Trenni and Tomase - We're All Gonna Die; Buck is mad at Trenni

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Saturday, January 13th

Final Hour. Trenni and Tomase finish their thoughts on the Patriots vs Titans play off game. Another legendary segment of We're All Gonna Die. Turns out Buck was mad at Trenni because Trenni went to Rob Bradford's party and not his.


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Music for any and tomorrow losing one's boards radio WEEI he's dreading has an arrogant John Tomas he breaks down everything without packs the Bruins and all new England sports. So to its trendy until moxie plus Sports Radio WEEI. It's. Plus I feel the pride in your Cheerios oatmeal like in its final hour turning into mossy for today only make room for Roemer and buck from two to four and in our patriots coverage gets kicked off at 4 o'clock pun intended. Patriots of course hosting the titans today. At 815. We have been taking your calls on Tom Brady the future of the patriots not a Max is in most talked today because really. What's there's what's the point. Out on you know and eggs take their plane Steelers totally different I mean great scheme great matchups but today. It the other thing too is you when you look at AFC anyway. You have to say who can legitimately come in here make that case for winning in Foxborough and of all the teams in the AFC. Who can you I mean I guess you could maybe argue Baltimore they had made it if they hadn't blown it but anti dumping at the very end. Of the regular season you know maybe Baltimore as a team that's not even had a little depleted yet they're not a great team decision you make it but at least you know Flacco and the coach like they can come in here. I think the Steelers absolutely could come in here and win and that is it Blake mortal is not coming in here winning up there how good your defense is. The Tennessee Titans mediocre barely deserve to be in the playoffs. They are not coming in here beating it's just not now. We talked a lot about Tom Brady today was taking calls mostly where people are saying you guys are realize what he's died and I don't know I you can talk about the ending who cares I Jimmy grapple low. It should be set I can't believe it to see this again but. Just because you wonder about the long term future for the New England Patriots that does not discount. Anything that Tom Brady does horse I am well aware John is well aware we are all well aware that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time he is better than Joseph Montana. He is. Better than Peyton better behaved well he's not better than any. That's the only well Leyland. He's better and I just capitalism crisis and super balls. He's better now and amazement and we're together at Terry Brad. I mean I then like go through any name you can think that he is DN Marino and Peyton Manning our eyes are Damron is the best ever on a made one as a rookie and never again on a Super Bowl. He is the best of all time we know and talking about. How the patriots prepare for life after Tom Brady when he's forty years old and he will be 41 at the start of next season. That's not taking away from his accomplishments it's not. It's not not honoring what he is died so it's not taking it personally and just understand that this is a reality for the New England Patriots. We'll find out of the we'll find out tonight but we may find out in this playoff run. Where the last five games of this season just a little bit of a worn down beat out banged up. Tom Brady without all of his weapons over the last five games an indication. That heat is starting to aids. And that age is starting to catch up with him because as we've seen in the past. 41 seems to be the witching hour. Our record yet and and I would say if you are looking at Brady's future if you honor and respect and you know trumpet. All of his accomplishments. But if you are looking ahead to will bat doesn't matter anymore what is he going to be moving forward I would argue that you are asking the question in the exact same way that Bill Belichick does. And bill Belichick's the guy who's built seventeen years worth of dominance and so. We're looking at how does bill approach things the bill question to ask to be how much longer in time do this when she would be looking to get out who's the next guy. I feel like he had answers to all of those questions and now the answer to all of those questions. It's playing quarterback to here on out so I was away 31 aren't let's go back in the finds Vinny is Boston apparently is Meredith timer on video is that. I chucked and growing up that you actually give me some time money yet. I was listening to walk. Tom Green speak early. And you reminded me so hard you know just the way it shall shortly. You remind me. Com or it. Sooner or yet. Try to. Not live up my whole life in properties were younger than it seemed like she accomplish. Just about everything. You know com. And pick or a giant chip they try to nurture by kind recorded back here. He's eighty and I really don't think he's so much in the end of his football career I think he's just getting. Two on the better part of his life right now preparing alone make. Money and whatever. In. Any just insert should quickly I think that we all understand that bet at the end of the day if we're talking about sports not about life which is what we've been talking about for the last two and a half hours. The reality of sports is. That his football career is in its final years and if the patriots want to maintain the dominance that they've had the last two decades. They need to begin to prepare for life after Tom Brady and I and I think they put themselves in a precarious position by treating Jimmy brought below. Yeah but I I think it Tom Brady wasn't so much. Probably being calm. Focus on what's going on later on it and like it be just one state quarterback. I think got a quarterback to being fifty. Okay now line now yeah see that problem this is Larry yeah I mean his mind I don't well as mine probably will go at some point she's taken eighteen years worth of abuse but. It's not about the mind it's about the body like the body can not hold up soon and baseball yet. Suzanne where you can be Jamie Moyer intentions they are like 4740. Years old this morning I'm pregnant and into Bartolo Cologne Mike. This is really hard on your body. They take hits every I mean. Even if you are in the best shape I imagine getting pummeled 6710. Times a game like Tom Brady does. If it's ever at some point make. That I sounded but he said he was older than Tom Brady so. Let's just say Vinny from these Boston that your plane elderly name a pick up basketball game maybe your 5051 years old. And you take out tuck elbowed the chess you go flying backwards and you fall. Do you think your body absorbs all the same way for us fifty that it did act forty your that'd definitely did it. Thirty or twenty like it does I believe more than ever. That Brady got an Emmy and yes I mean maybe. As I don't know I believe more than ever that Brady Brady is already proven himself the exception he said the greatest aged 39 season in history to greatest stage forty season in history and I believe that he will actually break the mold and you'll have the greatest stage 41. Season history and that will be over like bats. And if you're the patriots you should be looking at the same plants are like 434445. Yeah. Vinny Testaverde street it's hurt my war on the blue. Standing upright to that is I mean you're an active quarterbacks now and so if you wanna bet on that if you want about the future on bat. Go ahead by you've got a very short when pilots and Alex Carr Alex Los welcome attorneys Osce. You know what I'm. Common to beat you one. Or everyone's given us their list of demands today. They'll go ahead what's your gig get writes your point what's your point. Temporary people well. Each other to succeed and they appreciate looking back at a they know that they couldn't succeeded Larry just to sort that they succeed. Case you are all there and it. Trying to set yet. The chart in great. Kryptonite these chuck men in our state because it bought from anybody else like art history. Oh. The wrong Mike you touched on Jean Paul and Lloyd Richards. He couldn't do. It looked great. Aren't. So I'm Jimmy oracle came on the scene I don't know why it just doesn't understand you want. Is that. He tries to want to go low as long as I. Saying he knows what I thought well he knows that. The next guy writes aren't quick look across and if you aren't. What went down. And away if he's conceded. And BP talking thirteen. And it certainly has nine scene and or Paris or how about how you all want to wait. Do I can't hear. 16 Super Bowl which gonna be huge yeah. Then you try and crop won't be that way. Didn't want to sign a contract and hang around about two years and you can't blame them. Are we don't check try to it was their check in on October 30 or whatever that they aren't. I got a warm. And sorry the guy at the super giant that they can make decisions like that may or in my coaching career. I side we get yet we get Alex I would say and in response of that. That yes you're right Brady has forced its hand in a way that even he probably didn't fully expect. You didn't have the fly and that is you didn't have to trade him on October on Halloween you could've waited until after the season at the very least and Brady has taken a beating this year and he's got potentially three more games to take even more of one and so. I would held on if if even if you couldn't keep them and you decided he had to go. I'm holding on to drop below through the end of the season just in case. Hands. I I I also even if Brady is the difference I still think that build knowledge act. I don't I don't see it is a sentiment and icy tiny but he different committee maybe I'd make a lot I just tell all find out like listen I just did not want to trade Tom Brady. But with that said I don't think that narrowed this. Whole thing would feel so weird so awkward make their is that there is again like I said before that theirs is turmoil so different. Then everyone would have stood on the same page like that's the problem fifth if ballots checked really decided you know let radius forced my hand I cannot I just. Tom has to be different he's the exception I am not moving on from him. Everyone could be on the same page in their clearly not on the same page so why is by the way breaking news I mean even now retired him only four hours ago Jason TM is a dad. Congratulations Jason Tatum tears signed Jason Christopher Tatum junior was born last night. And well Don waiting until dad got back from London to new escape the case I didn't even knows is seed this is stupid questions not married in nineteen you monopoly on and that has died Napoli to amber yes he is he's got a load he's got a junior got a Fuller had a hairy super cute. Chasing Christopher Tatum junior you guys do that our lines that we probably we probably are I wanted to Larry Newport is he as got back. The scorching hot take it day. Yeah I think is that. Good chance they'll lose tonight why a nerd are you read one right they've been off two weeks. The net often he'd come out. Yeah the agents are due to the deck and assistant coaches are distracted what. I mean the attention of upper edge. In this kind of this conflict with a lot like ourselves. Situated situation rather than inflate it is certain pregnancy. How do you think the upper management affects the guys in the field because I mean I agree with you I think there is tension there but. How does that impact what happens on the field I think they listen to the great yeah. A light note. You know. Yeah I I guess I look at MI countertop all of that is that. Won the patriots have always. Come up almost always come out strong after I yet. On two debt this is not the first time coaches of interviewed not Patricia Josh McDaniels both interview actually just didn't interview. He was I care either way it is an a couple of years now that both of those coordinators have had opportunities injury and they've been more than prepared. Except this time they're preparing to leave I think that's that our ports are one and three and three of the turmoil is bad there are disadvantages term all's been there and it went thirteen injury. So I think they're allowed ginger you. A market based forward they say you have to play. Because it holds up teams not seasons and in baseball you don't have to wait because if you member Alex Cora didn't he. I meet with the Red Sox in between. Dead yeah ALCS and or doesn't agree it was not designed for apple yeah they had already done yes so that the idea is you don't make teams wait. And hold up everybody in the league light trying to sort things out. Or do you think that a lot a couple of yeah but in sports those couple weeks they'd make the difference continue getting a coach you want in getting a coach and yes it's also slot it's not fair to the coordinators of good teams who have they weren't allowed to interview earlier that jobs might fill before they are ever Vaile yeah. I mean I guess it's been a moratorium on everything and say you can't hire any coach is that and is at a point. You're already that the com findings in the beginning and if February beginning of march US are preparing for that there's just too much but thanks to the collar. It's. I like Dan in Cranston. Danny Cranston has a feeling I think that lots of disagreements. Danica. Well. Real quick to say cute that the gains speed up the Tom Brady that broke the 350 got four touchdowns state you'll. You know he picked off you know he's got a point to prove. But here's the thing move forward. If you're right John you know two years from now these people are all going to be calling saying you know. Where is Iraq well in order to ease poverty declining right now people. Can't the people blocks in the area know England and I'm guilty that's got to some extent. They actually attached to their favorite athlete to click it give up this first one. Instead of Tom Brady you know what I mean that's hyperbole but if that's a good percent of our. Well it is ahead totally understands that it's a boy or girl via. What did the thing I. It's going to be a year Ito already stopped the falloff in my mind anyways maybe five or six weeks look a third of the season he hasn't played well. He's not going to get better yet he's still going to be good and they can still win with him at the top ten football quarterback with the that they didn't like. It's owned and a lot sooner than people think some guys is that you can go to fifty in the world to. So yeah the good guys. I'll be shocked if he makes it to 42 I'm honestly you know as a as a premier. Super Bowl winning quarterback battles shock me. And I really think Bill Belichick was the on the same way based on current and quicker shammond Bedard and everybody else. There if your banking on Tom Brady to be a winner at age 45 you are living an aide and asking fan. Tammany as we count on it put a bow on this before we realize run anti. Again. You know I understand that when negative stories coming out about the team that you love and you grow up reading for it's really hard to look at Jack. Egg in and it an objective way. It was just have weaker shams story and if all of the other BJP writers are coming out and saying oh my god this is garbage and this is Ron and and they were coming stories to counters sat Vickers and story. I might look at it with a mark critical line question more. Panic contrary. Weeks before in the weeks leading up to weaker sham releasing his story again they keep going back to we had the Tommy current peace. We reference and number of times on here two weeks ago we had the Greg Bedard peace he had been hinting. About some sort of friction between the top three guys. Both on the radio and on his website. Into mean the wick shams story wasn't that Susie was groundbreaking. But it filled in the gaps that those other stories did that for whatever reason they were able to gather all the information that wicker sham it's. And and and that's that's sick Timmy doesn't mean that they're not gonna have a good chance to minister verbally arts and it doesn't mean that Tom Brady. Might I blog for over 300 yards and four touchdowns and he's not and DT where the heat it's. Eight that doesn't take away from any of their accomplishments. But it also makes you wonder what does this team look like as Beagle and the outs yet and I think the important thing to remember is. It doesn't matter what the future holds because we all know that in the future. We're all gonna die. With training Tomas Sports Radio. I've days of conservative radio and one day that all radio talk is great for the patient care did you guys and Martin Callahan. A sucking out. Stand up so much and now button talent that's a great show well I mean hey if you're curtain goes through on his threat. Right they could beat him I'm Callahan show it could be. Congratulations Mike. You know that you knew you've been elevated you cohosts of the morning show but biggest congratulations to you well deserved while deserved yet hardworking young man. Training and I are terrified of you very very much so. Were mostly though we're just terrified of everything these days because. We're elegant and I. WA GD expert. We're all very new day. Thigh yes. Next week brought it I'll be taking a week off because will be at foxwoods. Celebrating winter weekend with the Red Sox. But for now we're still all going to die. If you needed anymore proof finally this is a bonus as it was a part of our original rundown of raw going to die but Doug Mack our producer used to be is. Back under the military. Murray corrects her and Marie Bahrain at Matt Emery. You salute and why it just got a notice that set up ballistic missile threat. And then it was quickly followed up by JK JK JK known as a threat I added the JK Aron and economic and pan. But false alarm in Hawaii. Authorities say the alert was inadvertent NASA announcement and not today kids not since day today measure happy about and handsome couple its right now vacationing and like a while who be about their relatives there so. So. Not today Hawaii not today but he could be sometime soon especially if you. You know do little oblique pull country. Yeah I mean you could certain I gonna have worst shooting missiles out rat out today EU uniter come here actually she wins just an active lives. And breathe and suffocating your own. Who poll country. You're not where we're talking about he's been living under a rock Donald's aren't president trump has forget that. Presidents. President trump. Allegedly because we don't have any actual audio wave of it Opel Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin. Were in on the meeting. Confirms. As Graham said anything about it because like crap I saw dead or he did a case doesn't say he said. Other people have said how he responded but I don't know if he would actually Jessica's most Republicans are taking the cowardly Tom cotton. Purdue whatever his name is from Georgia taking Matt Light. We did not hear us like okay. You guys are full of it let's listen to Dick Durbin describe what the president said it tell me if he sounds like somebody you'd been here something. As senator Graham made his presentation. The president interrupted him several types of questions. End in the course of this. Those things to hate filled. Final. Please. Used those words it advisors. Understand how powerful. But I cannot believe that in the history of the White House that Oval Office in the present as ever spoken words I've personally never. Our president speak yesterday. That is repugnant and repulsive and can we finally put to bed this line. That there is anything other than like hate in our presidents hire Ivorians they saw Adam elementary has won but. You know like during the Charlottesville thing. I was in here at the morning guys and I don't know if we have the samba Kirk was asking me question I think we now have an answer to. Do you think Donald Trump does it actually. You that don't something's black people less than white people yet that's all you can make better items if you can tiger red arguments that Mac. Every since he was once a inward 45 years ago I don't understand what where. In everything he spent like in everything. Else I am Lisa and I mean like tons more penalties are racists are oh god he's boat. Yes so I mean. This hard to argue against that at this point again at bats in the list you know the housing thing in the seventies that counts I think birth terrorism. Counts there are fine people on both sides in Charlottesville that counts are wonderful confederate statues that counts kneeling for the anthem. You ungrateful black athletes that counts. Inner cities are all hell holes that counts I'm not even getting into Mexican rapists are Muslim terrorist. Let's just focus on black people or a part five he still thinks they should be put to death even after their exonerated. Please. Or how about this one. A intelligence analysts an expert and hostage policy students for Donald Trump any Elvis Oval Office last fall. The president repeatedly asked her where are you from New York she replied trump was unsatisfied Astor again and she said I'm from Manhattan. He wanted to know where your people are from according to the officials he spoke off the record. After the analyst revealed her parents are Korean trump turn to advisor in the room and seem to suggest or ethnicity. Should determine her career path. Asking why people critique curry and lady is in notion negotiating with north North Korea on his behalf and what was their area of expertise. I guess he isn't a am a career intelligence analyst who's an expert in hostage policy act hostage policy says yes you should take over North Korea because he's a simple to him. Our president has assembled an and he cannot look beyond the skin deep. With anybody and I look like Indians and less airports. I mean I did want to ask the people who say what's the big deal and there will be people argue and say well Al Salvador Izzy police pull Haiti visibly poll. Okay I've never bench either of those countries like cannot speak as to what the infrastructure there is right what do you know what anything on the surface is like there. If they place is. Maybe not up to what a five star hotel would be what we would expect from say eight country that we visit our place that we wanna go to that either people are all so. Unworthy yet because once upon a time that was Ireland or that was Italy or that was in Norway and a place that he was holding up as the example now so. Not to mention of those places are such bleep holes why have you stops. The program. Where Haitian Americans. Salvage else Al salvadorans. Raise only salvadorians yet salvadorans. Are able to now continue living in the United States instead. They're temporary visa program has been axed rightist president because in his in his mind those countries are OK to return. You and you know they have to air legal doesn't work and as he doesn't care about what they are sending people back to he just wants them out. You know and NB temporary visa for a salvadorans and many cases these people have been here twenty years. If Stanley says they've set down roots here they've established is out there this is their home and and so we you know we rail we tend on this program Terrelle on the president. And it's very easy you just get angry industry and an anger but I would just say if you take a step back. How can he have any credibility. On any issue related to. Immigration. Or you know he's he's he's poster salute Martin Luther King. I'm Dan that day that the story comes out he's got people yelling at Mikey brought up earlier. Are you were racist. So he has no credibility on the attack attack a bill of one of sensible immigration reform how can you take anything he says seriously at any of these topics when you know how he really. Well I mean maybe you can you believe in Haiti's financial policies because this is a great tax cut. It's a great tax policy making things better for every one well is it. Because a couple of weeks after eighteen team gave their employees bonuses than announced massive layoffs. Wal-Mart decides to make a big deal they're raising their minimum wage to eleven dollars an hour used to be about nine dollars an hour. But just a few hours later they decided to close 63 Sam's Club stores. Morning many Wal-Mart employees are looking forward to pay raises. But others are being laid off the retail giant announced yesterday it will increase starting wages to eleven dollars an hour. It's expanding maternity leave and adding parental leave many employees are also eligible for bonuses of up to a thousand dollars. Wal-Mart says more than a million hourly workers will benefit. That sounds like a good thing that hours after announcing the pay raises the company announced the closing up 63 Sam's Club stores. Up to twelve will now become fulfillment centers for online orders. Wal-Mart did not say how many workers will now lose their jobs but estimates say thousands could be affected. Yes so I you know. Listen it's easy for us to to connect these two things and say on the one hand they make a big show of their tax cuts but then on the other degree corporation. Like fires a bunch of people. This is my problem with this thing so. If you're giving people if you're raising minimum wage if you're giving new maternity leave parental leave all options stuff all great things. You're telling me and all this stuff wasn't in the works already. And and so you were gonna do these things regardless of the stacks that is what I happen to believe. And you're doing the old blessed tax cut kind of press release because that's what you have to do without banana republic president right now you must. Constantly. Be massaging his ego. And the only other thing I'd say about this as bonuses. And salary are two very different things bonuses go way. So you can make a big showed giving somebody a bonus and that's great I'm sure the people at a thousand dollars for a lot of people means a lot means a lot. But you know res back compounds from year to year to year that would probably be a more permanent kind of solution so a lot of this just feels like it's much. Analysts and I also understand they need to close stores and make places. Distribution centers right try to compete with Amazon and I fully understand that. But it just it's like rob Peter to pay Paul is what it feels like right. Aren't well three president disposed also make a trip overseas he was supposed to go to London this is the second time he was supposed to go to London now want no part they want no part of it. The early reports word that he was not going to make his trip to jolly old England. Because of planned protests. The English don't want him there they are going to protest if he lands on their soil that heat is trying to say. That it is nothing to do with planned protests and has everything to do with well who do you think Obama. He over one billion dollar US embassy still under construction picked on a manmade hills it has until mode and it's considered one of the most secure places in the world. On people and certainly in person this fortress lives up to the extreme security presidents cup has called for in the states. But this morning the president said he was not a big fan and blame President Obama for the move. The president trumps facts are off here that bad deal was actually made by president George W. Bush in 2008. And it's shocking turn of event deaths he got his facts next he's in love this place as a mode have you seen pictures of it yet tumble in L looks like a fortress it looks like say it looks like somewhere where like Superman was raised like it's this giant. Hulking disgusting fortress that has its own mode it is a 100% trump all it means they're gold toilets. And he threes out on January 11 the day that it it comes out that he will not be visiting lined and the reason reason not enough he wouldn't actually start a sentence for years those. Reason I cancel my trip to London lending is that I'm not a big fan of the Obama administration having sold perhaps the best located and finest embassy in London for peanuts only to build a new one in an off location for one point two billion dollars. Bad deal wanted me to cut ribbon no. I am again it did not happen under the Obama administration and it happened and the bush administration and according to all the reports I read it and do they really need a one point two billion dollar new embassy. But apparently the old embassy needed significant security upgrades. Panetta is still out. Act Atlanta black from a remote seems and both teams aggressive if emote seems aggressive little bit aggressive yet so moving nine. This is just sort of a little snapshot of the dysfunction that has Marx you know the trump cabinet and the trump appointees and all that stuff. So this is just a little thing but I health and human services arguments are retirement. Teresa Manning she ran their family planning it she's anti abortion. Which OK fine you know it for family planning purposes I would go a different group I understand Republican president conservative values of that that's fine. Just that and believe in contraception which is like art if you're helping poor people plan families. You're now saying. Such as pretty import contraception for important anyway she got the boot after nine months I don't know why she was let out of her opposite today. I she's going to be replaced by a woman named Valerie Hoover who spent most of her career advocating for abstinence education. And so it's just like. Scott Pruitt hates the environment and he's running me EPA you know make bold Gainey. Hates behaved it loves the banks hates regulations he's now the consumer protection person you just go down the list of all of these people. Whose views are diametrically opposed to you department's rank to the departments they're running in this one in particular like I understand the pro life position. That you think abortion is murder and it's hard not to respect that if you feel that way but where you get off telling women. In the family planning unit that you can't even use birth control you have to have staying. I have its hand itself it's there it's it's. And candidates now. Hey you know on those of us who you know don't have fresh exit ovaries will be a will be the maidens and will train the handmade so that they can go and have you know. Religious acts and procreate for those who cannot like. It's unbelievable again I I I I was. Re born and raised Catholic my father is staunchly pro life I have a lot of friends who work are very liberal on a lot of issues but again rays have a very strong belief. In pro life issues many of them to the point where they also are very anti gun and they've linked all of that together pro life stance I respect and that is their choice. But none of them have ever said most of them take birth control. You might not took bribes chooses can and time I Maria my mom had a diaphragm I remember seeing it wanted to tell us again. Like I know my not I mean I know my parents to use birth control and it's against the Catholic Church that. My parents to want seventeen kids they couldn't afford it like Stanley planning if you don't want abortions. Then give us options yet and make those options affordable and outs and condoms and doughnuts and don't say to me. Colleges don't have sex because that's not an issue for men and that doesn't take away by the and it just you around as often hear it. Do not Tommy what I can and cannot do with my body stay out unless unless you're my boyfriend's out of my vagina. And with that. Noted a drop forever yes yet but honestly it. Just to stop except telling you what I can do with my private parts stop it stop it stop it stop it. Yahoo! might save us and this is the worse and some not for that is pretty the president president Oprah. In other cars. But by the way that. That's sound is so it was like so one guy never Romano Brad have been on television that like the HD quality and yet Sarah dolby sound quality isn't there. So this starts because Oprah gives an easier speech at the Eagles and I saw some. It was really it was phenomenal I that's our job delight that's what she's always done I did not watch that for a second and think boy I hope she's the next president of the United States you're actually thought. Boy Michelle Obama would make a great president the United States there. He sees at least got some chops to back up law degree all of that out and experience in government on side being firstly to meet counts especially in the Obama. Obviously nothing have we learned nothing like every really gonna have a ticket of the rock in Oprah Winfrey. Like I mean is this eighty Akron C and I this movie up all the time like we just trying to be dumber are we try to get the rest of the world like. Is this are we keeping the rest of the world out. It like it's working we're gonna put a former pro is he was you like a pro wrestler I Jaret Wright is not wrestler actor and a crates I don't want you as my president I want Arnold Schwarzenegger as my governor. I don't put any event and the body as governor of Minnesota hi yeah I. And this is the way they've they've definitely like they're really clinging to likewise have a couple of famous people because between Al Franken Jesse the body that's true. I just it's it's so asinine to me that the Democratic Party we even like latch on to this it's it's so. Ill it. I know it's like can can we maybe learn a lesson listen Oprah is not trump is no one is trump. Oprah I assume like black people for instance that would probably be at a difference right there. But and we Blakey said have we learned nothing every like nothing from the last year. Can we please please please please please in the parties give us two candidates that were not horrified back. Please that I go and travel abroad people aren't laughing at you pointing in the hunt here in the United States. You don't reality show president we of that talk show host president and a. We used to make fun of everyone gets better and bottom line everyone gets a car. And we are all going to Paris. Your chance to talk all new England sports with training until mossy. Clark Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You got Tommy what I need him to stay out unless. And my estimate we've passed out at night you called out one. And it's a really affairs say the truth. My inner workings are none of anyone's as well hello what are what about Mike Pence having his does not justice now now and if he wants a column of the time cycle would be happy to him it's pretty boring you know it's amazing we do a segment ripping trumpet and we don't even mention the points. This be the biggest scandal in the history of the presidency ever anyone else in for him it's like. He paid off the porn star any most likely had relations at the ports are but it would ever while lot new ads like like. And there wasn't a newborn yeah yep but it was consensual so I mean hey it's concedes it's wearing a weird about these warned her don't you ask for more than a 133000. Dollars yet that seems like she needs to fire lower it that much on the line and out now. Ask the million man at least minimum amount of points as we get paid it. And runs probably has a lot make a lot of money right yet she's retired yet let's let's let's ask the to gauge would be my attitude is. Jeno James points to air points now fair. Though obviously in here he did arrived yesterday. Oh very excited Tommy hiding in his meetings and watch the patriots tonight. It applied science I can't wait. Hi guys got coming out now you just wait you naked and tied Brady did doom and gloom sic I have now has a higher calm out herald today. That let's take a moment to appreciate the old Tom Brady. That's are gonna do for two hours ago and I noticed she noticed Tom Brady noticed the fund raising of that let's take a moment to appreciate the old time at a rodeo in several days that's right gaps organ and do it TB 12 babies fired up eastern due east argue he's heard me say this I think he's great I think he's gotten rain tonight apparently went another Super Bowl that's not the white people are sport touchdowns today what do you say to act on I say hi I hear I eat yet I say beat the titans. When you say and it acts. That's like and his dime that's like me where that's like me winning my age group. And in a race that is like six people in and the other five or 499. Now and now you got to get a more than the titans at the ones that I've just done like twenty hours this week on the trade some Kennedy's son miles per couple I didn't see this as driving home from Brad foe from the Brad does show all how much you want to take the Mike for a second. A Catholic right with you hold on a trade off but I. A lot of grip allowed erroneous things lab by Alex said I didn't would Alex is a day Easter so you know is a store. He Alice is upset that you found time rob Bradford. Thing. TV martini party bout when I had my little group. And north and a couple of weeks ago he gave musical field censoring as a generous friends when you ask you something that you I'd love to them on doing radio now I think I said love to an already had to do your friends and I have to be radiance they'll. How do you are just neater it is and it's not enough that she's a grown up and she can just decline for any reason I need ice not alienated by this is an itemized list. I I casually mentioned that while I I don't. Alex is beaming I didn't I didn't I guess it'll be nice. So yeah he's usually does business I don't believe I know it's not getting not going not getting it true invite her sixtieth or different from like amber now. Three even expect that. It was late. Alex did you go to community rubs thing is that while I very busy Friday and Saturday it was a good night to stay at home and get some stuff. And outs of wood tree was there as she's of the teacher is at the end up with dinner and by Jonas. And Alex said we wish he. She went to run thing with not yours at Colorado. How the US cents the eighties this children and net let you know plus he's right. Deal with you're like oh email like a four year old are excited we are but take you right up until patriots three game it's patriots tightened. Tonight.