I just speaks against are mean to cut that just me speaks again to just careless lack of any sort of true influence in the clubhouse like. You know I get that he doesn't want a college guys out because this is a sensitive clubhouse. But he's also not do it's clearly not doing it behind closed doors he's not doing in terms of based training he's not doing it in terms of guys running their mouth off. You know to media members whether it's Dennis Decker uglier and relic or Steve Buckley Ian Browne because it's not changing anything. Yeah no I mean I think it's fair to say. That David Price probably has a greater influence on merit club house and John Fowler right now which is on for unfortunate not not you're looking for and certainly not the position of Farrow wants to be and I guess I look at it like I said before because of how this team is built they have to be more aggressive and if more mistakes. Are the result of also. You know more runs and more aggressive runs then I'm willing to live with that I'm willing to live with that philosophically and it feels like they are too so. If there are okay and if they decide. Listen we don't we're not scored on home runs and it's too hard in today's game to string together four hits to score around Mikey used to like we would have done in 03 or something like that. Then you're just gonna have to run more knew gonna have to be more aggressive and they're gonna have to be. More aggressive one out sensed from second and that kind of thing. I'm actually okay with that because this team isn't built it's not a thumping team like a lot like virtually the rest of baseball so in that sense. I'm actually okay with them being quote unquote over aggressive. All right 617779793761777979837. Know a lot of the talk you know even after an eight game win streak. With the Red Sox was do you believe in this team are you buying into that or Jeannie need to see what they do against the Yankees. After one it's only one game so I you know I urged patience and and now lack of panic but when you see how things fall apart last nice the bullpen implode. Easy out they make a stupid mistakes late that at very least may have allowed them to tie the game and push it into extra innings. You look at them and say this is why I'm not buying and yet 6177797937. Let's start with eyed Joseph and Lincoln gelatin the show. Oh yeah I think I'm kind of glad that they lost last night. YE a become governor get it back. When we recently love the Celtics it's enough of it in the corners out that it hurts our it that I no matter how bad they look on one night. They like that they're gonna come back. Another thing yet the district sexton has got that and a and you can't killer instinct. I mean I think it's a bit easier rightly feel that he's doing billionaire Italian. CN never audience and and I think Aetna and now they're Calbert only go up to what they play well. What I wanna know everyone thinks surgical bat can meet. Example of what they lost one mission when yesterday can they come back in the next two nights and do you know so that's about can convince me one way or the other. Hard so thanks for the call I mean I think that is and I economic drive in I was listening to. Lester Johnson and he was Richard who called and he said the reason he's had a hard time buying into this team is there's something about and that is it ain't it just does it make them there's like a light ability fat. Actor and his province out in about that isn't there. And I think that's sort of the point that Joseph is getting to witches. You have to that. You have that extra push do you have that drives you have. Whatever it takes with the and you tend not to say to hang your hands on man we just can't beat the Yankees this year. Yeah I mean it's hard for me to say that this isn't a resilient team when you've got five walk off wins like the last month and you had that Cleveland twelve to ten Cleveland game and you know you got walked off by Seattle one night and then you came back and won the next night so I mean. I don't know if that's really an issue. I've written a lot about the like ability thing I think that has been an issue but I think also that Nunez endeavors. The arrival of Nunez endeavors and the departure of David Price has been injured for awhile now. I think those things have helped make this team a little more likable late you've talked about Nunez infectious personality. You pick up on that as a fan absolutely watching him play devers is Oz got a smile on his face you read up on that and I wondered if this team needed an infusion of something like that. As much as what those guys have given them on the field. What they've provided off the field to this reminder like Aaliyah. The scheme is fun it doesn't have to be. Life or death that doesn't have to be this grim endeavor that it's been you know especially because of pricing he watched in that clubhouse before a game. Home road price is always sees right there front center is one of the few guys is always as locker he's always there. And it just it casts a Pall over the entire clubhouse. And you want that to go away and one of the ways that may be it does is if you have more enthusiasm you have. More guys who. Have no tied to anything that happened earlier this year they weren't here for the Baltimore stuff they weren't here for Avant relic. They weren't here for Akron cornea for any of that than just a minute with a fresh perspective. I think that helps while Kelly an amorous seems to disagree with you on at least the David Price point Cali outlook and the shallots and around. Great to be here that particular call. Just real quick I don't think there's prices and cut it in the club house so to prove me wrong that. About the other yeah you can sit in his community to retreat examples of people being in close but David Price at the Internet soon. How dare you don't love is a bullet to listen off on the yes sure I mean I'll give you two right after sock you watch in that clubhouse on any given day you'll see. At that intending any Iraq a lot with chairs pulled up to his locker and you can say oh you know he's mentoring them he's doing cool things of them or whatever putt. When you see how those particularly bad and Tandy. It's carried over day he's very kind of cool and distant with the media and whatever but OK that's fine that's me who care facilities has and he always has been by. I think it's being. It's daddy exacerbated. If you want another example. How about everybody clapping on the plane for the next thing I mean tell it David Price was the ringleader of that. And for that to happen you had to get all the players on the early bus which generally doesn't happen. They went to the plane before everybody else which generally does not happen. And they were all there waiting so that was coordinated by David Price of the entire team so you think. That doesn't sound influential we're gonna have to agree to disagree let's go to nick in wholly out Nicklaus and Michelle. Why I ordered our trade barriers. No not yet but let's be honest neck. Knowing now that both Hawaii and Guam are preparing their citizens for what they feel could be imminent new Koehler attacked. I think they need to go ahead and log on until like. Crazy trappers dot com around drag down I guess. Probably spend fifty I'm just a pocket this stuff. You see is ICBMs can reach Boston I was like I'm in wanna hear that Orleans right now California. I don't Cadillac and you know what happened but I kind of making here the summer saying they had him like I know is that there but. Not you may need to pass the time yeah cellar and I don't show up there and I have I had and Kirk Kirk grade I hate it there I'd rather die. And at any time with nick in his basement and all ago. Yeah I think there ending that I really seals. Yes a little eight that when he thought son I didn't brace. OPEC. This picture I think that who sided ring to kind of get into that flopped more sensitive. He's creative. And it was I mean you just protector. Like. I think we're I think he acts with just acting kinda let them. Do do it can string together a couple of actors that are I mean Jim. Well. I mean an itchy feet he. I don't I love the fact that Chris and and I looked at it wants emulate Chris Sale. Because. At that picture. So much respect for currencies structure you're straightforward. Do his job. Andy pastor not him on the mound when he went rose one bad pitch. Yeah and it made it and here you're saying thanks for the call but you know I I wish at this point if if David Price wanted to emulate Chris Sale or if Chris Ellis outings and he's sort of influence on David Price. And we would CNET and anything he did the exact opposite has happened. Chris Sale is managed to insulate himself and not get you know all torn up and I'll caught up in the garbage. But everybody else I mean I'd I don't think I I was like nick I was hopeful that maybe Chris sales coming to the team would have a a big calming influence I David Price war. At least seven may be reevaluate the ways that he interacts with people in and get so worked up about whatever but he thinks about him either whether it's. You know in the newspaper is a. On line on the talk shows that hasn't happened yet I don't see it happening yet that that's a little bit of a disappointment in a little bit of surprise because I thought the same here I thought sale. Was going to be this sort of alpha everyone follow my lead in on the field he's that way. But it it's pretty clear that you're right insulated ago where'd he seems he seems almost above and separate from all the stuff that's gone on and that's letting price do his thing. One thing I will say. Prices teammates whereby I mean they do and that's. We shouldn't forget that you know there and guys here who were disruptive AJ Pierzynski are Manning certainly at times. Who. Teammates would roll lies they would you know what is going from a this guy behind they would sort of invade they would they at least tolerated them well they had but more the point they had ways to even let us know or let people outside now. This guy doesn't it Bobby Valentine perfect example right Pedroia weakened his tenure saying that's not the way we do things here about his own manager. I so there have been guys like that and you don't hear a heap about price you'll only hear good things so. I'm sure there are people in management the coaching staff from short John Farrell. Doesn't appreciate some of the things that prices down but. Within that team within that group. There with him and that's you know no matter what that says about them and that says about him may be where totally wrong about him I don't know but those guys stamp. I like to know what it is that his teammates are drawn to with him are they drawn to him geek cries. Maybe he really does exhibit leadership skills. Behind closed doors that we don't see maybe he really is a guide that get those players in the clubhouse feel like they can trust. They can go to to air their grievances and that he will find a way to take care of them. Maybe they really feel and maybe he really is a guy who has the team as a whole. That's his main folk send it seems on the outside that maybe it's a little selfish on the inside it really is ominous culture with stick but. His heart's in the right place he had his mind his artisan but is it impossible that he is just such a bully. And they you're so afraid to cross him because there are people like that in the world right where. You're you're better off lake OK let them be who they are. Answers. And if they. Really really really. He crossed the line I'll challenge them. By. Otherwise. It's better just to be silent because I don't wanna be the targeted higher. Up could. I don't I don't want to ever look back. But sometimes I feel like that's probably good example. If that's how you think he's amazing he's awesome he's the best. I am radio station here. Truthfully Kirk is a different we ran side parroting him on the and it Stephen A Smith that. Yes we did we sat here and just watched him do his thing yeah you Vicki and noses and an opportunity here for a second that would tell me about that is. People of course were like ripping I'm John and I on this on Twitter and things like Alan Boyle goes sure US that sell it though and you. We came to the U nice tight ends and tell perky was in the wrong. It sure. Should matter is those exact same people you I would have stepped in and tried to insert ourselves and you would have been theory is that we tried insert ourselves in a conversation what Iraq today we would have directed that were so full ourselves that we thought we were good enough to be apart like there's no making you happy to sell the best thing to do in that situation. Was parked at a great job with it. And I was just elect her ago that was Charles Barkley barreling down the lane you just get the house. And I was not going to I was boats and debris yet. Sometimes it's best just to say anything at all and that was one of the moments. And wonder acts yeah I don't know which person and I don't. Know which person David prices I don't get the sense that he's bullying club just out of believe the media but the thing you said guys can go to him and I just doesn't cancel anyone in the clubhouse it's like does it mean Mike lets the tests if forties Turkey as part here yeah. For the most part is really big dust and last me about Kirk outside of work and say listen. Yes on the radio he's very bombastic and he sometimes crosses the line but. If I needed something I think Kirk we're helping I think Kirk and I consider each other friends to be good for the show. Possible and I truly believe that deep down Kirk really values the people in his wife and I don't really have. And I don't think he's you know terrible rotten rotten human being and could see him doing the calculus as you were drowning would saving her beat at this show it wouldn't matter if you let your it is. Think for an untreated Summers on I worry about that lets me like a burning building you know it's hard journey be funny Aaron. Or are they going to savor another that may be looked better racquets and Kurdistan. Like I it's it's again. He does it really isn't only Jerry. Just doesn't make fun of as much but he but it's that the idea that oh god is moved to this effect side I might be that's and that to me I wonder. Is what the over lying you know. I worry for these for some of these guys could I it was a that. I'll look at how he goes a look at how they went after goes after anyone that crosses. Yeah I wanna be the one stands up and process him and suddenly am I gonna be the one that's out. Yet there's definitely something and I wrote about this a week or two ago baseball club houses that whole idea you go on to get along and you. Don't rock the votes of their 22 guys who like something in the clubhouse and not even many. If there's six strong willed guys who likes coming in clubhouse they're going to be 25 guys like it like it or not right and that's our X. Are at 61777979. B 376177797937. Talk and Sox will also of course patriots had a out pre season game on Thursday pre season games all that exciting but. Some story lines coming out about which accounted for sat Jimmy Iraq alone Cyrus Jones and our richest at least some. Decisions that need to be made and of course we have as Gary's fine and the Goodell three. Three force apps into that picture Roger McDowell dented at all we're with you until they reach funny and turning into mossy treasuries for me would be handfuls. That's two more with training until moxie about Sports Radio WEB. The truth. Should add those exact same people you and I we've stepped in and tried to insert ourselves of you would have been theory is that we try to insert ourselves in the conversation what Iraq today we would have wrecked did that was so full of ourselves that we thought we were good enough to be a part of like there's no making you happy that. Though the best thing to do in that situation was scripted a great job with it yeah. Yet and I consistently heard that was Charles Barkley barreling down the lane as if you can't stop Kurt and him it's impossible. I'm Miranda wade got the and try to put the epithet at that. Yeah. 08 does make you laugh terrifies me that also makes him a true is that it's very. It's 561777979837. Trades about C here with you until 320 because there is a 4 o'clock. Oral five Red Sox game makes up box. These three Taiwanese man we I mean that I should when administered it for you as a arm and it hopes to when he extra minutes though I'm sure they're like no weekends now. We can tell in dollar and you've major wall. Tired and life is rough announcement it's now world's smallest violent. Step for the Red Sox last night we'll watch the Yankees five to four. I. I Nino Addison reed is in everybody's gonna have a house to anger me it's just it's human nature you're not going to be great every single time now. But there is unsure. Just because of the nature of this season and I and the peaks and valleys that I think have been high here and lower than maybe in previous years previous seasons because they're so expectations you just to the lineup of those Red Sox team. You really do look at it and say. They should be right there with Houston. And definitely Cleveland and AR and I am ready as I can best record in the elderly out there there that that's that's where they should be. Because they're so good I think they were the prohibitive favorites for the American League at the start of the season for a reason. But for what ever reason. Despite all the talent on the roster part of it is just because maybe that a lot of that town hasn't lived up to expectations this year. But there it is a reluctance. To totally buy into this seemed to totally believe that that. Despite the number is that the that the bullpen has been deep asked bullpen and in the majors in the American League in the majors. That you're like waiting you're waiting for them to have a night like they did last night. That and I think you know part of it is you look at that often can you think oh great W putted twelve runs against you know the White Sox slow clap. But do it against the Yankees. Which they weren't able to do last night and they sometimes shoot themselves in the foot you know whether it is defensively or on the base paths. And I think all of those things combined. Has made it particularly difficult it's totally behind this team but for whatever reason again despite the numbers I think if you. Hold Red Sox fans. The one thing that they would say that would worry them the most is that is the bullpen because there's nobody without with the exception of Craig Kimbrel. There's no at an apple and that you say hammer remember and you know. 2016. Or 2015. And his lights out and Daniel you are an eighth inning guy when he was blown people right there is no. My I've blinking and the guy. The reliever from Cleveland. Outlander measure known as an accurate that now but I'm saying there is there is Andrew Miller there is no Wade Davis from two years ago with Kansas City there is no oldest Chapman is much they hate that guy from last year with the cubs where. They you've got a sample size. Wait in September. And into October that you can go I know that Barnes might be struggling right now but when Matt Barnes takes the mound in October. Or when Matt Barnes takes the mound in late September against the Yankees. I have no fear I had no concerns that I I that he is gonna dig deeper to find it you don't have that with this ball. Now and Addison reed is probably I don't know if he's selling act as Joseph Kelly it it's well too but reads the guy you brought in. To be your eighth inning guy he was gonna lockdown that eighth and then let everybody else push back seventh or sixth or whatever. And now you've got that open that you're talking about. It's a home run to the first guy he faces with the Red Sox okay. Blows the game last night in I mean that's on him that's not on Nunez out on a joke tally that is on Addison reed last night. Fretted Maryland our favorite caller about our favorite guided guys in the morning Kurt in Gerri love them we eleven to. He joins us now good morning Fred how are you. Find the weapons. Banners that. Great and I'm feeling pretty good times here it's hot out there. Yeah yeah yeah I'm I thought I disorder try to understand him maybe you can explain it to wake. They get really stick that on my twenty innings without giving apple a run and I had a pretty good sequence but why did he bring him. Barnes and is that the last night. Instead of Madison degree which he normally does and then varsity eight Barnes doesn't edgy still of those two duke Raleigh. Yes you wondering why Barnes before Addison reed. I've wondered why Bard before I disagreed because we'll put that. Twenty games that they haven't given up a run it's bitten at citizenry that aren't. Yes so what they've what they've been doing with Reid was using him for the top of the order generally so farrow's Chinese him a little bit more like Andrew Miller if top yarders coming up in the seventh. Then Reid comes in the seventh so wasn't really about which inning it was about the letter read the hour where they were in order. It is talking about matchups yes yet all right and then you're writing shot themselves in the foot then. And in my opinion they got the three walks in a row and I don't know what happened I turned the radio up I guess. I get through Amazon echo it's it's streaming video Obama. Back in in the game but I have a night that we'll check the list of the game on. A nice caveats for idea that Kirk is not doing reads for Amazon for Alexa. Relax and. Yep right values Alexa and it is it's amazing I am able to get cute but I can't get them gains because. A contractor role playing that you can't church street. Me ask you need MLB at that. Well he didn't miss settings has there really stunk it up and a nine plus sized it up on the basis Fred. Lesson I listened to that great walks that they got tight on my iPad I compiled on that. There and I said wow looks like my fear of something bad happened and make war that's. And then all of a sudden all together it's one round out of that chit chat and all the sudden. Pound them pound the strike zone planet for the first three batters. They missed an upper right they miss an opportunity friend have a great weekend at Latina who say yeah. I know you can't win all the games and and I understand the matchup now but let's see what happens today and tomorrow we got a good pitches going today at the bar. Yes they do hopefully we'll win. 80 probable one out of chill looks go between in good shape. Our art rather I read and take care for me thank you I love Fred Jack Fred's are best dollar. He should have asked. I'd love I love anyone has wisdom yet like Fred as wisdom in his years any is is Alexa and as an act now and an iPad lets be honest. Ask Smart questions and comes as a topic gets to. Stunt men. Lot different and we had an answer form to that makes it feel like yeah intimacy reducer is sort of address also prior to us taking us a little bit as to why they might go to Addison reed in this in the eighth that's why they brought here he was closer with the Macs yet. And I was curious. At how Addison reed is performed in the post season. That mixed bag for Addison read India and post season in the division series. Crates 675 ERA in 2015 when he played at the when he pitched the match inning and a third. You know two games give up one. Give up one and are primed for I don't know elevenths so terrible prettiest six yes 675 ERA. But it should that series that year he was lights out. Zero ER 82 innings pitched. And then in the world saying. Lewis he world news this is where things that this is again where getting back to my point of you don't have a lot of guy is. We have a large sample size. Or are again and Andrew Miller type post season worst start to finish he came in and did everything he did it brilliantly and you can look at it and say. That's the guy we might get that the heavy make out what matters most because you have. Yeah of his GRE in the World Series 982 in five games yet he page came in third. He came in in game five and tie game there an extra innings album at that point knew the royals are gonna win that series anyway but he's owner gave up five runs or Rembrandt was in the twelfth inning. And that won the World Series for the role as a fireman a man five runs as his sorrow earned run what they do they scored five runs as a student to assume he gave up three or four of them. So. Carried out that that that's I think there's so many questions particularly surrounding the bullpen. Aren't we'll take more of your calls talk Lamar Red Sox at the tuchman noon hour we'll get into some patriots not sure that's what every really wants to talk about is that is football season ten Philip of all their little bit. It was weird watching that game like feeling invested in a pre season game which normally I don't care are you watching or upload your watching and I'll throw in your thinking. This could be that guy has to be the next guy this could go on for another decade which no disrespect to Tom Brady's not going to be playing ten years are now. That's my news flash output is. That is the hot a lot of patriots fan earning it I would dispute that fish eye opener sets aside sock when we come back and turn intimacy. You're locked into training because generic and John Tomas talking. That's reason more on Sports Radio WEEI. In Martha's Vineyard. Had to come out made a statement came out and went in front of cameras and made a statement look at that police pregnant. There were essentially there was essentially an army. On the streets of Ferguson Missouri when you had the first an uprising. That and it was a very different scene. Dogs were used hoses were used and I was in Baltimore where again there were takes. There were armed police from all over from all sorts of jurisdictions around the country in different. Insignia and regalia and armor and body armor the bubble body armor. A story read from MSNBC's. AM enjoy America's burning people. Let her why she's referencing marries that right now she's showing the she's trying to illustrate the juxtaposition between. What's the police and military presence Idec protests in places like Ferguson and Baltimore and New York City. Following. The the killing and things we have shootings of unarmed African American and vs the V relatively small police presence today he's very. Vial it's turning into very violent rally of white supremacists in Charlottesville Virginia. Those are the are familiar Charlottesville Virginia as the home of the University of Virginia right now we've just turned CNN on. In our our studios here and there are violent clashes. With otherwise peaceful counter protesters are appears that the counter protesters are peaceful. A lot of confederate flag the ladder don't tread on me flags on CBS is reporting that many of the marchers the kkk of a white supremacists. Our I dressed in police uniforms which it is confusing thing Massachusetts causing adding to the chaos. Were to hide the gap where argument we might get to this in our. Yes I think we'll actually get citizen Enron and Abbott house when he air audience to thirty now we'll keep you abreast of the situation in Charlottesville Virginia but for now to back to sports and not Ralph in Cranston here he'd like to talk about. The Red Sox who. Casey who you know woke up this morning and didn't get a little alert on your phone or instead to watch the game they lost to the Yankees 54 after a rally in the eighth inning laureates and after iPad after three walks narrow like you're really try to Melanie Ehrlich screw this man. It's a frat Celia. Ralph Preston. Them. I. Now out there and winter eclectic an opt in we shouldn't really have like. A meet and greet for Dick and Upton and Freddie in Maryland I think he'll like cute little like elects a pen pals or something I don't think it send each other attacks over their mutual axis. I'm glad I could see that I guess he got hurt having his program spreads. I think that's that would be awesome route to Cranston as saying. Com Don everybody chill out not about what's going on the world but the Red Sox Ralph toxins and to anyone last night. Let's say inaudible what would not what our triple what you just played at the money Jones. And guess what should look at this and that's what they should make economists say oh there's only recognizable so that's the style. Bought bullets fly Chicago spied Louisiana's. Now you can go there because the project is there a problem thought they would race at all that he. When I'm looking to attack and look if you retreat that god would not pouring acid down at the inner peace but anyway. You know let me and as you guys saw that in the music you can't judge anything like that. Let's say 20314401. Double what was going trial. You've had won't singles against Kelly. But this is the way the Red Sox normally winnable so people conduct its initial what does he get these guys. Portable and the field but worked. Expect a peaceful even if this guys that are strategically in Napa going to beat that's what doesn't what he does. The plaintiffs have to win that's why guys I want this seat in a little you know it's a great out there. I want them to look at possibly giving up power and Apollo college because if you look at the difference between last year and this year. Each side the guidance and you don't need the guidance if you win as much but we wish a 35 guys who went right in the middle line at bat who. I thought from the sun and sheets and looked. So I went right at the end of the year that contract is so that's C rules went to Cleveland you know except what thirty home. Yeah yeah sorry I it's hard to argue though with what Nunez is done you know our tablets is. Well done well but I wanna say in it without a doubt it is when his attack apparently. That's how rebel but. That thing they really needed almost automatically. Get a guy right in the line actually last year chart yet. Really good yet allow people's genes and tricky because he's one of it Egypt forms tomorrow not a quote strategic and especially in the play so. That production and special pull a gun battle that's what. The problem is and there's I don't disagree throughout the way to the greatest they can have gone out gotten Jaber is that the whole reason the Sox ran and Jay Bruce and even the Yankees ran in on him is because they didn't the didn't wanna go any more over the luxury tax the Yankees are already over the luxury tax and wanna add to it and it rare honor I've played Jay Bruce necessary out. That's the other well if John I wish them the ball that couples it with moral and spiritual but it can trickle poll you know you've got guys that played multiple positions diesel PH. If you could bring somebody and it's a good problem and try to say you know what are all it is our hope that the site all against quality as what you offered it to what it took. That's what he's more than two now. What you have to if you could bring that legislation that you have the base as well at last that somebody comes up and it's already too that once in that inning. You'd see how important. Up real power what value is which still only efforts street last year this year she had a guy that could. Coming right David Ortiz. If forty one's. And that we use so many names and it makes everybody around him better because I cannot be watching to ship and they don't wanna be guys they have. And blushed yet that's why. Or hit the middle when you have a manager could start really should teach people to welcome league and I think some guys know that. Pleasure are now thanks man. And he's right I mean obviously is this team looks a lot to formatting RT I don't let that's fine I dare criticize Farrell this year decisions right I will say teenaged changed our lineup he's right Nunez around. He's finessed that ball and I mean let's be I haven't been is a yankees with how he is how he has financed the lineup as I have with the way that he's manageable and I think he's managed the bullpen. Much better than he's managed a lie like. You know Lou pointed out this was this really chaps loose hide for a long time in the milky back from that there was opposition Lou at all yeah I mean that really bots will do. You know loop pointed out the other day. That you know why Casey moved the lineup around to move the lineup around after the six game win streak of why did you do that and now the honestly you put Nunez in the in the leadoff spot. That night they go to Tampa the only score two runs but anybody else in your lineup. So fourth inning. Joy yeah blocks and that I think an attendee at a signal and nay being backed had a single. If you add at work and is in the middle that lineup that I was that hit the ball is driving those guys an anti instead. He'd already back he was the last got to go in the third inning so why your he's he he's. You know rationalizations Jon Farrell's grass nationalization is with a dialect Nunez a guy like that so we wanna get our best hitters why get the most out that's it you wanna get an app that's where they can be productive that. It's Nunez is coming up short as Mickey it's aipac that that a four. But at the guys behind him are getting on base and who care sit in the three hits that Cameron did he was three for four and think of what he could have done. It's he was even you know he is hitting third fourth or fifth. So I am a little and the little. Less willing heroes. I was currently outside I am I passed it two doubles games it's like your view leadoff guy doubles twice and that's generally not a bad thing I mean it's yet I understand your instincts if Irving on and I mean I suppose that you'll also be I mean why I had Dustin Pedroia that leadoff. Both drivers just come and I. And I never even gotten him there's clearly some bad don't know what doesn't drive capacity and the fact that he is. You know back on the DL we haven't really touched on this I was talking to rob who was in Tampa with them and he was saying it just observing the dryers does not what this does not look at and you go back to Dave Dombrowski last week saying. Dawson's got a bad news this company's gonna have to manage for the rest of his careers is gonna have to learn to live and it's like whoa whoa whoa it's got this guy signed for like six more years. What are we talking about here and the fact that he played one game at DH in his back on the DL. Sometimes not right sums now. Our rights look at act to doesn't dry and the red cycle a bit later in the show but we come back. I just top of the hour break we have got to discuss the New England Patriots the specifically. Jimmy drop below who. Think our critics put a lot of those criticisms to bad. There was just a pre season game on Thursday night what did you think the patriots give us a call 61777979837. All the talking pax become back.