Trey Flowers on OMF talks getting right against Atlanta, life as a child construction worker

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, October 23rd

Patriots defensive end Trey Flowers is coming off a strong performance last night against the Falcons. We talk to Trey about the game as well going to work with his dad when he was a kid.


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I mistress money won't back down Eric Philips stadium joining us live this does every week straight flaw it's nice to Unionist. Do you whose group. Hello and good yeah I don't know you know like I did mine whose own episode first question I have for you is 54 unanswered points what did you guys suck so badly in the first half Clinton's Super Bowl. Okay. Yeah. It noticed it was a good today you know you do than most that they signed the supply and demand issue again it's another drag on to act. Do you believe them because if you don't have the problem anymore it now on the they got a lot of far Prague made. You know he's as we get to go rust off misses especially. You know and receiving corps running backs. You know as a good thing so you know they they they do they did but it. And moan don't get and we. They can you walk me through that goal line play the game world jets we can as you were front and out of that plays and always front side that play. I give them into it seemed like you identified it first and I mean I knew who knows but you're big part of the reason why that played a blown up what did you see. But was it would did you guys wrecked this practice you just you know I recognize it based only did they did in the past. Yeah no we didn't record it and autumn purges. You know what I what I saw you know it was empty backfield but he was on the sin and so. In you thanking quarterback sneak core. It doesn't really what I was thinking in this in the within are kind of fill. He knows the missile most common and so it is a caddie he used was be in the middle it. You know he's he's made a greater awareness way to come outside in and thus it is an. And so you know once. No one suffered that miss the most judges. Route and you thought about. You know didn't outside in the if you and you know loses. In iChat you know party that says you try to make the tackle on me Kevin moves. You know clean it up so you know who it was is one of those awareness plays in. You know we saw out of formation in chart is cute. You were you surprised that they came out and tried to establish the run as much as it did on first down. You know we weren't surprised though we include a head of dominant run damage. A lot of confidence in Iran and especially. You know of one victim of that kind of played this or you can you know. While back to the feeling that they'd probably saudis here as far as is. You know armed struggle and run them a little bit so you know we know it is welcome uncharted two and it was his art just. Was there an emphasis this week on the outside and running game because that's killed in the in this first half of the Super Bowl well. Shut down 00 yeah definitely you know. A lot of credit toss a lot of Steelers game. You know as far as you know separate plays good. You know we kind of folds in on it they're practicing and you know we. We do pretty good one when did you tell that Matt Ryan wanted nothing to do with this game. I mean he's a competitive man is. It doesn't seem like he's compare them in. Many. In you. I wouldn't say it ages you know checked out no Leo these two T determined they continue to play so. You know and he uses our jobs and not give me life and enough was UV you due to his simplicity which is you know group play from. No Leo will. You know it was we we knew views you know fights and things. He did is he out. Many say be it seemed like you guys broke his will who did this he is he talking is yeah yeah up in a way is do you do here cracking in his voice as it's called a snaps. Not I own here and talk to Lewis you know jesus' Netanyahu do do do too much about anybody else on the team it seems like they're all kind of ads is done here in this fourth quarter. Now you not think about. I don't here's. I hear it's and the team talk I mean you know us you know Malcolm in the Mountain View and you out so you know he's deadly. With somebody but. You know towards the end of the game but it. You know oh they do do Woodson was talking about it. I'm it up yeah. So obviously you guys always have confidence in yourself as a defense and as a team on. How important was it the game like this though in the law. All three phases of it and build just sort of a skate this is this is what it looks like this is what we work you have a game like this that port for your group. Oh yeah is definitely important you know we can you let's assume that our confidence you know and in the guises acted to make a play and in they would do is really put a lot of focus and preparation as we as far as practice and things like this so. You know fought for us. Come out and prepare we're prepared during the week before it is type of game and they go out into cutie was it was being. Who have so you did a much better job in third down from the efficiency and that's something you've been talking about the last few weeks killing you guys third and long whatever. So what did you think when it came out in fourth and wanted it to dry you off celebrity thing. Billion the first time and then the the second time we have to stop them. You know we eat it took me by surprise you know as far as you know. You know him an a four way you know you to exited the field position it was either. You node in China tennis detour or you know so field goals so. You know. Days like did you notice he caught and you know for lapses so as far as he noted try to run a plate there on third down on to Google for all four so. You know low wages at you know instead of winter in you know tournament before an out or or get out of thrown four or four or opportunity but. You know we. I always say we lose you know going into game you know prepare for a boy you know. As one noted that crazy it yeah it wasn't like you know fourth and 24 and three with a pretty good job it all done it before the sixth opening whatever it was and knew they were there actually gonna run this that is so Obama's disrespect to the difference have been seclusion. And we didn't get this is why would you give the ball back to Bernie. For the short field with twelve minutes left and again this history a red. Was a little road they disrespect did did it. Listen go to is going just the numbers in you know no thought they it at a bed it's is you know gore for bush. In all we know we stopped in Warren Moon. CN cotton Jennings less about the disrespect the defense but respecting the offense of the patriots because they feel like they have. After you keep it going live at the take their chances against these two that don't you all back. Yeah I mean yeah it's always the first time that it was in his you know me you know uses toss in 2000 up you know pointers than. You know you you'll played a rope batteries so. You know when it and would it with a success wrong and on the. And Smyrna and it was I think it was or Ryan run McEnroe yeah actually reported I am yes welcome. Really Cordova scrimmage I don't know what it was definitely come a long run clean that up. Posada Brady. I don't watch a firmer as the did his bassinet 88 so you so you're dead as a construction practice are you did you used to go to work with them exactly. Is that was that something that you grew up doing did have more to go yeah it was crazy off slowly reasoning. It's also undergo blow way you know whoever Jerry Rice thing here since her from listeners and her. Not and I got a lot of cities saw record you know it was ten of those though. You know and you pretty much as we was a crew that I. But. I don't know how not to pay. All we have done naslund 05 products. Runs out loud in you know when do it's much is run there a's blew it you know once again late in and in his blog at the exhaust. Sonny Purdue bricks correct me June did you like build a house from scratch. I had to what did you like did you get that our exhibit a question how long do you think you should take to redo your basement I. Is the way to a to a community competitive. You wanna flip about the corporate no no you corporate yeah. But we're doing is already here ask your monitor isn't done yet that's almost there's almost almost nobody's done. If that's on the you'd wanna get into is that the is that late you know but I don't want to play football what your job. And guess what you're adolescents are there I know you're in good shape. Yeah not completed 49. But you know it I was you know. You know I love you Bono work whom my hands in view a list of things like this so. You know move while wanted you to add to full blow book his you know his steal our labor you know that's really get a little meet and this just has. Richard yeah trade higher crude you flip houses. This is a USS. That's as she ran into him to write and make some money in foreign policy goal and investment with a much of the game did you see arsenal of all forwards a lot of the game Muslim. Am I. It wasn't bad wasn't bad I want one bad round of do you know they say who is you know as far as TB TV time in the new noted in China and the code of pitches and plays and you know you could receive. There on the news. It was anyone's good luck looking at the alternatives. Yeah. On land that also look at it like you've got screwed up. And it didn't know what Nate. Somebody else finds a terrific game terrific congratulations we'll see you next week I don't know I don't go to an ultra flowers brought to you by complaints ski insurance and by ERS. Restoration specials.