Trenni and Tomase with Marc James - Are you on Team Brady or Team Belichick in Potential Patriots Civil War? - 4-21-18

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Saturday, April 21st

Hour 2. The trio do a full hour on the Brady-Belichick fued after Trenni said she didn't want to talk about it that much. 


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He's training and tomorrow seem. Radio WEEI he. Hot and whereas our TNT in here and there. No me neither I sat. He monotonous and I Arab emirates U Charles Ganassi I see island jam AT&T and there will do well at some point isn't that don't blame me new imaging. Just. And I and means. Beards real terms for somebody else changed it and it's not name's Paul. Okay yeah I didn't think I had to yeah interest Netflix name and they had to change it to get mark's name solved and that's the reason why I'd rather be here AC DC only cares about me. By the west IC DC three years going to let stadium still lot of he's not a concerts on. You still lot of eighties fans are not really yeah I have friends in cities or anything CDC while the big kill you Louis tailers to not all got only Huey Lewis and all. I cannot wait to sell John really John off can't wait he's kinda garden twice once in October once in November meticulous ANC should see them there from the 2000. You're a throwback old school like it and I get. Erica other page is like throwback old school because back in the day Iran having a happy family and now they can't stand each other at least that's at the rumors are that he talked to Tommy current greatly tires sent. Sat weaker sham. It's down people they ship is sinking a rats are running off they'll I don't think really that also involved games this year and it's called for another AFC championship game but. The end is nine the and is yet you feel like we're to the point where they're kind of looking over a cliff. About to jump and run hard just turning around in my cousin like I jumped up and I'm not about the clip for you anymore Bilbao check yet. I'm gonna go down the side I take my only way I am to go with my trainer who's get a you know rugby down every day and how do you work out resistance there is that I jump off cliffs for days now we've seen that video of him for her but it. The heat here is where the bleep really hits the fan guys Thursday night. When the 23 pick in the 2018. NFL draft the New England Patriots select. Lamar Jackson quarterback little hole if that happens then it's always have a pretty actually do. See I don't think Brady cares at this point now he's probably got as the next guy they drafts he's like that is it'll be ready in two or three years you know right eye and I and yeah I write lay it out he's not a threat to me now that's also I liked her I just really considering blocking away. A few Israelis sort of Russell with that decision this offseason this you know they draft someone sooner he can walk away without people being pissed yeah because they have a back. But it's it's still pretty egregious when you think about it that if you believe that he was the driving force behind the grappling trade. To turn around a couple of months later and be like he had I don't know this is all worth it anymore that's pretty judge Iraq. Always changed things which he switched I want it changed but was it just think Ferreira thing because obviously if we don't if we based. Everything and Comverse is time time first time the first couple episodes started early in the season CD right. So at that point Guerrero had full privileges. And then as things progressed it's ousted stayed seem like either you look at a press conference at a press conference Super Bowl week. When somebody again NASA that I retired and he's a wide I've wanted to retire so about it here and healthy and ready to play and then there was such a sharp left turn. In that final episode of timers is time now I just don't know how. I lost exact figure that simple they lost the Super Bowl and suddenly in my Super Bowls before or like a great regularity he's going to be 41 but I daddy I think this sort of particular to a backup quarterback or you say all right I'm already questioning if this is all worth it just from a personal standpoint you kicked out my trainer. You yell anatomy all the stuff they don't wanna deal of anymore because I'm a grown up and I'm I'm sick of it. But I can accept it if it if it's you know ends with another Super Bowl you know that sort of makes everything better when it suddenly doesn't go like Ari. What are we doing here. Winning is the ultimate concealment Ford dissension. Amongst the ranks inefficiencies and John just said it. They had a chance to do something that they did back in 03010304. And win three out of four and who set and I we also. Does that mean mark set the Malcolm Butler benching. The mighty might depend Estrada for it I. I think it was and I think we Dini Amendola when he had a car karaoke interview with Mike Kris. And he talked about how they never got an explanation. That people like WT enough like WT Catholic we worked this guy was a warrior he wants. And apps let the memory stick hero. Against Seattle. Was about a toddler okay he picked off Russell Wilson inside and Kansas City into question and answer about it and as a rhetorical illiterate loser to I was actually like it was examined. Tax write or edit so so and then for them for Belichick to do what he did. I wonder and get butchered if you book your thoughts on this on the check. This was sort of aid bleep you to everybody for me to craft and Brady. From making him intrigue the rock and this is my ET I will play whom I want when I want even in the biggest game of the world. I mean maybe he would you want to. Really you're on record now he need I went in and everybody out makes a loss hurts him as much as it hurts everybody else that's doesn't make sense to me. But I have to be some level of ego out there there's some level of ego that even if I benched this guy. I've coached everyone else around him well enough. That they can play to the leveling need them to play in this game because I I mean otherwise it this is like think it's this is the pyramids it's a great mystery. Yeah I think. By the end with. Butler may be ballot check was seduced a little bit by his own infallibility because go back to that Seattle suit role we saw him letting the clock ran down. And you're like why isn't he calling time out there's going to be no time left they're gonna score in this game's gonna and why's he not stopping the clock. And you see you know the NFL films video. I was watching their sidelines and there was some but I didn't lights like stop it like you you've screwed that up and it didn't end up smattering did you get the interception the end of the game. And so I wonder if the Butler thing was similar where it's this drop and he just thought it wasn't going to because it never is. But we've so everybody in the world I mean you're eight in ten year old could be seen John. That Johnson bottom error event. We don't know it's okay yeah give it a lot of violence or an apathetic. Public Johnson bottom OC you you knew that in the second half the needy and Jordan Richard same thing I got all those guys and you knew that Belichick he's the king of adjustments at half time and you figured it I guess the one thing that people even me. Just have an issue we. They didn't I'm just not sure that I think he did but I don't think it was as sinister allies. I'm tennis legends like I don't yeah I Melissa has now radiant and craft. After a guy like that I do think his ego got in the way I can win without I just don't think you please I don't think it was a move that was like I'm going to lose this game for us. And make a decision. That could lose us again just to prove a point no chance and that's that because that. Affects his legacy as much as anybody else's the more so aren't we got off the team Brady and yet you keep China commenced we've yet to be convinced that you should be on scenery in this particular situation but Jimmy New Hampshire. You're next to try and it. Name and answer period that they are getting gas. And I've got a shot at him. Economic or guys that. Or I met with term. Oh chart. And my order America. It Tom Brady nearly straight what you speaker and Super Bowl. And I sat parade on old brought it all. Culture that rewarded even heard map out where Brady would remedy. Carol. But the question it was their hero of the Super Bowl runner who played Agassi verbal Tom the question is the dissension that's happening right now. Who is who is to blame for should should should Tom Brady. You don't want to stand his ground and say you'll let me do what ever I wanna do at this point my career or is it. Bill Belichick's job to stand his ground and say. Now I'm the coach this team has has worked the whole time you've always Albert might rules too bad you wanted to be Fuzzy and warm and medic aid is in you know hugs and prayers and Tony Robbins. Positive affirmations. That aren't that you know Brady was better in the super ball be wild compared acting whose fault is all of us who decide. You kind of wonder how many are spreadsheet action occurred propeller check. Or. Yeah I mean that's a fair point to that mean they are there is a nice long stretch from. You know 0506. You know round up until they got Randy Moss and all those guys where. The patriots had nothing it was really all about pre thrown Reche Caldwell and Jabar Gaffney and just you know Doug Gabriel and just these terrible receiving cores and they were still. In AFC title games. And in the playoffs because of break. It and here's the thing too when you look at you know you're looking at all this. Let's let's be real here. After her deflate to eight bella check sort of threw Brady underneath the boss how did sort of let you do end Brady picked up. If he got suspended for game well. You have to he could have just accepted the punishment he took it to court let's not pretend that because Bill Belichick got up in front of a bunch of people and said. I don't know by Tom Brady's vol football such as solar and agrees little almost bloggers write sports history yet. That all the sitting he had to go to corporate cousin it went to court because of it because he appealed and appealed an appeal that was his choice. Yet but who paid for this more than any Brady Brady's one who came out and it was worse for him in anyway yet Robert Kraft there's no stage with him Belichick it's on Brady. He served a four game suspension so I wonder they're still those residual lingering effects. From that bridge it's like you know it or eighteen years for someone. And you're going to let's meet me work three years for someone after three years you might feel this is eighteen now. So we could understand that maybe things just changed Brady what he's never been the high. John you know this morning. Has Brady ever Ben eight top three paid quarterback in the NFL in his career I don't know off the top of my head but certainly in general he's never met or not. It never got to see him adding yeah he timber African out of Oklahoma. In 2010. And got like a fifty million dollars and ponies it's like top she's never been close to meet a Rob Lowe. He's the guy who's backed up is now it'll at that point became the highest paid player medical histories of Britain is all he sacrificed for the betterment all of the team all. Step 100% and that and I don't fault Brady for feeling the way he feels as a person wow I totally get that. But you have to understand who you work for and where you work and he knows that better than anybody. And so that's what you're signing up floor when you when you play for the patriots and I don't see why that's changed now has. That he has done that choice you ever guessed right you can walk away no one's making him stay in the act on the ones making him play for Bilbao attract. If he isn't like the way that it's aids things are being Ryan and at that started last year that animosity started two years ago it deflate gate. Then why say you're gonna play until your forty fives at that you could start to say you know what I'd rather I'd rather finish my career at the same way some of my other. Former patriots did. Where when their contract is up I didn't extend our new I started looking elsewhere to see where they can make more money. And just be happier but he has sacrifice all of those things to wing and does he win without a balance. Yet and I and the idea that Belichick is gonna start. Handing out hugs like you were saying yeah it's like now he's gonna kick you in the junk like that's that's how he coaches and you just after a suck it up and accept. Our ally go to Libya style because she thinks. Brady cost the patriots to super he hopes aren't Libby he thinks outbreak cost the pitchers the super ball not college. Elite. Let them. Who fumbled the ball with 237. Ago Ford Center and reach about. Unload 25. Down by you don't even need the extra point. He had just passed a note of the hundred. Like you guys say it I'll bet Belichick was that simple wolf you know I'd. He made the decision that said but for whatever reason I think it was to induce silly to get into issue ago. Did you see what happens in the last silly drive of one of the big touchdown. Seven minute. They ran left and right in the short passes earth. And that is what Belichick did not wanna get into it's like the exact opposite. Of his hall of fame game play and in the giants bills Super Bowl when he wanted to induced Thomas to run. And not in to shoot. And what happens in that game no would hit the outright they put a lot but that giant weight in goal of the game. What happens in this game. Built. Everybody says role played horrible while first drive rejected the Jefferies touchdowns seven before you. You make this work he put Gilmore. Wrote only gave up. So let me just copyright wherever I can that be so so what you're saying is. Ballots checked at no point in that game should have said you know what this game plan that I formulated about NASA making them throw daring them to throw. It's not working and should I maybe change things up beyond just parents Stephon Gilmore. What would you edit well keep people were killed on Jeffrey that was great. But why would you want a five wood and welcome level by all accounts had not practiced well had been sick. Because I couldn't stop imposing any event that I could my studies or what is your other option was just keep rolling with like perhaps that's not worked and I tell you at least try. What are Curtis wrote you long after the first drive now the most seat aircraft great yet. Losing Donovan Jones killed. Units so you think Tom Brady threw for over 500 yards as the reason they lost that game. Wrong and I got that was that and chose a breakdown of blocking you can't put that on Brady decent block better formats I'm grateful for. 500 yards three touchdowns with. Solid punch straight may who made one statement Nixon into we. Said. Right what are you edit or Butler won last time Malcolm outlet has had a late in the slot and the coal and it heights shall eat all play outside corner. And Belichick is certainly not gonna take a guy and roll in this noble into the interior and defense. Particularly. It is outside reasons why not play him and I opened it disciplinary I think we're gonna eat at practiced well and that's the best they a light. And they reported it was sacked. Are any exit off I mean I respectfully disagree I think that when your and that kind of position in your team is down and you're giving up a ton of yards. And points to a back up quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles who by the way. No disrespect to make fools he'd let that team into the super he did a great job of filling in for Carson and but still you were the superior team you should have won that game and bills stubborn ends. Cost that could you argue that that also Tom Brady made mistakes down and he wasn't is precise is he had been earlier in the game as you mentioned he missed before he fumbled he missed. Our receiver. On the play before so yeah it's it's not like he didn't have missed cues and wasn't perfect but you also argue. But he was a hail Mary away from bringing that team back in winning that Super Bowl and your Mac fashion for the second year. Well I mean they couldn't stop them so it's stupid argue and and I would even say you're talking about whereas Malcolm Butler play like the winning touchdown that hurts. He started out outside and he ended up outside with my according one on one any burned him and courted fellow over and that was that. I would have preferred Malcolm Butler out there I would have then we'll see we will never know. But I'd like to think that maybe that play would candidates and how about you know Corey claiming this guy out of nowhere com. And in his starts me. It was just you you could you see what the patrons deed against. It glamour the previous year from the end of the third quarter into the fourth and overtime what they did against Seattle. It in two against Philadelphia. And I don't know who's maybe the fact that. They're just you know it was make fools let's be out Sony everybody thought that this was Stan Humphries this was jet hostilities was the guy they. You know we're not gonna really Anne and I don't know but the patriots from from jump street Pete just wore the same in that game and by the way the guy just called Liddy. I don't blame Tom Brady for any of the Super Bowls because lost is none of them were his fault if Wes Welker. Caught that pass in a game urges links I caught that pass in the giants the second Super Bowl I mean c'mon you know balls I do. David's high replay. Ely meeting today is doubt in the grass would Jarvis Green and Seymour and Wilfork. So the pictures could be cut at 18 no. At least 71 they also could a loss the ones that one and 012 MLS play so it goes both ways they're probably remission. Parents are it let's have a heart problem or is it to break let's go to John and charge on a commission. Yes so I was just gonna call Hispanic umpire. 900. Just because they've both of them are wrong in their rights but I'm wondering why. Telecheck is always give a kick out a year earlier than a year late so why wouldn't he give up its spot in go to the GM position. 'cause they want to keep jobs so back to India and the rain that again. At the quite spot and that he does best he can only step back and pick over the heads. I eat you can't I mean I would say that acts that's at precarious position you know that you put Josh you can't give Josh McDaniels the rains about Foley giving him the reins gas bill is still involved in some way like basically bill would have retired. I didn't have to retire I don't think even haven't needed general manager and in Jospin to coach than Josh is not related counts. Yes or at least doesn't feel that app and I wouldn't wanna be in that position environment and just believe you're just setting me up to fail this time looking down on me literally every game there wide edu renege on the colts. Yeah maybe the ideas that Belichick is going to retire that's an ounce and it's gonna be bad enough. To follow ballots that are. But if you follow him while he's still there that's a renegade he just such an affront offense and he's basically so the architecture that seem like that's a and it's just it's not aired Josh McDaniels. Although after waited everybody in Annapolis I was saying to that now via answers are right spot light is so I'm just. One a couple phone lines open so the here is obviously I'd talked about this to its. Six point 7% not in the united 76 on that in a guy blog about the Red Sox at U 97. I now I just not you you talked about bait and switch I started talking about the brewers 87 brewers and then you answer any gut and then now payments through patriots had a it's the pages of tell us about Robin yelled Paul Molitor how that turned into night and even now while well eyeballs on Tomas will die. 61777979837. We'll be back. Training because Derrick John Tomas. Clark Sports Radio telling you. I'm so interestingly enough it's permanent. Jewish girls why it's we expect to god. Muslims happy but it's. I don't even know I stumbled across this isn't like. Middle school like he's 39 grade I mean I like I like it kind of crime it's a hot ticket David Mattingly doing it. Rob made a wanna keep listening and check out its generic like issues head on his way. She aggregate keeps saying about the age. At least a 1 o'clock you will they get 1 o'clock comedic accurate facts. Sheriffs found me also like trading homeless it's like the Red Sox are seventeen to ward 80 that's right they are signers winning games. Blown out bombs left and right rushing everybody everybody that's that's crazy is that they're crashing every is this not feel you wonder balcony keep. It just for for little David after yap for a little under thirty seconds talk of the Red Sox for a get back to the patriots in the soap opera. Is this not the ultimate indictment so far of John Farrell. Six so. I told you so I told you don't like penalties on LL issued its rule in all of these. I had noticed some. She did Sally app over and over and over and over again. And after opening and I know a lot but I know psychology. After opening down as XE it's not so easy it's not so easy being Red Sox manager maybe it is scars make it look easy I mean. You cannot discount the slick she just because. And and you know what their motivations for war are right it was. We need someone who can get the most out of the young players on this team and those guys a killer. Rookies killing at that intends starting again Bogart's is off to an MVP start before he had that freak injury I'd see Martina you have a bleak eating. I hasn't had no child until 1 o'clock hour but there's also something that has really stuck out to meet that to me it was always the biggest indicator that that team did not like playing for John I'll tell you what it is no 1 o'clock hour trading market teed. I'm gonna say that's how you she's double raising girls. Speaking of tees. Rob Gronkowski has. Gradkowski has spoken everyone. He is that actually what stadium today not to work out not to hang out the dollar check no it's the monster truck. The energy monster energy during charged that something or other source of steady therefore. And I just to. Just reading out you check out of Perry's. It's story about rock art house eBay here's an early comments military says asked gronkowski he plans on participating in the optional workout coming up. No why. I'm an actor biking skills to work on. Wanna see is another analyzing how well. Reporter what's yet to say your fans were wondering whether you're coming back Rob Gronkowski they're gonna see freak elite what I come back your coming back. Maybe. So you can I just dispenser at this. And says why. This rate here is exhibit AA. So why I blame Tom Brady right now because Tom Brady. Is the be all and all of the patrons the ringleader those guys love him they will go to Montana with him and able Tony is. Whack job Ku water drink and don't get sunburn guru. In order to fix themselves because it works for Tom Brady they believe anti poverty that's a great leader it's right you're great leader you can get everyone around you but I ain't. And for eighteen years Tom Brady is gone never going to buying into all this and in common is like and I'm and it is sliding near instant grams stories and talk about you know I ability is ability taking it you know rip on something that Bill Belichick always says you've got Rob Gronkowski. Who doesn't want to come to work that's not his is probably somewhat contract based but he's also unhappy he know. Post game of the Super Bowl planted somebody there to talk about how maybe he'd wanna come back it would take. What eat with Tom Brady once face time conference call. What night over green jerseys and massages from Alex Guerrero to say guys. OK we've made our point. We're not happy with the way things are going here are all under contract and we know rob returning. So let's not make this heart and her teammates did not think these guys are showing up an Angel in Adam's case he is for work Abalone is he's not talking. It's a question answer questions James White as answer questions Slater has. Right Nicklaus I'd I'd go to for training Nicklaus. I didn't know that as they say who is gonna go and get some guided they got on the scrap heap who played at Notre Dame and a he spoke after James Whitey the day of my crew and cooling him on the phone as sites is the my Michael and he's forced just. And up and are pretty insane how it's fine it's okay that Tom's not here we know that he's got things going on if they're bear. In all of ever there in Canadian. Other guys in the tropic. HI I that's I. That's got her eyes eleven dietary doesn't matter why is Damon had never heard exactly. That that to me is why I look it's hungry because he can change this with a message I. It off. Or die or shut up. In the work program when another symbol of we don't write out on behind actors after this that's fine but all these little antics on SI is in it and right now and not to. Award instead Graham post like Aaron Rodgers in this week when he six fake news about that reported him being described at that point though it's beyond an answer and we'll. Eight tie Brady he he let's set they said too much Aaron Rodgers never in mr. Aaron Rodgers never sat on a documentary Aaron Rodgers never. These tight and never posted something on instant grammar Twitter and where they're not these hat there's these other things you can't say fake music as we know you can't abut John when you look at it Tom Brady right now is this sort of the antithesis of his behavior for the previous. Seventeen. Horses many the whole point of all of them. So like Brady stood there and took it for a nearly twenty years and he doesn't wanna take it anymore. And that's fine you can change your mind but understand the ripple effect in the ramifications that's gonna have a new team and mercy and now it's like trying to set. If Brady wanted to put a stop to this. Eat this could have never even started if Brady had handled things differently I don't think any of these other guys would be acting this way I don't think it would even take. A an actual like hey cut it out kind of text or anything like that it would just be we are following his lead in his lead is not. To sub tweet people or our had your wife say something at the end of a documentary he app that you signed off on so now none of that stuff. Or let's be honest. A lot of people think there was a plants. I've not heard this before meant to say something about that yes they're saying they're all seem to think yeah I didn't hear this year John yesterday your hour show how it was brought up that people think that a person who asked Rob Gronkowski they're retired and it like the future question. Like that came out of nowhere why would anyone think that programme has to the extent has your pro football talk written at that day or did they write it afterwards because I thought may be they had written something that day. Okay alienating idol obviously I could be rounds I wasn't here you're in another gazillion miles away so that might indicate that yes some did mention plans are shot. I thought that two tourney and by the way I don't think that's too Oliver Stone conspiracy theory it's actually think that is legitimate is. It was easy to get gronkowski off guard an old Rockies that great of an actor just yet baby needs a couple films with the rockets are Sylvester galleries. On his way out early this dog fighting he is still not giving any definitive answers about his future here's some more from Rodman grabbed Gradkowski down and so I'd stayed in today via Phil Perry V wonderful Phil Perry. I'm asking you asked about his status for 2018 and he plans on playing for the patriots status is doing really great I am riding dirt bags training really hard I can broom broom really good. I can't ride that bike like no other and my speed is up there. Still contemplating retirement question mark crime it depends on how many racing skills go to. I now lesbian and yes I'm sorry Mike Bloomberg at first when this all started it was OK you know what he's taken an unbelievable pounding. Maybe there is something some validity to this idea that he wants to lock away Tom Carr and had the follow up about how he'd been unhappy all year dating back to training camp. But the more you start playing these cheap little games quoting rap lyrics and rumba room it's like you know let. And that make her dance yeah unless scientists. Plan to me like an old person around here at the world through American I don't know what John does it remind you of the movie it's how you see the town right or aren't that great but I'll let you only signaling punt that Russians on ads and it's I don't I don't you have your eyes and I don't know Hanna and Ike hiatus and then we you know the scene were they called bad Catholic in from Boston CNN gravel and they try to interrogate them. And they basically make it seem like they got the train he gets up to look at grant is doing to Belichick now and that applicants a plea through because good luck with that print. Knowing that they hit it how the print this is what Bronx doing right now it felt good luck with that print. The DC. I don't read grabs quotes but actually of sound from and I am perfect from today's you can hear his tone in his inflection that is always important. People. Were. And why there markets. It is. Schools. You guys play. All right he did say no however I mean that's probably that's the most definitive answer we've got him on anything yet you think he gets to seven on sevens guy's teeth you know I'll get a imagine that well I mean at Wellesley in begins at the point. The seven on seven as many campaign if it gets to the point where they're not showing up for his back kinda stuff that it means holy cow maybe their vote actually retire don't forget I don't think it dot Paychex potential for that. Now or do you think. They don't show for seven on sevens this is Defcon five in Foxboro to act on fact hotline staffed compact a lot is made by people all just thought one is demagoguery on is about eight days after all what they view as we know they're on the ice and oh yeah town and we are tired Defcon is always let's put it out of balance let's go to. Leary and Larry let me show. You. Larry and I it or not you're you're on Larry. Actually I had and that's your body. I got for us I'm. The bank to these slights middle schoolers like making our panel noted Jim and sterling Gemma dot. I train thank you protect my call I I think that's Tom Brady should keep playing for the patriots until your fifty. Thank you had to pickle ball player 49 or younger. He should be considered curable doctor played well all I do paper Tom Brady used to quip or the patriots too low. Thank you Jim thanks Jim I don't think anybody that applied for both sort of fifteen yeah. And now I'm. Sorry I did in New Hampshire Europe next. Daddy please eight at all beneath these aliens pleasing down the street days. Cheney I am so excited are you first law. Banks. She trepidation. Marking Geovany edited you still don't know he's stocks and so. I wanna talk Sox but I do have a point about the patriot I consider myself. Huge fans have been forever. But you know why it doesn't scare me. Ended near it doesn't bother me they all mean nothing anymore in August culture media card I. Are you part that I ask is a day. As it Montag bleaching and isn't it a little concerning that they're not setting themselves up for the future that because of the way. Because of those this sort the not sort of the win now mentality the last few years and it got Gary draft picks. And trading a waging a Rob Lowe that you have to like live and had to be the ills for awhile. Well I I completely get what you want you know maybe. In Q what are you feel differently and wanted fifteen are piping. Eleventh he's an elaborately available right now or don't feel that way I kind I. I don't want to go anywhere today whoever said he should play please if you know that previous columns or he's obviously come into the yen. I mean nobody gonna make it. You know nobody gonna play that want so. Are you excited to see if he goes for whatever reason. Then we'll see if it's really Belichick's coaching will know. We have got some mean years. But pressure Rihanna now goes from lean years every year not a freight. How I've never met at such gratitude I like all received in the past I mean JK's do you meditating to eat out I had JW need to be greedy this is that the patriots are the goals theater not a professional sports in 2001. I mean you need to be greeted. That's the thing I don't like about the Jimmy grapple deal more than anything distinctively. Weighing. It could get going for another decade plus and now it's like. I think Tom Brady after its 2019 seasonal. Call Decker yeah I mean how many great quarterbacks under in the NFL. And so we've at 1012. And OK you're saying if I'm another one now now good luck look how hard it is. The jets haven't found on the look at look at the jets chino Smit mark CN sheds Kellen Clemens. It's like they can't they stuck to fire him right don't rounds. Haven't found a quarterbacks burning holes or any. Our name is fairness those are very dysfunctional. Involved franchises but if you look at better franchises who have drafted other. Good players like Houston definitely comes to mind now maybe they have found someone and Shawn Watson while they found someone all right. We'll see eye contact the knee injury but it it seems like they look how long it took them how many how many how many times did they navy waste JJ watts. Failing health. Because it'd have a quarterback to match their defense. And I don't down the list of teams like that. Even teams that have hit on some quarterbacks like San Francisco made Super Bowls those Ron Amadon right they still not sustain anything it's harder than it looks are created a quick break we come back we'll wrap up this patriots conversations seem proud rent house keys anything else crazy. I doubt and shellac and sacks hands can promise you exiled example move on in the 1 o'clock hour. You're locked into training because generic and John Tomas. On Sports Radio WEEI. Finally turned out. And the pollen coming off screens as I am lunchtime on the Red Sox because I am we're gonna talk about why aren't our fits I guess we're getting there. Desires that whenever he felt this yes sign an agreement something that's. Off I must say this stuff coming out of Foxboro today and Rob Gronkowski. He looks ridiculous salaries here yeah turn them yes he's in like one of those racing jumpsuits and it looks like you know role of that. Tootsie oh say it is resilient AM they got enough I think part of the North Pole. You know like you have like that big candy stripes thing that's what I was trying to get that gas rubber every adult life savers and that's hero meant lakes estimates are angry at six. And I did this now. I just kind of scrolling and again keep in mind this is Twitter where. And it's you know common decency goes to die and. But people don't seem. Have. See all that happy with this. It's like I think this stock is starting to tire. Started to Wear down patriots fan yes so late did you see my agrees oppose its America grunt expected to let its part of his business interests of monster energy he deflected questions about his football future but as usual as having lots of fun it's like you know what we're not having fun and none of us are having fun but this. So are you pleased bleed or get off you know like death like. Please just tell us something no more this. A big gum goofy lovable and does have a good time and oh by the way might retire as maybe I hate my coach and maybe I just wanna raise we just. Like tell us what you want and now and then just be done and that's arriving he and Brady so much enjoyment from everybody's. Like discontented. Everybody that what that you need to you and at least Brady is not I know and that's out vs time but he's not doing this passive aggressive now. Kind of like. Public ground stuff you know lay Brady's largely just. Understand out of the limelight right now you all can say whatever you want I'm staying out. Grunt is just he's you know he's dropping little bread crumbs gas as is enough a little aerial shots out there it's it feels like middle school yet yeah. It does indeed it's one thing about it you know Israel's anybody you guys have been you know John I grew up in Massachusetts tourney you've been here for very long time now you've seen that. Use UICC. Without that don't you just get the sense I mean Belichick's never going to change its debt taxes and Bill Belichick being. Oh Parcells disciple so all of a sudden now Brady in Gruntal like you put you you can't get the good without the bad. The good and if mental city goes yes we want I'd like practicing in the snow it in the rain and I don't like the way he treated me I thought it was directly you know. He's gonna pay me in full did you see what happened Wes Welker Randy Moss Richard Seymour Mike Vrabel Vince Wilfork this is what is the major way. I've been irreplaceable this franchise is number twelve. And Belichick Y do you replace. Hussein was almost I think it's knowledge of what it had his way. Mine at her place yet. And I don't I say great and by the way I don't and that I had gotten straightaway activist after last season yet your ballots second you're looking at how all this has played out in the last couple months of Brady seeming unsure about long he wants to play and whether this is dated as it all worth it. You can watch him about Kraft sounds Munich see this this is what I was talking about this is why we were aged EG exact this is what I was worried about an hour. Wonder. Did build knowledge lack began to feel the dissension and leading up to the trade like did he start to see. The foundation being delayed. Of we need it like a maybe two times discontent. Where this things that happened. Little things that you don't we pick up on if you're in that locker room day in and day accurate in meetings of Brady day in and day out. He snapped a ballot check more often did he dis Mitt was he more dismissive about him. At any Belichick is Smart three at least Smart guy and he's. You know fraud intensive purposes he got you pretty go to people he's a good diet reading what people are liking what his what his team needs to why he's been successful. Is it possible that he saw this coming. Of absolute. I mean. And you're rightly go back just a year Jamie Collins where narrate this guy is unhappy he wants to get paid this is going to be a problem in this locker room I gotta get him out of here. So he knows. You know they they ebb and flow of what's affecting his team what's impacting his team. In this case however I don't think he looked out and said. I need to get rid of grapple because this is affecting Tom I still think he wanted to keep grapple oh yeah and new I have to manage Tom and maybe I'm only managing him for one more year like the rest of this season. Trainee it's a great question and here's and they give you guys both the timeline so the trade deadline was on Halloween run around Halloween so he had to trade Jimmy drop low much to Belichick's dismay. And around December 19. Was when Belichick officially big and post rural from the sideline then that. On Friday January 5 right before wild card weekend sect wicker Sheehan are that and I can. About it in Seoul and that was obviously it's Sheen come from Belichick's Kia there was very pro belly checked she okay so you're seeing December 20. Guerrero out. I was Belichick's way of saying OK fine you what do make that trade Gigi I'm big and Guerrero two weeks later the wicker she article. Gets but so you're starting to see Belichick sort of and then Super Bowl 520. I'm gonna bench Malcolm Butler why because it's my team and I have. The full autonomy on what happens on that field even the biggest in the world. Yeah I Magnus pledges surprise maybe Adelaide may have a little waiting period cooling off appeared before he bands Guerrero is the time between trading Rocklin banning Guerrero. Why is almost youthful implies yes it was so he Egypt is something happened citing. I mean it wasn't wicker shams somebody had written about it in like October that it was just sort of a throwaway line in a story about how. They have coming to a head Guerrero and Brady invalid check that this was going to be an issue and it clearly lies and I was right on the money. And so this stuff had been percolating for alliance and that's why to go back to what you asked earlier. I say you can't undo this with. The rare that you can't watch it back TU RD taken such a firm stand and if you go backwards on it. I think that really really impacts your authority that you and your credibility in that locker constant I think Robert Kraft regrets are trading to DG now. I am. I have a lot of hostages in his offseason as bad day head like a epic proportions but he did is it meek mill in Philadelphia prison all the press conference afterwards. She mumbled under her breath. Ari if you can streaming your car radio wire re not talking about the Celtics or the Red Sox. Fear not the Bruins were going and that you you can orderly leisure confrontation. I just got close tonight sure I know I am curious that the G version all the way it practice I practice let's not so it's not a concussion something. We don't know why I game time decision time so global and all that the Celtics answered the Red Sox come naturally if you had to put a member you appoint the enemy that's I forgot. Paints a picture payment brain dead hey we're talking Red Sox. All of the signs I think that did. This is success become.