Trenni and Tomase - Will the Aaron Boone hiring blow up in the Yankees face; Is baseball dying. 12-02-17

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Saturday, December 2nd

Hour 2: Aaron Boone is the new manager of the Yankees, is this a good hiring for them or will it fail. Will this help add to the Yankees Red Sox rivarly, what type of shape is baseball in and can it be fixed 


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These Renny and tomorrow's a new ones boards radio WEEI I'm dreading his marriage and John Tomas he'd break down everything with the packs the Bruins an all new England sports so. It's trillion Tomas plus Sports Radio WEEI. And. How much you can hear him. Outside in my air ambulance story and and he is actually had an I had Seles and Asus is not a. He's a pretty nice guy yeah. Yeah I mean I never had an issue peel them side to airman stories one is in 2003 the game Mac game. I was sitting in the docs box in the old Yankee stadiums were in like the second deck of the right field seats is actually great seats. And what you know I'm a born and raised new Englander at that point. The Red Sox were curse and they were never gonna win the bleeping World Series you know Buckner was when I was in middle school like all that stuff. Don't quite remember Bucky Dent but I knew the history and the Red Sox always find a way to lose and now here comes Theo Epstein. The young guy from Brookline. He knows all this history he's lived eighty's my age you know the whole thing and almighty god they're gonna win. And then all of a sudden knock it anymore now its extra innings and so Alex spear to donors are sitting at Alex. And the docs box and you cover team for any length of time you lose the part of you know the fans just can't BofA and while you're covering them it just. And it's not because you root against them is what people misunderstand. You just you can't you don't have a rooting interest either way anymore because it's your job so fine. For that what it at the start of that innings Wakefield you know is an and he had a great series he would have been the MVP if they at one. I turned out so Mike. I need to deal on and siren went and I guess that's how I went down to the front row and Edwards are bad net return I sat in the front row and it was just like. How is this going to add in what horrible way is this going and because you knew it was going to and horribly and as soon as he's long. I remember sitting there watching it being like. That's a mammoth home run but I can't be a mammoth home run does that mean this is this might be the worst one ever like it just. Couldn't even believe it and my brother called me. You've been watching from his apartment in Queens and he called me he left me 32 message of himself basically passed out face down and his war. Just moaning. And just like thirty straight seconds that is amber and the other one was. A couple of years ago Aaron Boone comes into the action more yours is going eleven. He comes into the Red Sox clubhouse. To interview somebody. And Mike Cameron starts yelling. Tito Tito it's caribou neo shades or Tito it's Aaron Boone announced that now and finally a Mike. Tito has a job because of weeping Ariana and the who'd like everybody startle having Boone lights are bright red but it was totally true like that's like two guys that job. So thank you and thank you Aaron the aspects McGrady was gone and Tito isn't the. Is there. I wonder when I saw them hi this is a curious hired him because he has. Bill all the guys that terrible line I mean isn't it and take care of all hi there is a part of me that wonders. You've got a young Aaron Boone you've got a young Alex Cora played against each other they know each other just this sort of at a little Jews back to the Yankees in the rads. Acts Jack good I mean especially if Cora is in a much better position to win and I think been boon not because of rosters open outside. Her experience he's been a bench coach he's managed in the World Baseball Classic. He's got some experience Boone is starting from zero he's coming out of the broadcast Booth and I know we played. But they history of these managers coming in with no experience that everybody thinks this is the way to go now. Hasn't worked out tremendously it really has. I don't get with the Yankees are thinking. I don't. I don't understand this is an upgrade from Joseph Girardi it's not. And I don't understand why the Yankees are sent another hated here and rightfully so. But they have for the most part. Done things the right weight like the Yankees the Red Sox have long been the gold star the gold standard of how to do things in baseball either either that means that avatar of money but they usually make. It's kind of really dominates building winning teams in the most part the red suns built running with now more than the Yankees have. But I don't understand how you weight week. Tipped by year Joseph Girardi I had nope nope back up plan and no idea what to do and then you pocket guy who. And services wasn't the best channel is to the move either to be here in the manager. Of New York Yankees any sort of adjustment I should've just windows first steam on manager at her. It just so it just it is my plot boggling to me. But I guess there's I'm part of Red Sox and there's got to be seven. Like this is going to be awesome just implosion a lot I know and yet we've been saying that about the Yankees for five years there. I remember having this conversation people in the Red Sox front office for years. And even some of the map today left and moved on other places. It was like the Red Sox are set out to be. So much better than the Yankees for the next five years misses like two or three years ago and it hasn't panned out at all. And at the weird thing is you have. Smokey in the big leagues finishing second in the MVP of Bogart's playing a role on a World Series champion of you know bad intend deep being up there in the rookie of the year voting it devers making huge impact so it's not like the Red Sox youngsters have disappointed necessarily. And yet here with the Yankees with no farm system to speak of whatsoever it's like old its clock Aaron judge and no there. You know like and nobody you know and he's unbelievable you know everybody thought ace two big as a whole it is laying blah blah blah. And the Yankees are right there. However this one feels like it is going to blow up in their faces because you said it like when the Red Sox moved on from Farrell. They had out score in their sights the whole time. They did it did the timing was right he didn't wade they danger now granted the Yankees played much longer than the Red Sox did much on Italy platelet action seven or ten days longer they they. Conceivably could have fired how did they wait I'm forgetting Allen may wait out of the thing I did lying to fire him but actually you know that's a good question now I rather like I waited I thought I feel like it was a surprise kind of came out of nowhere. And and by the time they hired him it felt like. All this is a dumb move because. There's nobody left aura had already been hired by the Red Sox. Odd garden higher had already been hired yet I cap Larry David Meyer had been hired and who's Phillies. Is it partner Ike Kaplan went to fill capital into them yet. It just to me it was like so now we heard Yugo they all of the. I all the panel hears the case I'll make the Yankees would have been better off hiring John. John Farrell would give them I know you're gonna grimace when I say this. John Farrell gives you a better chance to win and Aaron I don't he he absolutely does I don't grimace and pat I mean John Ferrell. You know for all intents and purposes. At least he has experience at least it was a pitching coach or manager in Toronto manager in in Boston. He's. He he knows what he's doing at least to a certain extent. I like it just. Our staff that important or how do you guy in the clubhouse looking condoning yuk it up about the young guys is that is that really what they yankees think is gonna make and that World Series content. Crazy and dentists and whispered barrier. Five days they waited so you're right like they waited almost a week before they got rid of them and stand and that's you know that's five days where other managers are coming off the board in your relieving yourself with a very thin pool of candidates. But its I I just remember being on from at a time they fire G Girardi and security at its. It was like well where did that come from it's not like it lost and then you fired and it's another game seven. They took they they took the World Series champions to game seven and he still lost its Sutton Sox find their son is gonna come out on that yet to meet it just not that adds up none of it makes cents. Our let's go to and while we've been waiting patiently and welcome to the show. Hey good afternoon. With about Rondo connected for the next number wherever you everyone. This is the people's out. Not just in so my thought on the Red Sox in light quieted down there threefold one is. I think the expectations just a tire or the Red Sox general. In a ticket they've gone deeper plan certainly. Level of attention to them from the candidates would have picked up. The second reason is I think. It is topic today Bennett but likable team in the past few years but I think everybody has their own. Reason why I'm reason. I'm not bringing this up together and in India the shot on mount. But the old just Mendoza and or get grant Jerry and down in parallel to it since it while personal. And that certainly. I think you know we can all have to pick from Upton but there's definitely components. This game has got to be spent out then and and attract the younger generation otherwise I'm not sure don't. Yeah I needed is to listen. Baseball and appears that we had you know obviously would add an and I retirement have added an our show and he's like you know they had. Ratings for this in attendance was this and they made X billion dollar dollars last year Major League Baseball that and that's all well and good. But ratings weren't factory hands interest is dipping and Major League based. On needs to take that into consideration and they need to fix on any effects from the past the guys. I'll give them a good example me let's just take me OK I'm not made about let's make this about me what about me. So. I am a lifelong baseball fan in Ankara here watched every Red Sox also lifelong best am always of the Celtics okay. When I sit down now I watch every second of every Celtics game I watched that game from opening tip. To be last buzzer even if they win by twenty or loser whatever I watch every second act game. Tend to watch the post game show afterwards whatever. Red Sox if I'm not working thank you you. Red Sox if I'm not working IA. I miss games wolf there's a lot more games that's understandable but even when I watch I don't watch the whole game I sort of flip back and forth I'm in now. I am not compelled to watch every second of every baseball game and that's me and that is a a more die hard baseball fan then the average. Another reason when he was a terrible and so if you're the Red Sox. You gotta be thinking about credit and betting ban the millennium Sherri hey he's not any of the applicant is here is all messed ceiling the millennial so yeah. So if you're losing meet baseball partner resent in me. Yes it says like watery clintons are likely to censor like eight like Chinese and there again. As a missing hope but by the lab doesn't it and I respect he's like you're going to have them for and I asked them. Now now and technical it's you know it's generic it's too like it's we said. Yes I'm just being out there are but we digress we did it die what would be elicited some. And states mossy and always going to be Hart a target set that they know that that back to me is not please respect. Yes of the Red Sox are losing me. Van day in baseball needs to seriously think OK why is this 45 year old guy. More interested in the NBA game of baseball right now this this lifelong diehard baseball. You can extrapolate pretty easily NC there a lot of people like me out there. So hot of the Red Sox make things more exciting night where Jose debris you get you more excited about or does it have to be. Is it John Carlos or Giancarlo Stanton and they both I still column might Stan I've attachments now and on and that was his original name. You know does it have to be that could be JD Martinez. The enough do you think that that would elevate the team make what did and didn't read what you wanna see the Red Sox do in order to make them relevant and exciting again because right now the name on the table are. John Carlos slash Giancarlo Stanton however say his name yet. Jose Brey which means invited to get ready Jackie Bradley junior began to back citing people are nuts if you keep JBJ over Jose embryo. Eric Hosmer. From the Kansas City Royals. Carlos Santana yet. Not the musician if that's what they got from the Indians. I missing somebody now I mean those are the big name doesn't it more times like an egg does any of that if any to any of those names or combination of those names you say you know why that would make me wanna watch Red Sox games again 617779798376177797937. It's got to make in Framingham is his thoughts on trade but that night. Good afternoon takes particular cause that to us and I definitely think Stanton would make tourists are reducing. And one White Sox was. Instead of asking them to. Eats some of the salary. My opinion is totally could have Benedetti of Bradley whichever they want and see if they take music studio who I think that's what and that's not half. Nancy a nice surprise amazes dollars to answer he's 72 million dollar player and told an audience laughed that. I per year. Yeah but that's that they're looking to cut salary they're not looking to take on twelve million dollars a year for a guy who didn't even play in the majors last. Think that's fair that's they have I would give the Bradley or Benedetti and whatever they want. The us would be the key guy to make me more interest in the Red Sox. Yeah I mean Stanton is gonna draw fan interest there's no question but it's like. Are you making a short term move as long term implications that's been you know that's the that that's the mouse trap the red saxophone thing four yeah. That that's how you end up whiff. You know David Price on a 200 million dollar contract or public sand of or called to ask you this though where you against the David Price move attitude addicts edit it at its inception. I had some issues of that but I cannot Sam was dead set against it I was concerned about. As and I rooted at the time I just wasn't a little bit of revisionist history now earns our respect Ellis money and David Price I did it mean at that time I think everybody most people wanted to aid yet and and in fact if you ask most people that time who would you rather have. David Price or Jon Lester people mostly said David Price because he's better he'd wanna die in Iran while we were very wrong about that my thing was. You didn't want to pay pitchers in their thirties for years that's why you let Lester go analysis and you're giving one to earn 79 dollars and a guy. Who as we had written about extensively and WEEI dot com had some issues with Red Sox fans over the years you know my social. Syria. I was looking there is. Ben is re typing it's. I had my current like I call home ought to call note like three of hasn't that we went let it what is the style and right now regular diet of outlets are Blair ethnic eight. Well Perry londoners. Yeah but I think they lost with Ortiz was not only power but his are now. And I'm. A there. I don't it won't really take immediate. End zone for simple way and that tiger play. Shot on Ortiz. Wouldn't. You walk in players aren't as the cardinals in the World Series was looking at a quite a list. And and they say I go to. The heart these sites and Mickey baker. Could you should always. Mean let it it that's what they need. Yeah it's a good short stop to recruit good. The layouts like Larry Starr is at an add your natural of these nugget here's a problem. I player like not just to clear a personality like David Ortiz comes along once in A generation I mean point key point Timmy right now. Give me an example eight. David Ortiz. Equal comparison in the majors right now. Can you name yes so in terms of leadership and production Zach now. In terms of leadership you know Hosmer would help the man Eric Hosmer was that. Glue guy with the I ever else that I sell. I'm at my mid western roots here due radio Kansas City every once while I may have they have told some stories about times where. He gets snippy do. Ask them something he doesn't wanna talk about you get short with the media and he gets a little like it gets under his skin a little bit like remember want to fart when there. They played them around I think around the trade deadline and nick apart over the globe asked Hosmer. A question about like heat and knowing that may be neck and going ever whether or not he wanted to seeing Kansas City. And he said I love Kansas City it's great here and cuff art has said so does that mean you use your goal is to stay here and he likes flipped out on him. I so why do think he's a good clubhouse guy what do think one of the problems last year it was like an Oscars is that mentality which. I think ate away at that didn't help now did not help at all and you its season started all right a lot I'm just I'm not a 100%. So yeah I'm right back on that Eric Hosmer is like this happy go lucky guys and a comment. And commands again know what's gonna command a room like David Ortiz. But even come close to like I guess more important I don't know that he can come in and jumped David Price is yet as though somebody needs to do. Another guy who comes in and is looking for reasons to be ticked off the questions that's not what you mean they don't need bad at all like. You go back to the idiots Johnny Damon Teva Mo are you could ask those guys anything. And even if they got mad liking it wouldn't linger and they didn't creative Todd Walker is like this they did not create. Foster the sadness this us against them kind atmosphere you know in our t.'s is like that to Ortiz could be more angry at you than he's ever Ben. And forget about it the next day these guys to. This team very different long memory very dis trusting and it does create this poisonous atmosphere. And I can't imagine it's that. Joyful for the players to be and it as. Well not me mentioned coming to work everyday and just like to writing your your responsibilities. You know like I have to type in the media and their jerks and anything I say is going to be turned around in the Yemeni yelled at David Price because I sat yeah it just it feels it's as the chilly tax yeah and you brought up Ortiz real quick so. Of the column mentioned I came I think it was game four of that World Series they are down two to one. Think they're trailing in that game and coming back and winning that game that might have been the second one where he had a Grand Slam no I was no that was against this I was a Dallas tigers I was tigers up and on this of this was the Jonny Gomes three run homer game I'm pretty sure. Possibly came back to enact an incredible memory while I was at a Ali's I was two gas. That like I mean I covered that whole team I was every day but I didn't like I just doesn't stick that was my whole job. Am I this year added up to their patrons there yeah but I but I what I remember is walking in that clubhouse after they won that game snouts tootsie were in Saint Louis. In our tease from the shower you can hear impala and he says you wanna win a World Series you follow me. And that that's that was like echoing in the clubhouse we locked in and it was like they don't have back right now on granite like you said there's not very many who work like that. But they don't have they don't have any closer Matt Ryan and south Austin you're next son Chinese stocks. They don't. I just let us let it either got a couple that you guys that are lawyers are the excitement level of baseball right now. I feel like. You mentioned Bloomberg score out and I think. You know everything every data indicate that an inkling of hybrids. Yankees get. Maybe. And an odd burger sykora might Trout. Trucks are not going anywhere. So outside extension so he's he's very affordable and there's no reason for him to be movement many times. Let me ask you let me ask a big traffic cops right chart is an and it doesn't get Pratt and trade rumors and I'll. Gotta take a break from compact. I wanna know why isn't it possible why is possible that maybe the angels know even hunted team friendly deal. Know that they're not really gonna go anywhere for awhile maybe Trout really wants to win. He may be says it's time for me to you know. We'll discuss after the break. Your chance to talk all new England sports with the training until mossy. Clark Sports Radio WEEI. It's like the deck. They do we have one phone line open 6198779879376177797937. That is the saint. And this is this was the point that Lou is making yesterday we had shot a Seattle we're discussing whether or not the Celtics really were the number two team in town had they jumped the Red Sox. People do wanna talk Red Sox and they wanna talk about them when they're good it. And their bad mammals wanna talk about immoral and their badly there's this sort of fight. It's. Charlie Freudian yes on Friday trying to miss it I mean there is definitely. Last year was weird there was a feeding frenzy like. People wanted to hate David Price and they wanted to hate him because of the act thing and because of lesser but partly because we have a drug thing just. All of that stuff it in like anything about him a whiny petulant. Part of it was the salary. And any time there would be. Just a little bit of a pulling back on prices part know where he would do a press conference and he wouldn't be as defiant and it was almost like people are disappointed you wanted to reasoning it. He would eventually give you another reason but. That you know so there was that weird kind of feeding frenzy. Just atmosphere on that team snap on has now apparently. Let's go to. Noon or ours is baseball is dead and you can't see it. It detect Gordon's are wonderful people wanted to talk about baseball. No let me explain you know are the problem and if they are you about the art that like why in the hell you don't get applauded to a ball game. I haven't touched the ball every minute. The lecture I had a boat I think what. But the thing that talented and you know partly network know that are wrecked our color our Red Sox but know what to talk about you want a picture. People are more and more wanna talk about Celtic. The problem is it slow you can't really beat that indeed packaging to port. But I will say one thing then back. Apparently. It did it to you to numbers are really about it never what I am in the next 1015 years there will be a superb app. Playing in the Major League Baseball they've written well and the only thing I could save it but you. Athlete that would be super Vienna now. Now playing in the Major League Baseball. And that the only thing I think potentially saved it but it is not that exciting to watch. People don't wanna talk about it at work they wanna talk about the pitcher to do and the subject dominating right now it just. It's not gonna hurt you know anybody you get worked out I don't buy that at Delaware and you know. And I mean as Rhonda points right answer a call I mean. It is true. What the stress is so interesting note is that yup part of the reason people on site for the Red Sox interest in the Red Sox slipping is that they're wise this. Lovable losers today being a Red Sox fan for so long right Agee you know 86 years and you know between winning World Series and that that crushing blow of 2003. And then the unbelievable high of winning in 2004 and then after that it wasn't only one outlet. But the patriots were crap fur really want to Ron time as well. And when they don't want in 2001 and it's not like all the senators I got a cap managers in the patriots anymore like like. Football interest info on the patriots has grown with every single successful year. Yeah I think the differences and especially. I'm gonna play this card and to start out but if you grew up here you grew up here with that team and Europe a certain age so. Yet so I mean how did you read the brilliant the broker and I asked her and I know there was some thing. Uniting about being you're united by misery and you are always expecting the worst. And any twisted it sadistic way no one. Who wasn't around for this will believe it but you almost lost a little something when they won because the whole thing was about it was about the chase right. However averaged about 86 year chase exactly and it's inevitable if you eventually win it you it can't be as life and death as it was before. It was a life and death and for as long as I do this job you know twenty years is sportswriter. There will never. Ever ever be anything like 20032004. Here furtherance. I say this it captivated a nation like I mean I was working and living in Pittsburgh at the time I remember. Going there is like I think it was called a north park lounge it was like this little bar restaurant that was sort of attached to the the large compartment complex that I lived and and every single night we all go there I covered the pirates and some of the god like a clubhouse guys lived in the same group same apartment complex. And we I can right now I gave those memories that are this year in your head like I can picture myself and I went out but I'm a red flag attack has aided the Yankees. And audit I want the Sox to and I still haven't I've had it for thirteen years the same Red Sox tacked. And we sat there with a watch and I can remember on the big screen as on the backside of the Barney eighty queens and Fries and drink beer and everybody was like you made it one desperately wanting the Red Sox to beat the Yankees and it was a cool experience for someone who wasn't here. Yeah I think as an outsider I think that is interesting to me is that Boston accessing the site has asked that such a cool city. It's not like growing up in Pittsburgh Emeril Milwaukee where. You are always sort of entered godlike. In Pittsburgh you're always it's bastard stepchild of Philadelphia and Milwaukee you're always the bastard stepchild the Chicago like you're never gonna be is cool. And so even when your teams are terrible. It's not like you're united by so much misery it's not just your sports scene right it eager than Boston Mike there's so much equals dot Beckham's not here and it's always been in this hall of this begin. That it's like okay this is the one thing we have that sort of like our underdog status. Yet and I and we always have New York so I mean. That dynamic Utah when days and I'll hear it did I'll start yet a ride of Boller Vieira. All of that but that but we do have that editor charity thing with New York so there is that. But take whatever you felt watching those games in buyers in Pittsburgh and imagine. I can't in every night and being lifeline. I covered all of those games and Fenway for those two years was insane at lake. Every time you set foot in that place he could feel the energy and it felt like it. The building could explode at any men and they integrate chaos I had a game so in 2003. They had a terrible bullpen so. They were constantly behind and they were constantly coming back and they were pulling these games so you would say how did they do that. And they would either win or lose and extra innings but. They'd be down for nothing in the ninth inning they would come back they would lose the next things they would win they would watch enough whatever in any game I don't remember their plane but there's a fire. In right field there's a fire out and one of the apartment buildings beyond right field and I mean. A legit fire like your flames shooting smoke like filling the sky and everything and they win this game and I wish I remember which game was I'd. Anyway. And the third the artsy after the game was like. It felt like Armageddon you know we're coming back right field is on fire and it was like that's that's what it was like for those two years so there. Never going to recap a legacy 86 years and maybe we'll all be gone that. Maybe if they don't win a World Series another 86 years for yourself Cyrus. That's our a year going to be air cryogenic trainee will be a guy say crier tells I thinks well that either way what our reasons were never leave BS yet they're gonna play hockey with your head like Ted Williams but. So they're not they're not gonna recapture that you cannot recapture that chase but that that does not mean that baseball should die. Our millennial wants to weigh in how we can say baseball nick what's your thoughts we love Mullen mails yeah. And distillate and a little bit. So but it has accomplished that make a bit ID architect of the proposed twelve years old to that two of those fourteen into the torso. And that probably within thirty or forty games due June 20032 dozen for a lately we have to create great talks. And after that a bigger than one bikes and games and she's two cents in akin market value I think you know a lot of it's we just touched on I think a lot of dispute the fact that. But come back in two dozen or nothing is ever gonna compare that again can't images in mostly notably years that we let. Ask is do you solar patriot games. I don't go to you know I got the water too easy but I I creatures are looking good compliment well patriots. And about maturity or anybody else see the results as it eclipsed only its equivalents. And yeah I guess you're currently performance like Egypt with what you guys got me. Why don't like peaceful much I think a lot of it is because it looks aren't. Blow lovable losers that they got to where men and that will force you to know nothing quite compared to. You know underdog mentality. They're. They're incumbent party leadership their work for a little bit during. Nick is there a player right now that would make Q. Say you know what. My mind is changed it they sign Stanton are harper and it's hot out our brave you like he's our guy out there that if he played for the Red Sox. At a toll turn things around yeah. Totally turned things around now I'm not gonna care I don't care what they were much more to totally tripping Stratton they'll watch more. Chris dale is Beck one to reflect it's like we're lucky. A lot and every game plan is there like a baseball player and all that like intrigues you. If you need to slugger Gator murky indeed a big you know have a bet or it can be that hit it you know good at where he. Well and you know he's an MVP candidate but he just doesn't quite have our eye ball but it's yet to use the personalities like to Nazi group gonna get split. I think you need that many years that you're not equitable in and I understand your charts which you know that your really cared to you know not get caught cheating. I don't ask a lot of him just don't get caught might not. Talk three times did you get what. You call lines that 23 year. Is he is a hall of fame talent he is on the implant there's no question. Asked Lee if he was pathetic guy like that late. In the middle of the lineup and somebody budgetary name due to an injustice that one at that eats you know once in dribble and every time. And I don't really curious quite clearly you know on the yet I don't yet sure which yet but approached it and bad debts you know it's gonna vote. A little like a piece this thing it's still baseball respect and is it as close you know we're going to be any technical or anything like that every. All right thanks thanks for earning Harold table dream yeah Asia and I mean I'm excited I am that I mean that's a good question what player out there would excite you. And I will tell you Bryce Harper if you put Bryce Harper and sees little bit crazy. And he's outspoken and he gets in brawls and he does stupid stuff. Am but he's insanely talented and he is fun to watch air flying everywhere and the prodigious power. Bryce Harper. That's one of the reasons I'm. I'm no one stand because I want cleared the decks for Bryce Harper like you need to make it you're gonna pay someone 300 million dollars over the next ten years. Nineteen Cairo's stance Abbott are you going to be out the Yankees for harper I don't know CRV the Red Sox and mean you can be is a damn multi you can be in the mix that guy if you want time. Let's quick. We go to John and main Marcum to the show. A great architects like and I'm gonna disagree with a lot to caller I don't think baseball has completely flat line yet I think the reason for that is how he. Teen like the red the Yankees the Dodgers the crowd. And so mature history. And you know if you put your finger on the pulse of baseball you'd hear let go red truck and aren't you here in Florida. I don't think I'll ever be able to match the excitement throughout the team in 2004. I was lucky enough to go to game one of the World Series. It was how much excitement and that building was locked into that my hair that my body was incredible. But I want to talk about that are currently out there and a little bit. I kind of feel like I was the same type like he can compare that I agree on how the market can be bought in over the last year. You know we needed regarding what would it. Take out the team to make him exciting again and compete would cut scenes. In. Basketball. And I just don't think we're gonna get him he added up so I re there's still people I think I'd say it was probably about a particular team even ballots are silly Lucy blessed silly. Yeah there you know obviously that it I think probably are gonna and apple partner I think there is plenty. Intrepid learning and if you're not casual baseball and you actually. Pay attention and watch yeah I caught an especially good I think that's a good analogy urged made you know correlation to draw between cat and love and John are Giancarlo stand like. Babies and not the best I need you were just in love with the idea that it's the first like. Big name that's available I would be I would prefer they got a Todd our harper I wish they can get some and this year that sort of plug that hole let's highlight the debris you can not spending a ton of money out and he's cost efficient. You know and how I don't have a problem giving up the Jackie Bradley junior if you do all calling in with two lines opened 61777979837. Convince yup you're not American it's guys I think you're not split. I don't care how many fan graphs and all he's a vital stats he tried to act at war. Though lorries got more value. Harder. Abreu is a better player and if you give a Jackie Bradley junior for it it's fine you know make it make do and then you go out in you get next year you get one of those two big bats meet that's the best way to go about it is you. It's like the State's tax this timing is not great. Now does not lining up perfectly for an art or is it a break put it back to your phone calls are activists. More with training until moxie about Sports Radio go. Who is it's not the time and my dad Melanie I'll see you denying your season. I liked how they fund and no on pays attention I don't like the Red Sox nearly a full full lines serving line talk about the Red Sox though. Shame on us for being idiots I assume they care about the Red Sox again and we are there on baseball's back. That's back big fat steak in Italy that's bigger if I dated race offers a a few words so does John Hangartner continent Asia. Hey guys thank you as a certain forward based all the huge. John don't you hate people who play I got to top that game. There's somebody that was twelve vehicle in 1967. Watching it on my black and white senior TP recall. Squeezed were wrong just pop up. I've been I've been going through this stuff a lot longer than you'll and I agree which is saying about and so all oracle and just could never be descent you know. Pay back in 67 you were what would have been a millennium. It happened yesterday that means the most sizzle just that dammit. Oh yeah you is sadly I was. Actually I actually know I was actually doing the map as trying to figure out is my parents are pretty young and sell. Because you talked about that model I would disagree with a call several calls of go like. You could speed up baseball in my opinion 33 things catches wants them wants a mini to the mound. Put it through timer on the pitches and enforce it and literally literally make the best thing in the blocks they step out. Without after the time ball strike rather. And that was speeded up mount. DA you know we haven't actually gotten that's we're talking about what in the Red Sox to its you know. Make themselves more compelling but these there are baseball wise issues they're game wide issues need to be addressed in your absolutely right the pitch clocked. Needs to happen and thankfully you have Manfred a commissioner. Who seems intent on making these changes whether the players that Wear them or not these things are long overdue mound visits think well court. I I don't think about that imagined ballots actually being the walk of being able to walk out on the field whenever he wants and talks and Billy and I a lifetime rate those games have timeouts in baseball doesn't so that's OK that's fine. But maybe you need to institute a timeout kind of thing like you can do this three times a gamer or something but that. The catchers mound visits with the glove over the Muppets like get over yourself. You should be able to tell him what you're throwing and if you're good enough for wall matter. Odds are it's not. Straight I mean the more. But the 64 million dollar question. Do you think there's any chance that David Price. Now I'm alassane my own theory. Now he can he be redeemed. I'm not. I'm not you know what I do I believe them believe for a second chances but. I think we're too far down that rabbit hole is now. Our annual opt out and you'll be gone I flipped now he apologized it would seem insincere write it it's eased so as far as our ideal of the only thing he can do is by his actions. Show that he's put in mind you know but the first time. That he smears about you guys this city error it's it's Europe it's your on himself over. Aren't gonna Bridget in that way bridge partners out. Why are real good things while on who I am a twenty Earl called student I'd want to talk Wendell white. I was. Around and your goal when they wanted to that report either side. That got started my love for the Red Sox and gotten bad out I do think that there is need to be some changes. On in this land of navy. I would love to harper come into direct our organization and really injecting around I think. At Oak Hill and Allen doing a really good job of that this week he's an adult you know are really putting the team I think at this step at a becoming. Sony wants to get rid of one of these what do you think attorneys idea of just ditched the Middleby. ID. Origin I was I get here even your phone is. Your funds cracking up here's the thing. Jackie Bradley junior is a good player he's a nice player I just have a hard time believing that he is. A better fit he is is it okay. If you better than what they bring you why these Omar runs last year and I don't hear about his defensive efficiency and how that. Makes you know vs his plate appearances where was gestured and I was reading and I'm that Alex your written an article on and linked to him and perhaps an egg may head was spinning all the numbers. Like at the end of the day. All those numbers while they translated to 93 total wins. Eating translate to more powered meetings translate to more runs scored they did not translate to them being able to. Win in the post season. If he can't score runs he can't score runs a consistent basis and you do not have a threat in the middle of your order. And it affects everybody else in your lineup because there's no what in that light there's not least its name for me if you can name from a guy and a lineup that your picture you look at go. Cool. That's going to be a tough out and I have to think about how I'm gonna pitch to the person before that and before that. After that because you could do major damage to me there is no one in the outline operate haven't. I have zero problem training program for non because. You're you're assuming first evolve that. You're not putting you that night you're putting on below average center fielder this place and I don't know it pennants and the president and because they like McCleon right. Acting pennants and he could be a decent center fielder so it's like you have to account for. It's not just what you're losing and Jackie Bradley it's what you gain from whoever replaces him and even a pennant and he has not is. You know not as good a defender. As Bradley he could still be pretty dead and he's he should get better the more plays and no it was a little shaky. Last year. And then you're also upgrading that outfield spot offensively presumably like I don't know if you go get team Martinez the play left field. And of you get there but if there's an offensive upgrade on Jackie Bradley and an offensive upgrade at first base of those they break you. I you can mitigate the loss of your great defensive center fielder and he is a great defenses and their butt. This is a little while you can also. Do you thought to have Mitch Moreland back in just do that all again this year is why can't react well tomorrow Saturday here in China airlines and he signs whatever you want to ask you want a guy like Mitch Moreland again or do you want somebody you can actually make an impact. Jose Abreu. After a couple of down years. He trended downward for three straight years after that rookie year Iran is okay whatever AD regardless like a guy like Mitch Moreland. We already know how that story ends. Abreu bounced back in such as solid way last year that yes I would I would take him I've put him in the lineup sorry Alex speakers good friend of mine sari. To not agree with you islands gutsy I don't emerge products on it like this out. You guys look great ball based while not rejected a happier AT when he got out its welcome. I'm not saying don't play them but I love this stuff with all played here it depends on what you get the are there to this stuff won't base all these debt you're seeing Mears on your radio station I don't. I'm getting I was saying based closed at fifteen years ago act as 2003. Does 2000 snow I don't think so highly 2001 people got pretty angry at that team at the and I've argued that. Rachel. We're so late in the tied up or he would try to ignore saying it libel awards from that Clark got up and bit block walls. Well enough people always yet they were hugs and the cubs were the lovable losers. In town I met I met I met parochial it like in town in Boston. They ran a lot to lose. Needed needed squat and threw it as saying yeah them or white knuckle this child the only one who you know what. Wounded applauding god who did what I'd score and Grady Little are all angry and I only once since that. Saying that we're sort of wobble or will it exports that they set a record for and that's last year faced all. Thank all of it its lot dead marked by then eats you watched last two World Series. The World Series are great and I monsters out there at her accent is English I knew for a fact and and there and the and the fact is. It doesn't seem like yeah the World Series was tremendous speed within that you had people complaining out of games too late I'll outline. You score around the country look at Kansas City in the World Series are so all of a block keys in the form which traditionally what an insult crashed. And while it's not and it's not close to be bet the people that thought it's like. All oh my daughter they all its plot from. Are you. You're not trying to added we should've asked him how obvious is we know the answers start Smith. At least a five probably six and ai that's that's the difference. That you know that's that's the generation of families cling to baseball. If you think that baseball's doing great will go ask the people who run the game if they think it's doing great because I think they'll tell you some day. Well and also you data not sat attendance records last year this from Forbes on October 2 2017. And LB season attendance dipped below 73 million for the first time since 2002. So there's your record there's Iraq there's Iran there's your record it was a rate loans ash tag. I can't see were also the largest drop third consecutive season by the way the try seventeen MLB season. Regular season marks the third consecutive season total attendance declines so sorry Tony. Why vikings North Grafton why. Well I felt like I'm not baseball lover I played it. All in all my Irish and I'm in front of my number and my age. However due like Radiohead international court Arnett on and on about. Why you had you. My weight is. Back. I'd say I would rather see. Why that Jackie Bradley shouldn't be laid it out. Thanks I learned and I'd rather strongly actually does to actually place. Every day not hurt so talking down earlier. I Donna Summer and summons and Iran at shortstop. Now they somebody earlier said dump Petraeus now I yeah as it is is a big baby's face pay for a long time but he doesn't make a ton of money. And beyond proud Mary is that he's got bad knee issue that's always going to be gassing and as the first quarter at least the first quarter this season he's not in any younger the injuries that payments is tough that's I think people don't like the length of the contract. I. Jackie Bradley I just say he's electrify and I would related to see him out he's not he hasn't had a lot of pop I agree. If any streaky but he does Eric and I figured that works is trying to work. Worked at a letter I really do and I'm. I don't like. You know all my life again it is our ears and that I've heard about outlined in the long ball. And I Josh still believe that it's overrated. I really should take a well pitched. Well each candidate. Dad I I I mean I would love to greet you might and I due to a point thanks for the call I just think we're in a minority like to I love a good pitcher's duel I love a good pitcher's duel. I think it takes far more talent for Jackie Bradley junior to make. You know over the shoulder you know basket grab an in center field than it does for a guy to hit a meatball that (%expletive) over the middle play usually you're supposed to do. But it's nice and to me it's not about what's more exciting to watch for Jackie Bradley junior. It's what's gonna help this team win and what this team does not have. Is someone in the middle of the lineup that changes the complexion of the entire lineup and the way everybody around you it's pitch you that was David Ortiz yeah I think part of the reason that you saw. Hand these numbers go down and rookies numbers go down is because these are the kind of guys that benefited from happening. David Ortiz and a lineup that made pitchers fearful knowing in the back of their mind. Coming out of touch with them on base if I put them on base I give David Ortiz a chance to talk to the plate knocked Maine you have to have a guy like that in your lineup. And to say that. You don't need to hit home runs to win I'm sorry that Red Sox are the exception last year the fact. That they won 93 games off finishing last in homers in a year where most teams were scoring all of their runs on home runs is pretty astounding. And all you need to do is look at the division series. The division series the Red Sox had to scratch and claw up four runs. And the Astros were just smashing home runs you know from out to Bates is springer to who have bird and innovative Bregman they were all. Smashing home runs into housing a doubt it's not exciting next game and that one but I fell asleep during does that lights on around training that wasn't exciting when she fell asleep there while I mean I think I had worked Martin's house has axed retired spot when you went when you watch the next day and you solid like. Home right in thinking of ways of the World Series games or insane like you. Our comrade comrade comrade home run home run an every single one changed the complexion of the game like you can't tell me that that's not exciting yeah. And Mort the points that's how teams are winning right now and you were putting yourself at a distinct disadvantage if you don't have some semblance of are at let's go. Who chaining them. Without. I've folks and just couldn't agree with you more. About the fact that that baseball is a dying sport. I'm in my fifties ethnically based on my whole life absolutely love the game. I have a son that's an inquiries please read sports. Played baseball starting out and then he got his hands on any lacrosse stick in. And helmet and shoulder pads. And McCain completely bored with this sport. He now in his friend all play in the crowd we have. Several of the bulk of lacrosse team very few going up for baseball. And that was really struck this year that he and his friends when they were over couldn't even name a couple of players who claimed the World Series of could agree with you more about this. Art Davidson economy that's something like Gary tells me all the time like his his signed just by not into it like all that they what they were interested and they were adjusted and errant shots. Ike Gary said that his son away you know it's here about energizing you watch that many would care about anything else they watch highlights of so. I don't want to cater to watch silly you know meaning and generations had just like what we like. Exactly exact thank you that's what I that's how I've been trying to put it and that's exact is that Michael we like they're probably not going Tuesday may have to have been after just a few things and think about how to end and they should give us there are area. Because we've got stuck in jobs because we weren't we don't think like that relationship. This morn taxes and it's. We'll find out Rodman died people who shared will not people who shouldn't well I must say one more quick call before we have to finally take a break. At heart seems to think differently than everybody else I like it Alex wow why it what's on your mind. I don't let it be keen spoke differently I think the key indices will reward the fear that it never garner some twenty horrible ports in the actual rash all. Straight to their break to the playoffs. I remember that. Go back to they really where college team but they work oh you could trigger chemo. And you know when you don't have defense embracing defense which chip it chips are you sure the little mature stuff. The character so they'll work. There didn't seem like the birds are out there right now that's I think that would treat Jackie Bradley YouTube or Osi really. You know I don't know that's gonna happen you know it would export could be frightened people relish you know are all but it's RVs or they have a better better place right now I think in the past few years ago law to a young talent. Insurance. It. Again everybody's gonna rush again activated when people sell the games to want to sit down watching you at 730 would you do what are the gate. He vehicle repair do you watch an incoherent. It is so if this borders on you know if I played a lot of. He's all these young kids he sees out Sarah panicked and went here. Well what they intuitive you know you wanna slow cooked to order shall keep our beat Osasuna honest and to prepare to welcome music companies won't. It ought to let those guys can really control new terms. They go in and out of the arc I don't expect duke. But the guys that are so critical industries of tomorrow sir. Dad I'm still I'm still ahead with a Johnston a cop and adjusting and things that time Alex doesn't gloves at all like crap that that by the day trips to the ground. And is stepping out of the batter's boxes or two things and I think immediately speed of the game OK we're way over the clocks are organizing a quick break when we come back all the short segment and then. Yeah it's mixed we.