Tony La Russa joins Dale, Holley and Keefe 11-09-17

Boston Baseball
Thursday, November 9th

Dale, Michael and Rich Keefe speak with new Red Sox vice president and special assistant to the president of baseball operations Tony La Russa and get in to his philosophies on analytics, managerial styles, and whether or not Alex Cora will be a successful manager in Boston.   Plus Keefe may have found a new fan in Tony.


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Sports Radio. We're very happy right now let's talk with the each vice president and assistant to the president of baseball operations for the Boston Red Sox. You know his name very well Tony La Russa joins us Tony at dale Michael and rich thanks for taken a few minutes minutes. Org report record let's start with this you were in the studio with Michael and I once a number of years ago with buzz Kissinger in fact in. Michael and I both had the impression talking to you then you weren't necessarily act. And analytics money ball fan how would you describe Europe whether or not to embrace that approach for the team. Like Israel a lot of misconceptions about the Oscars. You know Irish started. You know years ago. Heather over critical therefore ought to have Paula Spanish. Part of two years in our league so my survival the crypto information. And I was you know searching our staff was searching for years and here's. As much as possible to get. An idea about you know how her play guess you would look so I embraced information I still do. I think. Where are try to draw the distinction is all one side you you realize you metrics are very valuable they really help you identify. Ares and chelios between I want our hitters that you walker rules. Like my problem is that there are some places are being heard try to dole well the game itself. Especially in the game starts. And there is actually awaited. That you should try to. At the metrics and the preparation impact the dynamics of the game goes. And he has orchard you have sort of it and things for sure won't be going. Exchange out there you cannot have a reform bill are so pro about to prefectural. Also. I really think it's very valuable to a terrific people are sure that your best. The manager coaches with the decision making about a way to treat me the respect goes to a decision maker in your own perspective as a manager coach. You know you've known Dave to prosecute for a long time Tony did you call him and say hey how about a job in Boston he call you would say come to Boston how this thing. Unfold. My understanding was that. He had urged. You know I was in return their zone. Maybe some of the innocent but he lost a geyser about these regulations. Alerted him to but I can't let are treatable. It was in August 01 year. All the notice that I could help us get this solution work towards a super cute joke who all contribute. So they called it two key you learn to have the forward looking public. We're here what are the challenges of a rookie manager you're a very young manager he took over the White Sox what what kind. Challenges that outscored you facing in his first year as a manager. But that's really great question because. In the end. It's all about. If this style of leadership and you really. Be true leader. Major staffed to where you get the players trail mine in Cuba team and competing in contributing. And I think if you have assert track record that you have some respect going in. I think the difference the world so Alex will you know during that time he's been in Boston for example he aggravated a picker reputation. As they can't serve like coach. Because he would do as a veteran he was helping guys understand how the cookie that. How to split their backs so he's come out of a really good places particular ought to continue to control or. It last year with their little excuses so. You know I think he's he's got a great knowledge of the game. Well I think to any time you know registering you take it. They're being that there is also good start certain to be as Smart about handle a pitching it it'll pollute our cultural. But it really comes down. You know try to apply it to the guy to be truly rebellious at the terrible argument can be. At. Like my church who Alex. Is that he's got a pretty good as what we want instruments. We're talking to Tony La Russa now of the Boston Red Sox. From the outside looking in coming from Arizona what's your impression of the Red Sox organization and team. We are watching it you know weapon as you mentioned. They believe we started to order. Chicago accused of being so. And that we were we left savior Asia exit. But we've always sequels are always watching the school rules or Montreal. Or Miami Detroit no doubles so. They that you're that you're sort of position coupled you lose obviously talent there. It's a really tough decision. Division or other. I know what I see is that. There's good. They're fine tune their club there got a lot of stretch where this is just that is to win you're gonna be is complete. A ballclub as possible you know and that's what this tour the winners about try to pay it forward a quarter. How much time we be spending in Foxboro no football coach Don Baer who's a big fan of yours. Well it's sort of it's a mutual thing at a cut Islamic blessings that. You mentioned those mr. That's. Bill currently neutral from school. You know it's been you know 101214 nearly the credit sector out of this article that. And for a tool but it gets autograph and also cut characters prepped for the Broncos to have to assume we'll talk to David. You know he's not sure that wants. You and the season starts and he's in Boston. You gonna assume that February it was very often. How important is it for a baseball seem to have a a player be a leader but obviously outs course coming in your knees into the new manager but as far as a specific player or two taking over the leadership role because that's one thing we heard a lot last year. John Ferrell would say we got 25 liters. Can and cannot really work or do you need a dire suitor really step up. Are you guys running game because that's so very important question. And it's only partly. Absolutely you explain articulate partly agree that is their leadership team leadership. Is absolutely critical of you really have to do you have the measured steps that come out there are greatly. Dismissive and try your practice and compete at the kind of attitude that the ticket cultural issue. What a coach walks let go locker room in his office. Players. They have to coast and that message in that happens with real good leadership. Well because just 25 an industry trade war that you'd need a lot to leaders or guidance. Is not nearly enough I know losing David Ortiz solution August presidential retreat where. They do leadership and it is by the way it develops every year just good you know what here. The picture Eurostar or Euro got to ensure that the guys were willing to go. To follow the leader of the the manager and coaches so it's a very critical area I don't Archie that words. Bit. Of debt to negative I don't think you're gonna get to October. Dave Dombrowski surprise some people here a couple of years ago when he stated he did not think in game decisions was the most important part of being a manager. In your opinion what he has. It was which sort of afford your read it there are so many distractions and us. Either good or bad about my experience. You know I started really liking certain at all there's. And create this is just started you know salary arbitration. You know media was became that's something that. Was an important part of our you about your business so there are so many distractions. You know in America are young actually Easter growing up sometimes. Being entitled and not being held accountable so the first you gotta do. If you've got to really get into their kids. And have them that's why you know you mentioned bill that's one of ticket build axles that every year. You know he gets detained understood as a brand new year and if you play the patriots. You know you'd go to do your job curse later be accountable or other adequate. So that's really the alt support pic of what she got the frame of mind going you know that you're going to you know you play your values pitch yeah. The other part of that you really wanna. Excel and get to October and as a predator you do have to be a good manager. But that's that you can as far as got a lot of the players all were built followed that goes back to your chips. Antonio last year your career 2011 you guys won a World Series. Along the way the post season one of the teams are you defeat it was Philadelphia Phillies. Our Roy Halladay was on that staff a great season there can just give us a sense of what it was like to compete against him in and what were your thoughts when you when you learned of the tragedy. That's truly shocked Eagles still very very forward. You know. That do jail as a competitor and probe away we had a real personal collection because Chris Carter whose huge for a quote for years. And Chris and dock with the best of friends and pick it. If you're ever there memorable game 51000 workers. Android they hooked up now what are the first. That was the difference so. We all would be Percy a lot of relatively. Elevated. Officials said you know police. And you wonder you know there's the risk that he took approach the page but. We were particularly over us. Good there was an exchange rate. We're talking what asserted that rubio all of favorite of such. It's a brutal laws very very tough you know orphans. And his family and our whole game but if two very special thought they quickly we actually played nearly play. Years ago. Identical record to beta Michael's situation. When it carollo the first there were additional water source the Mexico are pinched or water themselves. That's no help to the goals were they were so close and we don't cover it is so it is great that you. Very says he's really going best. We saw that you were. Out to dinner with Dennis sectors Leo I think act we did that our. This year became a big story actors Lee and David Price on a plane I don't know Paul that made it out you were not did you did you hear that story in do you have any. Thoughts on on what took place between those two. Why. About you know America I've you know we're we're families slick. Very closely Kabila Archie actually well instruction liaison Cardoza shall we try to. Create two that are trying to reach decree. They're fairly broad got to feel. You know davis'. As a pro. Series outstanding career. You know I just blow that you know we're all men not machines so terms. You'll use global global. Whatever issues were. The biggest mistake and I think courses to do something. You know where there were people wrote rather than even after keep it here to there try to effect. I don't know that it I don't retreat would agree with but I sick. The would have that would have been very privately. Didn't. The other two next raucous. Secure Covert knowledgeable. I don't at all to piece critical. You know he's a star that's you know. As particularly unfortunate thing that happens between people. Machines and he turned a page. Tony we really appreciate taken a few minutes we're looking forward to. Get me up here in and senior when year in action around the clubs and we wish you the best enjoy your offseason. Are. I read excited just look from. Also in the Phoenix and other things full tour says that these that have really been approached without. Either they're passionate about what they're really. Or sports right now with the Bruins and Celtics. Pitchers that the Red Sox director I'm excited to be apartment. And I did it do our best most of it happens. Tony thank you. I sorry that is a Tony La Russa the new vice president and assistant to the president of baseball operations.