Trenni and Tomase - Have the Celtics overtaken the Red Sox for the 2nd most popular team in Boston? 12-02-17

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Saturday, December 2nd

Hour 1: Trenni and Tomase open the show talking about the Celtics and how they are becoming the 2nd most interesting team in Boston. Trenni also responds to the drama that took place during the week at WEEI.


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These trainee and tomorrow's a new ones boards radio WEEI I'm dreading his parents and John Tomas he'd break down everything with a packs the Bruins and all new wiggling sports. So let's. It's trillion Tomas on Sports Radio WEEI. And. So other outside and WEEI. Times mossy trying to snare throwing your receipts at 2 o'clock just three hours of us. This afternoon and your las people here last don't worry. I don't care if it's is in short shall we are still all going to die we'll get to that in the 1 o'clock hour yes the tax the midnight dead of night tax bill addition. I'm so much so much before it started to make printing week. Crazy week yeah WEEI. Yeah I knew some rounded up in the middle of all and I when you weren't here are strange so I'm and briefly address I don't think in ways that people think I'm going to. Just a quick take few words madam an avenue not. I there's some questions as to why it in on any of the shows and talk about it and why didn't fight back well partly it's not and never was really boils down to two things one. Why what I engage in particular. Lot savage acts you're right involves two people ask me multiple partners to engage in it prolongs. Fights. Hate to bring it to everybody but few can't do one side it never responded to the caller. In the past he decided to Colin this week other than once he did once explain why not she didn't like me iron curtain county and and never acknowledged any tweets so I guess the reason I just figured I would start out. And as for this instance in particular and mention the caller this week I didn't react or tweets I didn't insult heard any point. Midday show they felt the need to breeder tweets on air ringer and people for reasons I can only assume we're rooted in hopes of watching it act I don't fault which. Gentlemen thank you for proving points. Which really sorely needs to crux of why I'm not going to come in and take part in any of this it's not I am just not certainly not hyper wannabe. I never saw myself out in my entire career to get a better job regain status and I am I'm forty years old I'm not going to start. Are the majority makers have talked on the show mossy suggestions have been made as to things I can dude. Raise my stature I can gain weight I can lose weight can cut my hair to grow my hair. I Wear more makeup and dress provocatively and re with producers watt meter right we'll keep in my opinions myself that actually happened in item being hurt those one lines either. I thought back and I said no. And this time is no difference doesn't make special. And he's a sort of a martyr it's just too I am not gonna get down into the biting victory about it so I'd that's why didn't do it. And I know what's happened posse and I both know. And what's going to be said about me street I wrote down some things I thought that might be said about me and selfish and carrots station and the phony and I'm better than other people. You know I don't care and why not change and not given and just not gonna happen if you feel like you need to tear me down to you you know. Have some fun on your show that's fine but you know pilot and it that is a you problem not a new problem. And that's all I gotta say it's elders at saint. I announced land now that's it this is this is all your moment I am sorry I'll bet I just wanted it you know I it was there are some questions as to why wouldn't engage and that's why it's desist. It simply boils down to it's not going. Yeah I I made the point when I was on of those guys this week. Our curtain Jerry you know if if why what is why how does it benefit you to debase yourself. To get into that kind of thing in your right what started out I've said this multiple times a multiple shows but I'll say it again. For what started as you know a principled stand against the objective vacation women. There is an attempt to turn into a cat fight and put yourself in trainees shoes listeners would you want to. Go from one point a to point Z. Point I am a democracy these Alley so now. So I am if you. I'm I'm with parents. Shocking I really do need to get you and I'm with her teacher here a year I really do art is about double its that's it we're gonna move on this I don't know round of the Celtics and move on air and boo. And I sort of you know. To go the first four minutes of the show now he had patients see the Fuller view well I'm all about equality. That's true that's true and as a white man. My rights have been trampled pretty pretty now agreed varieties days over the last couple years so. VMware finally you know re taking some of our rightful place but it's been tough I won't lie. Spandex black people women their own usurping our you know we're taking over power and taking over the world and sorry. So let's start let's start Celtics that it's okay yeah I like it I like it you know I thought was interesting this week. And it was said. Another station wanted to get some play it would wicker respect decided to say that he doesn't think that these this Celtics team is a true contender in the Eastern Conference. Yeah that's the meat so when they set it last year I believe them and it was true like you weren't beating LeBron and carried whatever. This year they say at I think there's a little bit of sort of like Brian Cashman. You know saying at the start yet the Red Sox have a Golden State Warriors and all that deep down he didn't really believe that that Red Sox team. On paper wasn't active and I mean it was potentially did that. This to me strikes this strikes me as more of a managing expectations kind of thing and you know we've. Reveled in being the underdogs the last few years we wanna try to maintain that even though we have the best record in the NBA and grow one point 116 games around we beat Golden State like saying week. Why am doing it from experts. OK other IR. II experts are not and I was like. Was not scary thing my parents tell her I'm not there yet I'm not a guy that I do I do retain a shred of objectivity. So yes that to me is about managing expectations tries to stay we're still acts. I also think that he is Smart enough to know that this team was put in a very precarious position when Gordon Hayward went down and I want. And to put the kind of pressure on a team that right now is not being it's being held up by highly Irving and Al Horford. But the other two legs of the table it or stabilizing everything our Jason Tatum and Jalen brown. And to put it kind of pressure and say yeah I think this team can't really compete with the cavs in the east and look at what's going on in. First you don't want to. You wanna read on on Cleveland and their ownership Zach welcome back to bite you some dates you agree the NBA isn't quite like the like Major League Baseball you know we're like owners you know the Sox and the and the Yankees like to go back and forth and I hope that there are a little bit. Visit field and really the NBA's the same way out of it and Mark Cuban is there weren't there poking owner's name now I Cuban is more about. Poking the the higher ups he's more about poking like where is David Stern or Adam silver egg like the the other and other owners or their team so that's bits and this is very prudent on. And we Prospect Park because you're not putting pressure now putting pressure on your team to win because we seen this team is leveled off a little bit since or sixty winced. Yeah I mean you've mentioned Tate and brown and Tatum is still playing at a really high level and that cannot he's not gonna shoot 50% on threes you know he's gonna. He's gonna end the year at. 37%. Max he got to start factoring in that he is gonna. It it's just it's so unlikely that he's gonna maintain the pace cities. Jalen brown we've already seen these last few games you know teams are really attacking him defensively Brian rob from Boston sports journal yeah her great story breaking down. You know why the celtics' starting unit. Defensively has been terrible could be any any unit that as markets Smart on the floor is a good defensive team. The starting unit without him has not been. And one of the big culprits is Jalen brown and that surprised me because you're like well why do you think that in its yes so. Jalen brown has struggled with he's playing shooting. And he's guarding a lot of smaller quicker guys and he's struggling with those guys like Detroit in particular abused him where. They would get Avery Bradley the ball on the move and he just couldn't quite keep up with them and so he tends to play guys tight and quicker guys are gone by so that's causing issues right there. I'd then you watch him offensively he's been turnover machine in the last few games you know and ball handling is still not a strength of his really. If he could handle the ball more smoothly even like Tatum does he would be borderline unstoppable in the open court you see a lot. Where he's gone one on to carry one on two we'll split two defenders and defiantly had an Jalen brown won on two he's liable to dribble off his knee. Or have to pull the ball out because he can't finish or move over again and offensive filed so late you're seeing. Some of the warts of his game that are totally natural for 21 year old in his second year. You're seeing some of that stuff being disposable bit so it's like it Jalen brown goes from whatever is there and sixteen points a game early in the season. Well say he's becomes like an eleven or twelve point games Goran say other teams really start targeting him with Barack quicker athletic guards. Okay now you're starting their recede at two keys like you said two key legs and that's. Austin's thoughts I'd I'd filibuster and so do you feel like me if you see that coming to geez I did a blank as ice mistress I like I have something I want asked not out of it might want to make points last skaters. Is Iraq where to search out and that's a little body you had to you had the adrenaline fueled start to show an hour time and so I'm now but I mean. Celtics kind of have an adrenaline racing they have I've lack of willingness going game because we knew we're out of something that I've watched all their games they're incredibly entertaining higher credit Larry guess saying that they're not interested in this this they're not interested until the year ends but it's like but no days you know and and Craig made the point when you watch bird. Every night was appointment viewing for bird it's that you can enjoy just watching carrier in play that can enjoy watching the Celtics play as a team late. They don't have to be. World's seeking to do you know steaks for every game they can just be hay is an entertaining athletic event. I said last night we had everything to me Geary ensure rotten I'm sat talking Celtics and I asked them. Wednesday I was watching the game last night are too done not ethnic two nights ago. And Hai re made a move in the fourth quarter I was like late comic house just relax and watch box in the game and I literally ought to be like one well liked twist next here drafting exaggerate the exact exact play that made me audibly say in my apartment by myself. Well. I asked them when's the last time there was a player on the Celtics that may that major literally go. Wow like he can make plays better highlight real and that makes you wanna watch the game in Gary said Larry Bird. Sure I've said Paul years it's that Rondo Rondo are really Rondo was the wild guided me because. It was us it was OK I get your thinks he's a good point guard but once he. Worry is excited about rush time on no the whole package is you are about Ty retiring and oh yeah. I think like you might have placed like was right to appointment viewing I think I REIT is appointment view. Absolutely is and I would actually I would go back to bird I don't think they've had a player this compiling since bird pierce was a great score he was a great player. But you know he did or you Rondo. Gets them once again he scored in sort of like Workman like fashion he would make threes you post people out you damsel angular drives and oh boy had idiot ballot. Rondo. Was a magician passing the ball you know and so Rhonda you never knew especially light peak Rondo. The guy when they lost in the conference finals to the heat where he had that monster like 45 point overtime game whenever Rondo. You could have any had a game what was it 27. Eighteen and fifteen something like that toys and points eighteen rebounds fifteen assists and in games like 61 where does this come from and he. He was the closest thing to Tyree in terms of just. Where did that come from you know because before he got scared of driving is going to be in want to shoot free throws. He would have some pretty amazing acrobatic finishes where you'd just say. How did he do that. Not as consistently as carry carries good for like four of those tonight. Where you you just say wow I do I'm since same thing it's America trust in god almighty god hiding your mind can I and it's and it's not even. Sole lead them the you know. Ball handling in the drive sometimes just a step back three or pull up three or. A guy in his face and he just drills it you say. He's very dry what's silly man I know is there a shot on the court that this guy can't make and I I don't think there is sees that. Other than curry. He is the only guy in the league that I can think of where he will take what looks like a terrible shot in traffic or hit for him it's more in traffic around the hoop. And it's soft touch and it's all net and I parity that shot you were talking about. We're drives and it's like a half. Hole so I don't post up but it's not quite well it's not like Al Horford hook it sort of yet it's more as a hook in a runner at the same time but he was twisting as he shot it and it was higher marketing and it. Nothing but net. And so you watched that night after night there has not been to me there's not been a guidance and like that's an expert Rondo did close. 617779798376177797937. Talking Celtics without anything you want about that because I just think that they are I think there arguably. You remind really desperate this but I think are arguably the most interesting team in town right now I mean more interest. And the patriot yes right now I write the patriots in a month that's not going to be the case but for right now for right now patriots are playing out the string. And the Celtics every night you still don't know you know they had that match that winning streak which is insane. And then they come back to earth a little bit and now it's like OK now we get to see what kind team is this really going to be because they're still gonna evolve as the season goes so there's a reason to watch. Craig and Larry even against the suns there's a reason to watch every game. And his name is high rear ended charming New Haven does not agree with a star welcome to show you think carries over read it. I love you are already here but he's a little outdated I'm gonna be three. Out to you know these. Are only going right. You know right at the black eye you know which election. I am I what. You. Just say a word gap so lastly does he not know what hooch. Charlie reached via which probably should mean he says. And it's not like it's an outdated I mean I tell me how we hear eighties. Yeah ear is you can direct them you see your point that his game is outdated you kidding me a who's who plays like him and Allen does only one guy like him. Immigrants are eternally sad that not act kind of show what Kelly an amorous time without. As we're on a heart break. I'll bet there's like Alonso. Oh I'm with trading on the why did you say Rondo like I definitely at that it's not but at the same time I lived through Iran though was pretty night. He was so that put the ball. It was pretty treaty long arms certificate rebounding watch out so well and I remembered liking what they're talking about it actually act that game like I wrote back. There were going to get the cab and actually act and the outback with the club every game was Paula Newton play out. Is slowly to retrieve these crazy ketchup. And a lot site it. An elite there was one play that game where Rondo. Was. Go that the coup in the front. We're behind and I don't pretend that you didn't know you are there any accurate you're gonna dilapidated and in saying I couldn't back. Hacker who thrilled. And expect and then but it is LeBron that is totally what it. Now political play that was when they get Rondo had ever been able to shoot it could have been really really get that but it. And I feel like logical all. If you like really really lucky all one day he would it is well that's that's my problem. Yeah I mean a little different 'cause of the size you know ball so much bigger. But Rondo was was an aide wildly entertaining player in his prime minister mate Amy was wild and he was wild. And you know he was on coach Thibault and all that stuff you know he was kind of like the Kirk of the Celtics but he was very you know but he was compelling like you had to watch it. Yeah I mean a thing about Rhonda I mean Kelly just said that if he is able to shoot he'd be a better player I'd argue argue is while he was able to be coached or wanted to be coached in wanted to be better. He could've been a better player. It's I mean sometimes you have unbelievable natural talent that your unable to harness it because you just your you don't like yourself to he was so erratic. Mean maritimes he would get up and I remember everybody would always say rhino and a primetime game on is so great daytime game. Well you know what sometimes in this league got to be good in a not so big time game as well. And that I think was Ron has promised he played down to competition play out to competition but more than that like he could be so petulant it tightens. And that's the excellence I heard his game. That's true. I never held national TV Rondo against him some MI MRI don't hold it again I holed about a lot of stimulus shows you like that like these peaks and how he's adding depth and he was a roller coaster no question but. When people would say. You know. He plays great on national TV where is either us that sound like no we are constantly. Begging for athletes who can raise their game on the biggest stage. He did that as well as anyone start in that first finals you know when they beat the lakers. In no way and he was a young guy on that team yet some huge games that huge baskets in the series. And the game bumping and of against Miami ended up losing in overtime 44 points ten rebounds. Since in the sixteenth to 24. That game was not an outsize tennis lists. 44 points ten assists like eight rebounds man. That he was everywhere game and he was hitting threes he nearly brought them all the way back in overtime and just just a tremendous game. That was the Rondo experience now view it out later in that series at a seven point games so I mean. It was all over the map by. Rondo is Ronald Reagan was in and around Russia them are at a Salem what's up what do you think about on. Yeah you won't come on the lead while other than she definitely should be played up and down the competition. But what drained a decent drive me nuts about Rondo was what he'd roll the ball up well what each week you know. They used to driving not. You know I saw a video of him playing as a freshman at Kentucky. And he did the exact same thing so he was doing that since high school nice to drive me crazy so late in the game you try to progress our clock. And he would roll and you'd block the volume walk alongside the rolling Bonnie see the Celtics do it now Lott Marcus marked as it. Never understood that Mike are you picking up the ball at a standstill. How about you just take it in sprinted up court like we've what are you saving. It. But that Betsy I share that that people that aren't one less one last Hubble Rory had a break Matt Carle what do you think about the Celtics. Why. I don't write we did sort of we interpret the way back machine on as much. Matt I was at a at a cell service I backe was gonna compliment him now if it were but it pounded like mark Barak Barak idea units teacher if that is totally irrelevant I think what he had with equity Collins that is and he thinks the Red Sox on the train and the Celtics have come back on earth. We can get to that little that I still don't into the Red Sox are gonna overtake the Celtics in terms of interest. I think it is that they saw org the edit I support to him. I mean the one thing the Red Sox will always have in their favor is that they're the only team that gets the season to themselves like all summer. Is Red Sox you know so if you have a good compelling Red Sox team. He finally here and David Price. And I immediately he makes an we're making makes them compile yeah areas and make him likable so there's all kinds of Nelson this yes so. The Celtics right now are compelling and likable that's that's like that this thing that they have gone for tile we started talking about whether or not you know which president went saying that he isn't Lleyton speaking to the east you wrote a column this week that we should be aware of IAT. Are you Cleveland Cavaliers a team we should sort of be. Watching on a BS side of our high right now wearing a little bit more about the we did early in the season we'll discuss that loss to talk about Aaron Boone. Go into the Yankees as their new managers to rookie managers. In the AL east and of course we are all gonna die here at the until 2 o'clock losing attorney Massey. More with many until mossy Clark Sports Radio go. But I. You're about icy hot. I am. Mean the cavs are Roland as we've seen a sort of last track where their winnings he says is still down there to ten days themselves and I yell I wouldn't it be because that team right now. So LeBron is pushing like Russell Westbrook territory 29. You know it's practically triple double every night. Kevin Love double double guy and you what you expect eighteen intent or whatever than you look at the rest of the team you know Dwyane Wade played better recently. Derrick Rose gone his trees probably gone for good you know. Who else Jeff Green I mean you start looking news. What does matter. He had Jae Crowder is not playing great you know he's Tristan Thompson's been hurt for most of the area just last Channing Frye so it's like. You look at that ross' considered a one senator on a understands that they went in an Arab he's at the bar not yet and I understand you know that the east is what it is to come back a little bit but it's obviously still not that sounds of the west is. Yunnan Isiah Thomas that makes the king of the fourth like the guy who can actually LeBron can. Collapse the defense and kick it out to him or you know carry average 25 game alongside LeBron last year so it's not like. The second banana doesn't get any shots now offense that mean Karrie took more shots last series ticket this year so I look at Isiah who's always been that. Efficient score he doesn't need a ton of shots as he makes Ellsbury president makes threes. He's gonna put up numbers and that's that's gonna make them that much more dangerously out death fight wars about it. Again I agree with you to a point there are two things that I think are still unknowns one who's to say they just because he comes back he's going to be the same player he once he had his hip totally not going into a fact what he's able to do. And to. Isaiah wise king of the fourth and all that stuff in an offense that ran around him. Now logic would say when you're not a focal point of the offense and LeBron James is that that's gonna open you up for more. Opportunities. But is it also possible that that is a role. That Isiah Thomas doesn't flourishing because he didn't flourish in that role coming nice to come off the bench in Cleveland but he didn't really flourish in that role when he was in Phoenix. It took him coming to Boston and now I'm sort of working everything around him in order for him to be productive player so when he's become second fiddle. Is there a little bit something it's not I don't bigs are predicting there's a different chip on shoulder right when he came to boss he wanted to prove that he can be a starter star. And now going to Cleveland I think he wants to prove that he can win a championship and that it was a huge mistake for Boston while ago. Lights. There is still I think a lot of questions on what he's what. His capabilities are in an entirely different authentic is not it's suited to fit him. Yeah I mean I guess my response that would be he was a good sixth man and Phoenix like that's part of the reason that the Celtics acquired him you know like he was. 1618 whatever point game score as a six man they came Abbas in that first series came off the bench and averaged like twenty it's kind of crazy to think but. When they made that run to the play Osce was the sixth man you know firm. I don't know if you started a game. You know lucky he didn't start a game with the Celtics met amazing that. That first year I am sure he did in the playoffs and they get to the playoffs but he was coming off the bench for them so he has done this before and I so I feel like. You know he's not. A guy who has had offense is built around him for the entirety of his career until he got the bus that's the first time. And he was still a twenty point A game scorer in Sacramento you know that last year so yeah I think he does have enough in his history to say. He can he can ride sidecar to somebody else. Six led 777979376177797937. Talking Celtics. Are today the as iconic Bruntlett with a around here but knowing a three hours have I got to get at all and yet. Dan Shaughnessy wrote a column this week that they are the sick they have they have that they've jumped the Red Sox as the second most important team in town. By herself yeah I mean so I agree with that for now but back in flip varies the Celtics at the Red Sox have a lot more. You know institutional have to behind him Celtics this of the Celtics and hot thing right now. A winning Red Sox team playing exciting baseball but they weren't winning team this year playing his citing baseball bats but paint comic comebacks they had this year they didn't have the ball out of the park they just. They Immelt and you people think that that's not a necessity why don't we just keep Jackie Bradley junior to seek advice bases at. So yes I mean so that's you know that is the argument that a lot of people making. I still say. A great compelling likable Red Sox team is easily the number two team Boston and post Brady would push the patriots post for. I'm not now obviously so the Celtics and enjoy this while they can but I'm not willing to write. A year certainly a right yes you you our viewers sticking with the back and Boston in at its core is he baseball's yes I think you know right now of course the Celtics are hot because they won sixteen inroads it's a week ago. And the Red Sox are playing in the Red Sox are coming off another disappointing finish so eloquent and I feel like. For how many years name from the top of bike. When I moved here at wise they fire Bobby V that was like that day top and then the manager search and going after John Farrell that was that was the lead story and then 2013 evil people were excited and then. Yet they kind of bikinis lovable guys that the beards every rallied around them and when he thirteen and they won the World Series yeah they are crappy in 2014 and 2015. People love them because people love to hate them so yeah it was it was time how much they hated that. And an even 2016 you had that Wednesday that was David Ortiz is final season is it possible that much like Tom Brady when Dave Ortiz laughed. So did the passion and some of the passion for the red Saxony interest in the red fact is that big star that big at big to brought that team is thought. Yeah I think that's a huge issue but I think it's more what you said before. They have this weird dynamic where people loved aiding them. More than any other team in Boston nine note this concerned people on the business out of the Red Sox you know Heidi you. How do you reverse this tide and I don't know what it was whether it was. Talk shows or the media or what but they had by far the anger against least understanding least patient fan base. And so for those couple years like you said it really started between chicken and beer and Bobby's body V. And then I thought of a chicken that yet though last place finishes. All of those things sort of built up this momentum where. People were no longer giving the Red Sox the benefit of the doubt. That you have that this year you have double data plan meets. I think about it you had that traveling David Price you had. Old school vs her new school vs old school and the infighting on the plane and you know David Price getting hurt men and making snide comments and they're always they and ended the rumblings about the manager like to this team I was surprised this year how dis interested people were on anyone 93 games. And to even though they weren't hitting the ball on the park you like Chris Sale who every single night to be was a must watch died. You had David Price was a must talk about I because he was he wasn't you know soaking in a corner. Giving dirty looks to media and you know tearing into Dennis Packers went out plain. He was getting hurt or going out late it's late in the season ended the post season Dominic and dominating like they're there to meet or story I but it felt like he. Even people weren't even interested and that that's what I think surprising there's still drama and intrigue is and stories around this team this year. And people just didn't care. Yet but I think back goes back to what you were saying and like. So you have this dynamic where people are becoming conditioned year after year really hate this team. And be skeptical of this team and not give them benefit of the doubt on anything. And so. You know you've had a fan base that didn't like John Farrell for multiple reasons you had a fan base that came to loads and hate David Price and decide that. He stood for everything wrong with that team. And then you had sort of this. Large lead joy analysts style of play you know even though you had young guys. Ann and Andy is not really missed her like outgoing personality or anything like that. Rookie that's in Bogart's of closer to the vest you know not to say move peace does is salt Baylor you. I'm on the bases and yeah and and it's not like they don't smile or anything like that but there wasn't. That same kind of like we're all in this together kind of spirit that fan that bond that fans warm with teams. That never existed for this team misuse even when they were winning people were not buying in. And then it was just a matter of art Aaron in a blow it in the playoffs and and they did and it felt it was still early yet that I fulfilling prophecy exactly and so area. Are we of one mind helping give us a call 6177797923761777979837. When it's your calls on the other side of this break you're locked into training because marriage and John Tomas. More on Sports Radio. I had nerves of some sort here that phone lines are jammed. Let's start with David in West Roxbury date April Michelle. Taipei Cuba taking my call. I am I almost all the little bit of apology. A last week I called in and you're screener kind of let the appetite. I heard on the radio and you guys were have a conversation about jump on the net was sport and I. I called Lubbock or want to talk authorities that it looked at it. And doubt I thought about it is that the world we live and it. It you talking about it doesn't fix a problem but it we don't talk about evidence that you didn't begin doing in the you don't. I know I hear you when we don't when he got an hour and a resource stick stick to sports today so grounded guy so. I just hit it at that I don't but might I hope they need some. With the Red Sox and spending money now everybody's worried about it yet as well aren't you know 300 billion over ten years eat get a I am. Don't care all that money or how much the Red Sox spend hours ago and a little off huh what's that gonna get taxed just wanna win. You don't and they got tons and tons and tons of money. You know what I would say this David though you don't have to spend 200 million in 250 to win in fact. The teams that spend if you go through last year's salaries the teams spent the most in the Dodgers the Yankees the Red Sox the tigers in the jays so. Dodgers and yankees they were there and there it championship series argue the Red Sox for a minute 93 gallons and but they were and it. But the teams that win the World Series by and large other than the Yankees a one year will what was it 09 whatever yeah that they won. Otherwise it is not these upper you know the Astros are dead middle of the pack masters and Indians like. Seventeen and eighteen whatever it is and salary and so. Time and time again you see the teams that spend over 200 million do not win the World Series partly because he spent money on older guys you do and what. You know what David is talking about which is. You can afford it spend the money well that doesn't that generally doesn't work. Your cracked with that said when you deplete your farm system by making trades would listen I. That trait for your time grand I think it worked out I think the trade for Craig Campbell for the most part is worked out. Yet despite how Chris Sale what's in the post season roster I think she was tired and worn down a key part of that is because the and have a great offense and I had to really reliant they're pitching. I would say. You know first glance that's a trade that's gonna work out. At a body I'm not willing to go there yet I mean sale was tremendous and I know I don't have any doubt that sale will be. As good the next couple years but let's see you look OPEC among parents of ours because if you traded two all stars. Then that's not a you know you do are a good chance that we'll have that bat the story and I don't tell that it was a badge for. Link if you really are if you don't have that you haven't developed the pitching in newer. Your farm system and you can't wait for a Michael cold pack to be ready you're chasing groom to be ready because of the guys you have on your roster now. In milky bets and to Jackie Bradley junior and dander Bogart's endeavors and then antennae Bally's young offensive players you have to supplement that somehow. So I don't have a problem even those two guys trust me I'll start at assign a problem that you had to blot and get pitching. So it's too so to mean. If you had a farm system you could rely on like say the Yankees did in early two thousands when all those guys you know that though those championship teams came from their development. That's great that the Red Sox don't have that option because they have guided their farm system particularly in terms and it comes to pitching. Yeah and I really had a they have got a horse bleep job of developing pitchers that is something to meet act. A fresh eyes of their stature should do a better job it should maybe take a look and say OK guys we're not scouting. Drafting or developing. Other what was asked pitcher that you look at is job master that you look and thinking it was a legitimate star. Not fake could be a star Clay Buchholz get a legitimate star was Jon Lester yet. I haven't how many years ago did he make his Major League debut yet but you can't all of that Juan. Without having good pitching pitching is what drives baseball's so they sort of they sort of you know drafted Airways out of their way develop their way into this pitching corner renewed no choice but to. Then maybe I have to go out overpay for David Price or overpay for a John Carlos stanza you can add to your roster in terms of power is they've screwed resulting. Replace yet know they've they've clearly whipped on developing pitchers and you know they've tried to address this you know dumb browse he's gone to drafting bigger taller you know. I'd project a bull kind of guys in and the you know they've. Prioritized power stuff you know over Maine you know whatever at night beard they're trying. But you're right it's so far it is not working and the thing is so you have a new GM command and he has a new philosophy. Especially on the pitching side you can see the results of that right away it's going to be three to five years before you're draft these guys they start low way. And so you don't even know if it's working until the next guy comes in at number as you'll probably on his way out the door. By the time. If it's gonna work cannot buy time we have an answer that question has got a desire and Santonio is I look at this out. The one guards armed what I really want to talk about what folks watching our ballots on early edition of the day I heard the Bernanke says sending. No problem I would listen to baloney he was and that it was mic support. Now if we are now that the Red Sox didn't kick up and in all they had to do eat the contrary he can still keep young excitable key exactly. Bogey I will really be a fit custom meeting on not only to Pedroia did it on our money the price I don't see why don't eat the contract you did it. And it secondly on the south a real economic brought back memories now may have relaying the sponsor Rondo he would say excellent play air his attitude with. Pretty bad not only being active about him was that jumps out with encrypted it. And odd it's really really hate date yet to go Bangkok. My thanks as I turn this and around us and I like it. I'm now apparently in the way I I think it's and I love I love drug to watch Rondo Rondo was on my favorite players when that team is having its run and really like their fortunes kinder especially after they won the title. Their fortunes tonight tonight really rested on what Rhonda gave them because by the end of that Big Three air that 2012. Conference finals have been us Miami Rondo was their best player but it wasn't close. It ended his eyes first point out Lou. Lou it's been pretty anti Stanton. It's hard argument to make you don't want to again you don't have the pieces in the minors to give to the Marlins for them to rebuild. But camera roll eyes I haven't Shaughnessy was on his last I made a good point you know there was like if you could just take on that contract. And maybe give up you know or lesser prospect of China seas by China's made a point. If you're Miami Heidi sell its year fan base. That you're just dumping salary especially when your new owner in Jeter he can't in my thing all on I argued that Evan about this and you're gonna have to worry about something more are bad now. Just money you're gonna have to give up something from me that your Major League roster or eight. Good minor league player yet and and this has been the argument all along well. It's so much money that the Marlins know they can either get prospects or dump salary but not both I'm like why not. It's Giancarlo Stanton again you know it's that. It's the most feared power hitter in baseball that is the most valuable to I had a solid year everybody wants him just had a monster year you wonder what he would do in Fenway. So I don't buy that for a second that he's just going to be salary dump and you know the Marlins are trying to say. Well we are rebuilding mode they're trying to leverage this over stand because of his no trade. If he's on is your prepared to rebuild and that's what we're about to do and I'm like you can threaten him you can say whatever you want at the end of the day. If you're a team trying to acquire him it is gonna cost you more than money and I yet. For a second fathom that he is just gonna be moved as a your salary dump that doesn't make cents. And some tropical. Your great car Europe next send a TV I would put on Iran. Cared more guys are real. Straight straight. A La Hoya talked about this culture it why it perception that. People are just. They can't capture any luck. Unlike cards are. Also aware that got me is you're really love hate those. One. An epic it. Winning a couple of World Series and now they're back on the other side. And the personalities. And the money and look at it and and a couple of trade and you know. Young kids are advocate. It are giving it. Unity and we want to take them out treat. You know I mean it is nothing there and you gain a tricycle and doctor accurately accurately like a member of you know trapped. Like. Yeah I mean and it's it is. The problem I think was sports overall now is that the salaries are so high. And EO and hybrid too much of what's going on in the real world and do it well it gets him boy get that raw data dive well I you know when you're looking around eight years in you're seeing yourself working three jobs trying to make ends meet and you have this. 225. Million dollar a year guy whining and complaining about. Pitcher who never made anything close to what you made. And everybody loved it's like stopping just spoiled little brat like that is something that app they have to fight these days yet is that I don't. Think that's any different than it's been. Preferred recorded time you know I mean since. Always gave up there offseason jobs in the fifties or sixties whenever it was. I'd ever since then pretty athletes the athletes Corey athletes I think that plays a role but. To me that's. That's ever dream I mean that's been here. I just I like maybe maybe it's the advent of social media and the and having these guys. Like sort of becomes. That's hard they are human beings that see the human side of them more and not just this superstars I side where that there on the field and there are you know you can. You could live and you might be ticked confident athlete if he didn't produce on the field and it was making all this money. Now there's a level of well you're making this money and you should be grateful that you're playing a game in making this night I think it's a little more multi layered and it's that early darling well openly layered and it's. Yeah Ayers is one word that you could you. A racist or via another word of a no brainer. Baird you know the whole idea grateful that's generally is white's hands towards black athletes and in but I think that that is I think that. In the last couple of years. Maybe the last two years and that has really come to the forefront of issues that aptly it's dad may be more is that November. I laugh as last year's tournament there wasn't last year Berry. You know. Maybe there Ashton maybe asked if he passing attack. Aren't six point 7779793. Suddenly got a couple lines of what impact your calls almost sort of most skit with this potpourri of sports we are fierce warrior sports oasis on this. Cold sort of dreary Saturday and try and lift you up with sports talk and then earlier that I.