Tom Brady holds court with media at Patriots training camp

Saturday, July 28th
For the first time this training camp, Tom Brady met with the media. Brady touched on his relationship with Bill Belichick, how he views the current Patriots team, the Josh McDaniels dynamic and even an Alex Guerrero question

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You hear from both policy and just what does this last week and likely just integrating that into the next. Good yet been. No it's been good to be our here in and get to work so it's got a lot of a lot of work to do is just beginning. And noisy not a lot of these are perfect at this point so it's kinda. Tell folks on one day and try to get better improve certain things that we talked about the need be corrected and try to you know from next practice though. It's kind of start your frivolous exciting and you know hopefully making it on what was actually going to be good. I have no thoughts. It's resulted in any differently so. Well. Yeah I mean I had no more time. You know my family but I also know spent a lot of time doing football so. But filling up your time here at the end of the come here you can be the best view your team you feel like. Yeah I mean I've I've gone. There's a lot of committed a lot of us are present a lot of people play game. And our families. You know they they were just as hard just like every working family you know shares the burden at different times and that's a full time commitment for this team in. You know everyone's got a new whoever takes over as wins. Go get ready and trying to improve like your videos. And is a daily process. Football is a very humbling sport and done. No you never had a quite figured out every year there's. Different things challenges plays team's opponents. Conditions situations and then you know it's just about adapting to what you have the situation is ever perfect. But there's a lot more good than bad. But you know use. Working every day and try to you know do better each day partly to UCL offseason workouts. Behind where you normally do. I don't know. I don't know. We have a long time got it. A lot of work to do. Or do best you can every data to get the working and where we can. You know very good to have great year obviously the Lizzie it's something different through. Work of this footwork when you hear what else anything to. But there's a lot of things it's it's really everything immunity after every season. You know you're trying to maintain certain things on an almost worked on my phone work my mechanics. Spent a lot of time doing that this offseason. And are trying to. You know I think a lot of it is is playing good football and stay healthy if it comes down to being at being a professional athlete. It's been in good condition in good shape making the right plays and reads techniques fundamentals your position that's been a lot of time doing that. And now. And that's got to transfer over the field. Now he would you say getting. War that he needed him the benefit. I mean I'm always. For both very very important in the north as you know I love united my teammates though it's great. As you get older you have different responsibilities you know and I think that's just part of life and everyone's got a few of those responsibilities differently and what what works for them. And you know football is. A few former life a love being here with my teammates and plan and hopefully we can every season problem. It's got jobs that it didn't surprise people outfitted. Play any rule of sort of that is Aronson. Yeah I look I mean I think just never had a relationship for eighteen years in. You know we're one of my best friends. You know I love working with a he got a very special relationship that I cherish and it's kind of been away for a long time to we. Which is where it's like the I don't feel limited I always talk to him about everything in a decision they found myself. I love my close family very closely were killed them for that long. You were reported relationship and I'm just I'm happy on the team I think he's coaching me. And I'm going about their you'll like him it's. I'm talking about them my communities. For all of us were just at a certain point in your building to try to beat the best you can be for the season. And it was gonna have a different situation and different role in. You know whether you're not out there for one reason or another new we've just got to adapt adjust and try to do the best we can. More good players we have out there the better it is more productive is for all of us. And you know it was working on some difference so it was a little different situation we'll different role. And how we adapt those situations evolve we'll determine you know how what we do it. A lot of people connected it to the house you just what's your reaction to. He needs here.