Top Boston Celtics moments of 2017

Friday, December 29th
Rich Keefe & Producer Jason Rossi discuss the 2017 calendar year best moments for the Boston Celtics, from Isaiah Thomas's heroic playoff performance to the Kyrie Irving trade and all the highs and lows in-between.

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Michael holly and Richie yeah. He's mostly seen some post links podcast the podcast about the Celtics from red to Russell brown took bird. Parish to pierce everything seemed. Mostly seeks the most least he's podcasting's presented by GP LV officials sound of Jason teed up the Boston Celtics and the NBA let's get to Michael holly and Ritchie and most weeks she's podcast. We'll put it mostly feed podcast that I gave yelled at the founder of the doubt that. Don't smoke pot well official. Face rough if you're going. Due to scheduling conflicts around the holidays Michael Holley is not here so. Anderson a flood you turn off right now and I promise it'll still be. Adequate to good way to start a podcast. Are you gotta warn the people didn't know what the good response we're like we're done here. We know malicious it's gonna drop it significantly. But if we get the forty seconds that's pretty good so far so good download real if they just how it that's all that's overlooked for. Order right now through a look back at 2007. Team the calendar year. For the Boston Celtics of course it. Combines two seasons. As well as an insane offseason gave the crazies offseason. In the history of the Celtics and one degrees off seasons in the history of the NBA it was a wild offseason with a number of star players marquee players. Switching teams whether it was. Via trade or whoever else also the wild draft. Headlined by the Celtics trading a pick. Both last year's team because again that happened in this calendar year Isiah Thomas is really the story of that year he was. All NBA second team. He added up the averaging 28 point nine points per game. You run around thirty almost all season long alternately just under 29 point three which is a career high he was a legitimate MVP candidate. Which I don't remember you know Rondo really never was I don't think I think it probably got to go back to. Garnett is much that looked pierce he was never really knocking on that our know Peter said that one season before they got good that he finished fifth or fourth. Yes somewhere there you are right is that this team got it didn't happen and I loved my fair player ever but. He didn't have as many all NBA's as lot of guys Kevin Garnett obviously was first team all NBA his first year the year they won a title in a way. But Isiah Thomas is legitimate MVP candidate he ended up finishing fifth. But in a year where Russell Westbrook averaged a triple double. The bronze LeBron Kauai letter and James Harden admirably clear so there's nothing to sneeze that finishing fifth. In the MVP vote last year and also they to win it the Eastern Conference regular season. I note that in nickel gets you nothing but still they when the regular season. Which is pretty impressive and I think going get yours at a best case scenario they go to the conference finals. And they did they get all the covers files now. They didn't look like they belong on the court there. Isiah Thomas gets hurts and that sort of become a big subplot this entire year. As Isaiah is didn't play in all of 2017 with the caps. We'll get to that trade and everything else coming up but Isiah Thomas had some memorable moments in the playoffs that. Bought that how insane his playoff on ones we've. The injuries both with miles. But just watching them all I I hate teeth injury that's gross right. I was nasty painful and it was one of those things that you didn't realize what had happened until like that clip after like Gordon Hayward entry was nasty off you right away right here but like. I think it was like he told his knowledge he's looking at you only showed the pain and camera view of I've seen it numerous times on YouTube it is like. Space on the map it's like a black to literally little bit of wrestling because it reminded me a lot of when Mick Foley was that the S there are mad helmets on match nights and you were children adolescents should not be more but on another rarity downloaded out of know put us into the series and it had earlier that amount videos of a tooth coming out of his nose at the time you don't realize what you're really seeing a. Rule is that. And then it for games after that the first vote a player hits their base on the pork it's brutal and they show it in slow ball. And you see that tooth now it just. Horribly even like if you turn your ankle or you sprained your needs that Sox. But there's something about. I'll mouth injury like that I've girls don't play by play in. At the Qaeda or are college where I was going at the time for basketball and right in front of the point guard on the team went down. Face first like two front teeth down on the cool ball popped out it was discussed it was the worst that. About that my column of voters. Yeah. That's probably it. It was discussed eggs anyway. As this deal without the humor of the games after that he's always like fiddling with a music too thin the tooth out too thin. We're talking about wood dale Michael say what you do that you put a packet that we had all these teeth experts call the show you like you just. She could jam that thing back in there there's like an amount of time in which you can. A four to have an opening got to get in a pretty quick was chaos but ultimately he he plays more than hip injury bomb some output also on that ride. His sister. Dies in me in a freak car accident and just feel terrible for the guy Andy Andy's going through you could see the emotion on his face. He's so he's doing with injuries and then just a personal loss that. I certainly cannot relate to rupture many of you can but it was just unbelievable and then on her birthday. He scores fifty reports. And how to order great playoff performances in Celtic history which is obviously saying something based on the number of championships that numbered jerseys that are in the rafters. So Isiah Thomas was. Even more than advancing to the people are obsessive effort I only spent two and a half seasons in Boston. Took almost a cult following McKie got MVP chants at the lion king of the fourth thing took off. People and raced in love Isiah Thomas I feel like the last few months that is really been kind of lost and I have somebody Jason who loves carrier ring. All along even when Isaiah with on the Celtics in Carruth on the the hated cavs. I always retiree was better it's a so it's not a revisionist history but as I don't think we should forget how. Awesome Isiah Thomas laws. I think prior hearings are all around better player in all aspects of the game but the thing happened with Isaiah was he was our guy. That's a way Celtics fans like he wasn't really a big name before and you just knew Isiah Thomas from the pistons if I was at a sun there was a story to write he curses are terrible see what happens and an overly he said there's two years he he became like the marquee player here and he made this teenager believer in the celtics' roster from last. And he was up there he's trying to recruit guys now on how well it worked obviously they didn't add Kevin too aren't they did get Al Horford. But he was out of it and then you know people turn to read into his social media posts that are these ball hundred Robin now it's either him or he's he's talking all Jordan all the stuff your fault along. He was the guy that was trying to recruit players to play here. And there's always the discussion is the end Max contract guy I was and if you if you get a better player than him but he's wanted to three best players of the year pretty good shape. Think the injury threw a monkey wrench in that and the fact that I agree. Became available which really saw coming McGwire quickly entry carrier image has been in the finals again. He's a great young player he's under contract while the trade him while. Turns out heat's LeBron turns out just like me he hates LeBron James got to what he says about it now. Read between the lines I think it and not on can be Michael I call. I but he's he's the best ever played abroad abroad and a great player you'd never hear me question about they basketball player but I can't stand them and neither carrier ring. And that's my carrier ring is now I've been paper around here. Plus he's an incredible player so but they don't get him don't get Isaiah until the end of August in the trees. So let's jump back to the Eastern Conference finals they lose they don't belong on the court however they went a couple of rounds in the plants have that they had not done yet underpriced Stevens so that was good everything is going in the right direction they're getting a lot out of everybody on the team. They're all playing really well. They lose OK final Washington have workers again. All along we had our eyes in the Brooklyn tech or there are with the Brooklyn pick gonna do well number want to. I say Artest put that was your reaction to outbreaks lake Whitney did you were you watching it yeah what was it like what did you do I was very. The solid fist pump I didn't freak out like the guys that Comcast had recorded. Excited about it but that I was wondering public OK I like the draft I didn't like Jason Tatum as much. Benefit do now via. I I thought mark health also probably the perfect. I wasn't wild about Alonso ball so this wasn't like. You know previous year out of college are really let depart Parker and I give this the art park year although maybe it would take wigand's anyway but. Owed it even more excited about him as the number one pick. But maybe not in the draft that you'd instantly won the certainly wasn't and dumped. When you needed now I would I would blackout they would have they got this upcoming north got back Bakley maybe maybe if you elect although. They can only get as high as the second. It was and we'll see how that six out of the lakers applying I don't know maybe we don't get a pick. Until next year for the Celtics but they don't pick terrorists fired up but that's eight. Going into the year if you said the Celtics ramming the conference finals and there are gonna get the number one pick. That you're competing for now it to compete for the future they want to in any change Trace that we've all the popular Olympic. Outrage at number three pick any future which were just talking about. And I thought it was great because there's the the stipulations on that it's the lakers picked teams are five if not it's the better of the kings six of the following year. We get the change on the on the radio show. Michael Holley asking about it. Aids has basically put a body that you've liked what don't you understand about it like what is why is this a difficult for you'd understand. And but I think we can all agree that the eighties got it right at the player that he wanted and that's one thing that you could say. But until they take the floor. Could be yes but. He said he would take isn't it number one it looks like he is the best rookie in this class although palca who's was great with the lakers. And up Benson is under the best rookie right now you know he was just two years ago. But Tatum looks awesome. Mark helpful to him with his arm over his head so I was wrong about faults at least this year hopefully bounce back as a good career. But Jason Tatum looks awesome and as the other respond. Yeah he's undertaken in a way in my opinion at our Jim Brown was gonna be this guy like entity that IAA it's like oh here's a guy like high res kind of was able ISIS' that. You know soccer yeah he's a top ten player does not. And then to get him to that acquires ending with Gordon Hayward to know get duke but I think Jason Taylor ran out that I like your kids wearing the jerseys he's going to be the guy we can wrap. Yes and number zero school. The whole thing works though he is the number three pick he goes the team and in June. In July yet free agency is underway and the Celtics after so many rumors that note that you know Gordon or put Bret Stephens College is that you know that they've liberal because of Shelvin Mack and everybody has that shot and Britain to wrap up a little wobble thing the finals against. But they sign Gordon they were too long term deal. In one surprise about this was that Haig Gordon Hayward is just money either free agent and Dayton agreement under the cap. While turns out to sign to the deal that they wanted to sign into they had to move on some other players though the longest tenured Celtic Avery Bradley. Had to go to Detroit for Marcus Morris. On people like Bradley Michael Holley laws Bradley. So now he's gone okay oh I didn't really know that was coming but today I they Gordon Hayward. Isiah Thomas Al Horford trio that's going to be the trio going forward not that you do better than at the yes you're you're improving. When I eagle another month and a half after they sign Gordon Hayward they're and so some rumors carrier being. Initially had a trade list the teams that he would go to Celtics went on there. Up ahead as the spurs heats. Nixon son's nose for Iran on its that was about it and it reminded of a couple winning teams a couple of clues to the location of the big jokers who put full. Of pot with the top and rushed the rough on the ice he wanted to go. It's so. And they get involved and boom you get Isiah Thomas Jae Crowder in on these is rich. Go to Cleveland and here comes carrier. So by the end of the our efforts and the first tropic. At the end of the off season the Celtics. Are a Zaria did you catch the cavs get them the Brooklyn. The last remaining Brooklyn pick which the anatomy back rate this year while the welterweight sealed packages at beat their better than. A lot of teams including the couple's right now. At the end of the offseason eleven at new players come to town so it's it's or it's terror rosier Marcus mark. Al Horford at and June Jalen brown are here for turning players thank you eleven new guys the bonds are rookies. You air and Baines common through out carrier Irving Gordon Hayward here that it opening night against the cavs. Courtney were with. Top five for the injury your average with the live on the court has had the injury was bad. With Kevin Harlem's call yeah I mean it has lagged it reminding me of like I am. It's sad that's also Holly's guy. Yeah of those a little much he didn't shock to you to watch it that was disgusting. And by the way he did is he did not break if that's true. And I wonder if we will law I've not ruled out sing it now the walking boot I'm not ruled out in court here were at the end of the year but I think it's a great job. By saying early on the dock and be back so they put the up pressure on him to return. On the Celtics they Gilani crazy winning streak they've had a little bit of speed bump here in December bought. Overall the Celtics. And improved from last year that the vastly improved the gold not only is Easter conference finals I do think it's realistic that they can beat the caps in a year ago at this time it wasn't so they've they've changed things. Hopefully they were comes back. Tatum looks at one of the best rookies Jalen brown having a really good sophomore season Horford as he improved. Great every night but he is is approved. Carrier ring much like Isaiah Thomas from a year ago should be. In MVP candidate this year. So sign all all things are pouring up positive right now for the Boston Celtics but it crazy year when you look back on all the different characters are involved. All the big moments from. Yeah Isiah injuries Isaiah trade getting that one pick dealing that signing Gordon Hayward you know most years deciding Gordon Hayward would be one of the top stories that I averaged when he games and all star in the Western Conference. This year it's like the sixth story. It was almost expression that story was like it was a payoff has heard about it but last year which crowded apple scenario like Sharon forum. It with the end of a storm like here's our guy. Here's our authority and that all its of all all these guys it'll all by the way Brad Stevens is becoming one of the best coaches in basketball if he wasn't already right there at the top of other bracelets so. Really excited to suit 2008 team will have missed or for the Celtics slowly keeping an drop in its capital list and you'd dissent it's ignore Kelly Olympics game that. You know monster in seventeen point this out there when I had a huge game against the wizards is very similar to when he came back in and played the Celtics recently and those were his two best games that has wanted to make sure I don't leave them I do not miss Kelly elect or toaster a crow or any of these guys they have they have lost. But yeah I'm I'm pumped for this year I do think that a finals appearance. Could happen I don't think they would beat the warriors are the model rockets at their don't think they're beat them but. They're great it is their right right now and next year. Depending on capitol the promised those that he believes in both the Western Conference Celtics could very well be the team to beat in the Eastern Conference. Next year. Are that that is our our look back at the Boston Celtics 2017. It would not be a mostly c.'s episode. Without a shameless plug for hash tag dork if I don't tell how fearless I I was gonna say if you can't say I was yes. That very popular podcast is available on iTunes where my friend and I talked. TV. Show would rightly be right Ryan Davey and I talk on TV movies video games. We're gonna have our best of 2017. As well. Go back to the archives Star Wars the last year that I any other really big time movie or TV show we would break down possible there. Weird topics as well to check us out there. Number industry merchandise taken it is about yes that's the public we development T shirts and all kinds what shirts on the other nonsense there. I'll recommend both perhaps sect or animals seized podcasts you subscribe on iTunes on the easiest way the you'll know when a new episode pops up. Past that door is weekly mostly c.'s bimonthly. That's as they put that in effect but it is on Monday I don't know as an affront I don't know but twice a month. You'll be getting the most he sees podcasts and hope we will be talking about it the playoff run. For the Celtics this year so a couple of weeks Michael Holley will be back. Hopefully minutes at the end of this podcast if not you'll never know the Evernote I dissent but Jason that you for producing a once again courts and that'll do for most season document.