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Saturday, October 21st

In the 2nd hour Trenni and Tomase talk about the Super Bowl rematch this Sunday between the Patriots and Falcons and why it doesn't seem to have much excitement around it. They also talk about the low ratings for the NFL. 


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These trainee and tomorrow's a new ones boards radio WEEI he's dreading his marriage and John Tomas he'd break down everything without packs the Bruins and all new England sports so. It's trillion Tomas C plus Sports Radio WEEI. And. It's. Our efforts to Freddie and send mossy want to back to Celtics talk but someone. Is famous athlete knows all too well. What happens when you had a gruesome. Career and in which obviously that is the case for Gordon Hayward is still a devastating injury while playing a game. Is former MVP and Super Bowl champion quarterback Joseph eyes and he joins us now. Joseph thinks so much for taking time higher Saturday afternoon to join us first question for you I'm sure you've seen the video I'm sure you've seen everything that happened to Gordon Hayward as someone who has suffered a a devastating injury in your own career. How can relate what do you think Gordon Hayward is telling her right now. Well I can certainly relate to. To what he's going through as a matter of fact I didn't see it live but I have seen it on line and you know it just sends shivers up my spine anytime I see an athlete or any person suffered an injury like that it just. Bring me back brings back a lot of memories for me of all the emotions that you go through this pain that you culturally never sort of never goes away. You push you back in your brain somewhere you don't think about it at all sudden something happens. And narratives in the forefront of your head again and I just feel bad for Gordon I'd you know the good news is he's 27 years old I was 35. And with the medical advances they've made the last thirty years. You know you hope that he's gonna be able to get back and be the player he was. Yeah right now in the early stages you really concern yourself with physical rehabilitation. What the doctors are doing to repair the injury and that's really where you focus I mean his. You know it's vital water probably a little bit to the future but. Once you start rehabbing once you start trying to do the things you did that's when the mental part of it starts to really kick it. Joseph and things like this happening you mention it it brings you back how can it not. Do you find yourself thinking of you know being on the field when it happened do you find yourself thinking of those days and weeks afterwards when your wondering what the future held. What sort of the most visceral thing that comes back. You. It's it's actually laying on the field I mean I can close my eyes at times and especially when something like this happens and I get a lot of phone calls and inquiries about. You know what the future might be record nor the injury itself and that meant so. Aspect of it that's really that's the part of it is there's two elements to an injury there was physical rehabilitation. And then there's the mental part of it and I'm sure he's gonna be tough not to get through it surely I surely hope so. Every 2 and 19:10. O'clock at night Elaine on the steel look at upper deck. Big lodging clock I was at the end of the stadium and seen all the bases around me until the moisture on my back. And the smells in the air. It is it's it's a true flesh against. I didn't I would believe. You know somebody's sick yet it happens but it's happened to me and I do believe it. And I and I experience it like it's that might my heart goes out to. I've been asked before I'll reach out to let them talk to him and his camp that. It is as if there's ever a point when he wants to talk to somebody who's ever what like you're a young man I'm more than happy to do it anyway actually. Chile you talk about mental I. I hurdles I know this for you is yours is a career ending injury they if they do expect Gordon Hayward to return but when you think about being an athlete what is the biggest mental hurdle. Once you step back on for him the court for you live in the field. Can I be what I was before. That that's the that's the thing that that you go to and and Kevin ware who obviously had a very severe injury and Paul George. They're too bad cable and on played bass boat edit you know Paul continues to be and also. So when you when you see severe injuries like that legacy of the medical advances are based went ice broke my leg back in the eighties five they had really. Worked it perfected. Putting rods in lights. And especially its hit it which is the bigger well you know people. Don't people understand there's a stipulated to it. I actually broke that you look when I was in Canada in 1972. And then got both of mid 1985. And at that time. We felt the union was very good and so they didn't put a rod and and so therefore have lost some links. I continue to have ankle issues nerves or are gone and that in the ankle and then the year you'd start to walk a certain way and this picture get the new axle the the physical part of it is to make sure that everything is aligned. Let's record it's going to be once he starts training once he starts. Doing the things that he did it and actually. You know you just say to yourself out or connect push themselves and this is where. This is where at one piece of light as they listen to the doctors. Doping in a hurry. Don't rush it back. Take the time to make yourself 100% ready to go again so that you can overcome any mental issues a couple of. So you're hurt on a flea flicker he was heard on an Alley you. How long did you spend replaying that in your head saying you know why did we call that player or why didn't Harry Carson and LT byte on the fate you know well how long were those thoughts Internet. Not at all I think we'd run that played before with great success. You know look at back on its. You know you'd. Look at I've done to avoid being you know how can you put the the thing about the thing about what we do at this level of athletics. News you can think about things if you take a second to think about all right let's in Gordon's case are Angela had done committee you've got to adopt. And I could do you take a tactic that you leave yourself open range. It was just very unfortunate accident attack. In work before certainly I would back and I and I think so what did you call. But that's what. But now. You know it's just part of the game I mean. It's you know it's injuries are part of the game and in this is where you're really tested or someone. I know Gordon's going to be back with a vengeance is like asking all come back. And and Kevin and then other guys in edited or just its interest in we're talking about you know Gordon but. The bottom line is I've gotten calls from other people that are broken their late skiing. Whether you know dates all out of you know family members reach out a much like dads you know going through tough times you've called more than just like it's more than at the health anybody's mind was the most visible of injuries. And it was at a time when. Yes their injury was look at different. Today. What happens when it would actually does hurt or someone's hurt pretty severely. Article right way to commercial. And you know you bet you don't. You don't hear the disclaimer anymore you might wanna turn away it's pretty Bruce. And I credit television for taking that approach could everything goes to the Internet any. If you wanna see you concede a thousand times somebody's you know of that nature. I'm glad you brought that up because I wanted to ask you that if in retrospect you felt a little exploited because we were talking about it they show I was watching that game is a kid and they showed your injury three or four times they showed it in the year and highlight pass. Package which is kind of amazing and then you compare that to Gordon Hayward where Kevin Harlan said oh my gosh Gordon Hayward has broken his leg they showed it once and they didn't show it. Yeah I think and I think it's good it's good wouldn't it's good for the standards that yeah we'd like exit. What's available to people today if they wanna studied any link they wanna look at it again. They can always look at a YouTube Internet wherever you're you're gonna find this forever it's but I don't feel exploited. I never really thought about it in that situation goes that was a different client. In society it was a different time and athletics it was just that normally aching to what happened at athletics. You know I am. I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to have a loose use of might like to be able to do things they're they're there you know young Yemeni man Neil Perry played San Diego State. Had a very similar injury in the freshman year and they couldn't control the infection because you know I had in an open what's called an open exposed fracture so you know your concern yourself with dirt and all that stuff. That's the most important thing is to control any infection Mikey in that area. And young man on the loose in the lower part of this like. The reason I know this story is there was still enough. Speech down in New Orleans for the first New Orleans Bowl. Would think it exists anymore but he was given courage award. And I sat and talked instead. And I he had made his mind after he was gonna come back in place they built a prosthesis off and I believe his senior year the opening kick made it. Wow so I think it's yeah it's it's just it's a question of just mental fortitude that just point. Like it Gordon's young enough on got a whole lot out of them you know you look at guys that are played began seeing how they come back. They'll be great counsel for him going forward. Because it's the same sport which you know you just wonder you know that first time you'd jump couldn't come down what's it going to be like. You know do I have the stability that I need I was gonna affect my back hasn't been affect my knee. And I can have the flexibility in my ankle that I had export be able to do that things I want to do. So those are those all the things that you sort of deal with down the road a little but right now it's just a question all the odds and thoughts and prayers and you'll. We talked a lot about how it affects Gordon Hayward mentally but how does also affects his teammates. And as it makes them think twice about driving the lane or going out or if you don't experience it in your in your experience does not really have a trickle back. I don't think it trickle them stacked I figure out you know in the game. Talk and some of the giant guys we changed a little bit about. Then reflecting. A dot I read the accounts of the game occurred on the technical football. Made it that that would be it's going on long runs long passes and everything else. But you know winner of the mentality that is actually next thing about. Are you can't you can't just worry about. You know what might have happened what might ask our businesses and in concessional business one of what might your renewable. And curiosity well you're asked to go out on a court employee will play. You gotta go to the whole drive aren't a lot don't you whatever you need to do but you can't backlog one man because. The margins are so slim. At at the professional level. But if you mentally give up just a little bit. You're not going to be which you work in and I don't do I mean they feel bad for certain so that it and I know they'll do everything they can't let the game goes off. You have to approach it that way you look. You know I I hope. Begins will also we got games don't you check this out yet an entire season. And there's expectations for you now who's gonna pick up the slack. It was going to be the one that steps up. And and that and that's exactly what he's from Hebrew and Christine rates. To say OK you know I don't got out somebody's gonna have to pick up slack somebody's gonna it will get it done. Was that so it wasn't hard eulogy schrader came in and won that game you guys came back when. You know which really audience as they were wrote. As they were loading the incident. Ambulance on the sidelines. That first play that was called was a bomb down the right sideline to art market he caught her right front. I'm cheering on this couple things that cabinet are remembered by so vividly. I was being. Taken off the field for example I haven't stopped the Gurney. And I turned to Harry Carson. And I looked at Harry Carey I understand you're thinking about retire. Yeah I am a civil don't you go retired aren't coming back. To be out on the tonight. And you know we had a little chuckle over. I've when I got to the hospital started slightly back together. I asked them to delay the surgery until I had a chance to watch the end of the ballgame so they. It brought it to the end with a coat hanger and it's like to watch in the football. And then when we it would look like we're gonna win I told doctors to which you get. Read we begin abbey on a show here and not ask you about the patriots and the current state of the NFL joke so the patriots. You know they're they're they're quite a lot of four and two. But not quite the team that we saw last year in the Super Bowl I don't know how much of the patriots you've had a chance to see this year but. What are you seeing from them is it then and their terms of maybe a little bit of a Super Bowl hangover for lack of about a word. You know you can. I just he can't believe that the new pictures and absorb all hang out precipitous so many they've been hung over the last ten years that case but you build a a great friend Thomas as well. I see you know obviously without Julian they're they're learning to live in a different in the way our process in which caught in healthy certainly makes a difference I think the offensive line. A pretty good job you know. Given Tom a chance to do things defensively is where you see the susceptibility of the other defense hasn't been able to make the plays that they Apple's war. And and that's the big. To me. I'm look at that in England patriots right now as it's being use net you'd better be careful. You'd better be nervous about because you know good agency you know how great Thomas. Built I think bill Belichick's best coach in history of football I just believe that she has our incredible ability to adjust so much different for so many. Types of course. Particular on the defense side of the ball energized and rip job on offense and yet stability in the coaching what you don't have any results and the ball. With Patricia as a coordinator Josh on the other side and build a coach you look at that staff those guys have been there for every. And then to meet that. Back to speak volumes in the fact it's a long season. And you can't count patriots out at any point Ivan you know when I went out fourteen and yet everybody OK that's got to remember. There's three teams they key of the week which. The bills. Dolphins in rejects as they play him so much. That they understand. I think what they trying to go and it's always going to be adult. And I know struggle in the first game so this. It's just it's the nature of what they are willing to oust. Three times out of the light years they've won the world championships lost first and that's not that's a long season. We're just committed to the middle balked so we got a lot of football to go and I fully expect the parts of the knock on the door but I do think Kansas City. Presents a challenge to them I do think Pittsburgh presents a challenge to. And so. You know that's where the defense is they're gonna have to defense after step a little bit more what do you think about oh. You know schizophrenic. Thing the Redskins beat him in an addict or a hundred yards off cents. Against the Redskins and they turn around and make them back and sling it all over the place. Against Kansas City. You know you just again that was one of those labs. Division. Where the division at New England sits in its people in your division you're pretty well. And it's always going to be thought. And you know Oakland has won I think I just don't I just don't believe in them. Nuclear Womack is their best player by far. On the defense side of the ball in bear close in around. Liked Marty puts the ball on the ground a little bit too much he leads the league cops. If you start catching the football and start clicking. They certainly can be a force and they were quarterback away from have a chance to do some special. And and to be honest with you if you look at last year's playoff game against the Texans they were quarterback away from probably may be leading in England patriots. And we can't forget what it's washed in the greatness of the New England Patriots last year they were down 28 swearing in football. That was a monumental. Historic comeback if they were together. You can see those things happen. There could I don't think you ever again. So. You have to put into perspective. Of what took place in the Super Bowl in what's taking place don't vote they'll be there. What you don't want to spot people point five points you can't spark people retouched. I don't you know electric I think Julian. It's was so important that all sides and and Yevgeny can get it starts. Bought it's it's stiff there's an adjustment attached. So lasts on for me is Brady gonna survive this season he's already been sacked more this year than it was all of last year we've keep cared about the left shoulder being ensor he's taken a lot of punishment. And a guy at age forty survive. That. You know using not a guy at age forty I think that's of course we have to understand. Forty today is like 32. You know fifty is like thirty plot. I mean it is to pack as it depends on how you take care your body weight you what you secure yourself on the hazard down to a science. He has a battery of people around him that would understand what he needs Snooki knows what he needs to do and and I think he can play a couple more years. But I think this is the point now where Tom is gonna have to. Adjusts mentally a little bit and you know. Try not to hit the shots are gonna play. On line that are you climb the ladder find places to to get rid of the football flying wait to get it adding your. If he can eliminate. Two hits in game. You know that's going to be twenty markets. If he can eliminate you know that's accurate sacked their two year old was sudden. Protecting yours. You know I've always believed that the most source of the single biggest responsibility. Although quarterback. Is to make sure that you are able practice and play every day in every game. And Tom has done a tremendous job with that you look at the records and try and upload them to meet on. What he's good at you know they may have to make some adjustments. You know you you can't get behind people and dropped him back. 1617 times eighteen times in you know a quarter and a half and expect them not to. So it's gonna be up to their running game to help control of that that makes movies you want but I fully expect listeners season. I've won more quick not football question for a Alonso will probably don't know he were drafted. By the Minnesota Twins who grew up in the Jersey and made it in New Jersey. So which team you have play any Dodgers in a World Series the asterisk yankees. I did the Yankees you know. The Yankees are about sentimental favorite had a kid growing up as Yankee fans and it's really funny you know we do a lot of trade shows today and everybody. I used to have on trash Yogi Berra Mickey Mantle moos gallery. I used to have all of those. Those trading cards are used in in my like. To me I know I I. I mean I think of all the money that slapped around by Tyrone might like into its don't do that anymore it's a shame no they don't they don't they can't do to value but I you know my heart says the Yankees and Astros. I think our. Probably a better ballclub but almost look at the Yankees is a little bit of a team dashed. And you know this is is that you know this is what you look for game seven. It's a chance to go to the World Series. You're playing a really really good ballclub. I used. You think you're pretty good ball club and I think Joseph Torre's. Contrary but I think he's unbelievable job which a lot of pieces that have come together late in the season. Sorry to note seismic and BP's Super Bowl winning quarterback. For the Washington Redskins thank you so much we appreciate via big time job. Aren't. I. Iron to thanks Seattle I. I grit stuff from from. Get there Johns mossy when I covered the NFL he was an awesome resources column any time he would always hockey is great you still broadcasting at that point is good broadcast that I was raised my. Passer he's a great broadcaster on Sunday Night Football so reacted got to talk to and obviously relevant. So what we're going through this week with Gordon Hayward I we'll circle back I'm Gordon Hayward a loss to take a patriots calls because he thinks that everybody should look out for the patriots they say of the big game this weekend sun and it football against the falcons back. There's a lot of hoopla around this I'm curious why that is why there's not a lot of excitable talk about all that coming up on turning into mossy. Your chance to talk all new England sports with training until moxie right now Clark Sports Radio WEEI. Once again a big thanks to light so night. Companies have had a busy guy in demands some nicer than it takes some time off Chapman nice guy whose hours straight always tremendous two. Here's a great you you said I think you know I don't have zip off the air we're honored he was a great commentator. I doubt I kind of miss the Monday now the Sunday night and I love you know Collins worth and that that's yeah browns and I was right that's a great pairing but thighs and was tremendous amounts to battle all the friction and it sent Thursday and Sunday Monday and all these different nights that there couldn't be home farm somewhere. I know one thing when he. Broke his leg. He went right into the Booth but he had an out in his contracts like if the team we'll sign your you can make it back you can leave right away Tony Romo has long. At this point that enough quarterbacks have been hurt that he would've if you were I. Larry I agree but maybe ya ya all. Only reason that I ask that is obviously as a Packers and you look at the situation in Green Bay do you think of the quarterbacks that have been hurt so far this year is very situation that Tony Roman size. A bit this is worth coming out of my cushy job in the Booth. To go play football. He's from green cars now from remains from Wisconsin is from Burlington Wisconsin. You know. Haekkerup Packers fan and they actually made a legitimate chance of going to the postseason but now they're saying Aaron Rodgers is being backed by December of itself as they definitely say when I was wondering Matt yeah I sought a he had his surgery get a day in eyesight yesterday Michael ESP Halard I think they said they they targeted like December 17. Insane morals insane because. That's you break a collarbone like how do you does know patting you can't protect past now you have to hope you'd only and it's a second time he's broken errors that are it's at least the second. Yeah that could be added but if you're Tony Romo you've been in the Booth you on the market now you'd have you're not an NFL shape or readiness are all that. I severance talent you have rate you as an analyst by ready and as opposed like going on the field and being like being an all Tony Romo can't waited a big AME Jay Cutler Michael's point. And the other thing is how many games is Tony Romo missed over his career you know. A lot sixty mean whatever was. You've probably I'd add that earlier out of him he had multiple back injuries broken vertebrae now affects I eighth inning. I wonder if there's just. A chance for him yet he started as a in the pack as night. Speak to come back Gordon Hayward is gonna come back finally to chip Brian is an added you guys want to colony again we're back talking Celtics for Labatt will have patriots at the top 1 o'clock hour. I was testing to me. I guess sort of knew it by to hear Tim mead did date cool that. Coolest has the right word that the most interesting part which I had to tell us wise how he remembers. Every detail of that moment did this day he remembers the sights the smells he can. You know he remembers what that what Pete but you know I learned I analyze Imus scoreboard made you think about that memory being so seared into your brain. And when grass on his back. Mike and my office sweat yet like the sweat drip you know dripping on his Anders uniform. That to me is fascinating geek how is obviously that is a hurdle that Gordon Hayward is going to have to cleaner. Yeah yeah and you know I didn't know if third you know for thighs men's case if the dominant memories injury itself or trying to come back from injury and the fact that it's. The injury itself is interesting and we you know we brought this up earlier with Paul George same the same thing that he. We know he was brought right back he was line under the basket again basically was brought right back to his injury his injury was. Getting knocked into the basket support and is fully padded and had no give in just snapped. Same exact thing and he said it it's always there he's it's never it never leaves your mind you're always thinking about it. That's kind of fascinating when you think of how. You know focused pro athletes have to be that something like that. Never leaves you you think maybe you think like oh you get back to the same guy every outlet a schism again and eventually it recedes but now it's it and shore. With Hayward it's going to be same thing and some little level it's always going to be there. Now are at 61777979376177797. At 937. Frank in sand wedge my oh my what's gone on Kenton. I want I know you're in dump mode I'm in them that's the cancer. Oh yeah we can all look Albert and I Albert and right islands out. Ollie aimed at turning yeah I yesterday as I hit something in an answered it how close we know we we I learned I learned in memory. Met meant to be well I know what yes I wonder I know it's been no real. A couple days for the people forced to go what did he would injury was really tragic. I saw the old or in the law notes fumble all the memoirs. Obviously true. Lost in style you guys acted the excessive. Or was that exactly children literally literally act like children and I haven't done. In and that even portable walking wall. I love you get some tips on who want to not know. Who does not all at a capital security number I would hope that the lord would force me to walk out of legacy is a crack my head open. He may he may force that I knew anyway. So you're not you're not you're not a fan of supporting your local athletes. Try any less with adequate or not it's nothing but the special what it would it would happen if we shall. The weight of people in Boston electorate title rebel. Now he lives in our last governor and islands and allow the slide away I'll I would say I'm it is as a bad as the fear in needs to act that. That board you know we're get wells in the downside it wasn't big enough for what I wanted to write what did you Aaron I wanted to re post my entire column written by hands. Gas. The we're gonna give me your copy your column to mossy Gordon Hayward injury to report yes. I'm just I am every I is this the credit they made fun of Emmy party emerged terrorists strike like a sand storm blasting you for every direction horror revulsion disbelief. By the guilt yes I NASA and layups the guilty is because your first thought is on other seasons so it's not like this poor guy just had his legs snapped in half. You feel guilty that you can't help but be like. On Nawaz look in Florida watching the sound acts now I can't think and and wasn't there a little bit guilty yeah assembly finds an accent like comic had this for a guy. You know a season's over maybe his career at apple reading no to that extent of the injury I'm like oh man I was completely. Forward this year it's something I will never apologized for writing something in the moment. I was emotional that reflected powers feeling at that moment you know. Sorry data in lake sandstorm it's from a sandstorm you've never been in a sandstorm while if I had written tornado I've never been one of those he does that mean I can't. I can't cite it you don't noted you can't picture what it would feel like at CN hitting you in the face him terrible gas. And that's what the emotions. I agree with in your column you quote analyst Charles Barkley who said I'm at halftime AT&T show their seasons overdue agreed at their season is over. And yes and no yes in the sense they were a legit finals contender they are gonna win but they were they act. They were going to the finals I really believe that I really believe that like I say it was gonna be out long enough. LeBron all of that momentum was gonna start towards LeBron leaving to go to LA. We've seen what happens to sometimes the LeBron and his last year the first go around in Cleveland restrict up is Jersey against the Celtics and that was it and it was. You know he sort of gave up on next season I could I could've seen that happening amendment going to the final so in that sense yes. Obviously the season's not over Brad Stevens a good coach carrier is gonna he could start the all star game for all we know. Bill be good but it's not gonna be what it could have. So in that sense yes. Yeah I mean at this point you know you expect them still make the post season by eight you know Mike Gorman said. That he thinks now there are more like a three year for their like amid all that's optimistic honestly like I look. You look at these Cleveland's better than them I think Milwaukee's better than them I think Toronto Washington anti nausea and Toronto's Baghdad may have trouble with Toronto regards as a sound and when they had a full compliment of players they had a hard time -- Washington why I mean Washington's got to chip on the shoulder man child moss playing out of his mind right now I know it's three you know two games into the season John Wall is a better player and tired and I love carrier ring John walls that. I think he's better I mean he's he's Irving is shifty and quick and can score and all that means agree idol he's a great player. Wallace next level to me back guy goes from zero to sixty he's like a tank once he gets movement. And he's every bit as quick deserving but he's bigger and stronger. Here are you disagree. Well I mean they're like men rise more retiree Irving and I have John mall it's a neat. Which John Wall like time showed me during the postseason mushers and disappears in big games right feeling Tyreke surveying. Sort of the arrives in that situation neither of them play defense very wild and I'd probably give it slight edge to carrying defense. I mean it's kind of dad I try to apply I would probably some carries. It's so far has charisma and below average defender John Wall was the team in Washington mean. You have Porter you have Bradley deal but he's the alpha on that team it has been this is Carey's first chance he's been playing alongside LeBron. In the last few years so so now we don't know and it's hard really to tell which player is exactly so we have a better idea of what Wallace like as a demand on a team and we do for. And so let's on. Our seed and a car while already out carried out works this time I don't know why but it did C welcome to show what your thoughts and Gordon thank. So much so I want reports struck our current crop or the pedestrian. And suffered some people call it finality all our results of all of by an LA all of our ankles fractured as closer it via. And that she's got Home Depot in her ankle she's recovered pretty much fully. And clearly coordinate what's much younger all by. She was. Clearly traumatized. And to this day it is now. Four years ago three years ago. All she has images and he actually cross the street looking at a radical elements fight for what's on the other way. And I get the planet want to make is that about what support it would come back to Santa Barbara yesterday. I was just never happened with the Oreo cart. But. Made a career of knowing what it ought to truck is bought it and putting his body and credible. The mania. And as much what like this say that he could come back under resentment against typically. This is very likely gonna take some time. As each sandy Johnson here comes down that's going to be an backer is ranked somewhere dark it's going to. And I'll all of this fans myself included are a patient understanding and compassionate about it. Yeah so called the only thing I would say is you know in the case you're right she was hit by a car so that's trauma. You're not saying see exactly right you don't cross aside rock expecting to be hit by Gordon Hayward. Eat when you go on the basketball floor yeah he's doing their actions that he expected to do and will continue to do it comes backs of his not that. Added it's you know component of just this came out of absolutely no. Also I would say I wonder if facts. Maybe and and I know you would and I think for logistical reasons I Bassett bishop announced in a whole year I almost wonder if they bring him back towards the end of the year. Any very limited role does that help that transition a little bit better because you're not needed as much or not needed in. And see. Is big overall on time you know my guess is it's guy immaterial because not directly he is not going to be ready there you know. They're talking about realistically like six months you know before you can really start dancing and about being on a floor exactly so. Why even new ally even push it to that attacks. RA will take the rest your Celtics got coming up in this final segment your 6177797937. We gotta talk with the patriots and Felix. Secondary story this week which is so weird Super Bowl rematch I don't it is so weird and also we camper it's reminds you at 2 o'clock hour. We're all gonna. These socks and sees training because generic and John Tomas. Osce got Sports Radio go. This he's that I needed to use. I like to do things I out only wise. The first step first. So the little sly you got I love the wires I gotta give it a shot mag zone and you just take you to give it a little bit more the is the first one us. This is the first episodes like an hour and twenty minute gas like feature film like I get really set the stage for all of the other episodes. But once you really get into it the acting is great chance frank does okay I think he's kind of rallying so in the first episode that's attorney out like OJ James Franco's planned to people don't care. Yes I himself and his twin brother yes yeah so. That part of the Lowell and but there's all these cool little light. Stake. Sub stories in. And within like you are sort of like this and in saint Eleanor sort of like this. Mobster anger all in Paris this morning legal and there is this like. I I I also really love the way the African American characters are portrayed. Because. A lot of times you show he's African American characters tend to be. Pimps and drug stocks came syndrome and sent as the Gaza the white him. Nobody else is always seem to play these ancillary characters who aren't quite as Smart as everybody else and there are couple characters in this that show you these little thing I just these great little one miners any sort of have these southerly big roles of that makes sense like they're clearly not the star up at all. But there's there's this there's a subtlety to their character development that they've really light and now we're starting to get into. Why making Gyllenhaal is you know do what she does and that one I think that when fat unfolds it's just I. You know he's great he's an awesome David Simons an awesome director party's tickets are fought series very angry. Mary etc. well good little goodies team and a team to Costa Ricans we can save that for out of that area now yet very profane no surprise there. Were you a wire person honored so you know I've never seen it and I need to watch it because several incentives like you'll love it some of that and I don't like it is an attack not you know the technology doesn't hold up and thank. I don't care yeah right. That's kind of a weird criticism yeah I mean they aren't good at team from like a millennial. It was never lived without technology and like I went to college and high school cellphone and yes I didn't have a laptop until like. Well in my career total sales and everything and artists that's not happy about it. Have you tried now caught in catch fire return about it MC oh yeah well that's that's a good one that's like it's about the Don of the PC computer era. And the first it's it's and its last season now moments in the first season first after the second season but it does lumping me you would like where. It has. The main character in the first season is liked on draperies that he's a week Don Draper and the first seasons OK but they had a couple of women in supporting roles or really did. And they realized for the second season screw the show's about the women now the public eye lately changed and it's a much better and now they talk about it like it's. You know peak TV classic madman. All of those sopranos like now that level of show. When they shift the Oslo and another race car is totally caskets the first season was it was a decent but it wasn't tremendous but it gets much better. Have so much television my did you get any stranger things yes and loved it plus do you I would Taylor. Yes and verifying which is good it is terrifying and I love that they have thriller underneath that to assign an urban thriller debuted I went to my friend's house in my first or second grade to watch the video is. His family and MTV in mind that what we have MTV the right out when modest habit. And we weren't a lot of cable but one of the best it's like it's Kenya's tiniest little detail in the trailer that they take a shot of one of the homes because it takes is an Indiana right and it has these like rural Indiana or suburban Indiana yet. There is a bush who is his running mate with Oprah's mom now. I know he's up against my motto is yes on a bush. When bush came Reagan bush. Now they'll be held at Busch for 84 Lloyd Bentsen. Who was his vice president well. Who is a story where eight out west yeah opening act that says of bush I think it's a bush Quayle 84 side. And that is so awesome I remember those when I was again it's ogre is that time so awesome like those tiny little details ourselves and now yet looked as though when he. It now you see Jack Kennedy. Now you know he's an opportunity and we'll find out all about JFK's assassination. That's not because of president child but because it's been fifty years it's Wednesday. I mean that's like. He think he checkers is Darren law that's a good as say he's gonna bat at a page being like takers dad was on the grassy Knoll. Our fearless leader yeah. As time here oh liter that's it earlier this little fingers as little orange fingers on the trigger buttons aren't we get back to sports in the 1 o'clock hour we'll talk some page street's. Huge game which should be a huge game coming up patriots falcons Super Bowl rematch Sunday Night Football I feel like there has been zero buys. Zero excitement around this. Every Sox Celtics deeply want to talk about big Red Sox in Major League based on these changes. What's going on why or why it why not as interested right now if the patriots as you usually are 61777979837. We are patriots football coming back and don't forget to the 2 o'clock hour we're on the mean.