Tony La Russa joins Joe and Rob in the Booth. 03-10-18

Boston Baseball
Saturday, March 10th

Joe and Rob are joined in the booth by Tony La Russa, the vice president and special assistant to the president of baseball operations. Tony, Joe, and Rob talk about the upcoming Red Sox season and the growth the team has seen from the young players. Tony also talks about hanging out with Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells.


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We're very privileged here is the unit field is covered with a rain delay here it. The twins market Hammond Stadium here at Fort Myers they have to higher Russo with a storm hit a Russa the hall of Famer. Vice president and special assistant to the president of baseball operations in Boston Red Sox of Dave Dombrowski. Tony great to have be here today great to have you with the Red Sox the Kiffin joining us so far. And you've been it's just the body every game here Ria what are your early impressions. Well I think it's been. Usually Alex this at the work that has been a real opportunity for the young guys. If you live at bats of lightning which is you get a good look at a plus they get their feet wet at 1 o'clock. Now with the department camp left in Tuesday's lineup. I knew Seymour the regulars. Your ideas that Chris is that they earlier. David Mitch Stewart the complex so. The first parts Anderson wants young guys the that you watch the big. (%expletive) you know beat Tony you know. Alex is changed a lot even from last year. So from your perspective this must be a unique champion a lot of differences what are some of the things that are unique to each team. Maybe Alex's him implement this return. I think the first thing that is how comfortable is. You look at his background. You know he's got the history grow Puerto Rico and that wonderful. Environment. He had a good playing career is evolve with winners user policy understands what the Red Sox throw about. That you have this experience last year as a bench coach who were champions. So he comes in with a big hit start over most young managers young innocence that they haven't managed. Neither team leader. Laws a game he's that she was general manager Puerto Rico so. What I've seen him do his I've seen him there's an art to delegating. Authority your coaches but the same testing evolved very important. But the players see that you when your pitcher dropped you there. They see that the managers. Watch it pitches question if you feel the same time he can't be together work's gonna give. Qualities that so. He's been very impressed so far effect Broderick news there every day all the time of the great high road way. This that. You view him as a player but you can see why he was chosen as the roots are meant. Was so much has changed on a course you were such an innovator round which you managed it. In the Oakland especially with their relief specialist of course won me closer with them separately. And there's so many of the analytics that they've commanded the game. So bit different starting today as a manager is an effort. The first your guys. It's it's understatement. And I think a lot depends on the organizational for Los who have learning. The start with. You know as long as these those who played each sides tries to prepare for it is that he has got to reports. You know it became video. And or I've started it on the terrible player and manager laws our staff we just dug into the preparation whatever information yet. So now you have more information it's high quality. It's very useful as you get rid identify your guy if they're gonna. But you've got to draw a lot of this is what some organizations and not doing wished me makes me either beat him. You gotta draw the line that once the teams sources so dynamic I mean is watched. You can watch what in the eighth inning game changes you go watching hitter one at bat or pitcher. You have to have the ability downstairs to make the adjustments with the authority. And the thing is not so subtle is it players are paid attention they think. That all the decision government there's that you respect goes. Out there injured your especially. Without any respect so he. It's good your good days got a great background. Really respects scouting or development. And then he understands you ports of the metrics. Sharp guys upstairs but blending it in and they say Alex's very bright he had the expert mr. I thought that. Alex and aging into manager really adjusted well and they went more with the feeling that World Series especially with thought the colors going four innings in Charlie Morton and and not in. Letting them that the role of the game dictated by had a great example of if you want grocers were springer starts off. Struggling in the upstairs there ruin your mate the night. And AG acted as she talked hitting coach I'm sure he could fighter with Alex. There's no he's he's our leadoff guy that's the wrong message to send. If they have a couple of bad days Michigan's good pitching well spring as a way I've been in repeatedly so. I think if that's the right way. The manager has to be strong have to say no and then if they push shoot it over to somebody else. Billy Joe's that your innovator especially when it comfortable but as to open questions I get Fareed. And this is good because actress we we were back yesterday we re picked his brain about it. But the first one is with Kimbrel so Alex talked about bringing Kimbrel potentially in the seventh and eighth inning which. It's sort of power's going a little bit I go back to them read it opened up by committee rep for that. That's sort of blew up and we worked out. But what's your thought on on this on bringing in the closer in in the seventh and eighth inning with the idea that you're not bringing him back for the knifing its isn't that two or three getting things. I would definitely vote against it. And anybody who thinks that the ninth inning is the same as the seven days. Doesn't understand the pressure and expectation here three outs away that's why you can get the closer enough credit he sensor for it reminded tonight that goes. You watch a the your club metal metal better depleted you out there get three outs the pressures and met some guys annals of guys can't. I do think that if the guy is rested and you're you're playing the game. It's critical. You use a closer in the eighth inning he's dresses. But over us 62 games that's and this started with that for example if you have a good club and those Dave Duncan that they would mind. That the more often he's available. In the ninth the vehicles last three outs. The problem was it in my opinion that why you would never do in the seventh. The reason this seat 345 is coming up that in that oh boy this is our lineup what they're recovered by. So you get about the 78 but having given night there's your pitch is not conditioned. Yo wants all the post season Mariano threw forty pitches that you can't do that so. I think he's the in an outer tube in the eighth. The more legacy of the night. But there is something else that equation you better have. Set up guys vigils allies yep also you people look closer at ninth and you never get there. Think you got pushed. Our remember it's funny when it's your target I think this Billy Wagner when he came here he was the one that reminded me is that this is. Hitters approach you differently in the ninth inning in the deepening in the seventh inning they just do and I think that's that's factors in store what you're talking about. If there's there's so much that suddenly goes on with the bullpen now and one of as the more you exposure leader. The hitters. There's get a little bit better look at it and what the advantages of these closures and any in the short relievers to get a guy just pitch the eighth the specialty lefthander. Over the course of the year and they've they have like 6810 at bats where you don't get a read you know. You start bringing in men and AIC Kimbrel talent wise this is. They Suharto Kimbrel makes it better for the course which had actually threw so few pitches that you. Quick outs it was always wreck once dragged through. Voted him in along those lines so Alex and other things that he surface about not protecting not having a left their lefty in the bullpen now I. The first he jumped to his you have to have a right you can get lefties out. To me there's not a lot of those guys on this this this staff right now that it would fit that mold so I still think. That needs to be left the I don't know if that happened review if you ever had a bullpen without left the year it like that. Well. Rarely do we not have a lefty. A suit. Under maybe Houston to advance. Dave Duncan. Was worth hundreds of words to us. So one thing that he could do he can picky. Even mediocre lefthander. And he gave a couple ways to get good lifted their hero. Because once you face abilities. So to get do these two things. He could get him out and have a fighting chance. So with that kind of preparation. We almost always at least one or two. Which look at both she was in San Diego they would go left him but there will visit the great race it's change of so. It's nice to the left hander has seen some arms here in his camp. The thumb I'll have to editor good lift it up not going to see those guys about because that ball just explode on me to me you're at the industry Elliott's like. All my goodness. He drops down Olson threw strikeouts in one inning that's not the same picture I saw before he's in the mix as well along with Monica. He's you know he's got plus variety you know Jarrett jurors yeah. He's got a message that we suck it the other kids that young man we the other day. We're playing maybe Tampa Bay and and does yup it here you know big all of my guys you that he. Well. And America fringe of legally took over the tigers and he brought over through three young. Righty and lefties. Because when you get up there you go one chance to see this guy in the ball's exploding. You don't have much time to form a plan. You've got trustees of this moving so. That the along with that answer is. There are games extra game you can who have got a quality left hand reliever did that he left hander to if you get to all the better. But. If you have to pick between let candidates deductibles looked as good against right handers but not a tennis that you better up the in the better pitcher. Tony you know it just aren't chuck meriwether a little while the garden I guess based orders came out with a fifteen page report on the visits to the mound. How do you think that will work it will be. Sort of complex process that for the umpires to determine what to visit what's and I. Well that's the it's a great question of this year you know the metrics has been the big question the last but. I firmly believe but it is just a quick background you know when your uniform. You can zone and here are your little cocoon of your game. When I retire work probably for three years. That ministers is that it. You know I love the game but with the game slows down is almost stops it's not entertain. So the basic game is absolutely critical MLB a commissioner Selig says that mr. Manfred. And that what I don't understand is. Why the players association does understand is that we've gore fans through it which especially young ones. That's the thing that if the games have you have some veterans. That are resisting hurry it up a hand whether this is what's good for the game and if you bit of Marley like analyst Philip three years where they have the clock. The geysers at mean they're used to it pitcher gets off its society hitter stands and in the game moves so. I think the clock in my opinion facilities that the better and and you know whenever obese Abbas that's the rule or policy advocate justice. The other basic game things like getting you know coming from open being critical. Of visits. I think the visits are have become a problem mostly there was whereabouts science Heatley. So you call time here comes second base or shortstop. Catcher. So you should be able to devise sense of the dugout we just change him. I think it'll be is right. Anything you do keep the action going. Who by the way now on the seventh and ninth inning with gasoline from the booty. You strike out. You know walk back to Doug you know football play you know run the bases. So we've we've just got to keep the game there today. Is there anybody from this camp you came from an organization and one that you thought you knew about it as relieved prosecute from Red Sox things that maybe we've pressed you more than you thought he would. Well you know. Beat him financially. Because his days of the last group I watch that much is a good. But been blown away with. Young talent. I mean it is nudges the town of that's in Brandon Bennett and it's the attitude. These are really solid young men. In the community they're going to be solid teammates ticket sales success. I mean they are technically they gain directly. A watch devers Vick is the dealers here on C this year Easter ever. Beaux arts and has a Pulitzer but he is a specimen. Plumber really impressed with a young nucleus and then. I think figure we're just talking about this earlier. They would. Have a FaceBook friends of mine. That this is of Borland and is it Martinez. Has made this. A more complete roster. And your video days with the Earl Weaver right. Through everything he said well at least it you know. Letters entities need depth and yet that the debt or that how about that that was. That was if you look at the debt because it's not just particulate players need it. And that's who we get it now know it was. Like Alex's talk about you know everybody's healthy. You can make all applicable as the best but with somebody there's an angle you do put a quality line if there's so I think the move for those three guys. And we have. Makes is a very deep depth now people say what were swirling and play with public money let's listen last year radiance of getting the most sabathia rats but you know. What you're this optimistic and believe me you talk about the pets in the program the Bradley's inventing pennies. There's never been a team with 42020 guys and has only been through thieves with. Three when he twenty guys there was Philadelphia in 2009. And there was. The Mets in 1989 that amazed me because I look at this team of like that's. He could sleep you I would think. Mean to visit to wasteful bases its racial basis when it visitors. Connect about it that in their view but Rickey Henderson via. The differences yes on that his velocity. But the defense of the running game has gotten so sophisticated. And Ike roared I started managing it was nothing that Jean Marc is a guy. That we all talk about his be the first guy he brought and there you're timing we freeze guys in it to three different moves and speeded up the plate what's happening now is most guys. Or gave the ball to the catcher. Where unless you have above average speed. It can get a good job your back a steal it 5% so. Guys like Ricky rocket even. Where you would talk about it. We've struggled to score just to steal sensitive because. The that the defenses that the reading game. There's really prudent because of that you see more close delicate for more power annually in the Red Sox with catching duels or well over 40% from horizon it is. Really good things to. While the tone I have to ask you also yesterday we saw in the Booth next to you so you know. And I couldn't help but notice who you're certainly there was pretty cool again you know. You've been around a school. Act being around a school book than when Bill Belichick drops him. That's pretty cool and and so what is that I knew I know you confront them along time and I know you. You've saddle them during spring training game so long time and what does that dynamic is meant as you. In the same guy through outer his Hulu or more mellow now or what felt like. The first votes is this better be looking good. And we there was different team and not trained in Jupiter's. That I would have some of friends I have. Who we put it better by the way it was the image up haven't checked. And Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick wolf. Bob Gibson in me so. Because owes to America that no we the president their ten years. And when you get to know bill. He really was interest to basal because there's so much detail. You know we start talking about the only defense the running game or a base runner you know kind of turn that he makes me he's taken his lead to kind of break in the way we would break it down for development fundamental it really resonates with the ways that they put. There camps together so yes do it the better and he's Ascot X questions he's asked him very were members during the question. So. But I felt as the guys well against him today I was in and I Telus and Lyoto fans listen. Bill's a coach's son. It is a press conference he's very guarded because he knows anything he may say they could take it brought by his players. Whether or the other but next opponent. So he's not gonna he's not been given to it. But I've seen him when his players. The war the relationship he had is bombing and is respected trusted family. You don't get that person in the office via brilliant and just you get a thereby. Hearing about so. Like it better. He's the price gets these these charming and he's got a personality. He tells great stories labs. If he's. He's very specialties. There's a certain football man that told me two days ago. So that a lot of at least he's the greatest of all time because he's been successful as they are aware. The head coaches got a lot a lot to do so. The one thing you have to buy yesterday or the old days. We use from the dugout I don't know I think jail throughout when he saw the screen he's there what is that who we sent out there rigorously and we Ehrlich. May have heard of balls climbed by that. And he sent me these would respond big league managers. Starting it. Afraid that's just be careful price part of we've worked. Oh I see I'm driving cross through need that awful drive. There haven't missed awesome dinner with bill ballots can act Tony La Russa Barry Weinberg Springfield College guys who have no idea so. A fly on the wall but that's okay I'm glad that you guys could shift get together again. These. He's very special on. He also have a special friends so. When you talk to all you he tells stories that your rate notes. Whether it's. Knicks they've been. You know our coaches and you work for like Parcells. Is. Here's a Cleveland and wherever he's a tremendous sense of football history you know that is that is. We. Gave him the B season told about the professional and and he scariest thing for. Ramirez in this one has this is so what do you think. His accusers sustain this success. In and I believe the ones and it's not that. Because the start every year at zero. You take gained department who gave pieces the and still does is great. They'll ask about something in August tell you as well it makes opponents Cleveland right you know you know he's you know who were being in the system would have a good day today. Since today's order of the day tomorrow so he is so focused. In at the missiles from because his messaging. That the team. Is. Great and he reinforced everything he says is that that is seen as is there's no confusion. There's no distortion no distractions they know exactly what it takes. As a client it's. Quite military and is very intimidating sitting in the next Booth and overthrown will plummet product but but there was there was it was pretty cool I couldn't help but extract my attempts Tennessee gave her accident. We had act on also yesterday tells you that the personality that he says the lively Bill Belichick. And the always lively Dennis Tankersley there ego. Perfect storm. You and they don't trust you go way back to 1970s. With a White Sox when he was starting in that your first managing job there. Which I believe is the middle with 79 season miles an you know than August in face in the headlines. That day I was that the next stated that I got hired as the corners in the you know why such service. And they had lasted. Months and precious. We while I was August August 3 so there is one of the job is that this. The security here at the ballpark. What's accident. And he saw David I walked in regulation as you know. He has got both of partisan here that's that that's true. But we we started there. We've both worked for agreement you know Roland namely as the greatest game a grizzled gentlemen from Rhode Island Rhode Island. But mentored perfectly still around doing great so. We always talked about some point and we've always follow it does club. That we work together and I'm excited to be here. Well it looks like we're implied that that's the good thing knows no strict Freddie Reno police. We'll see one picture of him at 145 right that's what they announced. Well then we you know maybe it just over David through that's right that's right I mean that's that's that that's a tricky thing in sports it's getting deeper. You hear you tonight as you can not have read out the fact what you're doing. I mean that's the beauty you have an accomplice like that. If there's any doubt that there was still it's X it's this is David's day he helped. He can't order day. You have to hook gays and through him which is terrible or we'll tomorrow. Which probably files of the timing so. It is very intelligent call him get a real good role in policy mr. Meeks have another 1 o'clock start. Try you mentioned the young players and sometimes I'm just amazed when I read some of these soon. Columns about our young players because. This is true and I've been around 36 years now this is the greatest group of young players fold this talent athletic talent and his aides. And guys who can play in this market which is we impose is not that easy. And they seemingly had to make a great adjustment they just seem to fit right in the market in the U. Under the microscope. And here with so well professionally and personally and if you can't borrow that. And I know it it's the goal is to happen and that goodness of talent and character. Because as they. Start but they're saying they're big leaguers. The one thing the separate surveys to play in October and get the big right. And as as a team if you get a core of guys. That except there's responsibility to make that clubhouse. Be everything you can be because their days after luggage or managers or coaches the united there there when they're talking. And these guys have a chance. Future leadership but then. You know have an look down their life is or thrusters could easily be down there with. I have read out there who watched the there to run announced today it up with the shifting. Interbank rates. Do you like it is such it grow. It it I heard today a couple of comments movies are connecting with this you're that guy. And that you get this which we can dream about that makes. Them better. And young guy. With you that are his mentoring and you know once at the closeness together it. I think that's Michael woods that's the thing happened here and I understand that this is this I don't focus that he. He'll be appraiser would be that you would get worse I mean it's. It's in excited. Yeah I think that the from the position side of things I think that's why the Ortiz absence sort of laughed the whole way. Because all these guys they OK you know you become the leader well. Sometimes you just aren't ready and sometimes. That doesn't need that extra year and are you notes are most. MLB club buses the leadership comes from camp come from five different corners. Of pitchers relief pitchers. You that the role players the Alex chorus of the world and it's. The you're gonna have those guys and I'd simply Judy Martinez is going to be one. Please. We are also worried that it would work in heaven here you see. The benefits of me on and off the field. In the club us in the back of the plane. But I think the you have to have that in ten rule that's what the bill. Bill creates that accountability. That is each player but the team. Judges is leaders. Sometimes you have to be a little bit forcefully can't just say you don't agree with him on hand. I think that that the potential is definitely here. I think it's gonna have a fast mature rated heads for the young guys are going to be fair. If it way up these minutes were just talking. You could be a leader without being a vocal leader you know if you tell somebody quite like Carol grades what she's starving in the Bubba. That he's the man known. Lead by example leave button distributes its thirty. But to put it all together in the file that doesn't say. That's often a mistake. If you were Tabasco yet programs. But it baseball. You need more than one or two leaders. The bigger that group having an historic good Chloe at 1012 guys and half the roster. That was of forcing what's gone on in you'd think that'll cover stuff. So you need to eat I ever worried this has got to believe in what it's doing now but he's just too long there's too much going on so. The potential leaders to have that that strong group it's many many deep deep debt. These and will be seeing a lot of you during the season Tony yeah obviously every home game and them on the road some but. JaVale looked good baseball this team's got an excellent clinically debatable. Well you get a ring a pretty pretty prominent ring on so maybe you have room for war. The more fingers more willingness to Tony thank you so much do we really appreciate you coming by Tony Russo hall of famers. How special assistant there with a Red Sox and but the rate their chance to. It's an insight now from true innovator in this leader in this game yet those telephone.