Tomase and Bradford - Leadership and Likability of the Red Sox

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Saturday, February 17th

John and Rob talks about the leadership roles that need to be filled for the Red Sox. The guys also discuss the likeability of this year's team. 


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Wrap well and I'll see you back here. And WEEI we decide to break Pedro Martinez on Ali's. Tremendous site and a Pedro. What were some of your takeaways route back to listen and talk about it. Read those the there you. This all means do nothing none of the. Velvet but what a mistake in ways that we does that all the way up until this team back on Pedro way as the red jail in this media. Broadcast Booth to vote for sale and getting through the season and it's the same thing he could dislike. Every time he's talking it's entertaining beaches. It's not cliches if any of it in and I've been dying to ask that Severino question because I just thought it was hot right I thought it was odd that. Every time that's ever you know pitched in and week surface how good he was he was he was one of the best officials the American League last year. The broadcast were always able to Martinez's with a different for them on the changeup this of that. And like that's a weird dynamic beat his paperwork for the Red Sox in and so Marino seven huge huge say in the division. But I toll but I how do you not buy into what Pedro said for an explanation right totally an and we. Saw this on their t.s who I was checking remember the player but there hitters on opposing teams had guys on the Yankees even. Who all I was given advice to you know canal or whoever was like. Because that's just sort of like that brother whatever that they feel. With guys even if their opponents they feel like we are all big leaguers are all in this together to an extent. And I don't know if that is a like a more of a Latin things you hear that a lot with guys like Pedro you would hear it stuff like that would Manny certainly here with a Ortiz. And you know maybe there's just more of that sort of like we're all in this together sort of feeling. I guess yeah I mean I guess it and I was thinking though the JD Martinez's. Hitting coach right I'm like guys name and a pod cast them. But I'll Robert events I'll lockers up like that yet. So the story with him is Judy Markey is very reliant on this guy I mean super relied on them. But more so than any hitting coach they'll ever have on any team. The Diamondbacks has hired a full time and union can make the argument that they did it is. Sort of leverage I think you'll hire someone full time knowing that they're the guys again might not be here. But still I mean there was a very real thing. Where you know Jane let you could sign with a Red Sox and this guy could be working for the Diamondbacks. But it it was made clear to this guy that he was still going to be able to work with Judy Martinez no matter where you want went. So I think has more this may be been realized by just looked at it as there was Severino in the Red Sox have liked Severino is such a difference maker in this division. Click the single. Coca Brasco too and if you're gonna save that you know grass go to Cleveland likes and kind of thing med that's. That's a guy who turns them from I 95 win team to a 102 win team if he's healthy and he's on right. And yeah wonder like you did to staff curry. Advise you rule whoever on my until and their three pointers between games or anything like that it just seems weird. And of this is a baseball thing you know this idea that. You would it help your opponents out just because it's the right thing to do for the game and you pay it forward not back at a stuff I wonder if that happens. And I say in the NBA. This guy there was some. There was somebody there there was a football player after one of these teams it was I'm actually products I can't remember. Exactly who was I once it was JJ watt I don't actually think it was after game. They were going through moves like pass rushing move yes that's right in I know exactly you're talking about as a veteran pass rusher and a young pastor pastor and they were. Together suitable one was demonstrating swim move and whatever and yeah. On the hall the and do we both there to get to enjoy boasts an abundance died in defensive. Linemen for San Diego right so that I guess that's a small example of it but that in this with the that's our division rivals in Kansas City and yeah yeah so again maybe this is more of this than usual ideas. If we heard that narrative Seoul march last year was ever you know there was like it was brought up every single time about Pedro. And nobody really every time was that no one athlete followed up with oh in Pedro worked for the Red Sox so yes so anyway in. The outcome another one was Yassin what some takeaways vote the release of the hall of fame who should have gone and he is. He rose via as a now like that on the little. Separate to me I see you know before you go there I just gonna go back to limping are quick to remember when Ortiz was really struggle and in my 22 and 20092010. And you had guys from every team. I've talked to poppy had given him advice he needs do this he needs do that he basically had. A thousand hitting coach's credit costs across baseball in one sense you would say well it's good for you like A-Rod. It's better for you with David Ortiz stakes because that's that you know that helps the Yankees. But that is and how guys approached that you had player after player after player you know trying to help fix David Ortiz even though it would it would potentially hurt their team. Right yes no items. I'll say it again I didn't. It's a weird guy and I don't think it was like this before it's the old saying you don't you don't socialize during batting practice actually. Was written into the CN BA at one point that you weren't supposed to be doing this in now it happens all the time I think maybe. The things they were talking about are more prevalent now than they ever. Because I don't think the sort of the the hardliners of yesteryear. Worked on ago sale I'm gonna help the ace of the other staff become better. Countries. Yes they say you brought up the hall of fame staff so I I got self and a president's death you know I know arsenal if it's okay it's. You know aids if he if he he he definitely hit the sweet spot when it comes to Sheffield and his. Although I think. I wasn't really ready to factory in late Sheffield working out Barry Bonds. I was yeah I mean he got he basically effectively busted he admitted he used the cream or clear eyed and yet in Sheffield admits that like yeah. Whatever I mean bodies at all. But he says so Pedro says the load the three guys gives. When you ask we asked of you'll hear his thoughts on basically with thoughts on steroids guys getting in the hall of fame. And three guys you mention right away who correct me if I'm wrong but you said should be in the hall of fame repeat rose Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds yet. Rose is such a separate category to mean that you know he was betting on baseball I can understand that and that's like. Unlike. Steroid thing which the hall of fame baseball blessed left us to figure out. If Pete Rose isn't on the bow so if baseball considered the steroid stuff on our Pete Rose stuff than they would take these guys out the bow and NATO. With Pedro and B was better that one or driving when you turn. Adam trains away sauce and Catherine you were here at other you know right so it. I've brought up the unity tenant easing into the Severino conversation. You know you were or or actually easing into who you think if students can't conversation. Brought the rupee dollar rose to remember that a couple years ago. I mean he with so all in on ruby dollar Rosa everybody atlas Farrell was going to win the world we're just Pedro wise. Well that's a quote of the change of the best engine I've seen since mine in to really work out Al Webster and all you had you at ruby Della Rosa and we talked about spring training you'll do this again for a throughout the next few weeks. Of of overreacting to spring training performances. There will be forget rupee dollar rose rubio Rosa was working out with Pedro and seeing that he did what he did in the games. There is nobody that we overreacted to more than Alan Webster. Naive question but John Farrow was leading yet we in Johnson yes. While it's excellent 77797937. Brad votes Nazi retire in Red Sox. We will probably at some point I wanna get to grunt and I wanna get to the Celtics a little bit but we will be right. You. Sports. Week. Welcome back. Does he that nicely. Wrapped Florida it's nothing not a Florida but I will be gunman. If I get a beyoncé. It's really nice you know it's supposed to be like seventy degrees here on Wednesday as I heard threatening yeah this in the trending now it's it's. Absolutely added 100% true. Write to you by bus and Lazard is a 100% true. This happens a lot I tend to go to Florida right when he gets warm up here and even though this of weird thing. If you're in Florida and it's eighty degrees you still feel jealous about missing the 64 degree day in Bosnia so rare in February yes apart and he's going to be like you know it's 82 down here in the Ford in shorts and I were home. I could be wearing short sleeves comically shoot the basketball or something you know we we shoot the basketball. I don't realize you know what awaits 180s good for. Becoming a better basketball. And global less strain on the needs of my goodness I was soul. Out Giles was unbelievable. I believe it. Brad voters Brad foe is underrated basketball presents. I'm I'm very unlike unlike peers alike economical I excellence I believe and and you also get the yet. The sound of making its flex cuts. That. At that if that and and that the great thing about being old Blake we as you go down there. And you played basketball some of the younger writers Jason masters that the news departed tours or whatever it straighter front court on the mats or whatever eighth graders are on the court. And if you make a few shots they're just like how good were you stick it. It's terrible but you know. Bull Iowa or bring this up broke quick I don't know where you're going so I apologize by I did not okay well. U of speaking speaking of physical conditioning yeah. The the TV twelve stuff right. So with with him Lleyton. It was that a big thing up there like it did peoples are freaky now I don't freaking out is not the right word I think people are more talking about. You know chorus saying that he could can only be a leader that kind of thing. That that was probably more of the time appointment TB twelve I think both people like Italy. And these goofy enough now that you here and sees them play there. So so tell me so obviously you you know you have the patriots stuff has died down right. Except for on going arrests Ivo I will say if I'd bring up Malcolm butler's name we could spend the next 45 minutes taking calls from people out if yes well that's not going anywhere. OK but still it's the chaos of that week after the Super Bowl has died now agree the Celtics are the Celtics fans are of the mind of a sort of along the lines of the patriots where. If they're doing that they don't really want talked about it they don't want to deal with a as much yet. The Bruins of the Bruins so we're at work the because I'm down here you're immersed in it you're doing all the stuff. Is there really is there any has there been any buzz for the Red Sox like our people latching on to the store alive because before you answer. Yes I told you what would you spin the wheels entering story lines it's only gonna stop at one place prove economy. I don't believe anything I see by eagle back a couple of years ago. And in remember. Him when he showed up boy a week before. The guys had to show up. He shows up. He's there the whole week. First goes home for the weekend would basically be this weekend the weekend last week and before you actually have to be there and he gets killed four still four and then he gets killed. For using right now police glove at first base I mean in and it doesn't seem like if that happened now anyone would care now but I think part of the problem is. Is it's the intact it's exactly the same team. So people were not quite sold on this team last year. And you go through the entire winter without making any changes in the only signings you've made it guys that you had last year and one of an avenue and finished yet but Nunez. We'll see if that happens. And so I think this just fatigue at this particular roster right now. Back in change in the season starts if all the young guys are enough of the young guys. Show that there are gonna take that leap forward and I think people get into it but for right now. People talking Red Sox because there's Celtics and elsewhere are also talking is now a lot to talk about at the moment. The Bruins I think. Even though they played tremendously well the last couple months they got off to a slow start they just buried them. Under the Celtics and patriots Super Bowl push. And so people it's sort of like it's when he thirteen Red Sox that. No one really noticed until late August early September the Bruins are probably gone through a little bit of that right now and so react you have. People I think trying to see what's storyline to come at a Red Sox camp but you know it's it's a lot of the same. Well even even you have boys have a couple people have tried to go to on the route field devers is is overweight thing. On our you have the core was arrested today are you happy with devers conditioning you know way. And is. That you rings following in this is an easy one to this is like couples and Novo. At all because of me in ways if you actually knew what was going on an autopsy will make it different. Rough field ever was lived in fact last spring training. It was his first time being in Major League camp getting the per Diem he only got fatter and fatter and fatter as spring training went along. So much to the point where when he got the Portland. In in a single way they basically had the way him twice as much as anyone else they knew what was going on and heat he managed it might even try to. Force that narrative that sort rings hollow. Down. But the endless. Not as easy to last it's how does it look compared to see the end of last season. Looks better on the matter at Mexico that's a quick spin the you know it's excellent 7779790%. Maybe do we have we do actually have some Red Sox also meet the team let's try him Marty and Lleyton is that lord look at that. Marty enlightened minds are. The ones who do you think that this. Which looks to be more likable if Shawn Lester. Was stutter and may be. If the goal. Was that was kitchen for. I'll like rich sell local hero. Which your local fuel kept the puck in the city use that was terrible. And was brilliant. How about Brian Johnson came up and pitched one hitter this year and we couldn't rest. So because Brian Johnson couldn't. Couldn't possibly say the game a pitchfork. Bill Miller the mean how about these people we've G Edison to pick up people. Like price who. And like an acceptance. Until last year or do was cool and perform the way he could and you shut up and take. Yeah I mean he's so listen if you're asking me if I had the Red Sox a few more likable Jon Lester and David Price yes. I don't really remember itself filling the park he had four great starts at the end of these out all the wealth that he was a big attendance driver knows forced ourselves but I mean the pitcher that has become you certainly you look back at that decision. Not extend beyond a year at low money. You say so obviously that one you should of Rican. But I mean ever talk about popular that team like the day Chris at all mean Chris Sale that this lose sight of but this was the guy that everybody thought all you know he is in a perfect world this is the U one player that you get and they went out and got them. That's not the issue here but Jon Lester thing we went through this ad nauseam and Jon Lester was one of them in that we talked about. How things have unfold over the last four years that was one of the biggest missteps nodded his sacking gas. It was this they orchard it they orchard it starting at that beginning in 2014. And that and because of it they paid the price and I can go with about five different things reasons why they paid the price war but. Was done is done they've been trying to play catch up personally with price announcements. Yeah and the thing that's weird to boom boom we talked about like ability is how young they are usually it's the young teams that are likable use you know. Houston with springer and I'll Tuesday in Bragman and in Correia and all these guys that are. The Indians with a window or in Ramirez these two like 22 year old superstars that they have the Red Sox should really be right there will keep Betts is already finished second in all star voting Zander Bogart's. Has won a World Series won a silver slugger made an all star team I mean. They have they should have. The makings of a likable team and for what ever reason. It just hasn't happened. Well I think it's because number one no they don't let the earth I think middle of the personalities out. But maybe you mean bigger reason. And terms last year it was the price stuff. And here's another one they don't hit home runs and that's might seem like a simplistic way to look at it but it's true. It's it's the game that teams are more likable when you hit home runs not string four singles together it is that's just a reality of it. So I mean I guess month. And now it especially in in climate right now where everyone is hitting home runs it's one thing tonight hit them when no one else is having them when everyone else's. You side in the playoffs last year those first two games against Houston they had no chance they were just. You know to base hits three in game one in and they're just blown off the field. So you do need you do need to add that power element back. We'll see if Alex Goran there has been the magic but it may well happen. Well and John think about think about you're gonna buy tickets for game. And we talked okay Chris Sale the way used all last year mind you wanna say that that that that's the ticket stub that you want that's great. But it. There is there is a very real sense with this yankees team. That you are going to go to yankees team you're gonna go wherever they are playing. To watch these three guys in the middle of the order because when these three guys come up in the middle you're especially the two big big guys in stint in judge. You are making sure you're in your seat that there's no one like that with a red X nobody. So that and that's in in maybe it if they strategy parties may be he becomes that I don't know it was that way with Ortiz certainly. But I don't think you discount that. Yes I think we're crazy for saying that Judy Martinez as the guy who's gonna solve all the problems he just happens to be the best. Person available that doesn't mean he's the best long term solution. But in Betty any event we can continue this conversation a couple of minutes. We're too mossy and Bradford WEEI 6177797937. Suddenly we see all your calls lined up. We're gonna get to you in just a minute he sees that tells you EI Sports Radio. Network. Frat those of us see you back. On Saturday afternoon. We are gonna go right to the phones because again it's on a Red Sox cause people wanna talk. Indian car your first up what do you think it. Yes Qaeda yeah Linear what's up you on the yeah its I think everybody had been blocked in the just seconds Judy action I was exciting system are. Like round the winter meetings but it you know it didn't happen obviously. The guys just you know watching more million searches are huge turnoff for everybody and I would just like this yes completely and totally. Stock pursuant. And maybe consider going after. In a different direction a company like Ariana action if you know are 123 starters were or try to sell an area. Yeah rob I wanted to ask about that I think that's an interesting point as guys like Gary and stay out there and nobody signs them. Shouldn't there be at least a little bit of the temptation for Dave Dombrowski to kick the tires as they say an area and a friend. Which Stearns would say yes somebody like area now media is nobody does nobody does nobody whoever would want. Does the army of a you to start talking about starting pitchers. I it is if you're talking about most documents shore. But for starting pitchers Alice Kabul and four in an area of well let's Atlanta and the stock is definitely we are so focused and JD Martinez. It just strikes me the as these guys it out there at some point they're gonna have to sign. They don't seem to have a ton of leveraged. You know do you do you revisit somebody like our visit for the first I think I think he should have easily do that from a sockets don't you. Yeah I think that's an interesting one but I I kinda look at all of these guys in the same boat. I don't think any of them are our franchise altering we talked about Judy Martinez like. Easier that you're hearing more dominant Davey Martinez Ed because I feel like he's the kind of player who a year from now your gonna say. We got four more years of the sky I just I just don't I don't think so I just think he's figured out just to. So and we can weaken it I mean. I note this time slot it's it's a whole new world right. Now it's for us that we agree we've tracked it and you agree with me say you Iowa is I was watching curling news tonight a plan. And I I was trying to work myself open to allow other disagreeing with pride he takes on the the sweeping the title bow our efforts but you couldn't I couldn't bring myself to it. You open it what are Nunez 12 is. Knew you talked about waiting for the right deal mean there Eduardo Nunez was in the type of guy that this team needs I don't know exactly how defense. But he's the type of guy he's the guy to guide this team needs him club yeah and also I would like to have somebody a little better to fill in for. Pedroia for everyone he's at least Nunez you know you can put him in the starting lineup injured and yet. Capable defense and maybe you know plus office and our.