Tom Brady has earned the right to butt heads with Josh McDaniels

Mut at Night
Tuesday, December 5th

Reimer and Andy Hart are in and talking about Tom Brady's sideline blow-up with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. They discuss the race issue that was brought up, with the sentiment being that a black QB would not have been let off the hook as quickly as Tom Brady.


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Believes much that night on Sports Radio you. He. Only from this perspective. If people black we'd be going off about. The fact is is that Tom Brady you know he's had outburst or without lots before it is absolutely positively. No big deal to me in the heat of action when you're on the stop lighting your goalie all I understand. That comes with it in no way. Am I tried to excoriating Tom Green. What I am attacking is the inconsistency. Of jolt or Susie public out there who would be quick. So that denigrate. A black athlete if he was on the spotlight back and that way. As Stephen A Smith. Spit ball like only he can. And denigrate. Only there's in this spot Darko cap boards in the middle of a good job Steve net X how people think Stephen it is goes on in all sunscreens. That takes talent. X count and to articulate that are. They very well there's a Twitter account like take Steve today quotes in an applies it to other things it's very very funny he's his own Carrick get credit UniCredit. He's ready to occur in talent. Austin come on there that come on the show today. And he said no sir are real note thank you yes they scared away even that's not cool even Stevenson hiding. McCain sees so Eddie I struggled a this is I sad. Urged Taiwanese and I want a lefty and you wanna do immigration makes it a signal to say yes you know if Cam Newton did that we'd be piling on. SO eight and Cam Newton. It's a punt he walked off a press conference and in the Super Bowl. He there was sexist slur to FEMA reported this year. Not your is gonna quarterback Tom Brady doesn't have the five Super Bowl rings so. Right bradys the wrong guy to make this argument went out. I think it picked up a little traction when O'Dell Beckham on Twitter yet embraced it. You're now here's one issue though I would say there I mean there's a lot of issues here I don't think it's a racial thing quite personally liked the perception of Brady then that. If he had been a black quarterback we L I'd start voting and you also writes. But hotel Beckham can speak he's not a quarterback Cam Newton camp. As quarterbacks go through a whole different world on the field then the receiver who lines up out wide runs down the field puts his hand up and says throw me the damn ball. There is so much first of all the quarterback has to deal with said eighty receiver all the time asking for the ball but there's so much more on the plate of a quarterback. That these outbursts in that interaction with the perfectionist world but they're looking for is understandable but back. You run down the field is not that hard and it also say so. We have three incidents in Brady's career that stick out my might have his infamous 2011 yelling spat with Albright good. Good landing we got shot at jets' game re screaming Kimbrel Tompkins and younger receivers. As Tony fourteenth when he fifteen sure we'll go. Maybe I'd figure rich tied practices that that infamous game where the ball ways I had to to add too much air pressure and all the rugby ball there and when he fifteen right. In and Brady was upset at the ball and then I got a seat theater that may have been the football I think you played football the right here you. I did see I didn't follow her across the country in high school maybe your safe the lock on this. So we have not gotten end this thing with McCain did this reputation Brady it's a mad man on the sidelines he's yelling screaming out coaches left and I think it also. Ridiculous he's done it twice. When you seventeen years you're gonna do a lot of various things at various times. Did you see the tweet. That some reporter I don't really know tweeted out that he spoke with a front office person that set I guess we just saw Lou real offensive coordinator is dead what it was or any out yeah I mean hello. Peyton Manning was yup it's a quarter multiple teams he showed up he was the op Eds coordinator in Denver. Brady's been here for seventeen years longer than any of the coaches not named Bill Belichick right 'cause Josh left for lack. He's we've seen it in the documentaries where he meets with bill. We saw the old nine I believe documentary one -- hope he sits down with bill early in the week the go to the offense and he gets up and goes. Other tell Billy Joseph now like he's going to tell Billy O'Brien what they're doing that week I mean debt is better racial. Now is that a power. Or would we think that the quarterback that's been there are some 1718. Years. I don't know has reached a certain stature of comfort and and power within the organization that yes he is a very big shareholder what's going on in if you win you can get away let's look at young David Ortiz who. Pitched in moans more than him at the end and I admit umpires after he called on answer. And then burst into white paper on its press conferences to complain about an RBI. I take it stricken from the record so. We say it like we can't make either of these things racial and when I know where to white kids that like in say that's now I think they see Stephen is greater point Ager agreement I think all things being equal. Black athletes you get judged more harshly than wide at its knowledge is also a grunt parting in this aspect. If there are black there's a black athlete who is making 69 jokes all the time in bootable and girls clubs and you know receiving lap dances from reporters at the Super Bowl like rocked it a couple of years ago at fox sports reporter that. I feel like it at any prove hard proof of this but if you like the perception. Would just be different they go to the Randy Moss instant years ago Randy must just mixed pretend he's mood in the crowd at Lambeau yet still locked on its eye towards what is this. Staying act by Randy Moss and that was more about Joe Buck was Randy mosque maybe that there are a lot of jokes out. I don't know if there are and I it's hard because Tim mead compare an apple two and apple grope is pretty unique in that he does these weird things. And is the best ever do was drop or in the conversation. Right. Like how would some of these people be viewed differently Cam Newton is an example how would he be viewed differently if he were parade. If he had his hat with the feathers and of this and the bat. One every year went fourteen into every year was in the Super Bowl every other year had spot you don't like the winning buys you. A certain cash gay or rope to play with and Ron when he plays. Scores touchdowns he's the best is only black mark against him is he gets hurt. Brady's injury prone even patriots fans would say that otherwise he goes out there he does its job so you can argue he shouldn't party he should go to wrestle mania he shouldn't what I just heard yet. But and a single lap when I acted that way there would be maybe more patriots fans who would be you would snide remark to put this guy do what this aren't doing but focus on who can you give me an example is there an example historically has been a lot of very good. Black athletes controversial black athletes but. Like are we saying that TO would have gras is there comparison looting ground in TO I don't believe there is because ground drug TO has been on one T rod seems to be great team right he's been on one team that loves him and wins. TO was on multiple teams that it went south. They didn't win you know so that the skill may be the same but. One thing that sticks out in my mind just as you know four years ago when he thirteen I'd read about this again this week he's reading out Tony were yelling at Tony Romo on the sidelines. And as an instant negative. Negative perception outlets as Brian Dooley nearest as acting up again in the audio gets released it turns saudis pump Panama wreck happened from a lot now. Dez Bryant to knock at the benefit of the doubt that people immediately said there's Dez Bryant being hot headed and what that there's Dez Bryant being ousted. I Seattle rock could get away with that I don't grumbling out you know any I think people got it just too passionate guys getting into. Next did you idolize Indians beat has that ground I don't know how nationally it would resonate. But Brady does nothing wrong in patriot nation so I think romp that would be another black mark against crime. Touchdown dances diving Travis healthy as crazy absurd stupid touchdown dances shore. Not quite owed a Beckham junior a similar ball park until he doesn't get nearly crap that elbow and back and it's. Probably fair and I think Beckham. He real Beckham really hurt himself last year would be laying an egg in the post season after the boat trip well and that's thing now you can't lay eggs after you do something controversial or outside sort of the straight and narrow path of winning and team first. You better damn well perform well that's this writers' union cane seat to Mars is chaired gamble on the shot lead he says writes an article. Hi Natalie Webb site I had no gas technically. Yes they couldn't book them today it was hard it was hard they got him for tomorrow at. He writes in his article. Rob Gronkowski sheltered by the privilege of crime being rock when auto Beckham and his band of Brothers and on a boat party week before playoff loss social media analysts and fan. And fans read those Brothers through the Coles a peak increasingly. Calling them every name in the book. And move this guy's on fire and blaming the trip for a 3813 loss to Green Bay Packers last January names that at times of gossiping grunts personality to a tee. He's always given a free pass for his actions now as he sat out with the TD Tel here giants lost 38 there I team. And I also say eagle back that famous club in the nightclub after Super Bowl after the Super Bowl in 2012 were on scene partying. Act right. And it got killed the preview the next season when he missed the first six weeks. Cora got crushed there was an ESPN report we teammates saying you know were sad about remember there's that little controversy so. The bottom line is he use ground being ground we are in a town where a man originated that phrase Manny being Manny. There are a lot of excuses made for Manny why there are lots of people got man eats it was. At the end. Any part of that Iran ha. If you look at it out your people what does John Dennis and Gerry tied name they attic and looked at anything any and all they did everybody did. Because they ate up forty home runs and 120 RBIs and 31 we got more and yet of course Harry reduces because that's all. We want to pretend we don't we get on our high horses occasionally whether it's college student athletes in all we care about. Winning stats success that that's how these kids grow up and it's Manny it's romp. They wouldn't get away with a lot of crap they do. If they weren't good and the less you perform O'Dell on a big stage in giants they'll go to the playoffs very often so guess what puzzled have been once in his career you had one chance right. USC team in US and individual who's supposed to lift the team up you think you're gonna be the highest paid player in football you're more important quarterback. OK fine you later neck. Yeah the criticism woke up in that's why it's tough against use crowd in Brady as your as your examples here it's Hopkins how the success now that a better example is. Not to go in electing by white out beats out spoon against trump like Chris slog for example. The president does it go after them on his Twitter feed. Or is he going out there is going after black athletes Marshawn Lynch well did the boss except for a black sports figures but that's two different things to say general public. Wrong how he's treated generally huge audience. And the president. Act on a lot of people that's red meat to his base and I think there is there are racial undertones here it all boiled black like what really made me sick earlier this year. It's raining cuts was one of the sixteen patriots he now during the week right. And their boot. An insane people were pulling branding cuts and he's kneeling are cheering them when he scores the game when he touched. That's not that welcome back it's back idol thing what all we really care about his. Touchdown let's just warm black. That's a that was I don't think that's a black white thing I think that's a uniform Jersey thing but how they're my team I want you to perform I would ask a lot of things because of the but who's been more out there Greg Popovich Steve Kerr I mean these guys are so outspoken instruct in the NBA and I don't seat. Audited transistors on Twitter after Aaron Popovich like began after these outspoken black but it's sure. So but again I think I'm any candidates. Would the racists. That's a group of our audience this is saying ground in general gets away with it everybody the US as a sports loving population sports center. Gets away with it because it's grown being drunk and there's some racial undertone there. I don't agree with that I think with the racists yes but what percentage of the population is that. Margin and you think I don't know I think you saw Charlottesville. I gave up one that violence there but yet as and you think well yeah there is a there's a good chunk and I also don't. That's what you teach in a good example would be easy to this past off season grabbed the girl woman's breasts at the saint Patrick steep rate that's pretty big story. Crocodile. It's just not being drawn and Dickie gets nearly a backlash to seek you out so all things being equal. You think black happy to just differently but overall pre rock bad guys to use. With on field stuff because of their of their success right. Now telling it hasn't had a chance to really fail I mean he's been in the league the year he was good in college been in the league a little over a year abilities failed that is winning his appeal he's been suspended. Wait one at nine and when it but there's also something to an I don't know fueled disagree with this growth has a unique personality. You know there are certain people in this world that seem like they can get away with a everything. Whether they give you a stupid smirk or they say something stupid and people find it difficult. Just like that now some people would probably say that's of these white right. There will be some portion of this that would say if you let him because he's white black eyed at the same thing you'd be dumb repeated street view that all people called ground down to. But I do with a smile brighter still vitriol to right that's my point and what ever he has in his make up his personality. People love him. And I don't know that that's just race based as I see uptight and in his locker room. Black guys like him. Of course but gossiping with cry a lot of people make it in eight months might grow its prioritize what I like the odds died when they see. Some like oil Beckham on the accurate the average white. Now the average white ball off and can relate to that plays into it as well sure my opinion but I mean in reality the average white male is not party with gras or back. A key you'd think they fly different circles that nobody is on the act like Kurds PayPal itself and I and I take our yet here on the ground crews. Should have a cruise went on cruise coming I don't think that's coming back I believe what does that patriots thing like let's stop this before and I know you are the last inning. I think you need is reported like sexual harassment the asphalt. On the SS Ron guessing today's Ara I think I remember one of the Brothers who was sort of part of the back end of that said yeah that was a one time an hour that the agency let's let's no more yes I don't I would at least carotid sanctions especially this day and age and mean regularly as they need a long ago with the vikings party cruises in the that that dog stay off boats in cruises and women and girls in the year and just lock yourself in now I wouldn't go that pockets that's another aspect I would say that ground benefits from he has stayed out of trouble. He remarkably seems to party's law we move alcohol women. Vegas. Arizona's there were ever. And yet he seems to be able to do it in a way that he has combed drive the boss so there's no do you lie there's no. Sexual assault reports so there's some intelligence they are or. Common sense. But talk with sexual assault again all things legally and Roethlisberger I feel like that sexual assault case against him a decade ago it's largely been forgotten. When and Roethlisberger sure I can tell in my house that is brought in your house but I would life. Despises and that's all she ever remembers amber but nationally it's rarely brought up in a fewer black quarterback and I think it would be a little different yeah I think it has certainly fallen because I think a lot of people don't know about its. An extended period now. But I think there are still people that hate Ben Roethlisberger because of that especially. Obviously when. I don't I hate Roethlisberger personally think he's despicable I think he scum by in his prime he is one tough sesame Alia and I really and I love because you know he's been pounding beer. Won't be down pizzas right he goes to little more than Brett Favre school of living life in a Lima also quarterback who's good and off and all those things. As opposed to agree on the Colorado in play and so am I wanna put a moratorium on greedy on a key differences I'm so sick about it why anybody. Siewert getting here he's on down the Martellus Bennett wrote where every time you know on Wednesday tomorrow 5 o'clock you go to the podium. Good chance he's wearing something that later that day is available on TV twelve spore dot com from her very reasonable price not so sure about six and 7779797. Streamer Andy -- doing it for months portrayed in the. Just primarily black. And you are suspending black players hold on to win a white player does something holy word you give them in the least. Pox on all sluggish I think Ford is riding did hit a big black players into the again. Want to be there at my boy will find not quite sure they'll wipe. He gave his wife's race has to do with that. I think recently. It's confusing. Acting like the team's. So I don't do what you Curb Your Enthusiasm got an you know Larry David hasn't Wii on black lives loads of them black guy with a last name black. Refining. Guess yet this year there's nothing to Wear white guys for the lightning. SP. There's nothing worse than tying someone about to show that they have not seen yeah I think it goes over like all are at it all the time I didn't watch signed fell that in much Curb Your Enthusiasm I don't want to auto show when he got against Jewish people. To the point when he got against that we got against our people and nick in Weymouth who hold on for awhile wants to talk some drunk nick what's gone on. Yet and by the way that last well ahead in the dressing comment about the SEC sets that that. I think he's not eating eating this was as steroid fueled rage. No not necessarily have to say that's that's a good point these iCloud is that as I was kind of got us the Gradkowski to do that on the pages Spence I. I highly daddy would have done that on the other side of the field also silk. I think you would have done anywhere I think he lost his cool Hewitt what are you you can beat her plate it's that definitively and I think he does it you say he only did it on his bench then you lose the argument of he totally lost his mind and snapped because if he snapped you do it. No I mean any but so do you think he's now you don't think he snapped you think there was some. Thought. Cheap shot. Take the other the other thing what the other thing was well guess what he stepped that I would be it was it shouldn't penalize you get on the street like basic media arrested. Yeah terrible ordeal that for any. Every lead that's. Is salt in with it I'm India and by the way brought you this since been about a cup he has kind of taken if you know is that like again that's the first thing you get some. Yeah I think he missed I think he tried calling now for quite Huskies arrest. I just say each right noted. I understand. He nailed them with the elbow and I think that's a fair argument that he hit them with something that is protected or reinforced. But I think he intended to him is headed misty if you look he really lunches is at port. You guys really did whatever it's to get to the Cincinnati game last night I thought the ref Rees I don't let that game get away from them a debt that. Yet on Brower in the end result that could have been terrific if you hit him just a little bit different. Tony Brown liked it though he's like I'm getting right back up. That kid by the way out it takes a lot more abused and I 'cause he does thanks a lot about. Ethnic thank you likely nick Clark decides that he's done an idea there and excited to thank you for your time so Antonio Brown takes more abuse than gronkowski is out like that's what he said so they don't call penalties on Antonio Brown. Also it's not a strong. So Antonio Brown has fair game to fishing across the stakes are not saying ground as he could have but explains why he lost his quick fix some deal portrayed it as Ron just totally went wild for no reason there's no context like there is a little bit of content and they're very little. Very little held twice on that play. Held twice right. Held twice doesn't that have got up at the pass interference call matters half. Mack entire law make like the patriots hall fame career to grab a little Jersey when he's covered people and your pictures that I'm Kent State act. Opening this is not a new businesses is huge headed out the negative patriots know you have you have got apparently negative you have that distinction but got. I get criticized for everything I'm an outsider in every world I try to enter here on the team guy. We are world I'm not the jacket it's a nice jacket in his next orange now the resentment is it that for. Not this one not that it paid full price for. Paid full price for at the Super Bowl it's nice I like it seeker coach in the point where tactic on the sidelines you coach your kids. Applied yeah it back like what are in super coach we wondered all you can coach art victory you should see black flag but it plays. Plowed drag right. Well I'd write you guys only got one running play per possession. Yet we are yeah right otherwise would be key in and they change the ruled issued didn't care for running plays had to strictly be handoff the Renault it now ours the quarterback run. Straight up front yeah our quarterbacks can't run in all running plays have to be direct hand offs no light losses sweeps anything like that no has a position I. The offensive line on the pass rush while you went into a tie it and I have. And I mean Von Miller same guy Michael Strahan so I don't play offense I receiver once and one. Too much pressure for me. One way player in flight to Michael it's a big I don't out of me like is that normal or use you know are not married idea I would get. I don't want to listen on the sidelines and it ended and you're fresher for your average rate hasn't got I got went without current and I get what you stand behind their July got her image editors the line raised eight yards rounds and I don't feel right that the puck. There is a sock we've sought his of these upon me but not amazing that adults play the same game that might. It's a high it's high level quality play let me tell you we'd really like kid's play both waitress or you know what receiver though if you if they throw the ball to you and you drop it like that it's really embarrassing. So you can really embarrassing not that wow so you're a good catcher. I am in some instances not others. These are all okay I'm in trouble now you're fine with me I'm okay what you I don't know there and I'm not I'm not a PC guy got me build the runway and the wrong way when it all say go real quick about exploit about always is assault. I've heard magnate that is the stupidest argument. Yes and Rodney I'd like riding a little bit that Rodney Harrison Beck has he brought that up he said on. Mean Sunday Night Football that gets sixteen million viewers or something. And he said you do that anywhere on the street you go to jail I'll be what does that have to do within every. Every hit you right. If I'm standing in line facing another man like a football play starts and I just five you're out and hit. For no reason I'm going to judge so did a ball that's stupidity. Now it was outside the realm of normal football because it was long after the whistle it was on the side when he was there was no who couldn't be in bounds I better hit Emerson there was none of that. But it wasn't. They can get for every everybody was only it typically plays over our conference Mike Evans Crabtree gets to leave for up top but that being a role on the show are different the bloated and out of kept it. The felony yeah defiance on fans only care about people meat eating at eight I'm entertaining the not here. Aaron in the car let's talk a little breeding Daniels and what's going on. You dollar on that it. Are ridiculous salaries will be brought in radio make scandal that Brady. You know because these YE a the person I'm I want pre hire agents I can't stand the heat on him like you want and yelling at me Daniels on. Yeah like at all I don't think yeah like. I did you elect make. Like reform passed on TV and proud team they're so like I mean. Look at it look like a rule I don't think it's Daniels was embarrassed I didn't I don't. I I the only thing that's different. Is a few years ago was Billy O'Brien he fired back he ripped his headset off and started bark that's why got a coaching job at Penn State maybe I'm not sure that's Hillary's and but I also think. That's a personalities some fire back some don't summer quieter more professional whatever you wanna call so. I didn't really. I don't know I don't think article that. It's one thing chart back out of a mother to say what these Saturn lead you could clearly see what he was saying norm I think that are what are the my. And actually outlet or that brought something out there laws went on all of you mentioned how our despair here. If you know he was black it may not have been forgotten yes usually. Aren't so. He not let's say you messed up and would you say he's got a second chance. Roethlisberger absolutely. On. But it's a little it was a more extreme event and it'd involve the FBI and going to prison losing a hundred million dollar contract Vick paid a price Broncos burger just got suspended in his league very few athletes pay a price Michael victim in Ankara for the car and Ray Rice that is well. But there's also been guys that you know Leonard Little in a past version for the rains killed a man and came back and played and it sort of got forgotten. You know latte Stallworth Ray Lewis. Again if you perform and you have a fan base they tend to sort of cover things up for. Wind southeast says he has a crazy conspiracy theory love it I am into this way and what. And yes I do it's not you can end real quick Indy sound good man on the radio you're producer ray no. What were we before. Ice I worked for patriots football weekly pages dot com. Hurts that's the dark you are ready I think you're taking a big show and I'll out different and does not at all on Dennis I'm not saying yeah I and I'll according to radio thank you think the irony concert at radio. Industry. I'm trying and when what is a conspiracy. They're dying to know. Guys like normal to last three years and to do if you were one that you won't she talk when that they weren't supposed to win. I've been noticing and a lot a lot our debt page you can get a lot of calls and I'll name one of the national under the law. Big game 2015 whittling Carolina can't do it. And Brady what I would like wait a minute left and you don't like 220 outlet and he Chua well market can be brought Clark inquire wide open and cheek he wrapped his arms around college two we couldn't catch bully ultimate though. I'd bigger hole and Obama reached a bit late game panic and to call. And Brady went nuts where he ran mobile. Everybody in the amount of cookie that it would hold no call or not. To think there's a rapper re conspiracy against. There's something going on his gal I know how to tell if you don't think you can get Kelly get shown this year that Brady got suspended ordain. Thank you don't so I think Dallas well over the flaky and that timeline I'm not sure marries up doesn't little delay if I hadn't. Is a war. And we'll talk about completely honest talk promote the patriot always go to the Super Bowl when actually bought. And that Annette and I don't want to find a way to knock them gal shall only changed a unit mean occasionally a relic a league. What's available for. You. Yeah no parity parity is illegal carried by. That they didn't want and like I mean the last sport they should have been in the limelight again like this year the Broncos shouldn't have done at any agent got that call. They hate us because they gave us Wayne I think I editing the officiating Estes now that the replacement referees are better. Are seeing now that's pretty close it's it's. Uncomfortably close but I still think they were worse and this it's it that's the thing and he talked about one Timmy she's wit and how does that get at. I don't know I certainly don't buy that it's this whole full time official thing where they're gonna hire eighteen guys they'll be. Yeah and based only to make calls in the heat of the moment and I'm not sure they're gonna be any more prepared for. I'm a little bit of a believer in each I think there's some guys that get a little older. But I also don't mess or what young guys out there having experienced guys maybe who start younger. I don't know but. It stinks and it's as simple as got a hockey leaning genus in jeans territory they want to be that the stars of the event they wanna get on camera there's probably something to be said for that than the leak would tell you that there are all graded on every single play after every single game. And it's all worked. If that's true lake. The average was terrible there must be guys that are getting by only. Created on occurred BI and again to go back to Monday night's game Bengals Steelers yacht the violence. And dilemmas Daryn back you can implement all these rules you want but until the players start respecting themselves it's really hard says. Make it that much of a seat for game and he had a bad it's Yangtze stent that was a good. Getting athletes and I think a lot of the long term problems that we face is 617779797. You still loaded up one tonne rocket Brady Daniels if you want to. Take the Stephen A Smith Michael Wilbon and Kornheiser tie it to race reviewing Brady differently because he's black and tried. Really hard to do it the best they can come up with all things being equal yes cute in black athletes are perceived differently but Brady. I've got to meet a case where but maybe someone else can make their case and he went my liberal brother and out there. A better on April the new and better liberal than I do it. We've got in Afghanistan you yeah. So I said that would be is my text must produce some. 440 so really better than what tomorrow he's the two people what people can manage. I congratulate. Curtis Hebert Intron together over much of the forces since Curtis says it's all the. I'll take that more I think there's against the rebirth historic agreement sounds more. Offensive. But why would he disagrees with individual. It was a pretty good you. Well as a top relaxing sort of no fan boys will be girls. And we mean girl sounding. I think it's an old man. But from talking football. Don't think he's on the bigger thing. Oh you sound like a man. When my sounds like the slowing major snowman he landed mayor but in between this forever like fourteen with a voice cracking. And I just ask you dial a one here this out so later on they say that's ready. Actually has a deeper voice that night which night by just putting outrageous they were the most offensive thing that's that Vincent about. In Tomas we were in its. Personal you guys agree animals that's the problem and that second bit of a similar reports that the little different from the audience to know what I hear them back and greetings I'm a singer voice and I much deeper much with incurred as a game it's. Editor like Ryo is more like he's got for a year its been sick the last few weeks that's like a little flat this bother you. I'd trade does not have a deeper voice and but who cares. I can't. Why it's the perception that you invite Roemer on easy not a radio I'm thinking Kerry's Shelby's but the PGA learning boy like you are absolutely hate that cliche at least they think my first time Jake kicked ego he talked with a let's not talk with a lest you think talk with a list. That was about the economy is there. I do not not all I I do not not all the time you cannot sound like a girl. I will give you that their stores out of eminent up you have to also and it's proven in this town that there are people making a lot of money on the radio that don't have great radio voices. Might gently Jerry hasn't raspy voice also run with a Roni Rao as Iraq. So who cares. Any of the deeper voice it over to you do the trick is indeed yes I do she's more of a man and don't ever the Nazis attorney would probably beat me. I'm listening to you and Gilani over Thanksgiving why. Doesn't show after you've got to set it's for me and that's what I hear and buck went among us suck your shift than we did five to nine that's right we cleaned it right up deviancy into your weekend. One during the week and so it was initially and see what's hot cooking out there. We were huh. You seemed pretty upset that training was included on each odd then endured under rated meet stars. I thought the list was questionable at best. With a lot of people on the fingers just throw in some out of boys to his to his buddies will. My argument at a girl's attorneys can yes. On some level was very positive list your guy about so's he was on their men certainly people that trend towards positive coverage of everything they see were on the list. You've already said you'd open guy fall and a cat now you repeating negative patriots employee but mice serious question about Freddie would be. I don't really know what any of her opinions on sports what does that matter. Other other question backing you what does that is an analyst of sports broadcasters like that what does she bring to the table as a sports commentator. You worked for it MLB extra minute or know her credentials I understood but what does she bring to that I don't even know please positive or negative so that's ever tell a some of the morning show she's talking about liberal and victim Melissa journey into my city only talk sports and turning to my secret I. I don't think that's an iPod on our. Way we got baseball word was on for light. Per hour hot again it was a Friday after Thanksgiving are getting old but they all normally talks sports on their usually they do you yield sports X is an old politics Red Sox OK so you know her well. Or hurt her Sports Radio persona sleep you have a Sports Radio persona that she had she positive or negative. Guy critical I think she's more critical than most you know what does she you know. Could she was not a list of the best like on what happens where we're broadcast its media. And what does she do that's good to make a list. Coolio watched the addition I don't ever since they stop calling me lots that's a personal view I boys aren't stock then. About reeled them off but it natural IC like. When a regular prom or something on Twitter like something from that show and make it fun it's it's penguin ten way says Jason Tatum can't dump. That's sports he got exactly so I know he's an idiot premonition well. I don't know what Trace its. And yet she's one of the best on tap whatever that's. But this was under violate Chad in. He he got back to me on Twitter and that I I receive a lot of consideration for the thought Abby didn't quite make him quite make the cut now I didn't either attacked who's more. Undervalued to mean nobody likes music literally nobody there I don't know married late. Sports opinions either looks or we stay hot Tiki hot Tea Party it was on your take I think you're missing at this week then. As is or six things we're not trying it into the race I tried tried so hard like I really I. I actually Monday yet yesterday they do is they asked during the late HMS is Michael week. Monday I staking like before you write something Ian is there away brain start a couple of thousand liberalize as he's heading to it has its genuine. Genuine you got it got rowdy at Brooke I do not like you see. Looks like the Kirk in talent and freeway Kurt incurred as have left the globe d.s. I so I'm sure there when our report I don't think they won any yes I do we have an update on the gloves any globe people tweeted. But the awards he sobbed and bowl and I tweeted out earlier I. That he was that the biggest titans sports. If it's. Thomas won he Celtics and the key will be a very exciting was it fair to attack. I don't believe they have one of those videos laws are gonna join us tonight. Goes of on the big screens there are problems were to get when you get furcal OB. Let's look like afraid that Peewee Herman prop a three year long subscription to the Boston Globe. That's expensive these speak it quite a prize. It went from me most stylish Danny Amendola Tuukka move key balance it out war one I do now from New England Revolution. Now I'm Danny Amendola. He is an actual model yet quartz for is experience and you can tell who's hitting the hardest on all I know he's attractive but if you like on the top violence yet. It's problem. Grapple as at a great for me is well. Countries too soft touch and shouldn't regularly on this list are now. Amity to each. A much pre. Like really winning and down and it fell on BP NG someone else the right answers sometimes the right answer it is but maybe there looking to spread the wealth mean brits or one circled it Wyeth took a stylish. At night and I watched one. Ali so I'm sure tomorrow and can't see thoughtful I'd say via FaceBook lie and it seems seems like it went on for hours right guys that they Kirk beast acquired entities will be over. It people like that. Where their lets all don't hell does that hot spot the mark yes. On my FaceBook alive yet started around six please leave their pre wrecked our. Position cocktail and then. Probably a visitor who has talked you do I like mr. cocktail sauce. That's what makes this trip you alias the rock shrimp now to people do what does that affect animals. Our area that's does that ever been to saint elmo's and indeed. We that's admirable I don't know if I seldom we may get go to Indy saint elmo's has tremendously unique cocktail sauce or interest I think it right up through your nasal passages make you cry. Shrimp and he's trustworthy. It's very good yet they're known for they just had the shrimp eating contest would Joey chestnut. Is hot at saint Elmo it's your dad's my disease what areas are seen on Super Bowl being in Minnesota this year from angry terrible. I I have never wanted to packet Parker hat boots to it was suitable I should pack. Like shirts shorts and just be able to get old I'm Super Bowl right poll actually like ours is all I need to pull over ninety can get a little chilly but not. That's where you have to go through tunnels or like overpasses to get between buildings or you freeze notes on how terrible like the stadiums and that would get an app. Also are they able Lucy juicy burger and trying stuffed burgers are a lot of stuff burgers and trying to. Without you know will be as easy game reference there but I'll pass over that why get them out at end amber at. I don't let's. I look calling. Well yeah. Yeah all right welcome the clubs. It is indeed extremely. Popular happy to get on model and good guy. And in the last one year the next ballpark and I embarked would probably Shaq. Jack is beloved by everybody. Swiped an onslaught and their friend on sports and they love you lose your tips as well with the Celtics. No no not at all did you get people people gravitated to I think they're both candidates and their inevitable part of a blog your talked agreed. Kevin McHale all part of a Larry Bird and meet people just like it's been. Little kid out there. Well I do their oversized personalities in oversized bodies there the giants I think they have some of that but. Shaq was here like five minutes. I catch actors even not too many people the collector's item. It would really be able to is a pathetic loser season for heard he was beaten public appearances was in 87 years old I was unimpressed with the Shaq era in Bali socked I was so happy that he because I loved him and I didn't even more impressive him on TNT I really like him and embarrassed when he sang. That's you problem I guess outlets and better 617779797. Partner Roemer. Finishing things aren't final hour with mud igniting hope the ratings are OK for modest attack Israel and hurt hurt the mutt bonus on little or no it's all right there back after this then you yeah.