Trenni and Tomase with Marc James - Tom Brady can't sing; Jackie Bradley Jr. has been useless 6-23-2018

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Saturday, June 23rd
Hour 2. Trenni and Marc have some fun with a video of Tom Brady singing or at least trying to sing at a U2 concert. What is wrong with Jackei Bradley Jr. and how do the Red Sox fix it?

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He's training and Tomas seem. Radio WEEI he's. Then. Uggla luckily Margaret to attorney and some Osce which is not Chinese prostitutes. It James Tomas is celebrating and believe his daughter's birthday or something there's a big party nine of ram. Thirty kids a lot of Jamaican jerk chicken and oh nice you look salacious elect delicious I'm sure he's not listening. Turns just enjoying Stanley timer now. Like to part. He does like to party. I can't imagine Johns mossy really being apart year of Tomas is fun all we yeah I I yeah yeah oh yeah that's Macias. To posse is. Tomas Tomas is a good time really active this is a revelation Hamas is also an incredible cook. He makes dinner forest wants it spring training and I was like blown away what do you make I don't remember Braga it was so bad like everything he made was so badly he says he's got a lot of hidden talents such hunts Nazi well. And who'd known the thing he said it pictures last night of all the food the team is making as a thanks for the invite jerk and anyways like I would put you through that torture. Thirty children out there and I added audio that I know there we don't you think you think you I agree she aided. TC felt that Tomas he will have so much fun at this party and hill and I've been so many. You know like Asians. That if he had to know have a really important time for talk the next morning you sleep through. I don't think he would but rod I know you're referring to Robert Williams is very nice but here's thing training. Kids when he sold under the give him after draft night. He was in Texas and Louisiana was AME TV show the video is Howard difference in his central time there and I write in time their ability to gather was that I'm gonna give him a pass on this on the say this. That you're not in College Station or Shreveport anymore their sweetheart don't let it happen again. OK you got your wife that he got your one thing of being late do not let it happen again. At it would be one thing you do is just sort of like a one off but one of he knocks on Robert Williams is that lack of motivation lack of motivation a little out of shape eat eight act Adrian merger now Huskies sad that he has lottery level talent yes but he noted that passions -- his attitude and work that they may draft is draft stock if she treated on Thursday if he can show a commitment to playing hard. Could be ace deal of the first round. I was over the bring you our backs energy I hear it's beautiful it is unreal just a stolen from by the way we can actually spit on a that we would we could spit on it we're that close to it from where we're at right now at the in the new balance building. I asked Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge that question and dean means more particulars of this is a guy. Was projected to be a lottery pick even after last year if you come out a year ago doctors freshman year he would've been a lottery pick and it YNG you know give a 27 it Italy said the right things and obviously. It doesn't matter what he did the SE CT time SEC defensive player of the year and matters what he does in the league I think it. I think Danny Ainge once again let's go back tourney. 2014. Markets Smart 2015. Terry rosier 2006 and let Janet rowdy doesn't seventeen Jason. I'm a sap ego. Going back to mark is Smart there are questions about markets aren't sure there questions about his attitude. His temper whomever they did not yet been. His Italian ice against it called about. The way to he conducted himself in Oklahoma State some able bodies this Kennedy guy he's gonna throw punches as he going to be a hard guy to renaming corral. And Brad Stevens was able to do that now you know he has many Allentown ninety she'd ball. But he has turned him into a hard working scrappy defensive player who has made huge time. Your regions of the Celtic and by the way I think he bull that's the last time ever seen him play games of action from portions game seven against the Cleveland Cavaliers I think he's going to take. The maximum about and he said the pacers. The nuggets in Sacramento are all interest in markets Smart and he might get up to fifteen million year there's no way something mr. Pino I wouldn't pay more than twelve. Twelve I logged on at twelve under this cap and Tyree is gonna be a free agent you don't walk away next year yet to sign him to a long term extension and now there's no way. Yeah it's good Canty I hope that he adjusts. Is is he really wants to stay here that maybe he adjusts his expectations. What he's going to take I don't see that happening might our province has been waiting finance because you see it on the Austrians as screw Hanley let's talk Celtics might what would you like to talk about in regards to the Celtics. Hey yeah. Just a quick note though about the Sox muted at the really torturous thing about all Jackie Bradley junior situation is the perfect. Replacement programs already in the organization. And in the best player putt at the last two years Bruce sealed and yet and you'll meet him he's not appears to cut his salary and app. You know has nothing to do or luxury tax nothing to do with the Senate's should be in an end Jackie's place he should. Let's be Arab my house frustrating as a Sox and how frustrating is that you're watching these guys print money pretty funny in you've got to. You've got. And you've got Houston to contend with in this situation rather like maybe this year's not the year to go over the life like that. That are over the luxury tax increase make this deal is in bank catapult us back past the Yankees are catapult us past the the Astros say oh man let's not worry about it I don't know. Well I think this is what you're one year deal going way over the limit because they wanna get back all of because the weight and it's also not as good repeater penalty. That really yeah. You know so what they put him on on the forty man roster again. It makes it all the more difficult to get back below you know as he gets it eleven million dollar salary while the penalty. Yeah going into the season he had three seasons and 35 and a half million dollars remaining on his seven year contract but. You wanna see what this guy can do now I believe when they increased the roster I believe after not the non waiver trade deadline but the waiver trade deadline like in August. That's when you can see roost they cast DO come up here I think that could be. You know what you gotta wait till August to see this Katie and Anne and Jackie Bradley junior continue to flounder. Well maybe a bit opinion is that this is how dire that salary which we should mention that he. A credit nick might help the point really that yeah yeah that's yeah it was. The you know the thing I'm I'm all for this can get picked up eight if only to be just another piece in the toolbox if you look at the Golden State Warriors. They facilitate a lot of different walks. And the way their bench is constructed in the supporting cast. Like in the flat a play off series NBA finals everybody not need to rant. Curry. Thompson in green collectively shot 63%. And because they generate high percentage looks it they've limit themselves to only taking good shots and you'll connect this is basically a lot target. Who and who's gonna create more often and so often reach out and help open a three point shooters are on the perimeter by you know collapse in the defense that. I mean if you know a big win for the two. It's a huge win and by the way when you're picking its when he seven Mike and thanks for phone call it's like you want value. Danny Ainge hit a home run on this pick tourney I can't tell you how much have watched these cute the one thing I don't like. And any names. But there are people in this Markey who like after Chris Haines an aging war in routes between that all of this guy is up you'll Christine that he could be a clean cut how law comparison which I are you kidding me. Yeah I thought I'm actually tossing at the exact right spot and right so what they're. Other people it's like. They circled eloquently to did you. I watch it's easy basketball I've approach would only people doing without lots and it's easy that's by watch these kid. For the Celtics to get this lottery level talent at 27 it's not only it's a great deal could be used steel. For Dini aging company that's why I look listen when it comes to talent evaluation. Trust India he knows what he's too. You made mistake shirt I mean you're out there there's cheered solid turn out recipes Abdallah. No there and don't forget James Young at a Kentucky and I'm he was not good and and the kid out of law. George the statement that great NCAA tournament RJ hunter army had offered out of charge they mostly. Studies say he's Hitler recently hit right recent draft picks. Two I compared to last night on and on our shot on early edition I said -- is GRE and and and Draper we're like. I don't understand libraries all like gushing over this cake and the economy's going to be yet he's got all these question marks as I. It's no different to me at this point Danny is no different than Bill Belichick it's in Danny we trust. It's always been bill we trust and tilt and like he's made some mistakes in the passes it only doesn't have it's always bill but you hits. More than you miss people are gonna start to give you the benefit of the doubt and Danny has made some incredible deals lately whether it's getting highly urging. Or creating word. It's hard trained for Isiah Thomas drafting Jalen brown moving to trade away. When they turn the way to number one pick everybody thought mark health Fultz had a remarkable tab add mark helpful. But Danny Ainge saw something in Jason Tatum in trade that away and use it to his advantage got a number one on that and you've got essentially a number wind and it. And it's so right now I'm I I guess I'm in your camp it's like. I'm not gonna look at this over and getting gusts over easy don't know we're gonna get out of them but it's. You know it's low risk high reward running even this K okay let's just say brain and say the kids sleep sane and he's fat and lazy and he doesn't do anything. Our rights are you 127. Telling you wasted this happens next. No and by the way the pick that the Celtics gave up to acquire curry serving ended being the eight pick. Cleveland with that pick took Collins sex and watched Paula called sex is a really good point guard I don't know if he's game's gonna translate to the NBA so. Right now deities looking like a Matt what I can understand that teams get scared when Dini calls that he's gonna fleece us it's what he's done all bodily. Amongst all the bad deals Guinea's main probably the worst one trading up two draft tell you clinical over the Greek freak. Well yeah that was about it and yeah Africa let's not forget now what happened. Since you actually watched a fair amount of SEC basketball now seen Robert Williams on YOK why why should your Celtics fans listening right now why should they be excited about Robert Williams a gate to the point in time it gonna be honest I haven't seen. In that disappointments hi Jack. In two I don't really see Taylor I sleep now I could not about lists of words right now on after I think about it I appreciate your transparency not coming out saying he's in the liquid propellant when you have wants to game like most people have in this town that I'm not and cannot say get like I mean how much Marquette past knowledge big east basketball it's on Marquette fans that's a lot of big east but I don't I mean. Given. I get Iraq's what happy Texas well I'm in it when I look at a guy like Robert Williams. I'm not so easy meat is good I'm gonna do you view the but you guys stay with me and say your name your Google and rural. Let me see your first 2004. Through 2010. Dwight Howard in Orlando that the White House. You don't. I isn't right now I mean people like kind of crap and dollar Dwight Howard has his name is now been linked to his office is well no we don't need them don't even I don't wanna listen I did play 81 minutes last year and averaged sixteen in twelfth well I missed it could be a throw away you're gonna have to started and if he does it need to be the focal point of the team he might actually be a decent pick up for you especially if you're not able to resign and we certainly. I'd really like Karen paints all of Australia. That. When media great for bear Baines this. Of course he would be born in this guy's a lottery pick talent end is another thing older but it. At least he does he doesn't have to battle Greg he's a doctor averaged sixteen points a game but I tell you what's the biggest shot and he doesn't just averaged sixteen point game last year it was four years I don't know I talked about Robert Williams salts are romance yeah there are no so Robin Williams is an average sixteen points a game but what he will do he'll give you double digits a rebound in the celtics' biggest problem for it really the Brad Stevens era and we sought happen against Cleveland. They can't rebound when they need to. These kids gonna help you rebounds the blocked shots he's an energized the guardian. This is a great pick I did Dini Ainge and Mike Syrian a lot of credit I'm glad my hair and I don't think he's going to Philly. They've offer like they're big meet overtures for him to be their next year and I believe screening where's the starter sat Jackie. Every now and I'll let you know I got the other night he didn't always work to sort of like where's. Our Jack and managed. I like clean and out there and Annika pass 61777979837. Heidi feel like the Celtics Heidi hello Robert Williams. We'll also happily take your calls on the Red Sox or anything else sports related it's on your mining and I suppose we could throw Tom Brady and harassing and U2 concert that. I'm an anybody else it. I'm just you know like I am certainly glad Tom Brady beat number. I don't know say it's good to know he's not great everything. I don't know that Tom Brady is not I did everything he does bullies terrible singers saw that one of the I really like him to stop acting like a thirteen year old girl I. Am without the added and I minds as far as I think Zell did you not tell you all know bill that was all you know is a self the Kennedy turned to Camry hall I'll tell them let you know OpenId. Alba bloc I think we saw one thing Tom Brady also was in great debt at one of the patriots five Super Bowl duck boat parades. He got up there when they you know about to address the crowd he tried dancing and it wasn't good right now. Yes so there's that but it's you know it is what it is I I just want Tom Brady. Getting camp in beating Tom Brady on the lot it's been this is not a good offseason from its top and bad. But it is from eight PR perspective. The optics have not been good for Humber Easter and I did it I understand there's some. Friction between him and Bill Belichick or it's Oprah Winfrey calls a Belichick. If she says she called the bill attack. She com bill battle attacking guys in the question in the question which she asked him about he said coach she calls them billet check. Yeah yeah I'd and that's kind of when I was 45 minutes of my life on every pack yeah watch the whole thing I did unfortunately as your the perch Turkey in the back. Those civics. I watch a whole thing a wall I believe it is 45 minutes of my life I can never get back. I didn't walk away from it thinking I should watch week thinking that Tom Brady looked looked good he came out he was honest he was open and like Tom Brady I don't care these and although like. You know old Alex Guerrero holistic early today ceiling in meditation and like hot activity like. I consider sitting down our show I was like that's I mean all that stuff that is like that's like Chan man that I love it. So once you become a TV twelve client. Because nary a chiropractor science museum and I like that don't pretty much on the minds of our art and to meet its conflict of interests okay and it. Right well apparently it's not I mean there's like you know I something happen on you or. Network a popular guy little officer got their hands on it and my colleague Aaron those heavyweights donate to mend those are like big time box office attractions when it that it. Shot maker seeding makes forgetting about the way to meet the Greek TV I was Reid I loved it I was. Yeah it would dare not are you wanted to get and see it goes on and seen that yet it another shot it seems like. Maybe he'll join a telescopic shocked seats in the up act to own. Q is dole and all yeah. Simons doesn't Baghdad but anyway. I southern vitality and Belichick bill are at their attack attack that's yes you like she mixed together like a tuning yeah. That is down bill politics she's a single. Know much about football season or not it's nice to know now know that was a fortunate many but anyway my point is like. I didn't I added I am in all that stuff and I I don't I don't fault him for doing it I don't fault him for that being like the focus of what is it that keeps you healthy. And that's what and that's why you're still playing at 41 at a high level or at least we think you'll play again not high level of 41 that's great it's the other extraneous stuff this summer that is pop me. It's the some treating the now I say on Oprah and the Milken Institute that I'm not quite sure how line maybe again on Oprah and is sooner rather than later. Citizens Comverse is times when rain is like why are we doing this like what is at all love her is what is that all there for like hey I had worked out which is out and I got I got two more years right now where two more years. Ike and then the again this sort of like this sub two meeting in the sub texting in the NC Graham posed like were not kids manager. Forty year old here for almost 41 year old man McKee you have something to say say it and if you don't want you sent us sympathetic to the idea that. May not happy anymore maybe like football is no longer a priority. Fake news flash people when you get older. In boating and was older knows this. Other things start to become important to life and that's totally okay like I would not a gripe Sheen he's been doing this for almost twenty years it takes a toll on your mind on your body and your family everywhere around you has to make major sacrifices. Which is they just don't see any pain. Don't write Spanish at the bottom of the seeing you know that is Spanish for 450 run today EC go yeah yeah com. I'm I can't like copying my oldest ages of thirteen year old middle. Schooler and running that's exactly what he's done all season long and I got to tell you it's been a really bad look even go wrong prior to the draft the patriots wanted to talk to him and they simply so. What are you Dylan and I guess he assured that these complaints when he teen in all would be well. Need to do stupid DMX super moto cross press conference at Gillette Stadium which is about look at I think he's. People may be Drew Rosenhaus got him but for Tom Brady. It's huge it's then it's almost like this is our bizarre wrote Tom Brady like it's been the it's it's so it's got to pull off the guy that we know and love it's like oh is voluntary. No such thing as voluntary private and I know he missed it in the past. I believe we haven Bridget when he hit had a date he missed it that he had a valid reason would this I'd get it enters Phidget missing ten minutes. You know this actual middle finger salute telecheck pieces in a belt belt or a group was Oprah says telecheck. This too little fingers to Billy checked I mean that's what it is. You know and it's like a Tom what's it's like your rage. Isn't something I wouldn't Belichick. I'm banking that you've got to and it odd trip and I went you're taking a remote Helio let's listen here's ever I did forget to DVR it's I watched it just like and then there was an on demand thing had to watch it via FaceBook like her face but page. And I I just watch some iPhone. So maybe the audio is in lake and I spent most of the afternoon laying out in the sun at the pool and now the title a lot of got you so bright so I digress right 677797937. We'll take your calls an ending that sort of talk some Red Sox. And it kind of a law that we'll get back to those calls after the break. Slug Sports Radio WTI. This is something well I wouldn't go check. It's not they get. I've never seen your senior season I have my sob and actually last year I Gillette Stadium for what they just to. They yes I it and I hope to be here as I was driving home and I need to keep a gar I live really close to the darted. Keep the guard and schedule and my car. Because there's two different ways that I can go home side by side stories about here but I I sure anybody about your address for everybody out there that. Now if you'd be hard pressed there is a maze of streets in my neighborhood that I die your pretty hard pressed apparently plus you have to Connell was put in stairs trying armies you probably wouldn't wanna do and be tired out by the time you got to the top. And you would have the energy to murder me anymore. Not that I would anybody else who wanna do that so I shouldn't bother with lights. And so I just like I drive home and everything's good name it's like a dead stop absent in traffic ethics. It's UT. They're on again tonight a couple of years ago they re here for Friday nights at the garden there's a huge Irish population right here alive now and I ache I let us say concert I'd like to see if they shared their fantastic in concert they're great the looming ears open up for them Asher Gillette Stadium was awesome. You know was on Gillette three years ago Taylor Swift AC DC. And it was one of their last concerts. Before they're less they're lead singer when death and now he's not abandoned more than outside AC DC just now I know they were having Axl Rose Phil and forum. Like a terrible replacement but so does not it's not AC DC it's like Collins AC DC your AC AC DC roses it's not the same and a yeah for the race you easily New Yorkers now. It's only two shows us time and. But he acts traffic was a mess and literally I was like. Is every white middle aged person in Boston on this time yeah but that's print everything out a 100%. Decline talent I mean those are my people obviously I'm white middle aged now like you too so that's not a slam on any justice observation I mainly as a and just went to four in material people don't see too. What's up everybody that. Aren't anyway I'd address. We're not any wanted to talk about Tom Brady. And whether or not he's laughed you laughed it bad taste in your mouth this summer the way that he is conducted. Himself six on 777979837. What do you think about Robert Williams. Also I should check the Red Sox which makes me happy because I'm a baseball gal at heart by the way. And on Iran on no big deal makes you mentioned John today I don't. Now that's a Texan tellem. I'm not call it you get the name roll you ugly got a name affinity for food themselves. He in the lovingly there hit it JBJ real quick separated pressed him and really neat case. Well no Major League at an easily reference. Absolutely and on it on the next front it is all part of BK gross around that in and week. I have a conspiracy theory that I think is actually gonna come out anything and you could totally legit. I don't think he's tied to the drug ring at all with a small thing. I think if they don't look blocks hit him there. It wasn't just bad all the talking about I think he's dirty like PD dirty. And I think whatever is not walking without a cocktail that is that he thought I think that's going to be his eye to. I. I it's possible I mean that's certainly but I feel like again. I feel like Michelle McPhee and Dan banks that convicts are waiting salon. I do feel like again Michelle makes feed is probably may keen d.s. Assumptions and feeling confident enough to put these. Reports out there because of things she's getting from her sources behind the scenes and I think that if it was just like. Oh gag he's just sort of PD related he wouldn't be a person of interest any federal investigators. I mean when you saw about federal that's like yeah that's what lake when the feds get involved it's like cancel Christmas. I mean you saw that that's what you get with fetal position and you just say. You know who please have mercy on me and at that point you're begging for your future a couple of nobody knows let's see I trusted Michelle make feet. Which she reports I trust and she was the one who broke the story initially training accident and and she's the one so to me this is her story and a lot of people gonna try to piggyback off that undone when Michelle McPhee on this. I don't believe I'm just telling you from my perspective I don't believe the Red Sox had any knowledge whatsoever. Regarding Hanley. We. The money that he was old next season if he hit his 497 at bats seemed that this option so I don't think the Red Sox any knowledge I think he's a human story and. I don't be surprised on this team training if this ends up being nothing if if he at least not implicated it's going to be like it's tough to prove. They said you've got pulled over some Mark James sweet and you called me at night what's not limit again this is a assuming that he just called village C a really hands on number. That's not it he call. You know when aid to get not adding that he answered he called his CU had a conversation with him. That in some way we implicate him like that's my gas that is my guess that he called and said something about this stuff. Like any to ask you about this and had been the cops out of frame might that again it's just speculation but again I don't believe. Because he just called to say all the cameras that see I really know Hanley. That's not gonna lead to all of this like that that would be. Very negligence on the part of police sources and Michelle McPhee if that's the extent of like I just I can't. I don't think it's as simple as. I want to throw my friend and Abbas I'm gonna prove to everybody that I embodies it Hanley Ramirez like. There is some sad and there was some sort of information exchange that has now made him a person of interests. Guy in the late you're you're you're basically going with the where there's smoke there's got to be some fire yes yes it's it's sorry it just a light. Common sense tells me. That me all federal officer. Has probably had dealers try to pin things on other people before just because your somebody's. The phone number in your phoning to make a phone call to them is not an implication something they say is an implication. I back to the phones with Johnny Maine wants our Greg Sachs and our risk Nicosia what that John. I also quickly on Robert Williams at the topic they're willing to draft. I shot blocker I can rebound that motivation on the it will behavioral issues. I don't think it out of the realm of our ability back it would be willing to go out pick out to. Yeah hey you know what though John the only thing I can tell you on Dwight Howard is I just don't see him fitting in here and boss and I know the can get him for nothing. And that's where his dot I mean. The Brooklyn nets has bottomed out they they need one or who would Brooklyn doesn't want you John. You if you have come alleged that Brooklyn at Harvard he want proponent I thought Brooklyn didn't want them I mean that's what it bottom out so would Brooklyn doesn't want you John you're at a crossroads that your career. Well I love it like you know he's been cancer at the teens and get firm they start losing them by I don't know maybe Brad Stevens could change back. And I really like to be out. I think you will see him for the and even Special Olympics in Iraq are until then we're gonna be stuck with any day. I mean even through this slide. That started this it was pretty big red and I think that there will be able to maintain this winning. I told rock they're banned from apple book it was long enough and it appears can't certain spot on the rocks. Now it's going to be a little bit though like almost two months when it when the roster expands forgive me for not knowing that's not to look it up now but just because the roster expands. They've never product this year to past couple of years they think that's a counts against you when you rise right rolled right and he's I don't know that that that he be able to bring him up that may still I don't I don't know that now for sure I'd like to look that up and maybe you know. That tech stagnant Alec listening who understand sort of capital entry tax situation certainly better than I do. But I don't know that he's necessarily quick fix to knee. I think what the Red Sox are doing right now on to be the reason they don't call up his TO is. A they don't wanna go over the luxury tax. RB they know that maybe they can get something in return if via a trade. And either trade away Jackie Bradley or trade away Blake's Reinhart and then you bolster your bench that way because right other bench is essentially pre and they'll let me ask you this though you talk about. GB James Blake's wife harder on the open market wouldn't indifference to how that's the thing and are now you know I don't and that's the other thing I don't know what like. Right now the Red Sox could use a left handed reliever and a right handed out past the bats. What what pieces do they have. That you can look at this day. You know what yep that's gonna really intriguing team. The one guy that I'm just sort of mystified at the Red Sox gave up on and in lake he was great it was great as a met and he was. They struggle will be here but I thought he was gonna come back issue was this and read. There was a guy who they acquired last year and like what is he making yeah well yeah I mean but listen this team you know money's not really then it you know and. And the air but there we again if money wasn't a thing then he's making five and a half million dollars this year I think that's not that bad now. I mean like I you know that was a guy that I thought that media should stay with his team I don't know but it you know a look at this team right now and they've obviously got holes but my biggest fear I think the Red Sox been what a 105. Games. But here's the thing I think the Yankees gonna win a 108 or ten and then the Red Sox gonna have to get a one game playoff with Seattle Houston. And anything goes and it's like. Well probably not he's in I would go Mor MM zero over in Seattle well and I wanna be hosting and I mean. I feel like Houston is going to Ryan how I mean. Right another 1527. And their three and a half give other three and a half games up on Seattle I don't know that I see Seattle pitching Houston. Probably not but they're there and they're going to be in that wild card situation forget there's also the angels. The angels are only there ain't half back. And that there are only five back from Seattle for the wild card. So that's something to keep I mean any time we have Mike Trout on your team I think that's gonna keep oh absolutely they're coming in by the way right after the series in Seattle the angels come in town Lotta Lotta. April 16 hail last teams. RE 677797937. We have a couple of lines open what early it's smorgasbord Saturday level liberation okay go whatever you feel like I'm without training which Freddie. All of those things they just sort of fly off the time. On the mark mark. You're locked into training because Eric and John Tomas. On Sports Radio WEEI. When a line drive standard scale back then he acts that. All incorporated. He's come back victory. Home court nothing in there at the five day rally to beat. Seattle Mariners a year or two he has the thought that was five that two thirds innings of scoreless relief. JD my team just goes four for five. The home run. Two doubles a single up five runs batted in. Pricey JBJ not a part of the Al win last night he was not an on line up. The residents came on to beat the San mariners how they do that about someone who's having won 8181. Now some early vote they were able to accomplish that. I by the way attorneys couple notes hear the Bruins with a 57 pick in the 2018 draft selected. Defenseman axle Anderson of Swede in. And then in the third round draft teed Jacob a lock go from the Czech Republic he's a forward so those two guys the newest Boston Bruins so congrats to them and hopefully they'll be continued the tradition going here in Boston with the guys like Charlie nacco void in that agree is looking company and under Bjork and. So our series I'm just making up our thoughts and facts slide. Stunt and it's like. I don't know I I'll probably jump on the back right in light of big name ignited deep playoff run again or respond like I am hi is eighteen says this against wrong it was. They get to get a keeping gallantly Akita get that next level but then again I'm someone who loves baseball excellence the nests. Talked about sentencing. We'll talk about that next hour by the way Bob Knight you know on I'm baseball writer lover of baseball race the aid being heard reports. About the state of Major League bees are now let's against the database Belichick it was Friday in Maryland Fred. Well how are you look I'm doing great how are you guys still on wells Q. I have some well. We have all our lineup went the first six guys that have had more home runs. Start with both bat and be and then folk arts and Martinez. Then. Moreland and devers and back. Actor Jackie Bradley but there are any and then my position and be all or moon yet. It's like. What do you think of that lineup that way absolutely will happen editor at the bottom can get on base or bat in the gut it out lineup. Yet if you judge Reggie BJ though and they like that. Yeah I'd like him because he's great. Played a lot of games here's the problem right although Fred does he really save a lot of yeah like they're hitting he did last year. I gay guy I did not angry they needed good defense posture because their offense has putrid. But like this year I don't know that that's I don't know that asymmetric that is as important this year as it winds. Laps and like the other night against Minnesota so he saved the raw and there is so they lost 62 instead of seven hours ago. You know I'll I don't know like you know that's that's the thing I think it's sort of EE it's like I don't know it's like this aberration that people talk about when they talk about a guy like Bradley junior I just don't think it. I think people put weight too much stock I mean listen get about air the other night to which cost him a run as well. And the and that. Get along ball maybe batting in the seventh ranked position while that some of the pressure off he's already won it and a lot of is already down or frank yeah. I mean the bottom half of that lineup has been a real black hole at times. For the Red Sox I think that's why they're looking for some possible outfield help because right now you don't wanna see. Place arts on a great outfielder JD Martinez unbelievable. Offensive player but you know average to below average outfielder. And then you have to shift everybody else and I'll figure of about intending senator so. Tune any it's. Ache. What else you do with an attempt it is the legitimacy won a home run every 65 games is not enough for me to. Justify your position in the lineup every single day. On the night and that's where we gonna get right and it. Hats and outfielder now well anybody at. Spratt and I'm glad you asked think it's free call and I actually looked this up because I was curious. Who they may be able to go after an over them concerts to great website if you don't Solomon Twitter. Just follow their their blog definitely do so. They gave five options for a possible. Out the other. Leon a Smart team from Detroit Tigers at the left handed hitter I'm not an exciting option they say. He's having a career year. They get a whole bunch of you know he's. The bad news is for his careers worst and Bradley against both lefties and right he's the he's had a career year. And so any Libya ABA short term rent dull. He's only team controlled only be through this season and he's only being paid one point 75 million dollars camera made it. I'm right handed hitter from the Marlins also under control and more expensive 3.2 million. I he's ready to hit a horrible year save talent might be available they say for next to nothing. Which is big news because they don't have anything to offer. But you know maybe he's something's at least you get less power bits moist babies steals more bases may needles Smart on the day's fast I don't know. Air and author of the Phillies I'm I don't know if the Phillies are gonna be willing to. I don't know how they're I don't know what they're out of situations they're willing to parity young guys 27 only making five and 61000 dollars. But he has some upsides of power outside Adam Jones okay this is a little different route one right let. First of all stop in day out and he's not coming in Boston but at air. I don't know that that is here's my thing you got a guy in Pawtucket who's a righty innings and outfielder named Bruce may cast Diaw and I think ultimately if you're gonna do something internally. That's. They're causing a lot of money now it's gonna cost a lot in the last person on this list is Domingo Santana I he's right handed hitter outfielder for the brewers. It may deals with the Burress before his salary he's under control to 20/20 one. How are that means you got to give out more for him. But he salaries only 5724. So that's very cost effective. And let's he doesn't get a ton of playing time because the brewers have eight stacked outfielder and decaying Christine LH Brian Brian Dozier every day guys out there is Santana only plays every once in awhile. Sometimes straight talk a little bit too much but definitely has power pop. I I look at lap I look internal but if they're gonna look external I mean I don't wanna give up much here's the thing about it. The Red Sox don't have much to give me talk about a farm system that since Dave Dombrowski took over in great beauty. These are like especially for Santana got to give up more because he's under control to Tony trying to one and he can probably be an everyday outfielder for you he's just not getting opportunity is there players that are gonna. Well indeed Dombrowski since Red Sox you know he took over their farm system went from fifth in baseball America. Down to 24 now. So you don't have those and PD I know so there's there's that I meaning you know you just ask Travis hasn't really grounded into what you want around home to roost they cast DO this year he's leading the teams in it averaged 30733. RBIs 29 runs scored. There's a guy at like eight and you know what he wasn't all that bad over three seasons but. He got to remember. People will look it's that he never get second chance to make a first impression like Robert Williams book all men eagle slept well. That's what he did you know it's it's like forget about it like. You're gonna actually got the call this kid up in sea woody can deal. But remember Jackie Bradley junior does happen optioned left. He and and that's the thing I cannot reiterate enough. Just got a head back and I think it's mental I think you just mental that he CI a little break yeah he's got ya and now it's just in a town like this. This isn't Kansas City. Okay where if you get this you're not gonna happen you know talk re easy to. Erie you have a slump especially all season long you're gonna hear about it or every U gul the fields privilege you know. I just I LCD just come back at what point do the can and Red Sox sort of cut bait because again I like this personal. Parent you're listening that's Jackie's wife like he's awesome he's a great guy he's a community guy he's Smart he's nice thing. When you have not hit consistently outside of like two or three months of your entire Major League career at some point the Red Sox need to look and say. The very least if you can't maybe that's why they have to go on an assistant to get tight even a bit asthma attack as good of an outfielder. Like it'll late inning were defensive replacement well here's the thing you know but then if you need that you need alienating defensive replacement type in a situation Marie you're not hitting enough and maybe you know they can hit I don't. Would JBJ he makes six point one million dollars a year and next to me is just like I mean the red he's legally stealing a check right now from Red Sox. I mean I like your I think I think Jack Clark. You know it was someone back in the day who actually. You don't hurt his check more than Jackie Bradley junior and it's become now he's become a punchline now. There's no there's no debt midfielder detonated the age but there's no DF. So you can't just rolled up there and have someone hit forum if you did that okay five appointment setter let him do with Spiderman like a but he's killing this team he's killing them and I had this conversation or rob Bradford at all night. Will eventually it starts to catch up in like how much is he killing on the got 51 wins but they like. You see it not acknowledged that 900 pound pink elephant in the room which is is 180 whenever trainee. He's batting one to fourteen. Over the it's M temperature over that road trip in June what's he got 131. I am I am yeah I'm late in June 1 like it's that bad. I mean last thirty games as an obvious is all of GM and I have this Imus funny sixteen stats on the right now that last thirty games batting 202. We NO BP of three it Arenas I you percentage of 351. With two bomber and an eight RBIs the last thirty gates is still 28 straight counts. In the last 3028. Strikeouts. Strikeouts by the way are a big problem across the board in Major League Baseball. Bob nightingale longtime columnist for USA today who loves the game. As much as anybody else I know they discovered it for a long time wrote a scathing. Column. About the problems that Major League Baseball has. How do they thick some I'd love to know your suggestions 617779798. Resembles not about me come back and undecideds break.