Trey Flowers on OMF - We have to make great, not good, defensive plays 10-2-17

Monday, October 2nd

Patriots defensive end Trey Flowers joins the guys to discuss the Sunday afternoon loss to the Panthers. 


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I know I'm a full life down here at Gillette Stadium chewed through the flaws just losses and timeless as though that I don't know that open heart to listen to him. They have the prettiest lake every. Media member in New England kind of like you're known guys like. You stole something tonight. And we we will start it's a question we ask every single week and obviously there haven't been answers yet. But also what this what is it. Frustrating for you and other players because I've got to believe you think you're a lot better than what we're seeing right now these numbers are just. Historical off the chart bad here try and got a lot of good personnel on that defensive side of the ball who played. Here before you is it frustrating now. Yeah you know is thousand foot sturgeon you know united dorm was he you know UK blu Dornan and he nudges. In those two over the did you know just come doubts. Continue to work or could see. You know keep pushing forward and you know just keep working and so. So when it comes to I know league as far as communication between. Corners and safeties are hugely odds color. Recording for it to that much or exert changes whatever. But in regards to the front for the linebackers. How does that work with you guys did it determining you know who goes where somebody lives abroad who's in charge of that overall group. It's houses and non factor there and kind of you know if that's the you know a over the low formation one way more. You know that they wanna. You know. Castles on gifts on us as far as you know to help them out because over standpoint in order to move them and you know wages you know go go where you know it would have put a solo home. You know that's it's you notice you know safety may come down to move in a somewhat so. But. Yeah I think you know communication is. You know be do you part of our defense causes a lot of more import so is a lot of guys who. No play different positions they differ rose and they do different things so. You know been able to communicate and understand move that would it is is definitely a big part of defense in. You notice is one of the things you just got to keep working on him. If you guys defensively worked together as a unit you know terrible big plays are still a bend but don't break and is it big plays have been everywhere is that. They talked about that frustration. Working together as a unit. And then you put pressure or just missing the quarterback in the turn around and seen a wide open wider view of 4040 yards and that's. How do you battle that difference between front seven and secondary. All of them is saw a team effort. You know I think. You know boom just. Glory over when you get a say in Quetta changes noted everything has went right we're just about everything you know. You know you can have a all okay were errors and do you goo great coverage and in do you have a 60. You know and as you know usually you get a sick and you'd be plays others need to hold these things you notice that you do areas and I America's. The guys on and it you know contain and so you know is nudges. You know armed forces did a zone is live with the bad Khamis you know who in that. You know in that type of abuses you know we have. If he hold the ball for. Two and has said he's you know I feel like you know boxes these have. Some kind you know disruption or anything you know this far as the front seven somebody sued. Be aggressive be in his face or fiction you know some kind of way so. You know it is. You know is just one of those things to work hand in hand in you know they get it in essentially you see you without again as it. You know give pressure and make until a fascinating want to or no did bother equipment and want to it. You know it is you know benefits have been acting so weird hours and man. Are we talking to trade flower so we have complemented this team over the years for having the capacity the ability. To be able to game plan from week to week to changeup based on the personnel that you see on the offensive side of the ball and I take it you guys continue to do that related to different game plan last week yeah different England next week and the week after that. If that's the case Charlie then and you look at the breakdowns and I hope it's communication I think it's recognizing. What. You're looking at are there guys that are simply having trouble right now. On a week to week basis trying to pick this stuff up. In are always. You know got a lot of Smart and news on defense so. Bonuses of of you know now understand the game plan what to do. The big changes. You know in just for me you know more than anything ages. Folks in off finishing no likenesses you know last week. You know the weeks prior to his folks and on finishing. The rare finishing the play. You know sometimes news. Who's in the right position bullet you know you did fight to finish didn't compete in you know in those plays it. You know to do was. Miscommunication. On it was a misunderstanding. And you know as you got to face those we. You know work hard in continues and be together bush. You know it comes out who it. You know yeah we few mis communication plays it. You know some of those plays where was great communication was it wasn't our position we just gotta finish and make those plays and make great plays you know. You know sometimes you have a good play and they gained three yards Wu we need great plated. Need to tackle for loss so you know it is this some plays I did it. You know I think a lot of guys. You know meet me myself you know on the you know not want quo when I wanna talk about. Talk about these is myself included it is. You know making those great plays you know from the degree and you know our thinking you know. Lord knows you'll what's was what's the mood but was the mood like on. After the game I can't imagine it. Yet be pleasant was today. Without you giving away everything was yelling Bill Belichick or was a toddler was that it condescending bill goes. I mean you know. You notice coaches that he nobility you wanna yours causes you know we expect and demand you know hi Leo are these players so. You know you know it wasn't you know one of those point fingers and days I did. Each is told us in. You know bottom I ended in Nazr afterwards we got to go to the U got a short week we re on at temple so. You know low bullet. You know he just told us we got a lot of work to do and us as players we understand that and you know he's gonna pushes out Hambrecht is and may issue doing the work is required to you know be successful and win. How how do you use how do you not resort to the finger pointing. When it went in what is so obviously that it's it's it's somebody scoring a lot of regular basis that is becoming a trend now how do you make sure that. You don't start point of figure blaming people. I mean you know for me personally I aggressive you know it if it is any play anything you know I want images of replies so. You know put on myself. If you know if it was a bad play here there were. You know you hold the ball long and enforce it means you know put on myself this. You know I should have been there or you know was the process that these in is you can't make your neighbors. In output Tomas also you know isn't. In those arcades is seen it and points. You know Becky is a male and become a better when you know. I should have been there you know Washington made a rush our guys say we need to is that does so from the post's own where. You know I need to see it the block him that's for love forty and you you know. So you know for me is this one rose is you know it is if bum out don't feel I need to make need to be great. And you know I think a lot of guys had two in my acid you know you just got to make a play and you just got to be great and you know. Is not a you can't sit back and wait for somebody else to do you agree with somebody doesn't make you play. You know you gotta be the ones hello that's two so. Last couple weeks to show Watson Cam Newton both guys and if you take your eye on for second you know they're taken off in big yards you look different this week James Winston makes it up by newbie it doesn't run all that much like those other two guys saw how does that approach change. Before you guys. You know we definitely we know he can run and we know he's they would Iran bush. So you know you you still got to be aware anytime you do with somebody who can run did you know. Had the opportunity. You know you do if he's still got to be aware you know I was you probably rushed from one of the more aggressively or. You know not be as this cause is what you still got to view words do you go to or Russia more you know week in terrible quarterback does you know I of the mobile. He had two days to put all of this together you're right how difficult is that. You know this is task will it be notice in those benefit us as did it is as will lose just so you know we're gonna. You know golden eagle and we do it you know. You know the coaches and coaches said they been in this situation all times and they don't know how to prepare and in we will we will of prayers are. So hopefully one of these days you can down here we're going to sit there with the first question with the hell's wrong with. We are we as the right man smiles at this says we worked there arrest and drop the might. There we go Gator right mad you know you definitely believe faith and in all worked in the guys. You know in there work order no room you know come it is so. You know in and I know a lot of people who this day and you know allowed them time to be coordinated easing you in that these active good. You know not a touchdown and attention. Really every. And you know gonna. You know we legal make your words is I work in Q crunch time we'll see and actually got a mariner happier says this I was. Thank you Jerry flowers brought you buy heiress a restoration specialist. And by complaints ski in insurance.