Trenni and Tomase - Red Sox CEO, Sam Kennedy, joins Tomase and Bradford

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Saturday, December 16th

Red Sox CEO, Sam Kennedy, joins Tomase and Bradford. He talks about race in Boston, Yankees, Yawkey Way, and offseason moves for the Sox.


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Your chance to talk all new England sports with trillions of moxie right now plus Sports Radio WEEI. They were deeply offended by what was rym. Don't worry autumn. To be honest she got kind of an attitude that brings it out at me. I mean you you you've arrived with a certain. Home took to millions well and that's fine all I'm saying is the people who work there I feel that but they'll. Armed. Welcome back to Freddie and animosity especially against Brad though an extra special guest. Red Sox he has him Kennedy is joining us now Christmas and let them boys where some of the elements Nancy just like. Why are you yelling because you're not making sense of knowledge of all the overall and oh yeah I'd say he yells play and I really haven't heard you yell before by. I guess or you can use locked away acts you know what. I find that. You get a lot more accomplishment I have it yeah. Rational scene coverage issue with people. Person I've learned in baseball was was listening is the most underrated skill we returned back to Yankee Stadium 993. Had a great mentor getting jacked on chief operating officer and asked for a piece of advice spoke to all the entered it and he said you know why a Teddy atlas. So you learn a lot more by by listening and talking that's up too hard for me because I talk allotments. It was great advice though stuck with you Larry Larry so. Larry if there is a good listener if it you can you can be allowed in. Again talked when he needs to but it's a skill it really is it in today's climate today's world we'd all be better off with a little bit more. Listening in and that compassion and understanding for each other bites. It's if it's something that we try to do get 330 men and women at the reds said. We beast we spent a lot of time together so we are families and we have lots of debates and it conversations you get heat because we all are competitive people and we wanna win baseball that's why we hear it and you have the opportunity to have conversations each and every day and our our head of human resources. Incredible woman in January as she talks a lot about the fact that. We need to feel comfortable having conversations about difficult politics and does it certainly a lot of that he laughed. Several months it local level on a national level and international levels that we live in interesting times but we're we're really get excited for the 2008 season. If we're gonna get to that season and won a second that's but as long as you're talking about typical conversation you were quoted in the globe series what do you make a big Europe. Native Bostonians like the two of us you know and and clearly I think. The globe series makes the case that things are much improved but there's still. Booth or room to to improve further. Where do you think the Red Sox that in this conversation what kind of strides feel like you guys. Well I think the Red Sox have made huge strides. I think. We've all made huge strides that. The two leaders along ways to go all you have to do is wake up in the morning and turn on the television or radio where look at a newspaper looked at a blog at. Feet you know we have a lot of issues in our society and the Red Sox are important institution. We don't. I don't want to spend are waking hours these political organization is we've got Republican. Owners Democrat. Owners independent owners we've got people that buy tickets or Republican Democrat. But what we do feel passionately and strongly about is when there are social issues that impact our fans our players our employees. We feel that we have an obligation or responsibility. To take a position to try to do what we think is right maybe sometimes wolf. Will make the wrong decision and hopefully we make. More right decisions than wrong decisions but we really try to not via a political organization at the end of the day where sports team we're here to win baseball games. Where here to make Fenway Park as welcoming as inviting as fun as it can possibly be we. We all want people have fun when they come to Fenway Park and that's been huge part of our mission these last sixty years and I I think we've. We've taken strides in that direction. Hopefully Fenway Park will be a better place than it was when John Henry Tom Werner arrived in 2002 when they move on. Some day long time down the road I hope. They can look back and say we we put championship teams on the field and we've proved Fenway Park to a point where. If he could stand for another couple generations and provide great experiences for. Fortunately when we went the along those lines at the news or developments on the yawkey way. Saga you know we're we're in a conversation with the in the process will be that's what we've. A proposed that need and then petitioned city what we're as John Henry said in his comments this summer it's not the Red Sox. Right to blanket decision. We have the right to make petition. And then we'll see what happens and SP community conversation. And we recognize that. Make one suggestion court a little more streets that in order in the listening yeah analysts. Love David Ortiz we loved covering him watching him he's a great ambassador he's got a rated she's got side street I would. I was with David that recently at an event and I also have I want Athens and it went a different event got to go to the Dominican I was it somewhere in down talents and I said David you know I just have one question please. We've made great street we've retired number. We give you a contract for life people. President Zedillo's when he got back and don't know you forgot the plane that plant named after if jetBlue terminal right back at its trucks and Lou money it is but is there is there anyone anyone worth more than that they love so if my question of a listen to release him immediately question. So what who is making out who was surfacing and names for this mean you talk about the media effort now to about what you guys were surfacing games. More is surfacing and names and what are some in the earth that there's been a lot. To suggestions let me read from folks in the front office we've had a committee of people internally discussing it names like catch David Ortiz it's like to. Ted Williams. Happens. The surface other names policy agree and there's been lots of different names. I tend to feel that staying away from people. As you move forward is probably a Smart thing to view. There's actually a city as I understand it there's an ordinance. That you're not supposed to petition. To me in the street after him living person we found that out when we renaming the that you wrote that it goes by the tradestation we called a danger to his way. We've made an exception because there's no address property owners on that road. So I think we. It's probably safe to say sat in the at the end of the day the petition. Would probably whose four. Something other than the name of the. Some of them living person at the murder and a person. If besides it is not someone that I don't know somehow someone from W yeah valiantly you're a couple of coupled we don't have a shift gears and talk about the team. Here's our team so ago the Yankees have made their big splash in made by the way Brian Cashman. Note if they project that he got that on. Apple buy it and I I travel you don't get it every time that I love my chip will look like he has a preacher but sometimes you know sometimes that line longer if it people product but anyway. The Yankees made it big splash. Red Sox haven't done anything yet the offseason wrote that I hadn't heard yet. You'll get that can rendition terror ads that you'll be. Assembling a team that can compete with the bombers while they would I. Can assure you you it's you you really. You make a big mistake if you overreact or frankly even react to a move that your chief rival or competitor basically those at the moment. Where you make the worst decisions to make the decision purely out of emotion here. To a knee jerk reaction to it to respond. But I'd be lying to you as a Red Sox hit play and say it's been hard to not feel what do we do we get a come back at the Yankees that they've done a great job and I was it's I grew up in that organization as an intern. I've got a ton of respect specifically for Brian Cashman because I work with him. He is he's crafty he's greedy you know he says last year with a with a Golden State Warriors of Majorly please give me a break you know that makes them it makes in the Yankees there's the Yankees beat the Yankees this is what they do this is what they've always done to what they have done a great job managing payroll growing problem we've been. He needs and true trades over the last couple days. And it and they've really improved their club there's just no doubt about it. Quote if I look back over the last few years we've 100 new fees 687 these two divisions. If we we have some good momentum that young core players attitudes and that you guys coming compliment them that's what. And that's the model that's what we've done ever since 2002. And now hopefully we take that next step in the post season which which we need to do the goal is not to win an American League east championship you know we hear about capitals to win that last game of the season in October. Which cases that three times in the last sixteen years and we are we are thirsty for more. And that's Sargent John Henry Tom Warner you know he's got one win. And that's why we're here and god puts a lot of pressure on all of us in the front office. Put our baseball operations group is experienced and and they've been there before and and hopefully. In the coming days and weeks ahead we'll make some moves and improve some some of the areas that roster we're that you can prove themselves I'm really looking forward Dave and his team going to work and hopefully as least as we turn the calendar to 2008 she's opiate few roster move to the excited about what we've got a lot on the existing roster to be excited about as well which were you more surprised. Coach Connie not putting you on the list team to you and you live or stay in non identifying you as one of view the preferred teams that you would like. I would studio Tony. Saying we we were. We worked really hard on that and I was very I was I was very disappointed. On that Sunday really. Disappointed. Because I felt that we offered. Parikh. Environment from the play in the best in baseball club and all due respect to. Our counterparts around the league there's no more intense fan base. Got a great support system for our players. And it really was something we're looking forward having the opportunity to tell the story. About Boston's. Clearly at the end of the day. He wanted to play in different environment there's just no weather on the way rounded and so. You know we don't wish him well in in Anaheim and we move on I was more surprised by that I wasn't surprised by. Stating why why were you surprised by stat because that that's that's a Yankee move. I know but that's him but that's him saying you are fourteens and really you look at look at the Yankees. They're northeast they're a big market team why not the Red Sox and it leads to a bigger conversation right or wrong vote why doesn't. Why don't players want it. Identified often at the Olympics by their identifying New York Atlantic well why not lost I I completely disagree with the premise that players don't want nobody but in this case maybe I mean how could not look at it that way that he identified Boston not I mean New York mosque where you just that he. One player no no and so that's but that's one thing why. Why Avi what. Why it's John Carlson yeah that's that's a question for him and his agent and my question for you which you would agree that we it it could potentially lead to them. It should write it he could but I think. Would be a misguided conversation because we've cut incredible players that play for the Red Sox don't wanna be here. You know look this environment is probably not for everybody I can tell you it's for me I wouldn't wanna work in baseball anywhere else you have that it. Intensity that passion. The greatest day in and day out I worked for the New York Yankees we're from San Diego Padres and I've worked for the Boston Red Sox it is not even. Loads you wanna be in Boston this is the best baseball market in the country the best place to be a fan its best was to be in the media it's the best place to play but it. Is not for everyone there are certain players who maybe don't want that intensity that don't want that scrutiny. And and that's fine. We want players that want to be here it really heat up this environment and in like the intensity. And if you're one player this off season high profile player. Who has a no trade clause of this contract select certain markets he doesn't wanna go too far when are gonna waste Werner. I've tried to argue with them today you've made the point. We don't think the fifth well Red Sox have a lot of money and they have a big fan base and they have. Enough that's appealing about the team I understand you know Dave price some of the stuff that Carl Crawford. They just don't feel like that's turning the way but I would largely under I agree with a lot of what you guys saying. But the same time I sit there at the winter meetings and this is the controversy this is a legitimate conversational. Amongst writers but the lines people and baseball. Sure take it's a conversation you're having in the moment no question because that's that's natural you'd you'd be here and a a moment in time where players selected are identified a few teams that that he wanted to go to he has his own resume isn't and that's why it's you keep it. There's nothing that the Red Sox I can do to. To deal with that and if you spend a lot of time more reactive worrying about it you're not gonna focus on what your plan is if you're central mission. Which is to build upon in 93 went to even and get to that the next level I think. I think what you said which rings true which is every player is different in every some guys play here to got like the player apps and we want the guys who wanna play here it like playing here because that is unique place and it if it doesn't then maybe that's experience. Even though is gonna hit a million home runs say hey you know what will want to love our TVs might be a better if it's a great. Point rob because I spent a lot of time. In my 1617. Years here talking to guys like Mike worded. That charity to anti cat deal that C. Talked Kevin towers a lot about this in the early days. One of the hardest things that are baseball operations executives. Have to do is identify. The type of players that you're describing the player that wants to be in this environment that soaks up. The energy and passion that his Fenway Park in this market. And that's really a hard thing to do even a proven player. The Major League level. Playing in Boston is a different experience and there's nothing like winning in Boston it's that the you think about the players that have had success here that it just eat it up and loved it whether it's capable lard John David Curt Schilling and it's you know David Ortiz Manny Ramirez. Yeah Pedro Martinez. It's a special type of player and it can be hard to identify a player in advance. Who wants to. Come to Boston and succeed in Boston that is a difficult thing and that's part of the job that's part of the job that we gets on ice that's on our shoulders to identify could not only. The right fit for the team but the nation's total player who's gonna. Really wanted to be in this environment and I think. Alex Corretja is a guy who recognizes that it probably understands that better than most given he's played here he's been in this market. And that's one of the reasons why. That he chose Boston he had as you guys know better and I do you just use the hottest managerial candidate on the planet according to AJ who choose get calls from everybody in baseball. He chose Boston and we're really glad that it. We'll Sam it's clear that you began your career in radio because I was perfect season that's coming up next kids read outs and Alex and Laura. Did you just set the table for imperfectly thank you very much your statement I'm really appreciate it thanks guys thanks to be with you you would like well you fight the good fight. Whatever that made I don't know well we will and so they had as Sam said coming up next Red Sox manager Alex Cora right here WB yeah.