TRASH TALK EP 10 - Guest Lucy Burdge - Florio, John Sterling Home Run Calls

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Friday, April 6th

Lucy Burdge from joins the show this week to discuss her time on the morning show, and her experience at the station. Then they get into some BREAKING news, and Yankees Broadcaster John Sterling home run calls.


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First after some users. The podcast on it it went so do I know I know a lot of thinking. All of this and know that's that's great because. Leaders need to. And you can't fault me for having in the snow at well you know you can't fault me for ten us even more he can't fault me for trusting a complete fu. To to a competent person to blame this norms. Because it was a 110% my fault. And as incompetent. Listen there's there's two folders and I there's WE I podcasts. And that's when I hit Erica now. Mentally WH. We're above W or live February but we're better than just the idea is blind Mike Tressel we all right where is our prisons and I put it in the general folder. Well I thought you know what I'm idealist I thought our listeners were Smart and they could buy it well that's. A gross overstatement of yes you subscribe but we are. My beyond their minor but yet but we you know turn out at the front of the show in Evernote you'll be able to listen to the episodes. So. Much more importantly we have oh that's our first. Our first. In studio guest. On the first one that's why it's million phone. But efforts are in studio and agreed to come in here yet the only to look at me talk like the phone is fine. Unpleasant to be in the same romance the phone. Oh phones much. Read what they're thinking right saying. That the yet has yet it is is a time. Different jokes are having is no and then also there's something that's it's the right. And it isn't that a. Yes that's the point at the crackle here is like you you're breaking up and I studio Hebert. Ultimately they like the type in the titles it was super wide human need and this is Hebert. And up those that don't know I was first introduced to abide. The time Dennis. Program. And as you know those almost. Two you almost like just yesterday. It was expert. Osce on the air that is now and distort the now you where I was at last week was talking about on you're a lot of hats what is your your jobs here. At New Yorkers three years. I start as an answer for. Not. So hot day run right. Back here yard trash talk a little earlier that the I. That's how you rate for the I. And you producers. Go our way and now I am but tonight also asked his I have to. Just get about as much as much room monsters he seems he I got a terrible gut work well I love it and I'm pretty sure he's. All right. Because they're not what it Knight never has much yes it's a lot of apparently elected I imagine what rose things yells. That's a picture. So. You do also do a lot of Reading problems. We were at an overtime. You were writing about. The card count yes that's so it was a show that the podcasts. But it. Which. Which it did for. And decided that me. Right about what happens now actually saying is there. On something controversial happens. To opt. Out. It's not me it's not the best idea at it we get very worried around. Get very where we don't want and writing they pay you back here. So. Your right so it passed up. The pieces. People here. For. Partisan. Commented out. That's for. News posts. And opinions. So I want for delegates here time that's the first. What is you'll order. Goals he will would you ideally want you wanna be honorary. I do you. Ideal but I you know whatever I just did have come to hear that you start you want to do radio before you started here coming growing one. I'd be in sports media. Group huge difference. It's actually write about. Ultimate goal but now I'm here. Do you care more. Journals schools and things. Also a this is you you actually yeah we falter and we're best friends. So. We did. Yes just held time. Why he'll lose interest and so. Which votes on Twitter and following you on Twitter kind of taught me. Hi how sexist diameter and realize that that's why you start tweeting about sports and like now and should that I am interested in. I was like I wasn't expecting that for some reason and I was like a monster I wouldn't be expecting. That I was kind of like a coach I'd ever on the shot should be a super until it aren't so great I said. I took the stuff you talk about I most of what you expect that. You know please tell my make up and what do girls like. Sure our system. So yeah W as well the thing it to you know it was a sort of treatment on their allies yes I am getting Johnston. Yes I don't think Connecticut so a lot of dogs yelling at their parts of Connecticut weary yet does not and the province stations so people. Yes it's so we even have to listen to eighties sometimes it's a lot of Susan Waldman and unsettling and so it is yeah I get a kick out of him but I think I could Ellison had seriously like I. I'm useless and princess on the way home from school sometimes and hike it wasn't seriously. On site in a fun. Yet it will will get the terminal but so I wanna talk about. The I originally remember hearing you on. The morning show is still that doesn't count and now. On start this. What a year individually. Or your experiences with men and Callahan and then we'll get some announcement but more experiences without a minute account. A lot of people. Am I gonna do man suffered. He Iowa and immediately a lot of people say. Many hit it it was a senate bar stool was torn dollar in astle. It's always been and really like that off and my experience with them has been very limited but the opposite of how people assume is. Like he did a podcast in after it was very cool to make Vietnam off there the few times have seen him. So. He's been very good that's been my experience of what was it yours actually work. This means for interior awesome I would like. As he would like hearing is it that all of that I'm he and airy room rates are very supportive this art. At least our supporters that are show you know we treat them. No parking area where fantastic. That they be warned me about dean and that's a lot of are they very nice about it Mary. And like so because the first day the very first day. I was trying out for that party's position Dino would taxed. The other parties in those aren't. Just these long show ideas that we're here noble calling morning Faulkner's effort that started. And humid just Texas. Ultimately. And leading up to do so I mean I like if I coupled. I texted her and Mary together like. Me what is slick. And they called me separately. And dare ever called. CNET to explain you know you wouldn't believe. Explaining this is what happens and that is how he does it but it's expertly. If you know your head's at your asses and it is and that is SE. It's always. Major enemy enemy. This is the most dot as pot some time maybe who department talk but it's amazing to me when people get a job like that witches. A dream job like other than having to wake up at 4 in the morning. You're your talking for a living. She should especially matchup to shoot the (%expletive) talk about interest in things doing well in the race is a great job and for people to be that miserable has always astonished. I and a I don't know what it is definitely. As light I've heard stories by writer I mean I don't know what the root of his. His behavior is or whatever it is history and so did he ever. I don't know if we can talk but anyway what was your interaction with him personally delivered the have any individual action. No notable during know so he noted out there were some texting me personally to vote for users spoke. Where he was telling me to go after circuit. That's right yes so I. Yes. So weird it did become an HR thing. That's like management that vision for a department now. Was not thrilled that I brought it up on the yeah. Which I mean it's a different time now so I feel like it happened now. Things differently than meets new era sure so I feel like it would be different but at the time it was kind of like where there DC's ability make you uncomfortable there is not just patently. We're just went to street. Just odd from everything I've heard an. Act that way but from everything I've heard he's not guy very calm. Try try to which the character almost like a little. Like I like the morning (%expletive) all those goofy like. Explicitly from five all the easily catch phrase that you have guys like that I feel like Eric too much of it's too wouldn't put on. Yeah beat the wild. At shall I mean he he he repeats the same thing. On so he. Excellent year for this year. A little different it's more. On it before so I was asking college. I made he called Twitter and it does why doesn't show that treated I'm an African colony. So I just do. It and he is a repeat like. And I just like hey if you nicely business or whatever. Way that hasn't come on in sweet. Accident and has cellphone. Has. It's texting me as a it's it was and it's. Us or is what it that is another time. Yeah yes he ally. Never like. Urgent terrible. It was weird over. It's about to get a given day is an he. Oh. And he's all relevant but it doesn't even right. But yes that means that her injured. So so that experience. I guess will probably get that experience would have been different curtain Jerry would have. Weren't there meaning. Would dealing with just Dina. Without sort of safety net for lack but it shows it shows just how it was doubtful. And say you went through it if you don't discourage you from doing radio at all. It would still be here. And yeah it does now. Yes I'm saying is like you had the benefit of working with Kurt Gerri we're nice guys if you're wearing for Dino and he was still here. Do you think you'd be like you know on a and are aware of try to work for. Show and maybe get stuck in operate in rate of doesn't. It. And it just tried different itself when he's. Ready for an. Did you ever have an official audition when they ordered duo in the cast and how to turn now. I an hour with that account after the answer which is what out that yes that's right next to us or via. Yeah that I did yet that I was very. I didn't I should I this should come at. Some mean Kenneth. Chris the way they think you're talking about. So I. Definitely didn't quite get to the point what was it the front memorable. Tried a day I was I had. And me on the history thing for the priest. And that did not I didn't do it hasn't seen a tough. It's funny it's funny because you're it sounds like you're. First audition. One is exactly the same as there was a week. We're bar stool was trying to figure out what to do the and is finally the end mind turns it was a weird time. Where the other interns like me leaving and keep around it was evening for me to do it is just the openings yet he's out and while it's been. It's. So. In one week they had me on the rundown big that was so it was important oink AFC. Which is kind of intimidate just like you know gone with Kuerten Jerry. It's kind of guys the you know listen to a showed them. And also why do men mystery thing com for the patriots. Oh. It was after the one. So I'd do that too. They were both like it was and the man on the streets that was hard because it's like. What is happening not our. Economy so. Right. Questions. If you agree. This. It was our stupidity enemies ten parts but we did Qaeda managed redeemed each. And the idea was to see like attractive girl around me so the New Zealand how people react different to me just uncomfortably. Like I would go to them lightly how old now right next then congress awkward. And a couple people like went the cops and truck traffic. Get me arrested luckily a couple of over receive more towards its. Sales Portland. I got yeah but. If that would differently in the early as. And just and really give a (%expletive) and I was it's like out and we of the meeting goes from its it's basically on them. Moralists it depends on YouTube. So it's tough and a place. And it's also tough being in there for your first time but a great artisan. Yes it's been especially just an hour I mean that's they had it that are in the hours but. No there it's instant and being in there and I went in thinking I know that might be fine. Know you get in there and winters he did in it's a completely different thing yes because they are just they're so good at what they do and if you mean obviously I've never Dallas fort. So I did they have a way of doing it and if you listen and think it all how they were how they work what they do when and yet they're that when beeps and how they really can do this flawlessly I can't. It's it's it's tough and they do an injured in twenty years such as different and you know Portnoy when it is the rundown. At C minus effort. Which like. I mean yet. For my first time ever that's not terrible. And it and now I doesn't mind if I if I have that point out one flaw in minute I think he's as broadcaster. Certainly but. The best I was. Com. But my one problem to me is he's very. Shtick but he's very hyper critical people for one thing where it's like you go in for an hour you're OK it's like well they're done. Where it's like act. I don't know that's the right way to loomed out to me like let's just. With my first time ever that's rough is like well never again you know. Is it different for the laying around here so. That's why haven't spoken completely killed myself yet is because I had the one I missed it coming into and out. And I believe me but panicked and died on the air but. I believe I would common. Hot because it asked me about my beef with it Ingraham yes. If I were you war I that you. Would be a start I imagine they would ask this pot that's the one road and they spoke. I asked about this and the media so we're told the PD program story which. Log time ago. That don't make more work than it. I don't know I can't handle it like ups aren't as competitive. So yep I had an incident with Peter Abraham the abridged version is. Meek Robin said something about podcast once. And he called me and threatened to sue me cancel my mother said. Yeah that's that's the disorders. Oh so we're told that story I would be willing. To a ship on certain other shows they don't like I am in a shot it would actually. On. And it sucked so wrong. But in my mind I feel like. That would've. Set me apart from you know I. Gilroy and Anderson that's where they cut. It's boring it's not as this that spoke basket that's boring you know I mean like. Where is. I like I similar interest. Were like should. I actually it would enjoyed. But this topped but us I would present when. That. But the reason I'm not. Totally. Crazy. Is because it's our items that year still upon. Casting couches then now hopefully there's another day where some bales last minute. I doubt that. There. Is no effect in squeaky wheel at that he'll go off the rails com. So yet is they're. I is there anyone here and Kuerten. Who would you ideally to feel. They are saying on weekends or night. Schism here. Yes. I've thinks that. I think you'll want eyes passing would you not ideally not curtains here in. Honestly. I just isn't selling it producing now well let's do. This. You can of the Roemer for a while I did it's I don't want to speak its name but yes I think more. We respond. Via. I saw you I I respect Roemer because. I'd bet I was I was to increase market show once a week. Of course he left and I've gotten up and again. But I was there I can't show it yet it was around the time of the rumored Curtis. And asked him about it and nickel Roemer we I I. I think John Dennis Michael Roemer weasel first all apparently heard you yeah so yeah. So. To me when that they're even back for just mentally fourth it was one exchange on Twitter. I'm and then. So I was like actually teach him a Coleman's literally meant if you want to an argument tonight I know it's tough to do for our shows that our. Now responding very nice. Guy I respect him as a take that had a ship without holding a grudge and a. That's why he was good to hear me right that's all the more show. It again a lot of. Captures should respect and putt in my mind Anemia in waters before. Hopefully he's back too soon. Obviously heated and I actually did hurt here. Andy's doing the minute podcast that's so that hopefully that. Opens doors back up for. More. So a real answer for you would do. Do I agreement dementia you do a show. Yeah. Yeah he's human. That the answer. Our. So let's you stick around Andy some the usual stuff we do at. We earlier this WB got in the news again. This time. I don't really understand. Why anyone is baffled. But the morning show if you follow the morning show and Kuerten Callahan on Twitter. You'll notice a lot are very often. They'd tweak things like if Mans is gonna get down to 130 days they'll say breaking Kirk's gonna lose 20%. They do stuff like that all the time. And I guess the other day and layered said. He these rocks and get trip. So between out breaking news. At ten Leonard says Gruntal betray it. Now. Some people not knowing that it might think. I wonder mortis. Which I can understand however. If you're journalist. Doing its job. One layer deeper and saved Joker. What they mean not you should also point out in your own mind that. It's nodding news site. It's a morning show that. She gets on people makes fun of people. So I mean what they do you talk. Current events. It's not necessarily. CNN. It's that we go to Purdue student. But. It's our eagle for new business so why did Mike Florio re tweet them thinking it was a legitimate news story. I have no idea considering he rip Ron Borges percent reduce. But at the world like Lori you think he'd be like. You know what they got this one's on me they got instead you're out rats. Against and glared at W eEye and this is what it's. And today I finished the FT live going about my business growing through Twitter and I saw that there were some web sites. There were picking up. A report from WEEI a cross in the leading sports talk station in Boston NBC Sports Radio affiliate. Ken layered senior producer of the curtain Callahan show and reporting that journalists. Roadrunner customers pass to be traded at some point in the next few weeks looked at the tweet. Successes knows where it was when it was treated by the Kirk and talent show page. We have a good relationship with them if they're saying it and others are picking it up. Mean it wasn't anything earth shattering is already a belief that something may be happening. So again the benefit of the doubt. On web that was my first mistake of the debt yes atlas. It was a 100% you're mistake Mike it was spot don't matter. If I if I'd seen started. Scene between. And I take it seriously look at this. This agreement and they are. A more and I wouldn't like how they're. Fool me. With this odious to. Couple things about and it. So you think it is Jupiter how and why not call Curtis and really hey just verifying that this is you know that can heard that is or something. YST that and write an aide said the need him all this trouble. But also what other web into picking is when I. It would take an ounce of work to do you have things you mentioned and that's too much for see that the mistake a lot of people made with the Ron Borges thank. Is I've heard a lot of calls the sports talk radio and Aaron. That. You know. What I think is going to happen now is that this Ron Borges thing will have journalists on their toes and other. Check their sources more. I try so I went to her girls school and that port just read not because that's exactly what they teach you to do you are to match. On literally dateline. Verifying source. And I'm so no verifying sources and then not just that and Sowers and doubles Garza's. It's bizarre and I thought maybe this'll this'll impact journalists waited. And restore law because people are still lazy and look at Twitter and be like. One person said it's it's it's. The equivalent of someone before the Internet and Twitter am in the eighties. Being in a bar and overhearing something. And just report the case as John said. It grunts getting straight at the same thing which just happens to be on idol like twitters more reputable than me to sing. Pray and so what I do you for the website here is IT reports from others if Yahoo! Sports has news about the masters and I. And I'll take out Sergio Garcia for equity yesterday. Hitting five straight into the water so just take that kind of post it for and I. But I'm not taking side which is kind of like. What you can do from Twitter something that you verify that either other web site happiness and that it's it's fair I. On or are you willing cap it yourself from your own sources so he. Is is running with this or something yeah it's as it did does not make sense that he does this and that is believe me and tending her incur as Mosley has. Which is the outlook he did he did speak to Chris turns. Later in the day and he goes on to talk about the gas while I was mad about that kind of he kind of goes on to say he's never gonna reliant VI thing. However it's important. So things move fast. When you're trying to post. A comprehensive early Italy happening and a well and I make no apologies for. Trusting. An outlet that. Our previously had no reason. To believe was not trustworthy now moving forward. I'm never going to rely on anything that WE EIA posts as accurate and I don't care what they call me separately insane at this time it really isn't a joke. I don't care what it is. I'm not gonna rely upon at its least without the caviar all by the way these the people who think it's funny. To just pretend that something. It's true. Or it's false it's true this truce fall whatever the hell can he they know who he's losing his mind the point. No we don't like we don't. He's. I don't know why he's I had about this it's not they didn't say like hey Mike Florio guess what we've got a scoop is Ken lay it says grunting betrayed. At least I've been saying for a month and a half the patriots draft pick me. It won't happen but it would be like it hot make sure I can of beer. So be like as a possible the top which they would see that on Twitter. And say well it's being reported that the patriots draft baker make. And that is running. And al-Qaeda says that and now everyone's just because my dumb ass they're gonna draft pick it's gonna happen to drop may. Why why would be mad and it's bizarre now I guess if WEEI twit doubt. And will can say sources say. Right Matt I don't get why he's mad at all. Like when Kirk has the story it's neat to weed out. What it's true and it's. Not seen this before if he is to see this. Freaking lot of grapes. And breaking. But cannot name a single beetles that they. I think it was talking. About haven't. And breaking news about having. And from that account. So I don't understand why you see though some juicy gossip like Nancy I inches tall and it's very and then just leans. Here too. Pretty sure if the deal means so you'd think he'd be more thorough I can only imagine that he does go into the courtroom well. A few people told his guys aren't constantly. It with another popular clip there is indeed the very end of his ran led to my favorite part the whole thing now the story. I think this story happened on April 3 yet which is two days after April fool's yet so you'd expect on April fools a lot. Mike Mike is not a partner or is not not some over the top goofy April Fool's Day thing it's not a got it back. Some. There's one day a year and set aside for joke Sunday you're you had to have gotten on Sunday not not been unable. Not April 2 not April you joke on April Fool's Day you don't joke mobile. Strange guy he sent. To any eased on. DNC can see. As we learn football season than it is. Always see any it is oddly enough you guys rip and gorgeous. Seem like. All right economy league the latter seem like you know I trust you think I. Always. That's that's twilight hours. Really missed the eyes the end little bullets iron alliance has been ruled out on the summer that was don't tell me and Angela boy buddies again this is bullets that are involved and breaking news we got a is the gauntlet comes from Mars and thank my glory will be crushed. An and yet. We heard. Well what we're doing it when your brain known that it podcasting genius rob Bradford. Advised it was like they say you sort. As you heard as a podcast this week that was and the fighting. But the best some of those clips. It was. Hear. From reloading but in the past parties are Bradford go great point yeah. I guess he could hear more this line. I was using it in addition the other day the day after that came out and and the tips and knows how better online is tons better on the on. And we really what's different about this or plague right now on the on the web at. Exactly. It should be kept this well once I got ID regrets taking down once it got plan a morning show that you would want to listen to highlight. Cilic but. Yes it via the it is inevitable wisdom rob Bradford advise me to keep to a half an hour and the other part yes they do compared amount. Is that's like an hour maybe a little more and I like to enact that's more. Whenever I want to talk about one topic in its new people don't know it is that you relentless in an hour of me. Right away you know I mean I don't mind half an hour. I've decided to kinda keep to Napoli to them for that. We do have one more I was so much longer answer back up and that's why do. Brad Bradford I like he gets a lot of ship from morning show and I don't think it's like. I mean obviously the stuff they make room for is funny. But it's also like that helps show you know I mean yeah. I don't know maybe not as angry at joking about that but he Selig is goes on them. He I think he's got a lot better on the and make him credit for. It's I I love him yet I just as he's my boss that's not Lansing as I let I he is fun especially I produced one of that shows that night that he did. I love when he's on he's so fine you never know he's got wrecked. He's. He's and that is like a lot of you'll need you to shoot even like out development and very glowingly and you'll think it's like just kissing his ass. But at least I didn't like them I didn't like them I would government. There's other people here they've never heard you mention this because I've nothing. It's good to say about so you know my wife's aid. I mean after on the average age but I'm not supposed to talk about. I saw this podcast is about lake. Shows it started. The day the first day we recorded with the day the his stance and so is kinda decided will do podcast and everything outside the and then after that it was every week. There was news national news about the VI I was like what an awful topics at the spot. Yeah. There drag this movement and it's a war. I'm here. I don't stand with the so it's like what would you rather this is sports talk to 3%. In time. For out to be. That's what and it supports the bar stool. Bands realize stuff for us in the podcaster. But like I respect the hell out of them like that they don't apologize frightening and they made it through the what they wanna be. I'm that's why I like working there and I still defend them that there in the news much at saint Xavier. If and I watched that Boston sports tonight show for the first time ever few weeks ago it was after she was gone and the rate after she left. It was hotly. TJ beam and conquer. And they have the chemistry. Of cell mates on their first nine prison. It was like it was like they'd never met before they didn't wanna be completed. It was when he sent. You want to shut them. Yeah I try to watch and burst try to look yeah. So judging by the I I don't know anything about Smith and keeps us from that show. I had no idea how shall do arsenal. But I would say Portnoy were fairly. Is Michael Rappaport being the major exception. But he rarely swings and misses out but it's not a name. It kind of brought Rappaport doesn't run or at first Rappaport was was good for them right at the editor and that was a payment or at least some people now. Where is Casey Smith debris and obviously think she's got some. So how. It's aimed at people tuned to and the parts she's doing radio. Should I nausea and a lot of the locker promise. Yeah its existing in the club across must be possible to burn. I was attacks that may be mentally or a celebrity it's texture Cora. He's big. And and just. Yet. As evidently that is so it it is baseball season yet so brings back and I think this is going to be Robbie at least up Roy biweekly thing on this show you it's the one place to start it has got something. At least for the start anyway but on so in case you haven't heard Junco stands on the yankees' yes and arm and John Sterling. Oh he had a home run call or is it that's it he did so here's the home run coffers. John Carlo. No seat quote stove pipe off. Can you repeat that and known. I in college I am I. I. Tom and then. After that it's wanna stand Tony and blast. He has known I mean there instant Tony's been Tony it changes. And it is dated this itchy nose and relies heavily on the bambino puns that's very but the so this media coast and if you are surely it was it was it was. John coast and not. One ounce it's not know John Carlo is an Italian and I Eritrea the so. John went on with a teams he sports and a Unix. Well personally I'm an Italian girlfriend Paula and certainly our crowd lit. Industry got to see you know I'm get it on the right well with a high tally. There's no other reason to say that it was across our guys because this thing I know I may almost be aiding. Italy. In the hot and it's not use your head that this brat. And. This is him after they got data and obviously sure and I said you know I'd like something quick. That rhymes with John Carlo. And you guys go to the Italian. Master gal named Linda. Merle let's. And it's a few days and she came up. The wisdom. Of this saying which means you can't be stopped. And in you my commitment to go out get this first of all I like that. The master of Italian is a woman named Linda and. Hey Linda. I. And yes that. And apple is. Trying to. Do so much. Yet it yet and my problem John Sterling is now. He's become like he thinks he's the show are easily blow people out and yankees games for me big time that's an escort as if he he's actually like a good breeze got a great voice is not a bad broadcaster. He obviously detest Suzyn Waldman which respect would break into her time here is the job. Oh. Roger Clemens. It's so if you just cut out then not be good broadcaster but he thinks he's. The one people wanna see New York Times interview about what he's going to say. He's doing. It added that he gets inside the actors to at least in my mind processors rose on. And it. And it went. In England. Ultimately it is the public and what this disease. Couldn't meet the space stoke Barlow or you can save that Marleau that ministry statement comes exactly. Left. I mean the same can you believe that two phrases mean one thing doesn't happen like a hilarious coincidence. It's an Italian linguists so you know I thought it was kind of catchy and different. And then they say it's worth and I'm different so. I don't mean just I just so much attention I'm actually amazed flabbergasted that I'm very happy about it. I. I think now is that it's gonna catch catch on the people are getting used to it yeah and it just like the people and it's cantv has agreed it's going to be a thing is unfortunate and you're gonna have a budget drunken New Yorkers in the Brock. Carl a lot lousy loan yeah. He has more of that clip right because he explains. That was part of it requires stop the computer record that is not yet. They asked the question and answer. But the guy. Like aren't trusting this way. You know his name not. Like I could do well. They tout. Maybe not Italian but you know. Breaking Jon rose nine. That a sport. It's like. He's. Apple's where easy it's very. Well it doesn't really matter just for that's really made about his explanation is getting inside the mind of this team and you know right. And his name is Harold moss ray I mean ideally one which is enough. But. I do it is with a great it's like he raised its just. Okay. As well thing I want add images to if you thought you see that thing on Nam Daunte did you speak a little. Yeah I'm baffled by amber at the reason Brenda I'm so confused by. With every tweaked so we don't know that it got in trouble for. Tweet tweeting out sixteen years ago. Some stuff out rap lyrics with. The inward and Andy tweeted out free time today. Which like. If you and it remained how does if they left the Twitter open you took a computer tweets. So. Was that it was there something he did that warranted people the couple weeks. Topics if it is it. Is. Yeah and yet we are casting happened Trevor note note. Up old is called racist. For cargo Jones on state when he got the national championship game in years ago they brought back in the news and it sweetly we here for school. Just like. That's a kind of funny thing this like. He's been around here before. It's it's. Like. It's brought that up because I thought maybe I was missing something to ease its awful that he would then going back this is what sees. Which is still kind of should take some contact seven years later sports. I. Kidnapped so let's between now you're at least one. However if you'd think something like that and if you remember that may or may be what maybe you would. But if you suddenly Null like all maybe I'm an Indian names and limit you know going to be administered and then maybe you're back in delete them I don't know I mean that's that's a little bit I I don't. But my. My problem that is saying like well there's time your Odyssey things and you should educate erased. On I mean. It was about what you want and as long I've generally. If Buchanan. Explain it and see. If it's genuinely joke and that's your explanation that should be good enough for people. Mike Florio getting math and you tweeted of what is it. Means right. No further explanation. It was coming. It was fifty cents on reports which. But yet so the Eastwood rap lyrics which all of us do bags were fifteen. Com. I don't care what worked as its. Taking literally the exact lyrics that we're in a song. Typing them down and hitting session there's nothing wrong with. The union and say I wanna be allowed to say it's just we wrap. I don't I don't get why and it just speaks to arch city culture now. It's people's jobs to go through people's Twitter as well being growth should eat things and it's. And I know I essentially think that's why I am concerned about it especially public as Mike said. And I. Just be. There missed I think at. First. The first. Exactly what you lie is. That it was everyone's first Wheatley. What excuse Twitter I don't nobody uses the right now everyone's first week and why do I guess I made a Twitter. We know we see you again. That the first. Look at it. But the ones I would get there is primarily on tweets that lives in addition to world. It'll most. And I just we'd like a (%expletive) he's coached at. Two in the next. I'm like I don't know I don't know what is that to sorry group. That's the app that some follow me on that one. It's a wild. So that's it is its budget. You look. We come back attack. On. Our door is always Biloxi is Watkins Hughes is on. If you wants incompetence. In producing advice didn't want that one. What we separate sealed sealed it which was Ebert. And not reported. Well. I could legally blind Mike we know underscore mystic. I couldn't believe that I mean that's been used in my injuries to this group. Want my guns and now. You you eEye. I. Work with a human stories. Is. Hole. Record and please. If you liked two days sober and subscribe gonna. ITunes gives five stock first one Starr at Arizona U seven a bit come down here and say it to my face with her well now Obama come out and work out. It. I. Want to stop. Tom yet so it was the old you say bad things and just response to. And we will be out every Thursday or Friday. When a right now I'm running ST yeah yeah republic. Might be on iTunes might not it's a roll of the dice. That's suit.