Is the Tom Brady docuseries another way to peddle the TB12 method?

Mut at Night
Thursday, January 11th

Mut and Reimer are discussing the upcoming movie "Tom vs Time", about Tom brady and his training, conditioning, and outlook playing NFL football at age 40. Shannon Sharpe thinks it's just a gimmick to drive sales for TB12 products, Mut and Alex debate if that's all it is.


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Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady come great comrades but I think interest in these last couple days but it night's Sports Radio WEEI. Bradford agreed last night so far Roemer has come up anything else wanna talk we'll decide Brady I'm all for Reimer just I think yes we started the week. With. The last couple days and even quicker Sheehan story and ballot check in craft and who's to blame and you don't always been a couple days him playing. Detectives trying to figure who leaks are that that need not interest me I don't care who leaks are at least right now I think I feel like this training staff and it seems pretty easy. And so to me it's about the quarterback award of the code red why would they do it and now all. These age stories today right the times in your favor website 530 grants is back yes and I'm on Jason David Wall Street Journal chime in as well a real IS that is Thomas and excellent which is why we brought up yet. Then the other part of the Brady story. Is this documentary coming out and the New York Times writes about the documentary and it's of course. It's got to be controversial beats I do think there is some. On the call Brady backlash among patriot fans and some Brady burn out on TB twelve and they they love. Brady. They gonna keep wearing their Brady jerseys at their Twitter avatars with Brady OnStar but. I think among some patriot fans a major. Overture but there are not patriot fans that we've heard from that. They can do without the constant TB twelve Dexter Guerrero stopped and what he's promoting now. Doesn't fit the lifestyle of say the the average patriot fingered. Of course not just weird right so like you look at this FaceBook. Documentary and I caught accent makes it seem like it's a work of journalism it's propaganda doctrines. And commercial space but in from Rensselaer. They're running. Like it in the trailer Brady goes the warrior spirit about me like what do we were to stop you mean you before the show during a practice that you know much. I have a warrior spirit about he would be like acts like well what is going to Hawaii saying it's all right you've been. I'm a normal person says what do you call yourself the feed. As I nickname as a set on the feed first of wow that was given to me when I was twelve I did not comment on the feet on and they do not comics of the phenom anymore as far as we know least on the fare on the analysis on importance. OK so even if you're right if if one I've friends said that to me or texted that to me more likely to text in 2018. I would be icing on my other friends or my wife like what the hell's this guy I went up like your good buddy Palestinians to Graham eight whispers to the warrior he cannot withstand the storm the warrior whispers back. I am the storm what you say like you Sally what you do see that that I I sort again. Like he's amber and I mean what should we got one of those because I am not a professional athlete a guy I think he I think he does that because that helps in his mind that Tom Brady brightened a come out on the other athletes tweeting all there are always second. US are called the look at an athlete's Twitter accounts and answered our cows these guys like look this is from days this is really is motivational quotes every day he whispered yeah. You're wrong. On the side to unwind guidelines are announcing that I found hearted and we'd be willing to give up your life I seemed quite as excited I'm giving up mine and you the video ironically shows him with his family. Not giving up his wife and shut it and he got to give up your life to beat me in public shot. I see you you're falling into as few you'd you'd think this is fake for bring your share your beard was Shannon Sharpe. Raises a big phony fake thing from Tom rate we mean what's phony and what's fake okay let's here's Shannon Sharpe patio we'll see Alex's in the Shannon Sharpe camp when it comes to. Oddly TB twelve. We can't not even mock documentary or call all infomercial yes the Palmer is time coming up later this. People what all always open up. If they pitch of some joy out of will got a movie in this case that doctors fear and really Tom Brady not you wanna tell what you've written about a part of eighteen years. Being pride. Didn't want them until you started try to promote these you know the world with him. The TV twelve met it and now all of a sudden wanna open I wanna show you what's in my refrigerator with me. I've got our models I've gotten who are very articulate. Really need the you're saying Tom Brady and maybe make. That's the most outrageous thing that ever came out you now back a lot of debate I embrace the longest Simon never came he wanted to he wants to all put up. Only after he darted to picks something. Why did people so they would part with him. Big crowd he would try out saying it was thumping at college dip is like a real disorder usually they are is that all. And while on a rail or else. Are you saying Tom Brady is nothing like what you write out your son and he want to show you probably have because you walked up battle for carpet. We're gonna start doing and beaten him. In and. Rom monologue on and it went on an epic rant about something mouse mountain please contact ING a war others don't do that's what I. All you can still a lot Tom Jackson on it used to that all the time and Lionel. You know John and I apologize for pilgrims during interviews Tom Brady every money museum. Button when they ordered to a serious point Alec White House it really does that now. Was in a Kirk when he interviews people on his pod gotten them and what you hear unbeaten agreeing with the guy or said it will one podcast is going. On NF Bob May. So he's calling Brady fate I I don't think there. I think it's heavy egg bacon all that this documentaries obviously state in this isn't Tom Brady's real life. It's staged which here we were at these scenes that they better conversation. When we finally see the thing but what do you mean it takes so cakes. Explain how this would work and so what is staged implanted with kids who stayed home were young Brazil has all the scenes yes it's going to work out the army airmen and play it Medicaid's filmy what's reality TV. It's it's it's Brady having control over the production. But this TB twelve that is totally yeah I'd be saying the she's got pretty like Peter to you know Peter Zealand's. Is I don't know Deepak Chopra was still not sure Peter is the crazies like attack billionaire he invested and I invested about two companies he's big Tron guy he is they thing is he believes that. I'd death is just disease. And that humans at their core immortal in his life goal is to find the right treatment the right on the program medications X setter. In which he can live for rapper. Tom Brady wow Tom Brady believes he can live forever any football sense and that's why. Patriots fans had like it's whenever he's invest in this TB twelve step by Harold stock like oh it's distracting them from the field. It's not all ties together. The essence of the TB told Brad this Tom Brady being as good as ever at forty years old don't talk rate falls off the TB twelve brands is no longer special. If Briggs next year 41 and balls out significantly. Okay great if off at 41 just like Brett Favre did. Great in order for the longer he plays the more successful not resolutely nieces and why it at all ties to get us all depend Brady with us this is not a distraction from football and OSHA and all tie zen. It's not a distraction for him I guess you can argue it's been a distraction for the organization I do think even more in the Jimmy drop blow stuff. The stuff that was really real and raw to bella checked this year. Was out the arrow that race he was convinced that players were. I felt like they're being forced to go to Guerrero is quicker sham reported new players in the team thought I'm not going to be in the great click put a policy Guerrero. And so he became. Force there and so from a team standpoint for awhile and it was an issue. I think is gonna have zero effect on a game against Tennessee our game against Pittsburgh on a game and a Super Bowl I don't think we saw Guerrero at least on the field. Is going to have that be an issue for those like it is hypocritical for Brady today at his press congress to stand there and say I'm not taking questions about the documentary on focus on the titans obviously somebody from Brady's camp leaked it to Michael B but it's the New York Times in this documentary was dropping. Amalia app of the previews on FaceBook watch Oprah be leaked right. I mean it's assert your right someone gave it to the times to watch and review. And then additionally they posted that preview we keep playing. Right there aren't so whether you wanna talk about it you're down and I don't know I don't know well don't know don't hissy can someone asks you a question at a press conference about it a documentary that you've that's been advertised but you get this through different things here there's promoting it preview it and they hasn't aired yet if it if it Aries you're right out bearers. Like before and that the safe and suitable and that Monday at the Super Bowl it all the episodes up. It Brady won't talk about it in that two weeks but I'll be like you saying that's hypocritical. The fact it hasn't aired yet what race both the say no one's seen it they always seem reviews of it. And so. But let people watch of course other. Constantly ask your question that's answered is not old settler state have you seen it yet I saw the video I saw the trailer every little article you'll watch the episode I we're at a press conference today my question for Tom Brady would be about this FaceBook. Infomercial. What should be answered now about that if you haven't seen yet help me out I would I don't know what I would Alice yes exactly today he was asked a question about it today Donald policy we just any. He doesn't run playoff time he knows this are the playoffs to get short does answers but he Celek on here to talk about football. You're not gonna talk while that right now is a bit I think was the gist of his answer we had that patio. I thought that was the gist of his answer today. But I am asking you what would you ask what did you wanna hear from Brady today on a documentary we have not seen yet did the patriots how much of the patriots know budget Bill Belichick now. As the article says it is unclear. If Bill Belichick knew about this the article blog what we've had told the times are yes says and adds patriot like Claude. Guess I okay that's that's an obvious follow guess that is the thing that's a fair to when Belichick now. How much of the patriots now. Is it is fair question what what it was asked today patio about the dark matter. I don't mind it means that you veterans were brutal brutal yeah. Good question. It's about Tennessee where two days and he seems saves. And it was regular everything doesn't want you wanted to wouldn't. And it conveys some viewers who witnessed it. We'll see but we'll sit for office again. It I was asking a real prodding DB question I wanted to get stick the knife and debris that's a perfectly innocuous question why you releasing this document. He's not looking at Burton who forgot your question in just a simple question you're. Five part series why do. I read it in without any wasn't talking about it Alex and and your question is a fair question and I want an answer to. But the fact is not out yet you're asking him why he did it but we know that its existence. But you're saying so he had something to do with the releasing of the of course I think of this year. He's our Tom Brady took the time to say. Let's release the teas this year during the playoff front Horace it's his stocky he's ease into it and he's a producer by its Gotham choking is suburbs in rolling yes. It yielding dot Gotham Chopra. Consults with Brady at all about when the trail going just one serious final edit on the stuff to write so I an archery you know as everything about it. That's an amateur and wait until we are very I'll say. This week and no I acted out of its I don't think assured that he still has a total surprise when all watch the trailer from my document came out today no idea this was happening loudly here reminds me are you serious if it were to give it to Barkley but it's infinite Gotham Chopra without gas without pre nine regular lead -- well related exceed definitely definitely definitely knew what is TB twelve no rarely and it all the talk about as little girl's not in that the times story says he's. Not in it as much you'd expect nor has Belichick about it and I'll Josh McDaniels and it very extensive and Brady Brady is the subject. Right he's a subject that document document is all about him you'd think got to ensure open. We could to New York Times and besides I don't think they are Brady necessarily knows every bit the advertising for the documentary. Why is it's hard they went behind his back in the middle of football season they went behind his back idea I don't think he controls exactly when the FaceBook watch preview goes out. If he didn't want it to be released it sounds like an oppressed eyes downward and tight care documentary. You don't think he would have sent a copy choke or hate it's not it's keep quiet on this until after the playoffs. No I don't you don't think so now they got. I am not be surprised now they don't release the video until the tire plant for us house of radium really to stop the top and Chopra and very leasing the trailer of this not just a vanity and question all will you figure your guard Brady said Brady called a good question as he's now army way you can probably want to talk about it is going to talk about. Our door to the playoffs why traction from. Upset as much distraction or where he and his teammate for eighty yeah see that Israel is I was one question at a press conference at night is that we are on to the so what if he gave an actual answer to that question might you make it what it would lose the titans a Saturday yes I want my good friend ethics in his worry yes pans out. It was outbreak is now spending energy talking about Sunday does not affect in the game energy two days by answering a question at a press con not always easy to do. Not easy not always easy question was why did you make this video that's as you said good question. And answered in due time he could have answered it if you are used here in your neck you like Hamas you nitpick it bring them to like bring it. And you don't like Brady was innocent and deplete gates. So that article at saint Maarten. I don't exactly Mike's and a car on the documentary 6177797937. I'd like. They outgoing guys commitment that. Larry no one has won SA both you guys that really really hope they make that decision put to a place Kurt. And you were Italian more on local well. I think that you gotta agree. You'll represent me and my next round negotiations Jerry that'll last that Jerry eleven last for a day and that'll be on it be meter Correll apple and that Mallard get some shots apartment and it can't Barton who loves to the other all the people Jerry lows in the radio. Get better you the company continued to do it on my. No work sex and Elbe River resort the main reason I call this can be. Mark is absolutely right what you just said about you nitpicking memory is absolutely true. Yeah how about it he's a little Chihuahua mix out of boredom irony that. My cat and a nitpick here. All right well. A couple of all the little things use set already tonight and all these other younger berg in the morning. But specifically tonight when our mother documentary. The other ball talking about how he said that he would do all his life. In order you know warrior whatever. Yet he has given up like not. You know by definition given the hyper what he's done but he's changed life. It diet it is every everyday life every little thing that he thought as. Has changed and in order to keep up with the and especially at his age and his longevity is based upon. This change in life that this seemed like nobody else's. That's what he's trying to say in his documentary. And you just care down as much. Yeah it's yeah I might if what are your what does view Brady is when your place when your buddies that he now on me naked in my job Mike and I and give up my life. Get might like it's a huge. Saying he comes across like a total weirdo here in dot oral yes deuce. Cheese. He does I'm not seem like the same boat we're not talking about hot item on what my buddies that I Cuellar is local all whip or target about the best quarterback of all. Number eighty. Has been the best quarterback of all time for a long time and you're gonna continue to be because of this life changing. Being. And it is true and everything else. There it says basically. Turned. Everything upside down. Everything up all of these trainers the patriot 318. Everything they're doing with their players and now is slowly I think anyways and I could be wrong. Is gonna shift towards what were aero what Brady has been doing in order to. Re at least two quarterbacks or longer more productive career. Thea and I'll be shocked by that like a vapid and thanks for your call as speedway people or so. Especially an institution like the NFL. They're so stuck in their ways the idea they're gonna go of the TB twelve meant what it kind of is what is the TV twelve that the right I mean there's multiple phases the type of up liabilities stretching core work I think every and a pilot training staff stretches stresses those that I don't think they know apply ability of course ideally I abilities he made up our notes it's like core work it's like OK I don't your -- saying I had a day Barbara. That is deep tissue massage that you can only get a TB twelve for slate and getting their massage therapists across the world peaking you're getting good deep tissue massage elsewhere. As for the extreme part of it that that's the one part of the I just I don't get this part where it comes to Brady when he says things like. I give my life and I'm a warrior. That reeks of Tony Robbins and you were therefore not club I certainly remember those guys those speakers. Whether they are Tony Robbins or a very powerful evangelical. Speaker or now Tom Brady. They speak a language is is not real they want everything to seem dire they want everything they do extreme and Brady has. Adopt that I don't think you necessarily trying to sound like a huge if you put it. But there is that there's a Tony Robbins ness to it. That is tough to grasp as a normal human being that big guy was drinking Beers a pair read that is not the guy now. At which is why people develop when they change. But he's adopted that pretty extreme level the Robbins part. Well the whole Robbins he had that events when he Robby in their hole and everything is if you're unsuccessful in business it's because you don't have the right energy you know may not be because your lousy salesman a column that's on anything made you suck at your job no doubt it's not. That's your energy. Isn't right either end of the right energy and banking because they can change your owners' rights in Brady's thing is that you're not succeeding and we want to succeed it's because you're not eating properly you're not sleeping probably you're not. A playing these rains easy reasoning Brady. In the whole TV talk met that there is no mention whatsoever degrees natural talent. Nine it's I think is the biggest reason why. He is the escort or call time his talent I he has compared to Gwyneth Paltrow in this times peaceful do that we can back with your calls at 61777979837. Mott and Reamer talk and Brady until pendant Roemer will be here until midnight here on Sports Radio WE yeah. Every great athlete being competition with a sales. He's competing that give you of the burden of himself and heat they don't know her other athletes that this guy I'm afraid of where all of great happily. Compete when big yard but barge to dub themselves at that age. Because that's what they're prepared to enjoy the number that they put up if there you. Other problems you're. Shannon Sharpe in this case is that the Brady did you comparing him to his. As good now Alex. As he was then why have these five weeks or Drew Brees is better I want us to put your take a few planted. Your flag and that takes 103 quarterback rating over the last five weeks. Arms and. It's about it night Alex streamer is here taking your phone calls as always the Brady. TV twelve laws in the B topic tonight. New York Times story headlined Tom Brady's midlife crisis. Has this paragraph early on Brady going all Gwinnett cultural and goo pre. Might be considered endearing to some units not wholly original. After all us fans in new England and elsewhere long ago forgave as fashionably questionable loyalty. The odds that he and endorses and they never believed that the flaky. Was anything but a league wide conspiracy to derail and cars forever the patriot juggernaut. Still something just feels different. About the latest patriots Brady chatter which is produced the consternation an uproar in patriots nation and the NFL at large. And I do believe is different because I think it's real I think we both agree that the wicker chimp story is at its core. Very truthful. I the first part is true is well that might compare Brady to say Gwyneth Paltrow is be a pitch in these mood rings and whatever. Crystal and stuff she's doing that's sort raised on the fair. Shot separate voting again when he says I have a warrior spirit about me I mean it's like this is so strange it's psychology asking their different iPods TV talk writes there is. And your way at that there's flexibility work core work I mean that's that L a lot of people buy into debt to get to. He drinks so much water. You'll not get sunburned these brain teaser is which had been dismissed by the FTC is complete crap. You know and Guerrero is background as wells a con artist they know people get sick of assaying at but. You can't dismiss the diet stuff where you pretend beat by a certain acidity of food on the you know I'm diet is Diaz doesn't end there exists in the god for that diet Robert L young EI the acid alkaline diet the diet that Brady governs is liked by. The guy created Robert L young is in prison right now practicing medicine without a license of the guy is and president. Who came up with the acid alkaline the area pre so there's lots of shady aspects to I think Brady is being mocked sport casually among patriots fans. If he if you were losing and doing this it would be a punchline for him right and you can you can do this if you're successful. And you're still playing your best it's when you're not playing well anymore where people start to. I think mock him more for it there's a real big drop off. One that's what your patriots fan so we got the Belichick pre rector of Guerrero ties in the TB twelve but from the standpoint of Brady. Investing himself NTB twelve and pushing to TB twelve brand. That is not a distraction from football back coincides with football beat eyes the entire TB twelve brand is predicated on Tom Brady's longevity. Entire thing once Tom Brady falls off it no longer is all that special it needs to be great until his mid forties 'cause that's what he says he's going to be. You said that earlier and in your right for now. Brady ends up being the poster boy and really the only. That's success story but it's the ease that he's the poster child for this I think on his own team Rob Gronkowski season this year. Is gonna help the TV twelve method yes I exactly Brady but a couple of weeks ago current at this and it back or glossed over but I think you deserve a little bit more time he asked him after one of the games what's different this year and unprovoked. Or. Gradkowski bent down or touches toes I could do this year ago then when he got the all pro nomination he tweet it out. Working smarter really did help me that is gronkowski saying. I work with Guerrero I could do this I couldn't do this a year ago on an all pro thanks in part to this if you were ever to. Start endorsing it the way Brady has become Brady sort of be a tag team partner. That would be a huge benefit that DB to new site like rate action in the Steelers game playing out on the ground in the garage has never looked this no I don't think using that cat he's before Mike I don't Jerry knocked me for saying that but I don't think that Brady makes that catch our guard 'cause you may think healthier as one of the best had to have ever seen him make. So Crockett help that you're right. And I do wonder our other quarterbacks can emit their started do these things will Brady be mirrored out favorite report. But they're not endorsers yet quick it would Brady's not playing anymore is an air scenario viola Brady is now in I was playing rely alligators vice plane. But he goes to say Russell Wilson or pick your quarterback it's okay you're doing these things. What are paid to endorse the brand and some of the other quarterbacks now saying I use the can I call the TV twelve now. Fed up enough points or started to read an article a few months really Aaron Rodgers says he's consulted Brady about nutrition and picked up some dietary tips and habits. I by the typical brand. The average person doesn't identify with that but right now. Is a huge cash cow that awful book he wrote. Number one and your times bestseller list the cook book that we all make fun of to a two Darko pick cookbook sold out instantly. I mean this stuff is pajamas sell his stuff sells. Perhaps sell I I don't know. Walked around just these forget patriot dads it's easy to talk to. Tom Brady out. A slight football league tons of TV to lobbies oh really I brought channeling Barry I needed brides at Providence with the theory on the good grapple attorney Brian. There I don't mind. And a purposes let this team. Commute term it falcon and watched here and that. I'm being 25 points. And knowing that Oceanic and we're going to. You 49ers. Military problem you give me the second out there and all who created. The route will choose 49ers. In blue book you'd give me this championship. So it makes you think they colluded bridle on that I liked I liked I liked it's I did do you think they colluded to throw the super ball. And Shannon said I'll take one here I'll call awful plays. And no gimme drop low for nothing. The next season. Ole notebook all know at all I would like quote. I'd love O worker. Ollie color still I don't know I think your coworker ditty suggests where Belichick talked to Shanahan about. Throwing this thing was like at halftime what do they talk about it. Yet I'm it will use. At halftime it was. Belichick to him and bring you through that you're remark that he will bring them. Both Jews the 49ers argued your quarterback's. Place he'd then went under so it it notes has the looked out but don't start whispering about using. After that and don't giants or wherever and then. Getting the trade back or the route to where you want which are called again debate via soccer if you have the chance of winning their first super ball. And you know or going that route closed predecessor too pretty why would that. For 120 when using your instead aroused 56 years and another Q what's their outlook. Brian. It's crazy secret and the station so. Last night and up the crazies take we've I think they got up a bunch of these cause my favorite theory out like five or six cars brought up is that the hated the 49ers. Yes the end they weren't Watson got. It's not like he's always so definitely tugs on. They quid pro quo. That Chan and Belichick cavity where Rob Lowe is great the 49ers are gonna trade him back to the patriots. But if gras floats stinks or is mediocre the 49ers are gonna keep. I think there's a quid pro right Providence take is more sane and that take that they're a night like rated and trade back half a dozen people tray out he's got the trade jabs trade sees half a dozen people espouse that theory that droplets coming back here to the patriots. Once freed ties Andrew and payroll want to talk breeding problem Lander. Or does your has ever been above that in the very thing and search the rubble question on the breathing you know. It'll salinas' helped saying you know whatever gains and popular vacation happy as our what are you need to do that keep going and stay healthy I don't think. Like and selling us all these things like the pajama and like everything else like that calculate. Indeed use us as staging an electronic market as something out of it that is the totally me. I mean you all of bill patriots Brady Twitter avatars yet they are marks. And we're going to unquestionable graves well I haven't thought about this look you know my brother stopped in the dangers don't whatever that you global. At the drink raw low and then Brady and Belichick retire and move on. You know wouldn't that make it straight mistake I think it was. Yeah I mean yes or attic that the only patriot fans are gonna get over. Only getting a second for rumpled if you believe he's really good project through a player was this year they have to win a Super Bowl in the short term or Brady and that the find that. Next guys keep me that that Belichick as the draft the guy who's going to be the next problem that will help patriots fans get over if they don't trap the next guy and you go to quarterback purgatory. And you don't win. It will be very tough for Belichick in your craft to live down because of play people think Kraft ordered the mandate and said trade has gone. Yeah as of that exists and uncheck it is the end story we all agree. Seems like it came from the Belichick camp bide. I mean if if not checked guy you know probably is really well I mean protected and wait for nothing that the rude to trade. So in the end he doesn't. Looks a good night. I would agree with that although he's gonna say if he projects out to be good quarterbacks see I develop them and I put a minute Ariza isn't away. Team called the browns we're gonna opt for the number four pick for. He had his reasons he likes Kyle Shanahan right idly without at least made a deal the Super Bowl dummy. And they set the subsidy to trade him to Sampras is so and wait until weapon a deadline do. Yes the other one we had to his people said to Rob Lowe is an assignment a long term deal look like the colts. Residing gonna stay in San Francisco. Real yes I said wow icing on Andrew Luck and Iraq but they say yes and carts coming out as well people are fixated on a problem. Based alarm it's it they are there is a pay it lost lover syndrome going on amongst feature of the why why is he not hear what happened as we just gotta be conspiracy theory. It doesn't make any sense it doesn't make any sense and that's what they always keep coming back to for the last two and a half three months. And it's not craft mandating ballot second Arctic stomping his feet and explain why. The call on either team explain why being called the proudly explain why this was so hastily done. Because they mean to deal with suitable sites want pack one that's that's as good and that's a better explanation than the patriots dismissed. Is Belichick does not miss likeness. He normally does not we'll take more phone calls Roemer is gonna be here until midnight so your on hold gold one where 617779. 7937. Brady's having a midlife crisis he selling TB twelve. You folks are marks according to a caller. Things are happening here on Monday night. Movie here on Thursdays and great mood at. Great day yesterday. Pretty good day here today all the shock of the news the Kirkland hands gonna walk away that Texas in the fifty off the next hour. Do not mention that text on the air will say that for tomorrow. But I I leave here in a bad mood tonight Alex you're a bad mood you feel slighted. And now it's it's the least surprising news might it's a lot less surprised in the news the Kirk is not yet is that tax. Odd that you just got is is the sole. Typical hit it uncle is the word typical. You need to let's training wheels tomorrow made those two. Out the gone. Boring on great. All of it is shorter show for me potentially now that's definitely tune ups and that was the utility I know power. JD in Northampton is joining us here a lot of I would Allen's three Marie is going to be here until I Tenet midnight tonight talking patriots are the guys IGT. The sport that I am not patriots then let me tell you that you Volvo to belong to patriots don't pay attention this which is why they win you games I mean everybody they wanted to but the patriots make their decision to move on Chandler Jones was an all pro this year and know what it's about. You know I was pregnant and mom and thanks and I'm told it's like saying you know that big move that we deficient family and I'm about a parent may wonder what happened. Britain's decision in the long run and they just keep winning all of bubble gum artists'. Resource suck us. Woo them nicely North Hampton does is it might people that's a liberal western Macedonia is. So my people you once say it's the most liberal town amassed she doesn't have to this. My uncle lives out there. It's one of my people TVs on team rim. No what what's the plan tonight. 10 o'clock we've got a lot of heavy Brady here tonight and you're if you're a sticky when Brady to the F four Brady calls up there people want to talk about this. Or unit do equipped old spot we have got to leave you with. My whole life I can't five I got five phone lines at midnight. So. I don't know do you wish you guys said that that's the one thing the other day a couple of B says that one thing if I do it you're you're you ought to get fading at 1230 year I guess what's his name so if your good eye on it your good by yourself is easier to give Paul called flight itself you wanted to do a thing with Jimmie to dominant top so the way you like tennis that some steel. I'm sorry it's a so we're the only two or 202 of the only guys who a lot of solo shows right here. You I've been jig is up it's not that started it all falls in fury never did and it was shut up and I am was inaccurate axis I people hate you sonics had to do it's why do you say these things clearly you have five or lines on Brady dropped low and I tell the people that are listening and I'll hold that that's Regan talk about or today. What you like clear that a talk about Judy Martinez did wait Bradford trash last night at apple conference. Skill what do we do what do we do I do we go to Kurt and we stick with patriots. Yet to stay tuned attends a find out okay and I can call whenever you want without Roemer at 617779. 7937. Patio date excellent job tonight Lucy birch. Jim Burr in the place down bitchy. (%expletive) on the edge you break anything over there. I found. She's gone that you suck or she okay let's use it really second time around for her at the producer's chair. High level show too much that night absolutely every time was she great job. Some on Alex thank you become an end yes I don't see you a lot sooner I thought I was gonna see Nancy soon. Talked tomorrow morning it's 6 AM with we think Kirk and Calais and I had no idea Roemer and exe.