Trenni and Tomase with Marc James -Double standards in sports - 4-21-18

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Saturday, April 21st

In the fourth and final hour, TNT and Marc James talk about some double standard in the world of sports, delving into the Colin Kaepernick collusion case, as well as other examples recently. Then, Marc participates in his first ever "we're all gonna die" segment, that inclues some bad lettuce, and a former Smallville actress involved in sex trafficing.


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He's training and come marching. It's really WEEI. There. I never thought she. I had not seen as Smart James my take some calls here. I am so fox we gave you space yes sorry about panic of one hour it's as if frustrates me. And it's restaurant well it was interesting like when you think about the hold me to thing how quickly. The backlash started out. Well wait a minute do you know this guy didn't mean it or this guy you know he's taken us out of contact or you're gonna ruin someone's life it very quickly became about. How the mean to movement was died damaging man so easily you could even have that ladies. No there's not much I mean it's not listen is no different than analysts as a contact and I just read of this. As a kid treated out and the fact is cage right Johnson said it's official I'm Harvard bound and a member of the Texas state board of education. Responded back Tim Curran brats for you admitted on mayor Kirk quote. That's obviously everything its docket yet yeah I don't need to tell you at any kind is the picture you know it's a black kid. That got into Harvard didn't and his first and simply because of his race cannot believe. Eddie is intelligent enough to get into Harvard knowing it's well did you deserve it or were you given that because they have to meet a certain quote. That's the worst part about Twitter that's the thing about Twitter I can't stand the other night wind it was announced that Greg Popovich is wife of over forty years passed away. And I was you know Bleacher Report from the first ones on Twitter I saw put that up there and just do the comets all all Hawaii don't mess with quietly. Two series lead let the bodies of the body stole more quickly as he did the man just lost the love of his life for forty plus years. Completely it's like this is the part of Twitter that I cannot steer I just for informational purposes to Reed Johnson Marty's columns on WTI. To see I don't chapter. A dot TI dot com Adam Schechter stop you know Asian road to Rouse he. That's what I love Twitter for when you see these trash out the air of some guy who's thirty years old in his mother's basement tweet something out. It's completely disrespectful that this you can see which one about why Leonard. Quietly entered he had not you know the store even go get you do. Fairly easy to do I. I saw lord freaking. It's good tweets on the happier about won't quite literally you know he you don't that's quite later it's like to just. Updates toll do you guys have TV professionals what did you make of that criticism but I can't remember names Allen Morris yes to. You know supposedly did she talk to LeBron before it sounds like she did when she's leased him a heads up. So I I I didn't outwardly times say anything nice apple Google tweeting and I just sent it she asks I actually said. Which she should have asked him first or should again and I do we know she did that was my only criticism because I'll be honest I watched the interview. It seemed like she didn't give Mac heads up in it Ted and I disagree and I was like listen it's journalism you know she doesn't have to era I thought I might. It's not candidates up close game interviewed Gary and I'm Natalie Natalie Japanese about the death of a law when this is it like I'm gonna give you a heads up and I ask you really hard question about how should. Wall like myself or how crummy you played yeah. It's a language that you just you spring Matt this is hey listen if you haven't heard it turned out that she did I will say this. And mrs. may may or may run. Country what you think I would say. I don't think any of the criticism of her it was sexist. The stock from men and I sought from me like if you too distraught and she didn't LeBron came on said no she even had exact timing exactly. But if that would have been anybody it would have criticized them well you live in an era now where. Carrey gets criticized just as much if not more than I sometimes he says isn't as easy union stopped Kyrie is a wonderful. Well now sometimes the criticisms of me are rooted in sexism there Batman voice my books my hair sound whatever. That's that's different but if you just saying paid gap was you screwed that up. Hey locked into being on television market being a journalist bucket being being a public figure. You don't get past just because your girl and you're pretty like although we wanting doubt about it because her feelings don't you get to this industry. You put yourself out there you'll. Talked to Chris is yeah you know what I don't be because she did screen it was LeBron had time I think what happened was. We he thought about it when she actually asked to LeBron had to verbalize his thoughts and I think he got caught up now. If you looked at to head into Reyes. Did not get a heads up and he was sick and Darby Kevin Durant it was a strong. And it's holed about an end and he was just devastated so like. Nobody gave me heads up nobody and he looked at the Golden State media relations guy goes he's a gap and he seems like wow so that's in me. It was a little bit more dot Shia. Yeah LL what headline out of a media person yeah Len cannon I around the does that situation tell lot of house where. You know that you might be the one breaking news to a player but you have to ask the question so sure like the act of asking him a question and it's a little different when it's not on camera but. That's how you tell them you know design pay I also died like. You're putting them on camera that's different they need to be prepared because. Everyone's gonna see their reaction. If you're in a group in your interview and some own pen and paper. Well that's how you get an. Out of him out can't cameras ever I would sit up at Apple's in the media relations person. Because you should know that your players are going to be asked about it and there's a cooling off here it's not like we're led into the locker room it you know seconds after the game and that is APR person's responsibility hey guys I need to be some bad news are probably going to be asked about it Gregg Popovich whose wife has passed away. If you need a few minutes to gather your thoughts I can hold the media a little bit longer it like that's that's for public relations but media relations comes in. Didn't happen this time because it was right after the game and she need to interview him. So it wasn't a cooling off he's you don't say she got him right after the game with a that was DLC is he that you sent it was a scrap no problem is that it was abroad what do you. Yeah yeah socially everybody on the back into happened during the game and I'm sure the cavaliers PO. And I am not saying OK I was on I did you that I just you said Dick I asked him or whoever was a reporter asked him about the describing interact and I don't without an Arab or epic that's sort of media. I've just been out we will force for what it's worth I think she did her job and I think by telling LeBron had its time to do your job and of course. Let's just go ahead in castigate someone on Twitter. Age is your role when their world and then find out afterwards LeBron cheap now concedes she told me some now do you deserve nothing you know have a retraction and sorry I'm sorry I'm out of that ran out so I let you talk about when to get mistreated trainee got to me was a complete mystery in on Al it will force yet. Cuba that by point oh markets that if they always use that was on the sidelines and did the same thing you'd get crushed on you get crushed so that's not. It's in its treatment of a person is not a mistreatment of human like we have to add I again this may run country of people think I would say that. If we're going to be women working in an industry that's on a public level at some point you can't expect to be treated differently and thank you cannot cry sexism all the time. When it's not sexism. Criticizing someone's. That the execution of their job when you do it. On all media platforms to all genders that's sexism that's media it sucks and I don't like it not us like to be called idiots are pigs or whatever on you know social media. That's talks. It's not sexism and we have to learn as well we have to learn to separate what is Axel sexism. And what is just to criticism of the job ice. Still think if a guy had asked that question the criticism would have been different I don't know and in now both the whole thing like I don't like a prison that bad it was just like what is she doing she yeah I. I mean that's not earlier like. I don't see anyone say I don't I'd seen him was overly sexist in a way that it is that the way she's criticized yeah I guess sorted for me the underlying. Critique of her was partly because it was a woman asking question and you know who knows it the whole thing blew over so quickly because staff you had a producer come out and say no she did ask before handing your LeBron say it's though it didn't really write it didn't bill. Money being use Obama it into a prisoner of the moment mentality we live in John. It gave people in trying to eke it people just needed something for that moment to pounce on the vultures and there was oh. Yes anything she could put a whoops oh I I guess that mediation is it that nasty thing about. Her on Twitter and the like you said Alec and reach out and I apologize entrances hand so sorry for her nano yet going use the word right exactly and now a big issue and again I I don't know how many of those. Things route and that is obviously a different case than just saying hey you know but there's lots of its. Now don't sanitize. You guys here solid time to. Think interesting in scandal earlier lifetime and now I I I will say though I've become so unfortunately cynical where like. Someone will compliment me in Paris and or be like hey you know just say hire something I always think I walk away. What do you say about him either pass or it's you social media I like that and Alan what are social media handle. Because are you one of the people that does Communists he werder says terrible nasty things out and attacks line. Or retreat public you can see John aipac got way out of but like are on Twitter to the point right had to so filter my mentions I don't see it make. That's it that's a good. It's Sox. Sacks I don't like to be that skeptical of people yeah you should live my life are pretty nice to me and so should ever logs onto fixture which there. Whole entire year hearty let's go to town Milford Todd welcome addition. Hi I do when I'm. Our total percentage speaker we cut him off go yes sorry. Although I don't do it on the credit in for having the cognizance to take us off speaker is most people would now. Yes and it just that goes out and you write out anyway it's on. You re getting torture you and I found out yet you signed we tie the record. First of ball. I had a real complimentary message we're now you've got in trouble. Do me a favor and at all the other listeners I know your passion and I really appreciate it I love listening I happen to agree if you. But wouldn't say you're coming back. After a message do don't spend the next ten million echoing from the doctors and subject. Now that he fled. Just the day that I really wanted to say one treaty both of you I I it. And I'm youth sports you know obviously heard the talk of the I put my past it's been I feel like I'm all alone in the world. Because somebody eat that are in announcing Talking Heads. Are pretty extremists on a lot of other issues and that it so welcoming trendy QUN giant. Talk about things from different perspectives and you're getting what I'm saying. That you think oh right you are so when no one even talks about T else down and he gets crucial. Court you know. It's a respectful. There was nothing wrong with the unfortunately. That person Catherine is going to be and please excuse my expression but he's going to be Jesus Christ of the religion of football. Because he the one that's gonna painful lessons of what the future guys that are gonna be a leader he's broken the ice at least. And it eventually it's going to be resolved in the expected date it's okay. To express. You were armed. It's money and political what he was expressing. You know I doubt you know he abuse of black it's really not human rights. And don't I don't swear word don't and don't take a step back when people say well it's not it's MacKey arena of what is it its Key Arena. To promote military. Every chance they get most of flag in the page and not okay if you wanna promote that stuff but don't beat. We're keeping had nothing to do the military and had nothing to do any it's just an excuse to hold. On so you'll obviously I just don't you know action. Here's a guy that very peaceful. Expressing himself where we're situation that should have been bitten and now he's gotten you know I was thrown out the leak for. And your right and I are right in his grave that then NFL wraps itself in the flag like the whole. You know paid patriotism and all the stuff that in the all sports leagues but in particularly NFL. It's their shields it's their literal shield against criticism it's like what we stand for the troops. Wu who used stand for it's like wait a minute the troops have nothing to do with any of this. And hours apart now a lot of worst part about days like it doesn't have to be that way. The NBA's not like that the NBA is extremely socially progressive they allow air they allow their athletes to. The basketball player and allows owners say this amounts. They kick him out only guy out on oh darling you know eBay Adam silver though they they cannot it's in the SE BA that you cannot. Neil for the national but I I lawyers don't have to Neil because they can express than they had so many other bands that doesn't that really did there's a talk. Listen if you wanna juxtapose. How you should running league. Adam silver vs Roger Goodell I'm going without and so over eight days a week in ten times once. It's because Adam silver got that piece of trash Donald Sterling I believe that was the first or I actually interviewed him on the radio. A NBA that racist piece of trash. Should your tolerance yes the right time is there a time I Jack and apply it next. Eject. So I agree the future are anybody's seen the hypocrisy. Of the NFL I where they have. You know tables turned a blind guy to the domestic violence situations ought to talk Catholics get on the draw right. But that any different then cargo it's politics or entertainment he. The eight different. Do you mean while it straight hit Apple's one is India and act in American comedian they'd be Edward all the time and so okay. That's what. Georgia apple. You get current four operation Shea yet recognizable and certain things that president has aren't Asian. And it if you wrote that book but really what you think people they like actually apple wouldn't call it that shall and the third one would be. That the matter actually black flags matter what the 700 kids that were killed as she tackled or black notre work. Partly Siegel crossed. Well let me take these individually one as your years you're pointing comedians African American comedians I am not going to ever tell a hearse and of color or gender. Race. And our ethnicity religion how they can refer to others within their own group fat guys say I highly recommend the the podcast codes which it really talks about these issues it's maybe better understand and it's not for us Jack to tell other do you tell black people how to talk about one another. Sewell is your it's not now not it is not a double standard Jack they wanted to use it now it's not hasn't had as Jack and has different mean Jack when you Larry black person talking about another black person using that word it is not using derogatory manner. When a white person calls the black or in the territory. Now they just the actually on Iraq now you're on my show your rock album is your second what is your second point is. It goes to call me I had to Jenny mommy actually sit you have yet and it I decided not to Trump's level will get that and that's and that and your third white kids in Chicago I agree that as well I will say this about the park on students they had made by those two things aren't I'm trying to exclude Zach this is what drives me crazy black lives matter is not about saying we don't care about black people killing each other these are two separate things. And it's like it doesn't hat you can before both of them you can say black lives matter. And they should be less violence a narrator cities it doesn't have to be one does not exclude the other and I hate that. OK it's time to see you know what that's a good second I think it's that way because coming up next we are all gonna die. Mark Cheney slug Sports Radio Dell. EI. Miss some easy. I think I thought it odd that I. Say they and that's the big relates to exercise and going. Millimeters yeah. Why did he meets those likely did I really wanted you. Reference. There aren't you know there are a decent amount guys in my class. Not all it's David Ortiz is a big he gets he's aids HIS proposals like Garnett. And so those out here thinking out there thinking too cool for school David Ortiz doesn't two months. Because you might want to get each and in no. Made as a matter if your dad thank you might get cheaper for the world lens because we're dying. WA GD expert. We're all very new day. Why don't we can spend. It really is never let I go to look for stories or is this portion of our show. It's tough because there is snow. Much ground to cover so much happened a week that you forget like what happened even a week ago that they were in and it turns out you can't even like you will read these stories on Friday and that will be things that happened on Thursday. That I don't even make it I forgot it's old news in Africa but he alma got that happened this week. I let's get this thing off with what actually could make someone die. This credible flesh eating ulcer yet that is right people. And the big so it's not you send me the link to this earlier this week and it was so growths. That name I literally that I had it quickly got to Lincoln and scroll lot because the vigil is so disgusting. But apparently. There is they flesh eating all certain parts of Australia and it is. Being described Eddie rapidly worsening epidemic. And to make matters worse researchers say they don't know exactly where comes from. Or how it's transmitted. Yet and the great thing. It starts is a small red plump pink closely resembles a pimple or inside insect bite. But it left untreated no one can gradually and large it within weeks can cause severe destructive lesions of skiing in soft tissue. Infecting usually a person's arms or legs. Yeah I'd like Scott bit by mosquitoes and BD and the next thing out you know your leg. And it's a hole eats your last bats this is an Australian yeah yeah actually ten million things that into these yes but also it's not a cent million. This he had nothing goes so he had this. It started now. It's departed in Africa. And it's water born in Africa and apparently it is somehow and boy now in Australia so once this thing once the why we are we. All of us the good news is it's not that fatal people generally anti bad news amputations. Ma also battles. We all and you guys have read about this before but we are all developing a versions to. Antibiotic. It's been on pearl for a long time and we don't really pay much attention to it. It's like that's why when you go to the doctor now he's thinking just in easy packet like dole because your body feels that antibodies against the antibiotics they stopped working. Yes another super antibodies that antibiotics don't work gases these tax so good anymore what other good that you shouldn't get one Mikey if you look hot and cold in your doctors like an Ozzie acts like candy later. As well politely declined. No yeah it's a music acts yeah yes so this is the same bacteria as leprosy so that should get that's OK awesome good times good times pretty next posse guys who are on the gym called me this is your baby but obviously former FBI director. Was every they're everywhere this week promoting his new book. I'm here is some of what he had to say about our fearless leader. He is Donald Trump unfit to be president. Yes. It strikes me as a person of above average intelligence. Who's tracking conversations who knows what's going on I don't think he's medically unfit to be present at these morally unfit to be president. What is it like tracking conversations like he's above he's. Above ballads above average intelligence if I drink like he tried to throw a compliment yeah but that he files Leavitt he's tracking like wow what a genius he can follow what people are saying to him so he has reading how. It's. Now I gotta be fair I have all kinds of problems. I problems at home in general I don't again I'm not I'm gonna I Aggie I I don't like either yes. You don't need to calm and orange whenever it hurts your case it doesn't help and I don't think he lives up to his own standards all about ethical leadership in this and that and I feel like. Repeatedly. Whether it was trump stuff or Hillary stuff it's equal opportunity here he's always acted in the best interest of genes called me not of the department that he claims to cherish and love and want to on I will say though. The portion of the interview where he talks about the dossier. And then have to confront triumphant at about getting heat on by a prostitute yeah and then proud and try probably says another reason you know it's not trauma journal so there's no and let people PI on each other around me. And that caught me so how much by surprise actually let out an audible laugh. And because it was just one of those I was startled by its. Violate the fact that he's since gone on to be like you know night its first votes strange events I mean the president about this but. I can't say for sure it did happen of course UK you know why. As it did happen that's totally something you would do to desecrate a space of the obamas that's like him that. I totally night and I'll I mean. I love Robert out of retirement DOS it was true I mean I read The New Yorker that was like and I am sorry solved through. It's it's no no embellishment there. Are coming up your theory a year country need very soon ladies and gentlemen. One mr. Donald Trump will meet with North Korea's. Fearless leader Kim Dong moon where we don't know but he says he's gonna hard line. Big impact and what we've done has had a big impact so. We've never been in a position like this. With that regime. Whether it's father grandfather a son. And I hope to have a very successful meeting. If we don't think it's going to be successful mark we won't happen. We wanna have it. If I think that it's a meeting. That is not going to be fruitful. We're not going to go. Actually think this mean he's going to be fruitful than anyone take Kim Jong-Il and at his word right now. He's about to get laid. But Dennis Rodham whereas as well way yet it's her that's right. I talk is about to get played in the worst way because all he's concerned about is it the history at the spectacle of at the ratings right. I'm gonna be the first guy no other president could do this you've and a bunch of national security advisors the secretaries of state or whatever from previous presidency say. Yet anyone of us could had a meeting with this idiot but we didn't want to be you don't want to legitimize them and you have to have actual goals for why you're going in there. What you hope to accomplish. He's flying it eat you we know does it breed briefings we know he doesn't know history he was surprised that did you know the Korean War is still technically going. People didn't know that it's like yeah yeah we all knew that you do know. There's there's there's there's granted DMZ. Demilitarized. Zone and you only need a militarized. Zone if there's a war going on I also love how I'm reading get this and that might be mission accomplished in Syria and not knowing historical context that unbelievable blunder of that George W. Bush made following the Iraq War. But I'm just click pretended that you paid attention to anything that happened the last two decades and annexing you know he's going to be like brownie you're doing a hell of a job to me that's that's sad so as negative found notes inside known I take. John and I out mark may not notice that we Stevie sleek new squeeze every Friday compared notes but I also take in New York Times news quiz to also just test alleys. It's easier and they gave you all of them get options on it I know that basic topless one. Hell of a job brownie was one option doesn't know it's not outline step back and we'll get to that made out of Brussels orderly nation maybe I knew I was they signed on to monopolies. Yet any of three doesn't kill as many roaming Atlanta's well yes. There is a new warning tonight for anyone who's recently bought any type of Romaine lettuce if you don't know where it was grown throw it out. A deadly E. Coli outbreak is spreading eight inmates in Alaska are the latest to get sick. Yes so the CDC is seeing don't need any Romaine lettuce Romaine hearts of Romaine chopped Romaine hole Romaine. Any of that because it as E. Coli and is a nasty strain of E. Coli. Like it causes some life threatening kidney failure something yeah and there's the 31 people have been hospitalized. It causes cramps it causes bloody. Still rule thank you. And really bad apparently lots and lots of keeping their big cases having Connecticut to New York nine yet in Massachusetts but it's only a matter of time. Throw away your Romaine lettuce or risk death. I like Romaine lettuce to a man that's that's that's not good at a nightmare you're gonna go to butter lettuce or suspended Asperger's I. Well I targets like water no effect and that's what makes our I. Perhaps let us come on nobody iceberg lettuce I think you get like an aging can. Ritalin suck you like delete the leafy greens mark all I focus on BC a and you're the most healthy eater I've ever known in my life Chinese so well you haven't seen in house like a burger Fries if I. I am watching Dallas and notes slots video of I wanna hit tasty burger tonight after my shift is over 3 in the morning. So taste yeah our allies may be good for your time there. As you guys wouldn't but I parents aren't speaking to some of elites that's who we are gonna go back to our president this opinion Nazis you can do tendencies. A show just for him. But I if you I don't know whose side how many people saw this but Jonathan Greenberg a former writer for Forbes. In the early eighties it was his job as a 25 year old reporter to interview all the billionaires for their Forbes 400 list was first starting out. And Donald Trump. Desperately wanted to be on that list and he box in the magazine tried to claim that his dad but it checked back to them yet they tried to fact check him on his fortune in so. A spokesman for truck named John Barron called in 1984 to make the case in terms perhaps it's this voice sounds familiar. The company consolidated and that's something you can get them they're competent enough about the twelve. OK let's look at it again just an activity here. Some five but he slipped into. Was Donald Trump now and then you can to compel them that's okay get somebody showed me are gonna take in the 20200. And we will consolidate it now from our Brothers as they open candidate mentioned that you had asked about that there's nobody had and that's a good look so good. OK so it's not a bad experts impression of me but it's fun. Well I did I mean that would sounds exactly like just try to even trying. So obviously we know that Stroud we know he's a serial liar so like what's the big deal with a big deal. Is the Forbes 400 list is what legitimized him it's what made him billionaire businessman. And part of the reason his whole persona. His whole campaign. It's based on this idea that he's a shrewd businessman who could come in and apply his billionaire instincts to running the country. When in fact he is a con man. And it was all a lie and the best part how much was he actually worth five million dollar he was clay he was trying to not lay 200 exactly. Five million. Ever think big big difference do you think David Price them like how this operates 209 this is not 355 is that. Are no of course not you're also love. If that may not naming his kid there and and that was like he's code name for himself and that's so great it's so great it all fits together perfectly part of his ego yet so to see become trump without that validation of course not an area where there. Stock and marquis of a surprise rod and I four I do any poses some music to go. Actress Allison Mack. I'll get cash in his or her own. Her role as part tents clever confident Chloe. On the former CW network Smallville was indicted yesterday on charges of sex trafficking. Sex trafficking conspiracy in forced labor conspiracy of awarding to a statement that was released by the Justice Department as part of some. Total pole mean the next scene on a group claimed to be self help program for women but in fact trainee. Was it pyramid scheme in which some recruits were exploited both sexually for their labor to the defendant's benefit of porridge US attorney. Richard it done. And sturdier than that the guy who ran it made the women turn over like you know compromising. Photos of themselves defamation. And then if they could not sleep with him he threatened to release all that information out there is back bench more yeah oh it's just that a tourney but there's more and it's not listen to nice Paula is that meaning that you played with that the at all though that's small. He's got enough yet yet so I want to Smallville famine edited by what but there's more ago. Yes Allison Mack was late to this coal. Why her former star of the show oh Christian rock who played line and allaying. Eight and a half a small hill Christian -- at that Adam yeah it's it's who she was the one who actually encourage Allison Mack to sign up for this seminar. And then to Christen crop got Al according to this a report on New York Times. Well forty forcibly branded her with a hotter rising and yeah. Was it brand again like I. Exactly this Christmas can right OK she's. He's been insisting he's quite famous analysis he was the more she was the one who reads the guy and she got Al AC record Allison Mack who obviously got tied up and she's in the papers like right now south version of Scientology's rather Hollywood celebrities that sucked into it but how do you go from a small edge and some things to you just because your on TV doesn't mean you know crazy yeah you know we've got. Right and right and violence thing and and there you go so I mean I Evernote I think innocent little Chloe. And now she's come somebody here is a big fan I was gonna say confidently and I don't do I know we got some although there are you on Dawson's Creek. I I definitely I watched it I did allow were. You may or UMPC or were you a Dotson. I league's. My team pays your team doesn't take a sidebar or not I I'll tell you this I was neither. I would can't you cannot fence I pay figured I was Katie Holmes was her character's name Joey Joey I'm Shelley. I never watched I can't I watch Buffy but I by the way when they're becoming more successful actress Michelle Williams she danced on. Holmes is clearly she's done but this just adds senate audit himself like that yeah Michelle Williams though Manchester-By-The-Sea and he come countless rules team PC. At TW. Training because and Eric John Tomas. It's on Sports Radio WEEI. The general hasek at night your client. There like I thought I heard is making him Bob and I yeah that ain't gonna Mark James is we if it doesn't no no again tomorrow tomorrow and I didn't live there. He's like a path that he got I'm others create I want to stop. Treading outlays of mossy that. They ninety's alternative grunge and rap that was the grace music era to. We'll never get that. Yes let's and that's where we're against you know I don't I don't really gal had. Yeah I mean I like nineties alternative that I never got in there wrapped human. I liked her DMZ the right and who's your favorite and I a sort of grudge. Sound are broken school a school project that the you know. Both Stan oh yeah that's good treating it like. They love yet. Oh you did I wasn't in I was an Intel light you'd you'd like cats highlights and maintenance Dan I next time around about that at. I 80s80s hair our castle where a lot of lag and the 90 my god I got an Al. Freddie has taught at Nirvana pearl is in sound garden area this Weezer offspring laden okay like all those separate maneuvered and yeah I mean either satellite pro am have a president went to a concert in college thousands dreary details about let's send out there from was all I love. I don't loud and violent fans actually. Sonic concert as nice and high school in a friend of mine is completely honest doubled the music sheriff signed. And I was squeaky clean in high school and this may make friend Jane shows up at my house this guy he's around a plaid shirt Mike Ritz leave eyes he's like a pack of marvel rise like. Tucked into his pocket as thank you old beef from his impact I knew it was going to be miserable all night they were just like les. Dirty stinky Stoner kids that I'm not community Latin Simpson bossy think does. Mean I and I doubt that an analyst and not smoking ban that defined the night he's a thing was. One of the greatest fans in my luggage Ramadan Rage Against The Machine leverage re a neat yeah I wish that Zach morale in and a Thomas are exactly I wrote state railroad to would. Come together and you know they they just can't get along and I wanna see rage reunite. When I got in my fight with Dino on the air that weird thing or act on me. On my way to work that day at you know 5 morning ever. I'm driving in here and I had XM radio on and com like a bomb came much is of these kind of radiance and and somebody. It was icy that morning and somebody slid out and almost hit me while Rage Against The Machine is playing. And so I was already like there's Aaland a title and for and I was like. Others how the guys yeah are hot so yeah I like about. Long rage luggage they Syria gets any swear no I exactly yeah yeah yeah but anyway. So I like unloaded on this person like screaming and swearing in like spit flying out of my mouth and I came in and to. Then just rid of the essence are set the tone for the day set of town. Seeing that so before we are outraged halfback there you tell that you got something there RI guys are reconciled. To Eugenia Scott now OPEC you know what. I noticed the line. For what did I answer announcer what do you gain from that neither of us and others and they I think you both please have always been pretty happy yeah I think we'll jetliner and just. MP a PO OK artery diners Jack. It's it's that he's with Anna gets it isn't just good I don't like high thinkers got the air right now I've got data. Whose job of running clock this counts. That there. Are. I see you next week I don't know how long run next week it says eleven to one that may be its eleventh two maybe it's 113 I don't know it's always a pick your poison. I would say training seconds I've worked against great work reviewed John's first time we work that I met you like Nicklaus a decade ago it was good to finally work for the many. Why in and for many games at Tropicana Field in front of 800 fans yes exactly what all of them right 750 Red Sox yeah. The Red Sox do. Plan he's very airwaves at 820s. That pat. Packing or is up next.