Tom Brady's stats can be very misleading, and David in a car evokes the ire of Mut and Keefe

Mut at Night
Thursday, January 11th

Mut and Keefe are talking about Tom Brady's performance and age, vs someone like a Peyton Manning. The national perspective seems to be that Tom Brady is a weak spot for the Patriots and could be the reason they lose in the playoffs. David in a car calls in to ell the guys they don't know anything because he's a former professional athlete and current business owner.


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Use these mud night. Really Tom Brady now I don't wanna tell you bear developed part of eighteen years being applied it. It club and until you started try to provoke these you know the world of him that he'd be twelve message. Without all of a good one all was I wanna show you what's good about refrigerator. I got out of coddled not gotten through a period art you. Israelis who lived through which. Yeah show off I feel like an entry with a child here long time in adults who are increasingly getting sick so I decided. To step aside I think it maybe would be permanent and I think to be submitted to you now here's my. I talk Sports Radio W. When I woke up Monday night we'll. We'll video him. You guys not expecting her. Who announced he's taking these big deal. Fox but for tomorrow. I don't know I've been questioned at the let's get we'll be it with him tomorrow is leaving only his he has a wedding this weekend in South Carolina by a nice. Based on conversations I had today I'm not totally sure I got out and it comes to working tomorrow he sounds like let Gambill. Kind of story doesn't like to go back I know I'm not going to be fresh at our back. Act and I thought I had a chance to talk with Kirk today and I was surprised the reset on the air double. What dress that reaper is gonna be in here I'll I'll Spencer W your thoughts of that out later on the show and I also was not surprised for. Patriots titans to be headline going into the weekend. With the Tom Brady's getting old there which is happened now really the last cup or amounts. And we all those forty years old you heard Shannon Sharpe mocking this TB twelve docking series and he's about he's not the only one. But then today consecutively in a couple of hours. You have the headline for 538 the very statistically based website is Tom Brady finally getting old and on the New York Times website. Tom Brady's midlife crisis has come to me that day after we had Colin cowards say. That Alice Guerrero be the scapegoat for the patriots should they lose and now essentially. There it is at least the narrative forming. That Tom Brady could be the breeze one the patriots don't win the Super Bowl and I gonna be honest they they may not win it they might not get it done. Tom Brady not performing well is nowhere near my list of top 345 things I would say boy that's going to be the issue. For the patriots especially considering considering rich the year key just pad for the we will patron. And MVP year he's the he's the best player in the league however I think it's fair to point out of the last 45 games. Have not been his best it's the worst five game stretch he's had all season and just so happens the lineup. With the playoffs now the worst game he had came without Rob Gronkowski. So if you want Arafat throw though and hourly though when I'm out there that accounts and a group of five games don't get to your to send out the worst one that he had at some other games work his. Sharpest but Europe to go that far back as looking at great Brady years. I think of 2007. Where he had the video game numbers but if you wanna play that out through his first eight games were better than his second eight games. And we got the season ended but still isn't in the Super Bowl where he actually led a drive to go up late in that game so. That he was that the reason why a they've been lost that super bull. So it is all I mean he's obviously forties so we know he's a guy who's been the star quarterback in the NFL for almost two decades that's unheard of it's an out to be eating I don't think we need this stat based website Telus that he is an older quarterback. And extending a stat based website the uses what I would consider a pretty weak measuring tool. 2.2 Brady as as struggling year will get to that the Peyton Manning part of the second. But they point to this five game stretch that he's that they use. And a stat that honestly I am not familiar with Richmond you are. A something called EPA EPA here which is expected with a huge stack of that yeah your big in a stack game a little love EPA what does stand for. Estimated. Points. On arrival. Expected points added losing your own are awful hard on something called EPA. So they point to his his low EPA in this five game window here at the end of the season. And that they mention this. In the context of his career Brady's extended sample pork plate is surprising but not unprecedented way to second choice at Izod Brady's. Finally getting all what do you think he's getting a little surprise it would not surprise dating back to 2007 when he turned thirty. It is only the sixth worst five game stretch Brady's had during that time if you look at the stat EPA. Sell my body that there are five other Bosnian get him in ten years yes there are five other five game stretches. That they have wasted as worse in EPA. And yet they still use it is some sort of evidence that this is the six more than ten years that's Rockford and that would be the evidence. For Brady struggling. Here down the stretch that he's reached a finally seeing this let's call the next element of the one Pallet that fighting in stretches and you have went from 072. And now. Obviously he's made the playoffs every year is clearly throwing it out he wasn't he was started one game but it it to class every year. And this will be his third MVP last year would have been his fourth NB PA on missed the forehand so. Probably difficult to find bad five game stretches anywhere over there but you would think it fair reciting what the beginning of the end that this would have been the worst. This would have been the worst EPA. OK yes and it was not a mean. He ended up there for a couple touchdowns in the and the last game the numbers were great although there's only one loss over that time as well. So. Yeah I don't know I think people are just kind of looking for. Reasons why. He's got to be done so here is my favorite part of this this is so EPA's a stat I guess we're supposed to care about. Tom Brady's worst EPA worst five game stretch. Was in the actually stretch of the patriots and Ford won this include playoffs by the way. Looks like. Did you. Looks like just regular and there's no playoffs or does not include overlapping period or playoff games as single season stretch is only. I'm actually plays include past tense quarterback runs and sacked the Fisher. On his worst stretch of EPA. Retold something of eighteen point 14 EPA. And I guess that's not good no that's terrible anything below nineteen this came from October 4 to November 7. 2010. The C a sombre. Do you ever listen is it pop radio was the unanimous MVP. Without international football war lead for fixing your so right so I was supposed to take EPA. And treat it like a real shot at John worse EPA he had came in the year he was the freaking. And BP. And that was seven years ago now how am I supposed to take that seriously. As a a stat. That would strongly that Tom Brady struggling right now as a quarterback has so finally showing his age he let only. He's 2010 number doubt right 36 touchdowns four interceptions 3900 yards passing and a quarterback rating which led the league at 111. October so if you look at cable at my guess the October 4 and November 7 were not integrates does agree it for the quarterback he still won the MVP here so it would you came on here. All of the stretch October October 4 the November 7. So that was Catholic for games 4567. And 80 good. He threw two interceptions. Over that span they're called it one game they're both the Baltimore game. Exposed to. 10538. Out of can write a story. And based the first portion of their story on ice that. Yet is were at his worst he sees it in this that. In the year he won via VP he threw two picks in five games that was the worst idiots active on Friday and so duties they sacks for food in their. Rated that way. He had sacked the bonds. But there is that necessarily a McQuillan. All I need somebody young quarterbacks that oftentimes is the for player slippery in its 95%. Not his fault it's. He usually gets through ball usually by the way to avoid the first guy. So that's bizarre. Where is best yet this did the right he won the MVP either case let's move on what I sent a part of their store event. Is they they compare his numbers. To the final five games of Peyton Manning here in 2014 something our our guests at 8 o'clock Alex Roemer has done he's written about this recently. And comparing. Brady and Peyton and those respective years like MVPs the game eleven and then twelve or sixteen they did not play that well. And so they use those numbers invention that is quarterback rating went from 11181. In that stretch of Manning's had a similar dropped one Oneida down a 78. Touchdowns. Interception ratio Brady's related fall that much of music and 888712380. It's so right. That actually does sort of match up when you look at it. What they'd make again no mention of the year the graphs a picture again do you like stats and grass you go on. Manning had a significant injury history of multi pad next vulnerable back surgeries he was not doing anything. That Brady is done here something Brady's propagating mach four. And these last couple days the Tom verses time stuff and TB twelve and Oscar all the stuff. I I don't think you can look at that imprisonment say oh we will Manning did this to. Sure Manning had a drop off. Brady's not had any of these significant health issues that Manning is that. And how you always compare it could mean feels hand I think I let you significant difference was it was nominates a secret because Rebecca she couldn't throw the ball. Past ten yards it felt like watching them that that last year so. Matters in the comparison. Only to a point that of fourteen Ari he looks really good. And then that was it the final few games that year. And then even the Super Bowl year and he was so bad he got bench came back the defense is good enough that they want and all spite are your cash and his staff to trash she was there he looked bad. All of it. Put that to me and a lot more to do. These injuries I'll think I don't know I can overlook that it ends with premature obits have been written for Tom Brady before there's little reason to doubt New England based on what they've accomplished this century. But it Belichick and Brady are to get that unprecedented sixth rain. They will need breaks and we'll look more like he's. Boy can't read video they will do Brady to look more like what he's been in. And less like what he has a forty year old quarterback. That is the end off piece here and I I would argue if if your suggestion is they may not win because a Brady. And the Jiri had this year you are out of your mind and I'm curious the patriots fans had the same feeling that say. 538 does the New York Times story as to get to is Brady at the top your list. When it comes to things you are all looking at as the patriots and Barca this march to Minnesota the blitz for six whenever you are calling it in your own household. They begin their playoff on Saturday night. By that the stories written today. You would think that Tom Brady is a liability for this team. I don't believe that penalty the C he has had a paint any picture that he would be a liability. I don't think you'll be the issue if and when they do not win rich the way I count our expertise they will not win. I don't think it'll be on Brady. I don't think easy weak point for this team. The latest article seems to lay out 61777979370. Is before we talk Brady and Belichick these guys all they all the field. How operating on the field are you buying into the idea that the patriots do not win and we're gonna say because Tom Brady look forty. Made other proven wrong rich. I'm not buying that base in the quarterback I saw this year at what he did this season I expected to play really well but I don't think it's crazy to say if they lose. Brady has a bad game only because the quarterback is so important note though if they lose your look back and it he has won those backpacks it would be the first time we see and have. The the you know a bad pick here and there and sometimes in the game I don't think it's Tennessee. Pull your time out Pittsburgh. Or whoever they face in the Super Bowl if they get that far and short could come down to a bad game again not to be Bill Polian but. Through three and a half quarters against the falcons. Are six reviewers say that was not a very good performance so. If the team loses. I'm sure you can look at the box warns that you I was not a good brave performance but going into the game. I don't know what you're using to predict that. You know they like I using its last five games he's left it Manning's fault they're using his age I think if you look at is here in totality it is really really unfair people. I know we're gonna hear some cowards out at some point again here tonight like where he he says right now Drew Brees a better quarterback in Brady and abuse against the some ridiculous. Analogies talking about. That your train I'm talking about how bad New Orleans was there. Not not once mentioning. A couple headlines to be Tom Brady played this year he lost his policies best. But his most in a reliable most reliable receiver Jewish settlement before they played a doubt a football this year they play a lot as they gain down the stretch Chris Hogan is significant time this year Rex Burkhead significant time this year. He was not given Marcus can't put out IR offensive line is is in some. I am not I hate to reference ESPN because against double doubles is Brady stuff here. They give grades out for some of the bid for units and they do not the patriot dolphins a widening and seasons and fear and based way to play the final that gave it to be offensive line. Is he bigger issue than Tom Brady be right which they I didn't play that well this year. No one mentions those things the talking operating Brady lost and a on the before the year hold in Berkett for a long period of time. Rocket a big game down the stretch and he's going to be the MVP that is significant to me how do you look at that in totality and say. Yet act ice age is really going to be an issue kaposi's yeah I can't do I can't do maybe Peterson's. Right and then on the flip side is they'll lose the MVP of the of this of the league this season already and it OK so for the for the last five games it was a drop off. But compared to what the best player in the league in just multiple game journey you know quarterback ratings in the hundreds which is where the season ended. So fine if you US in the last few games he wasn't the sharpest I would say one of those kids and a ground. Though the jets game were. I think they're just trying to get through that team and get a win you know you're. Davis for a prompt a medal game. I think the classic have a lot more assembly and eggs Saturday evil it is just one game Saturday. If he looks like a mess that maybe you can start to predict that a little bit more sit for the conference championship game. Re a good like like whiplash you're some people thought he did look great against Houston and gently necessary here a playoff opponent. The game obviously matters you can't there's no excuses about weeks seventeen or anything he's all in for this game what do you think he looks like in the deacon capital for. I would say that Tennessee Titans. Set up to be a monster game for Tom Brady given what they give up to Travis calcium burst out you look at their numbers this year. Very 88 passed funnel defense they can stop the run there are good run stopping team. They go up huge plays in the passing game sorry Logan Ryan it sets up for Brady to play well Saturday night. A week from that Saturday let's say Pittsburg it's the Orlando Michael Holley suggested that Jacksonville will be like these Pittsburgh back channel. And out LeBron James I mean of like portals. At quarterback for Jacksonville saint Pittsburg it's through. That defense sets up for Brady to be light them up once again so I think it is heading into it. It projects to be a big at least two possible run for Tom Brady and I'm not buying this now a new narrative heading it's the weekend. That Brady is some sort of weak spot that is AG showing all the sudden it. And if they lose he's gonna be the recently you have to account for Brady being forty heading in I don't believe it. Maybe some patriots fan do we have full stack of Brady calls a wanna get to it 617. 7797937. The phone number. We had a New York Times suggesting with a headline today Tom Brady's having in mid life crisis that's their story this afternoon. Shannon Sharpe is calling out Brady for being Basie at a sham artists with this documentary. And a lot of weight Colin power says Drew Brees right now is a better quarterback it's Brady era that early and often keep this year. I was there last night to listen to our class here you present O dog is back today not by now boasts of stuff to the gills ocean's riches back here today your phone calls coming up at 617. 77979837. I'm looking claws across the producer. Rome that is not pass OK on my back oh here it is Al I'd just like hey guys pack a day is not producing my show I don't. People lowest Bruce my show it's not at all day will go to find out applied reference that produce well or is that a break and we'll do we get back with your calls Mott at night's Sports Radio WE yeah. I'm the voice of but John Dennis to fact is not producing the show tonight that would have been. A major stir something for federal aid prep the miss porter's school school person is Lucy Burge. Looked up and all the sudden she's Bruce in the show no one told me up Adriano de today pat just. Said let's go right to the wolves and so far we are still almost all the year Lucy we know for sure. 5% are pretty Jessica solid. 90% color we're pretty close there scared are you learning this he can become a in the rotation board up the WEEI. That is the plan Obama and valuable to the company thrown at. Had hardware Indies in these tough times you wanna be able aborted due to all these yes exactly. And what a Swiss army knife for the station and it's gone good the first half hour yes is my second time doing it I think some of the first time about the great book the far was the first Joseph it was rob and one of the great Gretchen what do you avoid. Well not great it and they're there they're saying they show isn't additional right now you're doing now is important and Robin one. What that is offensive to me now parent. But that show made her off okay no swears got through got on and off the air yes you know where the dumb but now I know exactly where that guy in on the finish that's it. People don't Christie's cylinder automatic outs they definitely view as an loose so I so far so good we'll see what happens Lucy will see if you can. Handle here when the calls and call people with us we thirsty they're thirsty they're thirsty Thursday to be an issue are able to anyway so good luck so Lucy's on the board tonight so blame her for anything and everything goes wrong. On the show including if I suck here tonight some I fall off but a sort of does not unplug the pass in the book you're 617. 7797937. Paul's and west's deal with Mike and Keith on Monday night Paul Getty. He runs he carried out were telling all got man. I got would you say is the fact that a quick. Let's take a quick recognition of where we're out whether we win in the laps to win another race where we're at what you said is unique position because I'm not a fair let's remember that late this season. It's what you do in this organized and human the most points of managing and Tom are drawn the most yards. He couldn't compensate. That's and he does then maybe the Pittsburgh is an example there were still calm back. But under pressure at the end of the game yet to report by the reception that you're usually do also ward there's been ever has. And has gotten to this point. That was major. Spot I'll I'll remember him going for five interceptions and a game thank you for the human over the last 45 it over the last five games he has thrown five interceptions eight edit the point is you know AP's agreeing that you look at the totality of the season and you point to a Brady's done and I'd agree with what. All set also when you look at some of these games. There has been up been down that's with pretty much. Every quarterback evil and Brady is been. Flying along and not been forty years old rich there is those stretches where yeah he does not look good I don't think during this five game stretch who point one think specifically and say. It is is age that it is the reason why he's still making big athletic throws he's still making great reads. He's missed some guys that were open he's had happy feet in the pocket is offensive line has struggled he's rushed to get the ball out. None of those things though on bad bullet to his credit broke this down a couple weeks ago. None of those things screamed this guy's old. He can't play the position if his last game was the Miami game I think this might have all the more weight to a because that game was bad and wasn't all on him again there's no wrong in that really hurt them but. They didn't convert a third down. That's insane within this bit of a third out all game long he threw two interceptions he got hit a bunch to the offensive line was bad form but that was. By far away his worst game but he follows that up with a win in Pittsburgh. If it wasn't the prettiest stat line in the war on only in a pick and acting too but they beat Pittsburgh on the road. And they follow that up a couple of wins four touchdowns one pick over the last two games. So following his worst game of the season without a doubt his worst game of the season he ripped off three straight wins and I think you should feel better about. And I would say this that the Pittsburgh game specifically in those had to have a drives on great he was also an 888 egg roll to his credit was. A bigger part of that the Brady was some of the catches that he made right but they they locked in he and Josh grant recognize they can't stop you. And I think raw hole is going to be set out to have a huge game against Tennessee on Saturday night given how much they could not. I keep track of Travis Kelsey before they decapitated him in that game last weekend I'd Davis in a car on the Brady criticism I David. Hey guys I want it to be fun to do my point about Brady yeah my prediction. A repeat of last year's Super Bowl. In this kind of pages won't blow bottle and a. I control and it's a strong on the division. Patriots the noble dot Jack what is going to be the upset about the weakened. And this weekend and they'll go to our predictions. If not it might not ready yet. You guys all like in business when you have like a great employee whatever the level of employment. If this family got a welcome the battle they decided they have I'm not sure yet. Bigelow and I know when they don't say much and they keep it cool they can even think and that therefore you for a lot of 56. They do because stands at you want to leave on a high note David McCarty. Brady will win a super ball. Brady well retarded Josh McDaniels will be the next at. You're set this before on the station David you have nothing to back it up every comment asking for a way to back it up you give us nothing except Richard got Neil got everything radius and make how he's gonna keep playoff a lot of us are evidence David. Lot. I actually can't give you evidence that I can't at different reasons. You talk about how well well well if you have sources when you called it show you give us an information. It might professional. Job it's what we're involved with some people. I own a business yeah that just listen to him all the professional athlete and I am a business owner David and Ireland Italy. To finish stable and recommends out of Lucy didn't Lucy did this thing where she just turned off the transmitter now it's only you Richard I talked to three of us so which is the three of us and give us some initials give us some sort and c'mon. I can I don't fortieth on you guys sell. I'm not all of the balance sorry guys. Like it just tells editor that joins us there what do you have to say the what who the sources bullet. As soon caught I'm gonna call you guys go into windows is so quick and I am going to be telling you guys I told you so. And I might light and Donald. Anybody got David I'll knock me I'll tell you is it the if Brady doesn't retire we went to Super Bowl. You can never called the station again and culture for professional athlete couple. I. I know I don't see every I don't call it that's fine but if you're wrong about this they should be a penalty instead have you take a victory lap of burnout of the transition now fear athletic career and a working for a business or owning a business. I don't know Alabi was able to discuss you know why you might do wouldn't do it. I don't to a point nine yet you have you declared professional sport has component. David let me ask you this Jenna follow this monster you miss a 100% of the shots you don't take. It. I'm saying do you subscribe to this mantra you miss a 100% of the shots you don't take. I. David he hadn't of Canada as the success and my guess got a went through its own my god that I quote he was very private business that's something that you should live your life by. But David couldn't rapid that are on that one. So behave he has sources all. Yes sources he knows Brady's gonna retire. Ball won't give us any sort of leave him. You do what I believe entertaining out. British and everybody who will listen he's a play for five years and they just traded the mid twenties backup I think they might have an idea what's going on there as well Brady does a retired David should be banned from Colin station. On I I don't care about that under the deal doesn't that seem fair and everybody fit as fares against John is a Connecticut hi John. It boycott don't John good job of that John. I guess with the mute would've occurred today if you or professional self pleasure it and that was. Why would that I know I can't speak for him but if I if I ever leave my job that's sockets. I'm I'm I'm nervous what you and John you left the job at seven not gonna do that anymore. Well I don't I think that's what occurred it is doing you go back to be. It becoming a professional left. All sorts so he was of national organizing and go back to do that full time got a maybe. That makes some sense job general. I think that's what's gonna happen at eight. I'm thinking the whole argument where Brady. It itself obviously ridiculous and everybody knows that without that key piece of that. Forget the point out is he hasn't had any of his top receivers. All year and you'd figure that even Malcolm Mitchell yet and at and yet Ed Bennett from. What he did last year he obviously had net settlement. And. You know he's an idiot and Hogan almost a year or so all of his main threat to not eat at clunker out for the majority of the year but. It's such key components to a offense for the last couple years he had had and. I think that's something that we have to really thank. Yeah I forgot about Malcolm X I I just I discard me forget that in the Super Bowl they needed to jump start. And up Ian Malcolm X on the outside and and Johnny people round here. Are recognizing how many weapons he has been without weapons of the Z of course talk football and offense weapons us with the easy. Nationally it doesn't quite get the credit it's like all grow pretty at a Goodyear is it's a okay we did it with you know some games. Both are set playing meaningful snaps right at that position paper that he did Dwayne Allen. Skinny part in the activity post season. Oh yes yes and humanity and you welcome it doesn't apply. That you'll be shocking to have him show up at one practice although most Jacques and play Bogans had to go so let me know on Brit in a tournament on Brooke I Jerry's in west would Jerry government at night. Guys like while Jim and beer apartment and a whole lot aren't you keep it is here but we've all. So I wanted to piggyback on what the other previous order that I gave it to Calder. I am going to get my iPod and listen people Rick the last fight we. Excellent marketer we collect it. That Italy played recently got out much wetter and art are you got orders. Read twelve. They play buffalo. Well it works as real men dropped eight guys in the coverage in higher fuel. Pickett can't low patriots quarterback realizes that they washed over she ordered yard and dominate. Dominique on the no need to throw. Good quarterbacks know that. Lockout he goes about it although he's suspended their thoughts on him. They have no Roche is no ad men they have all their expert at eagle on one count each and Brendan cook couldn't separate but my mom. Yeah nobody votes racial card back for that reason only market expert at one of the greatest comebacks sensing systems and bull. But no apparently and they played at some point that Clinton spent below. If it is true. Played in ten below zero. It backfiring in our walks our car from one click at. No quarterback on the Quinn can let your well and I quote there are big ticket agreed. Not at that and that's why Jerry you bring up some great points thanks for the call that's what all I'm sunset to save the breeze coward birds protested that. It's a double argument when you when you start to break it down and when you go game by game the way Jerry just data it does help. The Brady outlook. I also think there's something to the fact he's got the bye week now has the chance to be a rest for a week I do think it forty. That's certainly helps I wouldn't think that he had a bad game necessarily who's playing. Other titans on one week operate I don't think if they win this game when they win this game he'll struggle it's Pittsburg next week because an end of the the second week but. I think that does help him more than. It would help save markets verio or Russell Wilson down forty yeah it sounds dumb but of the bye we means more to. Brady physically those other guys out huge I think even more so than some of the guys fighting back from history now it via the Chris Hogan's in the Rex Burkhead and Alan Branch I think it's even more important for pretty. 61777979370. National premise seems to be. Under the web sites like 538 in New York Times and listen a coward and others. That Brady is one of the week point to the patriots if they lose in this playoff run. You'll look at Brady being forty years old that'll be the reason I don't believe it Richard saying he could have a bad game and even sounds like. Rich doesn't quite buy into Brady being weakness. Ford is now just wait on the way it's being paid my question remains. Do patriot fans believe that that if they lose WellPoint the Brady and say see he's forty years old. He was the issue 61777979837. Is your phone number I've confirmed. I high level guest for NFL Sunday while on Saturday off say that is in your phone calls when we get past. Alex river in studio at 8 o'clock your phone calls until ten on this Thursday at 6177797937. Feet in and around the Fenway area tonight are gonna. Meet friends. Out fray Thursday cocktail anyway might I suggest the baseball tavern. Where rob Bradford and friends are hosting the G eighty Martina welcome to Boston Judy Martinez podcast party. With the tagline the room was ball three months ago of course they obviously done anything your decides on the moral and I'm Alex Cora bunch of people over there including Gary Tang Wei. Tom Caron is going to be their whole cast the characters talk in baseball and the do right funny at the according to a podcast and against the release those so different podcasts but. I heard they're going to be serving GD Martinis is they are yet it's not shatter what's in those. That should get in the door I shouldn't care -- get debt should help yacht and regular red sock right itself some good socks knocked old some because there is this. There is a lot a lot on the buzz right now on the eve where John came in Israel the JD Martinez and the Red Sox chased word is the star slugger is wanna keep waiting until sometime in March ultimately gets that deal aren't. So I'm here in the Fenway area go check out doubt baseball tavern and the big podcast party. With Bradford Ken layer and the rest of the cast of characters. A we will be at the shed. On Saturday for patriots and titans NFL Sunday on a Saturday get double those folks. Among keep this weekend with a game on Saturday recapping on Sunday morning in our usual spot and just confirmed by text message to the one and only. Connie Karr Texas is studio for the first hour machines studios are in shed in it shed from fortified past or in currents case like. Or passport and that's fine to 5 o'clock and usually will grow to have it Tommy turn it's going to be an absolute pleasure where of the the shed nice and warm nice and dry as well because yes have you wet and wild one it is interfered whether a couple of days I guess it's it's dwindled to prepare for the sort of thing but it was really warm today. Ski very want to mourn your six hot dogs and hot but up to an inch and a half a range of and so of the great rigor melting snow there projecting some major major flooding like in your basement as they a sump pump or you get flooding this could be Iran you. And then again Saturday induce a Friday and Saturday. More rain overnight putting more rain Saturday and then he's like so midnight Friday require that this fascinates a midnight Saturday nights that's going to be in the fifties. Well they're saying by Saturday night it's going to be in the team and get forty degree drop. So all that rain all that knelt is going to ice silver and clear your driveway clear your staff Saturday driving is going to be an absolute disaster especially for you with the flash is ongoing tent on the I will be doing that I have the problem might mask I leave my nasty OT eighty ya guys out there standing yes all think they will it so leave early for the patriots came on Saturday just in case of delegates call on holy Saturday night commute home are gnashing of Saturday night doling midnight is going to be awful for people long from back east there. Will be there at the shed Tommy Carney cast thousands did you set for patriots and titans jones' class now. And wants to I guess give us of I shot titans talkie I jail. Joseph. Joe's and showdown hi Joseph. Gerry called us he was one of the few people saying everyone is overlooking the tight true was all be on the wrong about that for that take nick on the cape on the patriots and it. Got nick what do you. You've got often Michael's daughter is coming Angela Andy Bernard on an area. So it. Out of playoff. And so when it all out and yes you have three and it says Jack we'll volley drop. Bombs went for it operated. Beyond. Well I think we're down about why and playoffs. Exactly 840 Matt last night when he went through loans. Not quite on. Or what you went for eighteen degree heat MVP and now. And I think that any doubts yeah I certainly the best quarterback. I finished fifth and he's probably the best player I mean I obviously there were there's some consideration for grumpy in the MVP we saw that. National locally then Poland had his MVP column a couple of weeks ago India Todd Gurley one wrong to Brady threw it so dumb. Eyes is important crawled has been. We saw them win a game are plaguing without prompt obviously struggled. But pulled it around for second they would compete games up so how we Eric wrong cross the NBP is on team. Howdy Moray. Paternity of Freddy yeah you you do the first that they are Michaels and a car he joins us about it night's Sports Radio I'm Michael. 888. Camilla I wanted to you've been earlier you know in the 100% of child you don't take I I feel like Scott the and I think a big shot in the dark though. Today that. Julian cattlemen surprise comeback player in the suitable picnic ethnic. This I believe he's on seasoning I arm like that so guys I'd say that's that's very unlike Allen's outplay. You do this on a reservist out you don't. So worth the cost now up there you wanna get out front like these guys at 530 Gator on. Excellence. Ritual backing them or to klock yes I am leaving all things pats and part. I thought titans I mean or pats and titans you guys tomorrow if hype to being overly apartment there will get there not a nice going to be on the show. Or that Mason who got a sideline beef with Belichick right exactly what the F and scoreboard we'll talk after the game Adidas radio national now so yeah. Oh or go to mark so that'll be ideal holing keep the heart to see that it. Our continue the Brady conversation with the guys at 6177797937. I'm not buying into Brady being weak point even if 538. I want to suggest he might be an issue are you putting great populist. I'd the patron of the postseason we continue that line of conversation but also. Ray vs father time and headlines today in the New York Times Tom Brady's midlife crisis other patriot fans that are put off at all. The way the times seems suggest about Brady and TV twelve and what he's doing to stains people get to that and I do want to address we heard today. On the Kirk and Callahan show that is the news at least as of today. The curtain and and as glee take a year off 777979837. Roemer at eight boards you guys next year our two Monday night.