Trenni and Tomase - Patriot defenders vs Brady haters 1-13-2018

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Saturday, January 13th

Hour 2. Trenni and Tomase take a barrage of calls from both Patriot defenders and Brady haters.


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And music for any and tomorrow's a new ones boards radio WEEI he's dreading his marriage and John Tomas he'd break down everything with the packs the Bruins and all new England sports. So. It's trendy and Tomas blood Sports Radio WEEI. It's. Our ever see trains not CB or get you ready for the big tilt tonight 815 K got done Gillette Stadium titans. Taking time. The patriots. Any chance misses like still you halftime. I suppose like you know low blow I read somewhere like Lebow could come out. In just Brady something he's not expecting and it takes them a quarter and a half or something to figure it out and then there. Good to go in the weather is an X-Factor you know as it is fields wet and as it freezes like who knows us was he really windy which could affect the pass game in orbit yeah I I would think that would probably hurt Marietta more than Brady Brady is like those. Short pinpoint accurate controlled passes. Marionette is his throws have been wobble I was watching that game last week late he didn't look. Even though they came back against Kansas Seattle think he looked that impressive you know one of the tests as he threw himself. So and you really it was tipped and should have been intercept yeah I think I insist it rightly I was like instinct to active right to himself right to market average was a great place gas and I am I actually think as a kid I might remember this Ron but I think that Doug Flutie was gone for some. And CA passing record Izzy the yards and completions or something. And I think he actually completed the record breaking pastor himself and it got called back and a penalty that's like the only time. Batted out in cot and actually gain positive yardage. I should Dennis trying to break as we have like six minutes of looking for indeed Greg Bedard. Piece from yesterday he talked about. The titans and the only you know what possible chance they have to even beat the patriots and Adam is really funny. That he talked about. That one of their biggest struggles the titans' biggest hurdles is the fact that. They haven't evolved as an offense or defense that they have aid offensive coordinator I believe has been coaching in the lead 26 years and then we'll always like. Thirty summer forty years he's like they're just old school and they don't they. They don't keep up with the times for lack of a better phrase. They don't keep up with what is needed and they feel like it's really hindered markets Mary noticed progress these why people think mark is Mary noted could be an elite franchise quarterback. But that. Under the direction of Mike Malarkey in his staff they've really really hands him a lot so that's something to watch is well typical Bo obviously Mike I Dick LeBeau is going to be policy pavlik has played so he's yeah he's 8880. Something he nicest nicest man and just a sweet man I had the pleasure of getting to know what it covered the Pate or did the Steelers. Yeah I mean. Could be my grandfather and he's still a defensive coordinator in the NFL and he's eighty and you wonder at what point. Do you stick with what you know but what you know is starting to pass you by Aaron let's go to the back to the phones let's go to. A shell in California calls for a broad. A broad broad from our crossroad gallery and eventually unify Oliver secede anyway so I have luckiest son. When you have a large economies we could be arrow country you really that the rest of this yet anyway. So I'm born and raised there we've moved out here twenty years ago thank god of the that's always keep in touch rather than. Love their article we could go to my if you vote. Belichick being in other reason than that people are stupid ago as soon as goggle forever hopefully you don't leave but. Bottom line is you're right we Utah could vote. The whole wicker shipping. The big east peace is okay they traded drop lower after each key. Why would indeed. Why wouldn't they at least wait will be and that she's because if Brady goes down now are you happy with Brian Hoyer now know. Heck they contaminated. It totally obvious the other thing that concerns me though is. I know this is stupid is that too ridiculous to treat touchdown favorites and a little concerned about the game tonight. Today I read on your your. Played it both Birkhead can skillfully. But I just heard you say that on the supposed to do. Now Bolton Narayanan. They have light in Lewis I think they have enough at running back. Acting Gillis Lee was in an act and he was a healthy scratch for a lot of the second half of the season I can't think Birkhead is the did they get products can practice this week that definitely hurts but I think you have enough for running back Dion Lewis is looked like that we back you know and no it seems like tonight is while. Yes yeah actually that's probably even more important because come passing out of the back fields that we didn't get back Malcolm Mitchell. Yes I get is probably just Aaron I have got a party happening here from friends who were displaced patriots as I watched make sure we. Yeah I don't think you have much yet I think I would badly and I guess I don't think this is going to be a repeat of that lasts Tennessee game played in the frigid cold where. They needed to knock down a pass on fourth down from epic Arum you know on the level waning moments of but he was like 1716 it was a tight game. I don't think this one's gonna play out that way. I tell offensive well. Before you go to get one last thing if you got when you talk about the haters yeah I agree it's. And anywhere outside of knowing except here near San Mateo where pretty well. There's a lot of great fans but out here called state warriors and believe that everyone around the country hates them. Just as much as patriots fans think everyone around the country. I think they're dynamic Nat love staff curry you know staff curry is. If he's not the most popular athlete in the NBA's right there and in people think it's because he looks like casinos not that the eighties not that fast. He's quick and he's and he's Amare did do that terrible for a water filter commercial but as you see I'm out there are so bad bowler get out on the ice like it's like a minute and a half and it is weird and quirky idea don't get it. It was I saw last week on nine Twitter somebody posted it it's really. Yeah you're right you know you're right because people do love. Deaf and it seemed like nobody loves gradient. Even around New England now with the old GB twelve and selling water at all that crap. People around there are starting to lose little patience which is turning into a business and so maybe it would have been better off if crafted override Belichick. Let them trade Brady either before this year actions here we have maybe five to ten more years or other court. That's that's that's an idea that sounded jokers I party tonight and I'd go pats yearn for years saying are here as well I mean let's do you know what. I don't and to lose tonight that's terrible frosts yes good for business if they'd make this an enemy come on they're gonna beat the titans yeah it's not like you know I know people organized Shaughnessy for his reverse jinx collar city writes every year. You can't there's no way no one is ever I mean how many times does that reverse jinx worked. If you needed it jets the jets and like 09 or ten note nine I think the year that day. Smoked him for a five to three Lleyton is now only nine lives lost to the ravens I'm at the united season medium maybe it's. Been tapping it may. Ben ten and one of the years are yep yep yep it gives our eyesight and I'm glad they did this suggests Tony to anyone yet. That's problem the of where they crossed him late in the season and then they had their drive to nowhere and those just a weird game but they the they haven't been that kind team since 2010 in a date date certain torn turned a corner. Since the magic of car and now. Beat the one thing I do wonder though is we were talking about distractions he knows this wicker sampling a distraction and and I would argue that. The story is more it's more than just a distraction it's more like it sexist and so it's. It is the identity of the patriots are the three pillars of the patriots crumbling I think that takes things to another level that we haven't seen so that. Maybe that's one but I just don't see that impacting tonight as the titans. Tara what NASA and in fact he's not able to Ames because. Again if we are to believe everything that's been reported whether it's you know the sect weaker sham stories Tommy current stories degrade the dark pieces. This is all them percolating under under the surface all season long. You know we may not have heard about it but it certainly seems like it's common knowledge within the patriots organization that there. Are some chinks in the armor. That the three guys craft Belichick and Brady was built up this franchise to arguably one of the best if not the best ever in the NFL. Art you know. As things as you know as a people will do our starting egos are starting to get an abiding heads about certain things and that if there's been friction as relationships. It spent around here and they still managed to go thirteen and three. Yeah but we can agree to have an looks like a thirteen and three team for a lot of the year you know and Brady hasn't looked like an MVP for the last month and a half so. There are things to be concerned about I just don't see how any of it comes in the play tonight. All right let's go to Jim in Sarasota BS thanks for being a little too hard on the titans. That that's stories of fake story. What's he creates or business their cooperation. They're successful business. So they gonna continue to run their businesses along as a successful. They're not like a lay up but why do you have respect let me ask the three of them have respect each other it's not about egos either that. Old idea of it on the asking this and Heidi are hiding out. And polished and pushed it all week nonsense is EI every every runner now it's a let me ask is why why do you know that it's not true have you talked to. Have you done eight weeks of research with people within the patriots organization. Are you in on me. Like that. Oh of course upright base it on on what I've seen since Brady started playing. How can you base it on seventeen years ago. OK and that it yeah are based on that and I'll say they're not whenever fantasyland you're lives including its you know awesome. It seems Graf and if you need it is not possible it's not possible. Very powerful successful men you want things their own way and butt heads over that doesn't happen in any major corporation that didn't happen and successfully addressed. This is their greatest coach ever in the NFL. Rating note that he respects that. You are related ego get in the way he's gonna do what telecheck told you don't know the thing. It is cam mcdaniels. And screaming at McDaniel to your weeks ago right. That was in the heat of the moment. The passion during the game we all Lowell police and number one competitor in the NFL he's gonna do that if they're Brothers are that's plants. No you can't load her up to which was ridiculous. I don't think most of us look at the same way you do that that's just it's our heads prevailed one up and one quarter up. Bill lord I don't like not certain scene in a moment that follow what's. He did Christmas card from Brees deuce and went out to get my return. Yeah you got airborne you'll remember it may do just keep pushing their ratings which you do not know. A ratings and a half and understand that so so when you say you say that Tom Brady. Knows and respects you know that bill belts at the way he runs his business do you think the way Bill Belichick runs his business. He would be leaning on a 41 are betting on a 414243. Euro quarterback or do you think that build support would be ten creator structure in order rural. Yes that's right just gonna have to disagree gem I don't I don't I don't. Nothing that I ever read between south wicker sham or Tom Carr and all our people that I'm guessing you probably respect more than the Talking Heads in the radio. Nothing may have written has led me to believe that this wasn't an issue. Well that's that's the difference between us stupid you're the one behind my. I'm a dynamite. You know they're not Jim Mora telling you is that okay let's say except Laker sham out of that equation let's take a national reporter out of the equation new Paris. Local reporters were in that locker room day in and day out again and chiefly among them Tommy current and Greg Bedard are two very respected football reporters. Both wrote similar stories with less deet tails prior to the south quicker sensory so you're saying they're making it up and they're pushing that for. KG user clicks that it's not true there just making it up even though they have to go back into that locker room and face the men that they're talking about every single day. They didn't even interview with Brady aren't yet press conference I. I don't I don't care about that Brady and master Brady isn't master he's a great attic so he can't lie he can't get up and say. Conversations. Between. The coach between Bob Kraft a private. Conversation. But they're not private summit talk and somebody is hot private if somebody within the organization leaks it's a sort leaks that to reporters. You just don't wanna record just you don't have to recognize that you can I mean that they we give him an army that's right I think a lot La land seems like I'm possibly and then if you wanna live in a world where you don't think that Kraft Belichick and Brady have ever clashed over anything that's fine you're entitled to that. Just don't be surprised. When a year from now or a month from now or whenever it. Blows up because at some point that we also don't insult our intelligence by saying we're taking something for ratings personal and mean. Yeah that's right exactly contains seen numbers on the weekend I think we're. Possibly. It's festina his grades. In my opinion on brainer I have made bully but just like I see people who live and it plays for making Nancy reality that was a classic patriots fan though because it was all like angry. Was angry like that that the one and when you and when you presented a reason to ban it was H it was a shifts I'm not an I do now is that you just you just argued with new reason which is backed patriots reporters were in that locker room day in day out have reported similar things. I'm now instead get a pretend. That you didn't just say that I'm just answered streaming of moderating gas. I mean I think this is one of the follow outs from deflate gate and it it goes beyond this but certainly. Patriots fans spent two years whipped into a frenzy at a fever pitch in it was all about defiance. And they were following the leader of the organization here organizations putting out the wells report and contacts. And all that kind of stuff and fighting fighting fighting and then you read the ricochet and story and it's like yeah Kraft thinks he went too far but he felt he had to do it for the fans ripping the league and yeah within the building there are a lot of people who felt like yeah Brady. He was punished too harshly for it which is exactly I feel. And this idea that no no no everything has to be met with defiance there's no it a science proves that none of this ever happened well that's the end up with people like whatever his name was from Sarasota Jim Jim from Sarah's just angry and refuse to believe anything that is may be slightly negative about that. And what should also be pointed out is that it's really admit the teacher it's have been its. Had not had that the report itself was entirely false. They have refused to answer questions about it they had given their own roundabout statements the Robert Kraft to Peter King last Saturday Oliveira and they're all of their all hole. Lenient on one thing or another this meeting with Goodell happened last year not last week or are. This you know Kraft saying this this particular meaning with ballots checked never happened that's like art that still leaves a lot of wiggle room for. You'd told him to trade or you made it clear. Even if it not so many words Belichick's not dumbing us how to read the tea leaves he knew that he had to trade Jimmy aging. I mean also just look at wide Tom Brady said to Kirk and Callahan this week when he was asked about the reports about you know. Disarray your debt disruption in the organization. I he says everyone has different truths when you talk about the way I see things the way you guys see things the way the writer may see things the wake of ballot check may see things every everyone has different truth based on their perspectives. I feel like they go about my business like I had every year and again I like to speak for myself because that's how I don't wanna speak and someone else's behalf. Or what their experiences are I try to do the best I can't might have always done. Not exactly a denial no you know and people sale this friction between Brady and some teammates of rating coaches that are. Radian dollar check or whatever that doesn't really come up as a denial that it comes off as that sounds sounds like carrier ring I was in my own reality everybody has their own truth okay yeah I mean that sounds very mystical. Yeah right there Mikey you know meditated and maybe Jolie's new aging Mac and did some things amendments like amnesty than ever and it does have their you know it's just taken headed for bank town is just taken him to think passengers car let's go to bill and Harvard fellow tennis out. Hi I'm questioning these guys it is it possible that the only reason that Belichick didn't shock rock wall. Where that where we get back we're back replace them. Tibetan horses that would be good order and possibly what might bury waivers he's doing it or lower captivate grapple with the first place. And I don't know the companies or compensation picks were at the Torrey but it also uploading your receipt of the on the back end. Already got it or actually. Wait Fords for Brian Hoyer. I don't think so and if it is it would be negligible. I would argue that if that or ballots sex rationale like. We need to get Hoyer and hear in this is the best way to do it. That would certainly is incredibly shortsighted you know say you're trying to you you don't need to Bryan Corey you have Jimmy grapple you don't need yet you already have. Your back up quarterback and I can't imagine him making any decision. Based on what's the easiest way to get me Brian Hoyer I was there Franken sandwich Franklin Michelle. I train job are you know we we believe that LI. RYR. I talk on the ball. Okay when they had almost all right away how are at an. Order and great. Because he wants short player are ready for a long time at all. If there's a person who has our web or EL Miami. Is banned not going to have I am sure I'll Brady I think they're not spurt. Frank I would say you know what I'm gonna stated this right you know and understated as he had a plan. And as planned mr. meter out hello and that and was blown up in his face and I will also are out. You you you make a comparison any analogy of halftime when you know for sure that half time is going to be forty or 41 minutes give or take right. You don't know how a prospect that you're gonna go to taken a second third fourth round that's a quarterback that is an unknown. You know Porsche or how lawns and you can't prepare for a forty minute halftime. You cannot prepare without a known commodity in a quarterback. What you what I think and I can't. I think the sort of X and then go out or create an anarchist you're got a shot a long term contract. Not at out and we heard her name I appreciate I has thus it's not happening that is not happening. These people with a committee a male male real finance Mozy Frankie Telecom accident small be proven dumb and it would be everybody would be from Kirk in gallon in the morning to dale Italian man. Yeah and we all sat wicker sham battle story would be completely pointless if the idea was Acropolis is coming back. Iraq below one it out for a reason he wanted to played as a wanna come back and not play and whatever drugs he able to make yet and how I am also happy juice man I know and and people just conveniently forget like San Francisco controls current franchise tag. They control so. He's not a free agent it'd be one thing that people this is what we set about Jon Lester you know when he left. And I'm sure there are other examples outside overall this Chapman tell me one guy. Who left his team of any importance and then immediately re sign with him at the end of that yeah sure there's others on forgetting that like Chapman did it. And that I don't know like MMA but I was always edit and more likely to happen in baseball than it is in football where you have things like the franchise. Yet because in football for the most part. Great players don't get treated in out right they'll get they get cut for salary cap reasons eventually but you don't generally see like. Of this stud players gonna get traded halfway through the the only team that does of the patriots JD Collins and. Those kind of tree you don't receive the equivalent of Manny Mitch title are John Carlos stand in the NFL on the trading block. India are the ad ends in the days and Israel doesn't get traded in the NFL analyst Chapman doesn't get traded me and it thumb on the nose season. Our let's let's sneak in one more phone call its code to. Jason in Springfield. How the Golan. Let's all thanks tonight it's wanted to calm regardless. Oh I have to. Patriots and Rob Lowe leaving it protesting Mecca of patent. It and wouldn't you got that next. Thanks guys. Yeah they're. Q when you burn them. An important foothold. Or. In. A peaceful. Jason your phone is. I was nearly get the poll that. And then yeah I mean I think there's a lot of truth to that that there are budget seems NFL that suddenly see a light at the end of the tunnel that did not exist. On October 30 that suddenly exists in October 31 because the other thing about getting her to drop below is you probably. I'd decrease ballots X windows well liked how long would Belichick and stated he had another franchise quarterback. He could coach he's ready myelin a Marv Levy case I was just gonna say the exact same thing he says he doesn't wanna be Marv Levy that maybe he wouldn't. All right let's take a quick break and we'll get back to your phone call 6177797937. You guys saudis have a lot of patriots thoughts on your mind. Get amount slash amount get out all the negative energy maybe maybe start some positive energy before they take the field 815 tonight against the titans. Your chance to talk all new England sports with training until musty. Clark Sports Radio WEEI. That those players I think we're just we do we always do the show tour contribute the best we can do. And that knows a lot at stake and I think there was a lot into it so. There's really what matter what happens outside of you know this facility and what we're trying to accomplish and it's a big test ago when a playoff game. Play against good teams divisional round and you know why we. Earned the chance to be here to do it. It's very particular business. I analyst Tom Brady addressing the media this week before the Tennessee Titans playoff game course kick off tonight at 859 CB asks. Yes Manson. Romance and Romo have the game and you know what celebrities right I don't think this has been a distraction for the team I don't think anything's ever distraction and I go back to the point that I made a earlier witches. Again if we are to believe and I do believe all of the reporting coming out of Foxboro from San Flickr chanted Tommy current Greg Bedard to my Tea Party. That there have there's been some friction building yeah and there are. You know those egos are button had a little bit which finally I said just last began to show it's totally natural. Like if your position of power and you'd need to do what you're bill Pallet Jack you wanna do not what's best for you because you wanted to get coach and really the long term future of the franchise is of utmost importance to you. If you're Tom Reidy. You can like it or not you concede the ends by the end his insight into the tunnel is there you want to do what's best for you and I don't blame for that you should do what's best for unity you're Robert Kraft. You're trying to balance both and so you may and that kind of you know kill yourself a little bit pig is your trying to please two masters essentially yeah. So I handers if I to me it's it's not implausible at all that all of this is going on with that said they still managed to win thirteen games even with all of this stuff underneath the serve. It's gas so I know and it is it is weird because like the whole wicker stamp thing in a power struggle whenever. It's not necessarily. Easy to say it is a bad I know that the prevailing you know sentiment is that. Brady has been portrayed as the villain in this whole thing because he's pushing Guerrero on people and TB twelve million divided loyalties in this the Mac but. You laid it out you know Brady wants to play forever I don't fault him for that. Belichick wants to keep it going longer than Brady I don't fault him for that and then craft the sort of torn in between and if you're if your decision is to be loyal to Tom Brady I think. You can think it's the wrong decision I happen think it's drying decision I think you always go with the 25 year old over the forty year old but. It's defensive and I'm an unknown now ethics. It's Tom Brady may be at age has its it wisdom and whatever Adam. Guy justice. So. That's it's a perfect line you know he's got a funny air all the over the forty. Yep not not if not if you're a man unfortunately like animals or pets are like he Harrison Ford can be leading man until he's eighty you know let me. Then comments. Times pay its debts that throughout one other thing on distraction I do think that could be a little bit in terms of the coaches in the coaches are looking to jump ship. And it seems like you can allusion to coordinators and they are trying to deal would back. The patriots have sort of ignominious history when it comes to coaches others chuck Fairbanks in the seventies get grade or leave it in the middle of the playoffs basically to be head coach at like. University of Colorado arsenal like that Massa I don't ourselves obviously that was a huge story. Leading into that super ball so I think back habeas action but for Brady. I will never doubt his ability to block out noise after the flaky because deflate get a member Girardi asked in my I was about questionable thing. Like have you been able to prepare for this season with all of the uncertainty knights kept saying there's no way the answer could possibly be yes. He must be stressed he must not be sleeping he must be eating portly like opening nope he comes out. Has an MVP caliber season when a suitable so I'll never doubt Brady's ability to block out stuff like this. Now I mean he is listen to whatever all of us think of Alex Guerrero in hand what he preaches and teaches in the Tony Robbins stuffed. It is undeniably working for Tom Brady is undeniable and working all right let's go to Tim Lister Tim ultimate show. Hey turn array announce him during a downturn downturn down. A ghetto or area. You're on his on irons. I guess Dahlia I lady yet. Well it is LA this bill. Well juggle those ball crowds those. They need to already got a little girl and I just don't understand why people get into it it will come down on on Tom Brady. What Wendy great quarterback you always succeed in life you know image. I think that's just par for the course it's him I mean I I just think any time that you have a ton of six ice there are going to be people who want to bring you down. I mean that's just that's that's the unfortunate side effects of being really successful at whatever you deal. You could be the nicest. Trying to think of somebody that is. In the public guy who really has not had outsider Tom Brady has never had any scandals. Biggest Brent James is a. Fairly good compared I don't know I'd agree disagree on this I don't feel like LeBron is is necessarily aided I think I think he's reached. A point in his career a lot of people respect and maybe they're sick of like. Oh seem cabs in the finals again and seeing LeBron in the finals for the ninth time if they make it this year but. I don't feel like I really think this next to me and I hand that may be waiting mitnick time now. Even a staff curry. You know our cabin during. And the kind of maybe it's just me maybe it's as the people my office there is complaining as mine are complaining about iTunes sells expects. But I do think people look at him and Eliza is talk about himself why does he do this why does he do that I. I was sort of think of another non sports figure. That really has done very little wrong. Island Hillary. I was conceived Iraq how. You know people really who have. Have been extraordinarily successful I don't know if Hillary's the best and gamble and dailies in Hillary's edit and she brings that honor south Alabama or not I think is a great example I mean here's a guy that people hates. See you could not like it's similar to two Tom Brady right you might not like. His policy and things you might not like the way he approaches you might want to be had a beer at a burger kind of guy you don't want to know more like Brett Favre and see you hate and he hit the supermodel wife you hate everything. But even some respects what he would DA and I I filling Obama's the same way like you can hate his policies you can. Now Osce hate about it you can hate Eddie navy uses you know words it's and he's talking down to people and you can read at all ever paid off a porn star. In the tape idiocy loving caring wife two beautiful Smart daughter is. As a great dad and a great Family Guy and he had many I mean I just I just feel a lot of times and people are really sits idle this country train don't you know where where now we elected the guys. Who's trying to ended positions. Yes he's an eight tam day. But I don't I want to exodus from Ron and dine at 130 hour about my favorite moment of the week. Ways during I believe that was that was at a press conference yesterday. We're similar in the decaying and I read like a hostage. And and some I reporter yelled from the crowd. Donald is your job mister president are you are re Ari. I'd like the easy answer that question but it prost a year for thrown it out there's not and they Martin Luther King how aren't that bad unbelievable. Get to that L 130. More on an end Aaron let's just science and anti Hillary and loyalists and Donna Antonia. Airport for having me on Kong while we're really want to talk commodities is normal big fan of the sell off with a lot of what some night. And hold on their true now compare me to highly Casey Smith when it comes to the stimulus. Every time look around October as well every time look around the clock c'mon this is that this functional they have problems left and right. And I'm so glad distorted finally came out with the wing and as far as the people between Brady Belichick and everything going down there. Arm are really being the next week the Steelers will beat actually go to Dade teachers should be to tighten. And that's what would be a good game between the Steelers and pats are still say that the the loose ship the one in that game weapon that screwed up all by their official. And I just want to do guards obtain known act. Yeah I I would agree that this still should've won that game the officials instruct the collar rule is messed up but the call it was implemented properly. I said it after that game and I stand by at the Steelers will come in here beat the patriots that is my it's been my prediction is I really I think his run and and snacks and yeah and listen they could lose Jackson was a great defense and may be Roethlisberger is off his game or whatever but. I really think the Steelers are going to be motivated. And they are good team and you know we all done on them for the way the last play unfolded with that terrible slant and then Roethlisberger throw Tomlin under the bus and vice Versa about. Who called the play and whatever invited you have another player ready during the long replay towns all fair criticisms but. That's a team that is not afraid of the patriots the coaches and afraid of on the quarterback definitely isn't afraid of them they've got some players on defense. Obviously Antonio Brown would be an amateur people forget they're missing Joseph Haden cornerback also which is I mean having an ax had actually top body in the secondary. McNamee did yeah and and they last Antonio Brown early in that game yes so I don't know what his status will be advocates as he is playing in his weakening us so we'll see you know we'll see how. What percent. Antonio Brown you're getting but if they have all their weapons that is a team that can come in here and beaches of. Enough of what Joe's I brought up about how and listen I mean. Pittsburgh is definitely more dysfunctional than you resentment I you know for closing out I lived there for five years I covered the team for four of my five years there. It's definitely run differently you going to that locker room and guys will say things and do things and Mike Tomlin runs the ship and excuse me he is. He's a young quote unquote player's coach he was not built cow power was much much different I mean definitely attitude either way Ben Roethlisberger carried himself. Shifted noticeably. From the time when bill power retired 21 Mike Tomlin Ted I'll practically the same mates yes. But I do find it interesting and we are talking about this off camera yesterday you know was serious safety Mike Mitchell made the comments were gonna play the patriots again begin play them and how we can play him in Haiti beacon played an in New England were gonna win. The narrative around here was well look at them they're not even looking at Jacksonville. Boy another time and where little brought this up because Lou treated at grade bishop. So it was sort of that the Pope was misrepresented in the Sports Illustrated story. Mike Mitchell said that on December 29. So he didn't say leading up to you. Eight he said it before the end the forty and of the regular season and back shortly after that the Steelers and patriots played one another. And there was no context give into the quote. But I think so often narrative around the Steelers is they run their mounting don't pay attention they're always looking ahead they don't care they do this they do that. And that was a real misrepresentation. Mike Mitchell didn't say that this week leading up to Jacksonville and not looking past Jacksonville towards the patriots. This quo that is been widely disseminated here in New England talked about it you know. On our show is well and and shame on us for not digging deeper and finding the grid at that in all honesty it's not my job to do it's Greg bishop's job to project presented. As it is but again I just think that that's that's like a common theme right like. There are bunch of misfits and L crap all over themselves on never below the B patriots I just this year I don't know pastor. Yet and that also like brings us some it's always bugged me this idea that like. You know you can't possibly look ahead to anyone else that's not how the patriots do it. And the way the patriots do it is the only way to do it like maybe it works for you may be your brat like that raiders in the seventies. Maybe your brash and arrogant you say we're gonna go in there we're gonna win or where you know we know we're gonna see them again what's wrong with that something wrong with that too that's your identity. It's your identity we don't know what is said behind closed doors we don't know that we do because we heard member of the video last year. That leaked that forget the receiver who leaked the video from inside the steals other. I'm tired of the teacher is locker room and oh yeah now they're so good any run and and kudos to the patriots are doing is they weren't such a tight ship at those these were videos actually. Wise wasn't Antonio like him who can't FaceBook liked it so what's it like it is ready to FaceBook lighting it in the background we're gonna be ready for that right man. If they could piecing things like that like you know we're gonna kick the crap out of Tennessee it's it's. No question and we are I we welcome the Steelers come and always being sent a month span the what we. There we go you ready for. I love I heard this week we heard actually take because of people saying should the patriots rest their starters to be ready for prince Ranariddh Christmas now. Aren't let's take a quick break elegant active on both excellent that in 77979. Meters. We're locked into training because generic and John Tomas. Talking perhaps reason more on Sports Radio WEEI. It's. Okay. We can finally play that game. Aren't that is Keith Jackson. Be legendary ABC sports toys college football voice. He died unfortunately at the age of 89 last night so REP Keith Jackson. Yet get how many football moments and how many times we I watched a game with him on the call it it's. It's it's it's we it's it's at it's weird when people that you listened to in years to write your childhood start passing away it's just it's it's it turning eerie. Feeling Fiat and and also I mean Keith Jackson was the voice of college football for so many years fair and so the first call the first cut that he played there was the Kordell Stewart. That miracle touchdown to Westbrook and 94 on the last player game Michigan Colorado. And yeah I was in college when that happened and that was such a huge game and I remember watching that and the call is so perfect just absolutely captures it. So rest in peace keep. Things of why don't you retired in 2006. He pent spent fifty years. Fifty. Years. Calling. Football games yeah I mean it's and it's been a rough year for like broadcasters from our childhood because Dick Denver passed away. He was a voice the NFL he called patriots games and eighties all the time and they are pretty dead. And then you know you have been scholar he's still alive but stepped down that's Theo got that was a voice went back to the fifties. Yeah Jack and got to start on the radio in 1952 broadcasting Washington State came staff. Crazy and a so I'm I don't know who the like who's this who's the most popular announcer and sports and news now. For football Armenian halo it would be an answer Joe Buck. Now I was gonna say the you know Sunday night for Mike to Rico are now Al Michael yet outlines. Al Michaels is the iconic the one iconic broadcaster. Yeah go I mean you I know it's Milwaukee but eucharist sold oh and don't even start with you courier who cares it's the one. And seriousness and Mr. Belvedere he would block it's it's. I. Yeah it's not a high put as not a high moment for. Hi and that is. Really Al Michaels is the last because must burgers all but now retired he does like gambling stuff. Who is left from that sort of golden age and now it's the says that's it. President aren't let's go back to phones of course patriots taking on the titans tonight at Gillette Stadium kickoff is at 815. But really the talks are kind of hatred this week not so much about the Tennessee Titans about about whether or not this. A group is so gonna be together or if Alex a rare hour as yoke alone now where. Who was the person a probe of the BR than an app reveals the on the Beach Boys. These cars. There at the Beach Boys to me are the worst popular band in the history of music. And I agree I cannot I can't listen to like I can't listen to 52 Kokomo as the worst song in the history it's. A. There's a time and again might be spores I think it was like. The preteen or something yes like now I was on them like these guys were popular I got people so stone in his sixties this is good music and now I can't can't wrap my. And the. Just awful that you about the behavior it's. Primarily in that area pilots upon thundering Paula that. Boy I gotta tell each. It is the most nick. Every week. You know knocking on an apple going. To. Six. You know they're just sitting back right and we can at least be. So. Machinery and whatever happens. Other six go cougars in the NFL. Six better this year a very good. Great quarterback. In Africa are grappled getting Cochran and an exit. That. It tightly and he's been collegiate I mean that it can double that aggregate hatred. Of this insect can and yet. Okay all right Paul I don't know what I guess I I'll call you policy matter cause back in two years when Brady's done and drop below ending with 49ers. Are there aren't any night in night yeah I can't sorry. I will say give it some time. It actual trying to. Wow you guys this is exactly what I'm talking about so much anger and defiance like. Why can't Michael will be expensive. He hates us because of our political news fighting an ugly and it gives some trump sometimes you mean you what you get up. That was he had and that's in the angry America and kind. Wow. Both again here yeah yeah we've what do you think in Haiti that's about it ask him. The legal yes. Martin adds a David and cards it was time. I don't answers questions honestly and as it was. Afternoon guys shots it's got a question you've got a great team box I do about it over the question he had the guys just in the second. Now I might then heads. We don't awful quality of business okay. When not lucky early yourself and about how did you do that and what they should be at thirteen and eighteen. Yeah thirteen thirteen and and you why did you mentioned you like gentlemen good defense and add salt salt. He also supplying a product Brady can't ignore the beginning of the season for the first 68. Couldn't block anything so this guy's getting knocked down on his spot so all in one Brady isn't so where. What everybody had a sideline what at all the one at my peak. That is what I've got initially joy anybody in India caucus and a good perspective and management. You know fueled passion you don't get upset and you don't get ready mortgages they for the paycheck. He's OK at least you weren't in the fact that he can do this at this age. It's a great day. Let me. Ask is David Bell and I listen I don't. I think Tom Brady does still have the fire and a determination is if he didn't he wouldn't be as good as he is at age forty backed can't you admit that. His priorities have shifted a bit. That we have seen much more from him in terms of TV twelve thinks pushing his own personal brand to the top model to that matter documentary where do we address that before from him. Yeah yesterday at Ekuban and I do get all the highlights. And yeah well I am I don't and you guys are decked. Well I didn't I don't get why did you change evenly have a job his commitment to peak at spotlight so you cannot expect that you know what that. Absolutely don't absolutely don't but I also wouldn't. I I I wouldn't. I wouldn't take the patriots to task for whining to prepare for life after Brady as Brady prepares for life after football. I don't I wouldn't begrudge them that opportunity I mean what the you know the patriots need to start looking at. As Tom Brady is starting to build his brain and I think that is seen that more or more the trip. China the TV twelve that Tom vs time documentary that's coming out again I said on the show I said it lastly I'll say again this week kind of blame at college what he should be doing he should be worrying about. What am I gonna do what I can't play football anymore I would use every opportunity I can't however. I wouldn't fall I did not fault the patriots particularly Bill Belichick for wanting to do the same thing. Because of Tom Brady's playing for life after Tom Brady and the patriots need to plan for life after robbery. Of course they do and we all know it in two years you don't want him going to be difficult. And he got Brady gonna retire do you witness who bubble will be tied for everybody to promote weight and this guy over if you want this global. Rudy yak all right dad Anthony did Andy Hardy and cannot be dragged out the field would be my guess I don't think he's going anytime soon. Partly because all of this extra stuff that you're talking about with his branding into such a high level. This can be you know translated to your daily life in some ways as well let's two Vinny niece Boston city mechanism. Vinny. My Cousin Vinny you dare. Not sad. Yeah he's not the Mona Lisa veto just it's. Let's go to John Maine. Starting at my feet I couldn't call her. But are disagree with that caller from terrorists are not. I don't think that you guys have been pushing this story because for the ratings or however I think it's simple it person this story because the big story. It's interesting I mean yes we are pushing a for ratings because it's interesting I mean that's our job. Well he had actually I think yes nor have any problem getting the ratings are. Who cares if you guys don't stand for mine Callahan. And you know I didn't cause it's how you guys. That I hate you or don't like looking at you for your political views because you know I voted conservative I think. I. Little radio talk is great for the. Yeah I would say channel one thing I would say to John thank you go to college is that. It's tough stand and optima. You know I mean it's just it's. He wins every argument because he just he has. I'd grant greater depth of knowledge when it comes to political stuff and so you know he just puts us in a place so why would you stand up to money and Jerry hates it's it's two to. The mass that is definitely gonna get replayed on the Gerry Kelly show. A hard time Chris take another quick break we'll get back to your phone calls. On the patriots. 61777979837. And of course it's Saturday. See you know that at 130 the last half aren't shall I tell you why on in and night.