Trey Flowers on OMF: We're grown men, no pats on the back after that game 9-11-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, September 11th

Patriots DE Trey Flowers joins the show to discuss last weeks loss to the Chiefs. 


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Or away Amare and moaning and 48. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Nobody ever does anything much and by your mom and all you've been playing football. We are kind of flows from Beaumont as good as my social mumbo. And no I don't see her out for us. I don't see. Jerry flowers last appearance on this very program so it so we'll do everything we that we go underground tunnels OK we get the ground rules now I don't know what we can talk about what we can't talk about momentum and I don't keep your mama out of it but we got to. We go to about Thursday night is what the hell happened there. Yeah it was you know is considered good things so noted there is gonna who didn't and you know I think. You know we just gotta go let's at a local resident Joan gore working order Rome and welcome back so. You'll wasn't in the do you put your finger to anything to watch the film for multiple times. Sorry that you can point to say okay who may just surprise us with this there are a little bit more aggressive and I thought they were in this situation. I'm the defense is standpoint. I was at a got a lot of explosive players and we note it was explosive offense and I just think you know we was we have a lot of 'cause car out of position you noticed on our office that they it is as far as. You know. No you you you keys you kind of go against a natural. In natural reactions follow the ball also noted our zone going on over here blew it away to corona that's all those Bono sort of glamour. You know dejudder position ending you know kitchen and a vet said to a social. You know does his defense simple we we knew that there was that ain't going inning. You know it in noted they do will also you know you can abuse public confusion with all that movement and you guys obviously went over turned weak today show you different low looks during the course of the game thumb. I don't think is far short of different things uses you know full body listening you know you just kinda you see affairs government that you see. Do quarter read about giving the ball also. You know you damages try to take wasted in you know it was a fake would you take one step and that is one step kind of you know give you the office ago and the bit more position you know might execute would determine its accuse. You know I think just. You know that disallowed a movement that emotion one moment in my legs that we who knows. We're a little harder you know about that. Fool you impressed with with the Kareem on much renewable and come in that game but look what did he show you now a yeah it definitely Harlan. You know rose verio or use facet in you you might think because. You know he's a big but. You know he a different thing Graham Norton in I think rather that things has to do it you know us tech win. You know just trying to you know who have given them an you know legacy is one thing you got to work on Newsweek is live with so so. How how tough was it walking into the the meeting room you. Friday it that was it a soft hand was firm and you know I'm sure a lot of feelings were hurt. Yeah I mean you know this is the national full blown the things in everybody grows so you know his latter. Who knows nada you know passionately bad loans okay type would do you know they're biting and hold yourself to a standard and they know what that was then you know is set around here so. You know guys is who knows just a reality you know you had to face via a video of me room. You know luggage bed and he corrected in you know his book thing you know take your personal. As far as you know is if you give to tackle whatever ma am not saying that it is north Texas but. You know he loses one of those do as you know you'll used to to a standard then you probably. He noted that things that they say who knows. Or ignored it. Yet you know and I've been in those situations right and I know how I'll uncomfortable it is Zinedine d.s idea of not knowing if it's one of the one of them played that he. It's important if you're an alternative it's blatant publicity what's that like I know there's there's just hope yours. Even though it had to say it is you know it could become an exact ages like man I hope. You know you your memory and a game that played as you brought a list of all you I'm out hope they'll put their lakers. You know we're only. Not I was out my gap but it only for seven jaws so you know this they did and made that will it feel worse place tonight yeah it's yeah I don't know this. Yeah yeah you're over a minute to bear so. But you know I guess it is as a reality you have made got to face it in you know is is. No you can't you know it and it's got all lies with the say you know you kind of guns the other dues during. You talked about the confusion that Kansas City offense kind of grief and you how much. Did the fact that you guys did not. Play an awful lot of minutes as a team of personnel what was out there who then you lose dark day when midway through the game how much did that play into because it did not look like you guys were cohesive out there at all. Yeah I don't think you know as far as you know how much she. Played a dent planned pre season you know made it made as far as the difference of you know do we would've you know. You know like to see him work together better as some I mean we he's practice days and things like them and I was wrecked his boot. You know our praises kind of you know it's disseminate the game as as well as possible so you know I always say that. You know exists does not plan or some players that plan you know together in the pre season has. Was was in the BQ Ian you miss a lot of different faces a little bit here you lose that date I towns and here's when he comes out of the game. Did you find your role change as far as like that leader and a defense when you lose an impact guy like him. Me. Oh thank you this you know. Was one of those things like our guy out of make sure I see some roommates are talk commissioner you know he loses us a lot of the Arizona defense you know a lot of guys this in August of being moved. He noted no was going also in I did feel the need to. You know kinda am. In over resume tours say something that you noticed there was you know music via C you know a lot of guys is understood did OK somebody went down so. Most of my got to step of being in you know loses the. Guys I know you know you guys wouldn't do this and this this is what we do we speculate we've. We tried just think about these sort of Rob Ninkovich situation. Comes up right. There's somebody's cleaning yeah and I grizzlies just leave us our. A sample Freddie hey we're are at UCLA a lot of south of material. If you lord serial. If you were to. Send a message or care package to rub and it appears to complete the comeback what would you send according what he would do. Let him. And we would appear Dracula. Let me get tickets to you don't got killed in. Yeah masters ma'am I don't know. Alone though no you know. I'm have you thought about that at all have you thought about that I mean is like you know I those tires to be naturally guys you know do we got room for rob right amount being noted that may ease. You know made his decision that was the you know the hard decisions so. In. You know as far clippers own the exam is situated in that you know but and that he. You know he's yeah this is a helmet. Socks on TV. I'm better off you know exactly the sort of battle right now I feel like you're you an endless loop. You know he's got a five against fighters flew in you know these. You know he had right now also you know the let me just get them on the mortgage help us ought to be confirms what most of Cassius marsh it is a lot of ink on the body because there is that I've black that he and undersized at the crosses those of real that Jews of autism that's an odd that there OK I just wanted to make sure you don't want to place all this I was scared yeah I have. No idea. If you want I don't know if a kid that I think this could play this other. Tricky getting a team in which you're gonna get the opportunity to watch from tonight you've probably seen. Some tape on them as well and it's team that provides pretty good running attack and you guys have probably spent. A lot of time in sub packages because they also throw the ball pretty well what it's is a high powered offense so you have to play on Sunday. This definitely who noted. You know that's led to produce and you noted they edit this year and you know those are India. You know explosive offense and Drew Brees and you know is is one of those things when I was in a film made you who go to phase letting go of things is you know week two weeks so. No he's got to work order and and moon game plan from. I'm I'm good visiting with you know we said anything about anybody you're saying I was I don't know I don't know where I really emerged like I America could say it's like flowers brought you by if arrests restoration specialist. And bike complaint ski insurance.