Trenni and Tomase with Marc James - Celtics vs Cavs Game 3; The Royal Wedding 5-19-2018

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Saturday, May 19th
Final Hour. Marc and John continue their preview of the Eastern Conference Finals, Game 3. They also touch on the Royal Wedding and how no one really cares.

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He's training and telemarketing. Once radioed WEEI even. Then. Final hour let's finish strong and trains a posse my name's Mark James Johnson mossy. Is in Cleveland get ready for game three tonight at the Q. In the city known as the mistake by the lake. Don't know anything other than the rock and roll hall of fame and why would go to Cleveland other than of course to see a game like tonight. In the rock general halting what's in Cleveland I remember one time. John that Joakim Noah said you don't know anybody who goes on vacation Cleveland. You could take a weekend here for the right off OK that might all right you can also. Have. Like entire streets to use a half when you're watching places that night for a city it's that's. Supposedly on the comeback I guess it is it's nicer than when I first are coming here for baseball like ten years ago when it still got a little ways to. Okay did that I was locking up the street and there's a giant like they have a lot of old arcade style buildings you've got. The in her hallway that runs down the middle and then there are rings of shops that goes straight up so this is like. Balconies and walkways. And and there's it but it's all open in the middle C could look straight up and you can see in Mike tons of buildings like that my hotel is like that. The building that I'm in now it's like that and I'm walking the street and there's a building like that it's ornate it's old it must've been like. You know some kind of mercantile cents or whatever you know at the turn of the century. And every single window and and is broken and it's is jarring to see because you go in downtown Boston are gonna find out building in the middle of the city. You know that has every window broken in this sort of like harp just blowing flapping in the breeze. You know so and I guess to covered up so. They're they're still it's a market products. It is a work from progress as we are as well so we are a work progress that wasn't the best story I just told that in my head it made waited yeah I know like a good start a fight out of town Tenneco for I'd been there a few times it's just I don't remember anything bad about the place that'll never anything great about it like I just you know like when I was in Seattle. A couple years ago. I'd been there and in awhile but you know it's Seattle's cool city went that's it there's a lot of things to do either of us yet slate Cleveland. It's Cleveland's anemic literally inside from abroad. You know and Lynn when LeBron leaves in two months or six weeks for that matter when the NBA free agency period starts it's gonna suck again. They're gonna suck so there's that I mean but. But they do the eighth pick up that the Celtics partly they only gave up the eighth pick in next year's draft to do that I agree Irving along with a Isiah Jae Crowder. All Dini Didier should be charged. With the with the felonies. For doing what how you only. Thing is the only thing is you know we had a collar bring up carries injury history where he's got a bunch of seasons replaced fifty games or gas or whatever it is. And he's got the neat thing now so he's not totally out of the woods yet either you know and you if there's. I don't know what Apache would put on it but there is at least a possibility that he's never the same. Isaiah is never the same and you look at that Cedeno icann's kind of watched. And it is interesting we'll take your phone call 6177797937. I think though. The Celtics got the better end of that deal Giles ostensibly. As about even oak high re is out bought the one thing. That I will tell you going into this series which certain now in retrospect. Surprises me going into the series I thought. No Kyra re no chance. And the cavaliers missed carrier Irving more than the Celtics app that shocks the hell. Yet I meaning they cavaliers did miss him incredibly and there was the story. I think it was the athletic may be that a lot of people picked up on when anonymous Cleveland player and everyone assumed it was LeBron. Saying you know turning two on the one point turns of the reporter and saying it changes of leaping thief. In relation to carried that just go back to a year ago you know a year ago the Celtics win game three that Avery Bradley you know. Back of the rim buzzer beater to win game three. Huge victory Celtics are excited that we can make this a series and and they come outing in game four and they are pummeling them I mean there are like sixteen in the first half. And then Tyree took over scores 42 points they had no answer form whatsoever. You take him off that team last year. And it's possible that he move out Jose Isaiah that turns out to be a series so it's like Cleveland was hanging on by much more it's much tinier thread. Then we realized. Yet they were and they're about to go in complete disarray of abroad is going to basically. From a franchise. From me. Economical standpoint he's going to bankrupt that city and it sucks that and I look at only did each note like gates showed eons ago it you know well Unita believer and it's time Keyser. Yeah I mean that there brown RG three via a wall RG RG three's in Baltimore now but Nazi track yeah opt auto lately they're on the thirtieth quarterbacks since 1999 since Tim. Couch was the number one overall pick in the draft but. Opinions are good seat was doing a good job their butts they had a 31 World Series lead they blow itself there better be Mort your city your sports team that's it that's it you know Cleveland they're I don't think Cleveland is banking on LeBron James to keep them amble. It's now it's for me on offense streak here I've never been there I'd like to go there sometime Nelson definitely past it's definitely worth the you know I definitely taken out 6177797937. Rich. In Providence is on next here on the via its approach we're. In. Marcus I do hope they bring him back. I hope. That knows you know this you can't bring everyone back but I do like market Smart. And I think hopefully Danny's diocese. Is if he was thinking of not bring them back. The way he's been playing next the maybe he's been. Having to change your mind about that also. Sacramento Kings. I think we had their pick next year do you think that. You know. That hopefully will get pretty decent draft pick out of that did the last thing the Red Sox. We do things what it was. Let's stop go stop you there see you talk about the Sacramento pick next year yet he can't be number one if it's number one the Celtics don't get it. It doesn't help that Sacramento moved up in the lottery I think they were seven. To start and they ended up jumping to second so maybe they get an impact player who drops the value of next year's picked. I would just that on sacrament as history which is since 2009. They picked in the top eight every year they've averaged 28 wins a year since. Even with players likely cousins I think the best they've managed his 33. So you're really realistically looking at another top five pick next. Sounds good at all zero record quick point on the Red Sox broke quick. Oh about. Well no easy MVP so far as I know it's only may eighteenth or whatever move key is just on fire and I can tell you Angie Martinez. You know that was the weird thing and Ahmad signaled those are the ones who want to make but late. JD Martinez. I didn't think he was going to be this good so quickly I thought it was gonna take them awhile which I guess to them a couple weeks. But this guy's won the best. Like hitters in baseball right now and he's he's by the way he's awful bought the home run lead which moved he holds would meaning that shot at fourteen so. Eighty Martina is the dividend the Red Sox have gotten. Juxtaposed with the Yankees have gotten off Jon Karl stand. But really G Martinez batting nearly ninety points more than John Carlos the ninety. Yet it stat wise and at this time last year that your I am more with a one thing I will say rich received a phone call I I'm worried about is Palmer ants. I he just he's Tsotsi sucked last night he sucked the start before that and dot the loser of the week John Carson Smith really. Really a week ago it was everybody mocking in David Price with a mild Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with fort night. Rolling your globe and they in these dumb browsed he comes out says. It could be major. Like really course that's usually the loser of the week. Dylan Keefe had a good week at their out score interviews earned a couple of weeks because the previous one was carpal tunnel. And and key fast score on Wednesday about Carson's Smith seemed to be thrown you under the bus when he said. You know he was fatigued or tired or whatever and sedan Christmas mass line goes up to Karstens in the Red Sox clubhouse and says. You know people are taking this to mean that you were throwing core under the bus just you you to explain what did you mean. And he says no comment segment needed to say which is like oh my god. In the history of sports. A guy who hurts himself throwing his glove after giving up Omar the same guy who blew the opener who has not been reliable as an eighth inning guy even though the Red Sox are counting on him from day one. And in this like. Six somebody did that numbers is like seventy or eighty year to hike isn't on the pitcher's relevant this morning more innings yeah more innings or more appearances and he has and he's complaining about being fatigued after Wright put this team in a position where they're probably gonna have to. You about something they don't want to go get a reliever that he's out for the year because he doesn't know how to throw his glove without hurting himself. I get notes for assessments are. Right because for a wrote a great article odd two days ago it's entitled it's kind of hard to buy Carson Smith's quote higher excuse it it right on the money it's like. But you are right now where would the old school guys look at the moderate to millennial athletes and they look at Carson Smith. He's a microcosm. Of that. You know millennial athlete mentality that you look at just like to take your start off seriously. At this juncture just to play get it this show is hosted by training Hawaii got to go to well art but. You know I gotta say scared because now you're saying that women I know I'm not I can't understand are your right I did just like. You gotta man up and you tee it like you know senior tired right now and I just. Ending get a yeah for an extended period tied because you through your Glock like. That this is she is so weak and to David Price is credit. After last week which is certainly not his finest moment. He looked pretty good the other night a complete game I know we gave up the two run shot at the ending get the shot out. But side David Price put complete game performance that's the David Price who wanna see now it's on Carson's now it's like loser of the week. Of the month to perhaps loser of the yes no I didn't a year since a guy or gal I mean just the it's either hammer. Chris and Saks is up next. It or not a so called you a lot of talk on our markets are. It how bad those belt did you maybe. Called auto. It up you know a lot of similarity to the senate you have to go you know if you're an epic right out of the playoffs he ought abroad yeah. Got to be a contact name and and it got go back. Yeah at a all on an incredible deal. A not. Equity markets are a protected by our play in the big twelve and I thought they pick the guy. In fact in green carpet at the order but look around. Let it get or Mark Martin I don't know if you bet because I'm I'm agreeing with you I think Gordon Hayward are. But it could be quick or Eric are here at me like now would be back in I'm what do you look back. What I want a market might bring it. Well the I don't know any Chris Benoit Chris is like you know. Johnson mossy today's been very generous with these chat with the Celtics checkbook sink I and I'm still in shock. It's Hamas he said he would go to fifteen I twelve Timmy is is is that even that's too much. To me like like. Although. Overall cut of weather like any part of that role they eat like that amen amen you workload. Affect your own part of all that great and portraying it all here that he knew that. You call me. You know right there a point gain at bow creek. It locked out there and could not pick out well our go to outlook ought but it. Unprotected and I don't ought are out on the work let's talk about your credit and are out there. A big area Chris good phone call the one thing I will say though. Markets mark epitomizes Boston and he he he he he he he is like. For guy was born and raised in flowers something Texas or the Alley is. Markets mark easy quintessential. Celtic. Jerry's a winning player and then go back to the fifteen million dollar thing yet outspend other people's money like there's no tomorrow. I I haven't thought through. Exactly what the ramifications down the road would be all I know is when the season started and you were talking extensions for markets marked. You're probably talking like four years and sixty million like that. That was sort of what may be people projected before the year started before we knew all the salary cap space in the ins and outs of what you know luxury tax number was going to be all that stuff. At the end of the day. He is a winning player who was on the floor in the fourth quarter of crunch time every big game the Celtics played the last three years I'm willing to. Fifteen year John. Well yes I am while Amazon dot TI well I know I'll read I'll spend wakes money right right yeah right let's say attack yet the parallel problem that eventually automated out of it and says pentagon press I. I just from because you wanna be able to keep all these so he's gonna have to shake. Because Qaeda ariz contract is up I believe in Europe to. Yeah I think he can opt out after next after next have to Matt Ryan now which you know which unit yet he knew that's gonna happen that's always been part of the plans you're gonna have Max Cinemax or for Macs Hayward. Then at about the time you're ready to Max. Tatum and brown that's when Horford and interesting all right. Ralf increased in Europe next here on Debbie I was a rough. In that first couple Smart you know he's my favorite topic he's an amazing guy he's got a lot of Energy East. But let's not jump in front of the thing you know he's did not occur in a night that's gonna on the block it's it's much as he has been argue. Something that has a lot of money courtesy of our athletic Q twenty million a block. He's not gonna get those and what is it with you I think he's a great effort and energy. Don't abuse that we can't have what you mean have a text of the same little energy off eventually hit it that what he's not a score. Apple got a good score let's say that really politically. This has so we. That almost want to have Walsh fact I gained during the regular season he's not authentic appeal to people think I think he's gonna stay here. I think he is gonna stay here for one thing Nike guys. I you can't you can't keep all I think rosier will be the a quantifiable. Trading asset that that dean means we use if he wants to opera you're you can keep both became speaker. You can keep up for next year for next series yes is making nothing. Right right yeah he's under control. Point out of this team that is what I agree in local school now. Really boycott would lose here it comes out of the game the guys 76 and playing the point. Losing it would now what the guys that report usually only two point cut in must be up. You Henry Irving who joined candle light carrier the other night. He's a great scorer but he's still. Away from him jog play and what looked Ron changed his game because LeBron had a heck of all they changed all out of the country is really the true point got. Now we got those yet. I didn't like it or at all he's got a look at what he deserves all the credit trader Democrat wars epic but what shall we don't be careful oh he's got. Which you triggered more respect for. At all no. No way I'm cupid on keeping markets more summits IE row appreciative on par. Like like the one value and and you knew this after he made the trade the won at. Sort of silver lining in that trade wind at the cell that's part of what Avery Bradley who since traded I think he's gonna I think played for Doc Rivers of the clippers or something. He's I don't think he's yes he's a freeagent. Murray's appreciate it but. The one thing you knew about mark is more so remembered that when they asked LeBron James who's the player that guards you the talk this in the league and he said markets' Boris. So I said wow and you can see it. He sought and dean won it. You can see with the fact of how they're they're hiring LeBron LeBron came out swinging. In the first quarter the other and the heat it looked like. I thought he was gonna drop like 4550 points he started off with Tony won the first quarter. And the way institute who's pretty close well right I mean like he. Right you just like he was unreal it was a let at the end though it was a back ended 42 like he he finished a like it was a soft 42 job it was 42 nobody. The way it was going Johnny could add sixty. And then and then what the Celtics as soon as LeBron came out. Throwing hay makers the Celtics counterpunch. In Cleveland had no answer for none yeah I mean think back in Celtics history and we got to go to break a 2012. When LeBron the game we all talk about game six now they're down 32 becomes out of Boston scores like fifteen points two minutes or ever was. And he's got baton that murder look in his eyes got in that game and that series were over. This time around he comes out he punches them. And at the end of the first quarter ended down 14 I think they're down four points. And so it's just you know this is a completely different Celtics team in a completely different cavaliers. Very much so RA get a half hour to go gonna close out strong. Some it's funny some Osce marching in for training is 6177797. 9370. By the way something that's made the biggest deal. From everyone I could care less about login to an hour to get John's thoughts on that as well next. You're locked into training because generic and John Tomas. On Sports Radio WEEI. This Italian was. Brutal the whole night how did you think you guys handled that we've got to be tougher you know I think plants suffer and we are we see that they're being physical. We go in the game and we got to do the same thing so we gotta be tougher mentally and physically. Boy did he backtracked on those comments very quickly tied Lou like home Hulu LeBron lap dog. And he backtracked on that I mean the Celtics are playing dirty they're playing physical. And I think when it comes down to is I wish somebody John Wood asked if you could do it tonight after the game. Like it well if the Celtics to win tonight's game I don't think you're gonna win tonight's game but I do think now they're gonna in the series. How are you like what is it like to just be getting absolutely out coached in every way shape and form against Brad Stevens allies now asking exact yeah did you actually. Johnson modesty WEEI. I got the tie Lou Lou Lou you're you're the bronze lap dog. 88 by the way here is tell mama for a bar stool. Oh yes yes there is that hey it's it actually says good news Bill Russell was released from the hospital. After a heart scare last night so he was released from Seattle area hostile to that is very. Good news but I'm John just your thoughts on this there's one thing it's a really big deal right now. I could really. Give a crap about it is the royal wedding. I could care less and think you're gonna say. Oh Vegas you love oh now it's now absolutely are dying to know who made Megan's dress and her. Her acting yeah that's exactly what I wanna know. Of I just could care less that this is like is there's a big deal right and I'd understand with the royal wedding these don't happen very often. I understand why it is I just could care less. In that respect you to all. I mean. It was a given suggest picture that you really care about this no you know what I actually remember prince. Islamic. Seminary in a year early eighties. I remember like it was on the cover of People Magazine in like everybody was so into it was on every TV station. It's like these baseball game and honor whatever time here. Yeah I'm you know I'm I'm in throw them the whole thing it's great you reel it by the way you're not being facetious either. Oh now now it is completely senior ha yeah our eyes when I made for the it's wonderful for the war. Yes yes it is the royal wedding I know I'm waiting with bated breath on I think they did show something. It was changing and she'll I guess Serena Williams was at the royal wedding today amongst a bunch of other luminaries cell. Whatever I you know like I don't know it's great it must like really affect I. I could care less if any as long as it has nothing to do which Tristan Thompson's significant other at the moment Khloe Kardashian then I'm good. Plain simple but Obama I have nothing against like they're getting married advocate for them out deal more that's how it. That's good so very I yeah Arctic Kara last 6177797937. Legacy. If LeBron loses this series and Anders you know obviously 37 in oh chance that he will that the Cleveland Cavaliers will lose this series. How much to his legacy taking it temporarily speaking. While waiting tipping habits his legacy can't beat everybody like threats I think it's like a lot to write up and ready for the time being and then when his career is over. 90. Like everyone or recognize a you have this was the bad team at the end of the Cleveland run they gave away Tyreke. They were dysfunctional mess he played a big role in that because. His contract in his desire to trade first round picks in this different that stiff you know put them in its position where they didn't have much of a roster left that. Nobody's gonna look back at this team tonight out of LeBron not to what a miss by LeBron did not take this crap team to the finals I don't think anyone. This is not gonna affect his legacy at all. And plus everyone knows that if he just did if he does somehow make it to the finals he's gonna get stopped. There. It's it's like just like the Celtics. The Celtics in this series without. Carrier ring Gordon Hayward. They will get stops every game they'll put up a better fight in the cast yes they no doubt about about what a better fight we will give golden Stater used in a better seers. But they civil when he. Plain simple dated notes at likely future they could be winning game Golden State no chance in hell they just knock it just another you have to know in life. Where you know I mean it's like you've got to know where your act and there is looked like he'd that's where the limitation thing comes in the plight. They you've got to know that you're not going to beat Klay Thompson Kevin Durant all. And by the way when people winning game and that series that are away keep saying golly they've beaten them every year for the last. 34 yeah regular season once yet you don't okay I'll this is the only thing able to his death carries bank the only thing or slightly concede. Golden State will go up to a three to nothing's two lead and the Celtics to win in the old by the way game four to send it back to Oakland and and that's when the lawyers would close it out. Like a game we're just like let's close this thing back home cabinets to convincing me no chance but I I think it all the games that the warriors would be giving maximum effort the Celtics have no chance. That's what onset that solves it a good pick you know always big game for that up close out game where are a itself last year they staved off elimination. For one game and they brought it acted to Boston for left or was it a losing Cleveland in game five last year. I don't arrest in Boston they lost and what they were then they were the violence seats and they lost game four in Cleveland came back and clean them. Right but they won one in Cleveland without Isaiah Thomas. Game game three that's what it once yup and that and that was in and you could see but that was a date that CNET Tyree Irving this team neither one of them do you. 61777979370. Get in let's hits. Kelly in networks Kelly go ahead. Mark gain local work about your Arctic recently I disagree about not it would negate. They I think that political game well it is here could you forget that Klay Thompson and especially that very touched on historically in idol. All they have confidence issue that it murdered at their history they can't make that shot remember a couple of years ago. And now author. That the curtain call late couldn't do it single thing so it's actually not that that that the issue Google they won't make shots. And that is we Kevin Durant and after wandering vs Celtics so I think that the winner with a game two that's for sure. Yeah and the thing is that so when curry had his bad shooting performance. He was coming off an injury right and it's the same exact thing this year like he's trying to work back from the what knee and ankle injuries that he's had this year's though. Night that's that opens the door to me to. You have may be a less than a 100% Golden State team which is still better than you by its closing that gap. Not that we have the same way but look it up and out of that are so barking earlier you said these are the warriors are doing is you're probably right. And the warriors to Italy next year on your totally wrong. This certain thing everybody's talking about other so that you bought it at the gauntlet back at I. I got to name it if you act now to the Celtics right now it's team that is so want buyers it but the on this team next year they would back ought to be the best in India. And conduct Gordon Hayward and Tyreke Irving so obviously we just see what happens watch what happens and everybody played together I think it's going to be getting. All right I quite like I say papers that phone call Kelly I guarantee. The Celtics will not winning game against the warriors that's my guarantee now I don't know what limited duty guarantee that I have to do something like eat something disgusting. Or you know whatever you know I'm not shaving my head sucking into that. But I'll do something they'll be embarrassing other than normally embarrass myself. So mobile do something about the welcome Melissa repko was some John Sherry well you would try to come up with some 46177797. I threw seven. We are gonna close this thing out strong so you wanna get in it. Now until the next it's fifteen minutes is the time to do so he's Johnson Mossad Mark James is WEE I. Yeah slug Sports Radio don't. A. Final segment here contrary to mossy Mark James and for try any. Johnson mossy is down in Cleveland it. I'm getting ready for game three Jon and isn't I think too I've been just in full complain mode about. What's up with that interval from Tuesday to Saturday dragging this thing out and I miss react ice actually explain. So please do BA they today NBA and the lock in the Cleveland games. For the road games of the series before the two conference semifinals moreover. And they had to assume seven game series and so on both of those series ended up early. These games are locked in for TV purposes for weekend purposes all that stuff. And so they had no no wiggle room there SI guess they could have started the series a little later may be so there is less lag. The lag was at the beginning of the series but. I think they wanted to give it to the teams in the medals that they were they were locked in by the fact. But the Celtics won in five of that series ago on six or seven games it would push back the start of this series and everything line up better. It's still sucks stuff I mean it's it's yeah I mean it's like what's it this. C'mon and amid any cell gets it right usually eats the NBA gets to write the NHL has a copy but now the NHL. Eastern Conference one night Western Conference Friday night Eastern Conference Saturday against the weight supposed to be done there should be game every day I understand. Some these series when shorter a Golden State just took care of was in New Orleans in five. Celtics secured filling in five in Cleveland swept Toronto so I mean I get that. But like yeah and insists this is dragging this thing out to the point where like I mean let's get this thing on night I just think tonight. You mentioned and James Capers he's gonna be the personal watch for tonight the referee. That savvy when with a home teams played a playoffs. The home teams heavy 73 and a half winning percentage which she's. Not good for the Celtics tonight I have a feeling it's gonna rear its ugly head in game three. Joining the final schedule is looking at some lag now let's all please still so it's mesa game one and two visits may 31 and then June 3 so it's basically like. 31 third sixth and eleventh fourteenth seventeenth so there's just games 23 and four have the two days off. But the one nap in between everything else. As to go betweens though. I would love for them to play. At least when you're in a city for two days play every day you know. Now they are now and that's obviously when you look at it that's pretty much what we're gonna have and I mean it is what it is but. I I think tonight I would be like Celtics are six and a half point underdog for entertainment purposes only for now. Is pretty soon it's gonna be for yea the gambling purposes only everywhere. I'm wondering how soon. That this will be I I asked him what the other night I said how soon will Massachusetts implement sports gambling he said he thinks within a year. I'm with got casinos coming yeah wives and doesn't seem like the next logical step. And by the way there's going to be a lot of bankrupt it's that's often and it's thing. And I'm I'm glad that I'm if I were a little younger and non Meredith Stanley. Legalized sports gambling would not have been included golf and good good option for me now now I got outgrown it thankfully. Yeah I did winning seasons on a bit overseas accounts. When it comes to a football. I liquidated the mall and I quit while I was ahead but I got to tell you this thing it's legalize it here's my question is too. What happens to the to like this dummy bogeys where they go when they do it's all how we got to think about them that's true yeah those guys they astronomy and yeah I get it yeah but their daughter liked people who don't speak he's done yeah. There it's over like the book he's like those guys that take your ballot now every went into it. I can't imagine. Like I am organizing and can't wait for the date you can go to Cumberland farms. And go there and place money on the patriots minus six and a half over ball buffalo that's a mean Ari do Keno and scratch tickets like what's the difference right yeah but again. Yeah well here's the thing about it too is why everybody else is gonna false or hope Massachusetts when the first day the said. That connect I read something about Connecticut. Because of Mohegan Sun and foxwoods. That Connecticut it would be one of the first states to legalize sports game lead after New Jersey in Mississippi. Can you imagine how the casino experience changes there's sports book them because because they're they're they're just it's not I don't play. You know I'm not in with a poker or the black Jack or the slots are in the sports game when guy that's what I wanted. Yes Exel scared a minute them an amendment and I have them black and have somebody install like the monitoring bracelet that shocks me it like trying to. Set foot in a casino once the ambling what sports gambling becomes legal that's dangerous these. Very debt but you think about it billions and billions of dollars. Will. Help out each State's economy I mean this is guaranteed this is one of those things there's certain things that are recession proof. I would say alcohol. Drugs. Disney. For net in sports gambling business. You know that yes I guess yeah I I before we talk about the great economic impact and benefits of of legalized gambling we should acknowledge that there may be some issues I'm. Like the integrity of the game because that's what it and how. I wasn't even talking about that I was I I was more excitement like the integrity of people's retirements. And yet others that hot. This thing that I believe it's the NBA. In some sports would look into charging. Casinos something like like a fee for integrity. Did you read that. Something I didn't see that but I do you know the NBA is of these the one league that is like. Willing to engage on this topic publicly where's the other ones desperately want gambling such because that's how people do football. The NBA at least has ads not pretended that we're gonna keep it private prime. Yeah I like the grinch as if I was a lot of these states are casinos they see lights it to these leagues were not paying you anything. It's up to you to keep integrity your league so your. You know your athletes don't bet on it I did I mean like what what's that all about. The whole sports landscape is changing. You have the biggest golden knights you have the raiders going aired a couple years you're eventually you know the NBA's gonna plant the flag innate. Yeah the NBA's gonna definitely plant the flag in Vegas soon you know he's a you're gonna have that but some so there's that but I was there was great work with the John. Mom and have a favorite fell in the big chair of course I couldn't even get connected in the shows there are now. Ugly out first few minutes that's right so a lot love and glad you're holding it down enjoy the mistake by the lake and act like I said remember. I have the cavaliers tonight not only on the court but in Vegas minus six and a half I think they're gonna win this game the Celtics luck. The Celtics will probably will be at the winning game four so there's that as well so. Coming up next Evans relic and Patrick Gilroy will be right here would you from three sold. Picking up the Sox regained Sox pregame that's right only 56 when he got marine thank you. All right and that morale great job body you appreciate everyone listening taxing. Everything have a great day states do next.