Trump goes after the NFL again. 10-11-17

Mut at Night
Wednesday, October 11th

In the final hour Mut is joined by John Tomase and they react to Trump attacking the NFL again. Mut and Tomase also talk about a person that called into late night that called him and Bradfo sexist. 


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It's. Monday night. Look guys you would ideally like to name somebody as quickly as possible and whatnot speed up the process and don't make a wise decision. I always keep a list of names for any position that hiring so I have that have a list. And have added names of all this from some recommendations from personal. I don't have a specific time frame other than ideally it's quicker and sooner than later with my. Rob I am I am completely and and and dot what would support or put. Mark gains on the head for about half and I think it's the best thing and we'll be quite honest there haven't paid. Now here's my life at night on Sports Radio W we. It's just that. That's down later on this hour Alex Kremer because reverse nightly round after dark right now the polls that show up on your way at 10 o'clock here on W Wi B I until that month mossy holding down. Yankees holding down I said fifth inning still pump four in Cleveland three nothing yankees who found the game I heard a very FS one which wasn't sure we get. On the cable system here W there ago. Nice of you by the way well I guess you born and she won four I was Wesley rats though is taking off heat she's ripping rob I'm guessing. Just guessing. The battle stunt might not have been Brad those. Might have been sick this that we could have just add file when that but I thought. Or bolt I mean I am a method actor I would this radio thing fails I'm going to be an act of their deal on these shows and albeit big deal Robbins act his way through life to this point so you know he can put on show one of rob it of rolled Mark James I've played with slippery. At color did you decide it was going to be do I gave us is rob was against. I gave him the choice. And heat you wanna play the role I'm sorry James interest they're great job erred again today and a couple different shows and good job by rob I sucked but rob was good. And she did the caller did not like. Called the show sexist called the stunt sexist would you consider I noted as a dreamer. Oh boy it's OK he'll be here little rap out now we get to from 10 PM until 2 AM here. On WEE we see you guys all the talk Red Sox will get to your calls this segment I promise. I did wanna play a little bit the president this'll be a big story tomorrow he's currently on Sean Hannity tonight. It was taped so they do this thing within the couple things out before 9 o'clock chair. And I think they know Hannity show that right now the biggest story of the biggest things can be a pause is not tax reform. As he's promoting this up being a big deal about tonight although wall or the other in India or North Korea are hitting LT and Harvey Weinstein at this point okay. The biggest radio as the NFL and the anthem he is is like his cell of sir I understand. But his base loves it Yuxi here in the clip about the play. The crowd there Rory speaking actually do you know we're speaking tonight take off my headphones you cannot take your head falls off switcher make America great again hat on. This is our president I'll work president my president my president Donald Trump. Addressing once again the NFL column Capra nick. Neal Anthony at that and what. I heard this before what Donald Trump of down last year when Colin cap ex sergeant Neil for the anthem. What would the Donald had done if you ran the NFL this was trampled awhile ago I watched. Colin peppard neck and I don't it was terrible. And then they got bigger and bigger and started mushrooming and frankly the NFL should have suspended him for one game. He would have never done it again they could event just. For the season and you never had a problem. But I will tell you you cannot disrespect our country. Flags are and then you can prove. It. He would've review of the NFL. Suspended Colin capita a year ago now I will let you would you know what I'll let you go first because this is really. He's your president first and foremost you voted for widened the gap that's that's so when when you hear that what is your initial reaction to the president heads you passed today. USA. USA. You as a dad that's my reaction I EMI and it's a reaction is. This just continues to be so rich the guy who rips John McCain in the gold star parents of the dead soldier by the way. And all that stuff he's now like you cannot to suspect our troops he could not disrespect the flag. This is the last pathetic little foothold. That he has with his shrinking by the day days of that crowd is that Fannie and there's that's his baby never ring yes there's a story in the Los in my eyes today able. About his one of his best friends this billionaire. Real estate guy from New York. Who's considered the trump whisper this guy who's the only person on earth who can tell him when he's Ron in tone that. What he's saying is stupid and Mac guy is like I don't know I don't know what's happening to him. He's he's like he's trying to appeal to a base that so on the fringe and so marginal. That it doesn't represent the interest of anybody anybody and it's like your the president and everybody now. You should probably try to govern everybody he's doubling down on the the fringe. I hear that and at its essence it is in pandering yes our I understand that he beat me out all the bases that's only shrinking. It is but he eat he knows he's gonna get that response he knows that he knows the countries with the forget space for second vote to agree. That the countries with Donald Trump on us now and let the majority of the gas is now I don't think so I damage a majority and I Prius driving how are already there. Actually I'm the only person I know who drives a Prius on I I think pre does a nice if Graham I was driving the kids to school this morning. And a neighbor was watching and the kids like rolled out windows there on Saturday when. Mom was like. John you got a Prius and like that's right baby. Prius wow. It should be proud I saw your Prius like it did you know doubled over laughing looks great it's a nice little car ice it for the anthem in the back with a nice touch and yes I. Of. I I think that Seguin disagreement I think the country agrees with him from the moderate the president on this and on the kind of poll on this issue. They agree will fly and it. I also think that he's wrong about the league suspending Colin capita that's sort of silly at all there's no rule on the books or they have done. They Colin no rule organ suspend you for it. Here's our agree with the suspension here is where. And may have. I guess I agree they shred of what he's saying. If the 49ers had said to him call we're gonna stand as a team if you deal. You might face punishment whether it was suspension or fine whenever. He still bitter after the team said you can't do that we the team policy going for the so we're gonna do it. Dollar have been okay of the suspension this too. Suggest the league. Should have stepped in with no rule and told the NFL PA were suspending what are your players. For doing something we don't like. Would have caused an absolute. World war three scenario amongst the players in the league they could've done and so doves they might try out but again. If a team told the lash of the 49ers hate you duck and the only morning does. To me that's suspended. That is the I said yeah that's our policies also but this is so stupid even behind in China policy I know because all he's trying to do is ignited culture war because that's Ali's. He has no accomplishments legislatively. He has nothing to point to and his leadership has failed as well as Rabbani first and foremost become that which is Larry which he inherit Arnold that he's in a lot of jobs I talked about we just lost our company is number so proud of our time in years about overall. The overall budget September what about the overall everything you know the overall number of September's down and I was overall number of late taken over yeah I'd. It was I may not work I think we've added job we have had wherever it is like and it's already rates. For the last however many years of the about properties just inherited this that's the point. When he brags about the stock market and you look at the trends under Obama and and you look at them under trumpets the same exact. Pattern he inherited it. But a lawyer where digress what your national poll question. Well I was on 538 it's it's it's kind of annoying so. One of themselves as he gets elected president because SharePoint now while partly but also because they present like twenty different things and I just wanna see when it's easy to read the easiest to read one. CBS news. Do you approve or disapprove of football players protesting by kneeling during the anthem this one it just says. 75%. Of black Americans. Approve. 25% of whites are selling out the racial divide which is exactly what trump is trying to play. Which is evil and this is not anyone I we agree about that iPad is to speak I think he's trying to play more on the patriotic nature of his base in the Vietnam raising monthly there too intertwined because his base. Thinks here we go these are the kind of things I say that in a but the morning shall lay a monster day. But his base things of white Americans are more patriotic and black Americans like bats. That's right yeah that's absolutely 100 reserve base football fans who want to stand for the committee knows that he's going to get that finals are are slight American Weis has been sail back I left black assault saying you guys drought is more I don't know if they're taking their now they might pass his care with a call those players where he was there for good ol' football game and he he dug up fixer fertility fourteen such an at a press release already written and don't exist. Like talk about a waste of money and time. Are so I'm down. So down exactly so doubt. So down on. To ever watch Conan O'Brien back in the day when he would have been thing winner. Artsy said the Singh and Adam is still photo of some famous person. And they would do like David superimposed just some random guy's lips and that guy would tock is a fear that person and you would just be like. All it like there's moment Jesse Ventura. Whereas like Jesse Ventura was constant volcano things Jesse the body. When he was the governor or whatever it was a Minnesota. He is constantly getting in trouble saying things like religion as a crutch for the weak minded and stuff that he got in trouble for so they would always have that with him. I was thinking this because that one of them here's a slight. Conan take this camera off me Conan I'm gonna say something stupid again Conan to. I think midget should be kept as pets like that that kind of stuff like trump just says that kind of stupid stuff this is as dumb as that. It sounds like though in the league released today they they tested the waters with this with this early in the week yet on Monday or Tuesday. They sent a letter to all the owners saying there we're gonna talk next week about new policy going forward that led people speculating. Holy crap the NFL is going to say you know the standard yet which I think the NBA are ready says which yes that it act and and silver came out said players who don't stand for the anthem they'll they'll be punished like he's admitted that. But the NFL players' reaction was LB help the pay and they can't do it is obvious is trumps at the center rabbit you know a scandal that has not been as good as say Adam silver. Baghdad backlash immediately led doing another joint press releases on public consumption not sent to the owners. NFL NFL PA saying we are not planning on changing any policy act suggests that we're just gonna meets that I could put up your second. Op if the individual teams wanna have a role. That's OK if the league wants to put a rule in place. If the NFL PA agrees the one USA but to just start suspending guys the way trump suggests for dealing Vietnamese. Can we nominated by the way Jerry Jones is the ultimate fried in all of this I mean there's a lot of friends but in for from an NFL perspective he does that awful. Smirking. Lee airing like Neil Lane proudly of the tallest players organ post aren't totally ask the captain morgue imposed before the add them. And just that look of smug satisfaction on his face and then he's the one turning around. I so badly even if I didn't care about this issue at all. I would so badly want to act press guy. You know is Ezekiel Elliott name anybody want they all had Diaz. They should all kneel before that game be like bench me well I'll tell you what a heat meet their backup QB let him play he is pissed off as players because. Back Zeke and Jason Witten were nowhere to be found and the cowboys writers like these guys are everywhere and Zeta talk. They were nowhere today because their owner. Four I anger and in support of trump is my guess of course at all hander had this you know whom the guys will be dealt with well since. Again is better ways to do it than that just say we have a policy going forward guys this organ handle it. And this is a team policy this is why we're doing it duo behind closed doors don't look for when he here don't because then leads to dumb things and Michael will on saying that. He's a plantation or trying to compare him to ace label which again. It's stupid cars are my main wheel auto like shot out that on the show dollar market that dumb comic by will blonde but Jerry Jones put an opposition because he has said publicly take. And exactly tough guy instead of handle like a man in there at letting his team decide or. Just saying look keep telling his team behind the scenes here's what I do here is why we are doing it. This with the cowboys stand for one and the like we knelt we kneel down and Arizona for the game. All four during the at the bigger stage instead he did this. You know at least a grand standings don't they take away from this is. Chris rich white people are the worst people in the world other than George Soros of course rich white people at a worse people were. That's just the bottom line. I I talk to be one some day by. Yet have an outage or at a greatly originally or added that the Hollywood. Crowd is that a great epic Harvey Weinstein terrible from terrible Terry Jones terrible Matt Damon terrible all the athletics terrible. The gives you so anti anti Arab rich white person. Of Dallas. 6177797. Out hourly everything you heard on the merits to. I found that after they're they're both reachable light you people both guys. Yet there and that's. Dave and locate my Dave. It would so I mean damn I was in the in the Red Sox and and almost comes out whatever you live day this what shows about what every one yap about bloody. We'll get our one big assay about trumpeted his biggest problem is most political people. That the president they are tilted it people adults up he has no belt so you'd be disclosed that now like scratching your head like with Merrill. Okay Dave I think his biggest problem is that he does admit it's not filter but he does things like spent a year and a half. Are ripping the current president before now former president for golfing a lot. And then goes and sets the damn record for us gulp and I got less than a year and he can't shut up on Twitter is going to be let it go through DNA that's the end of beauty is so much better shape up a PR standpoint and we don't care about that I understand but. Put down Twitter but the driver in the bag you're looking back or a couple of Tikrit he's the ultimate hypocrite shut up John Allen Dave and my cousin. They're numbered also let you know besides school got a goal so we may be good to handicap the item most people think. I don't believe that. He would never I want. That would get him on not pretzel you know launch on on talk about the sponsor Somali seas safe net. Kolb doesn't seem like he had the name look did you prospect of Red Sox never get that tape blocked by trees so I'm sitting here in this. The arms system. OK you are we saying that's on all of the bomb got so you had to build upon. I'm gonna say it again hey look at the core of this team it's built from the pharmacist checked motif Betsy penetrated and Bogart's he could return it and present intently devers. Well those count on not only arguing about pitches I'm arguing about every day how many wins of the farms is and how this year. And no idea zero. You mean debate as to. Which it probably won't you guys give me your aren't watching people want our but I wanna get on Dombrowski. Got to give our ticket two year minimum. Deceit did you bring your manager and and maybe spend money nevertheless she was it would target someone OK. With that luxury tax thing sold. Let let's he would give him two years and dialogues and we talked last week ma bell led gulf. We had to go as easy colonel Dave I'll wait to browse the I think he's he's got. I take two that it would have to be something really rash. To see them browse he loses job this year. But if you told me they they you know and won more playoff appearance here John Lawson divisional series and miss the playoffs in the other year that's two years. I'm not going to be shocked they have a reset in say 2001. I don't think to browse he's done anything in a done enough where you go black as can be for next five or ten years oh. I wouldn't even give you till two point one mean sun's gonna happen in the next couple years 'cause. Red Sox ownership. Recognizes that the window when you traded for Chris Sale and you went the way that you went your kind alana on. Either this year or next year the year after and if you are not fair by then. Now you've got you know Bogart's is gonna be out and attendees going to be at the guard outside Chad Taylor after that. You can't pay all those guys you don't have a farm systems sorry John but I can't say it again. You don't have a farm system now to support them when they see on whom Santa travels guys and Travis I mean may be bad he didn't show much this year. That's the shore tradable. Try to draw yet. Withholding as we talked about the Comcast business abstract of white guys say Mike Ford. Had there is no you know what he and Brad folk brought this out here rigorous they cast he said it last edited so here he could actually be back in the mix next here is his money's not gonna. You're not getting incur any penalties for adding him like you would atmosphere so he's got by the Chris Young girl. Maybe I gyms in the through hi Jim. Yeah a guy just a couple of things on trump. You guys at big huge odds circuit he represented. A fringe. Of American. Are you kidding he'd carried 47%. Of the ball here. Say champ. I the fringe of the base that he is trying to appeal sometime about his base not the wishy washy people. Who didn't like Clinton or the people who wanted to change or anything like that I'm talking about his base. Is dyed in the wool the people who are not gonna leave in the people that he felt like. He couldn't speak out. Honestly about Charlottesville. Because he didn't want to alienate those people backs the friends and talking about. Well I mean collect I don't know bottle that the way I see I voted for trump he was not my first choice. So you're not in this eventually because I had a choice between. A socialist. A criminal and trump. And they all skunk all of the choices but I I elected people for trump these people what I dislike the least act like that that would have made the right decision. Yes Seattle we consider you part of his base you're not who I'm talking about. Okay well I think I consider myself part of it very I don't that's what matters. I write on the battle in the fall guy. He's a fall guy they had to have a fall guy to get to Boston we have that when the World Series every year doesn't matter that. He gave us three you know division champions doesn't matter he gave it to World Series he we need to follow guidance on. Seething usually kept his job. I don't see why not. I not retreat division champion. But at some point doesn't have what Jim does and at some point your voice what your Claude Julian or Terry Francona or John Ferrell your voice is not resonate any more on this team and enough. Off the field incidents where it's pretty clear they lost respect for the manager whether or is there is fault or not they had bailed on this guy was time for change my. Problem is you know that if anything happens moralists would Francona and what a prank call has been kicking ass in Cleveland. I mean he's pretty he's totally kick as he maybe in the World Series again. Down three nothing right now. It manager and I'm knowledge question in Mac though but I don't but Jim I I would I there's not a bigger Francona supporter than me. But my knock on them was not getting rid of Francona it was when he did it in it was the smear campaign afterwards India clearly gotten a plot would back collapse. The team again had been to new voice that and he hundreds of thirst or punish you Saturdays it's us it's when he needed year off in any was back and it is accurate and he was strong yet. 6177797937. The phone number we'll address with Al extremely here this half hour the fall colleague token which rob raft with public creek our show was called sexist. Our first show the damn off season. Ripped by a female grounder running jeez well dress that was Roemer you'll join you retain your calls until that muck and Tomas you know going. It's always a safe bet with the month at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Lot of guys ready WEEI Alex members series preppy is getting ready he will join us out before he takes the air for food for good here ten. Over the caller who called early this morning on a show critical thoughts on now myself and Bradford. And our text react when a Mark James as she was seeming to bring the hammer down on Bradford you you were getting off funds scared she called the show sexist that's unfair. Woman would have on the for one night oral sex show give and take line gives its Sarah establish that sexism. Over the course of weeks and months not just one show that's not fair. Like what Harvey Weinstein. No that's the best he says sexist is not a strong enough word for what pat and I will say this for you or because I do you view Hollywood is sorting your people yet John yet very lefties yet allow loaded. Lefty believe this sort of laugh out but yet all the oh outspoken yes OK and they get there at the moral high horse and and the moral compass off a positive and that might moral compass is pointed due north I don't know that I would you know put you in that category you're just a a a strong proud lefty liberal. They are you know. We've got all this over and over and they spent like a year now. Trashing the president every turn and and and to have the Harvey Weinstein story come out. And whether it was forget the early stories of Ashley Judd and and Rose McGowan just sort of being sexually. You know a bruise its guarded harassed. It's now this whole Hollywood community. Of guys that here locally you block like Affleck and Damon. In the dirt etc. this thing they kept their mouth shut there's no way that it nailed specially Ben Affleck and also has come out about him. And you have this community that is okay being friendly with Harvey Weinstein and in way more on that Lindsay Lohan wanna take social media to. Again that's all you idiots and I and we yeah. So I am getting the gig all the presidents yet but that'd by Hamas I think we can agree trump doesn't exactly have the moral high ground on this particular issue I don't I don't think grab him by though if I get Burkle the ever claim to what I'm saying is that there. This idea I mean his fans his targets around on after. Weinstein gave money to Obama. Lines to Soledad President Clinton and it's that and it's like okay he's a terrible person no argument here. At houses and hazard I'd better. Aren't there ask you hold on idol I don't think there's quite the rap sheet at this point is up in three different exposure of its I years is it time from all women who have been abused and of the we have a story yet about the president. Before after he was president. Watching having a woman just stand there watching masterly at honestly that's I mean canceled differently parents or it's fake news those Russian news stories about him liking urine. Fake news and they admitted apples are planned to admitted that. The Russians did. That was although they all admitted any oh yes they did dating come ons it will do you believe them yes of the Russians like. We look out brush up on the Michael we've is that out. That actually has a ring of truth to it. Does the whole the bad thing how dare you. Yeah I did it's that's uncalled for and yes I mean if you just if you wanna favorite news quick refresher or we get Jessica leads the flight attendant who in first class. Said that trump remember she was the one who there like defenseless. I half. First class seats don't have arm rests on united littered doubts are American or whatever sounds like eco baby came out of the Ireland say yes he could have lifted the bats. I don't see how that's if that's your best defense you have no defense it's no he said his arms are like an octopus he was like an octopus whose hands are everywhere. Rachel crux the woman who said that he started kissing there. Like even though she didn't give them permission the task is still not the one who was at mar a lot of doing the story on. Pregnant I'm lining up for people. And he dragged her into. The kid's bedroom. And started you know assaulting her basically so. And that's only had this more on without even though it to none and India and the wise rookies novels went to court either to be fair. But those are spread out over. Weinstein did help why you brought out to makes it okay. And I don't know I still though I would also say in the Weinstein case when that the first story came out over the weekend. In the found out at least eight people would settle. With Donald Trump so out of what we're winds over at YST now I don't think we have that kind of tracker with the president yet and I give him time and it's good to be it is it is and it is more about the circle of discuss whether the circle of incest in Hollywood where this guy's OK but the president is not okay where they they're both beer they both on Iraq I did. But but you would admit the Hollywood crowd tries to pretend there at all of that they closed ranks they closed ranks around him and out again net amount that I have no promise that I told you rich white people are the worst even Hollywood return and a I Shaw's in Boston I shot. Our. Car. And a so protesters. I just wanted to know what you think about birds are on record graveyard variable what about it all the slaves got together with the kind of follow. Players association atlas and walk and checking out a cabinet. Well what we want to return as we want article 46 or. What do you think what happened. Hmmm so it's taking any and article 46 off the table so they're asking for two things are not giving anything. Oh it's probably not a great negotiating tactic. Well what it's saying you know again a lot yeah well aren't yelling right now. But what about a figured that that we won't fail. A we will all. Day. So yeah I I'm perfectly OK oracle flaky you say that I mean I'd make that trade India the week is a football fan I hate the idea Sean. But the commissioner has absolute power he should there should be some sort of committee we've seen it now heats up Tom Brady within a step of the Supreme Court yet I maintain that power. He's not given it up for this so I. No idea I mean everything about the bottom line and vote lose money on the bottom line. Don't you think they have we've looked into it. Well it appears the problem you can't get everybody's taken need because the one week where you thought maybe you would see it. I looked through every picture and Getty images I could find mutt I found one white player nailing some lineman for the Broncos that was it it was there was a major. Lack way components of this so if you think at suddenly white players are going to be dealing with there. African American Brothers that does not seem right shot I Salah I oh lunch on a I was to get on the record with us. I'm with you an article 46. I got to stay consistent. I don't want players black or white or brown whatever color they are. I don't want them dealing during the anthem I don't care for its sparkle 46 I don't care efforts for better wages I don't care if it's for less training camp. Pick a different spot to do if I'm gonna be critical of Colin Capp predictor taken meter in the at them that I got to be honest and say I don't want anybody. Take unity during the at the naked tape you every. Their two minutes they can stand for the at them and to salute the country that in the troops and the people fought for their right to play football. That's what I'm hoping for so I liked I liked the theory of your idea I don't want anyone the only during the anthem that's that's my own personal pain. I respect that much I respect. So I that's that's why stand on this and people don't use the anthem Fisher platform future social media. Use your podium after the game use your power in the NF LP. Yeah Williams drama that is those things don't drive attention you won attention you wanted you could find something else I hate absolutely easy you can find something else to do that would create attention it's not new I don't like and I guess once that's basically like. Go take your little protests. All facility somewhere as they can't say as an athlete recognize how much of a platform you have how popular you are public people listen to what you say I would argue it was exaggerating when they are doing. And Callaway why gaga you have played at a football game you know white played the football yeah because it is all part of the artifice of the NFL you on the Internet a holes who talks during the anthem during baseball games. I see hourly you do I don't. Did accuse you so I'm just saying I'm now I might not know generally I don't know I don't alias there I see guys and other boots and it think the talk during the act like it's nothing and I get you see a 160 times a year can actually look in the press box he is sure most of us stand and don't tock there was a lot of time and I guess I'm taken attendants and tell you very quickly in Tampa a few years ago Iowa is. The Red Sox something happened pre game it was better to Z story it's a quick story for its we need to go to bra and not on my story of storage so my story is. We we are writing or writing furiously trying to get the story down in the campus that's I've headphones on and try to meter early deadline for the Harold I'm not paying attention to camp. Is Bible. Flag Bible thumping wave flag waving territory. And there was some guy like us staring. Daggers at me and so I'm a 102 people writing. And he tried to reports he tried to report as he wanted to editor's note this isn't a great story now I'm telling it but basically this guy like. He he wanted our heads because we are not standing at them. And let me guess others and other rich white guy go let himself now he's more like him here. Hold on some guy won just stand during the at them yet he said go F yourself that was your spots via like get out of my. Case you know my boss like sorry I didn't notice he let that it was offended by that. If he was offended by it wasn't he swears he would play where first eyes first. It wasn't easy liaison and but isn't the moral of the story as we got a kick out. You passed today. US day boy you or something else we'll take our final break is a caller who says they want a react to your take on rich white people there and I want to hear that an ally your re routed call 1:45 this morning. Saying that monetize sexism rob Bradford and so we gotta get that reaction and -- comes open and with all your calls keep. Recapping their. Yeah. I am I. I am completely and and that's and and stock that you would support or put. Mark gains on the head about pat. And why they get the copying and can be quite honest they're kind of a pig and. It's Weis staff until 2 AM and listen Alex remembers the white because gets calls from female bloggers who post about. Only silvery and then are upset. When those texts are read on the air and very emotional. Wait wait rob and I ever read and read them last night and seek capped messaging me Muslim iconic and hear myself you're on your monitor had files not or receive an accurate and it's OK here we go out sound good thank you. Yes where can. Yes he kept messaging me on Twitter afterwards as well very. Messages continued too we like how how late this war how early I am from. We wee hours in the morning you enraged pour Alley read he did a great job. Unearthing the whole history of Mark James really shouldn't just have. This texting situations he went all the way back to his past in Charlotte in Tampa Bay or she was also shaped like an Alley credit for going to talk against her former employees. He's the one. The great journalists among us as you guys offended there. With your uncle lived. You're glib little routine I would say once you make those public when you make the text public they're out there in the public domain and it's out of us to. Up to us in the entertainment slash acting world. That I am part of as part that he definitely fair game for a couple of middle aged wake necessary an actor right after part of writers' guild I have a union card I have acted. In. I've community theater I was in. Oh able Austin. Like we've when your kid when you're in those Christmas plays at the church. Shepard and I bailed out roll the each expert wasn't a speaking role. But I nailed that role. So I think we did think Justin did you think that was a great segment do you Paris Texas and that was great I told you take penalties seriously hurt essentially buys now if you federal and by the way you're mocking. The guy that's what they're still not clear I said marked changes that creep and Alyssa will breed did not deserve any of the tax that she got is that clear enough. You guys is back which he kept going she was in reach he called back so we hung up like 152. Nadal and yes he called back one more. This connected to when the ball come on again that's. We're capable and I wherever you can call back tomorrow closet 10 o'clock. I think it was states do you think you it was sexist now of course. And just picture and it was sealed or units saying you exciting rocket. What it was not sexism broadest creep though you've been around rob some scenarios of Robbins filed back in a joke about that route is not decree. No united. Little I have enclosed or let. There are much creepy or sports writers are just as experts from other ethnic yes that's heiress any Arab order a video by accident PD you know. I wasn't thorn in fairness that wasn't born. The lions was outside my minority divergent urinary incidentally did last night yeah yeah yeah. That so that as a thank you for a point that out I love that's out an Alley good job but the story I'm sorry you didn't find humor. And are dramatic reading of it eighty ease occur again. Creep she didn't deserve it mocking victims she is I believe scheduled to be on the station tomorrow more clue how celebrity I believe scheduled to be on the show Martin County I don't I don't want him to get hurt I don't I. Might just add up to me last night. He says yes to them she knows whether or not they're not the Booker the Chris Curtis is against not. I am an economy based on that not up there officially but I've heard murmuring that she'll be on trying to be out with me because she'd like I referred to as an aspiring actress and she did not like that pleased that we changed its what does she now she's a subpoena is now an error he says she took issue of the word aspire or yes he got it implied that he was looking to ride off Mark James is big. Pass for today shall make it clear she wanna ride any people I told them please stop reading FaceBook comments. Like please see. Gas mask that's hard to death he's he's only 22 I can't believe people are in game that's out there aren't people got to know. Those are those are Russian bot don't read the comments dole didn't shut down your mentions for couple days just go don't worry about the only occasionally twenties who she will learn from this growth as well absolutely she handled that well Leo and -- say. She might have been better off dissing gauging just a little sooner has she clearly had put him in his place. And didn't really need to keep it sometimes I hear a breaking point unique it is taxed minds after much like I'd just like John Dennis and me right exactly sometimes just reached the breaking. You with him rob suggests the next week we're gonna read dramatic readings of human Dino text you back four is not a lot on mice dude mostly BV angry ranting I'll do whatever its way to tax there is that solely on two dots when I said tech segment results. And number thinking in my mind. I'm mad at him your number two guy whose job makes a job I work with John than what you'd text and that's the hardest ultra a couple of for some mornings he would dies while I believe that. Eyes certain jive wants to help help I'll be and the business needs to advance Indians from Dina during my summer suspension. In upon. Nice. What are you doing tonight. And it's easy to sit through this Red Sox that's much now worth it before it became this re easy flamboyant laugh when I used to pretend I was a general manager for small market baseball team and it's sort through their roster moves. It's a little bit tonight but also a lot of healing. Tock is while Rush Limbaugh told you Tomas he's with us now allow that it as only he does not like chump telling an apple owners what to do. So Rush Limbaugh and the enemy of my enemy is disgusting but yet. Anyone yell rich white people again. Now we're get out of here aspect of it and you got from ten to oh yeah go on stimulus reason the skids ever read punishing the rich white people if I wanna get on hold now now's the time to do it back at 6177797937. An excellent job on the last night John to mossy as always great to have you back in the next to this every week Roemer is coming up tomorrow morning it's six curtain calendar will join you for a little bit prior two thirds and I football and I'll admit right now I'm at the third tonight demons I don't care -- and here at six tomorrow. WE Yuxi.