Trey Flowers on OMF - I don't want to make [kneeling] about Trump 9-25-17

Monday, September 25th

You know what time it is. Patriots defensive end Trey Flowers joins the guys at Gillette following the big win over the Texans. Trey shares what it was like chasing DeShaun Watson all over the field and the gameplan going into the Houston match up. Trey also shared his views on players taking a knee during the National Anthem as well his opinion on the president's comments.


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Nobody ever say anything much and let your mom and all you've been. We are kind of flows from Colombo most of those emotions are much more. You know don't see her out for us. I just had been etc. there are put Obama joked we're gonna talk about the president's own yeah they have the same type of fat. Trey flowers joins us live down here at Gillette Stadium on patriots Monday go to Syria we have users and you what did you would no problem is a cellulose to feel yesterday did you and dehydrated out to watch video. They knew it was but your nose is one of those days it is known losing ground at the edit series together like. It's now wasn't around in your nose pretty good of Islam. It knows is one of those guys you love me enough. Were you love it when you guys you know start that game were you surprised at how good of a passer he was going to be. Oh yeah I mean we we know me you know without a dad he's he you know deadly able to make plays his days you know also capable of you know some sort of bothering. You know he doesn't good refused he noted that kids is who have so. You know I always say surprised. You know just. You know we just had images knew we had you know make him throw it from a park you rather than. You know making plays and breaking contain and you know thrown it on the run things like there's so. Those kind of it's. The principal. Amount of time general view that the film yet enough by early times sentenced him that we did everything we want to do with contain and edited in he still live. Got out of it may place yeah. Q if this is play time zone. You know is his blows them is the initiative so you got a lot of great players on the other side of the ball. And he's one of on this they would make those subtle play so you can probably do things this just is perfect you know you defeat you know an office in mind that these active way. You know legacy he's a great player and made it made great place alone in notice there's there's no benefit live in the days and. Archer three weeks now and your defense has given up an awful lot of points we've seen the defense gave up yardage before. But not big chunk plays like you're giving up right now. What does it is a communication and what is the problem here what do you think the problem. You know I'm not you move. Experience and notes is this it dictator of a problem with things active boy that should talk to your other teammates you used. You got to figure out and you're trying to make it down again did it did no doubt but Rome. You know I think he's. I think in a lot of guys. In Busch cars and you know areas to make plays that they used is you know about making his is about making those that was beautiful views. Coax it through to hold. You know residences. You know at the beginning yeah you are my had a right dead right coverage would it. You know we've been facing a lot of you know scrambling quarterbacks and things like that so you know. You know so. Is forcing you to be discipline. You know rather innocent rollers you know as far as and Russian eyes wasn't to be disciplined. And if you make over to stay which amenities like this so. I think he's just you know did BF focusing and finishing plays and commissioners are screws. You know you probably have to have guys in third down situations where you know united to get out the field could. In whom you know you duo plays here and there are so in I think he's just above quote listen engines continue to work and that. You know we will we will get back to working mom and keeper or. So yeah I was sitting there you know who your position. It is justices specifically do you. You know seem like they move you around you know and try to do it did you if it was an advantageous you know situation personal situation. Is there are preserved one position that we just wishing you just. Stay at the right and let beds and help me. Is that near you and you kind of like you know you. I mean you know me is this. You know I'm just happy being that don't have the advantage has been able to be in position to make a place so. You know I think there's more to 12 rookie year would we not planned. You know Rogers came back we. It no matter where they put me yet downloads is fun way to be productive so. You know I was like this are positioned bitten as you know I'm Zia may be more natural to one thing or other than the bottom. You know you know the more you can do so in judges got to find a way to. So to be you know something may not be strong near right now and just continue to work on and. So Terry Friday night president trumped themselves some ridiculous comments and across the league people are kneeling team to come together you guys had sixteen players kneeling you'll one of them and just yours. In year month for you personally why did you need. Rome. You know it's you know it is an immediate needs. And in. You know long. Make use of bio trump or make you don't borrow. You know. You know the situation going known you know stick to spores bullet you know what I would say is. You know does there are strict have for. Demeaning women therefore what is countries. You know. Salute him for almost a spit because you know you you know only edges. Dying or you know put your life when I'm liable to put your life when I left somebody prior don't even know so. You know in. You notice more occurs to anybody can ever had you know there is a reason why I'm not the minutes. I don't think will be able to have. My life left with some I don't know enough for my family okay boy. You know beaten you know so is of utmost respect for. Those guys who put delightful and and you know as far as nearly was no disrespect soon. Do you know. Or order people to fight for the cause you order fled or disclosure. What you know it was just. I think you lose a lot of guys you know will for me it was a food dishes big is scores the Communist bloom. It was just about I think it it is one of those days and I told noted media you know if you your brother's keeper. You know say I got a brother and I got to you know home or whatever and I'm not doing you know up to my standards. You know sit me to a higher standard so if I'm not to my standard is let me know. In their tail me in the you know kind of make me to be better in net and that's what thing you notice could you shoot. Want to be is beat bit and continue to be better and you know so you know unified and things like this so you know we we just gonna keep trying to do better and you know as a full watching we'll keep trying to do better so long long. And so I chose to click cut reaction to what the Donald Trump said on Friday night like that I understand why you would be pissed so. I would ask this question then. Why is it. A symbolic gesture towards the flag and toward the anthem. If you were any other player is pissed off Donald Trump you can afford to got a four year every Monday commute you could sit there and say what the president said on Friday night was discussing we're not some of the pitches and sorry you know do we we do a lot of good things in the community and so. Why because I don't look at the flag or look at they have them and seen it you know one orange wig I can you know she strikes lacy stars. Do you not understand why military people like people ought they would look at it and say. That that they're making it by a truck but they're there they're treading on the fly. Yeah I definitely understand it and you know is. Is a lot of different opinions out there and people have those rights and opinions and you know I was doing once. Dishes victim from a prior accident board when he came to. You noted news thing usage and things like this it was this. You know I guess he can attack his self went through it as far as. You know is it just was a disrespect to Penn State mean in this kind of like you know. Output it is you know he he he won control improvements. In whom a lot of things. You know did. You know book you see here you know you re on threes and the reason. You know their bodies and you know football player stick to football. These there but it. You know you they got a politicians. And Gretchen and seven no owners what to do not. I know I get it I totally understand that I'd be pissed off from London on you as well. I just an and I heard player after player saying it's not about the military I get that. It's not about the moment but the military viewing it that way noon you can understand it because they look into flight and you look at the at them and they say what the president when we're not Donald Trump has made those comments that you know he's these. He's never king was out of his own a bit crazy Condit. And acting desk that's what we've got a hold him to a standard but we do this next week will any of your players do this to Indy next week. I mean you know I think we weeping. More coats unification. You know with the players and teams that do we know of who wanted to do something as it changes. A statement you know who's a distinguished made directly to you notice in the and you know players that days like this so in just think he's obviously you know us come together. You know dual dual assault they just kind of symbolizing that you know most of produces very pretty much like you know you and your net. You know I felt like he was you know making a statement as though he's something that eases. You know controlled it pretty much everything in you know it you know we only we only got one guy then you know I mean. You're not the changes. So you think can be something again next week a statement made by the esteemed him if you guys talked about I don't know if we haven't talked about in you know I'm usher. Is the you know from looking for. We we we are working on. You know gonna work on Carolina and so you know is not so much energy put its it is you know as a lot of people make the you know and so we we've been allowed someone knows that you know we we're to play football and we understand we got a job to do we headed towards so. You know in you know but this is definitely loud things going on his word and you know he's also living as were as Wilson. It is there you know. It is their point worry suggests the about football I would I would love which he did to that point so it to you you you old enough or you didn't I guess credible enough you know modified enough time. Citizen to voice your opinion. Of them I mean I don't do too much talking you know anyway but you know guys got a pain and you know you active. So my as my opinion I can have are to voice it but it. You know I'm not want to. You know kind of put my opinions on a lot of the people you know because everybody's different and and I think that's. A lot of these Bono which we do situation everybody got different opinions so. You know so you see colleges. You've got to Kansas got let everybody have their opinion in those additional world. The spirits of loved all the players and guys that you and if you write bring everybody together but as it's somebody watching this island hernia that you see sixteen guys needling each other guys standing. It didn't look like unity you know Houston's got everything in airlock to do you guys it looked different they really viewed. Was there still unity ordered that sort of look like your team was got a split in what you wanted to do. Yeah I mean it was unity you understand. The issue in maybe a different as far as a plane oh four of what to do. You know win a national that was play book of unity and understanding in noise and it. You know you've got sued me you got your way of of displaying. You know your dislike being you know we got our way bush you know so if it was saw disown. You know you we were we felt attacked as well as in the bill as you know Brothers and then the brotherhood in the and you know everybody. Our film like this understood that you know doubt know was it. A good come in foam you know. You know managed to order the president you know the United States so they used as unity understand in no one day. You know nobody was for that nobody is for that disrespect thing. You know we we we just go hold on to eat it you got to demand better from cannot pay us as a people. And in America you know is not white and black thing that I like that is America got to. Demand better if you won't do as mayor Betty cages. And we continue to. You know loan. This would he won't look as you can represent America and as soon as we speaking on this might right now represent the pages are president of Palau slam. In whatever are saying. It's this is it's you know you take pass about it. You know you you've got to be professional you gotta be you know yes in a seventeen year old to be more professional game you know and don't the president is so it was kind of in those kind of like you know. You know you want to demand their respect could you just won't be better and you know so. That's it no disrespect to no military. The military you know a person knows anything like that loses. You know it is just come you know you you you just want to be better so bad that it kind of like bush stating that. You know it just be better in you know I think us as a people American people. Just got to put him at a higher standard in demand brightens OK it is great about America you flowers.