Trenni and Tomase - Patriots vs Titans is finally here 1-13-2018

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Saturday, January 13th

Hour 1. Trenni and Tomase are in studio and they are excited that Patriots play off football is finally here and they preview the game. They ask the big question, will this still be a game at halftime?


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And music for any and tomorrow using one Sports Radio WEEI I'm dreading this and Eric and John's a mossy break down everything with a packs the Bruins and all new England sports. So it. It's trendy until moxie plus Sports Radio WEEI. I spent a lot. 830 back in frantically looking government had phones that are deployed and then looking in my bag and went in a predicament hall. That's the kind of day apparently it's going to be -- Johnson Aussie or she obviously interestingly turning their next. I wasn't storm like this and right there did you go back and let's just read to me throwing things around all around them. But skipping them she has to have a reason I don't wanna insult there and it's OK lately glasses adopt your partner like Wear black and I are right about that yet. They don't this is actually the perfect Segway and while we're gonna talk about which is one Thomas Edward pre junior forty year old thing just an Orioles lose their minds I mean I'm clearly when you you hit the big -- pigs are to have been and you are my answers to figure out your headphones you've been you don't have your Tarrant or your work bagging your team glean from where I'm not a part of it here. And they're sitting right next to some pretty big headphones yeah. Your little earbuds let those who is that's I didn't think they'd be in that big case no no we're earbuds and hear stories that one day. Here's our Bos thank you Bos and. Cause you to hook me. They're awesome I was hiding assets not above making groove I'd. That plane ride home for Christmas there were so. Many kids. And not kids like seven any year olds who will light plane and there are you know I patch or read a book on a plane and be kind of quiet you know like fun kids. I'm talking to three and under kids. Course screaming and yet it's your plane in your Katie here's a pop and you don't know it's deuce I understand it but man when you click on the little noise canceling or. I was now poll that was lovely. Rose thanks for making that Christmas merrier than ever I had I bought a pair I'm on my Q I don't get them for free so I'll thank you Gerry Callahan yes I see how does that mean I totally got me up. Dammit. He. Kids yelling on Saturday in here you why and a nice package it's a little but sometimes just neo peace and quiet you need to be alone with your thoughts and Faith No More. I like it I like it. Well we're talking about headphones because I misplaced and this morning and a misplaced because I'm 40 am when you become forty years old if you get out of your routine a little bit sometimes. Things start to go south and things the last five games of the season haven't gone that well for Thomas Edward Brees was and other. We're in America is there another middle name I think you'd like Thomas Edwards. I'm gen bunch in a fight as 44 at bat and name in there. Tom Brady obviously. NDP candidate had a tremendous first eleven games of the season after your rate assets Thomas Edward Patrick Brady and neither is second only manner and you he was one of those guys. And sites yeah. It's a string of boring names that's he's like me you know. My family it's just a bunch of Johnson Maher season. You know how editor Patrick is very regal sounding you guys are Kennedy name it does Hamas and Hannity. Rich and innocent he has sort of all of that reminds me a little bit Patrick Kennedy. Yeah up Patrick which it you know could be a budget and an end result I got on the plane crash is married to the mop JFK junior JFK junior acts acts reminds advice JFK junior and it's very very and very regal has outlasted JFK Judas to outsiders that. So Thomas Edward Patrick Brady guy is forty years old and changed. First half of the season. His numbers were unbelievable. Heat and VP season. It now the last five games this passer rating has dipped to 81 point six. Percent that seventeenth in the NFL is yards per pass attempt six point 95. Yards per pass attempt that's fifteenth in the NFL touchdown interception ratio six to five. You look back at the first eleven games has touched on interception ratio was 26 to three so the question is. Has the beating as ancient as wearing hair caught up on Tom Green are you a little concerned about what you might see this after this evening. Against the Tennessee Titans. Or do you feel that now and will have most of his complements our offensive weapons. Back and healthy on the field Rex Burkhead isn't it a place that's probably the biggest thing I mean I don't think any of its expecting ghostly to be out there. But now they have Chris Hogan back. You finally in the post season have a healthy Rob Gronkowski Danny Amendola and he nicks and you know bruises he had he'll be back out their genes might will be back out DM Lewis is rested and ready to go. Do you think we'll see vintage Brady tonight against the tight. Yeah I mean that we emailed about this before hand and the problem with this game is I don't think it's gonna tell you things you might see vintage Brady tonight. And you know the titans I'd don't deserve to be a playoff team made back their way and basically at the end of Los they lost to Jimmy G de las games they needed to win. And just barely squeaked into the playoffs and then. They got lucky last week that you know they went up against Andy Reid and good for them you know for completing the comeback but. I don't look at this team as a particularly good measuring stick so you're almost gonna have to look beyond the numbers and say how does Brady look because. Over the last five games are right the 65 touchdown interception jumps off the page and I understand. You know you didn't have all the weapons like you're talking about before but that is never really mattered to Brady in the past like he just makes due with what he has. So I am very much. Curious to see which Tom Brady we see you know and and even his recent playoff history even though they've won two Super Bowls in this time nine interceptions in his last state playoff games he hasn't been as sharp a pick six in the Super Bowl that normally. That should have been a nail in the coffin kind of play for the patriots but. You know they completed that amazing comeback against the falcons last year so I think Brady actually goes into this game with a lot of questions to answer. Are at 617779798376177797. At 937. What are you looking for. Tonight from that from the patriots. What makes you feel better about that do you already feel like they're the best team in the NF Allen there isn't anyone on their level it really I would say pretty down mediocre year in the NFL. Is it just a clear ET pap once again to the Super Bowl are you concerned at all about Brady's numbers the last five games of fact that he's got the Achilles injuries and shaken that right hand he's got a shoulder problem. You know all those added up to maybe you know coming back to haunt them in the post season or do you think this is just another is Dan Shaughnessy likes to say it. Knocking announcements made at Cannes. On the way to Minneapolis and the super ball. The other thing about the titans is they beat the Kansas City Chiefs last week. When Travis Kelsey went out. Yes and I just carried out he's he's I mean I think he had four targets for receptions 66 yards and it touched on the environment do yet. And then he goes out with a concussion and Tennessee's able to come back. Obviously Rob Gronkowski is a better tied and then Travis Kelsey transparencies Craig the rubber because he's better rates five times I don't know how you even. Cover him. I don't know how do you stop him. Yet everything you read says that the titans are susceptible to. Tight ends because their linebackers are great coverage in the safeties are great in coverage and really Logan Ryan is a good corner but on the other side is a rookie who's speedy but not particularly reliable so there's a lot of places that you can attack this defense. And you know I wrote about it earlier this week and has been a lot made its Dick LeBeau and Brady has had its way with Dick LeBeau defense is playing a lot more man. Coverage this year but there's still Greg Bedard had a good break down a bus in sports too that I I not ready yesterday is great about the ice cream cone melting in the summer soft zone defense that they often yeah Elaine yeah any answer he had a bunch of examples of it from last week's game against Kansas City receive this. Six or seven plays where. There and Embraer is soft zone and they are literally like three to four players open on every single one of those that's what Brady. Eats four lines so if they played that way. You have no chance and an am I look at like the Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh is a better all around team of the better defense and the titans and they did. Almost everything right. When you get right down to it against the patriots except they could not the one problem with the way they played defense was it left Robert 'cause the tangled up too often and Brady just rip them apart on that one matchup alone. If he can do that to Pittsburgh. I don't see at Tennessee as a chance. Pilots. Go to the songs to I am shocked at this first caller we have gotten if you wanna join the conversation it was across 61777979837. Get you ready for the patriots game this evening against the Tennessee Titans. Bob in a car Bob what you think about Tom Brady. Lubrizol credit so like to have all the I really like to commentary. The like to have of that but it 2.0. That flight date back. Yeah we like. I think we have to feminine viewpoints on the show. Right he would be very I think very quicker so there's this whole thing I'd pick. You let ego get that that typical walk away at the end of last year that you know duck boat. I'll concentrate on my family. Are concentrate on my business get the RT usage. And that would end. But this is now IP and strong. This organization by is the ability here keep going which should be sent. The Dave let me ask her about let me ask you vets should he have just means. Tom Brady was playing arguably -- yesterday last year I and in an EP level he would have won the MVP had he not missed the first four games because of the deflate gate suspension. If you're I'd be still the height of your skill set and your your job why should he walk a way. But at that point but think about it I pretty. Be your realistic yesterday he's got it wanted to hear that at all. He disagrees he existing he's got four or five lofty things you don't let afforded far yeah. That is Figo GPU. So it adds that he's got a hole back this organization now. Developed. But I I mean emissions. We expect out. And bit odd that if you're under pressure I just say that it is what do you got. I mean he's done at all all of that. Yet but and what what's made him so good god is the fact that. He always strives for more and and what he accomplishes is never not the always feels like he can do more and what made him great is also I think in and make him maybe in and we could any rhyme maybe he goes out this year and win the Super Bowl and says to sell once he does stop and I'm walking away I highly highly highly I highly doubt that. But you know what grade is why he might steal little too. I can indicate to you that you're becoming the all they. Regular politics. Oh not trust I am not every time zones are. I'm just riding out the obvious that you know what makes him great is his he is it's ability to. Outlook and at this belong there. I really out I don't think that's what the right decision that they. I think that distribute it is very easily and that rejection breaks out craps. Favorite son so. And not a member of the Celtics back in the eighties and I'm not sure McHale. Too long and marriage. Don't want us. Oh birdies and it bird is the reference you automate man you know you held on to Larry Bird to log that's designed to talk radio's. Senator I. Well I think that adds that he's so level of society are right. We know these guys are great believe me I would very so so I wanted to go check pretty chipper over but that's not. Happen. I get a lot I don't see I am I appreciate. At the sentiment but I don't see how you can say. Tom Brady needed to walk away after the best aged 39 season FL history like while I really do that is not wired that way. And he's not that tells us he's not that selfless. Well anyway regards thank Cuba. Yeah yeah I. Thanks it's nice seven different however I will say this they might disagree with you but it's nice have a different every company is usually it's. He is safe forever he can do whatever he wants I was very surprised that moment even in this region Colin and say and be and someone who loves the patriots and Bob clearly is a patriots and and somebody says listen it's time to play you know country before south team both force self right but. Again I. At times if not Brady I'm not walking away after last year no way no how no I don't I don't. Put that decision on Brady at all Brady can try to play as long as he wants it's the team that needs to be able to look at things objectively. And say now you know at some point the team is gonna have to say now Brady should play as long as he wants and as long as he thinks he can. But it's not solely his decision a team had plays a role in this too and that's right feel like things broke down. During the whole pizza maker apple yet garrote below wicker sham. Yeah I mean. At the end of the day they are now left with if for some reason. We've seen Tom Brady plane the last five games verses that the first eleven and where he had led the league in passing yards thirty touchdowns all that. It if the decline on the back end is really where this is added they have left themselves with no in case break classic case of emergency now. And added did you read Bill Simmons our column on the ringer yesterday on his side it was. Basically saying like making an argument that I kinda case. The argument. There's no possible way the patriots could have kept both guys you have to go Brady you had to trade grapple and my thing has always been. What ever you lose marginally in one year you cannot tell me that is not a where the price to pay. For your quarterback of the next ten years and I'm wondering. How many people are making this argument now that you couldn't pay forty million or fifty million to 221 position on the field it's impossible. You couldn't do it. All right two years from now on Tom Brady is surprisingly retired or playing somewhere else or whatever or hurts. And Jimmy G as staring up for the 49ers are gonna feel the same land just done is evolve these people are gonna feel the same way. 23 years from now on the Brady run is over and the patriots are staring at holy cow we're just like another seven and nine team are six and ten team or god for dead. I grew up on the one in fifteen to 114 patriots so you know what we'll see how people feel about. Salary cap management for one season. When when all that comes to pass. And and staring down the future of Ohno now we dropped to one quarterback to quarterback and none of them and they ousting an Al stink because it's a crapshoot. It's a crapshoot I mean Tom Brady. You can't tell me that Bill Belichick went to Tom Brady in a six I said that I is going to be the greatest of all time. And even if he saw something in Jimmy grapple on the second Ryan we've talked about this ad nauseam. Honor on early edition on NBC sports Boston. How many other quarterbacks did they draft that they thought who could possibly be a decent backup just in case Tom Brady got hurt I mean obviously weren't looking for an heir apparent at the time bit. Used on a draft someone. That in the you know in the event that your quarterback goes down like with whipped by what happened in 2008. You wanna Matt Cassel. That can go in and still being injured teams in the classic guess what they make the playoffs that year. So and they didn't make it wait what who also they had Matt Cassel got Ryan why air I knew that down the list. Guy. Megan I out of us as I've I've made so many lists of like the guys at the Kevin O'Connell Matt Gutierrez. I you go back to swallow on Davey I mean there's been. A ton of guys that the patriots have broad and who have they tried to draft they try to develop the mallet Ryan mallet like. Right now and they want to call I hit only one they hit on. They kind of get on castle seventh round pick who barely played in college. And he became a pro bowler so yet you hit on him he wasn't a franchise quarterback of the one guys since Brady that look like yet the potential be a franchise quarterback. Is the route and you let him get away and so that's one out of ten years I won't even say longer Mac because. For the first five or six years of Brady weren't even trying or LA O'Connell was the first one I think that was like 07 there somewhere in there and it was a stunner oh wait. Where they drafted him in the third round was like oh whoa they're actually trying to develop a quarterback as a batboy you know long. Brady replaced over the last ten years they've been try and now that. Or satin and you know Jimmy AG and images along Danica aren't let's go back to the bon let's go to David in Florida David Walker attorney massive. Just quickly nick remember when one of them Michael bishop was pretty close as backup yes that was yeah that was back in like that Lee mid to late nineties. Not so long ago. Well an idea I got I got another take on the whole Brady technical situation I mean. You know from the world of professional sports and football on particular there have been selling great. Who have had great career probably once a global. And finish their career development team I mean Brady's boy open air market and a for example. Finish what that would put the cheeks I mean. Franklin Harris finishing with what is the arc so I mean and even a Boston. Lobby your vision was Chicago. Well I mean did you think pressed about it again if they weren't trade Brady it would have been. The most Hart are among reporters are raking. Or trade I mean. I wouldn't say that it's probably. It's it's it's definitely would be add things that holiday and it would be. For patriots fan. I remember again I remember the days that they. That age rafting Aaron Rodgers I was working in Pittsburgh covering the draft and when the page or two when Mitt Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers. This is I'm so embarrassed him in time mystery I got teary eyed the because I knew what was the end of Brett Favre. And I thought to myself they're taking a quarterback at the end of the first round is I felt then. And this means they're starting at the end of the of the dead this guy that turns my franchise a fragile as I loved since I was born. Turn it around privacy verbally Green Bay it was devastating I cried during Brett favre's retirement press conference in 2008 I can remember I can. Six so and so Turkey Herbert I was in my bathroom in a new apartment like I was I had I was injured on the radio to do you have cable on top of my new apartment yet and I'm crying on the scene in a Brett Favre retired because. So I am getting it if it they treated Tom Brady for a lot of patriots and that would be unbelievably devastating I spotted you few cried over did you cry went on Macau's now his name Donna ASCII ASCII. And it's moved now it's I did not see this not for our. So I am so I understand it's I think it would be devastating to people in time you look and realize you know Heinz faced once when you look back ago. That was the best thing for the franchise at the time wow what balls attempt. To draft develop and then basically force Brett Favre out and say listen we're gonna when it's time we got to go to this other guy yet and knowing again maybe it'll turn out perfectly made eagle telecheck. This year with that San Francisco pay maybe you could get a decent second round quarterback that ends up being the heir apparent to Tom Brady and Vick and the patriots never miss would be. But I also know that you can go. Years we got a franchise quarterback and it absolutely. Hamstrings. You're organization okay. Rob phone lines are pretty much following a couple lines opened 6177797937. We're talking Brady we're talking titans were talking patriots forget you're ready for the big divisional playoff game this afternoon earnest easy misconception this evening at 815 plus a little bit later. More with training until mossy Clark Sports Radio go. It's going to be about how we play and that that's sort of where we're playing we've actually Flickr on the road times this year their home but it. I think crowd plays. You know factored into the games in the communication and hopefully we can get that. You know we've got a good job. Playing at home no after a great job this week that's you know they're very good team because of the year. Yet no doubt about it the patriots are nearly unbeatable. An additional rounds. I actually think to be put out then. Forgive me if the numbers are a little off I think we did a graphic last night on our show about the last six divisional round games. And at Gillette Stadium. And the patriots led for like 223. Minutes they were tied for sixteen inning never trailed. I mean they're just dominant and there even better the colder it gets the better they are. You know and again yep the last little but I'm sure you saw the story that last night the titans Versailles on the tarmac for three hours in Nashville like it couldn't leave like it's always something right it's always something that's always something on that level in them and. Game starts it's you know killer pass interference penalties that extended drive important and for the pats or are mismanaging the clock. Or a terrible turnover. Gorgeous there's something other teams beat themselves patriots are great at not beating themselves. And against teams like Tennessee they will just sit back and let Tennessee beat itself and it well. It will. You we were talking about quarterback despite you know a year like Iran like Milan and mad about it now he's only a 100% or announcer. We you're talking about quarterbacks. In the last segment you know fine how hard it is yet to sign the next guy. And it's looking since 1990s. Just quarterbacks picked in the second round or later. And there's really very few who have gone on to great careers obviously Brady Brees Favre like those of the big primary sixth round in two cent programmers. Russell Wilson in the third. And then after that you're down to a level of guys who are pretty good but not franchise quarterbacks like Andy Dalton and he's okay Matt Hasselbeck I eat. Okay Gary he gets some idea it was like he doesn't act up in Green Bay I know I played eighty and yes I heard that someone to a super ball I mean. The act he he got the Seattle Seattle the Super Bowl loss to Pittsburgh and that's right that's right that's right so the court so he did get a team disagrees he got that contract after playing so well for the Packers towards the end of the season and then they signed him as there. Like humans filled in for Favre as he is hurt or ninety how to play I think it might be active and just one games a week seventeen against the lions. Yeah absolutely lit the lines out anything and Matt Flynn has he had oh shoot I am because Mac Kline yes I he had an act like five or six touchdowns or an average he got and you scale with Seattle and Russell Wilson beat him out yet in training camp. Which my dad that's it's amazing house. But yet by Hasselbeck did start Abbott Matt. Apps you know now but that it's like mark for now okay good quarterback like the game manager is out sense. Yet they use I think he's an epic kinda like bat mobile whatever. Derek Karr. And we don't know much I would say with Derek Karr. And to me sitting down we don't know yet now we know the jury's a lot on yet and yet again got a huge contract he's pay the best quarterback in football. Then match job Marc Bulger baldor Trent Green Brad Johnson Marc Bulger whatever via. Eight and then. I'm blanking on the name quarterback. In in Dallas to act so I'm Democrat Jack is on the list as well I'm just see what was fourth round yes so I'm just re doing use by Robles just. Guys picked after the second round hurts after the first round who made a pro ball. And once you get past Brady Brees Favre Russell Wilson went to Brussels and the rest of them are pretty good and there's probably one Super Bowl appearance money and of Britain now. And it's like there member Jacksonville city now because they'd data and make it they lost the patriots he he quarterbacks in like 96 or irony lost the patriots that makes the title game that's probably a pharmacy ever made it. Off the top. Point is it's not as easy ever again on like that it's so simple to just go out and Mike well Bill Belichick he's a genius this is not diminishing. What Bill Belichick has accomplished but picking me quarterback if franchise quarterback is hard. And it's much harder to do when you don't have a pick in the first round and that's that's the whole point. And if agers haven't had a pick in the first round and it could have maybe now you know Ian Rapoport is reporting that. The Cleveland Browns really didn't offer a first rounder and it didn't think it was said by someone is reported to summon that they offer to first rounder is I think Teddy Bhutto was talking about it Geneva Indian of the that the agency to enlist and citizen conflicting reports. But let's just say for argument sake that hat they traded Jimmy grapple either before the draft. Or prior to training camp they probably could have gotten a first round draft pick for him but when you're under the gun and you try to trade them before that October 31 deadline. And you don't see it and other team just feet arts to the fire back. Yes I am my my thing with like the Cleveland stuff. We know the teachers sort of gotten more than a second round and everyone says that. So why is it's so hard to believe that Cleveland was willing sophomore and when you know Ian Rapoport reports that. They were never offered I wonder how much of this is semantics and they're like we're not listening to any offers you know latest. Never tech Riley got it I've received enough and that doesn't mean the Cleveland wasn't willing they were willing give up a second and a third for AJ McCarron I think they were probably willing to go higher than that for Jimmy. Aaron let's go back to the phones what's good to Jack in Washington State wow Jack thanks for listening in all the way over on the West Coast. Online. Yeah it's safe airline now on line O line play on day. Are the biggest property threatens to watch your. Our hatred or. Yeah logic. But anyway it's out of that that you would watch each and people. They're probably they wouldn't too much and awkward with Tom Brady I gather with you to let me. They're at what and other people adjust and views and jealousy out Tom Brady's life. Wait these women what it's not about Irish like using women out there are jealous 'cause he's taken some. It just that just don't rob and amber will be again the problem it took a lot of heat off him dragging your. And I talked to permanently oh I hate a patriot and so why they're great seeing him in addition to operate. You agree that I would he at quarterback ever but yeah there are. She may or owner or anybody at all and I you know what I'm what went live on radio with your great yemen's. Yeah. That's good let's talk. Yes darkly unique unique new here among current and Callahan yes Beasley yeah. You want to renew and whenever you are ready are all in the keeper. Hugo which comes. The carpenter will. Honestly do it is just great guy I don't want to get on well there are. They don't because they him right it's it's say they hate them because they wed. That's lazy I mean to me that we did it but think about it it's truly why people hate the cowboys and then how many tablets and he's a mobile they were like. Do on blow it and yet but I mean I think bad guys fairness like of the stuff we're talking about now with Brady there's more to it than just like he wins it that this is talking about people on his own team you know that I can't really sip gas recently I would say they stuck with the TV twelve mad at and Tony Robbins and Alex Guerrero I think that's made people maybe think twice about really what kind of person he is. But I would also say and Jack thanks a colleague posh breeze and yeah there have been attacks were not mean it is 841 there is pilot or Paterson and effort Jack. But I think what Jack speaking to more on out bear for a long time I mean. I get this from people at home I get this from I were to different for a long time they hate the patriots they hit the patriots. Five years ago because of the TB twelve Matt said yes they hit the teacher is because. There are good and they want all the time and they wanted to they wanted to hold onto oh spy gate you're cheaters and and you win anyway and then you win after deflate gate in its maddening that everything always seems to come out patriots yet but I mean I also would say like. People never hated the spurs that much people don't hate the warriors like that. I would argue that people never even hated the cavs and heat that much I mean they boot their people who did because of the visit could say that people hit LeBron James that much. I don't think so they hate LeBron James I mean at a I don't Danielle and I Aussie Amazon manage IC that or Weiner and he's out full I mean how often you hear people talk about how full of himself he is and how he's not really team guy who's gonna quit on the team. I say that LeBron James takes. Maybe not as much crap is Tom Brady but only because the NBA is king and no plans tended with yet. Yeah. Andy and I palace. Yeah I'd I mean I don't see it back I don't see LeBron taking the same kind of heat peppery cats because LeBron really. Throughout his career that one real black mark I guess is got a couple. The decision the decision makes him look terrible. And that's like whatever it was one bad decision you know like. So you hold that over guys had for the right and made life hard for awhile but now I don't get as much then I in on top of that. In this probably separates him from Brady as much as anything is the history of and coming up short in the finals announced it was as great as he is. He's got a bunch of finals losses that Brady doesn't. Well that's not entirely true because Brady won two Super Bowls in the middle of his career but our season in the beginning of his career birthright and a yes a thriller starring Anthony Grant acts as a in three and a packed audiences start three into it yet but there there's two in the middle I mean ever want to the degree to make conceivable right they were losing an AFC championship games to teams like Baltimore. And Denver. An Indy and so there was a time where people wondered. Was it a flu and that's what I wanted to win so badly after just flaky because they didn't win incensed by gay that was the last time that they had won a super ball. And they really wanted to prove to people. I think they really wanted to prove to be but we're not cheaters we can win without cutting corner. It's. Yet I am I understand that and that is all true I don't think anyone ever those that like. You know Tom Brady's not a winner I mean it was he was always mention even when they weren't winning Super Bowls for that stretch he was still always mention like. Is he there with. With Joseph Montana he's a step below Germans and he's right there is he better than Peyton Manning and most people said that he was even with those losses. Obviously the last that's only detain Peyton Manning also lost me Pete Manning didn't win super ball. Until late. Fairly lateness Korea six right so. Yet and then he pulled one out at the end so that helps his legacy and he beat Brady had to have a lot in the plan out spent the last latter half of his career. That helps is legacy to bat. I don't think Brady was ever discussed in the same terms of movement like with the but Ron it was. You the most talented player in the world but you can't do it on the big stage nobody ever said that about Brady even when they were losing them but he said that. Even when they lost those games it wasn't like people putting on number eighty a lot of analysts. You know the giants' defense is amazing Eli pulled these two incredible throws out of his behind that. You know swung those two games that nobody ever looked at those games and said. Brady failed to deliver. Fair but I would also say that as they are creeping towards the Super Bowl in Arizona against Seattle a couple of years ago. You know I remember the conversation being if they don't win this one. If they don't go out and wind as the conversation around Tom Brady change because now you lost now your Europe now you've lost three super balls and rallies are there questions about. Were you cutting corners early on what helped you get to the super ball I think that that I think the wing against an come back against Seattle. Drastically changed and there aren't we know we have your phone calls to get to we'll do that we align opened 61777979837617. 7797937. More patriots practice. Lucked into training because Eric and John's a mossy talking. That's reason more on Sports Radio WEEI. And suggesting what they did call on draft night we're told that Belichick wasn't even trading with them when. It was really only the second and third is is that a lot of people around Cleveland now they're saying it was for us. There. Really out that it won't pick that it's a shame once it's that first round throwing talk the same for Rob Lowe as they offered for AJ McCarron. Each decade is. And I mean I don't I don't know if they're reporting. But I don't want to trade off once and it was first second third and. To me this is all contradictory so that was in Rappaport socking him the morning guys right abouts. Was it was late was more now it was. Yeah and is more talked earlier anchor Allard has yet be out wedding in soccer yes. You know but to me there's seems to be some contradictory reporting on that and I'd have to go through eons timeline but I feel like in the past it's a bit there was no offer ever made you know so now it's suddenly. And if he hasn't said that other people have so it's like what what is it was there no offer was the second impaired. Was at first I think logic tells you like Roemer jumped in the air rule. That price for grapple with the same as agent Aaron Mike I refuse to believe that. Especially when you're everything Cleveland is set about how angry they were about not be and you know like even if let's just say the price was a second and third and you knew that. That's a wide you only take seconds that makes you know and why did you take a second from a team. I know was crummy that was probably better equipped to turn things around which in Iraq alone in seeing the team Cleveland yes and if you want to argue like these you'd you'd have a very -- your defeat the first pick of the second the last pick in the first. If the future and nine you're looking at lack. 4041. Summer yeah I mean they dropped a good what 1012 spots after Jimmy he won every game and he played also say is the timing a little curious but all of the sudden after this wicker shams story comes out. Now this leaks out it didn't it didn't come out because questions about. YE. Why did patriots. Gave up to be terrible for just a second round pick when he was traded back in October. And missed the the reports of Cleveland offering more came out I would say good month to six weeks before the sept liquor shams story so you're chasing mess in Europe China dig into it YNG dig into it and find out when someone from Cleveland called the Iraq border and other insider at that point in time and say don't. Are offered a first round pick for us now only whenever you realistic that doesn't sound like it's coming from the Cleveland's. That sounds like it's coming from England's that's why I'm saying the timing is curious. On this being leaked yet so. I mean who looks better if today. Who looks better the browns only offered a second third the patriots that makes them all. We didn't have these offers a first round exit you have to sort of question aren't aware do you think that story is coming on and you could argue that the reasoning they treated him for only a second to San Francisco is to get them out of conference but and that brings me back to plan made a million times if you were that concerned about Jimmy drop below. Like coming back to haunt you don't treat him at all. Well wait until after the season so our let's go back to the phones let's go to die and incher is Barry John dollop of the show. You think a lot so lob so I totally agree we should have done more for him but I disagree that we could've kept him I just. If if we. If we kept them if you put forward to next season. By the end of next season we would then be assuming that we would get rid of Tom Brady. And so that's what I'm struggling with trying to understand as if he's performing that MVP level today. How realistic would it be that we be ready to to cut ties with Tom Brady again and exceed and to leverage Jimmy. Yeah I mean I have four words for that in bill we trust that that would be the ultimate test of a bill we trust and you're totally right I mean. It's not an easy thing to say if you keep both of those guys for next year you are hey it's effectively saying what Don just said you are saying. Tom Brady is going to be gone after this year. And that is obviously not an easy thing to say but nobody said the decision would be easy that decision has to be difficult. The patriots have always made the difficult decisions and they've come down on the side. Against sentiment and sentimentality and all that kind of stuff they've done what's best for the future what what helps is this year and two and three years from now. And I'm sorry I just can't except that Tom bradys the answer three years from now. And if we are to believe that crux of the south quicker stand storied if you talk to people who cover the patriots on a daily basis. Am talking about people who look. You know for a purposes often take the patriots I in certain matters Tommy current in the Mike Reese's eating Jack Powell. They can't really argue that they they are arguing that the sentiment are shams story ways. Complete fallacy there are singled are bits and pieces of it that seem a little hard to believe but their their early nit picking their picking up the spots where it's. Well Tom Brady of course as and he called surge in the locker room. Or I don't think that Roger Goodell met with you know Bilbao has saudis have doubts is bodies of telecheck. But the larger. Like the larger point of the story which is that there is some turmoil and its artists and it stems from. Bill dollar check and Robert Kraft not being on the same page regarding the future Tom Brady in the future Jimmy grapple seems very very real which tells me. That may be Billy Bill Belichick Delhi belly Ellis tactic. Bill now Zach was ready to get rid of Tom Brady and he was he is he is he's cut throat he's shrewd and he was say you know what. 41 years old this is my most quarterbacks taking diet I'm willing to risk. That you might have one or two mortgage seasons and you but I'm gonna go with the future and he wasn't really given that option yet and I almost. Feel like if ballots Exel thing about it's better to get out when you early you know that. You wonder if in a vacuum he would have tried to move on from rated this year that grapple it would have been as quarterback this year I understand. Legacy and everything Brady's that's the organization all that you can't make that call necessarily right now but. If given truth serum. Would bill have moved on this year I think even after a super ball I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility because it's always about what's gonna help us down the line. And I said it before I'll say it again if you are banking. On any quarterback to carry you to multiple titles after age forty you are living a fantasy you might get one this year Brady. And if I didn't next year may be may be may be but it and if you do get one this year I would say. You still didn't need to trade Jimmy Iraq blow he could have been the backup to a Super Bowl winning quarterback just like he was about last. Aren't we know you have lots of thoughts and feelings regarding the pages we won't get to your call 6177797937. Time for a quick break our number two attorneys Nazis next.