Trenni and Tomase - Tomase talks Dino's walk out; Brady vs Garoppolo 12-30-17

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Saturday, December 30th

Hour 1. Trenni and Tomase are in studio and Tomase defends his performance that led to Dino walking out. The conversation moves to the Patriots and the trade of Jimmy G.


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Music for any and tomorrow losing one's boards radio WEEI he's dreading this and Eric and John's a mossy break down everything without packs the Bruins an all new England sports. So it. It's trendy until moxie blood Sports Radio WEEI. And. Happy holidays Pratt spent forever and hasn't been too long. But does she Larry listeners we are going nowhere in the month of January that's right you most of us use as your with us for now until. The end of January and now that I'm gone for six we say good night. Interesting story February is entirely to start and most of my tonight I'll be at spring training so we'll see an opening day. Can government do without you I don't know I'm trying not to think about are you in my name and be forced to leave today Joseph show by yourself I know let's see we'll see how it goes. If you interrupt me. Then you're gone if I interrupt you then you're gone and do. Looks like. There Wednesday. And a little Nellie can't look at stopper for Starbucks cup last year by someone we can use this numbers holding it can be the person that's on the ice could be like out lord of the flies regular week and at the concho and whoever yeah. That. And speak that's that's the person has the floor at the time OK so you know putting 0% then grab and best. And if you enter male snapping in half and threatened to stab you in the eyeballs. That threat was Maine I was yes I I just show with rob. And the day dinner guests today after averaging us in the crossover which had is very grave. Seven touch Jerry Norton pound their. On the nine cents it's it's a good show that's kind of what I was hoping for anticipating non. Two's Tuesday Wednesday when solid in the lancet resonant Tuesday afternoon betrayal like Wednesday morning and in yesterday afternoon aren't. Yeah I was just anticipating iCAD Dino canal of the floor he can dominate and we'll just get in get out home you know. So didn't do more and quite work out I know that you have addressed this already we're just gonna just a quick an emigrant gap with things I have not heard your side of the story her Tina this job both at 2 o'clock. And now. Thursday yet but I'll listen to 12 and outside if you had something to say to me. You could set it to me while I was there with you so if you need your safe space. The big shell and Jerry Thornton neither of whom are other important ago. There. But you know publicly I don't think either of them are great fans of mine and so that was the definition of a safe space in and Tino needed a place where he wouldn't be triggered the irony wouldn't be challenged you know where no one would interrupt him. That's called the save space and Tino was afforded one on Thursday not as safe yesterday with the agreement. No Roemer really when Adam. I just missed a search and it doesn't have energy apnea announcements and now not only that but like I. I defended you to find dreamer but. DL dean had initially me initiated Roemer so it's like how much it again in the middle and I need you can do get out of Philip need to step and defending honor Roemer I would bet every American Idol is a hand on the south I've not heard this is yours safe states yes I've heard it. That like time Dennis explain and he said that he had these very and candid conversation with you rob Bradford saying listen. I don't like the way at the shows have gone much I'm here. Is going to be more civil discourse we are not gonna talk over each other we're not going to scream at one another. Yankees in LA Atlanta is he spoke to Alex yesterday yes yes. You know his whole thing though was that he said he guys are just all I ask respectfully is that we don't talk over one another. On and he feels that you by huge you violated that work that you had asked him hey simply just. You know and you'd talk me talk a sentence or two out man if you want and truck it's fine. Outweighs that conversation that took place in your eyes what. Really yeah definitely not higher standards and remember that conversation that conversation was restarted the shows I'm the first hours firemen talk to me NG we talked whatever. Was kind of slow lives there and at the clock cooperate assignment an eventful. In in one of the breaks he said something the effect of yeah I you know by a fire program director I don't understand thing and understand about the three man has yet he did Dennis and Callahan record a year it's just too. Absolutely I think I don't like about the three man Booth Arabia on a college is. How people talk over each other too much of our program director I would not let that happen and I certainly don't call him laying down lobbying like therefore. Bet you shalt not speak over me because if he had I would given commodities. I was middle finger and reverend Mel thank Nancy Johnson I guess and I would have said sign guy you heard that it you know by proxy right there. And I would have said I maybe I would have nodded politely but I certainly was going to be like oh OK we just we just won't in will just let you talk is on as you want. And like here here's a for instance he he wanted respectful discourse does this sound respectful to you. This plays off of the dumbest thing. I've ever heard on talk radio and even by your standards the mossy and this moron said a moron move back whose sole open minded their brains of fallen out because you were dealing with an abject idiot here you endures nauseated me. You make me wanna throw up in my mouth you are the multinational slate here CK your safety eighty's a shot I'm done with you being all you do is run your damn well. It. So that was those that was all directed anymore on nauseating shout out. You know you just run your mouth lately so you've he just makes the rolled the roles seem a little bit capricious to me like. You interject in one word that is the ultimate in disrespect. Me calling you a Maher on our move matter whatever it would rattle able ornate hall at the end which by the way did not care about. And at least you didn't hear me like whining like wait a minute though those words were I mean why did you say that now it's like I understand that's how it goes. He had one set of rules for me. And clearly another set of rules for everyone else he did shows a colonial and Kramer except for Roemer. It means he ways he was pretty hard and -- like very poor interrupting or well like he thinks he's at. What did you say that the guys 24. Any as a regular slot on the radio up and dean of my he's an abject failures easy Wii's soul. That's the real Roemer what it meant that I became as that would ride yeah yeah Bennett. He wasn't let's just say that there were times I was like whoa slow roll night that's tests mean this is increase since he's facing death and a it was it it's certainly again wasn't civil discourse that wiser and by the way I like I didn't ask I don't ask you know it's like we deal with Kuerten Callahan. Every week and Ares I said it at one point during the famine this is 110 of what happens. With Kirk and Jerry I don't understand why this is suddenly problematic and by the way. You know mr. sank to money when you're playing whack control costs eighteen months ago with unsuspecting rooms Colin and who think Tom Brady's cedar whatever. I don't think you're particularly civil that I'm guessing we can probably find sound of him jumping all over people so it's just stupid knew it was clearly about means something personal about me. There are theories about weathered you know it's their craft state Meehan their tight with him which is a possibility. Our rob floated the idea or a board way and as I said no that's impossible because Glen has always been very nice to my face so. I don't see how he could say something different when I'm not there and when he says in my face but these are all theories who knows. To me he clearly came in with the objective of getting me to walk off I think that's what he want I think he wanted to be able. Maybe report back to his over lords wherever they may be. Forty miles south of ourself. Wherever that he once was they think maybe fox fox open talks on. That he was able to get me to leave like I you know I chased him off well acted but he left for the sale it is like and then whatever he had to say. For the eight hours that he got after that I don't care because you didn't say it to my face so good riddance I and I am assuming that's the last are gonna see him monies. I'm not fair way to answer here of him on sorry go back to Miramar lakes. At I think people I think he lives now in Venice teachers and he's got both ratings. So that's over stomach you said your PC said he his. Let's not our eyes the patriots have a game is beginning as the judge and I'm not sure if anyone is open up the old Boston Globe dot com yet this morning. The better bowl and maybe eight. The less than an hour ago has posted a story I think I'll get some people little riled up and fired up. Is that the headline is is there something wrong with Tom Brady. And I think it's a valid question. Because even though it's a strange human obviously there are about to play for the number one seed in the AFC. They won the AFC east again they've won it. Twelve games. For what the east streets he's an amazing and if however in four games in December Brady has more interceptions than touchdowns five interceptions for touchdowns and a passer rating of 81 point five that's nineteenth best in the and a bout lower than. Nick pulls Mitch took its key agent in Iraq allow all of them outperform Tom Brady. And if you go back an extra week this in the U Babylon article Brady's thrown an interception and five straight games six totals of first time he's done that. Since 2002. He's also not actually games dot 300 passing yards. For the first time since weeks one through five and 2014. I remember 2014. Ended up turning out just. So the question is do you think I ask you this question for a lack we've all just sort of assumed. And hate Tom Brady's forty he is immune to everything else that has plagued other quarterbacks in the past. But he isn't as simple allies on and yet people asking president has been keepers there yesterday and the morning show. And he thinks it's just a product he doesn't have the guys around him that he had in the past race so Chris Hogan is hurt obviously Julian Edelman is gone. Yeah Danny Amendola and Brandon cooks and rod rent housekeeper cook has been a daddy's side was going to Ammann dole. Is it Julian adult men. On you veteran they've had to rely more ion Dion Lewis in the running game some of it it just shifted philosophies a little bit and but I think there's a reason right Tom Brady was at full strength and playing better you would messes you would not the big game. Literally Indiana is his hands. So is it a personnel issue is it that he's injured or worse than maybe we realize the kill these they shoulder a delay and something else. Or is father time catching up to Tom Brady what do you think Tomas yeah I was Monday to talk. I would say yes I'm here I'll say Erica attack. Stick out like break the skin. Your I hunt. So I would say the weapons thing I would put lower on the list that is an issue but he's dealt with that the crowd accurately and I we agree I think it's an easy cop out for B yeah just an hour disease RE. Sit across that's actually what happens slam the desk speed up. I wanna throw up in my mouth there and choke maccast. So. I don't I think it's too easy to give edited to put this on by lack of weapons. He has made it work before with Doug Gabrielle and Reche Caldwell and you know guys CEO we still into an AFC title game with. Just the worst receiving core is ever had and his wife and I was pre Gracia announced 2006. Season. So you've still got crock you still get a Amendola you've you have really good running backs whether it's white. Or are. Dion Lewis and you know so he has enough weapons and even in maybe Malcolm Mitchell's back this week but. Even last week you saw him move the ball around a complete passes like nine or ten different guys Brady is always made that work in the past you have a dominant offensive weapon and grow our. That's enough it's not you know it's not going to be 2007 you are fifty touchdowns but it's enough. I look at I think father time hangs over all of this and at some point we should get to the story today year co workers are Ireland or act as I'm sort of half looking even looking I and that's what I am trying to well he had an ass rates at some pad ago. Time. Great story like Tuesday great inside behind the scenes this is how are really is look at. Is this the like dying days of the patriots dynasty and what is this thing gonna look like forty days from now and I'll despite a lack. They've continually answering your question and John Dennis style. Because I have diatribe because I have the floor. The injuries to me go to the top of the list because we've seen him mind we have personally knows that the knee brace. We've seen a Monday injured list win or injury report with Achilles thing. We've seen left shoulder now this week I don't know Matt if you have the sound of Brady's response when asked about the left shoulder. I'd you can dig that out it's so weird. Is such a weird response and so. The left shoulder we've seen him shaking his hand multiple times this player handles the rolling round and exactly. After sacks and we've seen now more than once this year. And so I think all of these things. Are always going to be tied together at age because you just don't bounce back from things at forty like you did a 35. And so and and on top of that is the longest answer in ever it did we can do it's a massive challenge in the morning for this one but. You Ali does have likened it seriously but yet to do like 200 of them. Why not needs to us. I'd maybe give fifteen to him Axl Rose connect Mets fifteen more. For errors and say there's one last thing whatever that the fact that just the point oh yeah the fact that last year. We sort of conveniently forget he missed those first four games because Spencer where are angry about that but ultimately I think did a good. Because he was looking pretty beat up by that super ball and he got it out that's simple it's like well you have four extra games this year so if you make the Super Bowl again this year. You're going to be you know four games beyond where you were at that time last year and does that take its hall on a guy who is forty years old but we can't ignore that. And I think also you know a lot of people talks that you and me and let's be honest. The Super Bowl did shifts in favor Tom Brady did bring. The team back from the brink of a Super Bowl loss he brought up our series Super Bowl wins you cannot discount that. But it's also important not forget that at halftime and even into the third quarter. Had that game stayed the same way there were a lot of people that are tweeting an act first half. And say you know even people in the actually press area that we're talking about now and maybe age is catching up to tambourine nasty he squashed those those conversations are turning things around in you again you cannot discount. But he didn't look like the same guy in my again in reference to keep Briscoe interview we had yesterday. And Pete said. He brought up the Steelers game at look at Tom Brady's still be you know they are on the brink of defeat there are losing on the road and all this topic Tom Brady marched them back any of people forget that I'm not you're looking at all these other statistics in the last couple weeks. But you can't forget the fact that he's the one who brought them back pain and helped them win that game I said that you and I this I stuck to Dennis Erickson said that you also can't discount the fact that almost didn't happen because Shawn Davis rocks in it. Dad and her so. Agent just states. There wounded duck just floating in his hands and he's a music but. Good point gap and the same thing happen against the Texans you know Texans dropped a game clinching interception at the goal line and active here remember yeah on the winning drive. And so that would have ended that game you know and I feel like that might have even happened one other time so. You know they've been that this is like on eBay yet this is not been as and they make their unlucky you have to be careful about not to the patriots. Hey you dropped interception you sought to go seventy more yards and you do so to make that pass again and he's he's ice cold man and you can do. And so the patriots are always gonna as long as Belichick is in the picture the patriots are always gonna have that edge over teams where they're just. A little bit better a lot better in two minute situations they're better at managing the clock. They're better at not being themselves they're better at all these little things that give them a chance they're better at not throwing a slant. In the sex to Opel coverage on the goal line it's that despite the ball take me game tying field all. And they are definitely better about not blaming each other rafter it happens like we sell out the Steelers though these are these are real advantage is that the patriots out over everybody. But when you look at how Brady's playing and you read current story and you start thinking and you realize. This could all be falling apart faster than we think. He they're gonna lose their coordinators listen I came on the patriots beat no file I think Phillies both of them yes I think they well like Patricia seems linked to the alliance pretty heavily. And mcdaniels gonna be the hottest coaching candidate I. Disney channels for sure I'm not sure about about Patricia nickname I'd go to the lions I think also the way that the Patriots defense has played this year again. At times they looked better at times it looked pretty putrid including again last year I think they'd days. Players like Donta hightower really saved their but yet. And I am I to to meet that makes me question Patricia a little bit. I I don't think the Russell Leigh feels that way out and others prior immunity eight or ten openings there that are to say how many openings are going to be but I think he's well respected. And the fact of the matter is that now seventh in the league in points out I don't know how now they turned it around so if anything this year is sort of highlights what a good coach years because he's taken out mediocre unit is not a good defense. And a lot of it is because of Brady but still seventh in league speaks for itself especially after those first three or four weeks or they were given up thirty plus a game. The fact that they're now averaging 120. They've got the job done so I think that they. I didn't bring him middle of the season and now last couple of weeks or they've also become a bit of a cent sure but I think they'll be a market for him more to the point because drop below is gone and because there seems to now be some uncertainty about exactly what politics future holds. Is he going to be here beyond Tom said something yesterday that absolutely shocked me and I had never considered. Let's leave it gasoline and it. When we come back and yet there and and auditor cause this phone lines are jammed 617779793. Sad and are we nearing the end of the road. Of the ballot check Brady rain in New England here from Tommy current Mac. Back to more with many until mossy Clark Sports Radio go. Shell game next tree damage has been an unbelievable quarterback and a guy that. You could build a franchise around obviously. He's going to be different those guys consensus so I'm very happy for because you know imagine him. Being the backup behind Tom for a long time in the Jacoby gets here and then he goes and now he's a starter who and he sees like card David Carr who. Came in that the same draft within he's an open his eyes big quarterback in the league right he's the guy. So he's sitting there he's acting like I'm pretty good here and I'd. As wanna play so the best thing for him was to go somewhere else. I. That was Rob Ninkovich with mean Karen yesterday I think he actually came Emma though MF which I didn't realize I apologize to Buchan but said it was too and other things yesterday. So I think he made two visits this time and I sat down to start our show it to yesterday. And Ninkovich walks by and waves that Tom is he knows them by hey come on and out he came into two segments. He was good though like we asked them would you treated Jimmy gee said no you wouldn't tap. Which is kind of amazing you you think the party line and fox right now it is a play there anymore but. You'd think the party line out of fox or be Thomas too great. But even think of which is basically like you know you sort of have you have to be realistic about father time you know Brady's not gonna play another fifteen years. And you have this has been my thing all along and I'd been concede you know I probably assist and on this since. Before he started Terry and up the San Francisco that when you have the next guy you don't trade him and I think it's pretty clear. That Bill Belichick felt the same way and that leads to what we're talking about by going into the last break which is sometimes a bit shocked me. And you know as well as I do he is more plugged in than anyone on the I don't plan he knows when when he says something. It's not just idle speculation it's always informed and so you know he he ate that. He made it clear that this is just sort of Reading tea leaves is not like someone has told this is the case but even that this is on the table. He believes there's a chance that ballot check leaves before Brady which I have never even considered like to me about Ali's first it was. Belichick wants to prove he can moma somebody other than Brady so he's gonna stay with drop below Bangor upload a traders like him. May be bill hangs them up when Tom Hanks Emma and now it's maybe bill says F this and is done and I really do think. That. You weren't here for our Parcells and the groceries but I'm sure you're aware of that story as it was happening and that was what led to Parcells leaving it was you know he was at loggerheads with Kraft crafted forced him to draft Terry Glenn he won at somebody else having crap was right about it but anyway. He wanted to offensive player whatever it was. And that started them on the road to split though and they left and they parted ways and Pete Carroll came in and ultimately battle of the ballots sent. And I wonder if this is a little bit of a Terry gland shopping for the groceries kind of moan for ballots Hackwear. Even if he was not explicitly told you can't trade Tom Brady. It's only because he already knew what the answer was you know I don't think those two things are any different people with some people are likely you know craft never said he couldn't trade Brady rule yet because they didn't have to. Because he knew the answer so. You know. I think we could seriously be looking at. Sort of the last stand of this group I wouldn't have said that even two days ago but after talking reading Tom story I talking to him yesterday. Not finished yet no I mean after those that those things you you get the sense of like wow this is really like last Waltz territory. I was floored when I saw current article come across my Twitter feed yesterday because. Again Nike sent a lesson. Most of us who either don't on their just periodically or not at all we're just throwing something against the wall we're going based on instinct like okay. You know I was in the situation is might be how I would feel so it's it's it's a an emotionally based. Yet opinion. Tommy current it is in fact based opinion because he's there he is plugged and he's talking to people on the record off the record. He knows what he can use him like he cannot use they keep would never say how would never write an article. And here's where I posted on my Twitter page I attorney I checked out it's also had at NBC sports Boston act act Tommy current supply and never any doubt our. Our got back out programs channeling tootsie and out. Patriots Ryan feels like it's winding down I was at. I mean this seamy ways. It's a little bit unfortunate that this came out during holiday week I think a lot of people are off doing other things and sort of unplugged a little bit. Because. Thomas. Two top opens the articles saying that you know. When they had wine. Three Super Bowls in four seasons he remembers thinking oh this Ryan can't last forever here we are twelve years later and I give you a little. I know I'm interrupting sorry Dennis. A little behind the scenes so he says a friend of mine came on the page it's been 2005 the lead to the story and had a conversation with him about how this. Run was really in the third quarter that was me. Me that's me. Me me me me I'm right am I and I'm glad I am I though. Self centered and it's am. I'm narcissistic right now at the moment after the last week's earnings rallying. I'm Donald. Don't discount double check that tied the wrestling title bout he does not to say he's thinking because the air on 2017 season has an end of party scene to. Like people are gathering up their coats and saying good their goodbyes by the end of the weekend around ten head coaching jobs are going to open up. It's been almost ten years since Josh McDaniels was hired by the Broncos. He's coming back to New England in 2011 he's been looked a lot about Knoblauch. Coordinators meanwhile Tom Brady as two years left on his contract T Alex Guerrero have already sort of set the tone with their TV twelve stopped that doesn't come without push back from the patriots. It became an issue for ballot Shaq had to mitigate answer questions agrarian goes advocate a rare situation. That girl grapple a situation and he basically just lays out in this article I didn't urged to read it's really while Diana. Is this like TV beginning of the end. And again for Tommy turned to write that. There has to be some reason for him. Truly believe yet and I I think the biggest one right now. Is. The coaches I think the coaches are really the coaches are gonna be a clear indicator of internally. How people feel about this because. If the thought worked grapple we're still here. And it you know that would lend credence to the idea that bill is gonna stay beyond Brady but I think the coaches wouldn't necessarily be looking to move on right. If they leave now make Daniels and Patricia in particular obviously because those of the two guys are gonna get looked at for head jobs if those guys leave I think that gives you a little window into the uncertainty that the coaches have liked it if the coaches feel like. The time to get out is now. That tells you something internally about how people feel about the direction in the entire program. And that's not a bailout are and that's not about ballots that's not like these guys wanna we ballots as they are loyal to ballots are absolutely this is we don't know if bill's going to be your. I mean that's how I'm reading but I also standing that's. Encourage you to a point but at the same time here coordinator for a long time and you wanna be a head coach we know we know obviously for sure that Josh McDaniels does because he went to Denver once before. And we know that it's a dies because. Pitchers you've last year and they they want to advance their careers. So while I do think that it might have something to do with the fact that they feel may be that the walls are starting to crumble or on the Brady and Belichick era. I also think that you take the opportunity when you haven't and there's gonna be ten jobs open. And you get offered one of those jobs in its job that you feel good about and you think you can be good head coach summer house you don't want to be a coordinator forever and you have to take those opportunities in the NFL and Oprah. Are the only thing I would say that is that. You know make Daniels is Cleo are clearly being groomed as Belichick's replacement I think a lot of people have assumed that. And so if he decides to go elsewhere on that planners off the table and then but I do agree view in the sense that. He's been up for a lot of jobs now in his time to strike is now and so Patricia Timmy is the more telling one if he takes a job. Now when he really could he still in the position. Batman Tim has been in the last two years or it's like yeah you could keep staying here and learn more and prove yourself more and just. Feel like you need another year of seasoning so you can then go on BN coach if he decides to leave now. That's probably more of the Bellwether for me where it says the coaches think that this might all be coming to a man. And also I mean sort of I don't know it's they say I genocide take the opposite side of my point. Maybe yeah we all have thought that that again as could be this the I'm successor to build I'll attack. Mean again I'll look at look sad and on says this crappy situation there's no quarterback in place for the future Tom Brady is starting to show signs of age. I don't necessarily wanted to be part of a rebuilt the program and what knowing that could be a year or two is a new as a rebuilding program that is it doesn't have a quarter. Yes and on top of that is a rebuilding programmer you are following the greatest coach in the history of may be professional sports. Certainly the NFL so not only do you have to deal with. Ballots sex shout out in keeping this thing going but your being given to fire from an ideal roster. And stepping in to fire from an ideal situation so it's one thing to go to Cleveland or something and where they've been dysfunctional and bad. And no one expects you you don't have that baggage hanging over you if you win two games home almighty god gets to more than we're gonna win this year zero you know but if you. Are in new England and out its first breasts and all the starters we'll see if you're in new England and you have. No quarterback and grunt is up in nineteen cattlemen's up in nineteen see you might turn over your entire offense. Who gap that's not an ideal situation for it for a guy to step in our answer John in New Hampshire John welcome to the show what are your thoughts on ivory and Belichick. Arms about Brady has talked about stab us aren't unions up on an erosion schedule where would you place. And election into police fire in the oil port 22 times a year it also bring. Yeah I think he's you know way toward what are certainly here. Is that apple will Altman is these guys know feminist and in the circuit awful Europe Saturday. And I just jump that route you're that's recruit too long long gun insisted on third down. Don that's a fair point but I would also argued on that in the past. Tom Brady he's been able to I think. Outsmart his opponents but also more important outplay his opponents that even if they knew what was coming. He could place the ball in the exact right spot where there wasn't an opportunity. To bet to turn the ball yeah I would also argue that AFC's stinks I mean those teams stink like buffalo. Has had the quarterback carousel all year and they somehow pieced together eight wins or whatever they have but then not a great team. And the jets are terrible and Miami has by and large been terrible. So don't I am I I can't really be like of they had these brew it's not say AL east 30 Rand you've got to deal with. Baltimore's offense and a yankees and Tampa's pitching and Toronto you know like the AFC east stinks so if anything. That schedule should be advantageous to the patriots finishing with these. Leap can teams. Just content and handsome he's Americans and on the RB and a line opened 61777979376177797937. Are you little worried about the future of the New England Patriots. Is the end Mir for this dynasty give us a call 61777979837. Nose in attorney to mossy. You're locked into training because Eric and John's a mossy talking perhaps reason more on Sports Radio WEEI. Call back upon closer to some new. That's a tricky question. I'll pass. Every other Sunday. Why did that answer annoyed me so much as I that tricky questions are they swipe forward a house employee on your life your rate. And lane Benson had an issue yet and I mean if you're talking about Ben Boland story that has the factory in stat answer but what it. A quiet what is that it you know because normally he would just say. He would just say I'll be out parents don't worry about me I'll be out there on Sunday instead it's that's a tricky question. I don't. It is it you either re aggravated it or it's something new gap or not your shoulder something else like you know you just they. Not an issue guys you know I'm finally there on Sunday to say that as she always says exactly I it's a that's a tricky question past. Why not in Foxborough yet this is not a patriots like end of the season as I said the time yesterday. You know to me that he'd. If they get bounced in the division around wouldn't shock me if they win a dollar wouldn't shock me right you just you can't bet against them because of Brady because ballots checked. If you're looking at how they're trending from the garage below trade. To Guerrero is banishment to grunt suspension. To injuries on defense and on uncertainty about the future of the coaches. So it talks about maybe a little bit of a rift between Kraft and parts sales Kraft and Belichick and and even Brady. Like this none of this is ending its to signing over the hill washed up James Harris and but none of this is right and James Harris don't like four sacks this weekend and I probably gonna be MVP of the AFC championship yet probably twelve but until then until that happens we will Colin mold and washed out. Does none of this feels like. How the patriots usually answer sorry a lot of calls on the so let's outlets are clear and the phone lines that's our Stephen. And Steve Brown every nasty about the bishop. I got some real well thank you happy you're. Happy New York City every quite a bit thinking about the last couple days audited RNC current article what it all makes cents. And in here that think you know every time someone talks about as pie in the sky local rock almost gonna come back to New England is finally triggered. Yesterday it would mean. I have what it the other way around. Experienced dissension in the are expecting crap Belichick and Brady was almost like the estate. Policy and our audit here. It's not crap it's not pretty beat. Ouch keep it. He is a whole hearted assassin we all go back. Yeah it is no yelling when it comes to bought and sold. Took me course I'm reason I'm not in the old coach won coach history better than them no coach at one mission to retrieve. If you go Rob Lowe back watching I don't know what coaching situation. While they do I Santana Elan and lava is really. I know I mean Steve I'm with you could yesterday made the saints went in the morning to Ramstein in the morning shies like maybe ballots taxes screw this go pound sand I'm going December Cisco. And in it they reminded me that no cop and as a and I entice even still like I was I was I was on your way blank ballots sectors and could be round but he does not strike me as the. Hired gun Parcells. I'm gonna go build it then when it once it's built move on and go somewhere else. He doesn't because he recruitment carte Blanche by the last 1% to eighteen years because crack or is less than we've. The original gonna have because they gonna let me buy ingredients. So long so he's given telecheck. Do know full reign to do whatever it wants until about. You know because the creepy show we're still trying to anchor out while they get so little buckle are low because she was trying to hold until the last minute because he beat. Just it was an insurance policy if Brady got hurt I mean states and they start drop walk he wanted to hold onto until the bitter end. Steve case of the pot also it is I think Jimmy gee is more than an insurance policy take a look you're on the NFL add that to me is if the most misguided and misdirected to take on this to say that he was purely here is insurance note he was here is the future he was here is the heir apparent I mean again look around the NFL look around at teams that are are good they had good quarterbacks in place. New Orleans has been good because of Drew Brees. New York Giants have been good because Eli Manning's Packers this year the Packers have been good because of Aaron Rodgers. When Montana outlast San Francisco the recent San Francisco stayed on top is because they had Ron Amadon another good quarterback now look at some Ben Roethlisberger. In Pittsburg they finally got a good quarterback and the timing out it was okay but Ben Roethlisberger was the guy that took them from. Here we were this it's this perennial winner in the seventies neither party eighties and then we tanked for years and now Roethlisberger send us to the heights yet patent in Indianapolis Peyton in. Denver even though that you isn't the reason they want them but he isn't really all they brought them to that first super ball he was us and you need a quarterback I mean where Houston be this year after Shawn Watson. Didn't get hurt. I yes that's a great point they would be the favorites in the AFC I end and you know what they had other injuries on right now I'm merciless I. To some Watson stayed healthy and stayed on the trajectory he was on your make it a case where Sam is the best team in the way. Jacksonville beat if they had an elite quarterback if they have Jimmy grapple right now in Jacksonville Jacksonville might be a prohibitive favorite in the because their defense is so damn good yeah. And you need a quarterback. Yet and you could you could argue the flip says he could say in Jacksonville had an average quarterback they might be the favorites in the AFC if the patriots at an average quarterback they asked Thomas if you took Brady off the seemed put an average quarterback on or even say slightly above average where do you think they'd be he said probably seven and nine. So Zach they're gonna be what radio or has it in three and it's all because of break. A. He I mean that the sun. It is now and Tony I'm proud and saw the show. Gone on turning to sandy yeah you heard your 49ers can't. IR forty Broderick yeah all right so we've been to Jimmy G. Are unbelievable I mean he came and it took our team what. All night with a workbook and delete and all the sudden we are undefeated and we have fort Wright talk at least I think as we thirty. Don't you wish had started from the very beginning that he didn't sit out those three in our two and a half games. I mean I guess you know change it up at the complex but they wanted to make market I mean it does it matter to me at this point where it's got to 2018. At this point the next year. Well my question you guys is I mean the patriots in my case and gave up a chance at no containment on economic and fifteen year. There's no other teams Nancy that look like they're coming up. So who's to blame I mean if somebody's got to the finger on down crap about Jack and patient jet Barack Obama. Yeah yeah I think the emerging consensus on this is that this is probably more craft orchestrated Belichick because. Ballots checked if he knew he wasn't keeping drop he would have either traded him at the draft to help this year's team. All are at the very least he would not of treated decode percent you know eight weeks later ripples of your backup quarterback you know your system and all that I understand you ended up Brian Hoyer has been here before but. You have you if you're talking about grooming a replacement for Brady. One of those two guys probably needed to be on the roster in this season ended and they're both gone that tells you that this none of this when according to plan. Now and that to me I mean Bill Belichick is as Stephen or island pointed out. He's an assassin. He is that there is no sentimentality and so he doesn't eat you may love Tom Brady he may know that he owes much of his six SaaS. To Tom Brady. But it seemed time when it's time to move on yeah also knows about one adds to continue to coach here in New England that I wanna win after Brady's gone anti summoned to replace him and right now. So let's just let's just say for argument sake they get a decent quarterback pat second pick. By the way with GE G going to San Francisco that pick they got. That ever below tends to back that's going to be okay first rounder basically like a low first rounder now it's down to I think forty you're forty ones and now you're slipping. I still where you can draft some argument sake you get pretty good quarterback. That's available and that stock. They be ready to something if something would happen. To Brady next year. Or even a year after Zach kid going to be ready to go I don't count me out I'd probably be probably. EB may be not maybe maybe not at least. If you get to the point where you have okayed this guy represents the future that it greatly mitigates. A lot of what does Chapman's imagery. But if you do what most teams do and frankly what the patriots had done until there apple which is trying to Matt Gutierrez that failed tried row on data that failed. Matt Cassel you hit on by you know ultimately middle he made one pro ball but yet ultimately kind of a middling quarterback. You know. Oh call on all dislike the list of guys that they tried to run lawyer now at a lawyer but listen guys they tried in that spot and you. Didn't really find a legit successor to Tom Brady among any of them. Until this guy. And so it's a key seventeen years to find one it's hard now you got to find now you're basically saying when they draft and when he fourteen so you're basically saying in the span of like four years we have to hit on two of those guys and you Tina fifteen. You had two of them on your roster once now you have to go try to find a third. Why does anyone think that's gonna be easy. Because I think everything. Hasn't been easy New England but it is appeared to be easy for the pages because it means so good for so long and it's in Belichick we trust right. But you forget the fact that you had Brady which I think covered up a lot any sort of deficiencies you might have had on either side of the ball or would again when your your drafting quarterbacks that you don't need if you don't need a quarterback. When you don't realize you're drafting crappy ones yet or or hear more willing to like. Matt Cassel a seventh round pick who didn't play USC because he is behind. Multiple Heisman Trophy winners these sale of this guy's got a chance we'll take it there's no rush. We can develop and slowly you're not at that stage anymore like when you drafted Matt Cassel Tom Brady was. In his twenties you know and ten years ago I was right more than ten years I mean sounds like think they drafted like 2005. So Brady was twelve years ago yak and that's very different than drafting quarterback now when you're starters forty it has to be somebody that you think you can develop welcome play. If not right away and pretty close. To Addis. It was like you know. I let's go to you Eric in Waltham Eric welcome to show. Eric. Or can mark I'm hurt I'm on our thanks thanks for Paul dear. Yeah and use law. Apply it is not the typical apple really Asian. For a quick. Or there at work at it like to. You know well almost. I want saying it is. You know we need honest you know in that. Region. To come up with a quarterback with a football player. Which one. Yeah it made. Me where we have. The goal we have that quarterback while I'm so so right now aren't a lot of people there. And we had. Ray got Apple. Newton county he would sit wait wait to play should quiet to a certain degree. But I don't eat eat it is where actually. We agree it can I go on what saliva. It back in in a while we like problems come up alana. You don't think that that the last couple of weeks and even portions if you go back to the Super Bowl last year you don't think that Brady started to show any signs of age you think he's outlined you think he's gonna play Eric. I think he he. I think you're crazy yeah yeah. Actually think I think a lot of I think a lot of patriots fans right now we're living in a fantasy land where rethink that Brady is going to hit let's stay at this level. Jest in perpetuity night and I think that's how it works and for all that crap people gave you know the Max elements of the world precinct 41 is when quarterbacks drop off a cliff. Doesn't don't the actions of Bill Belichick prior to trading Jimmy grappling tell you that he was putting a lot of credence in that yet that I'm not betting on listen I'd make no one none of us would bet against Tom Brady but. If you are betting on a quarterback to be sued rule Calvert 42434445. That's that's crazy talk you are living in fantasy land. And Natalie that date is Bill Belichick I've said this time and time again that. Bill Belichick I believe drafted Jamie problem for a reason you draft someone that you log in August it's at that point thought he had some time but he kept him around for a reason he could have gotten he first round draft pick from Cleveland this offseason and he he wanted to trade him away if you felt comfortable. Saying listen bradys my god for the next two or three years I'm not worried about it thought we forget is that. What we don't see behind the scenes is how much treatment Tom Brady is getting what's really physically going out with Tom Brady. What do you looks like in practice what he's capable of doing all of these little intangibles that we don't know about because we're not there. And so if Bill Belichick Bill Belichick is I. And I'd need to be obvious he's pissed off that he had to treat waging a drop when it's not what he wanted to do that to me is the most telling thing about where Tom Brady truly used as it. Yet and I know if to go to break and I'll just say performance in that in bill we trust. To me applied 100% to drop below its sights even Tom Brady. Bill ballots acts of me has earned the right to say it's time to move on and tell me. Am sure there's an example but it's not coming to mind when in patriots history since he's been here. They have reached that point with a veteran player and shows in the veteran over the younger player could be you know whether it's now Afghans Seymour. Vrabel. Bruschi. Rodney Harrison they always move on from these guys and some of them are able to go out on their own terms I think Bruschi was banged up but he. You know he was able just retire in his terms mean convince you we had in yesterday he retired in his terms but. Generally the old adage about it's better to get out one year twos in the one year too late spell check lives by that. And even recognizing Brady's greatness. Why is why should he be treated any differently when as bill ballots act in bill we trust thinks he has the guy. Why don't we trust him out and wide in the crafts trust him on that because that's how I feel like this way. Because because if we're looking at all those players that you just named Tom Brady is different Tom Brady was here longer Tom Brady is. Right now. He is being Michael Jordan of the NFL he's the greatest quarterback of all time I think he is someone you'll always be mentioned. In his same bracket as the greatest quarterbacks of all time and I also believe that he is meant to timed to the crafts. Today franchise he resurrected that he helped bill resurrect the franchise he eazy. That was in his mind Brady is different. And at the end of the day he's the owner he overruled the ballot checked I think in deep down Belichick knows no one can be different if you wanna continue winning. Exactly so it's all of that I think everything you just said is true about Brady's place in the history of the franchise some of these mats and all that. And if fired ballots checked my answer that would be so. Well clearly didn't have a choice. At least we think he didn't have a choice you guys have a ton of opinions you'll get to your calls. Are right acted as it was an attorney tossed into the media.