Trenni and Tomase - Is football or basketball good for colleges; We Are All Going To Die! 12-02-12

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Saturday, December 2nd

Hour 3: In the final hour Trenni and Tomase talk about Jimbo Fisher and the money he is making and how ridiculous it is. Special guest Alex Reimer joins Trenni and Tomase for the we are all going to die segment.


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Any and tomorrow's a new ones boards radio WEEI I'm dreading this and Eric and John's a much he'd break down everything with a packs the Bruins and all new England sports. So it's. It's trendy until moxie plus Sports Radio WEEI. And. I mean college football championships on our air so all of BS shows them. Dad today attorney mossy for 3 hours at 2 o'clock Alex Roemer. Steve Buckley coming in next thing from two to 330 and then I believe he SEC championship. Is coming up I can tell you who's playing in that totally. Alabama and Auburn I'm. Now. And I know you powder Georgia Auburn Georgia and I winner I Stellent trader funds in any and know they're in the ACC. Can I am as intolerable so much so I take the slate news quiz every week because. I'm I YouTube yet and I usually crush. And this past week causal rough. In the news is just got me down Mosul artery to keep up to date you know do you breaking some weird questions and as we listen we are questions but. One of the questions was. Who beat Alabama this kid out of the sports guy I am like. Geez Mike I don't think they play Auburn and I think that's this week so it must be a trick question how big a problem. Clemson and I had no idea I was not at Allen right yeah I got out on sports or edit the sports question run but. I am so anti college football. And I will freely admit it is usually where we get calls from people like how can you be on the radio and not know who I am because I'd. Care about college football at all I don't care one scintilla I don't care I ate it makes you nauseous thinking that Jim both Fisher. Got 75. Million dollars like the largest contract in football history college football history to go coach at Texas pan am. A magma colleague Katie Smith lobster what's sexy and she loves college football she's selling it as I just I was likely pairs like who is worth that lake. I'm like I am a big believer and you'd give your money you donate my whenever cause you want to know what if your cause is 85. Hundred million dollar renovation of the taxes and am stadium. Fine guidance I think you're a moron for doing bike. GUG eleven you really just sort of like Parse it all out. You're donating money so budget like eighteen and nineteen year old kids can play football and not get paid for it's that you can watch and mimic worse lecture from your school and talk about cool it is yeah and it kind of girl I really likes college basketball and as reformer cats I realized hypocrisy habit. It's all grossed out like how sports are just becomes so grow. So yeah an effort somewhere like Baylor you're also paying for your guys like gang rape girls and and you get a cut and then have an all covered up. Are you Jamison Wednesday and at Florida State you're gonna get. The accuser is gonna be dragged through them you know so it's like bats to mean that that stuff makes. College football particular Su road Garrity and I just want to it's just an invite. And exceed been an all these coaches and cover years because I know is on your Airways now I'm saying this training does not sanction this. But Charlie Weis. It's probably still getting paid by Notre Dame I mean my god like. He got this humongous contract was not successful at all that's how that's just how the sports for. And trust me I understand that college football brings and a lot of money for these universities that they think that people looked in to relieve the overall fact that it has on a university and it's not like that money is going to. A new hospital on campus Syria play it's not going so that's an underprivileged Katie who has a four point oh and scored perfectly on the SAT. You know but who he's. Mom is working six jobs in their living in public housing can now afford to go to school like there's so applying for government well not getting new all of those for it and you know we don't sex now it's it's just like our obsession. With it and Mike that I don't know it's just there's something as I've gotten older. So weird about it some doesn't sit right with me now and especially it's so late. Against what college is supposed to be about you know it's about broadening your mind and sending out into the world and giving you the tools to like be as successful person. And then you have these autocratic art fair out authoritarian. Head coaches who operate outside the system an Arab bug bit. And are coddled and taking care of and you know whether it's never easy to know Iran is hated me exactly audience oh it's the team now. Or Steven or any of these guys is just. You know cal Perry am I know a mix in basketball football which is college sports in general. It just adds a whole concept of returns less chance of making. It's time making it but what about the patriots might add garlic aside what the patriots so hillside where there we'll let him let him get his back on track might want to. Bo hi guys I'm actually not not the patriots just sort of cutie historic and opinion I'm 48 so. I. What ever and by the way can I just not even like I have ever read today really wants us all know at what age bracket we all fallen tonight. This is why I think this way because I'm a grown up yet 48 as young took it to carry. That net yet he did it make it easier in my perspective so you know patted her up the eat decent. It's neat to meet the patriots are. You joke. It by default rating you have the NFL Europe by suitable you have a winning record. Winning season for the last 1617 years. If the Tampa Bay Lightning. You know at that success that Tampa Bay nobody cares about hockey they're they're by default going to be. Probably very popular their parents and my point is you'd think if the Red Sox are transcended. In my. There you know as a kid growing up. You could block in the fox borrow. In the early nineties there was 22000 in front of him so once Brady goes what's Belichick goes. You know I I think it's going to be a little bit of a downturn of the NFL started he got anyway I kicked it out really itself if you make push on the basketball guys I just think that historically the Red Sox are untouchable she's just my eight by opinion. The Red Sox with a one team that whether they're good batter or mediocre. They're sort of polarizing right you're brawl we would have interest in he even though they're not as popular as they were fifteen years ago to Johns points. To meet this is still a baseball content and always will be at least for people in my generation and further. He beat the eighty year off in you you would go to some weight are you. We've got in the garden and there was always applies for all three of those teams as a kid driving in. Felt that buys where is far far was once the week you use it with what you. And that's changed its art for ads too insular it's Jason locking at a well and all dynamic signs. Try my when he walks are bought by these two are ranked football round. Favre Favre wanted to quiet because I've been to many other stadiums. It cannot stop it by default in the Red Sox shirt pop scene itself which are the Bruins are. In terms of fan bases that the patriots. Are very popular by the fall you go to any of the thirty cues. I don't it's by default I mean let's let their anti immigration and trying to get what you're saying like gradient ballots second bill this. And when they are gone does the whole thing it's not gonna happen overnight but we saw this on Pete Carroll Kaman might you had Bill Parcells. He reignited interest in the patriots and Robert Kraft. And Pete Carroll came and they were still playoff team they are still pretty good and then they just year by year they lost it a little bit more a little bit more until. He needed now checked. Recent analyst Lauren hammers instead college athletes must defend it although I think she's misinterpreting our point of it or miss my wrestler that's a lot of air base. 8:8 I am interpreting I just feel that. I'd like Palestine in Pennsylvania and you know I think the college athlete yet there's all that up in the air and not. Real detriment to you I'm athlete and you know what they do but. I'll athlete they point out there on the floor or on the field and I think some of the craziest football in bath luckily I've seen our athletes you're trying to get back at. They're really putting out there. And at that beat you look at the whole package. Let me get to that point I expect you to highlight that you do all the stuff is out there at that so we have to park. I'm positively about what epic. Yeah we're talking about big time college sports. Where I love football and I I want I love these high alert you see play volleyball. I have a don't love your like volleyball team was somehow benefited. From you now. Everything going nine like I wish that I wished that your volleyball team would have been treated somewhat equally in terms of the impala amends and that you know agreements Glen Davis school was that like. Men's football basketball. I totally agree and I think the problem is in port and we have so many students. And you're an athlete the hype that we collected platform like to keep played junior Olympic. You're good you're really thankful you can go on clay. And there's money there and it and it's getting you out but yeah everywhere out that they are very popular on national. But I think when you're thinking about it sport and keep it luck or an airplane or or. The other hard at all out there that's on the term memory he can decree equally. In and I think even in on football and back. You know you'll get and that's creating America passes. And put try it because media it's seen I think you see that a little bit more and eat eat eat yet. You know in the NB a. 100% Lar appreciate the column. Enter my pin and you we appreciate it yeah I mean no disrespect to the other sports you know track and volleyball and tennis and that kind of oh great. Those that we're not time and those we're talking about the sports that paid big money for your TV rights they're huge billion billion dollar TV rights. And dictate everything else happening at the university including the sports that follow wondering on athletic department umbrella but don't nearly get the resource like get your college though football coach is the highest paid person on your Atlantis. That's discussed it feels wrong to me that's disgusting and I gonna be they'd bring in the most money. That is still disgusting outside and now this is taken as liberal term which is perfect because coming up next. On an act and we are locked into training because Kerry and John Tomas talk pats. Are on Sports Radio WEEI. WA GD expert. We're all very new day. Pretty special guest Iran gonna die this week Alex rebirth of every one tie a tie her excited to have you on an S three will never be allowed to host a show together like of course so I'm cherishing these few minutes I don't know Christmas holidays coming up reasoning and or whatever holiday you use I don't know it's only Christmas now Merry Christmas there -- I can't repeat it easy to marry they are bets on that trip that the other night yes it's oh so it. So good he is he is a guy is biblical scholar to yeah we all children of god yes practice that's Rihanna react that's like the founding fathers said. There'll only be Christmas. Take a hike you Muslims whatever you call you know. There will get to that in a second that first. The Senate's go ahead of midnight I think it is gonna pass like a late night session only because well in big it was going to is because there I saw Odyssey putter day. I'm one of the news channel their talk about how old so many members of the senate aren't how many health issues that they have that it didn't think they can make it that I didn't think I would be able to get a big deal the podium like a a a quote unquote all nighter because they're just not good a good enough health to do it. But they did everybody 5152. Republican senators. Came together around a package that will dramatically lower taxes particularly here lawyers are. There's the catch guys. For corporations and wealthy individuals it hopes that money will later be invested and stimulate the aid how to because to get out of skies is. Works out and a back worked under Reagan it worked under bush it certainly worked in Kansas the last couple years that's there that's all worked out great. That passage of this bill you talk about why we are all gonna die. If ever there was something to crystallize how little us like all of us how little we matter to the people in charge it is this bill and I. You are pages crushed outlet and let me yet on the margins yet scribbling in the margins you had. Cut you know carve outs for the conservative Hillsdale College to keep its endowment. Untaxed. Somebody content which is funded by Betsy devise. Somebody caught wind of that Weinstein and Democrats are able to at least strip that out of the bill 500 pages. Plopped on people's desk Democrats asked cake we have the weekend maybe to read this thing Republicans unanimously voted note can't read it just gonna pass it. And by the way I am done with Jeff. Lee game John McCain all these strong Republicans are standing up against trop. Come on people sold their souls for corporate tax cut gas tax cuts Murkowski and Collins still don't let them have I basic audit who was the lone dissent Parker court Parker I parlor which again I seven become likely not running right now there's there's several weeks ago so Howard's they are all hours. And the best part is. Our kids our children's children they're the ones are gonna be paying for this because the corporate tax rates that tax cuts those are forever the middle class ones at those expire. Getting sick I liked the idea they say by 20/20. Sad and and dialed the number of middle class people yesterday I think it was into the post of the New York Times you could you can click I'm like your salary range you could see. What years you would get more money and what years Hewitt and paying more in taxes it was unbelievable like. This shift of the number of people that will get will pay less and less in taxes as the tax brackets went up. The idea it's rich person's tax cuts for the wealthy donors not to really runs this country that's what it's all about I don't know and I'm I'm I'm now know the swamp is being drink it right back. I totally out what trump says he told the Republican senders list and you got to sell this as a tax cuts. Not reform and he says that's why it passed yet he's a master cells and. It also is a problem we eat now. We fight this right that we did take to the streets for this there's no one in Boston or new York and I mean we actually matter this guy has yet I mean the rest of stuff I intuit were falling that we hoped the impeachment comes but this is the stuff that actually matters it will happen. Yeah and this is that that's not going away even if that goes away right in this is where trump is the same as every other Republican. Or worse or worse yet. Speaking of words I'm sure you guys saw this week I believe that one is why it's. She's stairway to see it even matter you can't keep track can't keep track but president trump I decided to tweet out videos. Bomb of I verified videos. Alleged it's my problems. Either attacking people pushing a boy offload a rooftop. Smashing the virgin Mary. The third when I believe was getting rounding up I did and handicapped in the ad Dutch Muslim immigrants. Which even if those things did happen. They with their terrible and awful and they should be condoned it should never happen how Dan can dads are an academic dad thank you. They should be condemned. The president doesn't want to incite people to think that all Muslims are bad by. Tweety Howell these videos in order to say hey look what I told you these people are bad people. Find out where the videos came from a great win woman. In England she had to say. Vice news. I'm pretty president Donald Trump. Has very graciously shattered his people from apply here in the UK. Plants might flights it doesn't matter where they're really not Sarah Huckabee Sanders it's. Net sag doesn't matter at this matter have unsound and because the threat is for yeah. Let us know and that's what the president's talking about is the need for national security and need for military spending. And those are very real things there's nothing fake about. Is that what it was stunning about nano for nationals he's like bill by a wall and game. Could soon coming just thought of taking an entire group of people and demonizing them based on their worst. Like. But it's not a bit but the first love led the handicap video was not real that would add from what I understand the video of the big guy being pushed off the river it was during that answering I bring you get your Nike uprising in Cairo and like 2011 in her twenty to file from the exact match and does not only a matter but it does not -- was this exactly none of these were immigrants doing things imagine being a Muslim person this country and it's an idea that your president is he hates Muslims. It's just what what he hates Muslims who lets out of the country it's what he campaigned on and what he's doing in our office and that was my point like how can you it does it make you sick as a human being to know. That there's an entire group of people who are demonized for the worst few of them for the worst part of their of of their culture. And every one looked at Austin by. Well what we're here we are doing right right you're exactly exactly you're white males so you Larry rapists or serial killer a white nationalist. Like no rusty put those boxes but it's perfectly okay to put these other that Muslims or African Americans or Mexicans. In to those box. You know let that there is hope for those worries us can say because. Obviously didn't buy news media's by stealth means that somebody tell Laura Ingram ham like tweets that I got a head cold or is it in her or whatever I'd ever want to honor those same African person so I mean in the real evil people in this industries and Jeff Sessions Stephen Miller they're all pushing him towards its. Yeah and he is. Unable to think for himself a year ago however. We all we call this a row gonna die. Little ray of hope yesterday general Flint general Flynn has flipped. And while yes he did plead guilty to one him relatively minor charge of lying to the FBI the implications for this. We are now and it died but that in the administration may as a result of this we can only hope. The best part was so. The conservative viewpoint on this is while he was discharged in the minor thing mission is not the mayor non story fake news nothing Brad and burger move on. Anyone who knows anything about how these things work in our Mahler operates means. Flynn had to offer him something substantial. And he's already intimidated that it goes to very. High officials and I thought well there's a listener right here right aim isn't hasn't officially bindle but that everybody is assuming it's Kushner trump today tweets I had to fire general Flynn because he lied to the vice president. And the FBI. It's pled guilty to those lies it is a shame because his actions during the transition or lawful there's nothing to hide it first the ball. Why is he lying if there's nothing night. Second of all this very important trump says I fired him because he lied to the FBI this is not something he has said before and when you talk about obstruction of justice. When you admit. I fired the guy because he lied but at the same time you told James called me let this whole thing go that is obstruction of justice. Scotland to have gone down rocketed back we're gonna let we're gonna let you. That's if Hillary Clinton was caught in any of this arm and what else had been impeached yesterday. Yesterday it's just it will be able to me that the Republicans can get up wit with a straight face. Stand in front of a microphone and defend the things that continues that continue to go on this administration. Or what and this is my big -- or less than tax cuts for the attack president that I get that are well you don't always gets there about how you enjoy those were all dead because Brett and he has yet you know seriously as new dust what is the end game so the end game is you want you to owners to keep giving you money so you can stay in power to do what with your power I don't even understand at least. Democrats in sale of AMD's pie in the sky ideas about universal health care in this kind of stuff at least they stand for something so. The Republicans get their tax cuts which helped their donors which keep them in power is it to stack the courts is that exist that let's me back in the closet John gas see that's why. We don't let it happen thing you know we will not let that to our side. Thank you you've got your back you know that we should be fair the hypocrisy is not limited to right now it is unfortunately not and I don't know about you guys that I watched this interview live on Meet the Press Sunday morning Nancy Pelosi sits down with Chuck Todd to talk about John Conyers. I wanted to throw something at my television I think they immediately tax a friend of mine and said. Nancy it's time Fernando Nancy Pelosi air IT and because why she was often nonsensical and incoherent. During shoes. Saying one thing is eighty years old seem a little she's. Like. That's lamb what Seth Moulton our guy from Salem Democrat or hear all of that he wants colosio and I'm with him yeah I am with. Now I'm with him in this in this particular instance I'm with her kind with him here's a close he had to say about Conyers on Meet the Press last Sunday. You said there's now at zero tolerance John Conyers what does that mean for him. Right now let's say in Iraq we are strengthened. By due process. Just because someone is accused. If you act and it was at one accusation is it too I think there has to be John Conyers is an icon in our country. He's done a great deal to protect women thought violence against women act which. The left wing right wing is now quoting his praising him for his work on that he did great work on. But the fact is. As John reviews his case which she knows but I don't I believe he would do that I believed it. Why isn't anything we just stop right here to listen anymore in this what what does any of that even mean. Break it because I would it's well when it's what it's the other side as it should be like Roy Moore should not be running for senate anymore in Alabama he she's gonna win them. It's closely at all we're gonna get it now and a second ago that hang out we should given year on the guys stand my template and the ship here. It just means instincts ago. Just this. There's a couple of things one I don't understand how politicians are escaping everything went the Harvey Weinstein and man hours of the world and that you know Mark Halperin mark how are you late in the whatever they I Harrison yeah yeah whatever it doesn't yeah yeah yeah you I mean I was named prairie home companion act. Ever admit I think comes out about you lose you're not sure but somehow Frankie in Conyers. They are told now who is coming out to more Donald Trump all else knows from dull. It's just like old news for us due process no. And even worse for Pelosi does that lesson we'll say on this so she gets crew rightfully crust are nests. And the next day she he needs to step down too late you had your chance I will say that. Democrats haven't senate this entire sexual harassment assault debate around Donald Trump it is such an epic failure and it shows why it sucked. So much they're awful they're terrible. Lots of this whole conversation around the president of the United States. Is a great question not to and is a great question yeah well when senator Roy Moore is sitting it will not be for lack of effort by Jimmy Kimmel I don't know if you guys on this his guy. Jake bird who likes to dress up at political rallies and acts like an enthusiastic supporter of whoever. Freaking hilarious. He crashed Roy Moore is speech at some you know Baptist Church or whatever. I he claimed he was crashing TV interviews. With the regular citizens who are supporters of Roy Moore he was wearing a gimme more T shirt. He had a certain tie on with a T shirt over it he had a hat with a number one on it use holding a sign saying use Roy Moore is number one fan. Here's the kind of thing he was saying when people were being interviewed. I'm really neat idea stupid enough to where they believe these lies and they deserve the Democrats. Had a dry desert lion the liberal media yes it could wrap up roared warts and all. Sexual. Fled or whatever or Democrat. Hat I don't want a Democrat okay good so we'll go sexual predators do you. Let me ask but this is ridiculous. And that says this is Washington DC at this is everywhere download anything and government not as we can't gave little people. What. I believable. Yes that's the comedian like Jerry and so he got in there. He got he interrupted he kept cheering for more singers is number one fan. At one point as he was being let out by police he said you know does that look like the bays and a child molester that doesn't look like Bay's child molester he gave. Interviewed or TV station after he left saying he's being railroaded by the lying liberal media he knows that the union between a man in the Bible should be between a middle aged man and like smoking high between. So I mean so. Thank you for that. Roy Moore is still gonna win now that is. A terrific young Washington Post today said it snacking. Neck in neck being a Democrat in Alabama it's the same as being you know what a pedophile. It's this it's the same as in the facts the worst. It's it isn't where it's jazz it's not the same it's an awareness of because of one of them is in the Bible academics at this point where it is where you're being a Democrat is where standing pat areas in this country. I had and it's on and I I feel like your read all the books are ready heavily elegy. I've read evicted are red white trash I've written all guys trying to understand how in the hell we got here and none of it makes Steve Buckley would you like to lay. He's talked him but I was his anti terror tuchman Aaron Boone now get around embedded into an irony now. You would need like gore bulls peninsula on on the show it to provide contrast if you could. I was I mean oh god the son up Alex do one show into the printers with me he's got a swoop in and I mean we and I certainly added we felt like rate yeah I mean hurry. He's a he's an honorary member of this thing yes no I mean we're all gonna die. We are all going to die we're also gonna take a break and look across and we'll talk Aaron Boone would get things back and tracked on the final couple minutes attorney in Los. And I government honestly can't they believe will be able your chance to talk all new England sports with the trillions of moxie. Clark Sports Radio WEEI. Right so we're all about needing it. Didn't see tonight. Whether or not the and one that certainly you lying in math but you know let it doesn't even matter. Since we're doing politics tournaments and dreamers to sitting here. Like whether he goes down for Russia or not doesn't matter you just want it to be to a point where politically he's abacus cops I like that mean that he's aware of these are things that I watched him. Want to about a saga him unfortunately I didn't end up going to the guy at the opposite of that allotted to defeat lead that would think about retired general. Leading back chance at a rally like Willis slayer Ty Cobbs and that's a former at Obama I love that might level out. Yes gorgeous and are washing our hands of general Flynn he's a good guide it yet no no no use yours he was yours first. Earlier last should I look like Brad Jack the people are you scheduled for agencies week. I don't know you know we have not seen as in Nancy is that men can easily comes on the afternoon that's right. Represented the people yeah gone out and extend every gamer loves. The islanders. Oh he's good dad yeah I mean not I'm not as good at it now. Now head back and I was going to the site and did you teams for any. Thanks right here thinks that we had made about not to mention names. And remixes them and every murder that Roemer is not listening to I was. These sleeping until twelve theories why would you do last Sunday were planning to its partner is holy sites and when that it ultimately close. It is always a lot of it will cut eight and a lot like when jackets. On. Some of those Nightline has its say yet eating at a topless we we don't if I drastic it's done no names are mentioned instincts it and not and now we move on that's that's that's our idea things shoulder meet me move on yet we move forward I don't really get and I'm not really into the. Ali drama Allan thank. And I jams are speaking of drama what's coming up but but in a manner I hope scintillating com about Harvard Yale game coming to Fenway Park up. I think we're gonna do an hour on sounds good but if I don't is getting ready you know I think it's a thumbs up for Giuliani very Indiana Hannah thumbs up a double figures double digits over. Our rates a lot studies and Ozzie are done Roemer and Bob our next following them is the SEC championship game DeLeon board storage clowns in UCLA gets hurt Auburn. I agree recognize.