Two Outs with Buck and Reimer Ep. 6: Pride Month has become corporatized. Is that bad?

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Wednesday, June 14th

Alex Reimer did not enjoy himself at Boston Pride Weekend. He says the cover charges were too high and the lines were too long. Steve Buckley takes issue with Alex's idea of Pride, saying it's more than a giant block party. Alex and Buck also delve into Charlotte Pride's decision to ban a pro-Trump group from marching. While they both disagree with the decision, Alex contests that gay Trump voters are not friends of the LGBT cause. 


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And read where it's got two outs podcast what. Curry the rambunctious way can I hear mostly taught me the phenom Alex a rare. And the old time baseball do the six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know what B forum gave precision definitely wanna. Koppel Macy's definitely two outs which Buddy Roemer. Just podcasts out string receiver but we wish you. A very tired Steve Buckley I'm I'd I'd yet a late night at Fenway last night but covering the aftermath. Of the David Price and clean clean up we go clean up which you in the middle of last weekend recovered yet from the verbal onslaught on the Red Sox ace gave it to. Would just did justice Soto widen the wind a little bit join me began with doing my Driving Miss Daisy bit. Picking you up in driving you're about to New England cable news next NEC and yes why don't like you know I mean the lift blind spot get a little pricey tips can get a free erratic take it and so. I was so is beyond yesterday and you I think it was was to do is drive you out to any CN for the TV interview with sue O'Connell went a pleasure. And dump you off and go home and sit in the backyard and you were involved in the interview as well I mean grandkids you can had been on speaking role at your viewers that if I saw you I heard my arm kept the Arizona majestic that's. And that was about it so. So because David Price that big meltdown last week Yankee Stadium. And a bond everybody in I was one of the army's. And because he got lit up in his next outing the following night in the Bronx and because. Last night that being Wednesday night was is. Was it Tuesday night he's Wednesday so Tuesday night. Oh was his first voting packet finally sensed that it was decided by the Boston Herald that I should probably be near record discreet about it. And they asked me if I could switch by days. Which meant that I had to hang you in the head out to Fenway and then of course it was day. Typical American League games before I was twelve innings and so for three straight games now the Red Sox have played that lasted over four hours think it's the first time at least forty years that's happened in the regular season so as the first time I remember it it in and special in the night yankees games. You want to know I baseball is dying look at these last three guys is dying so I hated in this is one of those rare times when I'm gonna play the you know you young kids what you know get off my one bit. Baseball's on 98 baseball has a double in the issue but FaceBook is not there is energy used to that's name nationally I know geez what Scalia and here is a well in Boston very little juice to yes when it was even five years you last year even last year exactly right when I say baseball is dying and what financially that was just as a program you know apparently gonna go up in the stands for. What formats. One I get I'll decide okay to our defense wasn't on my planet whenever I say baseball sometimes you gotta go outside the planet blocked out west in this business there but I say based I was kind I do not mean from a financial standpoint more money on the game minute before didn't TV contracts except I'm just talking about from me he buys perspective achieves burst. That's and I mean there and I could agree with you more and and they keep trying the wrong thing to fix the game. Pointing at a batter and deep querying and an intentional walk has been passed. It is is not gonna speed the game now and nominal change a pass and and in god bless Jerry Remy you know he's gonna cancer diagnosis of these dealing with. But having interpret as on the mound is not gonna slow the game now is just it's just no. Having the pitcher get the damn ball pro the damn ball back to the plate and twenty seconds is gonna speed the game that's what baseball on the they refused to do it and that's. What baseball suffer Gaza horizon Watson horizon strikeouts which means longer at bats and I'm quite sure what day. Can do about anyway but I'm happy he survived US David Price abuse is the first time you've been yelled out in the club now. Don't think it'll be a lot about ethics in on you didn't like that. This past weekend in Boston. I'm switching gears to you know what we do you hear an IQ that's podcast that I do an avid genuine fight us but go ahead I attended a little bit of Boston pride now not as much as I planned on doing previously that was a serving my sentence here's a weekend Ernest WE I'm a new life. 9 AM Sunday morning so. You know couldn't state for all of the festivities bomb by its. I did stop by a bit Saturday afternoon. And. You know black I look at first of all let me just say I really. How can you not love to say what. Avoid preps at first I love what pride represents people who it was you know be in your closet disclaimer for how it's proud. I do I don't don't do that don't do that you gonna beat a pride via pride don't don't cover ERS with this as an experience it's Sox. It's Sox and I hated it it's crowded. Overly expensive fifteen dollars for a block party you know I can't you just talking about the did your best I will probably play here in this took place on the side streets following the parade them in bars are all I tried I tried to go out Friday nitrate bars I was depressed I missed as world that you miss pride I was working here. What was it but that it's actually going to one inning of a nine inning game is saying this game site I'm talking about the weekend experience I've had much better weekends in Boston that we're right on pride. You've got to bars you cut and there were lines across. Around the block all the gays came out they all came out older straight and not all of them all they're straight white it girlfriends came out to have a big problem with as well by the way just trying to hijack it right we're gonna do an entire. Episode on. Street closing Gabler some night okay but put that aside for now. At a idol is that patronizing to be honest with you some audience to Graham posed the snapped that's what I am so accepting ways of doing it yourself. Not anybody else but I don't know but it's. It's it's like everything you know what it used to be are there a real genuine sense to it but now they're corporate sponsors there's you know people like Harry and Toledo at Disney. It's Disney yeah it and that's a bad thing. It is a back okay and and and you get to the after party afterwards like the whole day in the South Bend is blocked top fifteen dollars even stepped on a street I wonder though that ours are all passports. I'm you mentioned a fifteen dollar a year that is tells me what your real issue is there was serious or are you missing the entire point prides Obama so. Open chaired sip of the campfire going due to district's director. Pride began in 1971. It was an activist occasion not a celebration. And on the day of the first pride parade. The Red Sox swept the ball morals and double that are now why is that relevant to this discussion because at this most recent pride. The Boston red sites had more than forty employees marching in the parade. Including Dave bags to bring it to their ticket offices openly gay who came out last year viral exports. And no hero among us going to Boston spears. Immediately and as as it is I was as so I tried to mention that very well set up Leo thank you and David bags has said on numerous occasions he never ever thought that you can work and professional sports to be openly gay because. He believed that it gay culture permeated pro professional sports. Thereby dooming any attempt before even made 12 Kamal so. He decides that markets embraced by the Boston Red Sox. Boston Red Sox again had had more than forty and forty employees including Adam Grossman who's your VP of marketing needs at the very high. End of their very high Echelon executive with the Red Sox. Along with him in the can write another executive and and and yeah I Wali I think this some symbolism is great I want to Brasilia middle speech and Ellen email black. So we've gone from 1971. Where it can can least comfortably assume the Red Sox did not send a delegation. To the first gay pride march and 1971 fans that are affair without having done any research and gone to the microphone and all the photos can we assume that. The lake Sonny Siebert after he pitched that second game with a double and maybe he didn't stop biting his run into the game pressure on the so the reason I bring up a double header between the Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles which the Red Sox swept by the way to complete games. Gary Peters and Sonny Siebert something you'll never see again. That we've gone from that in 1971. With a 150 participants I don't know how many observers but the marchers numbered 150. And it was very activists they stopped that the Shaw memorial cross and stay out estimates for speeches debates and speeches and part of the Boston Police Department so again it was very activist. And this was also pre aids so it was an entirely different. Kind of though look at the gay community had such as it was Pacman so we've gone from Matt. So where we were this past Saturday where not only the Red Sox put the Bruins. Patriots and Celtics always participation and the dug the banks of the department stores and in various of the businesses. I'm not really sure why that's a bad thing in your view and you know in May I use the term Disney did Disney is a. One size fits all the way as saying that it's clean and tidy and I and I and I think Disney is awful I hate going to Disney I hate watching her a righteous not in my this sort of meet problem rent private colonize in Miami problem with view is that that. I didn't go to the block party in fifteen dollar Beers. I marched in the parade and you know I don't eighteen dollars just you stand on Chandler's holes are that that gradually get this together over the literate hundreds of standing on a streets that you pay for right. It's really a problem block parties and more I think about it that that this isn't a gay thing than what just but it is that ride down I mean it was just towards thousands of hot it's sweaty people just that is the one congregating practice throughout bought it not not not an enjoyable OK so you're you were looking at price to two different lenses. I showed up and walked from the Boston Public Library in Copley Square. I'll boil Austin right on. Gartner is left on three month whatever was Berkeley and at Charles and all that. Up three months of government center I want the parade route. And took the T home and sat down the road column. That was my participation prize. I didn't pay fifteen dollars to little blog I did not either I I protest drop and Alex and I'd drop docs you know managers to codes to the 200. Yeah no I protested the block party. But going on out there is even in and week out you could even go out Boston Saturday and so it was so crazy so packed electric club cafe was all the way around Columbus avenue. Would have taken like five hours to. That's not my issue. Too much too many people I think we should limit it to you gay people only that's when we began the you miss the parade. I did this I was celebrations and what radio to hear it you can't miss it and then turn around and condemn something you know hitting a borrowed. Here's my something serious here now don't don't jump on you missile topic there I'm telling you that you you didn't go to the parade. And I would I would have enjoyed why don't higher grossing about fifteen dollar bloc are quietly enjoyed I would not that would not have enjoyed watching a rate either I don't like that was why you wouldn't have enjoyed the certainly didn't sound like any parades that'll and too many people noticing people watt and was watching people marched up and on streets not my bank or maybe you're the old guy here I I totally am and when he forgoing an 84 yes just as a as an experience he got Sally started this spot and that's why. I had my preamble like the symbolism is great but actually sent out and read the racy performance of the crowd is great. Liked the experience I did not enjoy my experience I don't like big crowds don't like crowds and either I don't like rates so. As an experience I don't like paying cash only if aren't heat's on in June July or August item finalists. Okay. Has that side it's a vacation and get away consumer likes that idea and I'm at the other issue I did have with. Not Boston pride just pride month in general is the pandering. You see from a lot of politicians and Karen Toledo are fine lieutenant governor comes to mind. I see treated out over the weekend. About declaring June as LG BT pride month Massachusetts not celebrate the LG BT community who have fought for justice and equality okay nice to wait here's my problem Karen Toledo she has spent the bulk of her political career. A fighting against LG BT. Hot equality in 2003 if he's under your name to the signature drive that supported the ballot question that would put a ban. On same sex marriage on the Massachusetts ballots I should vote for constitutional amendments that would define civil marriage Essex is that we heterosexual. And 0405 or six or seven now she's edited depart as of late she was outstanding Rosenberg's wedding. I get back and I respect that I think people can evolve by. I also think that it's disingenuous for somebody like Erin weed out. To tweet on a message instant they were there was reasonable Barack Obama and gave on same sex marriage for president the second time same as same as Karen Toledo against it by and I also think for him I think anybody who was previously against nuclear rights movement or against as a champion I'll forever. No but I think it's disingenuous to not acknowledge that you were part of the resistance. Prize. You know like camp Leo so to we will so to eve fall on same sex marriage to the degree. That you attend the senate president's weddings should include. On your acceptance emitted by the way I was against this by abusers who should write that on your requires BP now. But I wedding what he's saying when you're tweeting out a Beno cliche message like she did which was sure have done. It just comes across as disingenuous to me it's not Gosling thoughts and prayers that exactly that hey as recently as you know 78 years ago. I was fighting the Al GBT rights movement I was fighting there equal rights I would have liked to see more people mention some more reflection. OK and I know. And in 1971. To take a back to the first gay pride march which I referenced at the beginning of the pod. Who was lieutenant governor in 1971 that would have been. In Donald Light a parent so it's something you didn't know now. So he was Republican also frank Sargent was governor they lost their ticket was to Dukakis and seventy fours or call. So do you think that Donald white was supportive of the first same game they probably not okay so so the point is and that information could be on the Internet analyst information from Toledo. So we're out heat she she was at this juncture in her career. She is obviously eve ball right so if now doubt it may be dead she she's at home sticking needles in the killing gays who'd like I don't know. Bottom but if you choose to taker worried that her support the gay pride march was genuine do you agree that it what I absolutely OK so can we not acknowledged that she is apparently. Now underscore that for the sake of the discussion. That he has not apparently evolved gas should be not applaud that. I'm a plot out the entire point of activism it is guess but it changed their minds on things I'm applauding that it just I don't know I just talk on the phone last week. Where I went in number is very impressed the news. That Lyndon Johnson made famous comment about Walter Cronkite Cronkite. Through various text and subtext came out against the war in Vietnam the excuse me. The kids he was the CBS evening anchor on the CBC news. And when Lyndon Johnson turned to somebody or nobody in particular and said we've was Walter Cronkite westamerica. You knew that congratulations thank you. I TYP history and as a part of our lesson so so what what does that take away about Vietnam is that activism played a role. In getting us out of Vietnam agree or disagree and I agree OK so activism. Argo is a good thing. I think it's a great and I love that and I am now it would depend on the problem with the person who was against a certain issue evolving when did I think. Item and has had a problem with Karen we know you know Italian or a robbery at that because you you basically suggesting she's a hypocrite. I am saying that I would like not not I'm just pointing out Erica I soccer tweets. I'm just saying I would like a little more self reflection based from her from these corporations that previously were against you know pro LG BT measures from everybody you know we can't just wanna go out with a from the get go you're not with aspirin did you say that. She did not put all of that what did you slowly 'cause it hurt I don't recommend that you just. Judy I think call you one that you have been suggesting that that's what she said because of course because she did not did this come up to fifteen they'll block party by the way again like I think it into the block right now you know why was too long it was too expensive and too damn cheap to pay that. I. I might overall point just is on again I applied the transformation of course aid that they are the people like things should be most welcome rod mean people who have changed that is great that is fantastic by. I also feel like we are forgetting nets or recently a lot of these people were also. Against the movement and they're just doesn't seem to be eight watts of public self reflection at all once. That's on nine. It's become you know very corporate sized event and I think that speaks bought easily appropriating handed you the little gay sector and crown and put you in charger beating on Saturday when you have. Disallowed. A lieutenant governor now anticipating based on past well stands on issues like did say it has against straight women coming to name gay pride festivities so I I guess apparently to a fault that you do know that probably. I can't put a percentage but it goodly number of marches in the pride parade or not gay Alamo. Because they what they do with the are doing is showing a sign of support for instance if Eastern Bank which is very supportive of the gay community. And Barbara Evers is the president of the bank is it is a good friend of mine. And he is meant for he and his group of very supportive while it if they send out an entire contingent. Including. A goodly number of straight women to have to play in Europe argument here. Is that a bad thing now it's not but our industry women and taking instead grand snapped shots. Man so aggressive and so accepting you're Mino like gay friends you. Are they doing that is all is that they are now I want all of the yellow he's taken every straight woman at the parade and condense them into this yes character exactly yes. We caught a ball comes during you know the twenty something that's a recount out now if you want to mystery women barging and gave bars and and taking over. Well as a similar idea oh no no good showing their support because pride by its very definition is celebration of the gay community and all that people have worked so hard. To get we we are now are you in favor of banning straight women from gay bars. No but I'm in favor of raised eyebrows but it's not that I like that we can and weaken we will agree on that point by I also want to bring up speaking of ride ops where if we had a sponsor we go to break we go to break we could pretend that we have to sponsored through one into one that was that commercially said they have maybe one need to do. Are coming on I don't know exactly what it was it was accountable persons they donate that they thought that. It it it's it it's a two retirement in perfect 401K type stuff. And you wanna read that right now why I think I doubt accompanied by Frank's world wait for a one K company or something. And North Carolina there having their pride festivities in August and even Charlotte pride parade. I'm wanna Contra program that's won by the a broad Donald Trump LG BT group says it was inadequate or its pride parade. An organizer says the group perceived rejection email regarding the festivities. The deplorable pride the deplorable pride group. On their foot they wanted to drag queens patriotic cars Uncle Sam but of course. They also went display Trump's campaign message make America great again. And feature a dancer dressed as more money at trump there are now raising money for their own event called those dump or a ball so. We do agree on this point I think god. Approach until radical but this new approach Donald Trump LG BT group should not be denied afloat at the chart. On the no uncertain terms under no uncertainty yes. These I don't even not even with the apple mentioned raise eyebrows now wanna be in our great of course she can. Let's go back to the Saint Patrick's Day parade that's been going on for years and all the issues they had in the south and and when it's up Boston rather. With denying gay groups and gay veterans some marching which which is repugnant. And it's no less so to deny a pro trump gay group from march and now this dovetails into 888 another discussion. And I'd have a lot of people. Is I'm really I don't know where you're on this but I'm really turned off by the notion of you can't be my friend if you vote for Donald Trott. I'm gonna take you off FaceBook I'm gonna block you on Twitter and then I've. Ignore you in the coffee shop and no you can't spot in the gym go away all the stuff it's it's it's dom in it's stupid it's Eric in its close minded. Because. American sports. And I'm I'm not a full and other a lot of people around me whether that would data by themselves are not voted for truck. I come across this window and see Clinton would wait doing show. I'm guessing might have voted for Donald Kelly did not vote for Hillary I'll tell you that and for its moralists Foreman though players Steve DIC's are all people friends and I would rather have. I think they're wrong and just so there's no issue about this. I think trump is let's put it this way Franklin Pierce. Warren Harding. And James Buchanan former American presidents. They are in the short group of worst presidents ever in any. Academic discussion of the worst president visible time. It usually comes down to James Buchanan Warren right sometimes appears sudden it is a grave site out of all of them did please try at two have you visited the grave sites at every every deceased client innocent oddly enough picks while developing the re living presidents with grave sites but. I'm peer Roosevelt Oyster Bay long hours doing when I haven't been too but Harding and other that's a big until. Yeah it is isn't sad sack Mondale obvious saving it for a special moment and that have been Hartings grave all of a Marion Ohio and teams you can in Lancaster PA. It appears not to New Hampshire. Real real hot spot is if there is say here after for American presidency or during high fives right now because. Altria them know that they will henceforth and forever not be known as the worst prison to forever those laurels of rabbi. Donald now and forever so to see you know how I feel about this repugnant and we are any sweet agreement on that or an agreement that but people should not be shut down for the way they feel I. I wanna talk to from voters I comments obsessed with each from supporters adding they're so fast and it's such a contrast and yeah well especially YouTube by the whole meal. You get parents with it for dessert and you get Jeff Sessions here is that he de Voss and all these guys are designed I don't our daughter that is episode he's Michelangelo scenery. Longtime gay writer. And wrote for a and the advocate back in the day. You're not at peace and I think the Boston Globe or the new times and globe picked it up but he basically outlined. The when he viewed as almost all the credentials of every cabinet designees the trumpet chosen chief among them of course being a vice president and so so no I can't understand why somebody who's gay would vote for the trumpets ticket but doesn't mean. I don't wanna talk to them are engaged and I want you sir I agree I'm not in the business of shutting anyone down and he should be allowed at the pride parade in a fixture if they were denied you know credentials that they were denied afloat I think that is shown up for the prima amend some of them was there a gay couple of them I think they did have a Booth setup that at City Hall on. Although I will say this about the approach trump OG BT folks. That's fine and again I want to talk with you should be allowed to partake in festivities but. You are going against the cops maybe it causes an important log cabin endorsed trump I don't think it did. I am not. They might. The double time got to step but you know maybe the cause is it that important to. That's just because you're eight as it's just rights cause he could have a million issues that you think are more important but I mean let's just recognize coal mining for instance. It's and puts us recognize that this administer yell at I'm gave him a coal miner Randy doesn't open up the coal mines again also leave Gaza this at home ice it at an Angel Stadium their right there Allegheny coal miners for trump I love it. It's a very each group I'm sure they're out there maybe it maybe haven't announced a new each. But I mean let's also recognize that this administration identity you know my good friend Jerry cal analyst at Paris president is pro game marriage OK fine but how the people we appointed how but the actual winds that have been passed you're you know in February halting the guy. DOJ policy that mandated schools to transgender students to use the bow their neck corresponds their gender identity. I signing an executive order that nullified initiative that sports federal contractors to comply. Without labor and civil rights laws that forbid discrimination. Based on sexual orientation and gender identity you know just all this that you know Betsy the boss a couple of weeks ago. I'm saying at she winning guarantee that she would prohibit private schools from discriminating. Against LG BT students that they receive federal vouchers so I mean this has not been an LG BT friendly. Administration. And I just think it's so it it's it is patronizing tees outward again when people pretend otherwise because it just doesn't. And referencing case somebody's on the treadmill listening to the pod need wanna know we are correct or incorrect log cabin according to Politico this past November. In October rather Log Cabin Republicans. Board. Votes against endorsing track OK although they did refer to the decision is contentious OK I mean it's something I does hold. That's all pitched to the LG BT community was kind of three and to be Isaac you you know Miller the companies like an end and now OJ big city. That was funny they don't sound like somebody edited into it afterwards how is like doing a blt Al GB TQ but no you know the whole Orlando thing like. Vote for me because. All keep the terrorists out of the country you wanna Killian you know all protect you little gay people that I found to be in part an analysis green pitched. On so but you're right I am obsessed with the trump gave the college at trump elegy BT people I would love to speak with them and I I think it is shameful that they were denied entrance. Opt for this because it's it's it's at that's an awful lot in it and allows them to play the victim card tee which those snowflakes on. It and I love to you know that I am part of a group that puts on a charity baseball game every year in jail ridge and you've attended you've been helper in the past and will be again McCain called ally dimension to the old time baseball game to be played. August 17. In Cambridge Massachusetts as a fund raiser LS in particular John Martin for a cameraman nests and who has come down this terrible disease. As a jumping up points of that. The goodly number of our board members and our coaches. Are announced Republicans and I presumed front voters. We have a wonderful time putting this game will be doing the 23 years we've raced. Thousands and thousands of dollars to charity it's a waiver allowed. And what am I supposed to walk away and that that brings me great joy because the coach of the visiting team is at trump supporters. That's that's in and Democrats. Lose trumped the Hillary supporters lose. Bernie supporters lose. Win when they backed themselves in lukewarm plant their feet so I shots talked to anyone to vote for a it's shortsighted and it takes. Debate and discussion away from the discussion about what I'm not I'm not. I'm hoping to change it tumble. I'm not hoping to trump voter will walk away it's complex threatened gonna vote for. Seven mow my appearance of president when he tore. Joseph Kennedy whoever our Joseph Biden. I'm simply saying that the discussion is worth. Yeah I know and NNM atom just never in the business of setting down people like going back to what happened at Berkeley few months ago with Miley on topless and Coulter even they should be allowed to speak steal lie. Is it maori culture gave their speech is scheduled. With minimal disturbance. It wouldn't be news were. But the fact they weren't allowed to speak turn them into martyrs. NASA prominent paying equate it to their hands when someone like Milo goes to college campus. Privately some of these dates from people it plays into their hands they want to portray themselves as the victim. That's what they wanted to which are starting ninth the host to critique you're off to a non Arab judges there Aaron judge. But I. That does remind me of like we do you have a big guest coming up yes future pod. Yes awesome and we've been trying to get since we want this thing a few weeks ago and it looks like we're on the precipice of landing him. Jason Collins Snowe were you going to say the name I was gonna I was gonna give you the big dramatic open. Former NBA player of openly gay as an NBA player first. Active. Openly gay player in male team sports and as a lot of qualifiers there but that's who he is and was. And thanks to our mutual friend Sid Ziegler announced without it might when we first chatted I wasn't quite different level with him but we've gone to that point. So you guys and chatting up so I thank you for that we talked and running out so far around on the summer what's got weapons and ADM Johnson okay good good field. And so look forward that perhaps in our next our our next the next absolutely and as always if you wanna subscribe to the two watts podcast the best way to do that is find this in the nineteen story can also wasn't the shell went WEEI dot com and police while you were in the nineteen store. I subscribing to the podcast beavis and review it was five stars writer review it was somewhat on the iTunes like it's because we need that will be back. Where their next show and a couple weeks again Jason cons coming up in each episode is well bank he was always from listening.