Tom E. Curran on Dale & Keefe - “(Tom Brady) if he plays past 2019, it’ll be somewhere else”

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, September 12th
NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran joins us to talk about week one for the Patriots, The acquisition of Corey Coleman,The possibility of getting Dez Bryant and the new Patriots pass rush and more.   

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Among the attendees. Is our buddy Tom. Doctor Robert Leonard and doctor Matthew oppress the the hair doctors have Tommy Curran at 1800. Get hair hello Tom how aria. What's up till hi Ben hello Richard hello Tom. So look animal colors that good coaching today. I think there's a level of can store and consternation to Wednesday Mo used just absolutely. Vomit all the information about. Witnessed rates all morning album you know specially on one at a football on the other quest but buried there. Now one of the notes he had was jailed rams Tuesday tremendous quarter one of the things he typically does this fall around a number one receiver. I don't know if the patriots have a number one wide receiver anyway what do you think Jim Ramsey does on Sunday. Well it's interesting day he. Has done that bit in the past but he didn't necessarily do. O'Dell Beckham last week or among his own and you know Beckham had a good day I don't know if you singled out one on one with Ramsey than entire arm and Ramsey settled the summer accurately. Is. Irritating as that might be. He accurately stated that Rob Gronkowski does not it was good job yet more trouble corner. Any does any other so I was the Jacksonville Jaguars wouldn't you might say. Chairman chase them around have a nice matchup welcome any or. There was a tweet that came out of Dallas apparently Dez Bryant and Jerry Jones took in the beyoncé Jay-Z concert together last night at AT&T stadium. And one of the I know one or the local broadcasters on the home of the cowboys and Rangers wrote. Dennis and Gerry were hanging out but a source tells me. He meaning Dez was letting other people at the concert no he's probably going to New England. You buying any of us. You know what I mean things can change. But I've been told on multiple occasions. If I were you I wouldn't spend a lot of time on that. Okay yeah I mean that's the due diligence do wanna be. Hard to ask people from. My resources. This will never happened right because things do change what I have been told. Throughout. The world and a lot of time on probably not a so I mean which comes to shove court Coleman doesn't work. Didn't work ram carrot didn't work now. Is it in case of emergency break glass and if you want that nuisance here maybe. I beat you didn't have you say nuisance some might think he's a nuisance. What you gotta tell you were eloquent at home idea it's hide it better it's great relevant. Here's the thing with with there is war or adult that come war in waiter who decides that they want to wide receiver T. You don't control where the ball goes so when you were turned on the sidelines or terms like you're the only one. On the entire team I always look at and say. What if every single waiter. Got agitated act it out. To ashes and they're. Brown come out capacity I don't know enough about everybody else cared nobody else feel if we give him an order to make yeah. You know here's more than it just shows the cast the vote bill Beckham when he smashed and we're kicking it launched cows while everybody should do that. Those beloved. Boy do that talented kids get labeled the more natural I just don't think he's got talent didn't. Does Corey Coleman Bennie Fowler or Kenya or bartered to any of these guys finished the season with the patriots. Number three door number three in on okay parents. Com. If you look at what he did last year. He's out of a job. He's irreplaceable kind of guy that 27 year old flat 990 pound. Third down back clash. So when it comes time from Iran as a line menu key. Linebackers. And guys like in on Biron out of work but if you look at his track. He's gone through so he's been there twice and Carolina. Or chargers. He's a good guy to have around and especially in the case the patriots who really. Tied their hands in the return game the point where they Iran wouldn't count out there and I could tell what you'll arms before it was out there. Now can on Monica did his job with the Eagles last year after parent roles got hurt any good your return on so that that I'm guessing will. One of the things Belichick talked about today is how hard it is to join a team you know like that these guys have done. Is it possible to even get these wide receivers up to speed by Sunday. You look at a guy like what's now I mean you have to give me training. If this then that. Type of playbook not the option routes if I come back and UCs are so and you're gonna rip it out now we berries. So I mean you had three week mean this is what's her court. He had three weeks with the bills. Who accepted a 3.5 five million dollar guaranteed salary. And gave up a seventh round. And by the time the final cuts came the bills that we would rather swallow the 3.5 five million. Can give a seventh round pick and have quarry or so bats discourage. Now I've heard that's the bills and they're not as good as they can't make the browns or the bills I don't love them not to mean that you know I can't make it was some team it just that's not a great thing to have on the resonate. But the flip side to that Keith is when you think about it both teams and on north tremendous decision making right right right. This could be the dynamite face. It is bad decision making but also a first round pick for Cleveland after two years on parents not worth it and and the bills Brigham and you mentioned the money angle they're like yeah we just in the McCain doing here. One of those are goes there. There are definitely some in a series you know and there but obviously very economic mess contribution one of the things we talked about in the the off season. Was Matt Patricia going to the Detroit Lions can I believe. From our conversations. You're not exactly shocked that it has gotten off to or started right. I didn't think they were gonna suck on offense or that I had my dark courts MPT is Matt Stafford I think he's gonna have a long way to go he does doubles a little bit of all there now. I definitely swimming upstream. Com. Like. Well I think Matt Patricia news. Very much of by products and some aren't some are. Bill O'Brien. Had a job. Wherever he's been. Houston included even though he's. Told us that by the quarterback can dribble be a good head coach. But I'm not a big Matt Patricia buyer. At all. It seemed as though Bill Belichick was in full blown Lou Holtz mode today. Talking about the jaguars Blake portals the linebackers. I he just loves everything about this team doesn't in Peru. On the linebackers stuff. Miles jackets opens miserable we've they have great talent sang this song last week fronts and under selling how bad they would be on the back and make it optional cover carpet these guys dale. You know we suddenly in the playoffs last year Berry church. Com with Ramsey would create on the other side that's in the secondary. And then the second level you have those two guys myth. And Mac and and Franjo Ruble isn't. We Jackson always Campbell as the Yani got up way I executed and Saddam they're good I mean. Well you still are the worst thing that could ever happened was quick portal putting up 45 points. On Pittsburg in the playoffs. And then having the jaguars ahead. With eight minutes left in the AFC championship game. As they signed up for that network for another however many yet for years. And he's not good. Kid Nate can they win with him now over is is the defense good enough where they can go all the way would plea portals. I don't think so I really don't. Or if he's just. Because they've lost marquee sweet life when that is at 1983 tight money or they are. The value because you know both watching me yes we were we can't have that. You can't have that you can't hang out 245. Compact. In my estimation like quarter net. And not have that kind of breakaway speed some of the bigger backs in the total date from mean song. If current means is don't know Pete Johnson. So. And he's hurt this week usually they just don't have enough on yeah to really threaten. So as a result you gonna put a lot more pressure on a guy who doesn't need it but they were second in the NFL last year points allowed. Per game and I would imagine they're going to be around that image. Was any had discussion was there any discussion at all about travel plans given the weather that's now looks like it's headed Mort. In the direction of Georgia and even northern Florida and whether that would have any effect this week. You know an intraday had no idea I honestly I'm an area you know it's absolutely worth asking about. Because. You know that's the kind of thing we knew would what happened last week with Tennessee in Miami. That that's the kind of game that I would imagine it's hard to come back from. If you're the road team. Specially New England if you have messed up travel planes going down or going in there so you know it's definitely a question we're asking but I don't know what I mean it's now. Thursday night. Well now there but now what they're saying is it's tennis ball or is the latest forecast it's gonna stall offshore. And then sort of turn to the left towards Georgia and Florida. And and it's gonna become like a 24 to 48 hour thing. You love whether I do it whether god I know you do but the big time. On this board the big picture nothing wrong with that. No idea yet have your hobbies and and things like that. This is whether I just don't get real what would you ever like it's harking chase dirty somewhat. I'm really for animals things via Smart at least in house. And I guess talking good game and I'm pretty much yes I'm just living in fear every second Tom also what I really like your new Twitter videos from your dog Bo and really enjoyed those on the trading him to. And he is like a real killer he looks vicious is there. Does he ever like get up off the out of chat at a I do have to get him a little bit more more about we got a lot of great that is really nice calm all the guys who. I can't tell what an incredible encountering you know do that later on that it's I think he's like six or seven but I can tell he's not now he's nothing secret safe with him barely breathing this is that month to stop there at the right. I think it is obviously a lot of them are they are. Call. Take it a little quick plug yeah it sure will allow it all right I gotta do a thing today this is doctor wanted to ducked a letter. Prince's court six here are slowing let I'm going to be over he's afternoon. Com. With an eSATA Rogen on orchard could be your road and it felt prediction. Of the data storage he's in number in there that are at least a normal little yet and I can do that call I get a better arms in emea for our panel like anybody. I'm going to be yeah bring Bo. A long ride that I am thinking about it. But go out of people and there's a thing or another we've worked the plug in Canada can I work in another football question earlier if you go at them up my life. According to stats that NFL matchup came up with a the patriots. Put the most pressure on the opposing quarterback of any team in the NFL last week. 53 point 7% of the time. Jacksonville. By comparison but the pressure on the quarterback 35% of the time. Did we underestimate. The personnel changes 'cause I don't think the the scheme is appreciate league different but they seem to be putting more pressure on the quarterback. I wonder how much dale I mean this is an entry agree with me we need more data. Then developed a lot of data on that chair because if you look back of the Tennessee playoff they sat marionette a tie was under complete siege. So I wonder a lot of it was waited too. They had excellent pass rush discipline I thought as opposed to earlier last year with that we can gaps I mean they came in. Pocket like it was post in terms of being worn it seems were in Watkins. Group com but they do have their occasions when a quarterback is. Either slow to make his decisions. Or. Uncertain. Where they get get to the quarterbacks though. I wouldn't underestimate under rate the importance of Stephon Gilmore. Regardless what happened the last five minutes I don't care that guides it could corner now and their lucky to have them because I think that's secondary recovered really well. Tom last Sunday he joined us on the pregame show and you wrote it you knock my socks off when you said that you think that 2019. Is gonna go last year for Tom Brady either in the league. Or with the patriots. I should've asked you is that more European Union or is that sort of sourced out. Committee senator okay. All right he's been after when I got an idea I just. Don't think he went passed on in nineteen and I do think the two sides. While. Brady would've liked to have realized more money in the incentive contract. I don't think either side. He's right now agitating. For extending. Passed in nineteen. I think that you know if 2019 comes and goes. They don't have a remedy quarterback. On his continued waiter at a decent level. With a Bill Belichick or not maybe they talk about. But I think the base they wanted to we've eruptions open when they had Jimmy Barack. If they could've found a way to keep them so I don't think they're going to be in a rush to resent rating and and I think that you know over the course of time. Thomas and the mind where. You know what I didn't love the way it went over the last eighteen months wide while Warner reached nine. Right now. Why don't want things can change but that's my suspicion. Replaced that only nine will be another. I think you were the one who wrote this originally. Others have repeated its sense that that Tom Brady is at the I don't give a bleep. Our point of his career right now. And when any kind of get that sense. With some of that the things he said and some of the answers. Does he seem like he's happy around there is the just that I don't get a little position would would you guys and ask guys. No yeah it's yes exactly he's not going to caught up in one. You know he have to say about how his press conference. Demeanor was whether or not on current finger away some because of some video we were caught or just care. He's done with worrying about. You know how it's gonna be receipt he's done with worrying about. Even for instance it's in his contract. They're supposed to be on Kirk and and Jerry no more victory Monday. She doesn't like it and I think that's the the best example doesn't like the way it's going its law to march in. A rebuke of of the questioning. It is much too rebuke of you know what I'm supposed to do this you guys that I Arafat don't wanna do this meeting the patriots on contract. But if I don't wanna do this I'm not gonna do. And I'm not giving in and judgment on right wrong I'm just giving this is how I believe in. This juncture career. Not getting caught up 41 we're lowering our. All the way with Nobel core with Robert Kraft he's gonna try and satisfying to people close to. Domino's appreciate time we'll talk again next week and good like that that big appearance this afternoon. Are right who you self to the weather channel that's that's what we'll do pack they topical sites electric Tom.