Trenni and Tomase - Red Sox President, Dave Dombrowski joins Tomase and Bradford 12-16-2017

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Saturday, December 16th

Red Sox President, Dave Dombrowski, joins Tomase and Bradford live at Christmas at Fenway.


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Cavalcade of Red Sox gets continues say that's the last we saved that president and also. And you know it's titled general manager the old state war low. They'd Democrat former general farmers are former general manager of the Golden State Warriors gave them rescues joining us aired Christmas that badly today good morning good morning. So what's taken so long I I I will say this first time ever Christmas that federally before it went on he was on the phone you're on the phone before you went on. You never worked the phones this that the Christmas that but waited for what about what you are now. Well not quite as much a lot of times normally things are done the winter meetings but they were not as time progresses I think I'm being on the phone a lot felt. Whenever maybe usually the holiday time to be a little bit quieter. But I don't know that's going to be the case this year normally. A lot of deals done by say December 20 with a little well actually get back. My anticipation this winter's not that way how has this been for. View previous offseason that mean you had Craig Kimbrel before things get I think last year by this time you and Chris failure that Thornburgh you had Mitch Moreland. This year I think. We can probably say because of a certain person who's in a position of power with some clients. Things are moving a little more slowly. How is that adjustment for you where it's you can't probably be as aggressive as you like to. Well you can be aggressive in conversations but I think that. Ideally you always like to get things done quickly if you can. Because yourself. Notre goals are like right now we know where captives are to do but you don't control those and unilaterally since I've been here. Things have happened quickly in the wintertime but it hasn't always been like that my career there's been times that things that we have waited for a long time to be done. But normally if you have the ability. A good baseball people. You have finances available would do things. You make wise decision but things happen. That's usually my philosophy throughout time period were all those spots so we'll just wait to see what happens. But again yesterday my choice I'd much rather be done now it's an okay this is our club going into spring training. But this is not your. You know a lot of times in the offseason it's going to be dependent on other guys signing Soviets at the market arms yet through tough guys are driven by the same person. The third guy was Carlos Santana or at least perceived he talked little bit about you it's that you read at least reached out on hosting an you talk to borrow. Where you were out with a carload. Santana market. Well we are interested in him and you get a pulse of exactly taken place I think the Phillies were put differently Johnston the last. The last day or two really. Although that was of interest and yet we did adventurous we talked talked about a deal. We weren't prepared to go to what defiance has reached that deal. But. Philly sort of a good move for them they don't have much money committed for roster spot we're prepared do that but we had a Paulson that we didn't trust them as the player. Does what the Yankees have done is that. At impact you at all it seems it strikes me as a poor way to do business if you just react to something that even a team that's as much of rivals the Yankees spent. How do you react you know and stand thing comes down you can you realize how much better they've made them. Does that enter your mind at all about. You know I build roads. I think that answer that in split ways because. One. What you see that happen for example last Saturday explained that the winner because normally I mean Alex you wake up and celebrate the Yankees got. Stanton veteran guys that work you know that's not your thought process. I don't think you can make moves based upon that organizational perspective if you're already tried do the best you possibly can. So you do things to put him the championship caliber club to try to win your division which of course is vs yankees the other clubs in our division. But also you're trying to win a world championships and try to turn better than Houston Astros Cleveland Indians anybody else that comes to them backs. So you're trying to put the best team possibly can on the field you regardless of what the game. You so for us are really doesn't change what our approach in this wintertime we talked about a guy boot order. First base DH. Whichever way it may be. But that was our goal before hand it to you hear people. After that got them. Is it missed characterizing her just say that Stanton wasn't necessarily a front burner guide for you it means you have other plans well I mean. You always have to add interest and player like that but I think to some extent. Conversation through cost of acquisition. Loved the contractors. And some of them just want this feeling doesn't it some of their apartments here's something I've always wondered. So we've heard a lot of talk this equal light in the Red Sox just jumped in the drive up the price right in the drive up the price of the Yankees and am curious as a practical matter. Is that even feasible is that even possible is that a reality of your job and that's something you can do. You can't at times. I mean did you hear somebody's involved and for example I. And I'll take where I'd been before let's I was in Detroit. Rather than use in this rivalry that you see that Cleveland's there it's like Walt. Houston we really want that kind of Cleveland. And vice Versa and sometimes they can't try to. Drive the price up. But I don't think you can realistically do that very much. Because organizations evaluate your players. And they have a pulse of who they like him they don't like. And a case like this in particular because there have been no trade so he unilaterally. Really control. The final decision so you could've driven enough and actually let's say you have made it much better offer maybe they thought the giants and cardinals offers originally were better. But he decided one vote. So he had the ultimate final. Decisions. Well at the winter meetings use of that last day you really seem to be spartans were on where the conservative vote. Figured out what the time to strike. Because you don't know the timetable for you agency you don't wanna miss out and you don't wanna the summit trades so this is what you guys are trying to identify. After meeting live. The aforementioned age and perhaps his client did you get a better idea or have a better idea now of when this might win or it's still sort of a mystery. Well I don't know of every bit of information you require I think it's helpful. On the phone this morning and you get additional information about other things we've got some last night. But so you're always get as much as information camp but it doesn't necessarily don't always mean that. You have all the information because I know because people jumping now with the Phillies did to him. I think it's one that you try to have the feel of this but I really don't know. When things will happen when they don't and then you're in the spot where. But you have to decide well Mike can wait that out and lose. All of these players in the time so it's a tough. Tough thing that you way you constantly try to get more information all the time. You have you sense you have a pretty good idea of who you're competing against like you said the Phillies jumped announced internally. We are trying to identify who. Are you there chief competitors might be for the other guys you feel like you have a sense of who your chief competitors are. Well I do but that that means you're right just like them talk about the Phillies we always thought the Phillies could be Republican in the background vaguely. Free agent because they don't have dollars committed that they could and just enough for. Guess it felt this was the right opportunity for them three years we note that dollars they have a lot of failed. But you'd never 100% know somebody to jump it and surprises so and sometimes things are done and also fashion from. An owner Robinson though so there general manager. January 15. Well both sides. Yet they had been must be nice you know. Good at that spot but sometimes that happens. And so you just you can figure out as much as. You would like you have also but I think you really make a mistake them for you exactly know because you never really. The bigger. Picture question for you as you assemble a team. Talents and then fit in all of those things are important how much does personality or even with the team that you have now. As we talk about marketing and or the Red Sox likable on these questions RS last year you have guys with. Winning personalities and guys like me you Bogart's but they tend to be a little more withdrawn. Do you encourage them do you think it's important. That people get to know their personalities little better from a marketing standpoint and electability standpoint for next. Well the answer that is yes and and you like your personalities to shine some of the guys have. Great personalities. But I think you also can't force it upon them they have to be ready to do and I think with the young player. Encourage you and hope she can provide. Ways to do that but a player has to feel comfortable to do in the clubhouse themselves and so. I think it will happen is these young players continue to grow. Sometimes it's just the veterans that are around you sometimes it's where you are articulate times starts under performing. But it that we like to see them because there are a lot of likable personalities and our team we have great personality talked about guys that's young guys. Bradley. And contend the Bogart's. Devers as a young guy that persons between the language very well with the young players like that of course we have veteran guys that mr. What differently we had dinner it's easier for years you saw the impact that me just on that overwhelming sort of personality. You're you're Torii Hunter in Detroit what what kind of difference to those guys made just in the data daylight from the clubhouse to have someone could be more fronts and. Well they I think what it goes and takes the attention off of the other guys. They like that attention to take the tension and sometimes players thrive better when you're in the background. And it's a little different feeling not for all but for song. When more of the focus is on them where the pressure more due handling the day today. Dealing with the media answering questions why did you come through. And so all of a sudden they get thrust that role and sometimes you're. You think you're ready for him or not I think we have guys that are ready to handle that but they have to be in position to step up and plaster that was a learning process for them. Just one less thing in this did you feel like electability. Criticisms of Balladur justified or do you feel they are overblown how did you feel about that. Well that's a hard question you answered because. I see it from a different perspective. And frankly when I'm out and about the city. Have a cup of coffee in the morning. The fans that I run into the majority and tell me how much they loved the club in the workplace. So yet I know we had a couple of circumstances last year that were not. Great to explorers. Public perception. They get a lot of publicity here. I've had things like that take place in the past that it no publicity on it so. I do think that some of that is me. And place last year but I think that a lot of people have flew over players couldn't walk around here that he would take place and we have a lot of likable personality and I think a lot of it is. Circumstances and it took place of guys that really are quality individuals that people won't concede certain perspective. Because. It's all about me. Never I have to pick up my the airport. I gotta get lectured him on her right no I just wanted to know. Things happen what you said he threw me in you feel like everything's gonna happen today or tomorrow. Let's the well I don't I don't love well. Why nobody that I can answer that that feel that way the I have no idea I was guessing person I guess now. Ours things don't go. Away go get your dog. What that's the perfect or really ghosts of Golden State Warriors were saddled with that label last year. Seems like this script to split the little bits of what are what are we calling me. It rivals in New York. Well we use that kind of switched on them last year I said you know it really don't really have the correct term yet so we've got some were the winner ultimately take our time globetrotters and even though they got guerrillas say that highlights. The idea the tallest team in the event and they aren't allowed to draw some correlation there are listen thank you very much David received times they've dubbed rusty Red Sox president. Good luck this offseason obviously there's going to be a lot of interest between now figures he can thank you happy holidays. That was Dave Dombrowski Red Sox president joining us let's talk about here between CAM. Alex Cora and data. We will get to that. Coming up in a few minutes and we will also get back to some of the slope stuff because Brad but I don't think it's gotten out of the system yet okay so this is Brad faux intimacy filling in for Trent intimacy that you.