Trenni & Tomase - How can Major League Baseball overcome its attendance problem across the league? 6-23-18

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Saturday, June 23rd
Hour 4: Turn on baseball games outside of Boston and New York and it's apparent there's a major issue among attendance in MLB. How does it improve? Trenni and Marc James discuss.

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These training and tomorrow seem. My Sports Radio WEEI he's. Then. Ardor for attorneys and Ozzie it's attorney Mark James today it's not CA's gorilla out having a good time. Again party is house. Lot of kids apparently a lot of kids and lot of good food apparent what you there's no iron just shows the pictures it's it's wonderful food that there. May I could go for some Jamaican jerk chicken you're talking about before now and I did not and a serial one meeting off. C'mon turn now now I now I just Adam come out of food in my house night. Oh and sounds like looking embryonic eat that simple. Serial serial as well as would you rate would answer it's like some gluten free ball and I don't Gotti here I stop gap I'll if you get gave me get the frosted flakes or three pebbles and talk to me I love both of those. I only know definitely doesn't number on my stomach OK fair and I have it's all would give them most sugar. Added sugars snow plus too much self discipline will power turning. I I that is that is one of my tree they do a lot of self discipline CC most people I would say that that yeah that's commendable and an admirable but. And I don't know that could be a little bit of a vice as well I'll I. I MID dvd sugars so it was definitely needed to get ours is needed. Our neighbor lady Michelle McPhee at some point that we wanna get center cause of phone lines exams and assuming you guys on talk about baseball which you do. And Jordan in Boston says he as a way to say based on Jordan what's your way to save baseball. I am right now that you just can't imagine Chris Sale. That game that people get excited I am a huge baseball fan I know you're too and we appreciate striker. I think it's a big part of the problem wanna see action I think actually if you took away strategic advantage in all the way to do that without really. Change the game too much is slowing them down that board raise your. That has been discussed aren't. Yeah that is that's the one of the things that's been discussed because like you said yeah I would love going to secret sales pitch is quickly so that solves the timing of gain issue right. But like I said that in his yard and Ali you know there's you know basically two thirds of a baseball game there's no action. Hey Jordan let me throw this out yet and again since we're just you know right here hurt you know our posture lady here and throwing things at the wall and see if they stick about this. Seven inning games. I think it's funny there are written article about last year. Did you do that may be I mean you know that you get that if you're deported again it also. Oh no no I've got to do it happens and it's got got only on one hand it's got to be uniform. I think it's interesting but the problem what that is then. Here's a question that power back to the picture because then you can outplay you pitchers going in and not get tired of the church in the last. Football. Would be. You know I I I need to not have. The products are sold again for me I'd like watching good pitching I got no issue with adult day by if you wanna. Cater to the masses of people over the casual fans and you ought to play that people want to see excitement action. I think that problem. I don't think that aura that our games obviously you know pretty long it is an ideal cricket before Eric Davis jam packed action. Keep order watching it. More there watched Georgia gained its you know straight all strikeouts one home run. You know so I think I think he'll hurt you and I love it be greater pitching an exciting. But you wanna bring in the masters that's at issue is volume engaging fans. I think you need a lot of Alton quite a lot of action and he's talking and you also. That's why I that's the problem I would use the seven inning game but Americans what they could be. A good thing to think that unintended consequences. Putting better pitching and less well. Mom and dad good points are really cowboy George yeah I mean he is right that a big Bryant a big chunk of this article from Bob nightingale is about but there's just are facts and numbers to back up that there's just no action 34%. A plate appearances are strikeouts. Or walk when you don't hitting home runs and he rises exciting. But it's like a wind that you don't tell. Let me in and or loaded but the agency is too that we haven't brought this up. The NFL I always call it legalize crack. It's we we're addicted to it. It's it's just. What like every week which only one hour a day early to notice treading hours so did you but I would I would argue that cameras are down their tea while bulldozers and not in terms and not like that run right right and not in terms of like like if you look overall the playoff ratings all that number rings were fine. Attendance and having issues they are the NFL what I'm saying is this is that. Think about Major League Baseball this perspective. You have the equivalent of ten NFL regular seasons. Into one. Major League Baseball season. While one of the proposals is that you do expansion but then you go down until like 150 games so you expanded to more cities you are now 32 no engine no more expansion while that's big on man no wait no more expansion isn't stark wrote about it a tying Al Johnny athletic while they are looking into its family so I can see him deathly go to Vegas now that the NHL and the NFL's gonna follow suit. But it did OK but if two more teams met and it's. More teams they're saying twelve to sixteen in the post season. And Mahoney a 150 games. Then as expansion such a bad thing but here's the thing tourney you have a 162. Games right. The problem baseball. There's too much of a supply and not enough of demand. That's sick. The NFL there's more to me anyway they wanna make an eighteen game season or whatever we we were looked after Super Bowl to lift like. Anything for six more months or seven like no nothing. In its socks baseball there's a game every single night for six months general. It's too much so. Why not enough to. Now I think that they are probably going to expand as it seems that interaction Vegas I Jody car you're up next. No I pretty I tell you are really. You're my favorite. What are personality bought. Spain the game and he's really good on CDC knew the ticket out to get back to the last time. On I really enjoyed out onto the clout but regardless. By one point two. Two out of their pocket and I am a middle aged Caucasian and bought I absolutely love to never actually we ought. But a crawl baseball or on television and on radio. It is I feel like it's geared towards people like eight. They all attic Caucasian males made. You know middle aged or older. If you look. If you look at basketball India. It a lot more entertaining I'll how it's called. But I think football and. Also more actually exports to go but none here right now I mean there there is parts there are there isn't gonna be said for being entertained during the broadcast like I remember in things that prior to the old school days when the brewers were ten. It arable Lira lose in the top hundred games a year but not fast version. Was the television voice. And it didn't matter that they stunt you tune didn't because Mac entertain you every single night with these quick witted pop culture references and he was funny and hip. And young and a little reverend. Yeah so you know you had his group of people that relate into it for that reason. Saving with the Dodgers would Vin Scully obviously not young but on the other but I mean cell tout the voice of silk I mean it was like god God's accumulated in Vin Scully you're just like out there and I just died. Eude UST and t.'s pre Ike you know pregame or halftime with Barkley and Jack he's sensing a second Kenny Smith and it's like. They entertain you and they make you companies say outrageous things in baseball is so constrained all the time and they're so afraid to light. Let their players. Loose and let their broadcasters like how to push the envelope and we'll leave any other sports you not that's not so much. You you talked about before about an LB with marketing and you're so right is that the NBA. Let's bring in its hurry to Kevin to read these guys aren't able to James Harden appeared Tyrod state farm commercials Chris Paul. Major League Baseball guys you almost like like I saw some than they did a commercial one time. It was a major it was a Major League Baseball player out of memory and who was but was like. I don't know was like you have to put the fought on the bottom of the screen for people to know. Again decent and you Kevin Durant. Google hate Google commercial or yes deals and all like yeah it's funny it is. Funny it's funny and it's like. You know these marketable big wreck tell right now give me off the top of your head. A commercial that features a Major League Baseball player that is leagues seeing sanctions that isn't like gave. You know this is in a commercial forehands early days I'll write that stands out to and a baseball player well that's just the dearest I saw inside Bryce Harper. Apparently the military. I feel I ache. That's a Major League Baseball. Commercials. I don't feel I don't know that it's an actual products like even of the controversial Landon Donovan out commercial does not rain now reheat the next goes to Mexico and yet like apologize for not act. Not okay so what's so there's some controversy riot police talk Marlene entitlement that certain soccer is certainly be doing an otherwise because they're not gonna work out. Well and that's a state like you know even with a and most guys the NFL you don't they look like either except for people like Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers right to when these commercials. And you see them all the time he gets another face mean. How many commercials is as any in the guy used to be on he's not on his knee anymore Blake Griffin. Crowd yeah yeah what's commercially used let me and it was like oh he was he was making fun of himself the self deprecating you get to know these guys. For the most part like you just mentioned quite well what at a healthier for baseball. I don't even cooler exhibit a for the well a couple of key BC one BI's messy and Gooden gone mad and Dallas is dumb as a dawson's going to last for short. But they pray together and their club team and their Premier League team. But they're on opposite teams you know during the World Cup and Nike is done is I think it's no Gatorade is done is really cool commercial with the two of them Mike. Something fun with baseball but then they I feel like actually get coast close to the post season there's nothing ever that like to rise up the personality of all these guys are on the field. And arson I know does seem like give the person that's some really big great personalities and. Let me tell you where you really started to see this happen 2010. You remember the decision LeBron in Akron. That decision outrage did the heels yes that here the decision. One night. At great well and fairness it was just one night nobody he only had to watch for like a guy in minutes let it out radiated every ALCS game. They got more people to see a bronze that LeBron want to do that again he won't because all the bad press he got from it. If he did against Freddie. On June 29 in one week from yesterday because he has the yes that help Cleveland what he's gonna do 1 June 20 not so it would be yeah outlet neck this Friday. If he tells people what to do more people watch that than they might watch a baseball postseason series is increasing now. Had to do something you've got to do something palm last notes and they got X speed epic games' high speed of the games talked. And Mercury guys again there's always good to hear from western mass or. There and apparently they got traded tradition is that in this study and talk about machinist job out of the pot yeah we did in the minors. It begins go beyond the outward straight into I don't think it it. I understand their pitchers to while I gag it away. That connection because they have in the minors what about on the battered doesn't sit that other car got they got them. I don't I eat I don't know and I'm not sure if that's a possibility like yelling when you step out is that is the pitch clocked sort of me. Play clock for lack of lack of a better turn out like you've got to be back in the box and ready to go. By the time I think that's what it is Paul I think that it's sort of does a piety heater and the pitch on hoping it does Elvis stamp out the G damn well better get your butt back in Oxley he's ready to go otherwise he can throw the pitch you're not standing in the box. Strike yet it's just too much these guy these guys are taking a wait to until about mostly the batters again gather pitchers you take a long time to. We mentioned drew pottery at who's to say he's turning to the new Steve Trachsel human rain delay. But but but but I'm talking about like the guys make big I just they're law as big a role obviously it would just didn't. I was pace allowed the pitcher just wrote that it's not we for the back. I so I I know why I Wiki as acting right and if you're if you're. Too bad are things called exit I'll appreciate it let's add a writes John in Medford on your next. Hey guys who took two things under the table one outlet for plus a lot of this might mean comment regarding the trade deadline coming up after the Red Sox now. This week I'm not the MLB network they had to be mainstream in trade to be great to be created by. Why did general managers that are now on the staff. And one of the trees that came up was straight up deal. Jackie Bradley junior put Julie Hamilton. Also in a heartbeat. If they can't do that. No no no did they were asking him. Which are Red Sox been treated in a deal. Sending Jackie Bradley junior at Cincinnati for Billy Hamilton. LB. I don't think Cincinnati doesn't say handled things and since then now I do it out at my. The only thing that I would say would instead you have to watch for what this thing about playing Hamilton. They quickly handed Jackie Bradley I haven't I think at fifteen yeah. Well I'd wind at my only deal would be would. What. Eight. As they didn't change the votes he plays his. Doubt then I could if it's like trading 11411. That you touched on two things that about to pay to play and how that goes I like the idea MD. I have to pitch clocked in the but the only thing I don't like about the pitch clocked. That will. Speak and he. That's dependent upon him and I don't that the children at its best opponent. At the moment. And I definitely don't want to round and then come back when he comes back on the back. Who knew about the pop up and I'm glad that I don't let the game might look at any other opinions about the experience he talked about. That's only gonna happen. What went out when again Tampa Bay get the this game situations that the court into the work the commission mentioned that over the last couple months. And although those are an absolute mess Oakland is both of those places at all levels are I was in Tampa for a long time in in down seat he'd teach us. That I mean they got a movie to Tampa writes in saint Pete's in a place that no one goes to. It's at Tropicana Field. Is just and I highly justified now like all it like it's got to come from ownership money how you justify you just built a new stadium in Miami no one's going. So how do you justify anchor for the killing another big stadium a taxpayer dollar. The one thing trainee out and and and Stuart Sternberg the owner they are doesn't have the pockets of the Steinbrenner it's okay he doesn't have those pockets but if you do move it. Across the bridge to Howard Franklin bridge to Hillsborough County in downtown Tampa. The light into very well. They're one of the league leaders in attendance every year. So maybe you're hoping that I was headed toward market tourist attraction. Yeah right down there right sang in downtown Tampa right and by the way that guy he used to be. Minority owner here with the Red Sox job on dejected. Who's the owner of lightning. He's revitalizing downtown Tampa called him a project. So hopefully that'll bring some you know but they're actually trying to I was I got here ten years ago and they were talking about the same issue to talk now. The haven't broken even know at a place to get a bill so there are the same spot they were ten years ago on sickened starting unit or you know what. Let's move to Vegas or are go to Montreal becoming exposed to Montreal once a team hide London team must now I'm of the they were so I. I say I beg to be back on the beat. So I decide to go to Montreal all right one last call on this before we take a break ray and radiate the last sand baseball. Look and I think the roads and that decide whether Burton sitting there when it deceit and it got two or three year window and in this salary cap limitations. But you know frankly they say they've actually connected to the attention out. And you know she'd. Rip out my cable a couple of years ago that you didn't get it and that's and we are. All don't feel that whoa come on now to Marc no no we can't do that Randy ray don't ever get ready now no message should always be before you feed your kids have food on the table yacht that description and Essen. And figure and that's a handyman and he might lose cost to light and sports Boston got it I don't don't re. Yeah get it back you know bit and just say it this way. I don't really care in their payroll problem in the luxury tax problems. They need to be trying to win this division I play in a playoff game you really artistic and that they are part. The Yankees will be yeah it ought to require that rookie of the year vote this year. And they're going to be adding a pitcher. Houston juggernaut there it sucks when we appreciate it happened go toe to toe with those two teams and they've got to indicted automobile that we're not going to believe it. Yet today a solid out of sub 400 yes. You know that's why heart yeah I am I'd check couldn't believe it. You know it and that is you got Bradley if I hit it and pass it by fifty that is not acceptable. And you know they need to be. Going after one of those three positions probably. Two in these two bullpen arms and you know protect the straightforward and that got players at the lord of the minor minor league organization that are attractive. But little experiment this state settlement and the trading deadline last year and argue about Bonham. So I really want to know if ownership is committed. I mean it's a legitimate question especially lamb who brought up this name a couple of times when you series nick is CEO to sit down their attacking. And you know losing at Lucent on and BC's response and earlier this week when his ominous of his reckless and Heidi he's singles hair I don't comedy changes anything drastically. My point it at this means not at this point is like the gas Nike camp on earth and length at least Friday right. And if it doesn't work you said maybe just to stop these and Jackie Bradley down you cobra snake is dear he's done did you do better than you send it back down. My god option and in the problem with the Red Sox right now in terms of like Jackie Bradley junior is that their only option I believe ultimately week you know. After your your prolong the inevitability of him going to Pawtucket so just go ahead due yeah that's rice the and. All right they're good calls on baseball can talk a little baseball today are we setting now we are gonna replay the interview we had earlier today struck I minutes that Michelle McPhee she of course is the reporter from ABC news. That broke the Hanley Ramirez story well played that and then a very interesting tweaks. Was dug up from may 25. The regarding the Hanley Ramirez situation mom like you on that as well. Locked into training because Merrick and John Tomas. On Sports Radio WEEI. Right so does a lot of sports. Busy night saying stuff going on these days. One of the biggest stories right now in Boston a is the hammy Ramirez sorry the alleged involvement. Hanley Ramirez in a I criminal investigation is federal criminal investigation into me NASA sentinel trafficking ring based out of Lawrence. Alex our Roemer actually pose seminary retreat this year and a second actually posted about an hour ago are a half ago. Circuit really great little timeline to get the all the information about it we talked with Michelle McPhee she's an investigative reporter at ABC news we talked to her. Early in the talk clock hours like right we started we're gonna replay it on about five minutes and then. We're gonna read bring up a tweet that's an odd urged a response to something Jerry Kravis from Parcells ports row and ties and it's time stands in. Archer had a little bit but first here's Michelle McPhee. First person to break this story was Michelle make feet she is short on time but she was kind enough to make some time for as she joins us now. Michelle thanks so much for joining Marc and I this morning and they have a lot going on and time of requests first things first he just give us the right now. Don't we say it and Garrett had kidnapped in Cuba. Who are part of it yeah very alert only if you get it into an already. Alert if it it will walk. Michelle in the timing of when he was released by the Red Sox is or means you know sort of correlation there. While Michael let's say that initial car. I'm involved in individual who I. Let our land in elder during a traffic stop popping Brian. May area. On May thirtieth is and I would assume that it will while lot you know from my experience in order pattern recognition. I like the public record that could very large stick around initiated by see. Yeah and federal official aren't you pot here right now underneath you're actually you're turning profits. And ordinarily I have a story that hit you sneakers covered it be yesterday ordinarily. It like at thirteen. You lock up forty people. He alternate. Clean record and album number dependent well. So my understanding that this individual what part of the ongoing investigation. There was a call while opera control stock. On May thirtieth. You're talking a vehicle that is until he can't look at. Lent him your parent. A quart crock doctor and we're epic role and mind you keep it and interviewer during a traffic stop which occurred on maker. Michelle what is next in this case when might we no further information about Hanley Ramirez alleged involvement. I think that you know I won't upper right I know I suggest that your colleagues carton Jerry. That they go to why aren't the report and Parker under our thing Monday morning Paula all of you record Turkey needs that are. I think maybe he. When you need to act to hurt our second big advocate individual. You're active pilot in Manhattan after eat it. Opera probable cause in yeah in the UK ordinarily a lot of guilt about why. Eight it search market it struck back out and we know from an attorney general approximate. That within a goal was arrested. Later. And and charged with a significant. Why do you and an all hand back our rookie. Then Michelle rate now. And Ramirez appears to be in the Dominican Republic. How if at all does that complicate or our relate to this case can he be extradited if he is somehow found to be a part of this or because he's out of the country and was released by the Red Sox five days prior to this stop. Might he skate honest. It's completely cleared me you know I know that there is still what I've been told I'm multiple. Mark was an official in a variety of Egypt Egypt is the big continuously described escaped an actor and I'm not. So Michelle when you look at the situations a hold your initial reaction when you started to accumulate this information. I think mark you it's no secret to anyone got it in and not what order at all I don't know anything about. You know dinner Garrett at the shield I'm what each packet back. I do know that acknowledges debit it. Actually get in the country and I know that and now I am very concerned clutched. I attorney general mark Healey by the DEA by the U in buying at too big a burden every local arm and authorities are all the overall. Correctly I think I find it maxed. And you know that is quite literally killing people all of that eight and remembering how accurate all the people. At least doctors have been caution not even come into contact with that but I have got it you can die acting. Some merchant account now that are deadliest. Comment ask question for Michelle and I'll miss you may not have an answer to this. But if for some reason Hanley Ramirez is tied to this rain and for anyway if they can possibly Trace this this this ring. Back to any overdose deaths. Could he then pitted charges be more than just drug charges could there be manslaughter charges or is that not how the legal system works. Well right now that no legislation that as accurate that would allow those target to be level. I think they're Barrett plex under the old daughter's estate outside of monitored. She knew it. You know nick potter tarred by it yet somehow hold yeah those responsible. And that lock hands right now. Not an attorney my Iggy my aren't covered arm and I think at that not optimal yet. All right this is a bit and read a lot make it he got there aren't actually do something. Yeah it's terrible it's part of the reason ice I just a few days ago there were ten overdoses. In a matter of just a few days and Waltham so this is a terrible problem. That is affecting Massachusetts and New England are now on the coast masonic secret reporting as always thanks so much you know you're really disease we appreciate taken some time today. Thanks. I tell us something better right on top of our showed she had a very important things should get to this afternoon. With her family so wanted to replay that kind of get all the nuts and bolts and a shoe was on last night with Ken -- area on the post game show a little late knows about we get her on again today is one we had the opportunity. So here's what's interesting and everybody's watching the timeline right like the timeline I think is the most sort of intriguing. Thing about this story mark from a sports perspective. Did the Red Sox really know he's this by the abruptly released him. It seems like the timeline doesn't really add up raid because. That this guy was pulled over on May thirtieth and Tammy was designated for assignment on May 25. Two things in the Alex Roemer article which actually just retreated which goes through the timeline things you find out there that there was a big drops bust. Drug bust in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire on April 25. So you have to ask yourself okay what it was any evidence at that point on earth and then there's vick's. This is retreated today and kind of re posted out there on Twitter. And on May 25 Jerryd proudest weeded terrorist Jered first race for Parcells sports. In a shocking move the Red Sox have designated Hanley Ramirez for assignment. One of the first content he got from it was from a guy I won't give his name out on top are traitors I guess I can Jim's year or so who said. Replies you mean G Jimmy seeing a difference in AG has. And he responded to Jared I saying. Eyewitness is may 26 that's that's why I keep this in in in perspective this is may 25 it David Hanley Ramirez was released. I would investigate the local law enforcement regarding hand late. His car and something that shouldn't have been in their Jared. More to this story then being then that is being reported hash tag inside sources. Which at that time we probably would have liked him and I go game and now whatever conspiracies area and there's no they arrest record. But it is something to take into consideration because. If this person has inside sources he knew that hand at the dearly is the risk there is some talk about some sort of activity going on on May 25. That's you have to start asking yourself were other Red Sox aware of something going on are they now trying to backtrack and comrade. Is there any you know. Does it go deeper is is on course trying to cover their tracks and blinking it's a may thirtieth but was there something before hand like these are questions. That you do have to ask about the Red Sox and why they released him in how much being. Well the bigger question for me is in LY has new team picked him up since the Red Sox released him I mean here's a guy who's obviously you'd you know bonafide Major League Baseball player and he. Has made it. Couple All Star Games and yet nobody and I mean nobody is touching him with a ten foot pole right now so. Maybe the word got out there I don't know blight I mean no one. Is touching in the Ramirez now we know why. But like at the time like you know when we goes by two weeks my neighbors talked it you know you knew something was up training. Kind of like the Dwight Howard being bought out by Brooklyn when Baltimore said now we're good Baltimore but right worst team in baseball. When they said it would not touch it Ahmadinejad. Is that like our incan times are likes a lot of people talk more RT I mean like just all seems that would be you know. Tape I want it just brings something up because we you know we've talked enough about roost they cast DO. So here's the thing. I understand now why the Red Sox haven't called mop some minutes stop saying bring up Bruce they casting where did you find okay. He'd Abraham's article from a couple months ago luxury tax payroll take into account a player's average annual salary which is ten point 36 million for cast deal. If the Red Sox were to add him. Would raise their pay roll well over the highest luxury tax tier of 237. Million plots all I'm not done yet. The over age would be tax 64 and a half percent that's Sox would see their top pick. And the 2019. Draft dropped ten spots. Worse. I'm staying at play need to rebuild there farm system worse than that team would lose financial flexibility to make additions during the season so forget respect as PO I understand it now they can beat Abraham I got it. Are right that that actually does make a lot yeah signs don't forget it is not just paying a little bit more now it's not about no sheep you know I ran it became know as to your further my years year old v.s and you're losing ten spots in the draft picks your no way. No way he's you could find yourself out of the first round yeah. Right because it's based on how you perform right yeah so you're cheered so gay guys say they they know the way LCS they could be as low is 26. 25 you dogs and he finds out in the second round that's that's something that now I get it now so forget about Bruce they can steal folks that's not the answer. All right we'll have our quick break Emmy wrap up they show up safari three and enough to ultimate break training because Derek. And John Tomas. This slug Sports Radio WEEI. My last couple minutes here on trains mossy Mark James filling in for John Osce on the lots is up. Next he will take yet to the Red Sox game Red Sox of course play in Seattle Mariners. Game two of their three game set tonight our coverage begins at six Tony 5715. Start from that game. The let's. I am anyway aren't they a record tourney after the Red Sox game after the date the post game boxing know there is not I will just check me out and as a sports say tonight at 10 o'clock on nested. Budget isn't the Sox games and Arkansas beyond them I think 10 o'clock tonight and yet and tomorrow more innocent sports update I work weekends. Sorry that I'm done for the day after an aside all adds Ali my dad's brother in Bryant Molly ball forever it's not funny. You know what Katrina it lets me very truthful Pallet so I'm going I'm not dependent on him. Did dump have they nicked up Pedroia was gonna come back a little pot from the left I'm not dependent on them either. Oh by the way what about the trap shot oh that's right each race in Milwaukee for Tyler thought they go into a kind of yeah yeah I really liked having her acting on city they called. Yeah they've done a city but it's a nightmare. This is is that going to be curious what Ambrose he does that the deadlock he took five weeks because nobody tradable we the Yankees had left the pitch yet. Now anybody tell it to them to anoint lavatories and the other guys get locked. What I completely naked and let them go for a you know media capitulate. Maybe now Cole Hamels Lucas sides yet. Don't know wanted to groomed for those guys usually go out to leave book but it's renamed and intrigued me the most that the red Andrew McCutcheon. Was docket and deadlocked race. When Ted Lowery bringing back though I you know into McCutcheon is very interesting. Very all now. He's a call and he's with the giants. That's right yes yes yes San Francisco yeah outsell but I don't know if he's up for but whose stock is too -- that Travis shock. Trays yes even though he's gotten about your teacher last year had like over 31 home runs that he was great from Milwaukee so that. So you're not getting anything done and no tie I probably or nothing even nothing's on nothing and every time he pitches in the minors boom struggles and then his rehab and his return has pushed back. Let's assess subjects and that McCain and Carson Smith oh. That is a tough at that that's right I will say many of the trades that gave damp grass he's made that one for Jim Palmer and that one for Craig Kimbrel. I gig goes one for Chris Sale obvious Riley is that you're looking okay you guys your assets wisely used not you had a team with young players now on the roster that you you could bolster. Oh Germany just scored on Sweden in extra time there are concerned World Cup's we're we're not at the US is an attorney orders. Pat yourself. Like you're so the anti Tomas. All I Mary Hudson I love the World Cup I don't know I guess every morning and watch rounded up by the way I like less stressful the news I know listened. She's the US and Italy didn't. They have talented guy and part of the months. Nothing that I it is a bomber that elite in getting it because in my neighbor and there is fun and always. Pull ended down child and I are opposed to so I am around 2 o'clock Iceland is dating her for Iceland just an awesome country. They Germans. Apparently deceased we didn't steal this one take attack that day or practice area. Possible to Booker there. RA anyway I digress 99 minutes listening cares at all about soccer but is a beautiful game I encourage you watch it. More than you are now that they said Pat Burrell and how salutes. There's dozens of thank you very much I think some summer I had some X feet. For calling in and I she's very busy today we appreciate that. Math and yeah that's about it Pollack a lot is up next ten mossy is back next weekend I am costs. So little flip flop the weeks here I'm assuming you'll probably be as Mark James it's not seamer James show but maybe it was something different we never know it's. He's a surprise it's always a maybe zine meant. And stay tuned stay with WEEI Alan's Roemer is definitely on this story regarding Hanley Ramirez I'm sure curtain Callahan will have the absolute latest. We'll probably have Michelle McPhee on once again Monday morning anything that she can find out she can go to the courthouse. On Monday so keeping here remember Red Sox radio networks extreme back.