Tomase and Bradford - Pedro on Helping Yankees Pitchers

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Saturday, February 17th

John and Rob are joined by Red Sox Hall of Fame pitcher Pedro Martinez to talk about the team and what he has done to help Yankees starting pitcher Luis Severino in the offseason. 


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Welcome back to our number two Brad going to Nazi. Rap on Florida the Nazis not in Florida. Just lonely and now be here I'll be there on Monday. And I you'll get a little break finally as you've been you've been like signed says that working man artist man hardest working man in Florida. Got into you've got to do. Radio stuff you've got to do better tomorrow if tomorrow via notice. The the rob Bradford show occasional special gas that grow tomorrow. You guys have great chemistry develop any fighting there. I gotta tell you guys Elektra and intimacy comes this well it's the ever and ever in the last couple days are worried it will mean little that you actually been threatening me physically. Reality he says he wants he wants to Russell which side. Let's agree to such evidence that it looks like he's a millennium you could snap him. It's like what you put on your wrestling thing Latin you know from on yeah like rats. Selena as the year and yet it's X it's castle. So anyway you'll Russell you'll be wrestling tomorrow morning and we should note also. Pedro Martinez is going to be stopping by at some point it's the worst possible we should take some calls and we have on here at in Maine now wants to talk about Pedro and Farrell. What's up bad. You are one part of paper. That makes a much more sense man's trying to figure out what that meant go ahead. Our purpose they've gone bad that my life. Well. Search feature it's as if I can't say get back like every couple weeks. Well we can give Kevin a New Hampshire dry chem what's up. Think I am well. Rob you down there are. It would ask what they are back to help at all. I am a spray I was sliced into now what I let's I have the students are students. If this is thus. I don't know the other guy I've ever and to ever is gonna get a new things and it's it's a whole New Year's get a new things they have moved balances and senate here out one thing or was thing I would say. Meaning no disrespect to our collars of course but new things that's not really some than they do particularly well at least the ones who call for a until like I think that where are all trying to outlaw partly I mean isn't this thing we're all trying to evolve and get better and but I just took a picture of the jump the house and I feel like that's something that wouldn't have done ten years ago gas. And in you know so we're all trying to he better. So the better and it's there. I you know what I think recently and I don't know of jet is aware of the we're gonna all the way we will of reg yeah it is raining storyline. I'll move guess are we stopped while. Well early impressions of Alex Cora. A snarl rolling in it randomly that's a ten months that it began yet made at least it's been and yet none here is my Alex core questions though. Now that you're seeing him day today I think there's a lot of excitement. Alex core he was the hot young guy that everyone wanted he was the fresh new voice he was the the managerial candidate on everyone's radar the Red Sox got them. Now we're actually getting to see a little bit. You know highly interactive media what he's like in the club busted any observations so far and I understand camp hasn't fully gotten rolling yet. But just from what you've been around in this little bit of any outs of its. Yeah no I mean I think. We can't learn some looks from the first week because we reaching juxtaposed against barrel of manager we've been here the last few years and yum. Number one late. One thing he has done well in these in these sort of press conferences as he's been self deprecating like insult a dating I mean. Yes and pretend like he has all the answers yes and pretend like he knows pitching. Really really well. EU doesn't pretend like he knows when it's kind of a weird thing to say. Okay. You guys don't I know these guys that throw by I had no idea where I don't know what they're but I guess the sense of what you owed learning. Learning on the job you know it and that's always a Dicey thing with a Red Sox being in Boston once a morning. Who's gonna hit the ground running and everything else I think that sort of ease ease maybe in himself less credit than the actual. Reality is because I think he's been around way he knows his stuff with the bench coach Houston last year there's a reason why he has his job. But only if the terrible way to go where you are to say hey you know why he can't because what. Happens John is they didn't get caught in saying things. You. Dolan says. Right when you definitively say something in this town but what it Ferrell the federal used to do that where he's trying to say the exact right thing. All the time and every once in awhile you week because they'll beat you may have made a big deal because you say the exact right way. It may be met a little bit different. And this them with Corley if you're just artists and being yourself. I think that's really the best way to go that's sort of a feel I get them first. Weaken in terms of everything else. He's just been run around and I think what he's trying to do with that he said try to get to know these guys even get to know a lot of their names everything noodle. Louisiana and receptive on second so when you say self deprecating actually think that's important because. I actually think for our got a bad rap last year I mean that's just now I feel I think he did a pretty good job. On the field. He pushed the right buttons of the ball and for that team to win the division considering the talent disparity between them in the Yankees considering David price's injury. Stephen writes injury all of this stuff I thought they are there pretty good job. In the clubhouse so Laver no question major issues and moving on for him for that reason I understand you know I endorse and I'm not gonna sit here and say. He you know he should have been back. The one area I think where he struggled. And you just have to have it in you either having your you don't was he wasn't really great at lightening the mood you know and so. You go back. To Terry Francona who I mean that every press conference was about I was terrible you know I was this I was I never got off the bench. Like the guy I was the golds by examiner he was a high draft pick if he had blown out his knee would have been an all star but he likes to play that game of just how terrible he was and and self deprecating all that and that was part of what worked with him and help keep the clubhouse loose the fact that core is gone down that road I think is actually goods. Yeah you don't execute it's a good comparison I generally think of that might. You don't think about Cora in Francona there is definitely it. Core result more personality wise is a lot more like Francona and certainly parallels which is so weird. Because you know you hear Fred Ferrell and Francona said great friends and we probably talked about this before. But I believe they're great friends I believe there you know amongst the best of friends. But they have. Very very different personalities. That mean people different pars as you know I know I know but still it's like you don't you you sort of threads are well friends with Kurt. That's that's good if yes I've felt what everybody else I have a lot of different struggle at different personalities. So yeah so what you were saying Ellis Corey is a lot like her. Yes event yet and the and the and the Farrell thing to you know there were times last year where. Things would be getting a little tense and I was like man you know I'd joke or something would be great but it's just not that's just not how he's wired you know even if he wanted to. And every once in awhile he'd make a little quip or something but he just wasn't. Wired that way like Francona could defuse situations. Guy more effectively you know it's just a little bit of humor. And you just got the sense that backlog as that clubhouse got tighter and tighter that he didn't necessarily have. An effective means of of releasing some of that. Well to me to meet you knew you covered Karl for a long time ago about when he was pitching coach. To me I didn't get. What path he was going down for the press conferences and an understanding I don't know if there's someone in the organization says this is how you wanna be. But everything became like it was in front of the cameras and no it where it's like you've been like these informal sort of settings. And that card wasn't what down a whole lot in every single thing with so formal and every word with agonized over. In in in I think that that's one thing Cora hasn't done like the other day. We estimate about you know what do you say your team the first meeting later I don't know why I'm going to be going back and forth maybe they should do this or maybe I should do that. The load a lot of people what they all law how how can you say that you'd have to know you're the leader. But I think he's just being honest in and I think that's what people want and that's. That's sort of what they may be we're looking for a little bit more in in terms of what world. Going out and relating to the players are in Iraq with a click I don't think it's any any question that was. That's going to be a lot different if that's not saying Ferrell was. That about communicating actually bringing guys in and when something had to be set communicating aware of them. But chorus morbid guys I think that you can sort of mill in and out of guys and in part to lawmen as they've been saying for the last week yet and I think part of it for Farrell to us think about the. Circumstances. That he arrived under it was. We desperately need professionalism to be restart to this clubhouse and so he took that very corporate professional. You know the days of body V running around and doing whatever those days are over there's going to be accountability. We are going to be professional. And when you start out that way. You know maybe that's that tone was setter ironic worst on. Like I got a degree I and that went on especially the last couple years I thought it got worse in terms of being. Even more corporate that he was actually yeah and and may be that was just the reaction to criticism I don't know I will say this I I think he got a Bagram. I think found at a bad rap ultimately. He won a World Series he won two straight division titles the second one I think you can point to a lot of decisions that he made. And while there were issues and while. You know what his time was out like everybody has the shelf life in that job and is it expired. I just think he did a better job of people him. Well all the stuff that we're talking about this week. The leadership stuff the oh well there's going to be yield correspondent communicate better and it's gonna be looser and guys have to have more fun. None of that makes a difference motivates. Me that the team. He won 93 teams last year became a game now about ten innings away from from knocking or I advancing in the playoffs. And you can point out all the flaws and obviously that's easy to do. And they can potentially be better this year but it goes back to what were talking about with price until you prove it to me it doesn't make a difference. You can't say that Bogart's in Bradley in bets and all these guys are gonna play better because there having more fun. Can't you can't say that. Yeah I'm not a big fan of the whole fun thing we just need to go and it's just that's meaningless those words are meaningless. Generally but I do think there is an element of I don't I don't like that particular word but there is an element of truth to they just need to be looser. Every game felt like you could see I mean you could see weight of the world kinda stuff after every game. And it's like that is no way to play baseball season especially when you're winning 93 games CU didn't need to you need to approach things the way that they did and whether there. That was because they felt under siege by us or because I don't know what it was but whatever it was they can't have a repeat. Well and so Zora and trying to unlock the okay how these guys the better candidate to get better why weren't there is good. And you throw and then the world and it gave Ortiz the middle of the order in this and that. Well the one thing to keep an eye on the holy flips from one agent said but you go back to all of fellow right LaBella when he took over for fair. And there was definitely that as lighter atmosphere that you were around yeah no there's no question about it. No sudden you have guys performing a lot better and they went on to winning streak. And some people as they won't they just figured out the right time and other people say well they perform better. Because it was looser and so that's what we have to figure out but that's that that is may be an example of one leading to the other. Yep I can see that both six on 777979837. I want to mossy rapper come back I'm gonna tell you exactly what needs to happen in the first month of the season for the Red Sox. They need to get in a brawl. These seats. Sports. 01 network. Welcome back. Brad fell into my seat. 1:30 PM we're talking Red Sox in the parlance of the break rob. Until Jack the theory on what the Red Sox what they need but they need in the first month of next season and this is tough because. You can't like fake it's you can't force it but I a city it needs to somehow happened but the opportunity will present itself. There will be an opportunity for a benches clearing brawl. And the Red Sox need to show each other that they have each other's back because that did not happen at all last year now though it's shadows stuff was a mess. If you remember clue Greg hitting Nunez in Cleveland because he swung too hard. And I remembered Nunez looking into the Red Sox dugout and nobody even stirred people weren't on the top step. And you think back to some of the great Red Sox teams especially. Yeah. Things seem to come. Cabrera and rolled mine had a few words and that's the way to win. Who grew up pushed worldwide home plate. I'd I got an and I am not I don't remember who is that would well yeah I remember I dramas that that was the Yankees tigers he had wanted grads out I was like that currently in what prayer I was confused you want a sliver Red Sox brought Angelina went Jeff Gray was feeling when their votes and the role of the rim now but. You know IE I see your price you you're suggestion. Inured to pay. I said this that you a year I remember doing a hard cast and Travis shot after he traded guys that you realized. That if the reps as the reverend bench clearing brawl. They were not fare well. And after just solve the big guy with a few gutsy guys right yup and you think about that. You think about the roster in in I'm not saying that the. Can't have a bench hey you know this there are any punches though it's baseball has only just get out there and because this is the thing this is what they were lacking you know. You think back and I can't even remember the particulars but there are times where. The benches would clear and you would see Curt Schilling in the middle of the mainland is your best pitcher. And he is their front senate you would see John Lackey with that like dopey smile on his base. The holding guys up put both times like c'mon mess with me. In Tony Klein answered yet and two guys in slots if we're going way off my goodness that was a good going yeah yeah you know I and so according to do the power rankings who would lead the charge in rights are expensive bench clearing brawls. Like the starting pitchers. I don't think that the position players in you have to have promising far Carlton and at the on the amount way everything's going on. You know it I I don't get the sense that this is a very very aggressive growth yet so they need that they need something galvanizing to show. Everyone's not only internally but external event they have each other's back is that that was one of the things that was lacking in you talk about united clubhouse. I think those were perfect examples of it not manifesting itself in a way that it should I go back. To those rays teams right before they became really good in 2008 and took on the Red Sox yeah used to fight with the Red Sox. For a couple years leading into that seem like they got in one or two fights of the Red Sox every year if Donnie Darko goes on there. Throwing bodies and and whatever and that to mean sort of later ground work for what that race team became it was. Where up and coming we think we're better than everybody else nobody knows how good we are but just wait until we show you how good we act the Red Sox need that they need that adds. So I want a brawl. Well yeah you know on the I'll take it to the next level. He owns Wi-Fi and have a brawl but it is gonna have a brawl out against the Yankees. Let's find out the value laden Barrett sent in and you need you that you had eyes on and I apologize and you have these joint norm as guys on your team the biggest team all my goodness. They had such a great figure in their pinstripe uniforms but I well you wanna fight. While orders signed Johnny jumped up for the day and he's gonna go right. Giancarlo statements. And he. Perfect remembers Jonny Gomes NC state debt that it. Remember don't you remember that we remember when he was with him as you pointed out the whole cocoa Chris mound charging that yeah. But also remember when news of the Red Sox. Flying in from left field to try to punch and yours you know basketball are. It was it was like if there was some Yang and some may have played a New Year's third base sort of sort of in front of the Red Sox dugout. And Alston to thank them fly in and this basically does that that seem like Gerard Butler from the movie 300 or whatever it is. Of jumping up in the air telling the yards through three people yes with that's what they tried it yes. It's. It's okay. You know news. Varitek who took the means to. The seriousness and commitment nothing's changed their fight to the site. Cool days and Nixon museum. How can we go out of gas so you go back I mean that fight right there that was one of the turning points that'll season. I'm Amaro for fights. I am going to wrestle I've been tomorrow that earned everything that put him in his place it's like biting at the biting a nose of the coyote. You know they aren't announced yet. I don't I don't know kind rates exceed my business is that effect I don't think that's gonna and wealthy. All the war for whatever it is I I am oh look like an average this watch right it took out here you're not until tomorrow. You guys government. So way is it. Average relic and I are on we're on tomorrow and we just talking about how Evan threatening to a wrestling match about what we will face will climb that as we do the show tomorrow. But your rights I mean your obsolete right they need to show something as I do think that we talked about leadership and everything else. Is it that the personnel isn't too are you past there has to pass. And in maybe that's also of getting in the face of getting in face of some young guys. And getting in the face of some young guys like they didn't spring training before that this is how you do it this is how you don't do it. Yes and and you know I think we'll help in that regard immensely. If he's healthy. A lot of new unions adding Nunez. Is one of the he was one of the only guys in that team who had. That kinda adds that we're talking about that we felt like they missed who had in any constructive way like David Price at and it's but it was not helpful. Eduardo Nunez had an on line is did he. He was my club Ina and it's exactly what I'm saying like he had the right kind of ads for what I'm talking about right now. Yeah in and we should make no I think mastered as opposed to this he sought Nunez leaving jetBlue park. And I knew he says no deals Kanye. So I mean I just. This isn't as Turkey is it was portrayed I think that Thursday night is distancing and its. Whether it's the near whether it's some other stuff it is it's just not mean it probably still he had done because obviously he's here trying to get it done but as as Alex points out new Eustace that now it's not done he's leaving. As far as we know without tell us he's just go to twin peaks again like he could be doing. Yeah what what this like cannon. You think back to last year in the playoffs when they actually thought. That this guy. Was going to be able to play like he was going to be able to swing a bat and run and in week. We could all see it from a million miles away what was gonna happenings take one swing and follow our. And that's basically what happened and so the fact that the knee could conceivably be holding up this deal. Months later just shows you how like stupidly optimistic it was this day. He had he had no I'll look at these guys back and he's gonna he's gonna help. There was a couple things you know you have that that the unions thing and then playing death memory error over rough divers. We will look back at that even play not play him right yet. In the Houston seriously and we look at the the Guerrero thing was that isn't with the I think at that time meals that it. That was the classic. Over analyzing over thinking it. That he doesn't really bring anything table certainly offensively. Now and by the way so I mentioned this com. Do you off the there statements in this this video that is the camera guys are known as the camera guides for car for ansari. NBC sports Boston. Glenn Gleason and bill Messina. It you may know you don't right courts there are there all the rates have been there there all over the unit there and the camera guys. And they got they got Pedro Martinez. You talked about owed. To talk about who Maloney which we're I don't know why we didn't do this before. I don't know with the scenes look at natural thing for you guys like you get Pedro Martinez talked about the guy who works for the station. Out the who he played well which I asked him about an hour. Who also Pedro Martinez. Him guys hall of Famer and we hear those stories about Johnny Damon doing those naked clubs. After this. Mo do anything like that we have received. No we moon. Always felt like I have a site Mosul exciting. And moving. Slow. And it. I have a look at that I've LB like showing off. Let you spend a lot of time in the mirror. Come back at that night theory. Okay cool okay. Without bill. Was still as well you know we're very fortunate this is one of the perks of doing this show here in the broadcast Booth and that jetBlue part. Is that what a one of the camera guys again if you haven't seen the camera guys and on NBC sports Boston. I typically don't say nice things about that organization because networks there. But either Dewey yes well doesn't that. Yes also Glenn Gleason one of the camera guys is here thanks for three in Mumbai just walked in by yet the plot I think come on in John I hope you don't mind. He's here let's do it hey John you to a the other partner in crime. Bill misuse use in disposed hopefully you'll be joining us very quickly. Yes it was a it was a blast it grows its after game from that stuff yes you know that they shot. The shot right. That's again that I would go after you score so it went haters gonna be up here any second now too so this is actually did timing so. When you where and when he's talking about a haunted house that happened I mean like that we shouldn't on this the ocean on this. Like years ago as I hate to sit down and rail on low blow can be really. Be honest bill. Messina the other guy says he's sort of the Braves Leo there he saw Pedro surveillance program. He says it's Pedro. Hear it and we've worked with Lou considers himself close on NBC sports Boston Dan and next thing you know. Stars on me to push ups excuse me naked (%expletive) out so Mendelsohn. We've heard but. But also opened that we don't blow and stick Pollack and Louis best. That's from here. And we have not heard from him yet you becoming when it's honors on Monday tomorrow yet we're gonna it's gonna be active reckoning. There Pedro was very complimentary of of certain his hair. The rest of you know. Pitcher dictates or Pedro reached greeted this video which is which is a big video. So Pedro. Pedro like. Took great pride in play calling now Lou this was his and other things sort of baffled me. Yet it's mostly utility move for him Lou Lou I think all of them now you know they'll have to lose one we lose one of us. I know that's why I'm here to protect arms and these guys government and they tried to make sport of blue. In front of Pedro mart with it what you see Pedro Martinez and I'm here defending Lou Malone. Right now Pedro went on the road rob. Optimal bid but. He's clever guys cars. Favorites you know Euro lotteries. Now sometimes. You know canceled the black I'd be you know our open VP. And I was usually you know we have majors it when do we think we're getting baited him we don't know and it's you weren't Patriot Act as we're gonna have to take a break in the second here but what what did you ask them forward. Aren't out know while Glenn and and build its news here so you guys. I say this all the time but you guys are the best reporters down here at the camera guys. Because players talk to you when they all talk to us. And so so bill moves when your target what is the thing that you talked of more players and anybody down to what the players what what is the biggest thing that you learn. And and whispering in the ears of players and their ways. Bring back. Act like they're not players that threaten people lets the biggest thing. I mean these guys people forget that make a lot of money plays sports and awesome things in. He just have to and a walk up to a woman who's been on a team that's what your teammates or somebody you know that your workplace. And you know you talk to them about things. They you can relate and that's the biggest thing I mean your bra number of excellent. Rob as like us a call Robin stalker from Omaha stock he he sort hides in the in the clubhouse it brings in sort of Micah. Feet tree and hides behind it because you never see him and then in the next thing you know is it quotes from players in the east in. Well for forget that so so you guys. Yeah the camera guys you down. We want music years knows on this is a thrown together at the last minute you give it never guys you have an animated series on NBC sports Boston ever went to check out. And but most importantly a place that I want you guys this week on by your walked in Mumbai because you have the video of hey you got Pedro Markey used to finally open up against about Lou Maloney so we really appreciate that I think it's something he. He's been hiding inside a long time it's one excellent some. We were the vehicles that allowed him that nice wonderful well I know get your brain you know glad you guys to join us I will see you guys down there on Monday who. And guys nobody's gonna say anything bad about me that's for damn sure. Here are my arm I am my air is second only to lose that they. I that was Glen Gleason bill Messina from Comcast or to not see a Bradford we will be right back. Cnnfn. Welcome back we are wrapping up our number two of intimacy and Brad and I see them Florida. That's not to down forum Monday Radford Florida I'm in Brighton which does not feel like. When it's that. What's going on it viewed them there what UC. Bounce houses. Celebrations. Think Brett Myers microphones that sound like. Are right I think I'm talking to myself right now well we were talking Red Sox I think they need to get in a brawl. We have our meal. Red Sox topics that we will get back to a round rejoins us he's probably stepped out for a second I'm here are you there I was talking I got no response on Cyrus talked in the camera has figured you're well we have a shouted news though I know I suppose it's I'm Brad votes whenever Guinevere whenever you when I was I was seduced by the moon bounce in center field I was just talk about the movements that make cents. Where we're still where we're psychic Wheeling. It and so microphone. So so it Synopsys Synopsys were waiting for Pedro. You want the Red Sox to fight people yes David Price is going to absolutely not opt out of his contract yet plus Earl and like the big news for and it. The news is the right word and I think people need to come to grips with because that a lot of us have operated on the assumption. That he's adding in to me in to me like there is asking. Asking the camera guys earlier about. You know like there percent they have a deeper perception perspective while watching it. Watching these guys really unlike the reporters right in the reporters are. They see the reporters coming in my actually having the camera guys will be. A little bit looser or whatever but I look at David Price I'd try to watch him while he's doing doesn't look any different. But my thing is is that he's still a appropriately everyone's getting caught up in the handled himself very well the press conference. Everything's good everything's hunky dory. But I. Where weekend in in any case people forget. Like this is how it was last year to it wasn't until listing growth field story team now. And and he had that ride halfway through that article he started railing a vote this. You know oh. Though those reporters don't care about him because they don't talk about charity mean. That was halfway through spring training. So we Agassi. Yeah and and and the thing with price to you know Pedro talked about this at the winter weekend. When you're hurt when your pitcher in your hurt you just become miserable you know and you can really dropped pretty straight line between prices elbow acting out. And things going completely south and there are certainly. Been signs that his relationship of us wasn't perfect. But it wasn't to the extent that it became and it was like once he got hurt. Once he knew that he couldn't be the daddy wanted to be on the mound once he had that doubt about what does this mean for my career. Today he just sort of went into it tails it relationship wise and that's everything just went tales yeah yeah and it's so. Theo are you with me though I mean you with me that this is. Or put the cart before the horse little bit of big time with lots of guys I mean if you remember at this time last year the guy that we were all raving about kinda like we are now a little bit. Was handling remember tonight all late great press top. Exactly came out and he said he wanted to cash he knew we couldn't filler these issues but he wanted to be that guy any accepted that responsibility. And he wanted everyone to be loose and it was going to be his job and he was gonna fit and you know it is. That his shoulders acted up you couldn't play first base he couldn't swing hired Nikki said he had 23 homers. So in one hand at last here. It you know and so you you end up with a disappointing season Nottingham. It goes without saying that whatever is said at this point in camp a lot of times sometimes it can be tone setting if you go back to the not 2012 Red Sox spring training where Jon Lester came on and accepted responsibility for the whole beer drinking in the clubhouse but Josh Beckett didn't. That's sort of sat. A tone for the rest of the for both of packets Red Sox career is over by artists and Lester went on to win another world leaders. Yeah and so your your righty we should take stock and these these picnic table thing again in case people don't know it's not a picnic table anymore. It's a wooden bench so they sit on the wooden bench they get in front of the cameras they have the media there the more notable players go through this so that. Plainly so that TV cameras and sort of getting more organized shot at them. But the bodies that we go through this in you know you Chris Sale on. These other guys and you mentioned Hanley Ramirez hit it bears dominated last year he did awesome every went all my goodness Italy when a great guys. Such a great mood and everything else so this time around would antley it's that he beat twelfth. And late this is that means it's going to reek of what exactly where we're talking about. Remember when we're gonna say remember what Haley target about Tom Brady and do in the bins in the diet everything else. And oh wait he's still not hit home runs what's going on. So I think that it was a nice story line for yesterday. But you know I don't know again prove to me again. Can I be a little skeptical by the way so you block the TB twelve book. And where you. You were working out Alex Guerrero some you just had the book open late to the end of by locals on night. Cam looking down the picks are located resistance band goes around my ankle and then around the leg of the table light. How is the is there is he really got the book I think the book was more of at least this reading between aligned I think it was more of the diet in the way of life but again shouldn't he have a dietitian or whatever yes so like yeah I don't think it he admitted he wasn't there when the diet I mean it's. I first walk RM would I don't believe that he read the book I don't plea even skim the book I believe it was it was about a I think that he was just like yes I work out with a bans. I work out with the bands that I've seen them they have TP twelfth actually on them. It's a new way of working out I'm not lifting heavy. I believe all that yet but I don't believe he read the book I don't believe he's doing it diet in I don't believe that basically anything else but the bands yeah I mean we've been side. About handling not lifting weights and being more of a flexibility guy speed and agility and flexibility guy. This is the third spring in a row we've been segments he showed up the first one he was mammoth. You know and so that I was like OK can't do that again this isn't exactly a new storyline with him that he suddenly embracing flexibility. Yeah will remember you when you lost week and then when once it was 2000. 2016. You lastly you to a point CC plus we like mentally to examine the last last year and he looked like in the words of dollars core rate Lewis again. Like he and Nolan really want to say anything about they'll think because it was like he was. Our first spring training he showed up and tequila that I thought he looked it and rip I looked pretty Japanese showed up by Ian obviously it didn't. It didn't last do we have any sense of how he shoulders doing. Beyond the platitudes of we don't mess. This is the theme John. We have talked about the spreading the wheels of spring training story lines well I mean that's always Atlanta on 11 place and that is. Prove economy this is my theme put on the bumper stickers. Prove academy gives it all this other stuff. But until Hanley Ramirez played first base without getting hurt and we were mayor starts hitting like he did before. Stays in the line up all of that. We have no idea. Says it six on 7779797. This is called the segue into a break. We will be back and I think at some point we're gonna have to switch and a little bit always showed up Pedro is the air yes we should make them. And OPEC does I don't just ourselves and I was going on you can have all the time he wants okay all the time in the you know we're also to go with the headphones on all the -- take a picture of this to prove it perfect you know so that every year you guys you know that these guys right. Because they caught you saying some bad things about them Maloney. Of all the bad and if it's if I read a little bit of time on the area of he's he still has great. That's Natalie Portman would. Require budget was eight but he's not the law or a really close. Damon. The crazier. The outwards. Today I'll do your thing diluted talks are votes. No. Oh boy baseball yeah because schools let companies game the become a superstar. But he with great unlike in the game anticipating. Things about the game very knowledgeable. Slide. It was going to be able graceful. You know boredom property being. Part of the Dick so. Did you ever think that yeah you're in the media now put. When you finish line. And did you do what you think you end up doing like we're used to I have no idea weren't I know I'm not gonna do this I know I'm Nachman do that. But what did you actually think this is why I am going to do and has that changed in the time that. You have retired. Well I thought about getting involved in baseball in the profits. Because that's really what I can tell you I really don't. It's baseball. Never thought. For one moment that I'll work on television them ordered. But it would counsel baseball. I don't mind expressing what I see in my knowledge. And I guess that let me to. Actually being on television gets the fact that I could actually say and being point. What I was watching what I was seeing you know my on opinion. I never thought about you know after being in the whole thing and how much. It meant to the people to hear from people like me. About you know the way it went about a bases in the way things where I am and how we solve baseball after being retired. Let me ask you this though you talk about you maybe in the front office. Players are Ortiz did this a couple of years ago Nelson Cruz why isn't Nelson Cruz right it's. As players in spring training do you talk about. We need this we need that we should we got this guy we should get back out you remember renew your Red Sox career being on the team thing you know we really need something else here. The players do that. Yep I always second guess why it didn't get more help from mom knows about it all the qualities otter but you also. You'd go out there naked thinking that that all it takes is this the eagle. And pulled the trigger and get that guy you normal you know res the thing about. You know what you have to give an exchange how much money will cost you two. Two to go get that guy you know you need him you know you could use him you know he's gonna help you. But in reality the leader of the tales that go behind doors. About. Let's say that team. That team's. Purposes the year. The team expenses. While RD. Hmmm what's more the use of available to bring those kind of players. Legal details that you thought the thing about this that the players know what dictates or off a win. You know what it what what would probably really really need and you dream about getting those guys. But sometimes leaving what it Tate's. To get that guy that you really need and you appreciate that probably now now that your sort of in the front office order that remote than ever because that now I I've been able to vote for the minor league. And the other system. See how much. A much depth we have and how much. How much money we have to expand its name to the deal the free agency handled nine and also. That rules fuel pump more to remove if we go outside the freeagent. I'm wants. I'm going to be putting in jeopardy color guard yelled out salary and taxes and all that it's so many things are going. And you know behind our backs that that we don't really thought to think about when we ask you what these players leveled it. We're joined by Red Sox hall of Famer in baseball hall of Famer Pedro Martinez at page on carries him rob brought up Nelson Cruz said David Ortiz desperately wanted Nelson Cruz. When you play and you remember any guys that you really one of the team to get that you couldn't understand why they didn't go after. Well I always laugh and all that talk qualities Stoddard is since the mean like we were always. All the spotters short. Our defense it'll. Even even what we traded Nomar. I still feel like you've we have Nomo who gonna win anyways if we have what it took. But. Sometimes things just alert you know they would it would hurt and a lot of politically it's in this. I guess the acquisition achieving. Really was the turning point you'll of them really deflect and Omar had to leave. I think if we are achieving and we have Nomar who would win it probably easier. But. That fact that that we never had that. You know that guy that was going to be behind me and diesel was outstanding especially on big games but during the season to have the consistency that we. When we have those spotters. Wills I think that that's so important for us to win. The oval series it's it using you say selling as you know there are people who fair or not think out page ensuing didn't really get along. Oh no we did we did that's that's a total lie whatever out of back and forth. Seal Heidi well away you'll always outspoken. He didn't really understand what being targeted evident and and certainly. Felt like an order for me to hold on. For the entire season in the post season. You'd probably say paid off audits on program but yes he was never fired eleven men on and seventy. On this and we'll probably than usual but. Well it's different meats outspoken and I'll wait but never in a professional way. I'd be respected him we had a great relationship we've learned from each other we got a lot of questions about each other. Good to mutual respect always and I loved she'll love GO and he loves me. Well. Whose guy it's always number one as you all Famer number two who's that guy for you who's not who didn't get in the hall of fame like I simply does not now. All of last you know that. I'll follow that shot. Make it last year. He thought committed this year. Guys that haven't been there that I would love to see at least via. Jaguars will all the guys. All of for some reason I thought he should be there. In the C Edgar Martinez another I avoided that ING. You know Noelle you're the age. But they should that the agent that they are all the choices that what time Edgar. Was able to place third and because they out of all the guys that played better defense they've moved into VH. But it was like he was. An out of body DH and that's it and it was a that are based in before and he played third. That the problem is that if you will better ability in the another defensive player that could do a better. Why not. It's not his fault it's just let David big with a pretty good first baseman people don't realize how odds dial. David it's a first race yeah. Well you you've got a new blood in the water you gotta to the Red Sox got an epic political experts face what we're utilities stand it's gonna get Dicey with some these guys to. You know with a hall of fame with the the the steroids stuff the Mitchell or whatever where do you stand on that mean if if if the guys linked. At all and there's no right or wrong answer I don't. Where do you stand on as as someone who still wears the jacket and sits up there and goes to the ceremony. Well is he if you are known to have done that and you would there. If you let. The slightest mono means he could be just want if you let one go you might as well first global saint Pete rolls. Enough of the ban. You need to be in there. You have to say. Roger Clemens. And Barry Bonds were hall of famers before the date messed up. You have to really looking into bill peel the people that are not there at least yeah. Is not in the hall of fame and Luis Tiant how to jet numbers when it's steroids he's not even exceeds. And and Jack Morris we old grew up watching him. Why not. Why not it was odd for me to understand those things and if you will remain. And you let a lot of those guys could go in idle will let it legit ones go in and hit the veteran comedian needs to do a better job about. Bringing guys that Luis Tiant back up. Really good really good impressive numbers like I look at my Korea might look at this. Very similar. Very similar careers and and also are difficult times there. We didn't have a much in medicine in editing do to action over accountant did mold that it takes them to play an entire season. Soul. I think DR to desserts will be there are Mori is certain that somebody got it this year to the bedroom maybe and I hope that they continue to consider. Those guys liked it Garrett who would only jet never hugged me too I think. In instead of probably opening doors just like that guys that have been linked or whatever but. Hey dusty about a guy that I'd vote for every year and now I'm pretty much alone on this one but you've faced in quite a bit where do you stand on Sheffield Gary Sheffield. Gary Sheffield it if you. That really really shift you got. At bat bat out of the deal. Because. I thought Sheffield I competed with them in my effort here in 929 knee injury I competed with them. And he's of the these disdain. Apps or the end when he had a bad knee and and there on. IE I know I have gotten pulls into the ship and and I can totally understand understanding. Where it was. He has that out of it quickly think that a few weeks that went and I had a couple where Cutler Barry Bonds. You beetle that if you will when it would put it previously to going in Beirut on the train. Or it did in previous years and that's not the same. The same out of two we had Sheffield. Before. He was linked to being trained in better ball and everything exploded. I'll think about it hosting that chip in that. Before he went to train would battered on so what about the previous years. Ottawa law homers you'll love of the top players in the league so I don't know what to stand with all that because. It's instantly like nobody thought about Sheffield all to be slowing him treatment would bare bones and some people really short denying all of my Arafat. That it was yet really short because tease that out. Right of way out of. I know you didn't fear anyone when you face them but was there any intimidation at all and he stand and in their weight on that that and and grind in the handle and his fans like you wants the Murti of. Well believe me you have to be careful iso two guys are words to mean the best fastballs theater. In in in all of baseball they'll they'll be more to some who believe it or not. And Gary Sheffield. So what you felt like you have Pollard had 98 Iranians. He knew that that guy could pull that 98 yeah he hit it down the line. You have to really because as you know it really needed all three of viewers and really makes the main. In a way that he couldn't figure out which one you went on because that's the beauty about Sheffield was that he could just to break people. He wasn't really at. A guy double virtue and right feel a lot. But defeat in the that you will go to go away he'll take it to right field and do that it's at best it would. Guys on base. He wasn't really that selfish that he could say what a couple a couple of our goal all are here know he get it's too RBIs that he needed to get. If he sorely needed to just get a base hit to right field you'll hit the break it will too. You tease each team and we're ovals coming or we will saying the he was strong enough to actually take you out on the break and we'll do so you have to really because of Clinton he was a good hitter. Good legitimate leader and and also a clutch version so you needed to driven more respect. Couples refrains ago or Maria del Rosa was here and you took him under your wings of this guy's going to be really did and he's had his moments. Dessert guy in this camp you're trying to feel the same way about that you're saying this guy you haven't seen the best of him yet. I think it Lotto it's it's it's really entry. Into auto execute that. House has shown flashes of being brilliant. Actually you know who are actually there was a moment. What I thought that a lot of can be karma and on the ones that the 94. To 9798. Mile dollar. Good change yet. Good. You know. Breaking ball. It's expected durable when it counts we saw these are. It's just a motto getting him healthy and and for an entire season to see really what he could do because this kid should only that he could be Karen. A real real normal one number two type of guy if he's completely healthy he's means. And be in good. But I'm expecting him to actually now that he got the procedure Gordon Deal done. To do better and hopefully get on the diocese of what he competed and show what he can do. Last question from me Pedro. So you have done a great place is amazing to me when you start with a Red Sox how many different people in the organization my leaders said. Oh how did you get better hope they do show me how to do this or paid to help me with this mean you witnesses and is symbolic thing you have gone in and you have felt the guys now. Another guy that you had helped to Luis every now. Right this right that doesn't feel they can feel a little awkward over the fact that it ever I'd say it's a bad thing gets everywhere and should help everybody. But this guy has become one of the best which is the American League which makes must make you happy. But the same time it's like oh my goodness he's facing the Red Sox but you might. But you know I worked for so is it weird at all. So I mean mill. I'm close it is in the personal way. I feel like last night retired. Might do with society would baseball. The best yet I can actually like baseball. Is mine not my experience my own. Way of doing things easier. For you know. For all the players and and gets out duly delivered not unlike many people be brave enough to express this. But out Dooley. Is not to really keep it within. And within the organization neither is the bus along we all talk invite people social life. Wee wee weed up about passing along the good things. But along the good experience nothing along the hugs and and the good field where everything that you do. Passing along the support. For me. I feel like anybody. In the to be Serena this year coming out of the point blank opened. I had Serena. After all it's. The media. I like six or seven album. That I actually work when it. Including of public carafe go from treatments. You wouldn't know like I. It's not Cleveland in 99 in the football season but who live figure out that'll be helping out one of the pitching stuff in Cleveland. You know like I get all kinds of players coming over asking Santana human contact who actually. Got to revive his career at the end and out run those guys that I in Iraq and I. I can do but I think our duly. Retired players in players that have been to gain and had some success in the game it's about well what we've. While we how we deal. How it worked for it just dictates it would explode and it's at Marino's want a special guy that's living you know ever since he's fine. Did did that victory had was Michael's might make people card. And you know this little girl older debt the deal if you look at in the small will be my beat you every single day. Outlook is idle because you on him and got Simi. Actually in my prime and he holed that one fell in love with it in Hollywood sign with the Yankees. When you'll watch it make me so he felt locally or any time with the Yankees and then. It became a Yankee he wanted to do things like me. A lot of flak it will be great to be good. Because. That little thing that I mean native food Severino deserves all the credit. It's like are falling to mean but it reality Severino. And adjusting pollute things that I thought he could as a. Ago Yasser that's a really good answer who the subtleties that I was credits and listened bigger you are obviously great ambassador for baseball I think you know Red Sox fans. Certainly. I still think you're probably the most popular guy on the team now even though you haven't worn the uniform and ten plus years thank you so much for joining us to really appreciate it. Well thank you so much that's great compliment but Lou I think resell those guys walking by him sound of voters. In any pain the passing Dodgers go I didn't get to like I guess he's you know looking. I guess attracts a lot of the young boy but I think many indeed you probably won't G. Well what more PM and I forget half of them will keep but. I was really happy news is to remain popular in and that people's hard. And also here you know buy happiness of the people most Eric he's Pedro Martinez near Bradford to Nazi you'll be right.