Trenni and Tomase - Was Garoppolo traded out of spite? 12-30-2017

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Saturday, December 30th

Hour 2. Trenni and Tomase continue to discuss the reasoning behind the abrupt trade of Jimmy Garoppolo.


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And music for any and tomorrow losing one's Sports Radio WEEI I'm dreading this and Eric and John's a must see you break down everything without packs the Bruins and all new England sports. So it. It's trendy until moxie on Sports Radio WEEI. Plus thirteen nine W eat yeah you're you're turning to mossy reared at 2 o'clock at 1 o'clock. Get ready everybody with the Fam here on the radio maybe only those that like fifteen an older sixteen and older as it is a special one hour edition of were all going to die the top ten worst moments. Of the year. Payment for it's the best that for me to Nazis forced well recap the gaffes and blunders him if I make it through reason with he's. Breaking into two years. I will be. I do love that our beloved former president Barack Obama is currently between now positive stories from 2017 to remind as an ala rocket science yes he can't what involving former patriot defense and Chris Vaughn. Who days donated his entire 2017. Salary use scholarship funds in Charlottesville Virginia area. Which of course we'll discuss why Charlottesville is in the news. Yeah and the 1 o'clock hour referred out. Stick sports it is amazing may use it says you can't even keep track of all the stuff that I am what I did their research battling for more on it and I it was just like that. It or not but it. Like her we thought 360 is that there. And we think it was when we where just assuming it's when he teams that are worse. I do listen to this podcast called freak out and carry on an NPR broadcast at a dash diet. I'd end here here in Boston and NPR's. And it needs at BR. And they they had a three person can all it's like camera on SaaS tying two in. I care Russell was it to the three people that are on that week. Said that they think. Impeachment happen and mining team at the house flips. And me fingers crossed action ever held out because as a red at new Yorker article. On one tank one and and stats and not getting I don't know that seems to me nice to get taken down with that like the whole that we you know we'll get we'll get to. Right now we had a talk about another house that I beat probably the deaths which is out of the patriots couple of articles that serves on this discussion today deacon one you can find a Boston Globe dot com and Boland. Writing is there's something wrong with Tom Brady citing his struggles over the last five release six games released on more interceptions than touchdowns. He hasn't toward 300 yard game I think in his last five or six games. Just look in the same you know he's got shoulder issue that he. Addressed yesterday in a very weird way when asked if it was a recurring injury or re aggravation or something new he says that's a tricky question I'll pass play. We seem shaken hands he's had the Achilles thing the government's part as conversation. On another very informed reporter on the patriots beat. And BC Boston's own Tommy current road and NBC sports Patriots Ryan feels like it's winding down. And brought. I say this that bullet sometimes cannot always be the most positive you are ride patriots I Tyler likened so I like them Tom I think sometimes. On definitely takes a more measured bike in the middle response to EEO. Larry Tiki tries to look at the bright side of things the patriots so for Tom when I saw Tommy firm write this article yesterday it was posted yesterday. Morning I was like who I'm thinks things are under close. Thought. Instincts and suburbia by suburbia I'm in Foxborough. So where our callers and we have I jammed phone lines but as soon as wanna open is once one Paul hangs out you can give us a call 6177797937. Let's start with and big gallon in Georgia let's get a majority BLU freezing down in Georgia like we're freezing out here. Not at all what you. Consider walk around in shorts and sunshine you know you think that reasoning helps yes happy new year so that good news here. Well I look at the bigger picture as John. C'mon give you or not but that's true then why did Alley and you have you have not hung up on us yet yes no I won't do. You know that it just shows you these cry babies you know they think they're so top and then you stand up to all up what did she suit it's so typical you know how they are but anyway I digress. As far as the Pasco. You know I I agree I admit there's a lot more drop. You know this past year than we're used to but as the saying goes winning as a way of curing everything I really think. That if we are fortunate to be our report. The only rounds in the Super Bowl in Minnesota and now February if that works out that way I'll be too straight for best rated ship. Radiant. I like Brit accent though I feel like that's like I can't believe we haven't had litigate. It was a great player parties hope is that. Or. They'd Brady and Belichick. Used me if they win again. Then they'll have a chance to go for re in a row which has not happened now trying to could Eric's. Warmer Green Bay Packers you know from Wisconsin. Did win three straight NFL championship but only the last two was Super Bowl the first one was before of those Super Bowl Europe so. Nobody's done we Super Bowl and now yet John Elway retired after two and a row I'm not sure maybe there was reasons for that he was oh. But I don't see Brady bill check resisting the temptation. It does not unique history. To go appropriate so we win. This year. I think that cures a lot of what Tom coronet you guys are unsure legitimately talking about but think that will cure all that and they'll come back for one more go and we'll keep we can make some two victory next year. Yeah I now lead that's just us that he might they have stood out and win your inner mean Denver won in between so they'd be winning 34. And let's see saying there and win this year and next Saturdays and if they won that's his point and they wish they would win a super rules this year. Then Belichick and Brady but maybe you wanna come back and try to do it together for three straight yeah I just wonder right here here's what I look at I look at the you know there's three pillars of what this whole thing has been built on. In order and you can argue the order a mean I would say. Ballot check one Brady to craft brewery. And I mean ballots sacked Brady daddy I love it ratings act in British you can argue either liked. Like Brady could've won with a different coach Belichick probably could Belichick couldn't win with any quarterback. Brady could win would any coach but that's kind of that's just how sports work that's not really a fair comparisons I've put bell check first because he had the foresight to draft develop. And then play Brady over his hundred million dollar quarterback. Who to that point was considered a franchise icon Drew Bledsoe so so you put out check first. Belichick could be gone Brady could be gone. You know Robert Kraft to seven. RD sort of taken over day to day operations of team that day is coming sooner than later. So you're really looking at turn over. All three of those positions. What does that mean how does this keep on I mean I'm sure it could. But it's not going to be easy keep this thing going when all three of those guys are minerals or settlement Bob Dylan's blowing in the wind gap seriously it's. I can't at a New Hampshire you're next on an anti Nazi. They guys separate area. My call now to mark and I absolutely agree with Richard we just said this is this is one of the most idiotic consequential decisions involved crack discovered may. You could have had over the next 234 years a situation where Bill Belichick was upstairs. Judgment you know as a head coach. Grow although as a quarterback and you've got a bounty of picks for Tom Brady. But over the next two years it could be possible where Belichick has gone between your country your garden. Garage closed on Ian Tom Brady's car. And somebody had to show for and I mean that's that's the worst case sort of nuclear scenarios here. Yes death capital into. Yeah like he is hills started in when it was each rated. I enter Halloween following in his honor rally started at Halloween on all hallows youths I seventy. There there isn't something else that that people should think about is the I think an important piece of the drop below a puzzle is to contract these are used to it I think that a very underrated problem. Did the people always talk about NFL these monsters QB contracts. You know he goes out DiFrancesco. And you pay top five money. He could very well performance at top 57 player but I think people will be surprised. If that seem really won't. Excel to the degree that they they were doing their. Note see what we're back at the quarterback is that I tell your pick a real problem in this league quarterback contracts. To the patriots were able assigned grapple early. I'm more routine friendly deal and move Brady that would and they are. Planned but. Yeah yeah and that and that you know Helen talked at IU four SE where this start I go back to deflate game and likes he'd like that this is the chain of events that led to. Gordon grappling deal so. Deflate it happens the patriots don't know how to respond Tom reminded me yesterday which I've forgotten that. You know Bob Kraft with silent for a week because the league had sent them inaccurate PSI numbers so. They're sitting on these numbers not reeling we're not really knowing how to defend themselves. Probably doing an internal investigation of their own to find out all right if you guys did it to say at. Animal deal that. So there's a week or Kraft says nothing and people are clamoring for him to say something fans they would you know this is ridiculous people have it out for the patriots again this is a non story whatever. And so he lands of the Super Bowl and very defiantly. Mr. now he's swinging away in the other direction very defiantly says. You know when we are exonerated we expect Apollo we demand apologies very confrontational very narrow to Los artists and walked the planet the super exactly how this is exactly on time a case and I do that. Fast forward you go to that league meeting whenever wasn't San Francisco. Where you've been you know wells report and contact sting out enough that came out right before right after this but anyway you've been fighting this denying stuff. Accusing other people are stuff. You've been you know really militant in your responsiveness. You get to San Francisco with the other owners and you turtle and you turtle for a totally pragmatic reasons. And I think patriots fans this is where they went Ron saying that. Crafted a stood up fought to the end Al Davis today you know right ostracize the franchise in defense of their quarterback. He took the pragmatic approach if I stand down here. There'll be leniency for top while that that didn't happen. So now he goes 180 degrees in the other direction I wish I had never cooperated with the league I wish whatever set I wish I had never back down. We should have fought for Tom so now you get to drop a Los all of these decisions are. Crafts order responding. To fan anger and then going too far one direction or the other direction. Fans just ending up angrier as it goes Luntz now they're mad at him for backing down from Brady and outcomes. Are we have to basically choose week gate we are choosing between Tom Brady in Jimmy drop below. I know how badly the fans felt burned by the fact that I didn't stand up for Tom when I had the chance. And so now I am planting my flag. Tom Brady is our quarterback I'm not on this yeah island I am on Tom Brady islands and that's it he's not going anywhere he's our guy. Were riding in the end these fans are gonna know that I have his back above everybody else to be bitter end. And you just wonder is it gonna cost year coach is it gonna cost you dynasty. Policy. How about that that is quite the theory and it said. Pretty. Solid. But the ram at four. I don't know in units are revenue once I got out on CNN wearing any on these days I'm just trying to be more I'm trying to Foster. And environments. Uncivil discourse acute. Witasick who break will take your civil discourse next time turn into. Your chance to talk all new England sports with treasury until mossy. Clark Sports Radio WEEI. He's you at all think that it's ludicrous to think that we're kind of in the last dance portion. He used to be honest yet to be honest with yourself immune. It's like the the old guy who's this 55 years old and he's asked about it it's the most played pickup basketball and he walks in the gym like. You know I'd like Latvia visit him run anymore we've talked about yet yeah playoff victory here at the wives escape the guys know I've been the object. So what you just I think honesty is the bit most important thing right with anything but if you're honest that'll help if you're like delusional. Think that will help the difference will be displayed delusional or yeah they're talking like we're talking about that doesn't make sense you just have to be honest like. Nothing lasts forever. Move. Rob Ninkovich flowering in the truth usually and let's be honest usually former patriots. Are not backhanded. So it is very interesting to me that he is so candid and I don't think it's not like he was pushed out. I don't believe there's any bitterness for all turn out is and he did not he wasn't speaking. Bitterly or maliciously not a religious sound you just being out and he's being honest and rational yeah. And listen he was inside of it and he knows you know what's going on in there and I think they're really does seem to be. Some unrest about the whole coaching thing NF if coaches start fleeing and that makes it harder your bill. And you have to I was very broken mcdaniels. You know in it was either the same thing with me Daniel's aunt Patricia were basically. We've been Danny is an O five he did not name him offensive coordinator even though everyone knew he was and he took the title of offensive coordinator he took any. Abuse over you know bad play calls are every took Soledad on him. You know because he's a leader that's what leaders do and then in 2011. Or twelve whatever year was that they switched over to Patricia. Remembered ballot check was a defensive coordinator he did the same thing. Everyone knew Patricia was running it but ballot check at the title ballot check was the one who answered the questions. And then a year later Patricia becomes a DC and then you know they go back to sue wells and all that but that process takes. Two years maybe even three years and it's like bill willing to undertake that. Would a new generation of coaches whether it's for Brian Flores or chatter shake or whoever. I I don't know that I think that factors into how long does he do. Also I am I guess our collars but just listening to rotten egg and it's similar to. How I I think we've heard Bill Belichick answered questions Tom Brady answered questions this year. If Rob Ninkovich felt that. Tom Brady. Looked or seemed healthy enough while he was there or there were some questions about his true ability to go the distance that he has said publicly he wants to go to 434445. Years old. I feel like inning with say. Missing eyes. I'd seen him in practice like. Right now and it seems like Brady is beating him. Brady is Brady is the winner here I feel like if that's what he really thought that's what he did say it for him choose to allude to the fact that. Sometimes it to be honest with yourself sometimes you have to start to look at when the decline answers to happen. He wouldn't say that unless he is I don't think Ninkovich who says that unless he's starting to see some signs. Of age decline. Yet and to be clear like the question he was answering wasn't so much about Brady at that point. It was about the whole situation to Thomas asking does this feel like the last dance kind of thing. And so you know just in term any immediate threat in the eyes saying I mean we had to question the price so Philly keep hit it aid. During his answer to you have to be realistic with yourself you have to know when you can't go when he more you have to know ten mean the answer sounded. Like it lies listen forty girls die. I'm 33 year old guys RD Watson Ryan is catching up with the yet and and he did address Brady directly and he did say a lot of the same things you have to be if you Tonya and this is only asked about grapple. You have to be realistic you're not gonna play another fifteen years so that was definitely you're right I mean I was definitely be under current law that's out. But even that particular question wasn't just focusing on Brady was focusing on the entire program. In where things are at right now and where everyone is that in their careers let's go to Neil and Matt and Europe next and turning to Osce. Neil. You snooze you lose. It happy new years. We had one of those yesterday and Tom Thomas sitting in your chair you wanted to give the world and guys pretty good at it. I mean I know so holds a bachelor show last not hired. He was at living in the trending now as it was pretty funny with soda is like. You know it's the weather is brought to you by McDonald's which all it says in the thing whether it's right on McDonald's is like. Home of the egg the muffin. Biblical but anyway we had somebody call and I in this segment mouth and eyes now somebody called in and did that you know is no wooded area where you are there any site speech. Sounds like the ocean. It's just attacked at a path at that people immediately start filling the techs like wide as Torrance not funny when his current think he's funny people are as. People if people are miserable mini Jack in Georgetown is not miserable now he's up next Jefferies buried there. We're happy new year. On. That are we at a miserable back from Georgetown right now that this is this is a good notes in the. Yeah. But it for a yeah limitless and your quality here does. This is crap Burton though we are currently at stupid or. Well fifty years. What what did the what do you think it is and it it's not that why we. Jimmy G and only get a second round pick far. Because you're not a choice I think Belichick tried to resign and that's what it and trade and Nazis tried to side. And Jimmy settles. But they they need every time make it a franchise tag to match here. Do you think they're gonna cajun rebel backup quarterback when he. He you can pick anybody 2526. Point sibling know. Who says he's gonna be the back that's yeah I think you know if Brady goes one and done this year I know had become an up and Andy's MVP season but. You wanna make a hard call they share our caller right there you're choosing. Al grapple over Brady. And who's to say that's money five million dollars for one year is it worth then signing him to a long term. Now right yeah a lot Markey is 2829. And all those that. I don't get cute you know next coming upon people that would. Well bill I know. Trade him so that tells you something like why didn't bill on a trade him. Well I don't think he had a choice and I think Jimmy set a mat again next year. The Kraft said we're not in a franchise and a good amount that we get a order want. And bills and okay a couple of right now get a sort of spectacle and they'll. You know I don't I don't think craft was willing to you know mortgage the next fifty years disputed what our properties you know something I think that. I think it's shortsighted. It but it's shortsighted I mean it's all I lodging that is are excited to trade him at all and it's also shortsighted to think that they wouldn't and just saying hey Tom. Sorry buddy that make it traded they could have traded Brady because you're still now. By trading Jimmy grapple and Jacoby percent you have mortgaged your future in charge changed their future because now you have no. Well maybe maybe Jimmy just in order behind me BJ recent factional but it somatic. Sort of I don't like the patriot. I don't think I first love that I get immune that's possible I don't think I don't think it was that and he doesn't really have that power yes you know. I guess he could under a house just wanted to be a starter summer. Yes and you could've done the exact trade you made it. In my mind you could have made that exact trade in the off season in that month between the Super Bowl the start of league year. You get him to agree to sign a franchise tend RC could immediately trade him. I can't imagine. With cap space and whatever and then maybe I'm wrong Tom seemed to think I was on about this that. You trade him. At midnight you have to have a month on the books for ten seconds so I can't imagine you can't move things around and not sign any other freeagent seniority of the deal in place. And you just have to have him on the books for those seconds and then he's gone I can't imagine you couldn't have gotten. It least the same return if not more of course you would have gotten more so many teams are desperate for court pilots dedicated fanatic hate camel committed shall. Happy new year happy new year. I plan it real interesting topic you know the Brady in check and drop below. I look at it as well I'm kind of a tree legged stool harshest football you've got to have a quarterback you've got to have a coach. But which lets you remember this bull run started when crash became owners patriots. And I'm hoping. There when Robert Kraft is not run the team I'm hoping that Jonathan. Argentine market actually really engaged on ownership. Oh totally as a mean take a look at him and so on and take a look at some of the franchises around the league that should be better. By Cleveland's. And it got. You every every team in the NFL has these same opportunity. To be good. But only a handful. Have grasped that operatives think about Cleveland Cleveland had a chance again go off or wins or whatever and they decided. That you know what we don't you don't need the quarterback to start when you win year building a team you get the quarterback last. And now all these people lost their jobs you know and say you had a chance to get you have to get the quarterback first ever at Cisco. Was a borderline winless team before Jimmy girl apple came aboard. And now they are you know rolling into the offseason they're running back is saying we're gonna win the Super Bowl next year. All because of one guy Jimmy cheek and he's a quarter are let's go to mark panicky mark welcome to the south. They are having you guys happy. I'll I'll call you know you chart your said that our Tom current came out and that he feels like this is the end and Ager so come into the yen. Yea he wrote an article yesterday. On NBC sports Fossum dot com. Eight title the title is patriots Ryan feels like it's winding down so I'd be ends like they're falling off a cliff tomorrow but the end is inside. Yeah I mean. Are we in first place in the AFC are we in second place and the NFL. Are what I don't know where he's coming out without our. I'll read your article I suggests as they just basically saw the article. Today so. The Brady goes and what another Super Bowl and I still feel that way I mean I I don't break I don't birdies out of the bag and classic requests don't want. Yes that Thomas Hickey yet so Dana Sinclair satellite series on a cynical yet Thomas taking a much bigger picture view and then just where they're at right now. You know it's there is of discord between it seems like there's some tension between Brady and ballots checked and craft. We know that Guerrero thing that coaches you could lose your because lose or no accidents hair exactly you could lose you party lost Jimmy G the heir apparent so there at this is why he sang about the long term you know. View. I let's take a quick break we'll get back to your calls and a minute and then at 1 o'clock eighties the top ten moments of. Into training because Eric and John's a mossy talking. That's crazy and more on Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah just had just touched. Yeah just you know work encouragement so where do you get used to implement surgery after years of them though he has also. I guess they're always have a great relationship and stay with Jacoby could go to the shorter period I'm Matt Cassel still a great friend of mine. Ryan mallet you know is still trying to morning. Brian obviously back here now but we always kept in touch it's. It's unique every quarterback. You know don't usually to a on the roster sometimes three. But for the most part just to use in the room together for I don't know 89 months a year and that you developer relations it's just try to keep it. Yeah I've I've always. Kind of maintain relations with all the guys that would. And all the guys at Tom Brady played live never really got a chance to up play here easy is the greatest of all time but it's. Absurd figure out a featured Tom Brady is forty he will be 41 in August of 201841. Seems to be the cliff that most for quarterback's fall off loaded we go back most recently two out Brett Favre. Was great in his forty year old season. Put up really and BP like numbers are eating windy MDP opponent and VP like numbers made it to the NFC championship game with the Minnesota Vikings and of course in. Typical Brett Favre fashion three terrible interception in the waning minutes of the game against the New Orleans Saints. That was the end of his career next they came back and I know I think he lost his starting job at mid season and data email at Italy here. I am just off a cliff. Is that gonna happen with Tom Brady. I don't know he could be different he might be different by. What's ironic conversation today and Boland reading an article on the Boston Globe. About Tom Brady. Is there something wrong nick and Tommy current writing an article yesterday and NBC sports Boston. Dot com about ever beginning to see the beginning of the end of eight patriots dynasty all runs have to come to an end. I'm suspicious times and read the articles please every call an insane at the wrong in their first place we know there first place but all this is more of a big picture looked. A lot of things going on day coordinators can be on both Josh McCain as a Matt Patricia are high on a lot of teams lists for head coaching vacancies. There seems to be some sort of friction between may Belichick and Brady may be Belichick and Kraft may be all three. Tom has been a little weirder and Alex. Issues this year just asked yesterday about a left shoulder issue he said it's a tricky question answer he's gonna pass but he'll play. So weird things going on down in Foxborough. Trip to follow Mets do it but still let's go to Melissa in Natick wasn't welcomed addition. Hi are almost. A year. You can't thanks for taking my call. On some of the little defensive. Self satisfaction I get look packed and. I don't want to speak on the article I didn't read it. You know I I get out of focus on you know what's happening I'm very excited about the season. Also. I think Tom really talking here. Because. The offensive line you're not the captain and most of the year one. And you know I know the last what type games. I know last week you know and it certainly looked a little better because they were playing the bills. In they don't really have much of the past rushing comparison to some of those other teams that nobody Andy. Well they can be purple you know on the either hit a quite a bit like come at some of the stats. I feel like Catholic seat and he was sacked sixteen times. Almond last year. That was a return to the track record year. So I'm not surprised that he has you know so to speak to paint and probably an injury that they're really not discussing that he doesn't want to discuss. You know on and so you know I was gonna you know city and call out some of the offensive line in life. He's pretty horrible on the offensive line but I don't do that either. On site and when you have innocent people coming at you that are actually eat. Yet some weaknesses on that offensive line I think I think we know we're windows even weaknesses are you don't need. Yeah I think the and ensure that that's I mean Brady's been knocked right years two years ago too he was just brutal -- the various acts two years because there is this yet because that the offensive line is porous the difference is Melissa is that two years ago he was two years younger he was 38. The other bounced back and in at this point you know we do you have to start looking at the fact that you I don't knowledge garbage your body certainly reacts differently. You know what. 35. Minute forty and 41 and 420 so who's who's to say that maybe he is just a little banged up and it comes back healthier better than ever next year. Yeah but it is cause for concern. It you know what he really happen he locked in Karachi he didn't help in the Miami game but you know what an image to look he has been looking for many many weeks. Burke had been inconsistent I hope he's able to come back appreciate going to be able to come back in the playoff I won't play hockey with a great acquisition. You know raising cooks I'm glad we kicked them these very consistent advocate I can't get open yeah you know a lot we can only until I mean I'm Evelyn was gonna go down. You know I think that pick last week on the pick that he had. You know I think it was going to Kenny Britt and who the heck is Kenny Britt is pretty neat we could pick up completely and I you know nothing can excuse is that he had he had X. But one of them and might even be on that he had you know what an incredible played by the CD. On my legally. You know I think both calls were going to you know of course. And there's no excuse by you know what it's like luckily you know just give Tom a break. Oh but he did he doesn't have much out there as far as he doesn't have much time but we just established currently aligned. And he doesn't really have many people attacks flopped approach to as far as consistently. Who really knows. And interest under saying it. We gotta yeah we got it allows I mean I'm from. Listen Brady has sat such ridiculous standard for himself that. If he has one or two bad games the skies following his dime he's all father time has claimed another victim all of that. But I don't see how you can watch the way he's played the last 45 weeks. And say this looks like the same seemed balls opinions beat we've seen him badly overthrowing receivers we've just we've not seen that pin point control and accuracy. That used to seeing out of Brady and this team needs it more than passed patriots teams because there margin forever their error is so slim. Tiring it is time for us it's eight B final break at this hour. 1 o'clock people. Strap ourselves in you we do half hour fraud they died but it is a big day it is the final show at least second to last day of the year of 2017. And it has been a doozy. Lots of reasons for us to think we are all going to die we'll go over the next.