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Saturday, March 17th

Hour 2. Butch Stearns is in studio for John Tomase. Trenni and Butch discuss Tom Brady and his jovial activity on NPR.


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He's training and tomorrow isn't one Sports Radio telling you yeah. Because and Eric and John's a mossy break down everything with a packs the Bruins at all in the women's sports. So much to its trendy until moxie on Sports Radio WEEI. So technically for accuracy say China is it TNB or BNT what do we do. BCS school on your your host chair now. Is that well only by default. You're actually in the host chair and they don't understand studio I am that's the chair of the for the last hour highlights I drive it and I hear you talking about how sick you've been in any got to Asia and Europe playing in united PP unit will open in Denver I really jump right into that Michael so I am I don't have a contagious anymore. Again I think the worst of it's gone well thank god for little things. You think the worst of its dining it's just like that big coffins of the with lingering. And it's not and don't worry about just regular America and I don't please in this general notion of custody case ID. I have no problem with the Asian so let's Arco there. And now the action on the cooler I had some weird though. I some crazy foreign flipped over and I don't she gonna be sick you might as well vehicles are slightly MI a lot like men in white suits have to come to mean premium Bobble or something in her to build it big of a home bites and I like Tokyo. But instead is as the right now all animal flu and it's getting better actually like you know I was able to function in a yoga class today at the step by step up. Your makes me. Feel better. So obviously patriots are gonna dominate today as they showed it's a crazy time here but before we get there a couple of housecleaning things are more comments on this sixteen beating the one. The UN BC. Retriever is beating Virginia about that. I thought I and so woke up in the middle nights has unionized but jewelry and the bathroom national. I know anything about them so I wake up and look at my phone is your timing is and I ceased and I see upset alert. UN DC beats Virginia has like this has got to be decoding laced cough medicine this can't be true. And I woke up at our regular time this morning I was own my goodness. Of all times for me not to like usually I stay up and watch every I tried a lot of times take the Thursday and Friday off of the of the first two days that he turning visits especially Marquette playing. It's so much finding you don't it's usually Saint Patrick's Day week and so there's a lot of rivalry out there. This time and it I didn't. Marquette on and it and you. And I wasn't filling Lawson went to bed at 9 o'clock class like 915 didn't think boy should really step once that Virginia UN beast he's never. Happen how it's never happened it's come close several times but. I mean Virginia who I think everybody when they filled out their brackets start you're in the final I had him winning dolls mortal bracket of the Austin it was 31 inch 220 and one in the ACC. There with the best defensive team in the country but none of it mattered. Because the retriever is. While the new game. We're just totally crazy hitting their shots. They're coach Ryan Odom. Whose dad coached Wake Forest and coach Tim Duncan years ago remember on so we got our butts were. So it's pretty cool that a sixteen beats a one it's what makes the NCAA tournament. Still as strong as of the levered up. David there's what it's one thing for a sixteen to veto a one but it's entirely different in pre sixteen to crush a one. This everything clothes. This was this game out and that I'm I'm going solely on the highlights and watch this morning right. But they want to quite nice and he's not one you know 7274. On the last you know he's I think of I was embraced rumored to brown snake rivers act. I think we played four. Is it an Indiana school there was it Purdue. She number into reverie files that you know he's as Indy indicate any any. He makes the final shot nail jump on top on the wasn't that this is just like. Boom boom boom boom he Virginia. Number one overall seed of hope you're finding your one game we never end. Crazy would love to hear from you if you watched dad came six on 777979837. Which turns and try any. Coups and Eric until 230 today we get to our email that there are a much hesitation now that it's a tough lasting by tankers there now that's tough yet. I get its top. When I'm on TV economic guest with the other people. My name trips people up because a first and last one syllable name doesn't roll off the tongue but Stearns yet ought. I bought the funniest one ever write a tell us our time Bob Ward. He's gonna hate me for talent this veteran reporter and Boston 25. We get a you'll appreciate this we get a live pregame charting it was a World Series aerial CS game. Cause we had to game's all time Red Sox are two answers long story short at five locations Maria and David on the right field roof. Kevin Amanda what's on the left field wall Bob Ward was outside so they league should have been taped they did it live. I'm David Maria here at Fenway Park let's go to Kevin and let favourable they go outside of Bob Ward his job was to throw it to me inside by the dugout. And he says I've got the fans story outside of Fenway Park let's go inside the dugout PH. I so I'm in my ear and eye here. Well you don't hear that every car that's awesome Bob comes in with his tail between his legs and -- our I have tears rolling down all that awesome funniest thing I've ever heard that's amazing I am a big hug and I said Bob that's Christmas real for ever. For ever. That's our glass is so great great so. I wanna throw this out there we're gonna take calls on it but today's a day. It's an unbelievable day from dozens and dozens maybe hundreds of high school kids were playing for state championships Springfield. And hockey in the super eight eat at the garden today tonight with a bunch of stuff I want to give some love to my. Lady wants from Braintree go for the speed championship against Springfield central. They will play at three fairly I want that you want what's what's wamp I want but not Indian. America it's okay and I. But the airplane today and also my alma mater the startle sky box at pains me to say sky Oxnard and that's what they are an army with The Chieftains and I was there. But they are in South Dakota as we speak and awards basketball team coach or Trisha brown is in the elite eight. Three wins away from a national championship that's awesome and it is cool in the local schools get a shot at that. So all it said. On the patriots. I assist you when I came in that I wanna bring up on the air I think it's sort of symbolic or ironic whatever you wanna choose for. It was seventy for those people that wanna say. Our let me take a step back. Let me just ask you this question training and see if you can answer this is simply as possible. There's two extremes of patriots fans right now eight it's business as usual. Beat the rats deserting a sinking ship to me the truth is somewhere in the middle is always but if you had to pick one side what are you leaning to one. I'm leaving I'm leaning to the rats are escaping a sinking ship. Okay and why is because I reason because I feel light. There is much dissension and it's it's why has not been there it's it's a type of dissension and hasn't been there before in the collar right before. We took the top of the hour break John from the partner. You know talked about how remember backing Tony for a team and Logan Mankins with I was on a fall apart and in and it didn't. That you think fact that two point fourteen team that went on to win the super ball. And it felt like OK you got rid of Logan Mankins but there it felt like there was a plan right make. Logan Mankins is in there detonates older gays and are ready to move forward we wanna get rid of a guy a year too early rather than a year too late which I think is probably what Bill Belichick was thinking was sold there. But you don't have anybody at least it doesn't seem maybe were wrong but it doesn't seem like they have anybody waiting in the wings that's to me what's different about this team is that. Stop the sport see your leaning towards the other extreme that I'm only there are rats are singing deserting ship and any given this reason if I'm hearing you correctly. It feels different yet feels like there's not a place I give you that I bought feelings public feelings now. A model number I never know that about you from listening to you on the morning show. I'm leaning the other way that it's business as usual I'm just gonna point to one thing and I'm not. In the bill we trust thing I'm not saying it's right or wrong I agree with what he said it does feel different. It does feel like there's not a plan but it felt like that before when they cut lawyer Malloy. Ten days before the season started and lost 31 to nothing in buffalo would Malloy playing a big role on the team that just pick them up it short felt L a lot different well that season ended with a parade that doesn't mean it's a hook in my mouth in the season's done and and operates they'll. But here's why I'm leaning towards. That. It's business as usual seventeen years ago this month. Lot of you don't you remember the seventeen years ago this month march of 2001 Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft sat at a podium and try to remember where this was it was at a downtown hotel in Boston and now. A ten year 103 million dollar contract to sign. Drew Bledsoe. Re sign the franchise quarterback of the future. We all know things happen in Bledsoe never ended up I firmly believe and the results of the cover the patriots for that long to. It eventually. Tom Brady was gonna and somebody else besides Bledsoe was gonna end up as a quarterback it's just the way Belichick does business. I also firmly believe with seventeen years of history of dollar check here. Let's so was not going to be his guy. He signed that contract. That was crafts contract against every fiber in his body he's never done it since he's never given anybody big. My out of the disk in his eyes that was too that was the beginning of the dynasty this feels like the that's see why this feels different is that. That's what bill is really starting to build his team ending in 2001 essentially was Parcells skies and bill was starting to move his pieces in the S and LL check was here with Parcells in the late ninety's was the defensive backs coach but you're right he wasn't making the decision wasn't in the decisions. This time he's fully in control. And it feels like he's losing some control it feels like disagree. It feels like he's losing something but he's not losing control that's at a later point airplane including something now. It feels like he's. As a veteran patriot told me earlier this week builds a little out of touch but he likes it that way but there's a price to pay for that. Meaning that he's got a lot of you be brought upper great question last hour but Tommy current brought up who challenges him down there I think he's surrounded himself like a yes man. In the last four or five years and I think he didn't always do that well. I I don't think we can have it both ways his coaching staff none of them have NFL experience. They're all the John Carroll guys who started his paper boy he's. In a copy Rome and it's not far from the truth and current that we offense and defense coordinators in the NFL head coaches and he likes it that way because they're gonna work harder they're gonna spend more time they're gonna do it by. You write who is challenging him know he's challenging him on decisions crowds the only one who can do that and he can craft industry and Malcolm Butler now sitting in the Super Bowl so. If there's anybody that's that back from going to him and say. Hey bill. Mean that we do after re look they richest reexamine how we handle certain guys to testing to be a lot of guys who yeah they wins to rumbles here in the knee leave this began we need out of them. When your Tom bradys to meet this is different because you're Tom bradys are voicing displeasure your Rob Gronkowski are voicing displeasure cryptically cryptically but they're due and it. I mean. DM Lewis. Even Danny Ammann dull I mean there these guys have for a long time were happy to play along in something change that there are no longer seem. Why the pastor we ever remember Tom Brady. Letting little things went. Well. How early did. Now the Tom Burress is time being Gambino their pitch in a blog why is a guy more optimistic you know why is it did OK I get to go back to my point tree disarm. 100% clear about it. Why I think this is business as usual or closer to that. Then the rats seeking a deserting ship even though I'm giving you the point that it does feel differently. Why I think it's more towards an oversized Belichick has never changed. Does yet more yes and yes other people would challenge him probably not as much in years past however. He's never gonna overpay. Even donate sold or was it must was a necessity. Of 41 year old quarterback's season. The most important position on the team so what. But it would lower margin rich seam it does feel differently but he would again. That's what he's going to do nothing has ever changed since that day seventeen years ago when he grit his teeth and gave Drew Bledsoe. A 103 million dollars what you might see outside awake as the wasn't guaranteed traded to buffalo two years continue to shoulder. Thing is it I can trading always sold or that's me isn't the isn't the indication of that the rats. Leaving a sinking ship I I only as easily as you said trade away he. I don't really have a problem with that I mean I read I edit your primary read they'd be running their bank. I'm. Generally tend to put it around all of my all of my germs on that first break out. I'm sorry he agreed they'll take phone calls to puts cantina and adults could hack like I don't know what does not know I'm in the one chairman of Latin you know. That's why don't see or hear one report. I don't. She meets its sold there isn't the same as for letting up players walked in the past and I think you had a I think you had to add to me he was into that Logan Mankins go Tom Brady's got a pretty through this thing was we rifle and everything was fine I think what's to meet again what's different is is it. Under this stuff under the surface the Malcolm Butler Spain. And the players not to not defending bill a lot of times in the past you just sit and say hey bill makes the best decision and we move forward this is I didn't agree that that's what aliens in agreement and also dating go along with that which I think is different. Currently in the past Tom Brady ever would have let that those that last part timers is time get an error. I don't know they weren't would Rob Gronkowski cryptically tweets a year or two adult know next to me when you start to lose those guys. That's that to me is the biggest blizzard like I think is a bit. Insists there's a question for you out there it does feel different training and I both agree on that trainee thinks that the rats are sinking the deserting ship I think it's more business as usual. Which side do you fall on let's go to the phones but start with Ed New Hampshire wants talk about that UN BC upset hello Ed. Eight I don't watch it by attorney and wait for turning it would com 2121 app so what a complete blowout. In the second half. From looks at New Hampshire and a shout out to to match current. He first took off the bench for UMPC. Eyes and yeah I saw little local flavor game. And also. UMPC. Are from America East Conference. And the mosques 23 straight games Stowe Vermont. They're when they're beaten India conference championship game. After trailing most of the game. Got a team that just pulled off the first sixteen over one. Wasn't even the best team in their conference at a loss Albany like two months and ice on answering this morning like 86 to 39. I think there are terrible. The worst hit little low seat right because the dead bad seed to get the absolute lowest seed. Expert would be number 10 yes seen in the ST USB CB 64 absolute worst last one and and yeah out and insult are you saw highlights like that that also in out. It was a meeting the shots they were making and a fourteen point game by minister gul Virginia had a run in them and they they they started. And they just they couldn't finish it in English speaking got to watch our attorney firms are spinach on demand arm somewhere. It's very very impressive. I danced for the call I appreciate Jim and sterling Derrick in a car. Kevin in New Hampshire Mike it was during your up next a little one open phone line at 6177797937. It's TNT. Would what you trainee after this. Your chance to talk all the women's sports with trillions of moxie right now Clark Sports Radio WEEI. The clocks go and I. BC. Not so. After fifty. Be honest tourney did you even know. It's UN DC existed but no less than fossil enough. I know I gotta love the retriever is neck and. Rock act what I love about it is it's like then it's I said earlier plague most. Domesticated it's like the dog everybody wants thank Evelyn things like Carl won a Golden Retriever. Labrador Retriever that you know that hey. These critical of them do me that I speak to anything to us when he tells me like. They should have been happy to be there that they weren't and by the way for not going there not being intimidated not backing down nobody believed in them except for themselves. What a great Cinderella story. Go to the phones talk still now since still must sister Jean now. Let's be honest Loyola Chicago their chaplain sister Jean that's true that's that's our sisters our Jeanne Dolores Schmidt and his 98 yet gotten lesser gyms in sterling with China in -- hello Jim. Attorney which bank you're attacking my caller and that the patriot would have had a better chance of winning the purple all of coach Belichick let. A lot and help Butler took place in the Opel. I think most of us agree with that. Which you are here. Obviously you were there what was the tenor and tone around like what line is what was the five what is still the fallout do you think from that. I wasn't me I I I watch the game from afar and we all thought is I date you know do you think that there could be a trickled out of down a fact for Belichick well we talked about. Certain decisions reflecting hammer having you know. A bigger impact and the team is that a decision taken out of big bigger impact based on what you heard. From guys yes I do think he'd have a bigger impact but again when I go back to what you said before that there's. Usual word losing and I think you're on to something at a something's changing it feels different is Belichick losing something in Foxborough possibly we've heard this before. When they cut lawyer Malloy Tom Jackson next to Chris Berman famously said they hate their coach. They ended up with a parade at the end and here again I'm not saying that's gonna happen but here's the thing. Is Belichick is not losing control the only person that can let him do that his craft or are by their actions grunt from Brady. If Barbara Brady gets driven out of town and its view did Belichick as a wanna get it. Really is how he's gonna and his legacy is he going to be the Malcolm Butler of coaches that's gonna go out that way so I don't see him losing anything my Butler thing is very simple. It in my opinion from a lot of guys I've talked to YouTube trying to. The way here's how I describe what bill Belichick's coaching Methodist in a very simple way he likes to make people uncomfortable. He likes to do that he wants you to be uncomfortable about your job about your opponent he never wants you to feel comfortable he wants you on edge. There's a certain domino effect all of that and I think we here. We see Dion Lewis cried a podium and say feels appreciated and CD any Amendola take the high road yet. Taking eight point five million guaranteed he wasn't gonna get here but have no qualms about it we see Nate soldier take the most money those are money deals but I think. It's because there is a price to pay for pain playing under that uncomfortable this. And then added to with a Guerrero thing which was real and is still real and it's Brady. And wrong and other guys yeah so there's something different but I don't think he's losing control. I think Belichick I do another small dollar check or get a radio show with a in the very first year I tried to get to. Home all year it was hard but he did let his guard on a couple times and the one thing the two things I learned one he's very funny. He's very funny as an unbelievable wit and he's very Smart. He's so brilliant but he start not just football Smart a very active with people. Parcells was completely different guy he learned under that two bills was amazing as our radar was Harry the unbelievable people person Parcells should give management class but he was classic old school he made you uncomfortable. But felt like he was wrapping his arms around you in a bill rarely does that self. Bill is an I don't know him personally. You know I'm only interviewed him and seen them from you know by a reporter coach perspective. If in your interactions with him he is that. Perceptive of our people is he. Flexible enough. To change to know when he needs to only generational thing. After after all these years he's not gonna change a damn thing not even so much to say as. I'm not gonna read Brady out anymore and in I come to an understanding of Brady I'm not gonna I'm not and it's Harriman new line in in meeting her many more that makes my quarterback at 41 years old. Nineteen to nineteen years in the least not gonna change that and Brady knows that better than anybody else in the UK dropped to conduct of craft in Zenyatta pay gras because that's part of the issue right crown fills. And I I'm torn on a crock thing they sort of feel like hey you got the highest paid contract for a tight and we signed it. Market changes and that's that's life a little bit. But does he say all right grind you've earned that you had a whole year we major work for your bonuses slasher won't give viewing new deal does he made those kind of concessions or does he stand his ground and say grant. He cited deals what you play for. Elect and medial tomorrow. When I once asked Terry Francona about how we treated Manny or Maris. His short answer after a long discussion once I don't treat everybody the same but I treat them equally. Which I think makes a lot of sense when you think about I think Belichick's the same way we've grown and Brady does he treat them the same as every other player in the locker room know. I think he treats them equally is that here's what I mean I say Belichick's a Smart guy only Brady and Belichick and grown to know their true relationship amongst each other. Malicious look at Belichick's actions she's wrapped wrong can bubble. Which he's never done with the other players because he knows how important he is to the team. This doesn't deny your same trainee feels different it feels like he's treating it different is he pushing those two guys to look points. Where grunt is playing games now publicly and Brady still hasn't. Got his contract extension or whatever I mean really is that the next shoe to drop I doubt it. I'd be shocked if either one of those happened so. I don't think he's gonna change joining Belichick is always going to be the same it doesn't excuse the Malcolm Butler decision I think all of us believe that he made a mistake. He outsmarted himself and it was his decision at least from everybody to outsmart his property out. Stubborn self. I don't know he made the decision if we go by what was said publicly. Which is and always the truth on what you what I've heard from other pages players it was a football decision so we have to go just by that he believed. That Eric wrote was a better fit to start in the match ups but really my fans for and I never really wish he shelled or shot at my Beatles and and and I'd Jordan Richards. Getting more snaps than Malcolm Butler I mean really. Really let's go to Vladimir behavioral wants to see it didn't matter that Malcolm but didn't play they would have lost anyway really Vladimir. The opposite of their reward you go about it affected their job. So worst leaders. Belichick made the decision he wasn't gonna stomp on them because he thought Barlow is going to be a superhero Equus in the other Super Bowl. Not to guess wrong on bottom but Ottawa street reaching. I've read about it checked so so you wanna put them out there what that reason now only that if they're running back. That's saying just look at that these aren't so bad and just put his elbow I'll keep pleasant that is such a better way investment tackle Brady down can he get the. Talking about on the fumble yes. Well tell me boast Communists. I tell you I tell you that Brady gonna have the ball. At the end of the game and Wimbledon I I want you to say that yes. I wouldn't and I get your point or game all game addiction as a veteran players Savoy. Children under the circular destruction that you know. You should go back washed out play. He just looks so how is assemblyman William you're picking out one plane that was the play that decided Super Bowl and by the way Chris Long way are cited was. There are tickets away. We're not starting. But I endorser year old Richard Butler would be a candidate so much and always do it Boehner pretty I don't know well let's get the money. I'd let him it's a good call thanks for the call let's go to his point he just made if the patriots win the Super Bowl. He said Belichick looks like a hero for benching Malcolm buck doesn't. I think there are some questions but you certainly. Did. There are questions about Wii remote I think we are probably more likely to say while obviously was the right decision because they want anyway we think the players. You've talked to them. You know how some eye opening video I think they'd still be a sad because they. Malcolm's their friends right there said they don't know why and they my guess is they know why the benching actually happened. Yeah that's my Anderson you know my understanding is they know what really want Ron. So. That's how they don't ask act how the their line of thinking with that but I do think. If if the if the patriots botany beat the Eagles and that's secondary plays better and nick polls. Doesn't like them up. Then we are having a different congress in a different conversation we're saying hey guys you might be upset that you might get set and the way Phil handled things that once again bill was right. Right that's what does seats when you really look at it and if they had won the game 4443. For example. Are you still saying it's a track meet and make their defense could have been better would not yes I'm saying I'm saying if they win and it's it's not attract me I'm saying if they win Andy and it's. And it's like say 4327. Or something. You know then I think riding a different conversation it's 4443. Were probably still harder bill but it's always easier you know this but it's always easier today. Look at something and let it fly away if you wing because the whole conversation is different the whole conversation is different around a team and obviously I mean this is like captain obvious stop when they when a civil laws opposed to when it loses super courses but I think the Malcolm but nothing would still be there go to Kevin. And New Hampshire was turning and butch hello Kevin. I picked a local turning welcome back things. Great competition your guys I I absolutely believe. When it's also done thirty years from now people write books about this chapter. Patriots history. This story here is going to be Belichick didn't change. That Tom Brady kind of stalled out. I would documentary series as one of the most. Inappropriate. Self aggrandizing self serving thing I've ever seen from a I'm a patriots fan. I think the only that Belichick and you do at this point is it difficult does is to say hectic at the break up radian blocks. No radio talk I think it betrayed he clocks. In dissolving. Click around Tom Brady's going to be. A critical vote for maintaining. So what do you think hang on Kevin so globex your point about numbers is time in the motives behind it do you think there's an anti Belichick motive behind what Brady's doing. Not necessarily. But I think it was very. Very inappropriate. Like Roseanne while it was inappropriate about it by the timing. Well I I sit in a pro it's inappropriate in my opinion per. Active player. To release this six part documentary series that was based upon its you know you really understand about the reason may be a change if they released it six was because he assumed you'd been oneness of all but beaten by being that documentary series. Is it about a legend Tom Brady. It's totally inappropriate for an active player release. Five cents up and by himself by the way. It was totally ridiculous I'm surprised he's not rushed for releasing. I disagree with data mean look I understand it's hard inside here and I got my patriots pajama forty pajamas on right now but. I would I'm I'm thinking as you're talking I would love and it was a different time. She's seen the get an inside view of Bobby you or Larry Bird David Ortiz. She's a little different because Ortiz was out here all the time. Training I think we I think we feel like we know Ortiz but. I don't I don't I find it offensive. Ice we're Kevin's coming from now I mean can I deuce I mean. Listen I actually really enjoyed Tom vs time I thought it was oh I thought it but I understand where you're getting you see and you think to yourself. For the first may for the first time ever we're seeing Tom put Tom before the team right. Willie I I personally I enjoyed it documentaries here at the Arctic it would beat the footage of them you know doing drills out market that was absent for. Adds perspective. But from the team's perspective of you know. Building a cohesive unit that's very destructive. And I think it. I don't know about that amateur justice are good podcast I think it's a clinching point to raise. And Aussie acting in any of testers out and at what point do you cut Tom little bit of slack because he is again he's forty almost 41 years old. He's starting to think about life beyond the upon this as a way for him to grow is brand that is this the appropriate time to do you know leading up I mean. There were some questions at the edge of the timing of the release of Tom vs time. You know to do it I know why you do it right leading up to the Super Bowl but you could just as easily released all six after the super belong in the off season. When you wouldn't be asked about an hour practice when you wouldn't be asked about a part of the AFC championship game and so on and so forth. So there is maybe a question of the of the timing avid does he. Is Tom putting himself you know I had the team. Maybe but I guess there's a part of me now that feels like king a fault so. How would you felt if LeBron James. Exactly people would Crocs lever machines they would Crocs LeBron James he did the single because ESPN does a form. Really now when you think about it here's anything needed. Yeah but if he did NASDAQ such a great putts that's actually agree Jackson does NB gazing view is this why is LeBron James and he came now would be. LeBron vs time. Anyways alt lake during the NBA playoffs and his leading up to it people would crucify. Him and call him every name in the book and I think south race. Is that the Brady brand I think is stronger different more trusted than LeBron brand basketball vs football let's not shy away from the the black vs white thing to. That'd be a whole different thing I have LeBron Don and it would have been more polarizing for all those reasons. Absolutely. Look I just don't I'm I have a hard time saying. While I agree that it was it was calm for Brady brand. While it helped him I had a hard time seeing that it put him above the team that they lost the Super Bowl because it. That it's the beginning of the end because I'm on being gas I don't think he lost the team from a I just think it's a different it's eight a it's a totally different. Side of Tom Green and we've seen before and he's doing a lot more media. And we actually have it and I don't you wanna like taken wanted a quick listen to and at some point and I'm I'm PR this what I listen jam on NPR this wasn't your session you know what. NPR Tom Brady is my favorite time. Surprise surprise. We'll touch on that we come back Tom Brady on NPR. Picture trendy driving trying to stay in the bid between the white line she senator Tom Brady more after this. Back to more with training until moxie about Sports Radio W we. It's even when few people massive. You are now in New York Times best selling off. But that site and do that if you wanna give up sports and goes right into the literary world. I've known for his behavior that for us to vet and it was really cool to do you know I thought I had so many experiences that learn from over the years there's an athlete. And I wanted to be able to share those with the next generation of athletes and people vote but the mythical top what do you do. And I don't have you know thirty seconds to Pelham without if they go by the book I would rather not look bad behavior of the. He was pretty funny. So that's Tom Brady leading up the links and a whole shower now that's on NPR this morning what's the name of the show live shows I'll wait wait don't tell me it's like an adds an NPR equation so it's on Saturday mornings in Europe repeats over you know over various times over the weekend and they always have one celebrity guest on he's always like pushing something and this week it was Tom Brady who is trying to you know every push I think his TV twelve book get it back on and you know best seller list while one block. Type headlights he was relaxed he was funny he had some really great one liners like the highlight. Actually do you have a clip ready this was right to me this is my favorite part of the entire like Foreman and there you. Actually shut its ability to talk about which as you are known. An addition for your boyish good looks for your intensity. Are you saying your book that you. Treated practices like teams meaning that when you scored a goal against your own team's practice squad you with celebrate. Yeah I think what we scored touchdowns and copper gold. Radio people okay yeah. Anything about football but I can eat strawberries in the Bryant. For what it's like he might he made the yeah. Yeah early tee like that that's helped pull in you wise not granted obviously got a big leagues variety bait yeah so they where's this show is taped live by the way in Hartford Connecticut it's obviously you're for old. Patriots crowd is there. But there are other parts and he talked about why he doesn't strawberries. And Mike how gross it is and he talks about you know his diet and their songs apiece is put that I'm most into this and I was like. This Tom Brady seems cold this time Brady doesn't seem like he did and like and you you know. Stepped bird white fish which you seem like I'm with Michael strain on Strahan and Good Morning America earlier is it. Engaging guy yeah. It's companies also pretty candid I mean you've seen moments. Look. The only time we get access to home is if you're lucky enough. To be in the locker room hang around a locker neglect them and try to talk them for a minute or so which is rare or he goes to that podium which everybody sees it he has his moments there. But more and more I've time those they're less than five minutes other stories I wanna do on oh yeah. He doesn't but but he you know he gives thoughtful answers he's an inch thing dial below. Albert you Rhode Island doesn't feel that way and Albert you know it's kind of cool is as the host here you've got a warning label up did you know that when you're in your call comes up. Global clearly that they they wanna hear about. Well I know who you are but the Steelers fan Albert from Rhode Island pulled they have they have a like a yellow crossing sign like don't cross the road children children playing. Type assigned. Well I mean the end you wanna talk about children they got I got in the car five cents a minute ago and I her record to a vote is Tom Brady vs trying ink. It's so funny because time is which. He put such as felt moderate now in such a self promoter and it's so all of the can't let go. Fifteen years when he just came up in you know all the forced Jarrett told state they thought it could. Could relate to woman he would one of oxygen to a dog role in all of Baltic. In Mena was is that ever true it is meaning now though. OK so tell me that if they remaining came out with fatigue in against trying. Week before the play. Good quest Peyton Manning because he's never been Peyton Manning Peyton Manning was all about winning the meaningless team's not winning the big arms and putting up all the numbers you know. Hold on Brady Brady has been later in his career about putting up the numbers but not at the expense of winning. He's still got to admit he's yet to wind to wind true super. Two Super Bowls late in his career changes everything. Okay at a at a picnic just look what it is led by woods Albert okay Al. William. And other people article while on a football field that was right right and Brady knows that better than anybody. An actual question sure you want to quit believing your money annual green you think he's a meaning it one quick or you're. Of course he did Peyton Manning was his archrival big ratings are the greatest quarterbacks ever I'm not taken anything away from Peyton Manning but he does. He has nothing over Tom Brady nothing. Nothing Albert what it's like huge steeler city gets six rings at six range doesn't never six five. They'll Terry Bradshaw before those secure and yeah Charles millions that don't. Let's. Would album where you don't make your final point because of I had I have a far more important why is it that people from announcing the end. In. By. And I'm serious it's it's it's it's like it's part of the axis and right it is the one thing and I just don't I I don't get it. Now from Allen well. Radiate huge chill. And our shout out converts you have several hours like to be so miserable. I'm as I have always wondered like I ache. At my door to just ran she was also from an island issue and I say pay and I always meant to ask don't count it like with the which I suppose you ask me what I see the aid. One hour down another hour and a half to go in and then he says are you myself are in for GS it's been it's been a power trip yes that would make our.