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Saturday, March 17th

Hour 1. Trenni and Tomase make their triumphant return together on air. They talk about the Patriots making some moves during free agency and the scene down at spring training with the Red Sox.


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These training and Tomas he once Sports Radio W yeah. Because and Eric and John's a mossy break down everything with the impacts the Bruins at all in the week when sports. So I ask to its trendy Tomas blood Sports Radio WEEI. Johnson posse are you bear. You hair and hair. I'm not some modesty. It's a video your employees victory and reunion. The grand reunion 12100 miles or more parts I too mossy is in sunny warm. Fort Myers, Florida right now with the hour Red Sox I need that seven Tyson's poems jalla strength is Eric Johnson mossy here with you for an hour. And in ports for Stearns is joining me because Red Sox play at 1 o'clock so from twelve to 230 is he gets ready for college hoops here. And WEEI allowed puts will join the show lots of patriots talked. But is Ronnie your in hybrids are patriots for pretty much all the three and a half hours there as long as you're in Fort Myers you were with. There Red Sox where both baseball people let's just take a quick. Little break from football John Intel its diameter Red Sox biggest right now as it does get it in like little back and forth. Email chain we have over an NBC sports Boston for early edition ice I feel like right now the Red Sox are the most stable organization intact. And I need that because they don't have a ton of major injuries like the Celtics or even the Bruins. They seem to be coming together and are coming off another a year in which they won the division. So and maybe this is a team we should pay more attention to. Yeah and their planet players are happy they're planet players are happening never heard allegedly allegedly completely happy Alabama spurred you on that. Yet no I mean it's it's camp tranquility right now it is not a lot. In net is not a lot moving the needle in either direction this team right Nancy Martinez says Padilla other booming double last night. But otherwise it's been very little drama once they signed Martinez they sort of have their lineup in place. There are some concerns about the bachelor days in the back kind of thing you know that happens it's time here it seems every year. And so they're just rolling right along I mean we'll see what they are when seasons starts but right now pretty good pilot and I don't know what else Chris let. Outlets dances but I really wanna now I have I have re day this. From my colleague Evan drown like I read a report that you wrote about how. You know day and its pages sort of turn there on how they're approaching the media. And David Price. Is happier. Healthier he's coming in with a different attitude is Thatcher when I walked into the clubhouse. And I had a decent hi David. Price. Gays he gaming gaming is staying I like he had last year origin easily be sort it'll may not warm and Fuzzy but at least cordial and different from last year because that was a problem. Yeah I mean so far so noted that will see what happens when he loses the starter when he has a two game losing streak there. When he says or does something that somebody objects to it writes about it becomes a topic on talk radio. That's when I'll believe that David prices reformed and better in whatever. For now he's been fine but it's not like you watched him there any you know beckoning people over the top is kinda. Doing his thing it's certainly not what it was last year you locked in there and you just fell you know you felt like. A spike felt like you know I who had just been out. It and now you're like oh my god I don't get out of this alive like that was kind of feeling. Last year this year it's been better but it's spring I mean price wasn't terrible aspirin it's really got her use fine and so we got her last year and then. At some point you just got sick of every two days answering how are you feeling question when he knew deep down that oh crap coming Tommy John is to be it for me. So he didn't he didn't handle that tremendously. And we probably could have given him a little more space rather than asking him that question every two days. But you know they love me so for now so far so good but I'll be convinced and Nazis tendencies. I did have to lassie I'm assuming you read that relic report about all the media. I did think it was funny about how some of the guys are very honest about that terrible questions I get thrown their way like I love that Alex Cora was like don't ask me how do you feel about this but that's just dumb question. Thank you Alex Cora that is it terrible question. Or write music Joseph Kelly who said if your gonna ask me a question be grammatically correct about it. Ask me a question with your inflection. Don't put a period at the end or an exclamation point don't athletics. Don't ask. And I liked it and I what what is more annoying and you're standing at his home. And a reporter goes. I'll answer you just have yet or or the dispute like you know McKie was great. Yours I get that but be my my issue with that is. You wanna try to have a conversation with people and when you are having normal conversation with someone not every sentence and that question. So you should be able to talk back and forth. So that when bugged me a little bit on the Internet and ask questions yeah exactly and I'm like so Kelly you're telling us about grammar c'mon. I'm yeah I didn't to Jim Buchanan I I I missed that went to that happening camp when he doesn't he did yeah it was probably two weeks ago I think he unveil them for the first time and and it's come with this supposed to be funny. I. What you mean supposed to be. I didn't see so maybe it was always not can't account has not carried it just might read the article about it as a panelist condoms it is really I mean it's it's the kind of thing. That. It's you know like an actor could pull it off or somebody who's. Like the guy who went to the out Roy Moore rallies for Jimmy Kimmel Perrier woods totally indebted and who has. Mocking the people while being funny and they couldn't quite tell they're being mocked and it was. Pretty brilliant. I don't know that it will disseminate these Jimmy cannon JWK on the artists there. So. Yeah yeah I'll do my eighty several armed. You can't tell attempt by despise the case. I recognize that bullies. And ran and I you know I start on time and Red Sox clubhouse that Aaron Brown eyes to its dates dozens dozens dead dude Arianna in the firm and a are aiming out I got on the comedy snout. I thought we could talk about the Red Sox farm it's in three minutes now I feel like writings talked about and may have to shift to the Patriot Act in court down its Oxford now in notes of the season starts there. No no big drama needed direction which you know I just edged. Do you care that ex Celtic Glen big baby Davis has been arrested on seven different drug charges. Yeah this is just broke at 10:50 AM today and the same patch Tuesday. Glen big baby Davis a former key death peace to the Celtics in 2008 and be champions. Was arrested last month and is just being released now at a Maryland hotel with a over a 120 grams of marijuana and nearly a 100000 dollars in his possession and has since been indicted on seven counts of drug possession and intended distribution. Here we eat nothing counseling I can't point out there's a lot. Yeah we see it now it does not count as 120 Graham. It's a grant pass out turned my idea my pounds Natalie Panamanian I had a look at what that is in pounds and I IE is despite my name my time overseas beaten. Did the conversions on an evening as about half yes sounds like quarter rams Q programs. This makes for exciting radio. Sticking. Our law I'll look it up and I elected people now and monetary now in Tora break arts I guess that means her drawbacks and patriots. Where this whole thing started let's be honest since I got back. No one and we really haven't talked about aiming but the patriots on any show that I spent on and any Charlotte and listen to our watched have to status. If I just dial it back to Super Bowl let's just rewind the clock and I watched the Super Bowl on a Monday morning in South Korea. Assists which is super where it Siebert on Monday and it is just me and former and BC Boston at the time and one of our many names via Comcast. Is Catherine are careless manner and I. Just sitting in the M Michael tell lounge. Drinking coffee because it was literally like 9:30 in the morning. Surging its and copy watching this. Verbal and what point will look at each other like Malcolm butler's name. And they I was really like checking my phone a ton at first. I noticed it's weird lies about the Butler playing and then they lose the game and there's you know it's like that becomes a part of the drop Monday you hear Rob Gronkowski talking after the game about how he might play anymore are. And all think of wives. Is this pulling apart for a very ice age everything that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady bildt's. Rick this loss is it all falling apart. Yeah it's a great question I mean that's one that I've certainly been turned over my head for awhile now. And I would say the first ball is really the drama as you know predates the Super Bowl whether it was Tom currents thing at a separate Christian story. Which by the way can I just I demeanor out Dubai I would like to point out that Troy Brown said repeatedly. On our on early edition on Thursday. Sure does make that ES TN stories seem pretty accurate as like Sokol who tried and it connects sign by typing the roster more than the rust time to have night and time haven't come to Jesus and say half. Says wicker sham is not a dirty little in Fidel overeat yes yeah and he's a good reporter who nailed it on their head. Yet if anything he might have under sold if that's possible you know when you watched the last episode Tom verses time. And you see each cell saying he just wants to go to work and be appreciated and have fun again it's like why our man. The last words of this documentary produced and you know rubber stamped and okayed by Tom Brady. Are you know basic I asked myself this is worth it anymore holy cow it does feel like the end the only thing I will say that. As long as Belichick and Brady are still there. Then it's over you know I mean they'll find a way to piece it together for one more year what this tells me it's it's hastening the departures of. One or both. Yes I would also say they'll line and and I ain't pointing this out yesterday because. And let's and I get it as long as pre invalid checkered there even when things are falling apart as they words seem that things were not good crumbling around them but certainly and steady around the two of them. They obviously they they've made to the super ball but. It's the one of the things that I guess that I keep thinking about it that timing current article that is written irony tourist we re two or three weeks ago. That is there anybody that keeps Bill Belichick in chuck. Is there someone on that staff is there someone in that locker room that feels a faking go to ballot checking say. Hey. I know you pissed at Malcolm Butler. I know we did some I don't know what the guy did I don't know what the problem one's I I you know I. I've heard you know we track I've heard everything from the rumor about that thing with pink you know with Stephen ballot check my email. My friend of a friend of a friend you know some that you cut hair for the patriots said that he heard that he had Iran and with the cops in minutes I mean there's like a million different things out there rightly know any different rumors. Even about that happened right let's just say let's just let's just say Malcolm Butler did punched Steve a dollar check in the face a war. He did dot party too nice for the Super Bowl and he shouldn't half. So point your bill ballot check. Dino you're even when your pride get in the way and say. We really need this guy out there. I'm pissed that you did this but I mean they deal with an in the offseason I'm not punish the in tiger team with a Los and a super ball. To prove a point that you can't do this stuff when you play. Like Isner no one that says cannot attrition not have gone up to deal ballot check on this island said bill and your math this guy. We can't think clearly here now we cannot think with vengeance. And revenge. In your mind we have to think about what is best for the team what's best for the team is Malcolm Butler being out there what's best for the team. Is not letting Alex Guerrero get into your you know getting tear your your brain so much Ike. Let him work on players and that helps Tom Brady at that puts his mind these that would Rob Gronkowski ninety's let him do it. You don't put your eagle aside beat the bigger. Yeah I mean I think these are all great points you know look Butler if plant and I aren't really mr. posits that he right now that's the moon's not. So. With now on them. Austin. So with Butler. The only storyline really that we heard from both sides that it was a football mrs. Butler. Note that Jeff how interview this week says he had a bad week of practice he was sick it setter you know some may be real it was a football season. If that was punching speed ballots that war any of the other rumors bird while I was union for you know will come back and that's. That's the reason that I never thought it was something like that because you send them all you don't you don't dress him it's that that. So the fact that he was on the sidelines. Tells me that this idea that as a football decision is accurate and so if that's the case. You write in its weird in the past when. Bella check you know Tom made the point of there were times ten years ago where nobody really would answer him because he'll it was gone and Weis was gone Romeo was gone and all these old guys that he respected gone. The difference now is he's been with Josh McDaniels often on for the better part of like fifteen years he's been with Patricia for awhile now she would think. That those guys should have the cash today to say something they're not they're not newbies they're not. You know debuting with the patriots or anything like that that's the part that surprises me a little. But it's clear. From gronkowski. And Brady being unhappy about the weighted been treated that at some point even if he doesn't like it. For the good of the steamboats it's gonna have to look at the Mir and decide to like keep doing it my way or might change a little bit. MI alienating these guys at some point and just gets a defiant or you say my way or the highway. If that costs you your hall of fame quarterback and off thing tied and well may be sued just night. All one can argue cost you're sixty for all 61777979370. And it got that right. It's rolls off like ride a bike rolls off the top 6177797937. Join the conversation is seeking here I am the voice and I won 900 operator. So any airtime he he felt. I am happy image you out of my Abbey's with a tiny element in causes are normally is yet nothing like coming back in this like epic trip. I plainly Alice in snorkeling in the clearest waters and never been in. To last Saturday getting up in the morning and being on the home feels. And then literally like a hurting you off my couch for five days. Yeah on the flute debts that circled a year before you left and then especially while you're gone was particularly well so well today and wave wind transforming and I went to the doctor I literally went to the doctor mossy. On Wednesday morning and thought my iPad cases if their gonna quarantine me I have some weird version of like. Some Asian Avian flu like he definitely picked up on one of the planes this year eight yeah like a dynamic hanging out elephants in niacin beard might not just my doctors like nope regular old American fluke. As I won't accept that kind of not cool I thought maybe like many white suits would come take me away tightly tree out. Not not a planet is right on American flew and it really stinks and anyways had to feel badly for you this is terrible and the worst part about it. I didn't even have like that peaking whooping kind finally a drop like fifteen pounds in my fine I am distilled I'm just coughing. It's so hard stuff. Well what I can values that people panic Euro you'll be out of the woods like 45 weeks. A great personnel into Atlanta Austin. Right to give us a call 617779798376177797937. What is going on at the patriots are we overreacting. Our art it. Is it possible. That this is just you know word we're looking at everything. Through thick be sharpest of microscopes because they lost receivable and had they want a super ball. And we're saying things like this we read may be not be spinning at the way that we dock and they that's possible I don't think that's that's sure I think we spent everything here. That maybe things aren't maybe maybe we've gotten too negative treatment time channels and the isn't hearing or too negative management of the positive. I just had a hard time. Signing anything positive that is happens. Really the last. I would say dating back to saint November. Or December were these patriots ray yeah rates are startup right. Even making a Super Bowl like. I mean I want to Brian warrant (%expletive) people off I picked I picked the Eagles to win I didn't feel there's something with that team. That from start to finish just felt box and I couldn't put my finger on it and their you know their words necessarily statistics to back it up. But something felt off with this team and now I need you talked about crime in and Brady. The reactions they've had but how GM Lou exported Tennessean cry me. He's crying their hides finally feels appreciated. And a stamp part of that has to do with the fact they handed him ample money but like. It felt it was more than it was more than. Yeah and you know I I just can't get past rock saying he's thinking about retiring and then stuff coming out about now on happy he was. And he threw an unhappy happened. Exactly and then in mental thing and I know we're reading in all of this stuff you know late. We need to Rosetta Stone to figure these things out to translate them exactly what they mean by. It certainly seems like rock is not happy it's certainly seems like Tom Brady's night after we talked about numbers this time. The episode where. They show. Guerrero working on him this week. Before a game yet in the windows were like blacked out as fast and they're trying to like movies table in the back in the whole production just seems to be like Steven. Leap that I have to put up with. Get ready for game your hall of fame quarterback and you fight the rebels this is what I have to put up with on game day like that to me was not an unintentional choice. Clearly and when you combine that with the way the thing ends. It's just to me it's painting a portrait of a superstar who was unhappy with how he's being treated. And that's astounding because. That's flight's completely in the face. Everything we thought about Tom Brady. Up until this point and I'm not putting this on radio and saying what is going on down there with the way Belichick is running things that guys like radiant on. Field you know backed into corner. I mean this is not a all I'm Tom Brady is is solely on the shoulders of one bill William ballot check right 61777979237. A couple of lines open. It is economy over reacting or are you worried are you looking at this patriots team and thinking. Now is what we signed Philadelphia. Are against Philadelphia. A sign of things to come get us across 61777979237. More attorney tossing after this. And then I'm here. Yeah it's. We'll iron. Maintaining its Rossum. And did you sell relaxed time like guys our guys are angry with us yet. It's a sunshine some peace following it fresh squeezed lemon need it's like everything great about sports. I will say this for our reunion show it had to be governor miles apart and limited to an hour from now because it would have been too emotional in studio for four hours right now for hospital listeners and not emotional catalyst to zero in now he's back again when will you read debut Rodman died in Felix home much has happened that might lead to our deaths and estimates is going to happen my only fear is that we don't get to do it again before we go actually. Point that's becoming yeah I mean I think right around the start of the baseball season will finally have a far better in person green. I can't wait I cannot wait for art but for now what's not be found based on matters again and sports AM right now lesbian couple weeks ago. A voice in matters couple weeks. We know the parents are playing really well in the Celtics are going through a lot of we'd get calls on those guys will definitely take a we'll talk about it that. And it usually is here knowing when all of the focus on the New England Patriots. Who have dumb little bit this offseason and it really not much last night they were kind of busy day reportedly signed running back Jeremy hill they house reportedly signed defenseman Adrian Claiborne. And also reportedly. All these are reportedly nothing official yet expect. Reportedly. Signed an offensive tackle as well his name marina is escaping the it is next on it is maxed them so we'll see if not Neitzel is not a father and he's now playing for your New York Times. Said sort of freaking out about the patriots. But we tend to do here right we sort of overreact to things or are we overreacting to the patriots let's go to the phone line 6177797937. Let's start to ballots are Brian was star. Ryan welcome to show you the first call back on the reunited turning to ossetian. Say thank you or me or Asia. Thanks for Ron and so I wasn't there and we overreacting about these patriots three freaking out over half and. Yeah I think a lot of people overreact. We got a lot of good he bent to pick up according when things and I have great speed and screen chemistry between between those two. And now the general health because it's great. And I think it's a. Why why do you think did you mean a bit of history. And I only ask because I mean I know he's had some success but he. We played in seven games last year and an ankle injury and he's off to he's had some. Has an injury issues. I didn't think you can refer bounce back you know he's so. He has a really good pickup then you know options beyond until you could tell it. All right Brian thanks for the call we appreciate it thanks for listening let's go to like David in the car David welcome to the show. Yeah I I think everybody overlooking. The only player that I can think nevertheless he treats it plays really well actually it was Kurt Barton and wait for a check. Everybody else when they leave here they're basically your career goes downhill. So we look at it we wonder I can understand him Dolan not wanting to be there when all of the sudden Brady friends come back. I mean did keep to leave spring or heard on mountain west and Wes Welker esque kind of did to keep Talib didn't. Well Welker went down the lead at one good year and now he's out. Players have maybe one good year after they leave the next six. Lawyer Malloy I law all of they are on the down you fight its rear. So I think get a look at it made the very cells and the and the patriots get critical player fleet up to that. Level once they leave everybody get all concerned about. I mean to leaves made the Pro Bowl every year here in Denver since you left England used well first team all broke years here yeah ethnic. They traded him. They too paid him an edit but don't tell me he didn't have success at Denver in super. OK one how many. Others have left me Logan Mankins has and it you know I think Lisa's first couple of years in Tampa did okay do need it. One good year then he went he went down your idea is to get rid of player before they don't don't know what you can still get up and form. I understand that well in the in that do you feel comfortable with their left tackle situation now with Neitzel there. Look I don't think this vote also had had a few bad games where Brady wasn't protected. Despite look at that look more at the offensive coordinator how come the patriots don't the first step in and do well the second half. They create many times are more predictable you know exactly what they're gonna do when they get out there. Why is that they're greater in the second half and come back in the complaint crafty person. He gets more problem with a. Yeah I mean you start the year without Julian Edelman and with that bronco was not a 100% at the start of the season Ian and growing and that. I write are trying to resign and trying to work in brand and cooks we wanted to be a big part of your offense and also trying to figure out how without Julian Edelman you're going to. Really. Fill that slot receiver position when China and feel like offense was ever really Venus is here you know I mean it was it was a defense couldn't stop anybody from the Kansas City game week one. To the Super Bowl in week. Nineteen. I will say this it the needs older is losing me sold it to me I mean left tackles are extraordinarily difficult to come so so it is an important position. Because just because of that but at the same time. And forget I read this yesterday but I read statistically somewhere that. He'd given up more pressures and more sacks. Then in Aiken next closest per I think the next closest offensive lineman was like. 33 he pressures behind him on the patriots so I mean and donate solar got a little better as the year went on. But he was it. It's in need. It's more about the position you're losing in the play you're losing does that make sense because I don't think he was a great player I think a lot of times and you're watching a patriots game. It why is culminates older misses that block Neitzel older gets beat. You know so and so gets around dates older to get his hand Tom Brady's face I think he really struggled. But at least she was a hot attends. Left tackle and a person who understood the position and not you've gotten nothing there. That I got feels some works. That's interesting because I don't. I mean and yet I don't have the numbers that you're talking about that. I come I watched them I didn't Watson is here and think that Neitzel there was terrible you know I thought as the year went on. Like a lot of guys offensively he did well my studies pretty good by the end of the year. And the fact that Brady has had two left tackles effectively in his whole career between Matt Light and sold their. And now at age 41 he's not only breaking in someone new but there's no. Guarantee that later in waddle or Kim Fleming like those guys are free agents do they can be gone so you might be talking about either rookie. Or are somebody else's castoff that you're trying to break in as they left tackle. In Tom Brady's what could be his last year that just seems shortsighted to me that you're gonna. And trust the position to somebody that Brady has no history. I think at a meet and I think the bigger issue. Is that they are just not senate for the future in any way shape or form that senate for the future quarterback they're not set up for the future. With young position a young really young skill players at any on the defensive or offensive side of it is amazing when their reckoning comes it's going to be ugly wreck like they you know they eight where they've been so. Apathetic for lack of a better word you know dirt in the last few drafts that they have not built Ani a depth has been an issue for it and they've been able to go out. And pick up guys off the scrap heap. And workmen and the patriot system and the patriots coach is in Bill Belichick are so good that they've been able to do that. When you've looked at the future of this franchise who you looked to as a cornerstone for the future of this franchise. Saxony is what's most worrisome you know rollicking night how can all the old you know they saw Brady and Belichick will be good next year well guess what eyes Brady turns 41. In fact in many under I don't care how many you know. Mineral waters he drinks a day in Germany massages he gets he's not. It's not anti aging series 41 this August your head coaches 66. York. Start tonight and arguably one of the best offensive players in the league is contemplating retirement. Your best you at your press why receive right gases Brandon Cox but he hasn't entirely fit. What you do with the offense and he's probably going to be gone and touted image gone after this year is they're at their cornerstone player on defense. They cannot. Hours that's a great crash ran out of it Ballard's great questions like who who are you building around beyond. I think 2019 had always been the season that a lot of people at looked at a note card has written about this where cattlemen's out and rockets out. And may be Brady would be done at that point it just felt like that was sort of the final curtain. In new to ask what is what comes next what is there in the pipeline right now it's like you said. Date they have the quarterback Jimmy grapple we're still here. You wouldn't care about any of the rest of it if you would say his island who he surrounds me that's all that matters that you have that in your chance. Yes I mean it's gonna get ugly fast and that's why to bring it back this older I'm surprised that they let him go. Because at some point you do have to look at it and say well you know what how to maximize what's left on especially the way he's talking. If this is it don't you go all in on this season let's let's face it like down like after Brady is gonna sock. It's tennis I mean now house for how long but it's it's gonna be difficult for awhile about Iran is great in his country for ever. Greg Bedard. Had to statistic I was talking about. As far as pass blocking. Sold or finished a season where he allowed 74 total quarterback pressures. More than doubled the next highest player which we Shaq Mason who allowed 33. He arranged 44 in past lacking efficiency among all tackles. Loudly you know what I mean you hear numbers like that you say OK maybe maybe it's not as bad. As we thought. I guess that's why I look at look at things like that insane again in the position is so valuable. And Bedard also writes in his article that it's a lot harder to find good left tackles now because they're just not grooming and the offenses in college art translating to offenses. In the NFL's you're not getting those big tackles that are not. They're not producing and in college training them essentially college so it's really hard to find good tackles that I I don't stay in the pocket right. Ann and which is why I think it's also hard to find a good franchise quarterback and you're not seeing drastically we did back. Mean think back to the year that Aaron Rodgers is drafted and it felt like it was like a lack the means to think that Aaron Rodgers belted 26 27 whenever it was that the Packers pick that year that's comedy good quarterbacks ran track. When's the last time we saw something similar. It. Stumping. With posthumous. Honor I don't I. Six and sevens at. I ask you got that's terrible. Leon ice nah I literally sound like a cross between Mike and 92 year old woman who's been smoking her entire life. And act and might they in 1990s when used in common in me to. Lobs and how to get three years in. The left and it's hot in earnings outlook on the missed out. Careful now you get a call excited out here. Easy easy uneasy welcome back to the ankle a trend and Yukio. I enjoyed all your hits on that other show and all I should mention that are not on the on your but enjoyed them all and thank you. This week at Logan Mankins. This kind of reminds me of that year outlook field. Wrong again but I thought that was the year that might. Create some cracks and I able I mentioned the the people in north Dallas forty Alia. Training. And I haven't. I know I'm not a picnic older movie person is now it's it's no sense to. All the way but. Anyway you'd have to. Seepage on the two child during C. In the locker room afterwards and would leave a lot of the expletive out. He would call an LP assistant coach who they were when they called and we gave you can't we call the game you called the business we call the business you quality game. It goes on from there but the point being. That's the big four issue in the NFL right. The game in the preakness flawless all what's really seems to. Be on the cutting edge in football where they don't have a guaranteed contracts you don't mean. And I bought them taken. Medic could make it the way was gonna kind of here at the fiber of the team. It's your remember John began that season remember a lot of us and and her money was that twenty was fourteen I couldn't overlook it up fourteen yet obviously fourteen is an when he started to into you right and they lost a terrible game to Kansas City Mexican and I right not so remember we thought oh my and Kansas City. And like remember we Don Imus and adds that we got like a man they're gonna just they're gonna implode because Brady so pissed that they train delays in his. You know he's diet left tackle. And they found a way. I I I guess and I think that's the way Bill Belichick has done things wants to harsh. It's certainly has worked well for the right. And an F five super blows you cannot argue with the way that Bill Belichick has done things right but I would in the past they had guys waiting in the wings. If it would seem so. I would plug isn't out of the store like been that part of the reason for the team's successes in the old brick Tom Brady is allowed to. Go check to treat him like the rest and if not be a whipping boy as far as calling him out in front of the rest of the team proved how we plays some mistakes and all that. Is spell check flexible enough to for the chin chill out on some of that not on forty years old to the particularly up of that anymore. Now I don't like John that's it that's it that's that's the million dollar question and not things that I actually I I I take that might surprise people on mossy Sri holik and tell people it what it is on the other side at last I've also got to raise this is how the tees. They stay online exploits. Some terrible. 61777979237. We are talking patriots trying Johns Monsanto Noonan Mike Abbott Stearns just walked in he'll be with me from twelve. Two to thirty year listening to turning tossing a maniac. You locked into training because generic and John tell mossy talking perhaps reason more on Sports Radio WEEI. Just about going through life. Dawson it's me segments of guy in my locker music you know. Which your Walker's nice girl I mean if you heard me costs it literally does sound like I just can smoking filtered list mar brag. Since I was like nine you and it's earth it's unbelievable. Ally are an icy and also my head's fighting side forgotten diary told a story that I thought I and a cool Asian and I don't like Jerry you know here signs yet you. More than boring American and show you that protectionist nativist. I do. You know oh man I I I do is react ground and died today tell the story quickly apologized on my the American apology to carry titles and I was having thanks states. They ate his tie game is that we're reluctant guys like I. Aren't the real learning. All my like however bad you feel we feel a lot worse trips I just have to college and has dispensing and says sorry I'm so sorry Americans can apply your fault exactly mean. The flight eight we've listened I live in Massachusetts we voted for McGovern and it yeah listen we don't back down in Massachusetts we got we got we got you world's. Yeah OK let's California. I asked California New York. Your kinda kinda gave us. Rates. For union an hour and a I taxes I rarely being too political actually before it pages Genesis and Erick Erickson. You're talking about you NBC had you went to bed and you missed it last night. We went out after the game to death season Fort Myers in the game non Virginia Maryland Baltimore running. And receive their watches and obviously exciting. But I was thinking back so trendy and I'd like to take the slate news quiz because of course it's like the most transient. It's and so every week. One of muscle tech's the other picture of the results and because we're both such avid readers of the news right now be because of the impending apocalypse. We generally a snapping its twelve current events questions of weeks of this week's quiz at twelve questions trying to get eleven Ilie got span. And one of the ones I missed just to show you a little like follow college basketball now. It named three of the number one seeds Virginia and two others aren't and remember. It was I don't and Kansas yes and it said who is the fourth number one seed I'm looking at this listen like I have no idea Xavier duke it out negativity choices. Mike it's probably. It can't be Xavier so I picked duke it was wrong is like in what world do like not know with the number one seeds is not a first time this is not the first time you've got a sports question honestly used his quizzed on either Adams you also get a college football on Rhonda earlier this national championship national championship game it asked who the two teams where he gave you one and asked to be otherwise I had no idea. It was like that day before the game. So I'm not a big college sports guy to mark is that not a not a there's only so much room in my life you know for all but I do. Love on the big eggs love March Madness that's in me I know that there is a lot of controversy hold them in Arizona an all the stuff that's going on and I his dad FBI investigation. But to me this is still one of the she served forms of sports that there is right like. He its search committee pixie who would act in the background that's no blame here you know like these of the work York. I know died it's not that it's a lower eyes and at Tulsa this. I get it done is not Huard but it does it's like the competition portion of it once they're out there on the court. Like I don't know there's just something fun and cool animal or something about it that just feels like it's like what sports should feel like. You know love and I love watching it I love to watch CNN Villa may bracket which is a steaming pile of garbage. Thanks to University of Maryland Baltimore County retriever is. There can somebody posted an extra line of flight five Golden Retriever is watching retreat there's mag game. To retreat is in front of the TV and haven't performed the cutest thing ever. Ever so yes so sports so I pay a little bit more attention and many do expansion is that the sports questions right on the night out here is them like they're and I missed the Netherlands missed I think it was a WBA question no arguments allies is any mr. Bon Jovi yet this week as I don't you know this is almost more embarrassing than missing a sports question right. I don't know when and I figured this late news quiz yet that is that Johnny is a winner winner chicken dinner this week with 500 and I think seven I wouldn't be a fight you know you were 550. Yeah but that they look at that. Are so here's my surprising take on it patriots. I have been as critical as anyone for certain things that Tom Brady has done but I will say this Tom Brady. Deserves ten knocking cracked on me Bill Belichick. Guess forty years old is gonna be 41. So. I I get that bills ways worked and I'm divorcing no talent to stop whining wade billed as it works. You know they win because he's old school and he's this he's that. And I I a 100% get back. But I also think that at some point as an employee anywhere. Longevity. At a place. Should give you a little something. Tom Brady should should not have to get real doubt in front of a bunch of like 22 year old kids in her room like he has earned their rights. And not have to go through that. He's earned the right to cut some corners of needs to cut corners to knock it screamed that like you don't like you know if you're Bilbao Jack when he saw the work hard and give you everything when he's out there. Like the fact bill is so it seems to be so inflexible on these things. I going back to who brought this up yesterday on our show lake on back to the cut on hand in building was only Q a heart attack or whatever was open heart surgery. Like just kind of bold don't hear if you're having nice to see if pill when it comes to bringing maybe just daunting thing at all. I'd act and I disorders ninth at some point why I can harm you don't. At least to get a little to your star players. In Iraq I don't know mechanics. Soft but oh well here's here I think he's here's what's interesting to me and in this is you know fully acknowledging that sports are different. Sports are conducted differently Reston. And that other workplaces but. We're in the midst of this great cultural movement. Towards you know non abusive work environments that kind of stuff and you know putting aside they were at like two sides argue like steam there was the awful. Way he treated women and assaulted women and all of that which is you know what started me to movement but on the other side there was also. Watson lots and lots of stories Tripoli he was in just how. He missed treated everyone. And bears and obviously the guy who's running the country right now has a history of belittling and being abusive and all that kind of stuff. And you just wonder in this current cultural climate. If even in sports people looking at ambient light you know wise Belichick and treat guys this way and I and I know this I'm opening myself but to be marked. By the morning guys I'm not saying that. You know meet who is extending football but what I am pleased to evidence yet exactly is that some of these cultural forces that are better. Dealing with. Abusive workplace situations if people are. Taking a fresh look at say how an old school football coach treats his stark way. And went back to Nazi we'll let you. Bask in the warmth of the Florida Sun City freshly squeezed lemonade. While watching the local nine take the field. I will say this I feel good about leaping with feature any instance Macias to take the ball snapped that's why I. Let's say did he mean yup I'm not so mean I don't mean I I'm leaving right there is that is the perfect ending her first hour back together. Nazi policy in two weeks enjoy your wife's birthday enjoyed Florida give hugs to all the right tax reporters from time and some solemn. Well this day flu ridden trading. Yeah an and that time I see them I can hug them in real life and not have played them. Beautiful IRA I want our down one out down two and a half to Dallas see you in a couple of weeks to mossy get back to the Red Sox pushed Ahrens is in next in the last and he is gonna take on boosting -- thing in the long voice element of arrests but we'll talk more patriots and take your phone calls it a couple lines opened 6177797937. Trains mossy. Returning it.