Trenni and Tomase - Top 10 We're All Gonna Die moments of 2017 12-30-2017

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Saturday, December 30th

Final Hour. Trenni and Tomase take you into the new year with their top 10 moments of We're All Gonna Die because they love to remind you that you are all going to die.


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These Renny and tomorrow's a new ones boards radio WEEI I'm dreading his Eric and John's a mossy break down everything with a packs the Bruins and all new England sports so it's. It's trendy until moxie plus Sports Radio WEEI. And. I. Little after 1 o'clock I'm Freddie and Tomas is our final show of 27 teen enacts bush. Bush but what George Bush students that's the findings acts. Punts and buck will be with you from two until I. Mightily before march until four. Yet two to four tier four decades decades just you to foreign enemy about some football here and WBI gets into the new year of course patriots play tomorrow afternoon. We usually try to stick to sports and turning mossy simply is the last half hour much we have a little thing we call we're all gonna die but. This is a special day as the final day of 2017 and so much has happened this year something's soccer crazy event that you may be the forgotten happened I go through lists and lists. Of things that happen with just. The US and mostly Trott let's just be honest it's mostly dumb stuff I tried yet Obama wiretap me like that was a big deal for awhile I know now we forgot that it even happened because it was a lie. You know what there's actually time magazine just for our articles and looking at all of his lies in how he for tries to create truth which runaways. You know. Fascism the authoritarianism yeah all on the list of things that happen. But we're over all right now because. Even if things go OK and the final night tomorrow Tony seventeen and there aren't mass explosions or some sort of Y two K meltdown. There's so she hasn't won eighteen. Dot. WA GD. We're all very new day. We are all gonna die it has been quite a year Johns mossy quite a year. Start with the inauguration I had forgotten. I forgotten. That he that Donald. And January 20 I believe that thread but it when he first I must somewhere in late January yet I forgot that happen if you this year installed so long. And she raining and raiding and filled with controversy. And terrible moments that I for not that that happens this year so we do like top ten. Moments of why we think we're all going to doubt as to mean cartoon and it have been 6000 we could have done for three hours on as we decided to Sony down to one bit. Before getting to our lists our first I guess our first number ten is just a little primer for you at some of the. Things that we had to put up went to look immediate need to keep the rest of the day you know twenty block area all the way back to Washington monument I was. And I wanted to just pray for Arnold if we can for those ratings and. Ladies and gentleman that's in your fearless leader insider the freeware leader of the free world. President and state Donald. From fights over the size of his inaugural crowd. To the rollout of behalf fast travel ban to Twitter fights would Mika Brzezinski and tears to deal a brand and you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger thing late but I and I passed and now he's saying that in front of what was it that I came in remembered now but it was the faith something or other breakfast with bishops and all this kind of stuff and he's Reno ripping on Arnold Schwarzenegger is ratings. A need for all of Freddie and ran says. To the Obama wiretapping to be lies upon lies upon lies upon lies. And you realize the state of the free world rests with this. More on this guy is aimed more on I don't say that lightly like I do not think for a second and I never did that George Bush is a more and everybody was down. Didn't agree with policies whatever Reagan was not done Nixon was not done. You know Clinton was clear Rhodes scholar clearly not down Obama not done these people had done this guy is truly. And that's Maria you have a weird look at us stratified along the fight is that this country seriously. Before he had yet. So let's start number nine analysts after the holidays paths which for a number ten number not on this list is. The United States. Announced. Is the capital of Israel. Why a's after more than two decades of waivers. We are no closer to a lasting peace agreement between Israel. And the Palestinians. It would be folly to assume. That repeating the exact same formula. Would now produce a different or better result therefore I have determined. That it is time. To officially recognize. Jerusalem. As the capital. Of Israel. Why is this an issue say what's the big deal Wright's words to semantics maybe Amy not a big and urinary knows it is the capital anyway de facto capital right it's a problem because the Israelis and the Palestinians have been fighting. Since the 1940s. For control over a strip of plans. That board that. That borders both Jerusalem and the surrounding areas in the Gaza bank in the west of the West Bank Lancaster thank you west bank and a bastard thank you screw those savings out. And why is it a big deal while the UN voted 128109. Against the resolution. And then the United States cut their UN budget by five billion dollars saying this is a response to what you did. But that came after Donald Johnson that they were nine naik. The UN pay if they didn't agree with that. Why is an issue would you want the backing of the US nonetheless if we get into me conflict to a someone. Or there is it true international crisis in meaning the help of other countries in the United Nations. You don't have an entire group that is pissed off that you does not agree with you on a major in turn out. The US has been the leader of the world order for it you know since World War II basically. And you now have a president who is. We are not in decline like the United States is not in decline. Economically. Whatever but certainly not on the world stage we are not inclined we are abdicating. That responsibility in this is just another example of that. Where we are actively like we won't say anything bad about Russia. But we are actively. Intentionally. Defying our allies at every turn and antagonizing them for no real gain and talk about a logical fallacy. Like the idea. Well a didn't work so I'm gonna do the opposite of it. As if like it's that simple like yes there's still no peace in the Middle East and guess what there's certainly isn't going to be about a time you're done with your wrecking ball. But would make it worse yet but exactly we don't wanna make it worse and status quo is okay and we're gonna get to North Korea later. There's something to be said for status quo in terms of just managing situations but no he's here to blow everything up and be the disrupt air and there's no thoughts. By Heinz. Any of it and we should say that was number ten is actually number nine we can take right after this would be the travel. I don't know if we have anything on the travel ban but to be just. They'll wave at it was rolled out immediately Friday night executive order not vetted by anyone at any of the department's it would have to be enforcing it. And what it said right off the top about how this administration felt about immigrants immigrants. Be our place in the world order seed this. Just infantile. Idea that I'll keep the bad people out and the bad people wall wanna hurt us with no recognition. Of how your actions. Lead to caught your actions have consequences. We're bringing the entrepreneur back into this country sponsor we're getting rid of all the not so at all the ties and we're gonna. See you're gonna see you see what happens and ultimately what does it mean it means jobs jobs jobs jobs. Immigrants create jobs is is what's so frustrating immigrants came here and built humongous companies you know whether it's. Google are whoever like these people come. And a lot of times they are brilliant tech people and a bill companies in those companies create jobs in the idea that. We have enough of a workforce here where oh just if we give all the people. In the US jobs we won't need to give any immigrants that's not how it works they constantly replenish. Our brain power are you know tech power all of this kinda stuff. And we are turning our backs and and be in in an attempt to keep ice is out that's the boogie man. We have to keep ice is off our shores and the fact of the matter is is when you start a war and Islam that is the greatest recruiting tool you could ever give. Anyone like nicest linking back to Jerusalem links directly back to Jerusalem exactly I would also say it and we're all gonna die because it especially we will allow that. I would also say that if you decide to starts. Escalate maintain conflicts and places like Afghanistan and Syria. Jerusalem between the Israelis and the Palestinians. You need to give those people more than displaced by the war is that you have inserted yourself an eighth placed ago. You cannot go on that sure if you listen to outs of the New York Times the daily. Or a want peace they did it about. No qualms about using drone strikes. I'm villages and bombing so called ice has stronghold when they had no real intelligence that those people were actually terrorists. What you do is you ruin these people's lives. And they once. Fought for. And were tied to the United States and a positive way. And and you know when you blow up their home in you blow up their families and you displays them in you put them in the middle of a war zone they say I'm sorry there's nothing we can do to help the thank you for being an interpreter. Thank you for helping our troops but I am very sorry now that you have switch sides and ices wants to kill you in your family. But you're gonna have to stay there because we are no longer taking you inform your country so thank you for your service to the United States. Thank you for helping keep us safe but now you injure families are going to die. Yes there's there's no recognition and dollar there hasn't been since day one. That diplomacy exists for reasons you have the State Department being guided under Rex Tillerson you have. You know Nikki Haley making these unilateral sort of proclamations at the UN. And you have trump who just believes simple mindedly believes that if we just close ranks if we only worry about ourselves if we just put America first. At the expense of everyone else we will be fine and the rest the world have to deal won't guess what the rest of the world. All of these awful things they keep churning those you know pools of of you know. Negativity felt put every wanna say. These these things that are gonna come back and hurt us at some point and turn people against us those keep happening those keep. Building and that pressure keeps building and we are not playing any role in May getting better in making it better. I wasn't just the Republicans on the we cannot have a list without the Democrats because I don't believe that the Democrats have made it very easy to want to change or want to rise out our resist what is happening because they constantly. Trip over themselves doing stupid things. Do you like well because maybe we would be talking more about the president's. And indiscretions. In discretion is when he won as a man of the people not it's a a private citizen not a public servants yet when Nancy Pelosi says things like this I meet the press and I John Conyers. It. Team here. Mats what's. That's alright Nancy was there here's the points of the meat to movement. Is real obviously we just add gasoline to assess Kirk meaning we've heard him yell at Washington is serving her time. It's about so Harvey Weinstein falls Charlie Rose falls. Matt Lauer false now it's like okay congress now it's time to turn those cannons on yourself. He gonna have to take some fire Al Franken whatever. And the idea is. You have to. Yeah I am behind these women put your foot down. And if you ultimately want a gonna make this political it's a nose a little dirty. But if you wanna go after the guy in the Oval Office you have to show that you're willing to clean up your own house first instead Nancy Pelosi did this attack top Meet the Press. Just because Finland's accused. If you act and it was at one accusations that too I think there has to be John Conyers is an icon in our country. He's done a great deal to protect women thought violence against women act which the left wing right wing is now quoting his praising him. For his work on that he did great work on. But the fact is. As John reviews his case which he knows that I don't. I believe he would do that I believed that it was I think she's dead finished my answer that he will do the right thing. So disappoint I watched that. I watched that interview live horrible you know whether a lie and posture opera life on Boston television I boys still angry at Nancy Pelosi because. You know what that's what's going to happen. And way and if or away and the Democrats dude tried to possibly if let's just say more accusations come out about president trump. About the things that he did to women prior to him being an office maybe some comes out that he made an inappropriate coming similar to what he did to the president of France's wife. If he makes inappropriate comments makes females in his office feel uncomfortable. As Nady overstep boundaries the female. Staff members or employees of the White House. Howard you gonna have a leg to stand on Tuesday. There are too many accusations here there's a long list of seventeen women prior to you taking off as they came out and made allegations against you. How can Nancy Pelosi stand up in front of people and say. We have to start an investigation something needs to happen right now we need to start the impeachment process without the Republicans taking this in using it against her yeah epic you. An active policy. You can not get up and say that you are a chance of winning and watch all of these people fallen Hollywood and then for your own political purposes and gain saint but he isn't it time. No it doesn't work that way you're not safe because you work on Capitol Hill. Yes and you're not safe even if you've. Authored legislation that does more to protect a woman's right says you know. What does it bring charges against people or choose that's a separate issue but. You know it you've made it safer you may can't it doesn't matter if you are not living up to that standard in Europe all life. Then you have to face the consequences well and making it even more so Conyers does resign a day or two later. With the political winds blowing stiffly in her face she reverses course says no I don't know he should resign too late you should've said that the first time. And then. It is harder and see after your words are empty now and at least you know Al Franken is stepping down may be history you'll decide that he got a raw deal. In the moment it needed to happen. And it was the only way that you could maintain any semblance of a high ground if you ultimately wanna go after the president promised. Number seven analysts'. Mean mr. Literally killed people yet not as many not not as many Katrina I mean Katrina was a real disaster let me tell you might disasters scrapbook. A Katrina was just passed. Irma in Anna Maria in natural disasters now what. I. I terrorist attack. I'd say it was probably the most difficult. When you talk about relief when you talked about search when you talk about all of the different levels. And even when you talk about a lives saved. You look at the number if this was I think it was worse than Katrina. It was. In many ways worse than anything people should. He keeps score about and everything like. Even hurricanes even natural disasters even people dying all of that has to be the biggest it's like he's selling an apartment building. And maul all that happens we had hurricane Harvey hurricane Irma hurricane Maria we also had the Napa wildfires. And I believe that is the Thomas park wildfires in Southern California which devastated portions of California. Dis place thousands. I Iranian earthquake if you wanna throw that in there I'm Mexican earthquake ya wanna put. At a Nair. But you know what all those things we look at why it's easiest climate. Change does not global warming the presidents who treats this on the 28 of December at 601 PM eastern. Indy east it could be the coldest New Year's Eve on record perhaps we can use a little bit that good old global warming that our country. But not other countries is going to pay trillions of. Bundled up why he's so transactional this I don't understand everything is about a cost everything is like if you can save money on this. That's all that matters the UN they're not paying enough for the bills the climate you know the Paris accords are journeyman binding. These are gonna cost American workers too much money. It's lunacy and then on top of that when you have heart came Maria. Wipe out Puerto Rico which by the way is part of the United States it's a US territory. And you take the opportunity not to heal. Or art you know show up there and lent support or whatever reason for you tossed six hos skipper towels and yeah me yeah. So you fight with the mayor of San Juan who you can't tell me the fact that that was a woman coming after him. Didn't make his response twice as mean twice is biting. Twice is nasty because he did not want to have a woman putting him in its place as you know that's how he operates. And then when you show up there. And you throw that paper towels like you said lake you feed and a bunch of seals in San Francisco at that at Fisherman's Wharf like. That that just shows a complete either a lack of empathy in humanity that has that marks this White House from day one. Showing before the storm. Showing humanity like old I don't know maybe supporting an alleged child molester like Roy Moore yeah everybody. When Luther strange didn't win the nomination and even though trump said Roy Moore could win couldn't win couldn't win. And it doesn't matter that fourteen year old. That girls Wear when they were fourteen make claims that Roy Moore touched them inappropriate we asked them out on dates were more didn't entirely deny it none of that mattered to the Republican Party. None of that mattered to president trump because Ali wanted to it was a Republican. On the senate. Look at what. What is really going god you look at all the things that have happened over the last 48 hours he flatly denied it he says it didn't happen. I had you know gotten the lift them up it felt good about he said forty years ago this did not happen so you know I'm. Just think about that line forty years ago this thing that totally happened that didn't happen. Forty years ago when he did all these horrible things he didn't do them he said he didn't do them forty years ago and it never happened forty years ago later you willows you know didn't help us at all when she did the same thing that John Conyers calling him an icon and sing let it all play out thanks a lot of that bank you're allowed that Nancy Pelosi. Yet ridiculous. For a day Equus. At the end of the day now. It is really the word I think one of the greatest of all times I've I've come up with is like I guess other people music perhaps over the years but I've never noticed it. I mean fake news deserves its own in this fits with Roy Moore I mean Roy Moore right up to the end was trying to claim voter fraud. And thankfully even the Republican voting commissioners or whatever they're called an Alabama who certified the election were just like go away go away but. This fake news idea Roy more art tried to seize upon this rallying cry a fake news and it's worth we're gonna get to rush adult wary. But it is worth reminding that fake news was what. Russian propaganda trolls propagated. To harm Hillary Clinton and to help. Donald Trump. We don't know yet how what role trump played in this but that that was their at all common it's common no instrument but that was their goal. And trump co opted and so their budget angry liberals at at this time last year. Talking about fake news these fake news stories help trump and trump co opted that term which is very good that. He's trying to do the same thing with obstructionism for Democrats and some other things. He co ops fake news and you now live and a world where death spots around the world. And you can help me here as I can never get the name right that people in Myanmar. We're gonna hang on growth Zynga who are basically being ethnically cleansed if that's that's a very nice way of saying a genocide is being committed against them. You have you have elected officials there saying this is all fake news it's not really happening it's fake news. You have deaths spots around the world now quoting the idea of fake news that is cutting at. An absolute pillar of our democracy which is a free press a free. Emboldened press. He is trying to put a stop to that like an authoritarian. Roy Moore is a perfect example you had overwhelming. Overwhelming evidence against him on site and at videotapes but you had. You know first ever witnessed women after firsthand witness after firsthand witness who came out said what happened at great risk to themselves they had nothing to gain from any of this. And they used batons batons. Because you're older or something about security of a young woman. God I was so Nasional was so that's our bottom five yeah so when I guess we come back we will. Finish this hour we will reveal our top five reasons they're all gonna die in 2018. When we come back. Two more with training until mossy Sports Radio telling you we. It's time for Chinese Muslims you're wrong oh million. Yes it is me 2017. Year review of why we're all gonna die we did through well almost half. It is only the thirtieth yeah right on it when I had very ad buys drops in Times Square. Baghdad as a don't 2018 plenty to keep an eye on. Especially down there in DC in the old White House so to recap our. First ice. What are number ten. Jerusalem claim naming Jerusalem the capital of Israel and the fallout that that happened did that happen without international the travel ban was number nine. Number eight is ink in Nancy Pelosi are stupid comments about John Conyers. Thanks for making it harder all of us. Number seven. Rate yet at number seven. A plethora of natural disasters this year from hurricanes 383 hate US territories and or the US mainland. Two wildfires massive wildfires in California. Earthquakes in Mexico earthquakes in Iran. And the president's response to those and number six. Roy Moore everybody Rory full Lorraine frigid water. Get on your horse and just keep going you know that most recently as he boarded a guy accused of child molestation credibly accused when I still can't get any near I think in every one by rights. Sinking in he lost by 11 point 5% of the votes and like I believe it was a 22000. Vote difference so he still almost he's almost one Roy Moore. A multiple time accused child molester. Some envoys banned from malls and suburban Alabama because of the way he acted around children. With almost acted as a US senator. That's not enough to make you think we are all going to die we forget about Russia. Oh yes Russia and Russian collusion it has Donna into the new cycle really you think back I am on an article that gives it key timeline in each from Russian investigation. She have to go back all the way to 2015. When Britain's spy agency. Became aware of suspicious interactions. Each with between people with trump ties in Russian intelligence operatives. All the way forward to now on Michael flame is facing jail time Papa doc list. Is looking like he's flip he is foot flame Wii is for all intents and purposes has flipped on the was fired. Are we going to see a firing a rock rock Robert Rosen steam. Will we see. Bob Muller now. Rodham brought an act I'm Bob brier Mueller will we see him make it through the year with he get fired right now are saying no that he will keep his job but if it begins to look like get my threatening trump presidency. Could he be fired. All of this. During all of this. No matter how many signs point to the fact that there is some sort of nefarious action between truck operatives and a Russian intelligence and a Russian government. Mr. trump continues to say. Can you say whether you are aware that anyone would buy mr. campaign had contacts with Russia during the course election. Like what you general Flynn obviously was feeling so that's one parents but he was dealing as he should have been during the election on nobody that I know of that you're not aware of any contact electorate quite the election how many times to answer this question. You just write (%expletive) is their ruse yeah I know you have to get up and ask questions on port rush is a ruse. I have nothing to do with ash. And there. There's so many problems of this because we you know came to know after the fact that he was aware of multiple contacts including. You know his own son. You know with a lawyer who had promised there on Hillary Clinton and and Don juniors a moron is just site that is great let's do it I mean you start to go down the list you think of the things that. For instance Hillary Clinton was facing Ben Ghazi trials for like a year and you know what politically because she had to face AEA senate committee yes for hours and hours and I got nothing hurt but. Ultimately those hearings were politically useful because that investigation. Is what yielded the fact that she had her own email server and became its own thing and Clinton trustworthiness and that. Probably helps when the election as much as anything Russia did but anyway. So Hillary faces just that gauntlet you know over banged Ghazi which. I'm not even gonna go there Russia and just imagine if all of everything we know about this scandal if we could grafted onto her instead of him I mean I read today proceedings. Would have started before the inauguration she wouldn't have made it's going out and just a reminder you had Jeff Sessions you know. Meeting with Sergey can easily acting guy be Ambac are eating with Sergey a lot of people met with him you obviously out all of Michael flames connections you have Rex Tillerson is CEO of Exxon doing multiple business deals with energy companies with direct ties to prudent. In Russia you had everything Michael and related you can't even get through your utensils time. Who cares I'm gonna leave her out of this for now your palm and a four whose dirty yunis in Russia extends back decades. You have Roger Stone who seemed to know about. The testy emails before they were released. You have Carter page a trump. Foreign policy advisor who bush who suddenly became a nobody once his ties to Russia were revealed you've had. We went through all the minute sports stuff you have Jared questioner. Wanting to open secret back to we forget about this remember this came out shortly after the election that. Kushner had approached Russia about. We open date back channel and A Russian facility using Russian communication equipment that would be outside the monitoring. Of the United States. All of this stuff just adds up trumps history. Would miss universe in Russia trump trying to open a giant you know China and its build a giant building in Russia. All of this stuff but there was no. Credit NASA and also his real estate dealings in the Ukraine. In Ukraine which are also have obviously close ties to an authoritarian dictator bear. As well as food is the dinosaur Russia and I only parks there and from what I understand really keep an eye and Deutsche Bank. And the investigation into funds land to Atlanta by Deutsche Bank to the trump family bay has are known for ties to Russia. Also keep in mind even though the White House continues to say that yeah right now this is wrapping up smaller work is wrapping up. 2018 can actually be huge for him because they. Most experts expect further indictments. Face to face interview possibly with the president himself an investigation of the White House to run through this summer at least in the investigation of Russia's election tampering activities rusty and. And in terms of why we're all gonna die since we have to bring that back to our topic here. So this happened we know what happened whether or not trump had anything to do it that just put that aside for a moment even though. The big I word looms over Olivea. And we can only dream but put all that aside say he's completely exonerated the fact remains that Russia monkey with our election. And we are on care we are doing nothing about it it's gonna happen again it's gonna be worse we are doing nothing to stop it because the people it helped. Are harboring the delusion that it will always help them and there is no it this is a party that wants to suppress votes to begin with. And they're talking about this is the great thing we talk about the integrity of our elections. And the completely fabricated idea of voter fraud. And here is an actual attack on our voting. Methods on the you know influencing the vote and we are doing nothing. Speaking of doing nothing about it and it's actually perfect Segway we had two major mass shootings again towards the end of the year it began in Las Vegas when Stephen panic opened fire in Las Vegas. On Akon concert goers in early October. And then in November and he injured how many people like 600 people right yes. And then just one month later a gunman killed 26 in an attack on a rural Texas church even remember his name. I couldn't even tell you his name. And that that should be one of the greatest video that's been Patrick Kelly thank you Democrat you bet should be in one remembers worst moments in US history and it only happened a couple months ago and I don't know if I ever. Fully remembered his name because I was still reading about Stephen panicked. When that app. I'm just looking to see how many people died and and shooting and after that we found out that bump stops were used in Las Vegas and then all of a sudden there's all this talk about how we're going to ban on stocks. He November sucks Massachusetts. Think you Massachusetts. For taking action but the rest of us we did nothing despite the carnage. Of the six bad at demented man lot of problems I guess said Delaware looking did they have very very seriously but. We're daily go with a very very sick individuals thank you. 58 people dead 546. Injured in Las Vegas 26 more almost a month to the day app. After in Sutherland springs taxes and we do absolutely positively nothing when it happens. I do not want to hear your calls again I'll hear your opinions. On how it's not people like a gun secular it is people that kill because a very water very very interesting conversation. And now our friends Jim and Marjorie help. That is sure it's here that heritage area there the past. Massachusetts has vis some of the toughest gun laws in the nation we also have one of the lowest. Gun death rates in the nation's accused say that gun laws do not where we are living literally living breathing proof and Massachusetts. That it does work. That card through all this has been an array silence Sunday shooting today surprisingly supporting stricter rules. It is statement saying quote. Device is designed to semi automatic rifles to function like fully automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations. Asking me ET to review stuff. But in 28 and that agency determined the devices all are based on federal law. Meeting it would be the congress to change them off from Capitol Hill. But it instead once again we got nothing we got costs. And it's and it's always about individuals it's never about. That the problem guns the even that it's a sick and that was a sick man it's always about one individual persons are not pay greater issue greater issue there is one person in the world however who we do probably need to worry about. His name is rocket man. Little. Tiny the United States has great strength and patience. But if that is forced to defend itself or its allies. We will have no choice. But to totally destroying. North Korea. Rocket man. Is on a suicide mission for himself. And for his regime. The United States is ready. Willing and able. What hopefully. This will not be necessary. That swat the United Nations. Is all about. Isn't the benefit of the United Nations is all about blowing North Korea the face of the earth think about a US president saying that. We will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea as if you can. Just destroy North Korea and not say destroy half of South Korea while your attic are big parts of China are or parts of Japan or Japan. And and and other some of those countries are allies are close allies like South Korea and Japan and don't forget about the I believe it is. Well over a million people American citizens that live and work on the Korean Peninsula. Not to mention these service members and their families who live on the Korean Peninsula are in the affected by the nuclear follow. How about the TV reporters are going to be in South Korea and a month to Coverdale I I say this I am not I gnashing not concerns. I'm not concerned for the reason that China still and seems to be aiding North Korea China obviously has a huge presence at the Winter Olympics all Olympics they take their sporting events a very seriously and so I don't believe. That there'll anything happen while we're there we actually really haven't even received any sort of like security briefings like we normally do prior to an Olympics it doesn't seem to be as much of a concern I thought there's a bigger concern about getting. He got when we were in Rio two Summers ago. So I'm out to be honest needed it's not even meet. I'm not all that concerned about what can happen moderate Arab strictly because it is. Of the fact that I don't think North Korea also what would North Korea prove. By. I attacking South Korea which is just over its border. Beat the North Korean border the DMZ is actually forty miles from John Chang which is where the Winter Olympics will be held. That doesn't show power that does is show might. Sending in nuclear weapon and he in New York City. Shows your power changer might this would be like a great you can bomb a country that's you know forty kilometers yet and so what it's not a commissary and it just the fact that. This bellicose language in this constant antagonism. When it's like okay they're nuclear armed we should may be trying to be back channeling miss or something. And instead it's almost like he's dated both sides of day marriage out there. Today I hope I speak not only for our countries. But for all civilized nations. When I say to the north. Do not. Under arrest and news. And do not. Triumphs. Well they haven't listened because. Just in late November like right around Thanksgiving big there another six and most Powell for a powerful macular taxed. So they're looking at all of all of these threats when he went. Donald Trump president trump feels like he's having some sort of impact on Kim Jon and in North Korea if they are no laughing in our face and they continue to test their arsenal and build their arsenal. Our we announced our top shoe. I believe dat we region town right on top two reasons are out and back. I rolled mine is very quick we've already covered a lot of us. The worst moment of the year for me was the inauguration. At from design simple from American car an inch in the in the thing which George Bush supposedly said it was quote some weird bleep. It's too. The fight over the crowd size afterwards. Just to what then. The coarsening of discourse. In our nation since then. With trump you don't going after it Liz Warren and James called me and Sally Yates an NFL players and the post office in the FBI and the CIA and Bob Boller and staff carried Mika Brzezinski in light. Anyone and everyone. And is just made this a worse place to live but I have hope. I have hope that changes coming and that there is going to be a tidal wave of opposition. To this this is not who we are as a people is now we are. I will say it is not my number one it's my number two of his constant attacking and trying to discredit the media. And that is. A key. Quality. Of an authoritarian and someone who is trying to. Get you to believe lies get you to distrusts everyone distrust people who look differently than you think differently than you act differently than you and thus we all turn against each other. Which leads us to nine number one reason I think we are all going to die. Thanks to president trump and 2017 the way he reacted to horrific. Events eight terrorist attack and that's what I look holiday terrorist attack in Charlottesville Virginia back in August. You also had people that work very five people on both sides. I mean that's all you need to hear very fine people on both sides you embolden the white supremacy movement you. Basically just. Defecated on the memory of someone who died at marching peacefully. It is is the lowest moment of his presidency and I think even he's gonna have a hard time topping. Almost left it it almost leaves me speechless. Which doesn't happen very often and I. Listen you can argue all you want that it was economic that it was a group of people and I argued this before there was a group of people. In the middle of the country who felt that they were without a voice. That they weren't being heard that they were being listened to in the middle of the country it was all other coast all about the liberal leave him and that's why he was elected. But the reality is there's also an undercurrent. Of fear. And racism and nationalism. And you know what apprentice of your Catholic. Pope Francis said not too long ago at this rise of populism across the across the world it is not just across the United States that it it has grown in the United States were seeing in Poland for seeing and hungry we're seeing it in the UK with regs it. That that will lead to the next Hitler the Pope the Pope said that and that to me is terrifying because of World War II. I mean I don't know how much people watched listened read about World War II. But that is a stain. That is a stain on the world's sole. That we allowed that rise to happen and we did nothing about it. So I will continue mutant on the social justice warrior you can say I actually had a relative when I was home. Say out loud it's really hard to be a white person right now. It took everything in the united punch her in the face but I don't like violence. So I didn't elect them in the strongest possible terms. This egregious display of hatred bigotry. It violence or many sites. When many Shiites. It's been going on for a long time in our country. That Donald Trump not Barack Obama. It's been going on for a long long time. Turning it if I may yet. Where are gonna back to a lefty Ted training because Kerry and John Tomas talk pass phrase war on Sports Radio WEEI. Disposable income is in peoples who want to admit that it was rolling. I know we are I am gonna talk to you if you don't like it. You can leave Robin I can finesse and so what you went out to you on the week I'm gonna just show without heartsick for what Lebanese 7:7 lines and am I right. Sure I can I can do this we can finish this. Although. It out. Wednesday this is so baffling to me. That was like that must have been motto is like to face willing amazed at the variance you know and a I I don't think you are an Angel at all I think your awesome Steve Buckley likes me. But at least and we likes to eat broccoli. So we're gonna continue that thread. Do. Athletes whose names are the same is body parts and animals that went down you throat and so forth idea. It continues serious tone you guys set the day yes he'll pick up a we're. We're all gonna die usually is that part you know it is Seattle and we got to self indulgent there but it's the end of the year and to allow holiday weekends is like you do not to drive while memorial drive into the river driving in here today. Ended on their own business through depressing and it's not on terms and you know assisted so you have glitzy next three yet. With what's that mean it's. Yeah and we did we get on the Internet TV outlets Alli there's any chance that happens. Is that it accidentally mix and rate half you wonder that. Didn't do that it did and I don't ID or an ally yet Ager on Gonzales is exactly they would but he had he had a year left and is DL and they directed or maybe even more but they ripped it up and it is expected started the fall. But yet and I think I'd. It patriots is that not married I have ordinary banking laws not terribly new because that is the world be in 2018 the let's put all the today it was that's actually agreed approached the net we're all gonna die so you might result trade for expiring on its own lines. It I'm an actor plates on May nineteenth season anyway and adolescents in a burning inferno of a new killer wore yeah. Yeah followed if you can play baseball and the als at Aspen governance fine. Nice to see you guys oh yeah happy news media. I. My gaming world and are you still that got hurt you hurt you hurt that this and I I had. Plans are and I not to deny Obama's going to cause I didn't eat at radio the next day when she was it's I was at six. Abetted in eight different strokes right yes but I had also do a mornings from yesterday and I had ED TV both days. Hardware I can't or multimedia starts right now it's it's not easy part is not easy a true thank you for me amnesty for too mossy here for all of you listen to us in 27 team you're looking forward 2018. Even the name's John that. World that.