Trenni and Tomase with Marc James - Red Sox on Fire and Diving into Brady-Belichick Drama - 4-21-18

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Saturday, April 21st

Hour 1. The guys and gal briefly touch on the Red Sox hot start and then get sucked right back into the Brady-Belichick drama. 


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Guess John. Ed Saturday morning. Friends posse. Mark James a third member today. And carried here till 3 o'clock four hours but yes I was a lot less costly to keep sneaking Islam hell yeah we usually Wear down around now our two ends. Twenty minutes. I was I was like I want it now I know they're good night or two I those other shows that we do very often at Fenway that are an hour and twenty minutes those like her we yeah that's just perfect now prosper and so are the laws that show yep probably. Is that we don't get to world and I was it was a listener favorite. Well the listener favored for everybody you know networks like Harvard and MIT yet if you're living Cambridge yet it and I and I hated. You know when it's. Odland hates it hi Alan let the man a lot the air though Archie is currently has a special addition to Ron and died and there is not telling. Not count down the keys to tune in net you know to. 230 we ought to states. By the way Freddie you know that John and I met each other close to a decade ago on covering the rays Red Sox down its Tropicana Field in saint Pete. I had that memorable moment go for the most elaborate. In Tampa radio announcer Haiti here and thing ending opening up there what it's. But he hear about ordinary ready and it any candidate supports decently here and it is true this is true and it is a point oh god you make your dreams come true about being on another advantage of from all that and everybody trains not Alitalia had in mind coming off working the ship right up at 3:15 in the morning in essence others that. So yes it's really good yet we write off at three the Red Sox on the West Coast rights got the post game we get in essence sports today and and the nets sports updates so it's like I'm my dad you know take that stuff. And that's sports update we deal yet but so I gently to the Red Sox game you don't I don't believe they tell and then post game and then and that's the sports today so that it was like you know but pay. There's no better way to come in in the Red Sox off to a torrid seventeen to start well that's not a bad thing to stay up late that's pretty good steeply for like trash 87. Lot he grew up to right. I can't tell you how much I love this week at every reference to the right size hot start is that my hottest starts is the 1987. Mil lucky brewers. Which by the way it is one of the fondest baseball season's. All of my childhood like I remember where I wasn't Easter Sunday was that the Easter Sunday near Cohen rob deer and Dale's claim. Boston Red Sox coach pat way to standard base third base not a great coach Bennett has now. Yes short short stint as out manager of the Milwaukee Brewers in 2008 after they fired an idea I was. But I can I mean this is like one of those sports I love baseball different thought or don't like no me all that well I am a baseball person through and through my dad and I used to go to county stadium sat way up in like. Nose bleed seats and bring man and a glove thinking Nagin get a foul ball obviously I never did. That that year day it was a beautiful Easter Sunday it was warm it was sunny your traffic man Mary's house are station wagon. And I remember when those home runs were hit we sat in the car and listen to the end they came they think those home runs at Easter Sunday. All events like eleven in our twelve and now here's the big the big big kicker. So there's been a standing thing it yet you've been able hockey Dempsey had never been a Milwaukee I I happening in the brewers can't sit there Izzy hamburger place there called George when the thicket diner. But they're Milwaukee institution and they always sad if the brewers won thirteen straight at me it was Robert thirteen straight you'd get free hamburgers. Is it when may hit like that but whilst on the here and there and we waited in line my dad like that and her you know like a dairy middle class stamp my dad came out like -- of free amber and I storage glad it was the posting an Arizona waiting for it to happen again can ask your question. Or who what's post or was on your bedroom wall Paul Muller routing out. Panels I had either I definitely have Michael Jackson poster okay yeah I definitely had Michael Jackson thriller poster course of course that's real I had to pick between that you. Iman it arriving for a lot of time it was Paul Molitor is a big rush on formal letter and then as they get older and realize that he was. Hope have been sex addict with out patents on its. I'm in my decision as an adult that is here it the first time and that Robin out. He was like. The thrill of a lifetime right he was Grady was feeling nice he is like very charismatic. The person I met Paul mall owner here in Minnesota and I think he was it was obvious was the manager of the twins the using something with the twins Arab medium and thinking. Oh man you look. In your life has been rude to slight worry shot of yourself January I integrate into his giants hope manager at. UI and knows that that I I've I knew we had that in his past. Yeah he is. Yes he did look a little hours from where he had my childhood hero was Jim Rice and meeting him as a coach was probably the opposite competing counts. Well but he's not recognize that's it just right. I don't I ask where he has great coach she was a little stale it's. Yeah I mean listening Severin he had that reputation as aid are already seeing being difficult to me weird like if you've got him on the right day here at the right time like one time Einstein Newton airing about something. And anxiety and asked him crisis. Jimmer has come over here and rice couldn't have been better them like. This is great eye for great relations habits are right now I think next time islands asthma questions locals like minute rescue. Hole. You and I eat you for cash. What is. Passion was ever on more excited about it right now the Red Sox. The patriot not that teachers are playing the red flags the Bruins I just always default page it's. Where the Celtics 617779793. I had and this gadget can answer right right now. The Red Sox is crazy is that is seventeen and two and you know so the other teams are in the playoffs in the whole narrative you know coming into the started this season for their outside who has. They better start fast because nobody's gonna care about them until July you're gonna have playoff runs the other teams nobody's gonna care about the Red Sox. The patriots are gonna start up and nobody's gonna continue to care about the Red Sox and that has been flipped because you know. This is just a little thing but we have our traffic numbers on stories at this time last year Red Sox stars are not getting Brad. And right now anything you write on the Red Sox is getting rat more than patriots more than a Celtics more than the Bruins. And that is kind of shocking to me but it just speaks to this crazies start the body and Bennett's. Because. Al score you could just tell he is he seems to be the guy whose team's demeanor disposition of this team could see him. Theater Bogart before heard hope we come back soon monkey looks like he's back into his 2016. Runner up for an BP self. David Price each seems to be this confluence of things that all transpired simultaneously. And I was told John before we came on the nature. Ninety down three nothing. And a three run home run for GBJ then it's tie game and they get Grand Slam for Mitch Moreland he never saw that last year they were dead last yeah. It didn't have any grand slams last year and now let's raise hell I didn't I grand plans they had none last year. It is too neat they're they're playing with essentially the exact same lineup I thought for sure we would talk to it we started to augment the Celtics on match I would imagine that people are frustrated maybe evil looked at last night Celtics game. As more an aberration then what we're gonna seed going forward with that because I'm lucky hit sixteen threes that's not gonna happen. Exactly and let's also not gonna happen they're also not gonna have you know 300 blocks in game. I can hit every single shot they take her as your isn't gonna shoot like crap. Jalen brown black and she'd like crap Marcus Moore all three of them are going to have very off games you can't have the three guys eve or relied on the most. How completely off schemes and go into a team that's hungry feeling desperate. Even I don't know how hungry or desperate the box ever really feel I had it last night for whatever it's worth. For you know this one time yet. We show our money in Vegas is on Milwaukee last night because the Celtics played so well on the first two games you knew that was gonna come there a losing game series it was going to be last night and it got me. Phone maker had three threes. It's like I did Christina I'm person and I it looks like now it was a bit bolts. I see now that's such as yet he's so skinny and yeah so it's holly sort of locked like eggs Alamos like he does not look like someone who can be powerful on the basketball court. The last night he lies. Yet they had their ridiculous stretch in the third quarter of the south Mexico and it's like fourteen and they're trying to little bit to come back and it was like. Celtics two bucks the race Celtics two bucks three Celtics missed by streaming game so it's like Milwaukee. It's not that good a three point shooting which is sort of the exact flips grip of what happened in the first two games. This big box we're not hitting any of their three point shots they were even tempting time three point shots they were just settling. For two pointers and which they were making which they were taking making at a ridiculous rate also have to wonder. The Celtics held I think during the regular season how their opponents to an average of 44% field goal percentage. You have to think that it sometime it's gonna regressive I mean with a box they don't think the box are these good shooting team yeah I mean it's all about. How many dunks and lapses again and that's why they're shooting percentage is so high so they get in transition and agree creep doubts. They get it inside to Hanson value he ducks you know they get it Jabari Parker was all layups and dunks. For the most part last night so they have to limit that obviously and that's when the shooting percentage is gonna drop. So the school yet by Milwaukee I was going to be in sixth as the thing it's going to be five that he'll win game four and then come back and close your Tuesday night. But. I think if you get by the first round without Tyree Irving without Gordon Hayward without markets Smart essentially. That's what we can end it won't do it next series you wouldn't sit too well Philadelphia Dave Simmons and the hottest team in the open. That's Brad Stevens and an ice by saying this guys but like. If not the coach here you probably won't probably get it and told me or in DC or Quin Snyder. Brad Stevens has to be to go for all the adversity he's dealt with in two days teens and apparently they get by the first round this is nothing short of remarkable. NBA guy why Brad Stevens not. More often in the conversation for coach of the year yeah I don't think he's finished higher than six I'd have to look it up. And he's done what he's done since he's here with this out sixteen again maybe because where were in name and where immersed in it it seems may be bigger or better than it really is betting in Europe NBA guy. Why why is he never in the conversation. Yes so I don't know if we can find the sound we had a time dale and Holley. Enemy dale and Keefe. Tired I finally I called Dennis and Callahan for a year directories gone to dealing Keefe had sound from I'm trying to remember his name our habits. Mike mark on her that's ESPN basketball guy he did Zach lows podcast. Any was asked about coach of the year and he didn't have Brad Stevens and his top like six. And so Zach Lowe asked him why he said well I you know I love Brad Stevens I just think it's a deep year for coaches mention all the names you said Casey in particular. But he said I talked to a coach on another team not a head coach and a member of staff. Who said. What is the deal with everybody like I am I gonna be for Brad Stevens. And I can't mount Rushmore of gas attack and their like you know he's got a great team when he needs he's got two top three picks. When he needs a big man who could move the ball they go out and get Al Horford when he needs a point guard who can be via unstoppable scorer they going to carrier Irving and he's just like I don't understand why everyone thinks he's so great and to media ads. Like look at this team there they should not be winning that the stress they had at the end of the year. Where they'd be okay see at the buzzer and they beat the jazz at the buzzer and they beat Portland in Portland and they beat Toronto. And eat with nobody would know Irina is ice playing I mean read yeah and they note they had a game against Milwaukee without Ruggiero they had no point guards and nearly won that game. And you just say to yourself like how is this team doing it and you you have to come back to Brad Stevens. It all comes back to Brad Stevens even. In the in the playoffs here since. They lost carrion had to change the way they play you see a lot more post play Al Horford is on the block like he can do that all year are hardly at all. Greg Munro is on the block in the ball is going to those guys and so they've become sort of like a hosts team. That that's a coach who's able and willing on the fly. This thing just yeah this is the personal I have this is how we're gonna after the play bad to me as coach of the year there's no way this team should have been the number Tuesday. I'm close and at what John said. Is that the substantial improvement we've seen over the course of the last year when she went around specifically Harry grows year rappers like five and a half points a game last year he's averaging eleven. This this is Brad Stevens he's developing that talent that he has and then when you get when guys are put in situations where they got to be thrust. Two to step up for Kyra Irving or to step up. For Alex Gordon Hayward they're doing that's the thing that's the mark of a great coach to me. Totally off topic but I just saw this guy off. I want to comment I'll always holy why isn't it that I Dioner not yet I Danica Patrick got Aaron Rodgers for sitting courtside at about Celtics in last night they just shot ever is. Patrick would be most miserable. Rich person on the planet thinks it. She you sitting next YouTube is sitting next to Danica hasn't not to once something is always playing and they got a hot body and they do GoDaddy commercials are suggestive like. Sees NASCAR's intercourse Covert sniff she's NASCAR and Indy cars and article but I ain't perfect perfect comparison but it about tonight's. So miserable sitting widely used to miserable about like your court I'd had a great game. That your essentially she's Archer's raised Illinois but you know born in Wisconsin Mike. Your story kinda home team is winning your boyfriend now only a portion of the team I argued so miserable. And the great thing is that shot Bates. And in on them half a dozen times during the game and five out of the six he looked just as miserable back so does that arrangement greatly assist some that Florida like this is some sort of thing like where bulk on the rebound I just she just was divorced I just broke up the Bolivian mine yet and I need to have some undertake to games and were both attractive and live kind of in the same areas so let's do. Is my it seems that always Bradley doesn't have spread to Wisconsin area. Yeah or not I did not have really nice friend and I mean she's see my heart she's a high yeah body shall make you laugh. Significant downgrade from a William on the significant. Insane and I'm not call her network you know they say the resting. Yes she's not pressing need faceoff guns he yeah. Yeah yeah that's the natural yeah that is the natural I interviewed wants to do an interview like back when I was working Wisconsin radio and everything to IndyCar race you know something and I had a pretty reckless Afghan out of a timeout IndyCar I read up on it did my ass homered and possibly could. As asking her some simplistic questions and some meat I tried to get a little more technical it's so rude on the film that she didn't wanna do ethnic. Don't immediately just say no just say now to moderate. Face added if you choose that you're gonna defeat that everything. To make all this money everyone else's life miserable it she just had like some really start answer I hang up the phone and being like I hope she never wins a race or her career and you get your way if that's I have gotten I have got my wish costs are again you know the famous painting American gothic Ingraham what inning of the SS couple outside the fireman's as far short. She looks like the woman and like the miserable woman all in that a hurry that painting that you are you to do so. Watch matter you do so much better. Okay I digress. Six on seven cents and 9790 three's at an eight. Celtics Brad Stevens Bruins Red Sox whenever there's there's so much going on it's a page at that point it at a not dressing you guys really got beat a soap opera breather just like a patriots won our breather. I loved so proper IQ I am. I save gives us and it's not about now you're right look at this just even just like each half. Are excellent extend it about six Mormon it's in this segment like. We just take like a slight step backs don't have to talk about you know who's mad at whom it was approximately treated at a session and he's the top of us who. Very nice but later served without shelter we doubt that this week about. Which is what Tom currents been saying for like over six weeks two months now that it became a whole new story and he really seemed to have nothing. Brit hasn't committed yet what sources tell me that he's going to play we still hasn't committed for twenty team that became oh and Adam Schechter it's like the gospel current. In reply Hollywood wrong about Jimmy or apple Auburn Matta yeah yeah this is the thing so soon after is put himself out there is just imagine if somehow some way. Ground in Brady don't come back like say they'd both go play. That would then coming out of because she's only guaranteeing that both of them would be back he's. Why is this even a story especially ground Coy Wire even time this course is going to be back. The retired compatriots are now turn you thinking a lot Wayne just chopped off the line we wanted Zagreb fax number and entirely in any extra stuff on there. But you know Wayne. Com Mac comeback queen I would love to talk about the rights acts. And I you hesitate renowned patriots path. I will say this about the patriots Arab about this this week you know you Saturday we're to the point Rhea pick sides but he team Belichick a great compliment thank. And I like hi I want a patriot and I know this will get people fired up I left I advise my observations my observation. Everyone is team Belichick when he is there someone whose team Brady I would love to hear someone I didn't see balancing act yet never ever seen every one audio ballots I haven't seen Brady people. And everyone acknowledges he had Belichick's a jerk like the ultimate question you know he probably should treat Brady better from a human standpoint or from a football coach standpoint. I don't think anyone's sides of Brady on this which is kind of amazed at 617779793718. Dollar check greed seem greedy and why. John and Brady please let us know your ray let me know it's. Belichick job there I mean you have the the weight rating I acted ever since the final episode Tom vs time. How it ended with a prop him missing the first you know voluntary section. If this comes to seven on sevens and rating broke out here it's gonna do it right. I'd probably be missing plane why because it'll leader this team and you don't miss that have missed one session fine. You don't want to work on you don't want to lift weights. Fine go Strachan decent young guy in the back to you show your face because you commitment to this team is I'm playing time 45 and you touted and huffed and puffed until your you know your owner decided to go ahead and shipped off the next guy and now let's be asked you guys. Digits or high and dry because of Tom Brady plays this season and doesn't come back next year. What does this team half. Not nothing what does this team advocates are also gonna lose partly Rob Gronkowski and next yours and his contract and I in nineteen. Comments on usually coming into play how much longer Stockton hi tyra gonna play you build your team round trip by. Everybody alike patriots fans that don't. And it seems as if that cover sort of hold that bait and switch where the first episode of commerce is times like you know you better be prepared. To lay your life in sacrifice everything electors aren't willing to do that and the engine what are we doing this for now I'm like getting treatment. And it's like once Belichick was forced to trade group Ron Paul Brady got the leverage in the power so now he holds the cards and now he knows. The patriots are SOL with out me. Yeah that Wall Street last year or the year before he will his successor was in waiting right here on the sidelines. Aren't so great he's got the we're trying to what are I'm telling you I believe that these are they. Got it checked out don't be shocked if he drafted quarterback in the first round. Eight Atlantic unbound Kyle lot of. I'm going Mason Rudolph Oklahoma State gas I don't know if they're gonna trade up or if they're just gonna sit tight and hope that Lamar high eleven is apparently Jeanie grappling two point house even need only surprise me that I'm and I'm gonna go problematic as I think guys understand. Analysts and Ireland and a Mark Loretta former brewer. The river Marc Warren speaking to your brewers you know what they did in May after they went to one in three to start the year in 1987 I do it actually. I think actually lost thirteen arrow there never cracked they went six and eighteen Sunday. That is and we'll get him we'll get back to the right taxpayer nauert that now we're down as Brady rabbit hole and I know people I know that you have an opinion on this so calling Al 61777979837. I know there's someone out there who thinks this is the about the checks I know other people out there who think that Tom Brady in Julian adult men and rob rent house here in the right. I wanna hear I wanna hear because you might convince me because early on an aside I sort of tied with Tom Brady understand that if you're a long time employee. Of someone and you have done everything that's Massey at some point just a little like skip something. You know getting an extra day god gave me give me a nicer parking spot to so gallantly don't speak any part of everybody in the entire analyst at newsroom. The entire locker room yeah we would compared it's like you know your line standing anger some of that if you're a lot of standing sales manager for summer. You'd do expect to be treated differently than say. You know big guy that you just hired out to be you that's sort of expected in corporate America. So I sort of had some sympathy that now now it's like bleeding into other guys. And Julie metal man is lakeside tweeting inside in programming and you've got Rob Gronkowski can't agency he says today monster truck show you know he's going to be asked about you know he's gonna see something passive aggressive. It's me it's just like your US haven't you have the ability to. Bridge the divide in you're choosing now. You mentioned Aaron Rodgers before her in others report that Iraq allegedly unhappy with the front office personnel see and he has every right to be because they haven't won five Super Bowl right exactly but Aaron Rodgers came out and ended it with a post audience a grammar twittered that fake news it was they thought over. Brady could easily duped easily do it he's living this language can linger and that's why you're seeing what's happening and what's just transpired over the course of the last three and a half months. Are you a couple lines opened 6177797937. We have to get your tin pan fixed. That maverick. March Freddie to Nazi margins acts. That's a more with training until moxie on Sports Radio telling you we. It. Just feel like it's coming to the end. Roll up my home music. Problems. I accurate Kenny it's not seamer James let us today as well he with you until 3 o'clock I wanted to avoid it I wanted to attack baseball or basketball or anything but let them down actress Danica Patrick having wrist. You know just looking like some like totally miserable human being by. None of that plays header may want to talk about bill in on what's going on in Foxborough and I guess that's what that's what we'll do I guess soap operas are fine now I mean I was in the DOS and streak in nine until now in days of our lives back in the day so I again it. I love not into an album does the original ones. There was a remake I'll tell you be well about like six years ago seven years ago Sudan is trying to think that are on your face I loved it when Kelly could pal ski AK eight Tiffany amber feasts in. Went from saved by the bell to Beverly Hills not a tune on the huge theaters and Xia she changed she was a bit different. I had to and our guests' eyes I'd like valor on it I like Valerie theirs and Kelly the Palestinians Cyrus or vindictive. Vindictive right. On 7779793. Study and all the drama that's going down in. Foxboro right now are you nineteen Brady or team belly check we have a team Brady we've most people I feel like a bad team ballot check. Throughout this because most think that he's the architect. And the reason why the patriots have won five Super Bowls but not everybody OT car you are outbursts why your team Brady. I just think it's it's kind of funny because you know you can get Ferrari and put a gold plated. You know paint job on it a page out when in the great 84 mustang. You know. Another and a bad analogy a table of trying to play it felt check cannot win it without Brady in winning Cleveland he's looking at eight games worse. In the year that Brady wasn't ever the same exacting. When we talk about when and when they went eleven and five. It's tough to rip them for that one and he won eleven games Matt Cassel. You won eleven games we still don't act and now that was just for some weird tiebreaker. Am pretty Leo cringe you couldn't you argue. Mac that Tom Brady did you know this is there who came first the chicken or the egg what came first time Brady successor Bill Belichick could you also in some double point of this that Tom Brady's success. Is predicated on a system that Bill Belichick is install. I think it I think it helps spent and what you have somebody that makes the pros and no one made a drug like Brady has. No and I think it's gonna be hilarious after rate on all these people call the church great great all the love to see that record after that. Yeah I think you know but I think telecheck would agree with the which is why he wanted to keep Jimmy drop below because he knew we need the next. I'm right and luck oh I think it may make an eight game that guys Brad I would watch this scene and seek. Check the injury report on us Emerson is gonna I don't think he can Nichols season. Policy about that OT pick all thanks for thanks for check in and 6177797937. Parent teen rating and we thought well that's so we asked for 'cause it's like bananas. All right John Abbas and you're next with that. Hey guys Columbus listen there. They can. Assad enough. We need more heat if we need complete dedication and John. So this is this been waiting for because I have so much built up over this pot and having it treat the regular. And first of all all due respect to build quality great coach. Just a phenomenal. Organizer. You know leader of men both Brady played. Any given us one years at the highest level. In the NFL and 52 bubbles. He had his success in trade him away for a second round pick one you'd take the 31 round there or work out. By the way that was thought that that was completely false that there's no way you're offered three for routers do they did. There's Belichick what it's taken I don't believe that height please don't believe it. There were offered more than we can agree on and he should've taken it and you should move on and let radio rioted. Right his career out and then draft and it's as a result fill it. Let me ask you is that John. Mean the list and I know they didn't need to focus on quarterback for a long time and Jimmy grapple always having the first time that they. Really had to look at the draft deputy Tom's getting older. His contract coming up we need to start thinking about the future but look on the league John. Look on the league and tell me how many teams have properly and adequately replaced a quarterback that helped them win. Go. Not many dream you dream name. Well I'm agreeing. That is it looked like I have something that might not only about you're not you're gonna play electric alleged. That's a great quarterback. You collecting less like forcing paper route out you can't. So I just let him play until he can't play anymore in these crappy needed if it sets up your team for a long term failure the next five to ten years after he's done. Now that the fine line at these crappy delicate act out but if you basic. Hills about bill's about a year to early ninety years too late right. You know you go if you differently target both sides of the mouth by you know our. All right as I talk on any sign in his mouth reliever being honest. It will make it brings up a lot of pouring with Butler. Hilo play one plate right in the civil law. Yet to return market funds and yet he quietly and you look hung and then in the regular season. Butler what on the punt return team and I'll beat the frog that was one. Ego issues like Colo about the time. He should be moved up. General manager. Not coach he's using his ego and it in his. Longevity as career just outlasted. You know everything else and ease he's now become a problem and alienated the. I've we get a flat Atlantic last night an echo this Byron ballots and also I think we're moving the goalposts a little bit he's apartment or. I'm this discussion it's not about who's deserves more credit for what it's happening it's about right now. And Tom doesn't feel like ballots sex methods should apply to him anymore he doesn't want to be yelled that. He doesn't want and never went patriot of the week he does you know all of that kind of stuff all the way up and argued all time. Yes so so he wants to be treated differently. Ballots Jack is all about the whole point of what he does is not treating people differently act but. Tom Karen brown a great point when he was on with no math last week where he said how do you think it was received in Foxborough. When a play the clip on commerce this time of entitlement gras gaffe today at C title game and Brady says I don't know how we won without you. And Thomas like nobody cares that he set it like he of course he can say to a private the fact that he made that public when that flies. One 100%. In the base of what the patriots are you never. Single out one guy for praise or anything you never would say I can't believe we won without that it's all about the next person stepping out. And the fact that he said that. It's just a 100% opposed to what the patriots are what they've been under Belichick. And so these are the kind of things that are chipping away at Yeltsin's authority and that's why city team radio team Belichick do you think. That politics should change to accommodate Brady's wishes like your suggesting. Or do you say this is what worked this is what made eight super balls and 15. Why should he change. The one thing and I say though is that without Tom Brady at quarterback. Bill Belichick's career record as patriots coach is thirteen six it's just below 700 winning percentage silky ten win without Britain as one would operate. You mentioned. The weed out youth thing would withdrawn. Here's the thing they didn't win without prompting 2016. Got hurt against Seattle beginning November he wasn't here for that playoff push. He wasn't there on the field they were down twenty to three with 212 left. In the third quarter in part that he got a ring -- do anything as part of that run up until the Seattle game so they've won without props. They they have done that could double checked him win and I think with anybody and listen Tom brings a great quarterback Todd should he I believe. Be allowed to get certain latitudes in its economies and other players sure. Should elsewhere opium is I want it that's gonna help and. Elway if ballot check at least make some concessions on Alex Guerrero. See the problem is to me that would make it worse because now you're sorted giving in young player you've RD sat that line you've drawn that line in the sand where. You allowed it you allowed it you allowed it you'd in light yet but you allowed and it went on for a few years and then it reached a point. Were more and more players in Iraq Brad for like to bring up Chris code in the game where he got hurt on that hit over the middle. Walking off the field not with the trainers spoke with Alex Guerrero and you gotta think if you're Belichick you know like are right enough of this. We have a trained medical staff these guys all have advanced degrees unlike Guerrero. And so it's you know it's time to lay down lie I don't think you can reverse that. All right 6177797937. Re at a couple of lines open we are talking Brady. Bella check these soap opera drama down in Foxboro whose side are you line. Do you do you SATA Tom Brady should he get it his way or is it bella tech's way or the highway will continue discussed activists. You're locked into training because Merrick and John Tomas. On Sports Radio WEEI. Protect them. And the right time. Is that this is we want enough is enough money. It about money for tax free and getting him open. Bit you know loses. Here. I don't know what the reasons. But this to remove him again off and I don't like it tonight is like I guess it's like a late nineties early 2000. At top I don't I don't know there. That's right you're a loyal and I have added I don't know everything about all pop culture and so. Quick I know. Did either preceding video posted by prince is a state of Hayes. Banned in Nike's core rise. Practicing nothing compares to get an idea before I'll sell off some no no that beloved princess my socks got. To see him at the palladium. In Worcester in November 2000 it was the beginning of his tour they kicked off and everyone told me before what they said. Don't expect in the plane hits he played little red Corvette when doves cry purple rain let's go crazy all of that big phase really just was instrumental stuff yeah I'd. Nobody wants that nobody wants Billick semi some of the Super Bowl Miami Super Bowl. That back it's pretty cool we're should have been the patriots in Bayer's instead it was yes Peyton Manning yeah. Restoration Manning beating Rex. Burris urged. After the past that blow on the seat. In named Ira members. It was a seven point yet yeah yeah yeah it's only about what it's funny to. Yet Reche Caldwell lots it's the receipt call yes. They go out. Well are things falling apart and similar fashion right now in Foxboro. Sat quicker sham wrote. I don't argue upon explosive article was certainly yeah I T detailed. Accounts are still time. Of what went down what was going down in Foxborough on mrs. before. Any of the things from the offseason I believe this article came out maybe about a month before the post season. It was and it is preceded by. Tommy current as suggesting that there were some power struggles happening in and Foxboro Greg Bedard sort of added onto it. And Seth Wecker sham sort of tied everything together and put a bow on and really sort of dribble Giroux connected all the other things occurring and the dark were talking about and his are quite as well so explosive and so life changing. Than ever and it's a talking to him about it he was out with Britain Callahan this week. I was told the before the Super Bowl Robert Kraft had told people that might look we've got to figure out where it went out yet he's a problem. And then he left in the Super Bowl on Robert Kraft started playing in they're just inconsistency. I don't know exactly how revolve itself. Like here's the thing at some point you have to stop. You have to stop paying boat by playing both sides crafty need to make a decision until Houston sign mr. Gary tempted to carry ten whip with a lot of business has been named we have brought up mr. whose fault is this. But he looks at Robert Kraft and said you have two jobs as an owner. You have to make sure they had enough money to pay the guys you want. And you have to smooth over everything. You know what hits the fan and right now he's not doing because on the one hand he's Antonia timing and had you know are now bill or not outs for our needs to be Gotti Aries not a medical bag can have on our team. All the old time you know that he's really important to you you've got to draw a line in the sand and you have to make a decision and if you're gonna side with Tom because you feel bad about the way that you handled the flaky eight. You need to go all in and then maybe make a decision on your coach but you're going to think about your future you may have to side with the coach at some point I think Robert Kraft needs to step in here. May put a stop to yes see I look at it like Kraft has always said. You know in all of my businesses I trust my managers I put my I hired the best people and I trust them to run what happens in their manager and your employees are fighting the point and I speaking to each well this I think is the problem I think he in this one particular case chose not to side with his manager because manager. In this case spell check clearly want to drop below to be the next guy. And crafted much that happened and I think that. As much as anything else is the root of all of this. In hindsight though John don't you agree and training that. Obviously Belichick was sitting on a winning powerball ticket in and somebody else mentioned he was a coup was another team who win in the transition was seamless. Even know it you know. Sort of had some lingering feelings San Francisco Joseph Montana to Steve yardstick I don't they won a Super Bowl. Couple years after Joseph Montana was out of town in 94 when Ron Amadon said I got the monkey off my back down in Miami against it's the end of reason the chargers. But Belichick wanted to keep this thing going. And the and the salary cap moved up ten million dollars this year picker franchise in EG four and I know. It's I I agree I agree with you I I it's eight stilted estate makes. OK you paid close to 25 million he's about the puts you oughta keep this thing going and I. Proud amazing you do that you have to make at that point to it maybe it's it. You know play devil's advocate here at that point Tom Brady was saying I am playing time 45 complaints on 45 this is nineteen minutes. Not his decision that's the thing he's got Tom Brady's decision go bill Belichick's decision that's the part that I never understood and people who would say well you know. You're gonna get rid of Brady when he's at the top of his game yet. Yes I am because the next guy's gonna do it for ten more years and I don't trust the forty year old to do it for five more are a lot of people think. That that who is Nina fan and Foxboro but only area in Dartmouth does not Larry thinks this is all made up. Please do explain. Yeah I don't we looked at close of all John are you can talk about your not gonna take two quarterbacks 25 million dollars a year as an hour and sells more to another through them I agree and I and you can elements all. The ball towards the ball. You were not endeavored a Brady talked but it yanks got most idiotic thing anyone has ever said. OK I say yeah it's definitely odd every day about the latest exit I eighty at the top of his game. Yet deep breath you lot one layer or two years or ten years. Quarterback a ball do you think the Celtics made the right call by holding on to Larry Bird to the bitter end and I was the biggest iron bird problem Barack and you know join. Let's youth like he was still their best player he was still the best player and chose not to move on an average why do you do when Super Bowl while he didn't last year I was making ends making is that I'm sneaking suit and what did she. No one's and he threw for more than 500 yards time. Let me ask you this all Larry Larry I'd got his nose into those guys noted that he Larry let down that path a let me ask you this in three years from now when Tom Brady is running best buddies in TB twelve and he's on a stage at Tony Robbins. And the patriots are cycled through another fifth quarterback. How do you feel about the sticking with the guidance and a plates on 45 amateur he planned to planned to keep playing. And then they got rid of their future to a he's the president and they've got nothing in their back to being the patriots in the eighties type feel about it that. Reinhart won't make you think I don't punish you at quarterback in the draft what makes you think they do. Don't you know I don't try to you not now but I think that it did I really really huge risk in saying. That he you reds got a huge leap here to say that the next unique rob Lowe's today by the way Larry I want to wall to wall college football. And I'd tell you after seeing Donald there's no Jeanie Jeanie strapped I don't care I will let it. I. You. Right on yeah. Because next year's draft is on next year's draft from the people who actually know watch college football. Sick they stayed is significantly. Weaker at the quarterback position next year than it is this year. That's why they're acting out why aren't they now know why do you. Why. Don't I noted down man silly it's just they'll right Larry it's Larry you think that's just that's bill right. Do you trust the fact that bill wanted to keep grapple what do you make of that. I'll tell you that you made that they charity tempered one of the court when they sought help but why would yeah. They can't take two quarterbacks. So fifty million so the next or I'd get an. Yeah so I would claim god almighty needs on from one idea how do you explain and Bill Belichick giving away Jimmy grapple for peanuts. Obama away. And so. Why second round pick for a U of Minnesota Vikings got. Waitress at Democrat and I personally don't ever gallon anybody don't think any answer your question. A guy like me and yeah well there were rumors. That area got it from McLean yeah. Question and Larry okay. I tell you I'm not playing you know that's an agreement that there's enough light thank you very McConnell and you know even now my life. The great what the patriots get for writing books. First first 00. Wage and the vehicle that I ought trial lawyer he had leery darkness on the stand he had a right. It was about the political ads so you don't secondly I was admitting it when he called that he was all Brady. And who's not to pay down Larry had a lot of anger black belt in Canada or here ha ISI. Is so much anger. But we like it I am glad I since the year 2 I am bottoming John I know you would I sound like Z blames you for everything I said I agreed. To. Are at we're gonna take a quick break but I did a couple of lines up and give us a call this is obviously firing people up maybe not as much lain dormant but close to 6177797983761777979837. More on the drama and Foxboro we come back.