TNT Trenni and Tomase - We're All Gonna Die

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Saturday, August 12th

This weeks edition of WAGD. Topics include Kid Rock, Omarosa, and Trumps fire and fury comments.


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Well maybe there will be hands of a Korean new killer missile because mossy. As he treated at me yesterday morning WA. GD. We're all gonna death it's. Time for extraneous Hamas. These were there are all good. Well we are back for another week that we are all gonna die and I think we should just jump right in what do you think Dallas can't look at it there is a candidate for senate. In Michigan is gaining the backing. Some prominent conservatives in you may recognize his voice. I should dial. I definitely like behind thought about it. Suffice it like I have nothing gets it right. I didn't expect him to. The age and actual. Contender for the candidate for senate and out of state Robert Ritchie a the new tide literally did have their time and. You know I'd like besides that I and it's like I'm hiding nexus is actually a great run right. Okay like six feet it's out there there is that's a little stated I don't get hammered it often enough. What year this time. Yes agree to a nine knives and it's an NBA. We probably have directly hear 99 days 98 on the 1998. It's boats in the woods al-Qaeda guys hearing I didn't actually I want him on the floors alleges is that courtesy of WA AF so it should be equally we're not getting you know we're not all good guy this Kid Rock is gonna save us. He's gonna take down Democrat Debbie Stabenow so anyway he has been backed by Mitch McConnell is super pac well it's called yeah. And they want him to run their excited about him running and he said things like I pay taxes so I can't be that hard to understand the tax. I kind of thinking sent out. Yeah I think tag is too but I also use an accountant heat of rock question classroom saint Robert it's I used Turbotax. It looks aggressive China is again denied Cooper in the money so I didn't get. Hi guys that little little person he's saying now that he's not still alive anymore probably not. Lieutenant governor. A Bradley and I IP RE PR EV all right so from one. Celebrity. To another yes. On the road stuff. I don't Ming golf guides their hottest summer season one's name arrows right I remember from my shoes the first winner of the protests in win. She was an effort sees this as a the first tee especially as a national average looking guy won big guy who did the insults the guys from Chicago. Yes yeah he married that chick from. Okay saint. OK so anyway I'm Rosa. She now worked she's she's she's like a hand to the queen you have you know she's sort of look like it's Syrian if you watch him throw not a good and I'm not in my infected one. Clouds she you know she is she is the ear of the president and she was asked to speak at an ABJ which is the National Association of Black Journalists are holding their conference this week in New Orleans doesn't sound like there's universal support. I don't know prominent black journalist and public relations professionals watched. I can't I'm police violence. Her brother and father were victims. Of violence. And let's just at the reception was chilly. A number of attendees when she spoke would turn their backs to ever. And then she was passed out because of her experiences. With the police in and living in lower income black community what she has done for the black community. She says the court I fight on the front lines every day which provoked laughter and groans from the audience. And then she got into it with another panelist she got into it with panel moderator I Gordon. And and may sound strange and we do. With Canada's. You've got a point it was contentious it was contentious. Not what a great come dialogue going back. You know she is she's a snowflake like she didn't like a single tough question and immediately just started parading the guy but if you watched. The apprentice back in season one and the kind of grand isle and I about a very essence of bill. And she embraced it and now she's fast as you said serving at the hands of the king. Serving at the hand of the king we're waiting out waiting by it looks like they have signing senate and that minster for him to address. What is going on in Charlottesville this speaking of Charlottesville. Mastery go to next Charlottesville Virginia home of the University of Virginia which. I united rights. Rally was being held there today a gathering. Ku Klux Klan members in white Nationalists in neo Nazis. The protests have turned by the governor of Virginia has declared a state of emergency the most recent news out of there is that at least six pedestrians were struck allow big rout of the white Nationalists marched. Witnesses said it was absolutely intentional. So a lot of terrible things going on in Charlottesville and add that the president put out treat today saying he condones all sorts of violence but it doesn't. Didn't know yet if there. Browser does not condone sorry does not condone and it's bats there guys because of him you never now does not condone any kind of violence from any groups. And then David duke had this Tuesday. That you haven't here they think you know I'm using this represented. Attorney yeah and their parents yeah people of this little by little we're determined to take country back. McGinn of the film promises it. We believe and that's why we voted McDonald's drop. Because he's he's going to play hard relax and actually had to do. I just doesn't we're taking our country back from the minute David duke thanks to disease to be the grand master. Grand wizard or granite heard about it on the grand wizard yesterday when I mean Abraham are gone Grandmaster Flash grand wizard. The kkk are Richard Spencer has also chimed in. Talking about how he hopes that trumps tweets is. Denouncing. Leftist groups and state police so may be mr. trump I gave you credit earlier or putting out tweets. Denouncing all forms of violence but I think it was to Louisiana because it is interesting that he didn't say white supremacists kkk neo Nazi now. All hates those Olney Erie you're equating the people protesting the white Nationalists with the white Nationalists that's bogus. Did you seize follow up to it is yet that. Which did you read it yes sir in in bad minster for meetings and press conference on BAA and all that we have done and are doing you always to Boston veterans. To make it better. We got a little dash but Charlottesville. Smack. Charlottesville it's sad that's what's happening right now. At its couldn't that's great that's very presidential election yeah yeah. You know what I say this as people at soccer. We have some callers on the TV coverage in this and it is getting a little over rot it's like we're seeing the same footage all of this is different footage now this is footage of the crack in the car crashing into the iron yes. This is new video of the moment to crash the car excuse me. Crashed into a crowd of people. At the march. Is a disgrace it's difficult to see he had to mess anyway. Last. Certainly not least this week the real reason we are out and back and misses like a legitimate we could really outside. Think the North Korea. Best. Maybe getting more rest of the United States. They will be met. With the fire and fury. Like the world has never seen. He has been very threat. Beyond a normal state. And as I said they won't be bad wouldn't fire. Fury and frankly power. The likes of which this world has never see. So he got he is aware that we dropped an atomic bomb. Nights back here's Jeanne also we're we're gonna we're gonna go for more power than that equities again. That's a pretty powerful. Can I just say might in all seriousness of my problem with this is it's not that he's gonna start nuclear war with North Korea because I'd like to think that. Somebody would cooler heads will learn element Ralph and frankly from what you read about can jump in his whole goal is self preservation so he's not interested. You know it's like. They might have twenty or thirty nuclear equipped missiles and we have like 4000 so I mean that would be an annihilation which is not. What he is now regained it's now he's in for however. If you're the president and it states and you make threats and then you don't follow through on them it ruins your credibility around the world and we've seen this. Time and again wasn't that wasn't that a problem one of the big problems he had with opponents about books. And so you know Chinese currency manipulators he's gonna after them until we stood down Hillary I was not to look at the lock her up gays in the locker out that didn't happen he's gonna build the wall that hasn't happened. His credibility is being eroded damp damp today in this. Hurts America's standing in the world and it hurts our ability to affect actual change in places where we might want it. It also beat these scary part about it is that if you make these threats and you feel like you have to make good on the east rights do you preemptively striking country.